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    WOLAS/Thunder and Lightning FAQ by Cloudmcphroni

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/02/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |   XXX —• Wyverns of Land and Sky & Thunder and Lightning •— XXX       |    
    |     XXXXXXXXXXXXX ———• Table of Contents •——— XXXXXXXXXXXXX           |
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    |Authored by: Peaceful(Wolas) and CloudMcphroni(THunder and Lightning)  |
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    •• Version History
    4/22/07--> Peaceful and I started the first Draft
    4/25/07--> Done with the guide, posted it in the mhf gamefaqs forum
    4/26/07--> Reformat the guide and decided to submit it to gamefaqs
    4/27/07--> Accepted by gamefaqs as version 0.9
    5/16/07--> Added hammer/ds/gs/lance Strategy by 2forus alias KingofMH
               version 0.95
    7/07/07--> Added the link to Cloudmcphroni's screenshot miniguide for TnL
               and some add on to the strategy list By Angry Scapula. 
               Rephrased explanation on how to seperate the Kirins as well. 
               version 1.0
    •• Table of Content
    •• Wyverns of Land and Sky by Peaceful (wolas)
    —• Getting Ready (w01)
    ——» Backpack
    ——» Weapons
    ——» Armors
    —• Know Thy Enemy (w02)
    ——» Silver Rathalos
    ——» Gold Rathian
    —• Tactics (w03)
    ——» Back at Base
    ——» The Field
    ——» Free Time
    ——» Defending
    ——» Attacking
    ——» The Key
    —• Plan of Action(w04)
    ——» Great Sword (contributed by AlcoholicNPC)
    ——» Hammer(contributed by micgirk & Azrael)
    ——» Lance (contributed by LousySuxor)
    ——» Sword and Shield
    —• Victory (w05)
    •• Thunder and Lightning by CloudMcphroni (tnl)
    —• What is Thunder and Lightning? (t01)
    —• Kirin Weaknesses and Stats (t02)
    ——» Attack List
    ——» Combat Notes
    ——» Stats
    —• My Recommended Setup (t03)
    ——» Items
    ——» Weapons
    ——» Armors
    —• Solo Strategy (t04)
    ——» Separate the Kirins
    ——» Don't Attract the Other Kirin's Attention
    ——» Best Time to Attack Kirin
    ——» Never Attack Kirin During These Times
    ——» Best Time to Heal Yourself
    —• Multiplayer Strategy (t05) (contributed by Lrkwoba)
    ——» Equipment
    ——» Battle Plan
    —• Lance/hammer/Gs/Dualsword Strategy (others)
    —• G-Kirin Carves (t06)
    —• Frequently Asked Questions (t07)
    •• Legals and Credits (misea)
    ——» Wyverns of Land and Sky «——
    Author: PeacefulMeadows (peacefuldaysandpeacefulnights@hotmail.com)
    This guide will strive to help the players of MHF who have reached Wyverns 
    of Land and Sky and are stuck at this impasse. Don't give up and keep on 
    trying. This guide is here for you. Please note that you should be 
    proficient at killing the normal Rathalos and Rathian before attempting 
    this quest. 
    Also note that this guide is made especially for HR1 hunters so if you're 
    beyond this, don't anguish, for the tactics and plan of actions should 
    still apply but you can use different weapons, armors and items that match 
    your current repertoire.
    Special thanks goes to AlcoholicNPC, Azrael, LousySuxor, and micgirk for 
    contributing strategies. Also thank you IV_II_O, CloudMcphroni and Ronmaru 
    for their advice. And thank you to all the other GameFAQers I forgot to name 
    who also helped out.
     ——» GETTING READY «——
    So before we start this quest and trek into the Great Arena for battle, 
    we should prepare the best items and equipment to help us fulfill this task.
    •• Backpack
    Armorcharm and/or Armortalon
    Armor Seed x10
    Bomb Material x10
    Book of Combos 1
    Book of Combos 2
    Book of Combos 3
    Dragon Toadstool x5
    Flash Bomb x5
    Flashbug x10
    Paintball x10
    Power Seed x10
    Max Potion x2
    Mega Juices x5
    Mega Nutrients x5
    Mega Potion x10
    Powercharm and/or Powertalon
    Whetstone x10
    We are bringing lots healing items, as this situation requires it. You will 
    need Max Potions when they deal you heavy damage with combos and have 
    depleted most of your life. We are also bringing the constituents for Max 
    Potion (Dragon Toadstool+Mega Nutrients) should the need arise but usually 
    you won't need more than 2 Max Potions. And the Mega Juices will help you 
    with running around and blocking without getting exhausted. Also, use the 
    Farcaster in times of need and urgency. 
    Examples: Use it when your health is 
    down and you're panicking or use it when you need to refresh several things 
    at a time (like your stamina, sharpness, and health) or when you need to make 
    more Max Potions and Flash Bombs. Just save it for emergencies.
    For powerup, we have the charms and talons that add to your attack and 
    defense by occupying a spot in the inventory. We are also using Power Seed 
    and Armor Seed to give us the boost required to defeat these monsters. The 
    problem is that they only last 3 minutes but they increase attack by 12 
    (for SnS, other weapons will be different) and defense by 20 respectively 
    so use them often.
    We're also bringing Flash Bombs and their constituents(Flashbug+Bomb 
    Material) as this will be the main strategy against Silver Rathalos and Gold 
    Rathian. I would suggest putting Flashbomb and Bomb Material as the first 
    two items on the first page so when you have to combine them to make more, 
    they are easily accessed and can be made quickly.
    •• Weapons
    I would suggest going with sword and shield if you're good at it. If you're 
    better at the other weapons, try them out.
    —• Eager Cleaver (GS): A good great sword. Thundertip's great sword cousin.
    —• Growling Wyvern or Grayburg Javelin (Lance): You can farm for Firestones 
       if you want to make the Grayburg Javelin because it's the most powerful 
       raw lance you have access to. Otherwise just use Growling Wyvern, it is 
       sufficient. And the thunder-element lance is not cut out for the job.
    —• Thundertip (SnS): Fast and versatile. You will need the quick movement. 
       It's also currently your greatest raw Sword and Shield. And the lightning 
       attribute affects Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian.
    —• Onslaught Hammer (Hammer): Also the most powerful raw hammer that you can 
       acquire during HR1.
    •• Armors
    There are two recommended sets. Try the first one. Go with the second one.
    —• Rathalos Soul.
    Sword Saint Piercing, Rathalos Soul Mail, Black Belt Vambraces, Rathalos 
    Soul Coil and Cephalos Greaves+ .
    Skills: Earplug, Sharpening Skill Inc., Detect, ESP, Spectre's Whim
    Defense: 81
    This set has Earplug which is useful for when they scream but not as useful 
    as the High Wind Resistance offered by the other set. It also has Detect 
    which will help you track their aggressiveness with you and let you know 
    what direction they are facing once you paintball them. It's also helpful 
    as you can see them turn around (and getting ready to attack you) without 
    looking at them. It also has Sharpening Skill Inc. but I find that the 
    wyverns give you a lot of chances to sharpen without the need of this skill.
    You don't get High Wind Resistance. Silver Rathalos flies a lot and you don't 
    want to get caught in the wind he creates when flapping his wings.
    Sword Saint Piercing: Azure Los Wing x1, Pink Rathian Thorn x2, 
                          Small Lao-Shan Claw x2, White Monoblos Horn x2
    Rathalos Soul Mail: Azure Rathalos Scale x1, Azure Rathalos Shell x3, 
                        Azure Rathalos Webbing x3, Monster Broth x2
    Black Belt Vambraces: Cephalos Coin x6, Gunner Ticket x2, Gypceros Coin x6, 
                          Saber Ticket x3.
    Rathalos Soul Soil: Azure Rathalos Claw x2, Azure Rathalos Scale x3, 
                        Azure Rathalos Webbing x2, Machalite Ore x5
    Cephalos Greaves+: Bomb Arrowana x5, Cephalos Scale x5, Monster Bone+ x2, 
                       Union Ore x1.
    —• Diablo
    Sword Saint Piercing, Diablo Mail, Diablo Vambraces, Velociprey Tasset, 
    and Cephalos Greaves+ .
    Skills: High Wind Resistance, ESP, Hunger (x1.5)
    Defense: 79
    You get High Wind Resistance. It is so useful because you might run into the 
    mishap of getting caught in the wind by Silver Rathalos and then continue on 
    to get comboed by Gold Rathian which will probably then lead to your death.
    You get hungry faster but that's a minor issue that is remedied by Mega 
    Sword Saint Piercing: Azure Los Wing x1, Pink Rathian Thorn x2, 
                          Small Lao-Shan Claw x2, White Monoblos Horn x2 
    Diablo Mail: Diablos Shell x2, Small Monster Bone x20, Twisted Horn x2
    Diablo Vambraces: Diablos Shell x3, Large Monster Bone x5, Twisted Horn x1
    Velociprey Tasset: Iron Ore x2, Velociprey Hide x3, Velociprey Scale x2
    Cephalos Greaves+: Bomb Arrowana x5, Cephalos Scale x5, Monster Bone+ x2, 
                       Union Ore x1
    ——» KNOW THY ENEMY «——
    •• Silver Rathalos
    HP: 4400-5600 (Yes, ~3 times more HP than the Rathalos you've been fighting.)
    Weak part (SnS): Wings
    Weak part (Lance): Wings or Head
    Weak part (Hammer): Head
    Weak part (Bowgun): Tail
    Elemental weakness: Equally weak to lightning and water
    Carves from body:
    Silver Rathalos Shell - 30%
    Silver Rathalos Webbing - 30%
    Flame Sac - 25%
    Wyvern Marrow - 8%
    Silver Rathalos Scale - 5%
    Silver Rathalos Wing - 2%
    Carves from tail:
    Silver Rathalos Tail - 55%
    Silver Rathalos Scale - 20%
    Silver Rathalos Shell - 19%
    Wyvern Marrow - 6%
    •• Gold Rathian
    HP: 4840-6160 (Yes, 3 times more HP than the Rathian you've been fighting.)
    Weak part (SnS): Wings
    Weak part (Lance): Wings or Head
    Weak part (Hammer): Head
    Weak part (Bowgun): Tail
    Elemental weakness: Weakest to lightning
    Carves from body:
    Gold Rathian Scale - 37%
    Gold Rathian Shell - 30%
    Flame Sac - 25%
    Gold Rathian Thorn - 8%
    Carves from tail:
    Gold Rathian Scale - 51%
    Gold Rathian Shell - 30%
    Gold Rathian Thorn - 13%
    Wyvern Marrow - 6%
    First, they're Gold and Silver. You can't get anymore brighter than that. 
    They deserve to get owned because of their flashy outer skin.
    Second, they have some new tricks up their sleeves. The one you will hate is 
    what I call their "smart charge". The wyvern homes in on you when charging at 
    you, will stop and change its direction mid-charge just to run you over, and 
    then end it with something super flashy (fireballing you, biting you or tail 
    flipping you). Another move you want to avoid is Silver Rathalos's poison 
    claw, it will cut your life in half, poison you and put you in a dizzy state. 
    You are almost guaranteed death because this is usually followed up with 
    another move by Gold Rathian. I've been clawed twice in a row actually, that's 
    how much Silver Rathalos abuses it.
    And lastly, Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos hurt, a lot, every move they 
    dish out will shorten your life considerably. So much that you wished you 
    didn't get hit by them. So learn to avoid, dodge, evade, and run your way out 
    of trouble. I don't even recommend blocking (except in extreme conditions) 
    because it damages you for a lot too.
    ——» TACTICS «——
    •• Back at Camp
    —• Eat a meat and drink meal at your felyne kitchen.
    —• Drink the Mega Juice and eat the seeds before entering the arena.
    —• When you are brought back to the camp by cart and your HP is at its normal 
       100, drink a Max Potion to replenish it back to 150 HP. You will think 
       this is wasteful but trust me, that 50 HP is the difference between life 
       and death.
    •• The Field
    —• Get use to the arena. Walk around (well you're going to be running really) 
       the arena when you first face off with them to familiarize yourself.
    —• There are curves and circular appendages in some parts of the arena. Don't 
       get cornered here as they will deliver a heavy blow to you, usually 
       meaning death.
    —• There's a ledge that you can use to get a moment of peace and sharpen,
       heal,and refresh yourself.
    —• Throw a paintball at them to track both of them on the map. You will find 
       it useful because you won't always have them in your eyesight and you 
       need to know what they are doing. For example, sometimes you will be 
       distracted when you're fighting one wyvern so you can use the map to see 
       what the other wyvern is doing without having direct eye contact.
    —• Like I said before, don't get cornered. And don't stand in the middle of the 
       arena, you're too vulnerable. And try to stay near Silver Rathalos's shadow 
       when he flies up so you don't get fireballed or clawed to death.
    •• Free Time
    —• Use the free time to sharpen/heal/refresh yourself.
    —• There's a long period of free time when both wyverns charge at you, slip 
       and fall.
    —• Another great free time is when Silver Rathalos is circling the arena, 
       you can lift yourself up on the ledge and do your thing.
    —• When Silver Rathalos flies up and you're standing in his shadow, 
       sometimes Gold Rathian will just be growling and brushing the ground or 
       she will use her 3 fireballs attack that won't reach you if you're far 
       enough. This is another free time but it's a lot riskier so I would only 
       use it to heal. Make sure to get ready to book it once you're done 
       because Gold Rathian will probably be charging at you by then.
    •• Defending
    —• When you're trying to evade the attacks, don't run near walls as the 
       wyverns will magically slide along the wall and hit you.
    —• Evade/roll yourself to safety.
    —• You can use one as a shield when the other one's trying to charge at you. 
       Just go to the other side of the charging path making sure that the wyvern 
       you are fighting is in the middle blocking it for you. Don't stand under 
       the legs when you do this as the charge will somehow again magically hit 
    —• You always want to know what they are doing so learn to always have them 
       both of them in your view.
    —• Okay, here's a really important tip. Don't wander too far from them as 
       their smart charge will get you for sure. It will home into you and even 
       if you dive, they will change the direction and run you over. If you 
       can't seem to evade quickly enough, it is best to block. But just be 
       proactive and stay close enough around them, this way you can sidestep 
       them (you're really running and not stepping) and get on their sides, 
       with this their smart charging is effectively canceled. Keep running 
       because if you think you're safe once you're on their side, you're wrong.
       Because they have already changed directions to intercept you. It is 
       best to just keep moving and encircle them.
    —• I wouldn't suggest blocking too often because it deals a good amount of 
    •• Attacking
    —• Okay, the most important action to remember is to only attack one at a 
       Only ONE! Even if Silver Rathalos is wasting time and circling the arena, 
       don't touch the Gold Rathian. You will make her mad soon (as she is an 
       easy target) and once she enters rage mode, this quest has become 50% 
       Another reason is that if you attack the Gold Rathian, you will get 
       distracted and won't notice when Silver Rathalos comes back and fireballs
       and claws your butt.
    —• Another great tactic is to attack Silver Rathalos first, then Gold 
       second. The reason for this is that Silver Rathalos likes to use his 
       poison claw often and you don't want to get hit by that. He also has less 
       HP and is more aggressive so you don't want to leave him alone. And since 
       Gold Rathian is mostly docile and only charges and fireballs you, she 
       will be easy to evade while trying to kill Silver Rathalos (but this is 
       not true vice-versa). Kill this troublemaker first. Then the Gold Rathian 
       is as good as dead.
    —• Their weak points are different from the other Rathalos/Rathian. For sword 
       and shield, attack the wings. For lances, attack the wings or head 
       (but the stagger limit is lower on the wings so I suggest you attack that). 
       For hammers, attack the head.
    —• Once you engage in a battle with Silver Rathalos, cut his tail off first, 
       Once you kill him, move on to then cut Rathian's tail off and finish her 
    —• Flash bombs</b></i> are the general strategy for this mision so learn to 
       flash bomb efficiently and quickly. You will get 30 seconds of free time 
       to wail on the wyverns. Always try to get them both with the flash bomb 
       and remember that it has to be thrown in their line of sight. Sometimes 
       you will see them magically not get dazed by it. Stay calm and just throw 
       another flash bomb.
    ——•• A good time to flash bomb them is when Silver Rathalos is flying up, 
         stand near his shadow and look in the direction of the Rathian. Wait 
         for his fireball (as you will then know that he is also facing that 
         direction) and wait for the Rathian to face your direction, then throw 
         the flash bomb. This should get both of them.
    ——•• Another good time is when they have slipped after falling on the ground 
         and are getting up to face you. Throw it into their line of sight as they 
         are doing their second turning motion and that should also get them 
         (don't throw the flash bomb once they have already charged because they 
         will usually just run past it and run you over instead).
    ——•• Another time to flash bomb them is when Silver Rathalos is landing and 
         you can see the direction his head is facing, and you can see Gold Rathian 
         changing her direction towards you/or fireballing at you, throw the flash 
         bomb and you should faze them both.
    •• The Key
    —• Dying is natural. Don't fret about it. I had many gos at this quest before 
       coming out on top and defeating both wyverns.
    —• The most important thing to do is: PERSEVERE. Just keep persevering and you 
       will surely win. If they're hurting you badly and you feel like giving up, 
       don't! Just keep going! Keep on chucking on ahead! Once you reach the point 
       where Silver Rathalos is dead, you have crossed the tunnel of darkness and 
       are close to the gate of victory because Gold Rathian is just a pushover 
       (but still be careful and play calmly).
    ——» PLAN OF ACTION «——
    •• Great Sword (contributed by AlcoholicNPC)
    —• Don't forget to cut off their tails first in the fight to make the things 
       go smoother(and to help avoid being pinned in corners).
    —• Aim for the wings as they are really vulnerable to flinching.
    Use hit and run tactics. It's not much different from fighting a normal 
    Rathalos and Rathian. Don't be afraid to use up flash bombs to take one out, 
    you won't need them as much in a one on one fight with the remaining wyvern. 
    The Rathalos Soul set is better with a GS since you get temporary anti-wind 
    status while attacking, which you can use to your advantage against the 
    Silver Rathalos as he begins to land after trying to attack you from the sky.
    •• Hammer (contributed by micgirk & Azrael)
    —• Aim for the head if you're using a hammer.
    —• Get the roll down, that's the biggest advantage a hammer has. You roll 
       somewhat farther with a hammer equipped so take advantage of it.
    —• R is your friend, use the Superpound as your staple attack. Also, this 
       attack recovers and rolls quicker. 
    —• The triple pound is awesome, it does the greatest amount of damage out of 
       all the hammer attacks. Use as much as possible but make sure it is
       possible, like when Silver Rathalos is standing still (when flashed) or 
       knocked down. Fit a triple pound in on Rathian during the 3 fireball 
    —• When it starts to scream, try to roll into his left leg so that you won't 
       get stunned.
    •• Lance (contributed by LousySuxor)
    (Refer to flash bomb tactics above.)
    I highly recommend High Wind Resistance armor as lances are not as agile as 
    the SnS and use Mega Juices so that you can block efficiently.
    First of all as Peaceful mentioned, keep both of them in your sight. Once 
    both of them turn to face you, throw your flash. It should have both of them 
    flashed. Now, if you're lucky, you'll have both Gold Rathian and Silver 
    Rathalos with their wings intersecting each other. Now run up and position 
    yourself so that when you do the upstab, it hits <b>both</b> wyverns. Three 
    upstabs should make them flinch. Now try to get a rhythm, eg. upstab x2, 
    backstep, rinse and repeat. If done correctly, you'll end up winglocking them 
    and you can continue this 'till your weapon loses green sharpness.
    However, if you didn't get both of them flashed, no problem. Just focus your 
    attack on the Silver Rathalos first. Why? Because it has lesser HP and likes 
    to fly around way too much and if you lose sight of him, he comes down 
    whooping your ass with an air talon attack. Run up to the Silver Rathalos 45 
    degrees to its wing. Position yourself under its wing. Now, upstab him to 
    oblivion only hitting the wings, eg. upstab x1, backstep, upstab x1, 
    sidestep etc. Try to get as many upstabs as you possibly can. Rinse and 
    repeat if the flash wears off.
    •• Sword and Shield
    —• Use the Diablo armor set for High Wind Resistance and ESP.
    —• Attack the wings when Silver Rathalos is landing, when he is fireballing, 
       or when he does his jump back fireball move. Run towards him and try to 
       get a hit on the wings when he does this. If you get him to repeat this 
       move in a corner, you can score many hits just by attacking the wings and 
       rolling out afterwards then rinse and repeat.
    —• When they're flashed, attack the bony part of the wing closest to the body.
    —• When Silver Rathalos is not flashed, attack his wing when he's 
       landing. Stand near his shadow (not too close but close enough for a jump 
       attack to hit the wings), looking straight at the wings and start the 
       combo with the jump attack right before his feet touches the ground. Don't 
       combo into his body (as he might do the jump back fire ball move), combo 
       away from the body or straight (you should end up on the other side of the 
    —• Don't flash them when they're bunched together because you don't want one 
       tail whipping you while you're attacking the other.
    —• Here's a tip, if you've used 2 whetstones, then Silver Rathalos is close 
       to dying. And Gold Rathian takes another 2.
    —• If you want to combine items in the middle of battle, select them quickly 
       and start running once you make the first item as you can keep on pressing 
       X to make items while running. Or you can get on the ledge and make items 
    Okay, so you're psyched and you have everything prepared!! The first thing 
    you want to do is paintball both of them, then concentrate on Silver 
    Rathalos. Cut of his tail while trying to dodge both of their attacks. Don't 
    go for full combos, short ones are nice as you will want to get out of there 
    before Gold Rathian comes charging at you. After you get his tail off, get 
    in a good position (see flash bomb tactics above) to flash bomb them both. 
    Remember to get them both, throw another one if you didn't get the other one. 
    Once they're out, go wail at Silver Rathalos. Keep flash bombing him and 
    wailing on his wings until he dies. Be careful when he goes into rage mode. 
    It's a good thing that he likes to fly a lot and doesn't charge all the time 
    when he's mad. After Silver Rathalos dies, get a chance to carve his tail 
    then go attack Gold Rathian. This mission is now 90% complete. Cut off 
    Rathian's tail and slowly go at her. Take your time. Be calm. And play 
    carefully. She will go down in no time.
     ——»  VICTORY «——
    Yes you won! CONGRATULATIONS! Pat yourself on the back. Do the happy dance. 
    Now you are rewarded with one of the best Sword and Shield in the game, the 
    Shining Wyvern Blade! Talk to the elder after you beat the quest and you will 
    get the required Heaven & Earth Crest to make it. You deserve it!
    ——» Thunder and Lightning «——
    Author: Felix Santoso (CloudMcphroni) (ultimatecreators@hotmail.com)
    Note: This is my first guide ever to be posted on the FAQ and guides section
    So please be lenient if I made any mistakes.
    This guide is written for the purpose of helping those who have trouble with 
    this extremely difficult quest. I hope that this guide will be useful for 
    all monster hunter lovers. :)
    Thunder and Lightning is a HR5 urgent quest that can be unlocked by 
    completing some of the HR5 quests.
    These quests are: (Credits to Lunaredge's guide for the info)
    1. Queen of the Jungle (Gold) (Slay 30 Rathian to unlock)
    2. Slay the Rathalos (Silver) (Slay 30 Rathalos to unlock)
    3. Water Wyvern in the Jungle (Green)
    4. The Runaway Diablos
    5. The Runaway Diablos (Black)
    6. Volcanic Valor
    7. Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold & Silver)
    After you have completed those HR5 quests, an urgent quest will show up:
    A Giant Dragon Invades
    After that's completed, you will unlock:
    The Legendary Black Dragon
    After all of the above quests has been completed. 
    Thunder and Lightning quest will show up along with some other extremely 
    difficult quest. 
    As this is a Thunder and Lightning guide, I will focus solely on the Thunder 
    and Lightning quest alone.
    Okay. I believe that many people found that this is the hardest quest to be 
    soloed ever. Why? Because there are 2 Kirins and they're big and fast too. I 
    admit that I too have trouble soloing this quest about 5 months ago. It took 
    me 4 tries to finally complete this extremely difficult quest.
    Knowing your opponent's attacks and weaknesses is one of the ways to ensure 
    a complete victory. So here goes:
    •• Attack List
    —• Charge: The white beast will lock on to you and attempt to run you down 
       by dashing towards you. This does small damage when he's not in rage. 
       However if you get hit by this attack when he's in rage while fighting 
       him in Thunder and Lightning, consider yourself dead.
    —• Frontal Lightning Arc: Kirin will summon thunderbolts in a 180 degrees 
       half-circle in front of him. At this moment, Kirin's body is vulnerable 
       for attacks. Make full use of this chance by attacking him 45-90 degrees 
       from his side with a full combo.
    —• Full Lightning Halo: Kirin will summon thunderbolts in 360 degrees 
       full-circle around his body in a random manner. It is best to move out of 
       the thunderbolts' range to avoid heavy damage. However, according to 
       Ronmaru, there's an opening for you to attack Kirin when he's doing this 
       Ronnomaru commented, "It's not entirely random, even though it may seem 
       that way in the first few times you fight Kirin. After the bolt on the 
       left side of Kirin comes down, jump towards Kirin's left back leg and 
       attack it (this doesn't work for the right side of Kirin, so only do it 
       on his left flank)."
    —• Horn Thrust: He will usually does this after his charge attack. Kirin will 
       jump and try to stab you with his horn. If he does this when you are near a 
       wall, he can corner you and pummel you to death. It's best to block to 
       prevent this from happening.
    —• Jump: Kirin will do this if he's charging too far away to the exit of the 
       next areas. He will rotate and jump back inside the current area.
    —• Kirin's Posture: Kirin brushes the ground with his hooves and breathes 
       hot air, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from all angles. Aim for the 
       head/horn to do massive damage or you can also use this time to sharpen 
       or heal.
    —• Lightning Shock: Kirin summons lightning bolt that falls onto his body, 
       surrounding and protecting him from your attack.
    —• Single Lightning Bolt: Kirin will summon a single lightning bolt that 
       falls in front of him. This is really easy to avoid and you can also make 
       use of this chance to attack the side of his body.
    —• Zigzag Prance: Kirin will hop around diagonally, making it hard for you 
       to dodge this attack. It's best to just block against this attack since 
       you take zero damage when blocking it, even with an SnS. The other option 
       is to roll of course, but sometimes you won't get out in time and still 
       get knocked over.
    •• Combat Notes
    —• When Kirin is in rage mode. His attacks are boosted by 50% and his 
       agility is boosted by 30%.
    —• Don't get too greedy with your attacks. Be prepare to cancel or roll in 
       between your attacks because Kirin is a quick creature.
    —• All of Kirin's lightning attacks have the ability to paralyze you.
    •• Stats
    —• Elemental Damage
    Fire: Average
    Water: Average
    Thunder: Immune
    Dragon: Don't bother using it. 
    —• Status Ailments
    Stun: No
    Poison: Yes
    Sleep: Yes
    —• Effects
    Flash Bomb: Immune
    Sonic Bomb: Immune
    Pitfall Trap: Immune
    Raw Meat: Immune
    All weapon classes deal the most damage when attacking his horn. And your 
    best bet is to go for the highest raw damage weapon that you can get because 
    elements aren't that effective. But status ailments are very effective 
    and sleep last for 30 seconds, so you should be able to get free hits on the 
    Okay. Without further nonsense I will list the best possible setup to solo 
    these creatures.
    •• Items
    Bitterbug x5
    Cool Drink x3
    Herb x10
    Ice Crystal x5
    Mega Potion x10
    Max Potion x2
    Potion x10
    Well-Done Steak x10 or Mega Juice x5
    Eat meat+drink at the felyne kitchen.
    Angry Scapula Commented:
    Instead of, or including steaks, you could make 5 spicy mushrooms 
    (hot pepper & special mushrooms through alchemy). They work exactly like 
    rations for a quick top up of stamina during the first Kirin.
    •• Beginner's tip: (by Angry Scapula)
    I highly recommend SWB for T&L if you intend to use full Khezu U because 
    of the greatest amount of practical sharpness overall (i.e. green and blue) 
    to help with reduced sharpening that comes with Khezu U. Reason being you may 
    not get much opportunity to sharpen, especially when you are confined to a 
    small area with the first Kirin. 
    Note that while TBDSword and Golden Falchion do more damage 
    (especially with sharpness+1), inexperienced first timers may need that extra 
    amount of sharpness and opportunity to sharpen combined with the reduced 
    sharpening effectiveness.
    •• Weapons
    —• Shining Wyvern Blade: Strongly recommended for first timers. Materials 
       required to make it are: Heaven & Earth Crest x1, Gold Rathian Scale x1, 
       Silver Rthalos Scale x1, Wyvern Marrow x5
    —• High Sandman Spike: DaiIchiban recommends for its sleep effect.
    —• True Black Dragon Sword: Ronmaru recommends it because the speed and 
       effort of using it to kill Kirin is unmatched in his experience.
    •• Armors
    —• Dragon S
    Dragonhead S, Dragonhide S, Dragonclaw S, Dragonwing S, Dragonfeet S
    Skills: Damage Recovery +1, Sharp Sword, Attack Up (Medium) (One of the most 
            important skill to solo these creatures), KO x2.
    Defense: 244 with charm and talon
    Dragonhead S: Fatalis Evil Eye x1, Fatalis Gore x2, Rathalos Brainstem x1, 
                  Thick Fatalis Scale x3
    Dragonhide S: Fatalis Heavy Shell x3, Heavy Fatalis Crust x1, 
                  Rathalos Ruby x1, Thick Fatalis Scale x2
    Dragonclaw S: Fatalis Gore x2, Fatalis Heavy Shell x3, Hard Fatalis Crust x1, 
                  Rathian Ruby x1
    Dragonwing S: Azure Rathalos Ruby x1, Fatalis Heavy Shell x3, 
                  Fatalis Strong Wing x1, Thick Fatalis Scale x2
    Dragonfeet S: Fatalis Heavy Shell x2, Fatalis Strong Wing x1, 
                  Pink Rathian Ruby x1, Thick Fatalis Scale x3
    —• Auroros Ten
    Auroros Helm Ten, Kut-Ku Mail U, Auroros Gauntlet Ten, Auroros Tasset Ten, 
    Auroros Pants Ten
    Skills: ESP, Divine Protection, Attack Up (Medium)
    Defense: 223 with charm and talon
    Auroros Helm Ten: Azure LaoS Claw x1, Azure LaoS Scale x5, Commendation x5, 
                      Twisted Black Blos Horn x1
    Kut-Ku Mail U: Blue Kut-Ku Carapace x5, Blue Kut-Ku Ear x2, 
                   Blue Kut-Ku Wing x4, Hard Monster Bone x1
    Auroros Gauntlet Ten: Azure LaoS Claw x1, Azure LaoS Scale x5, 
                          Azure Rathalos Plate x1, Commendation x5
    Auroros Tasset Ten: Azure LaoS Shell x5, Azure LaoS Spine x1, 
                        Black Gravios Wing x1, Commendation x3
    Auroros Pants Ten: Azure LaoS Scale x5, Azure LaoS Spine x1, 
                       Azure Rathalos Ruby x1, Commendation x5
    —• Khezu U
    Khezu Helm U, Khezu Mail U, Khezu Vambraces U, Khezu Tasset U, 
    Khezu Greaves U
    Skills: Recovery Speed +2, Health Recovery Items Improved, 
            Sharpening Skill Half
    Defense: 201 with charm and talon
    Khezu Helm U: Alluring Hide x2, Carbalite Ore x4, Monster Broth x5, 
                  Pale Khezu Steak x1
    Khezu Mail U: Alluring Hide x3, Lifepowder x3, Monster Broth x6, 
                  Pale Khezu Steak x2
    Khezu Vambraces U: Alluring Hide x3, Lifepowder x3, Pale Khezu Steak x1, 
                       Union Ore x4
    Khezu Tasset U: Alluring Hide x2, Lifepowder x3, Monster Bone+ x4, 
                    Pale Khezu Steak x1
    Khezu Greaves U: Alluring Hide x2, Joiner Grasshopper x3, Monster Broth x2, 
                     Pale Khezu Steak x1
    Here's an instructive video to watch by Ronmaru:
    and the Link to the screenshot miniguide (pictures describe a thousand
    words so yeah.)
    •• Separate the Kirins , So you will only have to fight one at a time!!
    Okay so when the quest starts, don’t use any items, run into the battle
    ground straight away. 
    You will notice that the battle ground looks exactly the same as the 
    area 7 in the volcano except that it doesn’t have the entrance to go to 
    area 6, 7, and 8.
    So once you're inside, keep running to the opposite area of the battle 
    In case if you didn't understand what i am talking about, i've uploaded a
    picture of it. So here's the link:
    (I hope that this picture will clear your doubt.)
    I bet that 90% of the time only one of the Kirins will 
    notice you. Don’t worry, just keep running there.
    Why did I make you run like a stupid coward when you are here to slay the 
    legendary Thunder King? Well you will see that the other Kirin didn't notice 
    you and will not attack you. And now you're facing one Kirin at a time.
    HA!! One Kirin. Easy!! Well, easier...
    Although it’s only one Kirin, it is not an ordinary Kirin, it's a G-ranked 
    Kirin mind you. If you have fought 5* guild Kirin+, this guy is much 
    stronger than it, and has a little more HP. I believe that Kirin+ has 2/3 
    health of the G-ranked Kirin. Because I can slay Kirin+ in 10 minutes. While 
    G-ranked Kirin if you follow my guide, you should be able to slay it in 
    within 15 minutes.
    •• Don't Attract the Other Kirin's Attention
    —• Remember to stay at that corner of the map when you fight the first Kirin.
    —• If you see Kirin doing his Posture close to where the other Kirin is, I 
       know it is very tempting to go over and slash him to oblivion but hold 
       your breath and think about what would happen if the other Kirin noticed 
       you... which can royally screw you up.
    —• So no matter what, stay in that one corner of the map where you will be 
       safe fighting one Kirin at a time without attracting the other Kirin’s 
    •• Best Time to Attack Kirin
    —• When Kirin is charging far away from where you are standing.
    —• When Kirin is doing his Posture.
    —• When Kirin is doing his Lightning Shock attack. When you feel that the 
       thunder is going to stop falling, go over and slash him.
    —• When Kirin is doing his Frontal Lightning Arc attack. At this moment, 
       Kirin's body is vulnerable for attacks. Make full use of this chance by 
       attacking him 45-90 degrees from his side with a full combo.
    —• When Kirin finishes his charge attack he will rotate to you, when he is 
       rotating aim a little to the side and jump slash. Don’t jump slash 
       directly to his head as you will get hit by his charge again.
    —• When Kirin gets knocked down, aim for his horns and slash it.
    •• Never Attack Kirin During These Times
    —• Kirin does his Full Lightning Halo attack. Don't try to attack him when 
       he's using this move. But there is a small opening in this attack though, 
       when the bolts on his left flank has fallen, do an immediate jump slash 
       attack on his left flank and you won't get hit. However don't attempt this 
       on his right flank, because the lightning strikes twice over there. It is 
       a risky maneuver so you need to do it perfectly to not to get hit.
    —• Jumping around like Pikachu (Zigzag Prance). Don’t roll when he's doing 
       this attack. Remember that you're using the SnS. Use the R button to block.
    And please don’t try to be a coward when he's in rage mode, try to be 
    aggressive. If you follow my best times to attack Kirin, you will rarely get 
    hit and at the same time doing a lot of damage to the white pony.
    •• Best Time to Heal Yourself
    —• When Kirin is charging far away from where you are standing.
    —• When Kirin is doing his Posture.
    After the first Kirin dies, don’t be afraid to use the whole area to 
    yourself. The second one will be a much easier fight due to the freedom of 
    the area.
    Good luck my fellow gamers. May the Force be with you! LAWLLZ!!!
    (Contributed by Lrkwoba and rephrased by me.)
    •• Equipment
    Multiplayer will be a little easier compared to single player, due to the 
    fact that you do not have to bring extra cool drinks and your armor does not 
    need to be as good as I've mentioned above (Dragon S and Auroros Ten >_<).
    For my advice on items on what you should bring, please refer to the list of 
    items located above. You do not have to bring everything there, but most of 
    it is recommended.
    You can complete this quest by just wearing an easy to make armor such as 
    Khezu U and Khezu S. Well, you can wear any other armors that you like but 
    full Khezu S is recommended because it will give you the Wide Area Recovery 
    skill which gives the player the ability to heal nearby allies when that 
    player drinks Potions and Mega Potions (saves on potions huh?). Khezu U armor 
    will also give another valuable skill which is the increase in the recovery 
    effect of potions.
    Weapon wise, I recommend Shining Wyvern Blade or if you have the materials 
    use Cursed Spirit (needs 1 Twisted Black Blos Horn). Cursed Spirit would be 
    the better choice because besides possesing a high raw damage 
    (350 damage which falls a little short from SWB), it also gives an extra +15 
    defense. However it does not have as much sharpness as SWB and the Twisted 
    Black Blos Horn is a hell of a pain to get. >_<
    •• Battle Plan
    Now for the actual multiplayer strategy read the solo guide other than a 
    few exceptions:
    —• Only have 1 player run out of the area right away to get to the entrance 
       of area 8. One Kirin will notice that player and it will be a 1 on 1 
       fight. Again make sure that that person stays in the bottom part of the 
    —• The second player can then leave the area. After the first Kirin has 
       chased the first player to the entrance of area 8. The second person can 
       then get the attention of the second Kirin and engage it in a 1 on 1 fight. 
       The second player should stay in the upper part of the map.
    If by any chance the Kirin sees the player they are not supposed to see, 
    keep them separated at all costs, because you might not want to experience 
    the extreme power that they have when they are together 
    (trust me it is a nightmare >_<).
    Finally if there are more than 2 players, you can fight the Kirin 2 on 1. 
    Have 2 players sprint to the entrance of area 8 and fight the first one. 
    While the other 2 people fight the second Kirin. Overall, it should not take 
    more than 10 minutes, depending on your skill and weapons.
    Brief Lance / Hammer / DualSword / Greatsword Strategy
    (Contributed by 2forus A.K.A kingofMH) 
    Note: For more detail on how to dodge or attack without getting hit, please
    refer to the solo strategy and kirin attack list.
    •• Lance Strategy
    Recommended Lance: Dragon Rider Spear or Black Tempest
    I don't even know why you would use Lance against Kirin. There's like no 
    strategy other than just to continuously stab the horn before it kills you.
    Mega juices are extremely recommended.
    •• Hammer Strategy
    Recommended Hammer: Noturne Gigaton or warbasher
    superpound the horn on every thunderstrike if the size allows; 
    otherwise, hit them in the hides.
    You can also superpound his legs and make it fall. When it falls, aim for the 
    horn and triple pound it to deal a massive damage.
    •• GreatSword Strategy
    Recommended Greatswords: AngryScapula Recommends the Great Golem+(los Ruby >.>) 
                             I recommend the Divine Slasher(slay Fatalis >.>) or
                             Rathalos Firesword+
    Great Sword is pretty much either: hit them in the hides if you want to be safe 
    or hit them in the horn as they turn and such.
    Unsheath attacks are extremely recommended for its speed.
    •• Dual Strategy
    Recommended Dualsword: Corpse blades with Esp+sharpness+1 armor set
    Generally speaking the damage sucks and ESP is definitely required.  
    Just use the normal triangle, triangle and circle and that's about it for me.
    If you're reading this part, then you must have succeeded in slaughtering 
    them. Congratulations ^_^
    G-Kirin carves:
    Kirin Horn - 33%
    Kirin Hide+ - 25%
    Kirin Azure Thunder Tail - 15%
    Pure Crystal - 10%
    Special Kirin Hide - 10%
    Kirin Azure Horn - 7%
    With these materials you can make extremely powerful armors and weapons such 
    —• Kirin S armor: set A really really good armor set. Try: 
       Sword Saint Piercing, Kirin Jacket S, Monoblos Vambraces S, Kirin Hoop S, 
       and Kirin Greaves S which gives ESP and Sharpness +1.
    —• Kirin Bolts Best thunder Dual Sword.
    The armors can be a good part of other combination armor sets too, which 
    will help you on the Plate of Calamity quest. You are probably gonna do this 
    one next, huh?
    Good luck dudes. :)
    Q: Why did you write this guide? It sux!!
    A: I don't care about your freaking opinion.
    Q: Where can I get a ruby?
    A: Ruby is a very rare piece of material that can be obtained by carving 
       G-ranked Rathian and Rathalos tails (2% chance of getting it). It's also 
       obtainable in the rewards (4% chance). But you must break Rath's head 
       crest to get that 4% chance of getting a ruby in the rewards.
    Q: What is the best quest to obtain those rubies?
    A: I recommend HR4 Land and the Sky for Rathalos and Rathian ruby, HR5 Pink 
       and Azure for Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian ruby.
    Q: How do you get Fatalis Gore? I keep getting Fatalis Horn instead!
    A: Fatalis Gore can be carved from a dead HR5 Black Fatalis body (4% chance) 
       or you can get it from repelling the HR5 Black Fatalis from the second 
       and third round. It is very rare though. If you keep getting Fatalis Horn 
       instead of Fatalis Gore, reset your game and try again. Don't save if you 
       get Fatalis Horn.
    Q: How do you get Fatalis Evil Eye?
    A: It can be obtained from repelling HR5 Black Fatalis (1st round). It's 
       pretty rare though (16% chance) or from ripping Red Fatalis's eye (50%).
    Q: What is the percentage of getting Twisted Black Blos Horn?
    A: 4% chance from breaking both of the Black Diablo's horn in the Runaway 
       Diablos HR5 quest and 6% chance from breaking both of the Black Diablo's 
       horn in the Black Diablos Four Horns HR5 quest.
    Q: What the hell is the Heaven & Earth Crest?
    A: You must complete elder's urgent Wyvern of Land and Sky. After you've 
       beaten the quest, talk to the elder again. He will give you the Heaven 
       and Earth Crest.
    Q: How do you get commendations faster?Instead of beating Lao over and over?
    A: Do 5* elder deliver the powderstone quest. You will get more than one, 
       sometimes if you are wearing a good luck armor.
    Q: How do you get Khezu U?
    A: Kill HR4 Red Khezus in Thunderous Duo.
    ——» Legals and Credits «——                               
    We would like to thank the Brady Guide for the monster carves and wyvern 
    Monster Hunter Freedom is a copyright of Capcom of America.
    For Wyverns of Land and Sky by Peaceful:
    I go by PeacefulMeadows, PeacefulBlueSky, and PeacefulBliss on the GameFAQs 
    forum. If you need help, make a topic on the forum and I'll try to answer 
    your question or you can email me at 
    peacefuldaysandpeacefulnights@hotmail.com. Scratch that, you would probably 
    have more luck getting on MSN and sending me an IM. You know how they say 
    postal mail is like turtle mail, well email for me is like ant mail.
    This guide is copyright ©Peaceful 2007. All rights reserved.
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    I would like to thank all of the members of the A.L.C Fleet for always 
    supporting me especially:
    -Freakishly Huge 
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    And also the guys who helped me all the 
    way throughout my MHF carreer
    -Lord Grahf
    And a big thanks to the Twilight Hunters for encouraging me all the time . 
    And many more. I'm sorry if your name is not mentioned. There are too many 
    to think of. >.<
    Thank you everyone. :)
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