PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From krispin149 (06/14/2006; 431KB) All elder quest, most urgents except Gold/silver. Lots of items.
  2. From draculos (06/24/2006; 426KB) Female in Full Rathalos Armor all 3* and most 4* village quests done
  3. From whatman7851 (08/13/2006; 431KB) Finished all 3* old man mission plus yian garuga special mission poison battle axe
  4. From shado709 (08/30/2006; 852KB) Game Save, HR4, Pink and Azure urgent unlocked, monoblos S armor, and Steel armor S, Eternal Schism, and other good weapons and armor
  5. From GhostRoach (06/20/2006; 426KB) Have Full Garuga armor w/Sentoryu Wolf, Lots of items, Lots of quests clear, currentl money 134,504z
  6. From ollie_MHF (11/28/2006; 434KB) HR2 Full Basarios armr+ Judgment (GS) not much money but lots of items
  7. From lunapanther (08/05/2007; 433KB) HR5 Lots of Weapons and armor. Plenty of items. all elders finished. most guild missions finished.
  8. From rafalosCPH (04/03/2007; 432KB) HR5: Rafael Roaring Wyvern, All elder quest except Gold/Silver Armor level high, Autotracker, other stuff in vault too...
  9. From jackleone (07/06/2006; 431KB) HR5:All Elder and Guild quests complete, All final forms of GreatSwords in the box, Many items and Red Fatalis armor, Armor box almost filled with great stuff Gold/Silver.
  10. From MHF_Master (06/27/2006; 431KB) Male: Cloud.......Full Garuga armor, Garunga SnS, Hammer , Duel Swords......all elder quests except for Kirin and A Giant dragon invades, HR2 3 more quests till HR3
  11. From treno82 (08/07/2006; 431KB) Male: Full Fatalis, All Armor, All Weapons Class 7, 300 GOOD items, lots of money, LOTS OF THINGS.
  12. From L_U_M_P_K_I_N (06/23/2006; 434KB) MHF game save
  13. From JPedroza (07/28/2006; 431KB) Name: Cloud, Armor: Full Garuga, good weapons, nice amount of zennie
  14. From wtf-gamer (05/31/2006; 431KB) O.k. Armor some kut-ku best weapon silver fang serpent blade and almost 4* quests
  15. From theweirdawesom0 (06/23/2006; 862KB) pretty good file. full garuga, PBA and other weps, not much zenny. almost up to ***** quests.
  16. From rafalosCPH (04/03/2007; 432KB) Save game for people, for those named Rafael, Mixed armor, Autotracker, and +5% combine, Roaring Wyvern and some GS's, not too much, also HR5
  17. From genosuke (05/29/2006; 426KB) Savegame for Monster Hunter Freedom.. Good for a start, it's an old savegame but got some nice stuff. 4* Elder-Quest started and 2* Offline G-Quest... have fun with it.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From OmegaEuzan (06/14/2006; 431KB) The strongest MHP Save on net! All quest completed (Even Fatalis), all weapon types (except bowguns) at their final stage and Whole set of Fatalis Armor! Name: HUNTER.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Samperrin (08/14/2006; 430KB) All 1*-5* elder quests completed except some carrying ones. Good weapons and armour
  2. From Samperrin (08/30/2006; 426KB) All elder quests complete except urgent WoLaS, HR2, Good weapons and armour
  3. From Yurius010 (08/12/2006; 426KB) An HR 2 File All Elder And Guild Quests Cleared Contains Rare 6 Weapons And Rare 5 Armor A Great Amount Of Items.
  4. From Futuramadude (07/29/2006; 431KB) Beat first Kut-Ku ** elder almost done. Assassin dagger. 6000zeni
  5. From jackleone (06/10/2006; 430KB) Elder Quest almost 100% complete- just need to do urgents /Guild is on the 4 horns urgent-beat this for HR2/Many GS weapons maxed Garuga/Alchemy/CarryArmor- Also over 200 good items in the box.
  6. From mintylicious (07/30/2010; 426KB) full velociprey armor, bon blade+, great for beginners
  7. From miscs (05/25/2006; 426KB) Good armor great weapon on to the 5 star quests line
  8. From Mecenery (07/17/2006; 426KB) Have plots of $$,armor,weapons and now ****
  9. From FatalisMaster (07/27/2006; 433KB) Hr,3,12 great swords, 8 shield and sword, 3 duel blades,3 lances. good amour and all of line done besides gold and silver rathlos and rathian
  10. From TTD2005 (07/25/2006; 426KB) Hr2 not much money but some good equips, Full monodevil, full auroros. Grayburg javelin, diablos spear, growling wyvern, incessant wolf. loads of materials in box
  11. From dimeanatrix (07/23/2006; 430KB) HR2 Save, 25,000z, Some good weapons, WoLaS left for Elder. Decent Save.
  12. From Alibass (08/14/2006; 433KB) HR4, 207 Def, 1107 Atk, Full Monoblos, All missions complete
  13. From Samperrin (10/26/2006; 426KB) HR4, Good weapons and armour, Lots of money
  14. From 7_13 (12/21/2006; 431KB) HR5 - Name: mugen
  15. From SteveTheChimp (10/27/2006; 431KB) HR5 , great weapons , !!!!WoLaS (elder gold n silver)completed!!!!
  16. From Doyle_G (08/12/2006; 426KB) HR5 Almost Full Red Fatalis Armor just need itme for helmet and arms. about 6 Great SWords of each element and a collection of SNS also got Double Dragon ultimus and Schisms for duals.
  17. From andreweNZ (08/03/2006; 426KB) HR5 Sharpness + 1 & Autodetect, a few weapons and full chest.
  18. From livin_legend_91 (04/03/2007; 426KB) HR5: Loads of weapons at your desposal, decent ( Kirin+ and Khezu S full) armour. Fatalis not yet defeated.

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