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Elder Trading List by Futuramadude

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/17/06

Monster Hunter Freedom - Elder Trading List
Author: Cody Hatch (Futuramadude)
E-mail: Futuramadude (at) gmail.com                      

This is my first FAQ ever made so sorry if it's not as fancy as others.

This list is very simple to use. Go to the Elder in the specified area. 
Talk to him. Then you trade  items. If you have other items other than the 
one you want traded,he might trade for one of your other items. So it's smart 
to only bring the item you want/need traded.


|Forest & Hills Elder (Area 7)|
|  Item Traded             Item Received                (Alternate Outcome) |

   Spiderweb               Special Mushroom               
   Garbage                 Dung                                  
   Scatternut              Special Mushroom               
   Iron Ore                Sm Monster Bone                 (Mystery Bone)
   Earth Crystal           Med Monster Bone                (Bone)
   Machalite Ore           Lg Monster Bone                 (Mystery Bone)
   Lightcrystal            Rathian Spike                   (Lg Monster Bone)
   Firestone               Majestic Horn                   (Rathalos Wing)
   Firecell Stone          Pale Khezu Steak                (Gravios Carapace)
   Insect Husk             Special Mushroom              
   Kut-ku Shell            Plesioth Scale                  (Cephalos Scale)
   Kut-ku Ear              Plesioth Fin                    (Piscine Fang)
   Long Kut-ku Ear         Joiner Grasshppr                
   SmlBlueKut-KuEar        Monster Bone+                   (King Scarab)
   Power Extract           Piscine Jaw                     (Med Monster Bone)
   Sm Monster Bone         Sm Bone Husk                    (Mystery Bone)
   Cephalos Fin            Rathalos Webbing
   Pale Khezu Steak        Rathian Scale+                  (Rathian Carapace)
   Pale Lips               Lg Lobstershell                 (Sm Lobstershell)
   Rathian Plate           Lao Shan's Claw                 (LaoShan's Scale)
   Rathian Spike           Monster Broth                   (Monster Fluid)
   Rathalos Plate          Lao Shan's Claw                 (LaoShan's Scale)
   Rathalos Tail           Monster Broth                   (Monster Fluid)
   Azre Rthlos Scl+        Rathalos Scale+
   Crimson Horn            Rathalos Tail                   (Wyvern Marrow)
   Majestric Horn          Wyvern Marrow                   (Rathalos Tail)
   Gravios Carapace        Diablos Spine                   (Iodrome Hide)
   Gravios Wing            Hornet Bladefin
   Gravios Head            Mosswine Head
   Diablos Spine           Gravios Carapace                (Gendrome Hide)
   Blos Fang               Rathian Claw                    (Lg Monster Bone)
   Blos Jaw                Rathalos Webbing                (Rathalos Tail)
   Monoblos                Spine  Diablos Tail             (Twisted Horn)
   Kirin Thndr Tail        Gravios Wing
   Gt Lobstershell         Rathlos Brainstem
   Pawprint Stamp          Mega Pickaxe                    (Iron Pickaxe)
   Egg Ticket              Mega Pickaxe
   Commendation            Monster Fluid                   (Vespoid Shell)
   Grt Sword Ticket        Dragon Toadstool                (Godbug)
   Saber Ticket            Dragon Toadstool                (Godbug)
   Lance Ticket            Dragon Toadstool                (Godbug)
   Hammer Ticket           Dragon Toadstool                (Godbug)
   Gunner Ticket           Dragon Toadstool                (Godbug)
   VeggieElderTcket        Demondrug                       (Power Seed)
   VegElderTcktBrz         Wyvern Marrow
   VegElderTcktSlv         Rathalos Plate                  (Rathian Plate)


|Swamp Elder (Area 1)|
|  Item Traded             Item Received                (Alternate Outcome) |

   Garbage                 Disk Stone
   Toadstool               Special Mushroom
   Blue Mushroom           Special Mushroom
   Insect Husk             Special Mushroom
   Sm Monster Bone         Iron Ore                        (Disk Stone)
   Med Monster Bone        Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Flame Sac               Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Long Kut-ku Ear         Union Ore
   Giant Beak              Lightcrystal                    (Machalite Ore)
   Rubbery Hide            Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Vespoid Bladefin        Lightcrystal                    (Ruststone)
   Hornet Bladefin         Firestone                       (Union Ore)
   Cephalos Fin            Iron Ore
   Pale Bone               Union Ore
   Rathalos Claw           Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Rathian Claw            Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Rathian Shell           Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Rathalos Wing           Lightcrystal                    (Ruststone)
   Wyvern Marrow           Lightcrystal                    (Ruststone)
   Rthlos BrainStem        Firecell Stone                  (Carbalite Ore)
   Crimson Horn            Machalite Ore                   (Ruststone)
   Majestric Horn          Ruststone
   Basarios Shell          Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Basarios Wing           Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   Gravios Carapace        Lightcrystal                    (Dragonite Ore)
   Gravios Head            Firestone
   Monoblos Spine          Machalite Ore                   (Earth Crystal)
   LaoShan Thoracic        Firestone
   Pawprint Stamp          Earth Crystal
   Egg Ticket              Machalite Ore
   Commendation            Lightcrystal                    (Macahlite Ore)
   Grt Sword Ticket        Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Saber Ticket            Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Lance Ticket            Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Hammer Ticket           Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   Gunner Ticket           Earth Crystal                   (Iron Ore)
   VeggieElderTcket        Max Potion
   VegElderTcktBrz         Expand Pickaxe                  (Lightcrystal)
   VegElderTcktSlv         Novacrystal


|Jungle Elder (Area 5)|
|  Item Traded             Item Received                (Alternate Outcome) |

   Garbage                 Needleberry
   Iron Ore                Potion                           (Rare Steak)
   Insect Husk             Special Muschroom
   Flame Sac               Demondrug
   Sleep Sac               Armorskin                        (Armor Seed)
   Electro Sac             Immunizer                        (Catalyst)
   Poison Sac              Lifecrystals                     (Antiseptic Stone)
   Stun Sac                Catalyst                         (Nutrients)
   Thunderbug              Mega Potion                      (Antidote)
   Mystery Bone            Blue Mushroom
   Mosswine Hide           Max Potion                       (Lifepowder)
   Velociprey Hide         Honey                            (Red Pepper)
   Genprey Hide            Honey                            (Red Pepper)
   Ioprey Hide             Honey                            (Red Pepper)
   Genprey Hide            Hot Pepper
   Piscine Fang            Power Extract                    (Power Juice)
   Plesioth Fin            Power Extract                    (Power Juice)
   Grn Plesioth Fin        King Scarab
   Cephalos Fin            Power Extract                    (Power Juice)
   Rathalos Claw           Demondrug
   Rathian Claw            Armorskin                        (Armor Seed)
   Rathalos Scale          Catalyst                         (Herbal Medicine)
   Rathian Scale           Catalyst
   Rathalos Shell          Dragon Seed                      (Dragon Toadstool)
   Rathian Shell           Dragon Seed                      (Dragon Toadstool)
   Wyvern Marrow           Power Pill                       (Armor Pill)
   Blos Fang               Mega Juice                       (Power Juice)
   Blos Jaw                Mega Juice                       (Pale Extract)
   Lg Lobstershell         Power Pill                       (Mega Demondrug)
   Pawprint Stamp          Mega Bugnet
   Egg Ticket              Bugnet
   Commendation            Mega Nutrients                   (Nutrients)
   BBQ Ticket              Well-Done Steak
   Grt Sword Ticket        Catalyst                         (Hot Drink)
   Saber Ticket            Catalyst                         (Hot Drink)
   Lance Ticket            Catalyst                         (Hot Drink)
   Hammer Ticket           Catalyst                         (Hot Drink)
   Gunner Ticket           Catalyst                         (Hot Drink)
   VeggieElderTcket        Armorskin                        (Armor Seed)
   VegElderTcktBrz         Max Potion                       (Lifepowder) 
   VegElderTcktSlv         Master's Skull


Snowybellz - Copyright text
(Others will be added if needed)


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