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Bowgun Guide by fierceaura

Version: Final | Updated: 07/08/06

|             Monster Hunter Freedom               |
|                                                  |
|               Bowgun Guide                       |
|                                                  |
(If you want some kind of fancy title, make one and send it to me on AIM or
E-Mail.  I'll make sure to credit you.

Table of Contents:

I. Version History
II. Introduction/Why I wrote this FAQ
IV. Shot Combinations
V. How to use Different Shots
VI. Wyvern/Dragon Strategies
VII. Things to come
VII. Legal Stuff
IX. Credits
X. How to Contact Me

                         Section I.  Version History

Version 1.0 - First version of the guide
Version 1.2 - Added a few Wyvern Strategies
Version 1.5 - Finished Wyvern Strategies
Version Final - Finished Shot Combinations and Finished Guide 100%

                         Section II. Introduction

So, I decided to write this FAQ, my first FAQ ever.  Fun stuff.  While hanging
out on GameFAQS(it's better than GameSpot fools), I notice every once in a
while a topic about new gunners asking for help.  Not too many gunners that
regular the boards to offer their advice though and these new gunners are
turned away with no answer.  As a gunner, I got tired of answering all these
questions so I decided to make a final reference that people can point the new
gunners to.

My name is Will, and I play on XLink as Mekajiki.  I played on Monster Hunter
for the PS2 online as fiercelinkaura and then switched to mekajiki for any who
were wondering.

                        Section III. The Basics

Basics, first thing you need to know:


Fish are the answer to almost all the high level ammo you will need to make,
along with Bone Husks and Huskberrys. Small berries will also be very helpful
for making low level ammo.

Always keep your Normal 1 Shot. It's very weak, but better than trying to kill
a wyvern by whacking it with the butt-end of your gun.  Clusts will be your
strongest shot, but they are not recommended when playing with Multiplayer
groups.  Instead use Pierce Shots for groups.

Don't use the Scope casually.  It's harder to get around with the scope on and
you should be able to aim just fine with the convenient crosshairs the Manual
Aim offers.  There is no lock on, deal with it.

Don't sit on a ledge thinking you are not going to get hit, because most
wyverns will still be able to hit you.  Some shots even have more power when
you are closer to the wyvern.  Try to stay just outside its range or just
inside the range for best results.

Controls for Gunners(with weapon out of course):
X - Roll
Triangle - Reload
Circle - Shoot
Square - Put Gun away
L - Cycle items
L + D-Pad - Aim without Scope
R - Go into Scope
D-Pad - Move camera/change the zoom on zoom Scopes(if someone has a better way
to put this, e-mail it to me for easy entry to the Credits)
Analog Stick - Run/Aim in Scope

                        Section IV. Shot Combinations

Normal S Lv2   = 95% =   Huskberry  +  Needleberry
Normal S Lv3   = 95% =   Huskberry  +  Rumblefish
Pierce S Lv1   = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Velociprey Fang
Pierce S Lv2   = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Pin Tuna
Pierce S Lv3   = 75% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Pin Tuna
Pellet S Lv1   = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Scatternut
Pellet S Lv2   = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Wyvern Fang
Pellet S Lv3   = 75% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Wyvern Fang
Crag S Lv1     = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Burst Arrowana
Crag S Lv2     = 90% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Burst Arrowana
Crag S Lv3     = 95% =   Lg Bone Husk  +  Bomb Arrowana
clust S Lv1    = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Bomberry
Clust S Lv2    = 75% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Wyvern Claw
Clust S Lv3    = 95% =   Lg Bone Husk  +  Scatterfish
Flaming S      = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Fire Herb
Ice S          = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Knife Mackerel
Thunder S      = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Flashbug
Dragon S       = 75% =   Lg Bone Husk  +  Dragon Seed
Recover S Lv1  = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Herb
Recover S Lv2  = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Potion
Poison S Lv1   = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Toadstool
Poison S Lv2   = 75% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Ioprey Fang
Stun S Lv1     = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Stunshroom
Stun S Lv2     = 90% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Genprey Fang
Sleep S Lv1    = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Sleep Herb
Sleep S Lv2    = 75% =   Sm Bone Husk  +  Sleepyfish
Paint S        = 90% =   Huskberry  +  Paintberry
Demon S        = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Power Seed
Armour S       = 75% =   Huskberry  +  Armour Seed

Taken from the Combination Lists on GameFAQS and slightly altered to make it
simpler for this guide.

                        Section V. The Basics
This section includes how to use every shot.  Situations may vary of course,
but this can be used for a general reference.

Normal Shot: Just shoot it....the closer you are the more damage it does, but
don't get too close because Gunner armor has bad defense.
Normal 3 Shot:  This gets a special section because it differs from Normal 1
and 2 Shot.  This shot asks like the Disk Shot from Monster Hunter 1 that
richochetes off of wyverns to hit it more than once.  This is not the same as
Pierce Shot though, this will bounce off instead of going straight through.

Pierce Shot: Shoot it through the mouth or the tail of the wyverns for best
results, it will go through it and count damage for every time it hits, which
on Gravios has been up to 6 for me. Very useful when you're out of the really
strong ammo.

Pellet Shot: Get as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE, this ammo spreads. The more pieces that
hit the wyvern, the better. This is what I use on the weak enemies like prey
and bulls because it really isn't that useful on wyverns.

Crag Shot: It's just a normal shot? The difference is that it gets stuck
wherever you shot it on the wyvern and then explodes.  It has the effect of a
Sonic Bomb once it explodes. Also very useful for taking off wyvern parts. Does
good damage.

Clust Shot: Hit the top of the wyvern, and upon impact it will break into many
exploding bombs. The more that explode on the wyvern, the better. Your
strongest ammo.

Flaming Shot: This is a Normal Shot with the Fire element, use on enemies that
are weak to fire like Khezu and Gypceros.

Ice Shot: This is a Pierce Shot with Water element, use on enemies weak to
water like Rathalos and Yian Kut-Ku.

Thunder Shot: Same as Ice Shot, but with Thunder element. Use on wyverns weak
to thunder like Plesioth and Cephadrome.

Dragon Shot: Same as Flaming Shot, but with Dragon element. Use on enemies
weak to Dragon like Rathian and Fatalis.

Recover Shot: This is a Pellet Shot that heals anything it hits, including
players and wyverns. Useless when you are playing solo.

Poison Shot: This is a Normal Shot that has Poison element on it. Shoot a
wyvern enough times, and it will be poisoned.

Stun Shot: Same as Poison Shot, but with Stun.

Sleep Shot: Same as Poison and Stun Shot, but with Sleep.

Tranq Shot: This is a Shot is only supplied in Capture quests.  Has the same
effect as Tranq Bombs.  Use it to capture wyverns in a trap.

Paint S: Has the same effect as a paintball.

Demon Shot: Same as Recover Shot, but it has the effect of a
Demondrug, which increases the attack of whoever it hits.

Armor Shot: Same as Demon Shot, but with Armorskin.

                        Section VI. Wyvern/Dragon Strategies

Yian Kut Ku – This is not a very hard wyvern at all of course. Probably the
simplest wyvern in the game.  Look for certain things to know when to shoot at
it and reload and when to get out of it’s way.  First thing to look for is the
slow double-turn.  He is either going to jump and peck or spit fire.  Either
can be dodge by moving to his right or left.  And both will give you time to
shoot off a few shots.   Also look for quick double-turn, this means he will
be running. Get out of the way and start shooting at him once again. Soon, he
will go into rage mode and become less predictable.  Make sure you are always
at his side, preferably left side while he is in rage mode.  Whenever he turns
towards you, get out of the way and look for an opening to shoot.  Don’t get
greedy while he is in rage, because if he hits you once, he will very likely
combo you to death.  Kut-Ku doesn’t have much life, even through G ranked
quests, so it’s good practice for you.

Gypceros – The new and improved Yian Kut-Ku?  Pretty much.  Gypceros is Kut-Ku
with more health, and poison. He also has the lighcrystal on his head that
will go off when he coughs a few times and then stands up.  This will put you
in KO mode and set you up to get comboed.  Shoot his light off with Crag S or
Pellet S early on so that you can use his attempts to flash you as chances to
shoot him later on when you will need it.  His attacks are the same as Kut-Ku,
so treat him the same until he goes into rage mode.  He will then start
running around in a set path shooting poison.  For a Blademaster, this is very
annoying and hard to stop, but for a Gunner, it’s a great chance to shoot him.
He doesn’t attack you directly, so get out of his way and own him.  Soon he
will go into a fake death.  I suggest that before you try to carve Gypceros,
you shoot him 2 – 3 times to make sure he isn’t faking the death, because he
will instantly kill you if you try to carve him before he is dead.  After
waking up from fake death, he will automatically go into rage mode.  Another
good practice wyvern, slightly harder than the Kut-Ku.

Cephadrome – He’s almost always in the ground, and moves fast.  So it’s hard
to hit him?  No.  Shoot a Crag Shot at him underground and when it explodes,
he will pop up.  Then unload some Pierce Shots through his face from a
distance.  He can’t hit you if you are far enough away from him.  He doesn’t
really get harder than that.  When he retreats to Area 3, just shoot him a few
times and he will die.  One of the easiest wyverns to fight as a Gunner.

Rathalos – The wyvern on the front of your box, as long as you didn’t download
it(lawl pirates).  Pretty simple with a gun. 2 fast turns = run, 2 slow
turns = fireball or fly charge.  Just get out of the way for any of these
attacks and you will be safe, none of them are fast and all of them give good
chances to shoot him.  In Area 4 and 9, there are ledges, but if you go up on
top of them and get owned, I’ll just say I told you so.  He can shoot you with
fireballs from above, Poison Claw you, fly charge, and fireball you while on
either of these ledges and with most shots you will be doing LESS damage
yourself.  Rathalos does not change while in Rage Mode.

Rathian – This is a female Rathalos.  Rathian cannot do the fly charge, and
when she shoots fireballs, it’s usually in groups of 3, which go Straight,
Right, and then Left.  Go to her side to easily avoid and get lots of shots
off.  Rathian can do a backflip, deadly to Blademasters, but it has a small
range that is easily avoided by Gunners.  Other than that, easy to kill.
Later on, this will be paired up with a Rathalos all in the same quest, so get
used to killing these things.

Plesioth – Well, if you’re doing Elder Quests, this one is EASY.  You could
even sit up on top of the ledge in Area 5 and own him without getting touched.
If you’re doing the Jungle Quest though, this is IMO the hardest wyvern to
kill.  You have to dodge the bugs, which will screw up your aiming, and the
Plesioth, which will probably one hit kill you with his water spit.  Move
quickly and only shoot a few times before jumping to a different place and
NEVER stand in between the Plesioth and his Water home, or he will run to it
and trample over you for a one hit kill.  His attacks are the same as
Cephadrome, he’s just a bit bigger and has more health and attack.  If you’re
having trouble with Plesioht, practice on the Cephadrome standing in the
middle of the Cephalos paths to simulate the bugs that will probably do a good
job of screwing you up in the Jungle.  To get him out of the water, shoot a
Crag at him.  The explosion will pop him out of the water.  When he gets too
far away to shoot, fish him out with a Frog for lots of extra damage, some
time to shoot him, and a hot Guild Title:  Plesioth Angler.

Diablos – Easy kill.  Stand on the ledge in 10 or 1 and shoot him with Clusts
or Crags.  He will get his head stuck a lot.  He really can’t hit you.  He
shoots no fire and doesn’t fly charge.  In 4, you actually have to fight
though.  When he winds up for a charge, run to the side and do the dive if you
have to.  If he goes underground, try to time it where you shoot him with a
crag just before he gets all the way underground.  If the Crag explodes while
he is all the way underground, he will pop up and be stuck there for a while.
This won’t work on him while he is in Rage Mode(Black Smoke blowing out of his
mouth) though.  If you want to play it safe, simply dodge him while in Rage
Mode, cause he moves pretty fast.

Monoblos – Use the Exact same strategy on Monoblos as you did on Diablos.
They are seriously the exact same thing, except Monoblos has 1 horn and
Diablos has 2.

Khezu – This is a horrible excuse of a wyvern.  I absolutely cannot stand this
thing.  It’s slow and if you are gunning and actually get hit by a Khezu, you
need to go back and practice a lot more.  His only attack that can hurt you
anywhere within 5 feet of him is the Thunder Bolt, and you can see that attack
coming 10 miles away.  Just walk out of the way of it.  Shoot him when he is
on the ground, shoot him on the roof, shoot him in the sky.  EASY EASY EASY.
Don’t get close enough for him to hit you with his other stupid attacks and
this battle is simple.

Gravios – BIG wyvern.  He’s got a lot of power behind him.  Just clust him
through for the easy kill.  Look for him to charge you and get out of the way,
then shoot him a few times.  You’ll need to look out for his “Super Fire Uber
Death Laser Beam of Pain” because it will destroy you.  20-30 Clusts from far
away and he will be dead.

Basarios – This is a baby Gravios.  Isn’t it cute?  Nope….didn’t think so.
Basarios has the same charge as his father, Gravios, but his Fire beam is not
full developed and is instead a little fire bomb that he shoots.  Stay just
outside his wingspan and Basarios will have a very hard time hitting you.
Crag’s are the way to go with this wyvern.  Slow, and it drops fast.  If you
do happen to get inside his wingspan though, he will be able to hit you with
his poison cloud, which does damage and hurts you.  Not good.  This wyvern is
nice practice for Gravios, or for getting lots of easy ore.

Kirin – I’m not going to right the Kirin guide myself because I usually use
Sword and Shield on Kirin myself.  I am using Ocelot19/[PARA]’s guide for
Gunning Kirin.

“Bowguns are a great way to do heavy damage to Kirin while staying away and
taking very little damage yourself. When using a bowgun, timing is everything.
ATTACKING AND YOU ARE OUT OF RANGE. I cannot say how difficult it is to try
firing with a Kirin charging you. Only reload, put away/take out
your gun, or fire when Kirin is doing an attack, such as Lightning, and you
are far enough away that it won't hurt you.
Using 3 Crag Lv.2, 60 Pellet lv.2 (For killing Prey and damaging Kirin), 30
Clust lv2., and a few Ice Shot. This may seem like a lot, but you can use even
less if you hit more in the head. The horn and head are the best places to
aim, but I make a lot of no-scoped body shots.”

Yian Garuga – This is what happens when you get an ugly Yian Kut-Ku and an ugly
Rathian to get together, and that’s the most detail I’m going into.  This
wyvern is actually really predictable.  I’ll break his whole attack pattern
down right here:

2 Quick turns:  He’s going to charge Kut Ku Style
2 Slow Turns:  Peck Kut-Ku style
2 Quick Turns, 1 slow turn:  Fireball, Rathian styel
3 Quick Turns:  Rathian Backflip

His attacks get unpredictable in Rage Mode though, so you need to look out for
these patterns even more, though they won’t always be right.  In Area 4, he
cannot hurt you on top of the ledge, so it’s a good time to sit up there and
rocket him.  2 rounds and he should die.

Lao-Shan Lung – The first REAL Dragon you get to fight in the game.  But it’s
not like you are really fighting him at all.  It’s really not suggested to
solo Lao at all.  If you really want to though, you will need a strong gun and
lots of Clusts.  Also some strong Pierce Shots will help.  Shoot him through
the back at all times and hope you did enough damage.  Ballista and the
Dragonator will actually be pretty helpful when gunning, so use them when you
have the chance.  After getting off the Dragonator and Ballistas, you should
try to get behind the Lao, so it doesn’t eat you alive on top of the fort.

Fatalis – Another Dragon, and another that is hard to gun solo.  Again, you
will need a very strong gun with lots of Clusts and Pierce Shots.  His attacks
are all one hit kills for you when gunning.  Always be watching him and if he
tries to fly towards you, then put your gun away and run, because if you run
with gun out then he will shoot and kill you.  Fatalis is faster than you.
The other attack to look for is his Fireball.  When he rares up, he will start
shooting.  Just move out of the way.  He can do this on the ground or
airborne.  If you get lucky and shoot him enough, Fatalis will die.

However, in a group with at least one melee person, your plan is different.
Use as many Stun Shots as you can fire off to give your melee friend a chance
to severly damage the head of the Fatalis.  There is a much better chance of
success fighting this way.

Crimson Fatalis – This is the only color-change wyvern that actually has a
different attack pattern/is a different fight.  Sadly, I’m not sure that it is
even possible for you to gun Red Fata solo.  In a group however, you can kill
him.  Look out for his meteors by watching the ground.  It lights up in places
where the meteors are going to drop.  Also watch for his Sky Dive attack,
because it happens very fast and will always kill you.  Fighting with a gun,
just go for him the same way you would against Normal Fatalis.  He’s very
different than Normal Fatalis with melee, but that’s not my job to tell you.

                        Section IX. Legal Stuff

This guide is property of Will Burkett(Fierceaura/Mekajiki) and cannot be
reproduced unless personlly authorized.  The only websites allowed to use this
guide at this time are as follows:

- GameFAQS.com

                        Section VIII. Credits

This section will probably get bigger later on...

Akubarix - Corrected me that Flaming Shots do not pierce and that Normal 3
Shots act as Monster Hunter's "Disk Shot" that was taken out of MHF.

Yomoska - Because he's /emo

Ocelot19 - For allowing me to use his Kirin Bowgun Strategy.

Taphs - For the use of Shot Combination list.

GameFAQS - For their awesome website, for hosting this, and for their boards
giving me the idea.

Capcom - Making the kickass Monster Hunter series.

God - Cause he's cool like that.

                        Section IX. How to Contact Me
The best way to contact me would be AIM, but since that is annoying, use my
e-mail if possible.

E-mail:  nmlhockey09 AT aim.com
AIM:  nmlhockey09

Thanks for your support, but if you want to send me an e-mail simply telling me
that the guide is good, I'd rather you didn't.  Please use good grammar for
e-mails, if I can't read it I won't be able to add it.  On AIM, I'm not picky
about how you type, but keep it legible.

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