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Kirin FAQ by Ocelot19

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/26/07

Monster Hunter Freedom: Kirin FAQ
A collaborative effort by Ocelot19 (ocelot19@gmail.com) and ChroniclesOfRyu
Last Update: 7/06/06, Verion 1.5
"I call Kirin the electric ass, put it in your faq plz" -Journey89

==============================Table of Contents================================

1. Introduction

2. Kirin Information
-What is Kirin?
-Brieft history of Kirin legends
-Quest Information

3. Kirin Guide
-Attack List
-Little Notes
-Elemental Damage
-General Combat Information
-In-Depth Combat Strategies

4. Rewards and Carves
-Guildcard related rewards

5. Legal Information
-Legal Accounts

1. Introduction

=================================Main Intro====================================

This Kirin FAQ is a written collaboration by Ocelot19 and ChroniclesOfRyu. This
FAQ is meant to give you information on the history, attacks, and in-depth
combat strategies for dealing with Kirin. This guide will be updates
periodically, but will not be fully filled in within the first few updates.
Don't email me complaining about how we're missing things. We know. If you have
information about Kirin, be it combat strategies, reward info, or if you find
an error in our guide, email them to (ocelot19@gmail.com). Please include info
in the Subject Line on what the email contains. Credit will be given if we
decide to include your information.

1.0; 6/27/06: Guide created, Main content added.
1.1; 6/28/06: More strategies added, Margins checked. Attempting resubmission.
1.2; 6/29/06: New site added to allowed list, margins once again checked.
1.3; 6/30/06: Reformatted.
1.4; 7/06/06: New site added to allowed list, strategies edited.
1.5; 7/07/06: New sites added, strategies re-added.
1.51; 3/26/07: Mild corrections, preparing for (hopeful) major update.

2.Kirin Information

=================================What is Kirin?================================

In the Monster Hunter series of games, with Monster Hunter Freedom included, the
Kirin is a legendary stallion with the power to control lightning. Kirin glows a
magnificent blue color at all times, and has a bright white shadow. Kirin
proudly displays a white and blue horn on his head. He is known to seemingly
glide across the ground, and can summon lightning bolts to protect himself at
any time. The Kirin most certainly lives up to it's title as a legend.

============================Brief History of Kirin Legends=====================

While the Kirin is certainly a fictional character, lore about the Kirin exists
in the Real World. While Kirin is the Japanese word for "Giraffe" (legend has it
that a Chinese emperor called a Giraffe a Kirin, and the Japanese picked up on
this), it is also an ancient Eastern Legend, similar to that of Big Foot and the
Loch Ness Monster (though much more complex and magnificent). Kirin is the
Japanese translation of "Qilin", a mythical Chinese chimerical creature.
While the legend changes through cultures, the Kirin is basically a divine
hooved animal that can control lightning and bring good luck. It is said that
Kirins only attack and punish the wicked.

For more detailed information on the Kirin, go to Wikipedia and search for
Kirin. They have put together a plethora of lore and information about the
history of the Kirin on their site.

==============================Quest Information================================

You have a few choices when fighting a Kirin: Normal, + Ranked, or G Ranked.
While they get progressively harder, they yield better rewards and an overall
more exciting battle! And yes, the quest requestors wants to be sure that you
know that "Riches await those who slay it!"

Normal Kirin:

Name: The Legendary Kirin
Reward: 4800z
Contract Fee: 800z
Time limit: 50mins
Location: Jungle
Special Conditions: None
Quest Level: ******
Goal Condition: Slay the Kirin
Fail Condition: Reward Zero, Time Over.
Requestor: Jungle Explorer
"That must have been the phantom beast... The faint glow, and how it seemed to
glide over land... Amazing riches await its slayer!"

In this quest, Kirin will start, and stay, in area 6. He is accompanied by 5-6
Ioprey. Dispatch the prey, then take on Kirin. If you need to heal, run down to
4.  If this is your first Kirin, run around a bit, let Kirin fight the Ioprey,
and watch his attack pattern.


Name: On the Trail of the Beast!
Reward: 5200z
Contract Fee: 1200z
Time Limit: 50mins
Location: Swamp
Special Conditions: None
Quest Level:*****
Goal Condition: Slay the Kirin
Fail Condition: Reward Zero, Time Over.
Requestor: Town Guardsman
"I saw it, I swear! Like a ghost, faintly glowing...
Riches await anyone who slays it..."

For this Quest, Kirin will start, and stay, in Area 5. This time, there are
Ioprey and Genprey here. Ouch. They also respawn, but not infinitely. Keep
killing them as they keep coming, and watch out for Kirin's charges. Just try
and stay on the other side of the map from him. Once the prey are done,
concentrate on Kirin.  Be careful, he's much more powerful and faster than a
normal Kirin. Good luck.

3. Kirin guide

================================Attack List====================================

Half-Circle Lightning:
Kirin will summon lightning bolts down to the ground in a 180 degree (half
circle) in front of him. This does moderate damage, and can knock you down. It
can even paralyze you if you're unlucky. While this attack can be blocked, it's
best to roll or run out of the way, giving you a chance to get some free attacks
on the unprotected body of the Kirin.

Circle of Lightning:
Similar to the Circle Lightning; Kirin will summon lightning bolts in a 360
degree circle all around his body. Again, can be blocked, but you should
probably roll out of the way, because the bolts are randomly thrown around, and
one may also land behind you.

Lightning Bolt:
A rare attack; Kirin will summon a single, blockable Lightning Bolt from the
sky down in front of him.

Inner Lightning Bolt:
Kirin will summon lightning bolts down inside of itself to send melee attackers
flying, and like most of its attacks it can paralyze.

Kirin will charge at you and thrust his horn upward. This baby can severely
hurt even the most protected Hunter. It's best to just roll away from this one,
folks. Kirin also quickly recovers from this, so don't expect to get many hits
on him.

If you get hit by Kirin at any time he is moving, you take damage. While it's a
small amount, it still knocks you down on your butt. Luckily, you can recover
quickly, and he usually won't spam you into a corner with this attack.

At certain times, Kirin will stop prancing around straight, and will begin
strafing at you. This can be tricky to doge, because he can hit you while going
diagonally, even if you're rolling. Just be careful, and try rolling when he
steps on the ground.

Proud Stance:
While this is not an attack, it is a major action that you should take
advantage of. Every once in a while, Kirin will click his hooves on the ground,
look down, then go rigid and look upward. Kirin is completely vulnerable at
this time, giving you a chance to attack or heal.

I haven't seen the normal Kirin do this, but the Kirin+ will use it now and
then. When it goes to the side towards area 10, it sometimes will turn around
and jump all the way across to the exit to area 2.  It won't leave the area,
but you should watch out for the white shadow if your trying to exit
the area to sharpen your weapon of heal.

==================================Little Notes=================================

-Yes, he has a Fury mode. He moves faster, uses Circle Lightning A LOT, and
has more static flowing around his mane. Did I mention that he moves faster and
does much more damage?

-Kirin can cancel any charge of trample and immediately start a Lightning-based
attack. Be careful when running in to score a hit on him. Be ready to roll or
dodge at all times during these fights.

-Kirin quests are random, and reappear at random intervals. Don't be suprised
if it disappears on you.

-Kirin's hide is tough; unless you have a lot of green sharpness, think again
before doing this mission. 

-Don't try trapping him.

================================Elemental Damage===============================

You can probably tell that Kirin will negate all Thunder Damage, but you can
use other elements to your advantage.

Primary Elements:

Fire: Good
Water: Good
Thunder: Negated
Dragon: Poor

Secondary Elements:

Stun: Yes
Poison: yes
Knock Out: No
Sleep: Yes

With Kirin, your best bet is to go for a Water or Fire element. Secondary
elements are also very effective. Poison and stun last for a pretty long time,
so you should be able to get a lot of hits in or do a lot of damage.

DaiIchiban from GameFAQS found this damage chart. I'm not sure how accurate it
is, but it seems to be on the right track:


========================General Combat Information=============================

Alright, you've read the info and have decided that you want to take on Kirin.
You have your health supplies, basic stamina/sharpness supplies, a set of armor
with decent thunder resistance, and a weapon with good sharpness and hopefully
some good elemental damage. Get ready for one of the most fun battles in all of
Monster Hunter history!

Kirin fighting is all about timing. Like any other creatue, he has attacking
and defending positions. Either he attacks, or he moves around. When he moves,
you should move. Do not try to heal or use whetstons while he is moving; wait
until he begins an attack before taking an action. If you want to play it safe,
leave the area to heal or sharpen your weapon; Kirin will most likely stay in
one area and wait for you to return.

Kirin also usually starts in an area populated by prey. In the 6* urgent quest,
the prey are easily defeated, but the 5* Guild quest has a (limited) respawn
number, so it may take a while to clear the area out. But it is well worth it
to clear out the area; it's near impossible to watch you back form Kirin and
Prey at the same time. And if a Genprey manages to stun you...well, you're in
for some serious pain.

But the most important thing to remember in the Kirin battle is that time is on
your side. I can usually bowgun a Kirin to death in 15 minutes with Clust lv2.,
so you will have PLENTY of time to plan out your actions. Don't be afraid to
stay back for a few minutes and study Kirin's patterns.

==========================In-Depth Combat Strategies===========================
I got many people to give their strategies for using different weapons against
Kirin, so I'll put them all in:

**Sword and Shield:

"All I did for SnS is run around him until he charged or started any of his
lightning attacks. If it was a charge, I would try to come from behind him and
use the triangle+circle starter, and do as many hits as I could then roll away.
If after the charge he did the little hop, I would roll forward and, if I was
close enough, do the triangle attack out of the roll into a combo. For the
lightning attacks, just watch how it goes and get the timings down. If he does
the random lightning spam (Circle Lightning) then just keep clear. If he
does the ones just in front of him, triangle+circle from the sides/back. If he
does the ones that sorta go forward a step each bolt (Lightning Bolt) then the
same thing. If he does the one that just attacks right on him then wait a few
bolts (not sure how many but easy to see once you see it once or twice) then
triangle+circle him. Fairly simple, effective enough, anytime you land a
triangle+circle you should be able to get at least a triangle, circle after it,
if not more. all the time pretty much circle him at a close-medium distance and
just wait for openings."

"I use SnS; I wait till it shoots it's thunder (the front one), and when it's
about to end just tri+O it's head, roll away. repeat. If it does the area one
just stay far away, when it's about to end use the tri+O again. If it falls
just chop it's head, or use a large bomb+small bomb. I defeated it with
frostedge (3 sharpens) the first time, timing was, the paintball just weared

**Great Sword:

"For GS, ALWAYS sheath your sword. This allows for faster movements so you can
avoid attacks. And always use the unsheath attack, because it's much faster
than the normal triangle attack. Roll; always roll. P.S. I forgot. I call Kirin
the electric ass, put it in your faq plz :D"

"Make sure you keep moving and roll a lot to avoid its attacks.
Heal when you feel your potions will put you back up to full health.
If you can eat blessed Wine and Cheese at the cats, and take and power
and defence raising items you have.

Best chance to attack is when it has a 'rest' and sort of 'scratches' at the
floor(Proud Stance) with its hoofs. Run up to it and make sure you hit its
head, as thats the only place your sword will cut through.Hopefully you will
knock it over - if not keep attacking until it starts running around again. If
you knock it over, attack it until it gets up. A risky attack is when it makes
bolts of thunder attack around it, this is fairly powerful and will knock you
back. But if you time it right you can land an extra hit on its head. This can
take a while but its probably the best and safest way to kill it whilst
avoiding death. Fire element seems to work well against it also."

**Dual Swords:

Dual Swords, while fast, are a poor choice for fighting Kirin. Their long 
combos are hard to break, and do very little damage. If you MUST use a lance, 
just use the stabbing draw attack. Pull off one full combo on the Kirin when 
it does its Proud Stance. Otherwise, stay on the lookout, and use hit and 
run tactics.


When lancing, attempt to use the stabbing draw attack a lot. While many 
attacks can be blocked, Kirin's trample will drain your stamina fast, so 
unless you have around 150 stamina, hit and runs are effective. However, 
stabbing continuously may knock over of flinch Kirin, giving you more 
time to lpay some deadly attacks. So, like Hammer, you must attack either 
the safe rear, or go for the flinch so that you can attack the front. 
If you do pick the second choice, remember to block the Lightning.
Using the sidestep is helpful also, but make sure you get completely out of 
the way.


For items you are going to want to bring whetstones and whatever healing
equipment you want, that's all you'll really need. In the Elder's urgent quest
you'll want to start by killing the prey, if its the Kirin+ then killing the
prey won't really matter since they spawn for a while, but you can still kill
them if you want to.  What you mainly want to watch out for is the Inner
Lightning bolt and the Circle Lightning. Hitting Kirin in the head will
sometimes make it flinch which will stop its attacks but you shouldn't expect
it to flinch everytime. So you have two choices: you can either attack its head
hoping it will flinch or you can attack its rear so the only attacks that can
hit you are the inner lightning bolt and the Circle Lightning. When it uses
its Proud Stance, attack the head this will occasionly send it flying and you
can attack it while it's down.  If you want to be less likely to be hit you can
wait for Kirin to finish its attack and then attack it, or you can attack its
rear when its preparing to attack, but of course you can get hit if its the
inner lightning bolt, or the Circle Lightning. If you need to heal you can
either wait for it to attack and be at a safe distance or you can exit to area
four. I recomend sharpenning your weapon in area four although you could use it
if you feel your out of the range of the kirins attack when its preparing to
use lightning.  When the Kirin charges and gets stuck in the corner it usually
will turn around before it attacks which gives you a chance to land a few hits.
If you need to just wait for Kirin to use proud stance or get stuck in a corner
to hit it for some damage without getting hit,and you should be able to take it
down in no time.


Bowguns are a great way to do heavy damage to Kirin while staying away and
taking very little damage yourself. When using a bowgun, timing it everything.
ATTACKING AND YOU ARE OUT OF RANGE. I cannot say how difficult it is to try
firing with a Kirin charging you. Only reload, put away/take out your gun, or
fire when Kirin is doing an attack, such as Lightning, and you are far
enough away that it won't hurt you.

Ammunition is the essence of a Kirin/Bowgun battle. You will want to bring:

Normal Shot Lv.1
Normal Shot Lv.2
Clust Lv.2
Pellet Lv.2
Ice Shot
Crag Lv.2
99x Sm. Bone Husk
50x Wyvern Claw

This will essentialy be more than enough to kill a Kirin. I usually end up
using 3 Crag Lv.2, 60 Pellet lv.2 (For killing Prey and damaging Kirin), 30
Clust lv2., and a few ice shot. This may seem like a lot, but you can use even
less if you hit more in the head. The horn and head are the best places to aim,
but I make a  lot of no-scoped body shots.

And one important strategy to use is the third-person aim. Few people realize
that by holding "L" and pressing a direction on the D-Pad, you bring up a red
crosshair for use in third person. This is good for aiming while there is a
possibility of a sudden charge. You also can see much more of your scenery, and
get an overall better look at the area.

I highly suggest a light bowgun for Kirin. You can reload quickly and run with
the bowgun out, which helps A LOT for dodging. Using a heavy bowgun is too slow
and will get you hit too often. If you can't decide on a light bowgun, I
suggest the Maelstrom, which is Normal reload and can use almost every ammo
type. Also, if you've already killed a Black Gravios, try the Uranos Grenade
Launcher. It uses most shots, with high levels as well, and has a Very Fast
reload speed with good attack power.

Just keep hammering the Kirin with shots, and he should go down rather quickly.
Oh, and don't bother trying to gun Kirin form the ledge in Area 6. He can still
hit you. Just keep the bowgun out and run in a circle. He rarely hits you, and
you stay out of the way when he starts and attack, giving you time to make a
shot or two, or reload. Remember, only make actions when he is attacking.

4. Rewards and Carves

And now, the best part about killing Kirin: The items! Kirin items can create
some powerful armor and weapons. Normal Kirin armor has about 21 defense for
blademaster and 10 defense for gunner per piece. Kirin+ has about 31 defense
per piece for blademaster, and about 20 per piece for gunner.All pieces normal
and Kirin+ have 4 thunder resistance.  And whats cooler than having a white
mane and a Kirin Skull with a Horn on your head?


Big thanks to GameFAQS user "SnowyBellz" for information on Kirin carves. View
Snowy's Wyvern Carve Guide on GameFAQS for information on carves form all
Wyverns and creatures in Monster Hunter.

Normal Kirin:
Kirin Mane
Kirin Hide
Kirin Horn

Kirin Horn
Kirin Azure Horn
Kirin Azure Tail
Kirin Hide+
Kirin Hide

Kirin G:
Kirin Horn
Kirin Azure Horn
Kirin Thunder Tail
Kirin Hide+
Special Hide
Pure Crystal


While Kirin bears rewards similar to carves, Kirin often gives Max Potions and
Ancient Potions as a reward. How odd...of course, use this to your advantage. 

=============================GuildCard related Rewards=========================

For killing Kirin once you recive the decoration Mane Earrings (Second row,
sixth column). Description: "Proof of masterfully slaying a Kirin.
The blue mane flutters even without wind."

After killing Kirin twenty times you recive the "Kirin Hunter" title.
Description: "Slayed many Kirin."

5. Legal Information


Many people helped us write this FAQ by contributing information. Here's a list
of people who contributed some way or another to this FAQ. Many are members of
GameFAQS, and help give strategies for many Wyverns and creatures.

OwenTWR, for informing me that "Proud Stance" is Kirin's 
entrance into fury mode.

Jordan Villanueva, for reminding me that Maelstrom is only a 
"normal" reload speed.

Defcon999, for aiding in the reformatting.

Akubarix, for formatting ideas.

Snowybellz, for contributing information on Kirin G carves and giving a
strategy for Sword and Shield. Visit Snowy's Wyvern
Carve FAQ on www.GameFAQS.com.

Journey89, for contributing a great strategy for fighting Kirin with a Great

LordZerra, for cotributing another (great) Great Sword strategy.

DaiIchiban, for the Damage Chart.

GameFAQS for hosting this FAQ and creating such a wonderful community.

Capcom for making, and hopefully continuing, the Monster Hunter series and the
Monster Hunter Freedom series.

================================Legal Accounts=================================

This guide Copyright 2006-2007 Kevin Heiland (Ocelot19). All rights reserved.

This guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any web site not listed below or as part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders. The writers of this FAQ take no ownership in any
trademarks in written in this faq. Any and all similar names in this FAQ
are purely coincidental. The opinions based in this FAQ are purely
of the Authors, and not of GameFAQs of Capcom.

Site that may host this FAQ:
www.spydr101.com (Spydr101)
www.gamefaqs.com (C|Net)
www.1up.com (Ziff Davis Media)
www.supercheats.com (UGO Network)
www.neoseeker.com (NeoSeeker)

If you would like to host this FAQ on your site, please contact the authors
before placing the faq.

If you find this FAQ hosted on a site not listed above, please contat me
so I can take the appropriate legal action.

Thank You for Reading!

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