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Epic monster hunting and gutting action! 02/11/08 Ace_of_spades77
Slow, hard, frusturating, but worth your while. 07/07/08 AegisDawn
OMG!! This is the game you all waited for!!! 05/25/06 Anynonymous3
Dragons, Wyverns, and Monsters oh my! 09/04/07 Chronic_Apathy
The Gratification of a Win 07/25/06 ChronoKel11
It's the bomb graphic wise, gameplay wise, well.... 01/31/07 chuahaha
Sweet apples, get this game. 03/01/07 CloudSkm
Something very different and top-notch for the average gamer. 01/04/08 CrimsonSeven
If you dont know if you want to buy it or not, Read Here! 08/09/06 demonslay113
Very great addition to the Monster Hunter series. 06/26/06 doctor_sam
Te best Game I Have ever played 12/06/06 e6day
A lot less "freedom" than I expected. 11/15/06 ebonynights
One of the Most Enjoyable and Expansive Games to Hit the PSP 07/31/06 eJay13
Its big, but it can annoy. 09/19/06 fillup0
Hunting on the go! 11/29/06 GambitStar
New enough for vets, easy enough first timer hunters 05/30/06 GraveFiller613
The Reason Why I Bought My PSP 08/17/06 Gray_Fox_5
Reason Alone to Buy a PSP 01/29/07 Grimno
Monster Failure would be a better title. 07/25/06 Igakagi
The Extinction of the Wyverns 07/14/06 jimmierocks
MHF could be a good game but it has quite a few issues 11/08/06 McSiny
Portable monster slaying 05/14/06 miscs
Read this before anything. 07/31/06 Moonsummit
Monster Hunter should've stayed on the PS2 06/20/06 Never_Forget32
No Killing License Needed 09/21/06 notellingu
Monster Hunters Right In The Palm Of Your Hand 08/24/06 Soro_Gin
A solid psp title. 05/26/06 thehitman47

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