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King Size Monster FAQ by Ronnomaru

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/05/07



                   M O N S T E R   H U N T E R   F R E E D O M
                         King size/Gold crown Monster FAQ


                  |  Monster Hunter Freedom In-depth FAQ      |
                  |  Author: Ronmaru(clangamefaqs@hotmail.com)|
                  |  Version: 1.00                            |
                  |  Last Revision: N/A                       |
                  |  Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)     |

                    Monster Hunter Freedom Username: Ronmaru
                         Xlink Kai name-tag: {TH}Ronmaru


8/21/2007: Posted guide on the Monster Hunter Freedom message board

9/05/2007: Reformatted guide and submitted version 1.00 to www.gamefaqs.com


A. Introduction (intduc)
B. Kingsize monster lengths (kingmo)
C. Possible Kingsize monster locations (monloc)
D. Additional Notes (addnot)
E. Credits (creds)
F. Copyright information (copyinf)


King-sized monsters are what their name implies, they have the biggest size of
their species. Any monster (except for the "small fry", Lao and Fatalis) has a
kingsized version of itself in the game.

Here is what Lunaredge wrote about King size monsters in the Guild card FAQ: 
"These monsters typically have increased attack, size, and Have a slight 
amount more HP. They move slightly faster, and tend to yeild better carves 
from personal experience. They tend to pop up MUCH more often in G quests, but
still are very rare."

I can't verify whether they have more HP or not, but this much is a fact: king
size monsters are much harder to kill due to the combined factors of more HP, 
increased attack power, greater speed and bigger size (the first 2 factors are
still left to be proven correct)which makes them harder to reach.


These are the minimal length requirements for a king sized monster. If anyone 
else has a monster that is a gold crown and is even smaller, let me know via 
e-mail and I will update it and credit you in the next version of the FAQ.

Velocidrome: 908.2

Gendrome: 900.5

Iodrome: 1161.9

Rathalos: 2069.3

Rathian: 2122.8

Yian Kut-Ku: 1122.2

Gypceros: 1238.1

Plesioth: 3102.4

Cephadrome: 1876.7

Monoblos: 2545.3

Diablos: 2770.8

Khezu: 1178.8

Gravios: 2834.9

Basarios: 1673.9

Kirin: 821.8

Yian Garuga: 1351.5


Note that these quests are just suggestions. There is never a certainty you'll
get a gold crown monster straight away from doing these quests. In fact, the 
chance of getting one from the first try is very small (except for Iodrome and

As in every Monster Hunter game, the chances of a king size one are always the
highest in G-rank quests (except for Velocidrome, which only seems to be 
available at Elder Velocidrome Redux).

Velocidrome: Elder (offline) 3 star Velocidrome Redux 
             (220z fee)

Gendrome:    Desert Treasure Hunting (the more you kill, the bigger they get)
             (200z fee)

Iodrome:     G-rank 7 star Powderstone Festival*
             (800z fee)

Rathalos:    G-rank quests (e.g. Pink and Azure, Wyverns of Land and Sky, ...)

Rathian:     G-rank quests (e.g. Pink and Azure, Wyverns of Land and Sky, ...)

Yian Kut-Ku: G-rank 6 star Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku 
             (1000z fee)

Gypceros:    G-rank 6 star The Poison Siege 
             (1100z fee)

Plesioth:    G-rank 8 star Dual Plesioth 
             (1600z fee)

Cephadrome:  G-rank 6 star The Two Sand Shadows
             (1100z fee)

Monoblos:    Elder (offline) Urgent quest Horn of the Monoblos (White) 
             (900z fee)

Diablos:     G-rank 8 star Four Horns 
             (2100z fee)

Khezu:       G-rank 7 star The Thunderous Duo (Red)
             (1300z fee)

Gravios:     G-rank 7 star Powderstone Festival*
             (800z fee)

Basarios:    G-rank 7 star Two Rock Wyverns
             (1600z fee)

Kirin:       G-rank Urgent quest Thunder and Lightning 
             (2200z fee)

Yian Garuga: Elder (offline) Urgent quest Revenge of the Garuga**
             (500z fee)

* 100% chance
** He keeps getting bigger until the set king size-length of 1351.5


- Boswer Elkei suggests that when you play a quest with infinitely respawning
  monsters, the monster that respawns can never be smaller than the one you 
  killed prior to it. With that in mind, you can have a go at quests like 
  G-ranked Ultimate Ore Mining and G-ranked infinite Kut-Ku. Note that this 
  probably won't work on the Kut-Ku arena quest since they start out too small
  and the maximum number you can kill is 20.

- The amount of kills from a certain monster is NOT a decisive factor in terms
  of when you'll get a gold crown for that specific monster.

- There is no need to buy the monster info books to be able to have a gold
  crown registered. You can still decide to buy the books later if you want.

- King sized monsters DO NOT yield a higher chance at rarer items, this is
  something where I disagree with Lunaredge. They only exist to provide a 
  challenge, to add some variation to slaying the same monsters and to
  complete your guild card.

- When someone you play with has a gold crown monster (e.g. a Gold crown 
  Rathalos) already, then the chances will be higher that the quest with that
  monster in it (e.g. Rathalos) that he posts, will have another gold crown 
  monster (e.g. Rathalos) in it. That way you can just join his quest and get 
  a king size monster a little bit easier. There is no real way to verify this
  100% though, unless you had access to the game mechanics.

- Hacked quests (some people on Xlink Kai have them, but I won't say how to 
  get them yourself, so don't mail me about it) can have monsters with all 
  different sizes that are off the charts in comparison to the normal game 
  parameters, including abnormally big king sized monsters. This will show up
  on your card though, so people will immediately know you hacked or played a 
  hacked quest. 


- Myself for writing this FAQ.
- FinalShadowX for giving me the gold crown minimal size requirements.
- Silenced-Wind for pointing out the mistake in Gypceros' size requirement.
- Lunaredge since she's the only one to even mention Kingsized monsters in 
  any FAQ.
- KingofMH/2forus for telling me about the king size Velocidrome location.
- PeacefulMeadows for the layout concept of this FAQ.


This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission from me. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Plagiarism is bad, very bad. Don't 
take credit for someone else's hard work, give credit where credit is due.

All names, places, items and everything else contained in the videogame
Monster Hunter are the sole property of Capcom.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:
- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.playstation.com/

Sites with permission to link this FAQ:
- need permission through e-mail first.

Contact me here: 
- clangamefaqs@hotmail.com
- http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Ronmaru

© Copyright 2007 Ron Jager a.k.a. Ron(no)maru

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