PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File02/08/06GriMbx616K
100% finished
Save Game File08/11/06Exodia13615K
All instant action missions and campaign missions beat on ensign, commander, and admiral. All characters and weapons unlocked. All cross talk objectives complete.
Save Game File03/06/06aznballa1992606K
All main missions complete
Save Game File11/11/05sonjor123610K
Completed on Commander. All PSP cross talk objectives complete. Most of Socom 3 cross talk material transfered.
Save Game File11/23/05stretch2k615K
Elite Seal Unlocked 100%
Save Game File08/09/08IGNboy606K
Finished the campaign Ensign, Commander and Admiral. Some unlockables are unlocked.
Save Game File11/12/05Tony_Perkis1213K
Game beat on Ensign: unlocks STG-77, IW-80, Front Grip, Medium Scope, and 3 multiplayer Skins (only unlockable with psp) on Socom 3.
Save Game File11/13/05lightning124607K
Single Player Completed. 23 out of 25 cross-talk objective completed.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/21/06Marshy607K
100% complete all weapons and characters including elite seal and all crosstalk missions from socom 3 and fireteam bravo complete
Save Game File04/24/06Turd_boy606K
Characters for Socom 3 unlocked, weapons and elite seal unlocked for Bravo online.

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