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Fatalis Guide by 0cu_87

Version: 1.95 | Updated: 08/20/06

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         `888'     `8             .o8             `888   `"'           
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          888    "     .oP"888    888    .oP"888   888   888  `"Y88b.  
          888         d8(  888    888 . d8(  888   888   888  o.  )88b 
         o888o        `Y888""8o   "888" `Y888""8o o888o o888o 8""888P' 

                 Monster Hunter Freedom - Fatalis Guide
                 Version - 1.95
                 System - Sony PSP
                 Author - 0cu_87 (0culus@gmx.net)

|Table of contents|

1.1 - Introduction                  .                    .              (INT)

2.1 - Version Updates               .                    .              (VER)

3.1 - Black Fatalis                 .                    .              (BFT)

    3.1.1 - How do I unlock him?    .                    .                .

    3.1.2 - Recommended Equipment   .                    .                .

    3.1.3 - Attacks to beware of    .                    .                .

    3.1.4 - How to fight him        .                    .                .

    3.1.5 - Facts & Glitches        .                    .                .

4.1 - Red Fatalis                   .                    .              (RFT)
    4.1.1 - How do I unlock him?    .                    .                .

    4.1.2 - Recommended Equipment   .                    .                .

    4.1.3 - Attacks to beware of    .                    .                .

    4.1.4 - How to fight him        .                    .                .

    4.1.5 - Rumors                  .                    .                .

5.1 - Multiplayer Tactics           .                    .              (MTP)
    5.1.1 - Black Fatalis           .                    .                .

    5.1.2 - Red Fatalis             .                    .                .
6.1 - Carving Guide                 .                    .              (CGD)

7.1 - Credits                       .                    .              (CRD)

8.1 - Legal Stuff                   .                    .              (LGL)

                             1.1 - Introduction                         (INT)

So,finally I write a FAQ. New Players reached HR3, but keep getting owned by
Black Fatalis. Same for HR5 Red Fatalis, thus I decided to write a Fatalis 
Guide to help 'em :P.

About me: I had about 700 hours experience in Monster Hunter 1 and now reached
          300 hours on the PSP. That is a LOT for me,because I tend to play
          games much more effectively. I have finished MHF in my terms,got
          the Fatalis Armor,Dragon S armor and about 30 final weapons,that is
          all I wanted to achieve.

                             2.1 - Version Updates                      (VER)

Version 0.00 - (August 14th, 2006) - Began the FAQ
Version 1.00 - (August 15th, 2006) - Added Red Fatalis Part
Version 1.50 - (August 16th, 2006) - Added Black Fatalis Part
Version 1.70 - (August 17th, 2006) - Added Carving Guide
Version 1.90 - (August 19th, 2006) - Added attacks and the multiplayer
Version 1.95 - (August 21st, 2006) - Fixed some typos and added the Black
                                     Fatalis Glitch I forgot

                             3.1 - Black Fatalis                        (BFT)

A legendary black dragon said to prowled these lands from the days of old.
Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge it, but none ever return. A
monster shrouded in mystery...

3.1.1 How do I unlock him?

There are two Black Fatalis Quests, in HR3 and in HR5 Urgents. There is a huge
difference. The HR3 Quest takes 50 minutes and you have to kill him, while the
one in HR5 appears in rounds of 15 minutes. When you repel him, he advances in
his "damage" table and by the fifth round you will kill him if you deal enough

3.1.2 Recommended Equipment

50 Minutes Quest: Eternal Schism,Eternal Strife,Blue Ogre Sword
15 Minute Rounds: same,but you can also use a bowgun that shoots Clust lvl2.

-Every Armorset is okay, one hit means Death in most cases anyway. But if you
use Eternal Schism, you may need a Fast Sharpening + Greater Earplug Armor:

Blackbelt Helm
Rathalos Soul Mail
Blackbelt Vambraces
Rathalos Soul Tasset
Rathalos Soul Greaves

-What supplies do you suggest?

Potions,mega potions and/or lifepowder.
Whetstones + Knife Mackerels / Stuff to make more whetstones (+Alchemy Book)
5 Mega Juices or 10 Power Juices
Demondrugs / Power Seeds

3.1.3 Attack List

-Fireball - Ground

Fatalis spins to you, rears his neck up and then spits a fireball 
straight forward. It has no AoE,means it just disappears when no one was hit.
You can survive this,with enough resistance to fire,like 50. A Rathalos/Rathian
Armor combo can get you 50 resistance to fire,get it if you like to take a jump
into Fatalis' Spits :P

-Fireball - Airborne, close

He "stands" in the air, rears his neck up and spits a fireball, sometimes 
even two. It's not hard to avoid it,if you get hit.. you should really think 
about putting MHF down.

-Fireball - Airborne, wide

He flies pretty high, rears his neck up once again and spits three fireballs.
The first lands pretty close to him,but the two following can even hit you 
at the other side of the little "bowl" you are fighting in. 
Easy to avoid: Just run under him.


He spins to you as if he would spit a fireball,but then he just drops to the
ground. This attack is lethal,but easy to avoid, just don't stand in front of
him. This attack can also be combined with Snap and Drag:

-Snap and Drag

Owww, I hate this attack. First he smashes to the ground, lets out some 
screeching sound and starts to run forward, biting everything in front of him.
Try to avoid touching him, cause it will end in the camp. Too bad it's a bit 
hard to see that attack coming, but that screeching sound can make you tell.


You won't see this attack if you don't stand on the ledges. He tries to bite
everything on the ledge in front of him.. it seems to be his weakest attack.

3.1.4 How to fight him:
I still think Black Fatalis is harder than his red brother. He has many 
attacks that instantly kill you and he likes to do em when you just don't
expect it.

-You basically wail on his right leg all the time, and when he lands you hit 
his head. But you have to stay in alert. His 'Snap and Drag' instantly kills 
you, doesn't matter where you touch him. I got killed by his tail once.. 
The 50 minute Black Fatalis Quest loves the wall and hugs it most of the time,
it is some glitch and gives you the opportunity to attack his leg. But beware,
if he spins to you, he will most likely try to smash you with his belly.

If he smashes the ground with its belly and makes some screeching noise, he 
will Snap and Drag. Go out of reach and let him finish his weird move or end 
up being carried to camp by cats.

-He has the same airborne attacks like his red brother. While he flies up, he 
likes to spit a fireball. When he stays high, he will spit three fireballs.
When he comes down again, he will either:

Spit one or two fireballs
Follow you.

If he follows you, he will only stop when being near enough to hit you 
with his tailwhip. It is easy to avoid if you know how to. Run near his shadow
until he stops, then run away again. Watch out for the possible fireballs.

-Breakable parts

You can "break" several parts from Black Fatalis:

Rip his eye,
break his horns
and break his chest open.

The head takes some serious damage until you rip his eye.
His chest though only takes a few Schism Combos, just hit him when he flinched
after being hit on his leg.

3.1.5 Facts & Glitches

-Yes, there is a Black Fatalis Glitch. But don't expect some spiderweb-one like
the one for YGG.

Here's how it works:
Repel him 3 or 4 rounds in the 15 minute rounds, then start the next round, but
abandon. Start the 50 minute quest, he will have the same health. 
5 Minute Fatalis? No problem anymore :P And I can tell,Fatalis (Sharp) Eyes
give good and quick cash.

Like I said before,the 50 minute Fatalis likes to hug the wall. He keeps belly-
smashing all the time,sometimes even for 5 minutes. I still don't know whether
it was coded in there with a reason, because even with that glitch it takes 
about 45 minutes to kill him with Eternal Strife. Well.. we can't complain :)

The round is NOT determined by the quest you start. The higher the contractfee,
the more armory you have. The quest with 2800z as the fee has Ballistas,
Cannons, the Gate (just lure him under it and it will drop). You can also use
the dragonator and even hit him in the air with it. Trust me,I did it.

-Meleeing in Rounds
It is possible to melee him through the rounds,even with a non-dragon elemental
hammer. Triple combo his head when he lands and superpound his leg when he is
walking around. Lord Grahf made a video about it. You can even kill him with
a raw weapon in the 50 minutes quest, when you brought his HP down with the
glitch I have written about before.

-"I don't see you"
This happens sometimes when you gun Black Fatalis. If you shoot from one "bowl"
over to the other,where Fatalis is moving around, he sometimes doesn't care
about you. Funny to shoot him in his backand  making him tickle with some 

                             4.1 - Red Fatalis                          (RFT)

A calamity of legendary proportions... The wrath of Fatalis is unimaginable! 
We've got to stop him before the tragedy gets any worse!

4.1.1 How do I unlock him?

To unlock Red Fatalis,you need to kill Black Fatalis in the HR5 15 minute 
rounds.Repel doesn't count. When that was done,you get the "Plate of Calamity".

4.1.2 Recommended Equipment:

You use the same weapons you took on Black Fatalis. Eternal Schism,
Eternal Strife or the Blue Ogre Sword. I recommend the Schism,
its much easier to break parts of him with those.

-If you fight with Schism I recommend this armor:

Blackbelt Helm
Rathalos Soul Mail
Blackbelt Vambraces
Rathalos Soul Tasset
Rathalos Soul Greaves

-This set gives you 
Fast sharpening
Greater earplug

results in great opportunites to attack,spare time with sharpening and avoid
the main death cause,Fatalis' Scream + Claw Attack.

Please note: If you fight with a SnS,you need the ESP skill,cause he increases
the toughness of its hide at 50%.

-What supplies do you suggest?

Potions,mega potions and/or lifepowder.
Whetstones + Knife Mackerels / Stuff to make more whetstones (+Alchemy Book)
5 Mega Juices or 10 Power Juices
Cool Drinks and stuff to make more (3 Bitterbugs and 3 Ice Crystals)

You won't have space for more,your inventory is filled up with the supply 

4.1.3 Attack List:

-Fireball - Ground

Just like his brother,he spins to you, rears his neck up and spits a 
devastating fireball, lethal with less than 40 resistance to fire. Not hard to
avoid because you will maybe see one fireball from his mouth in 2 fights..maybe
he has sore throat,I don't know?

-Fireball - Airborne, close

Another recycled attack. Rears his neck up, spits one or two fireballs and 
lands on the ground. 

-Fireball - Airborne wide

I'm getting tired of those.. :P
Stays pretty high in the air,rears neck up and spits three fireball, everyone
has a superior range than the one before. Run under him to avoid it.


Pretty rare,but as deadly as the original Bellysmash from Black Fatalis.
But Crimson Fatalis rarely spins before he smashes the ground, if you don't 
stand in front of him, you won't be hit anyway.

-Claw attack

Wow, finally a new attack :D
He stands on the ground, lets out some weird screeching sound and tries to hit
anything in front of him with a great swipe with his right claw. Weak attack
in normal mode, deadly in rage. Try to avoid it at all costs by just not 
standing in front of him. If you don't have earplug,this will be your Fatality.
Still stunned by the scream, you see the claw coming and die. That is why I
recommend you some earplug armor.

-Stuka dive

Weird name,I know,but that is how I call it. He lets out his annoying screech,
flies up so high that you barely see him and then he comes back instantly with
a fast dive out of the volcano sky. Deadly, of course, but easy to avoid 
because he does not change his direction. 


This attack is so annoying. Once again deadly if you get hit,but you won't see
it that often. Too bad he likes to do it to fly to the other part of the area.
He does it ouf the stance, he does not fly up. Avoid it by a quick dive.

-Armageddon / Firerain

80% of the time he does this attack,your opportunity to inflict some damage.
He takes a step forward, bites around in the air (I still don't know why) 
and 5 fireballs drop from the sky. All fireballs are deadly, especially 
in rage mode. Easy to avoid when you melee, but serious adrenaline-pushing 
for a gunner. If you melee, stand BEHIND his legs, if you stand aside, 
you probably get hit, because sometimes a fireball drops next to his legs. 
If you gun, stay out of his range, it is about half of the area. 

4.1.4 How to fight him:

-When you start the quest, run forward or you will be dead the first time.

Attack him when he casts his firerain. Combo his right leg from behind,
or you will end up being fireballed. Only attack the right leg,because you
end up with more hits there. If you make him flinch, bring in another combo.
Use your items only when you are safe. Best opportunity is to stand behind 
his leg and use 'em.

-When he flies up,he has 2 Attacks:

Three Fireballs,wide Range; one or two Fireballs,close Range.

It is easy to predict which one he spits, when he flies up, 
just pitch the camera and watch what he does. If he flies high, he will spit
three fireballs. When he comes back down, get some distance between him and
you. (You have Anti-Wind anyway when being in Rage mode with duals)

When he starts to follow you, get close and immediately escape again.
He will rear his neck up and spit a fireball or two or he will land.

Always attack his head with a combo when he lands.

-By counting how often he flinches with the head, you can determine
 which parts are broken:

First Head Flinch - Small Horn broken
Second Head Flinch - Big Horn broken
Third Head Flinch - Eye ripped (Devil or Evil eye in rewards)

You can also break his chest,easily done by comboing him when he leg-flinched.
This results in a Crimson Fatalis B-Plate sometimes in rewards.

-Red Fatalis has some states. 

He can go into Rage Mode (begins to glow and deals huge damage) and the 
toughness of his hide changes.

At 50% his skin becomes hard, 
a SnS cannot cut through his legs anymore, that is why you need ESP.
At 20% his skin will be normal again,finish him off.

4.1.5 Rumors:

Q: "Does it mean that Fatalis is at 50% when he glows?"
A: No. It is just his Rage Mode.

Q: "Is there a double Red Fatalis Quest in MHF?"
A: No, but you can join hacked japanese quests with two of these bastards
   when using XLink Kai.

Q: "Can you gun Red Fatalis?"
A: Although I don't recommend gunning him,you can do it. Just get 3 other guys
   with bowguns,then clust him to death,should take about 20 minutes..
   But watch out for the firerain! :p

                             5.1 - Multiplayer Tactics                  (MTP)

Black Fatalis

Melee + Gunner:

Bit annoying, but still easy. The Gunner should stun to give the melee-dude
some opportunities to inflict serious damage on Fatalis' Head. If Fatalis
flies up, the Gunner should burst out some clusts.. and trust me, Fatalis 
flies up a lot when his concenration is on the gunning dude. If you know how
to avoid the fireballs, it's not hard to kill him with this constellation.

Melee + Melee:

Just as you would fight Black Fatalis the normal way,except his concenration
changes from time to time, means he sometimes spins the other way around to
hit your friend. Because this is just a normal fight, I don't have to say
anything special about it.

Gunner + Gunner:

I would only do it in the rounds, but it is still possible to kill him with
two gunners in the 50 minute quest. Just spam clusts, pierces.. maybe even 
normal lvl 3 and avoid his fireballs. There is some glitch: Run to the other
"bowl" and shoot through the gate. I had moments where he didn't even care 
about the players. 

Red Fatalis

Melee + Gunner:

WORST constellation ever, and I'm serious.
His changing focus make it a pain,he likes to fly around for minutes. He just
cannot decide which player to attack.
And the gunner dude is often killed by his firerain. I can only tell you, don't
fight in this constellation.

Melee + Melee:

Normal fight,just faster. Watch out for his tail, because he sometimes spins
the other way round. If a firerain follows on the tailwhip, you're finished.

Gunner + Gunner:

I don't think they would deal enough damage without carrying a lot of ammo.
This adds up with his changing focus,the firerain and some dives. If you want
to kill him only with guns, do it. I can only tell you it is still better than
Melee + Gunner.

If you play with three or more people, the tactics is a bit different.
Mixed (3 Melee, 1 Gunner or 3 Gunners, 1 Melee) are pretty good to kill Black
Fatalis. I can only imagine three guys spamming stunshots on him *drools*
Lot of hits on his head. 100% chance on an eye :P

For his red brother, the best constellation is a group of 3 meleeing guys with
one dude stunning red fatty. With a group like that my fastest time killing him
was 12 minutes (!). He took some serious beating,especially when stunned. 
And you can even wear a normal armor with high defense, because he changes his
focus all the time, a scream followed by a claw attack won't happen.

                             6.1 - Carving Guide                        (CGD)

Both Fatalis can be carved up to nine times, three carves at the head, three 
carves at the chest and three carves at the belly.

HR3 Black Fatalis:

    * Fatalis Crust
    * Fatalis Eye
    * Hrd Fatalis Crust
    * Fatalis Sharp Eye
    * Fatalis Webbing
    * Fatalis Wing 

HR5 Black Fatalis:

    * Fatalis Scale+
    * Fatalis Carapace
    * Thick Fatalis Scale
    * Fatalis Hvy Shell
    * Fatalis Spike
    * Fatalis Gore 

Red Fatalis:

    * Crimson Fatalis Scale
    * Crimson Fatalis Shell
    * Thick Fatalis Scale
    * Fatalis Hvy Shell
    * Crimson Fatalis Horn
    * Fatalis Gore 

-When you break certain parts, you have a chance on a rare item in the rewards.
You won't always get a Gore, or a Devil Eye.. they are pretty hard to get.

Black Fatalis:

Ripped Eye: Fatalis Eye or Evil Eye
Broken Horns: Fatalis Horn or Fatalis Gore
Tattered Wings: Fatalis Webbing or Fatalis Strong Wing
Open Chest: Fatalis Crust or Fatalis Heavy Crust

Red Fatalis:

Ripped Eye: Evil Eye or Devil Eye
Big Horn broken: Fatalis Spike or Crimson Fatalis Horn
Small Horn broken: Fatalis Gore or Fatalis Spike
Tattered Wings: Fatalis Wing, Fatalis Strong Wing or Crimson Fatalis Wing
Open Chest: Hard Fatalis Crust, Fatalis Heavy Crust or Crimson Fatalis B-Plate

As you can see, the best way to get your Fatalis Gore or Evil Eye is to kill
Fatalis' red brother. 

                             7.1 - Credits                              (CRD)

GameFAQs,    for hosting my guide

Capcom,      for their recycling but always addicting games :P

Valoeternal, for his MHF Wiki (http://wikihost.org/wikis/mhf/) , where I took
             the carving guide from

spydr101,    for hosting my Guide on his site

                             8.1 - Legal Stuff                          (LGL)

This guide Copyright 2006-2007 Rene Büttgen (0cu_87). All rights reserved.

This guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any web site not listed below or as part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders. The writers of this FAQ take no ownership in any
trademarks in written in this faq. Any and all similar names in this FAQ
are purely coincidental. The opinions based in this FAQ are purely
of the Authors, and not of GameFAQs of Capcom.

This FAQ may only be used on 

GameFAQs.com and its partnersites.

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