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Forest/Hills Treasure Hunting FAQ by Lunaredge

Version: 1.52 | Updated: 11/12/06

Monster Hunter Freedom: Forest and Hills Treasure Hunting FAQ
Version: 1.52
Author: Yosei Lunaredge(IGN: Lunaredge)
Note: My second FAQ, Please press back located on the upper left hand
Corner of your internet browser and select quest FAQ by Akubarix if you are
looking for a really UBERGODLY FAQ
Table Of Contents.

Preface:Introduction and why im writing this

1.Treasure Hunting: GET TREASURE!
-How does it work?
-Why FnH?
-How its SUPPOSED to be played
-Ways to be played

2. Preparation
-What you need to be able to do beforehand
-The start:Items in "da big bloo box"

3. Cooperative Play
-Coordinating your efforts
-Item Taking
-A Proven Effective way: Hunter And Gatherer
-Step by step guide for both the Hunter and Gatherer
-Benefits over Competetive play
-Armors and Weapons of Effetiveness

4. Competetive play
-Keeping your mouth shut
-Provided item Frenzy
-Tracking the other person
-When to hunt what
-Carving Timing
-Tips and Armors
-Personal Experience

5. Rewards
-Rewards, Whats what
-How to use each

6. Rare Treasures
-List of Rare Treasures, Where to find

7. List of High Scorers

8. Conclusion
-Legal Junk
-Contact Info and Notes

4/19/06 Finished. Posting on GameFaqs
4/26/06 Update the Weapons to include weapon paths, added friends high scores
4/27/06 Added Commercial Breaks, More High Scores
5/6/06 Added some armors, weapons
5/14/06 Added  a site
5/21/06 GFaqs High scores added
5/28/06 Added the Translations for the stuff in prizes
6/4/06 Added some armors, More High scores, changed a misprint
6/12/06 Fixed up some stuff(Added some junk about some misprint in guide)
6/15/06 Added some translations, some stuff, corrected some junk, changed the
names of stuff so its easier to understand
6/30/06 Possioble final version, added some XLink tips for XLinkers


Preface: Often times in school, my friends and other random people talk to me
about MHP. seeing as im both Farthest, Best, Active, and own the Guide book
(Which is useless, unless you want to study japanese) Mostly about Treasure
Hunters, In Forest and Hills, seeing as i keep the high score
So, in answer to all my friends questions, and a few people with some time and
want to experience some of the Finer aspects of MHF, Let the Treasure hunting

1. Treasure Hunting:GET TREASURE!

Treasure Hunting, the latest quest mode to hit MH. You and a Pal(Pal as in
buddy, not a last name) go out and find and deliver treasure in 20 minuites.
Rewarding you with amazing prizes, inluding: Majestic HornX2. at a high% of 90!*
Who dosent want a Triple Chance at getting a Los Plate, at 5%, 10% and 25%
(Possioble B.S.), fighting a Half HP Los(Half of SOLO leveled)!(Some reports say
one third)

-How Does it work?
You and a Pal, find some treasure, and bring it to the maniacal old man with the
pickaxe and yellow hat and get points. Treasures are BASIALLY items you have 
never seen before

-Why FnH?
Forest and Hills is standard, its easy to know, and most experienced players 
know it front and back. Its also easy, no caves and deserts, Los isnt THAT 
hard, and its fun, not a Worry, Worry worry quest.

-How its Supposed to be played
You are supposed to play only cooperative play, and be a bonding moment between
you and your opponent. Several People, however, seem to play it Competetively.
this is more fun filled and exciting.

-Ways to be played
Treasure Hunters can be played either competetively, or cooperatively. you and
your friend just decide beforehand. The better scorer is when the Graph comes
up in the end.

*Desert Area. 43000+

2. Preparation

Its necessary to know forest and hills areas by number, and have a good idea of
the shape of the areas. know your fishing spots, mining spots, bugnet spots,
and your harvesting spots. Know how to fish well(Hunters Ignore this) and the
tactics of Rathalos(Reolius)(Gathers should know) knowing Dos Rampos(VDrome)
migration tactics is also a key.

Necessary for success: Auto Marking.(Jidou Maakingu) the one who bears this 
skill will now be referred to as "Radar" 

Carry: for obvious reasons
God's Handling or Good Handling(Kami/____ no Kimagure): Gatherers only, makes 
your Pikaxes/Bugnets UBERGODLY
Luck booster/Superluckbooster: Really nice.racks you up some nice points/plates
Gathering+1: Really Nice.(Gatherers only) "One More time now"
Sharp Sword: (Hunters Only) Useful, not needed
Sharpness+1: Hunters only

Coordination is a vital key in getting lots of points, maintain good 
coordination by talking often. this allows you to call for help or get carves
done quick, before corpses vanish. Call out
Opening Bonus area
Los Dead
Dead Vdrome
Tail off

"Tail off in area 2"
"Dead Los in area 3"
"Drome Killed in area 10"
"Opening up 11 now"

XLink kai users: Typing this up is a waste, but that dosent mean you cant
use a program like Teamspeak or Ventrillo(you become like GW HA people)

Eat! 150 stamina (and health) means alot. Royal Cheeze+Press Wine
Select a GOOD weapon. SnS and Lances are reccomended by me. Duals are good for
Hunters. Rare 6/7 and G ranked Weapons recommended
Clear Inventory. you cant bring any items with you, whats the point
Drop your gun!: take some other weapon. Guns are not recommended.
Be able to slay Los without bringing ANYTHING and Chopping off tail
Know your FnH
Dont Argue

-Items in "Da big bloo box"
Ending TicketX1
Sharpening StonesX2
Heal Pot GX2
First Aid PotX4
Cooking SetX1
Running Pot GX1
"Wyvern Finding Pot"X1(Psychoserum)
Array of bullets youll never use
Combo book<1>X1
Fishing BaitX10
Big BarrelX3
Small BarrelX3
Trap toolX1
Healing FluteX1

3. Cooperative Play

To get the rewards, or to beat the high score, this is the way to go. Rare
Treasures are easier to deliver. This is the way for aspiring Treasure Hunter

-Coordinating your efforts
Carve all the bosses, pass along Flashes, trap together, protect the Carryer
anything to boost your points. Heal Flute, Heals.

-Item Taking
This list is in order in which you should take items. items not listed are to
be left. youll need the space(take more IF YOU WANT, but youll probally throw
em away ANYWAYS)

Combo book 1
Big Barrels

Sharpening Stones
Mega Potion
Mega Juice(For duals, especially)

-A proven Effective way: Hunter And Gatherer
My plan has shown great progress and a good guide to starters, it makes both
player dependant on each other to do their part and contribute to the good of
them both. It designates one the Hunter, the other the Gatherer

Hunter: I dont often play this part, but, this is the better monster Hunter.
he will take out the Big Baddies and chop off the tail. His main job is to
protect the Gatherer, and get them carves. after the threats have been
destroyed, he goes and gatheres from the good sources. Equipment is Key

Gatherer: My part. Its fun, you play with the bombs. you go around and gather
the bulk of points. your skills are the most important. Keeping your hopes
high will asure you your success. you will also back up the hunter if Los
proves to be espcially ticked off today.

-Step By step Guide. Hunting and Gathering
This Guide Guides you through the step by step process in which i have
managed to get the most points and supertreasures.

Gatherer: Grab your junk, and run to area 8. Take a small right, and dig
near the plant. it should give you heals and the occasional treasure. next
head up a bit, and dig there, you may find big bombs, or big barrels. keep em.
you may or may not have your 2 big bombs necessarg, but oh well. head to the
spider web, and dig there. treasures. head into 9. take a left, and head up
the ledge to the honey nest, grab some Running Potions there, or a treasure
{CARRYING} its not too bad. instant 10000 points and a Megatreasure. Go to
the small inlet in the area, where the bugs are. hit Bugnet until it breaks
if you get a Pickaxe, say "Yay" and shut up. when it breaks, head out, and
go to area 3. if Los is there, RUN. if it isnt, go to the Phalic rocks by
area 10 and dig. Gunpowder and get 2 big bombs. If the game screws you
AND your partner over, go to area 4, get in, and take a left route,
then turn right. youll get a place to get some. make 2 bombs, and head to area
10. if you have 2 bombs between you and your pal, blow open 7 also, you can
get pickaxes/bugnets. Set 2 bombs by the entrance to 11, and blast it open.
head up the ledge, and mine, until A. you break all your pickaxes or B.
you fill up your inventory with Star Frags. return them, and get back to mining
go to area 12. there are 2 barrel areas. get some big dragonstones there, and go
to the spiderweb near the tree. Dig. Approx 10 mins are taken up. your Pal 
should have chopped off los's tail by now, loot it. if its a Los Treasure,
deliver it. if theres bodies waiting to be carved, carve VDrome. kill the 
3 Vdrome, and carve. Carve los, and head to area 5. if theres 3 minuites 
to spare, grab an egg, and run it through area 6. if theres no time to spare,
go to 6, head left to the spider web.Dig. Drop down to the ivy. Dig. Farcaster
back now, and deliver the junk you just got. if theres time, kill the Herbies
outside for some treasure.

Hunter: Grab your junk, and follow your friend and give him the gunpowder and
big bombs. when he goes in for the Bugs, head out and find Los. try to Chop off
the tail in area 10 or 2. carve it, and deliver. deal damage and maybe kill Los.
(Breaking off face and wing claws are almost a MUST(if you like plates))
when your friend opens up 11 and 12, head to 12 and dig for Treasure. Kill off
VDrome when your friend delclares hes leaving the "Bonus" area. Get carves,
and wait for the next one. when all 3 have been killed and carved, head to 6
and gather junk there. Farcaster back and take the bait. fish at base camp for
Goldendrome, worth 300 points. when bait runs out, head out and slay the herbies
if you have more time, head to 2, right on your left is a bait spawning spot

Everything, Except the "Fun" factor. if your not a PVP person, this is the type
for you.

Armors and weapons of effectiveness:
I like Insects, dont say NO
Luck UBerbooster + Gods Handling + Gathering+1: Guild Knight G. Cool Zorro look.
perfect Gatherer armor
Hornet Helm, arm, Vesp Greaves, Horney+ tasset and mail. Auto Marking.
preferrebally not Hunter
Reosoul + Black G Earrings: Auto Marking, Fast sharpening and earplugs. Hunter
dream armor
Black(G,S) earring+ Vesp Greaves+ KutKu(D,G,K,S,U): Hunter armor. really good
Black(G,S) Earrings Ios Suit Body and Feet. Hornet Arms and Fold. Auto Marking+
Carry, throw in poison avoid
Gods Handling, Gathering+1: Krobi("Black Belt") Helm, Arms, VPrey Tasset,
Green Pants, Guild Knight + Suit.
Meluhoa (+,S) with vesp Greaves and Black(G,S) Peircing

G Leveled Weapons(Iron Knight Pike can be upgraded from Iron Lance)

Geiborga: My Weapon, teh Uber Hand Held Dragonator. 552 and Blue sharpness
forever lance. The Dragonator. Dragonator. for the first time, 
on a hand held platform! Spear Lao in ALL areas, not only 5! get your Geiborga
TODAY!(Some upgrading required, some payment required, some ores required)*
Iron Knight Pike->Steel Knight Pike->Dragon Pike->Greyburg->GEIBORGA("DRS")
Guild Knight Saber: To top off the Zorro look
Dual Tomahawks->Guild Rapier->Guild Sarble->Guild Knight Sabers
Drome Claw: Get Rampos Suit G for Luck, Super cool
Hunter Knife->+->Serpent Bite->+->Dos Nail->+->Claw
Insect Slicer: Bzzz Bzzz SLICE! strong+sharp=good, Insector+ also works.
congrats on getting it
Dual Tomahawks->Insectors->+->Slicers
Black Tempest... Really hard to get, Sharpness dosent last.. but strong.
White Disaster... Its got High 400 Power and water damage...
Bone Lance->-> Crimison War Pike->Crimison/Glacial Blos->Blos Horn->Diablos
spear->Black Tempest/White Disaster
Eternal Schisms... Yeh. Rusted Duals->Tarnished Duals->Ancient Duals->DDS

Hard Mode(+Quests) Weapons(HR 1,2)

Strategy. Lasts long, very strong. + leveled Ultimate GS(Tactical blade
Assasin Dagger-> Thunder Bane-> Fightbane->Thundertip
Diablos Spear
Emerald Spear+
Aquan spear->+->Emerald Spear->+
Violence Jaw
Skull Crush+->YKK Chin->Dynamic Jaw->Violence Jaw
Kat's Curse. ZOMIGODZORZ its teh UBER Stun scythe of death
Soul of Cat-> Kaos of Kat
Guild Rapiers+(? Upgrade of Guild rapiers)
Garuruga Weapons(Raven, wolf, they both suxorz. 'cept for sharpness)

N00B Type Weapons
Poison Battle Axe
Aquan Spear+
CrystalBlade Pless

Others to be added.

*(164,510Z and Lots of Iron, Dragonite, Malachite, firestones, Magmastones, 
earth crystals may be required)

Because of the lack of rich and willing companies, Commercial time production
has been halted until later Notice.

4. Competetive Play

Why not? you get the Fun Factor, PVP, and a chance to show off your skills.

-Shutting Up
Dont communicate, open things up alone, work solo. get 20K+ by yourself. be able
to notice a carryer. Keep Auto marking to yourself. kill the baddies solo.

-Item Grabbing Frenzy
Before you go on the mission, check the armor and skills. 
The first thing is to take the ending ticket. slay VDrome, then Los. after
carving, Farcaster and then end the thing.
If hes taking hunter armor, get the Flashes and sharpening stones first.
if hes taking Gathering skills, take the pickaxes first. even though you 
probally have the skill "Unskillful" and will break it in one use.

Make sure to hurt the other person more than help yourself in the Item frenzy.

-Tracking and tricking the other person
The Key to Competetive is to prevent the other person from getting high point
items. The Carrying items are worth tons, so if you see your enemy booking it 
for the base, rush up and attack. a SnS is reccommended for this job. Keep
your enemy away from the corpses of Los and VDrome. use your farcasters,
after using them, dig at the plant near the Dung in area 1 for your farcaster
back. keep away from the base, and if you find your enemy in areas 11,12, or
7, head there. Imitating egg runs is also a good idea, bringing your enemy to
waste time hunting you. keep away from the enemy, and if you see him, kick and
interrupt him. the winner of the match is shown when it shows who contributed

-When to hunt what
The list of things to do
Slay 3 VDrome. Carve and protect corpse
Gather some junk, when Los enters a convinient area, slay it. if your friend has
slain it, carve it. use up your Pickaxes and Bugnets, hit a farcaster, and end
the quest.

-Carving/Interrupting timing.
Carve Monsters for your bulk of your points. make sure to not carve and fling
the other person when he is nearby. the body of your opponent is darker when he
is loading. if you time it right, he will load... right when your Upswinging or
spinning, sending him back to load another area. When carving, look to see how
many carves he has made. 2 strikes means he already has the item, dont
interrupt when he is just starting, make your move. burning the opponents time
is crucial.

-Tips and Armors
Reosoul w/ Black(G,S)Earrings: Automarking, earplugs, stuff like that, effective
KutKu(D,G,K,S,U) w/Black(G,S)Earrings and Rango Greaves: No handling setback,
auto marking, attack up. really effective
Your ARMOR HERE! Just Email the effective set to me!

Auto marking is again the single key skill. keep it on you, as you cant rely on
someone else to give you information.
Guns are again not reccomended.

-Personal Experience
Bear straight for area 6. Climb up in area 2, dig. if you get a trap, keep it
in area 6, there are 2 good areas. dig them up. head into 5, and fake a egg run
this will make them stop and come for you. stop in area 2, and head to area 9
to use your bugnet. hunt the monsters, and if the enemy slays it, carve it. end
after you kill the bosses. this method has allowed me to win every match ive
been in. Ive only lost when i played cooperative, by 100 points. and my partner
delivered Los's Treasure

5. Rewards

-Rewards, Whats what
The rewards come with your points. if you have 11000 points, it means you get
prizes equal to those from 2000 points to 11000 points.The reward for 2000
points, the reward for _____ points, and ____Points will all appear. If 2 prizes
are for the same amount of points, the % is for one of them.

Heal Potion Great X3--------------75----------------------------2000
Well Done Steak G X3--------------25----------------------------2000
Big Bomb G X2---------------------75----------------------------5000
Small Bombs X10-------------------25----------------------------5000
Steel Egg X1---------------------100---------------------------10000
Egg Ticket X1---------------------50---------------------------13000
Jewel Ticket X1-------------------50---------------------------13000
Multiply Pickaxe X1--------------100---------------------------15000
Steel Egg X2---------------------100---------------------------20000
Ancient Potion X1----------------100---------------------------23000
Multiply Pickaxe X2--------------100---------------------------25000
Steel Egg X2---------------------100---------------------------30000
Jewel Ticket X2-------------------50---------------------------33000
Egg Ticket X2---------------------50---------------------------33000
Silver Egg X1--------------------100---------------------------35000
Multiply Pickaxe X5--------------100---------------------------37000
Los Wings X5----------------------90---------------------------40000
Los Plate X1----------------------10---------------------------40000
Gold Egg X1----------------------100---------------------------45000

BONUS PRIZES(Break off part-> In Prizes(like regular quest))
Break Los Claws. X2 75% Dragon Claws X10 25%
Break Los Face. Plate 5%, Scale 20% Shell 75%
Chop off tail. Plate 25% Nothing 75%
(This Bonus is probally B.S. but its from the Guide. Flame Famicon
ive never gotten one myself)

This Junk is from guide

-How to Use What
Heal Potion G. Heals for 50HP
Well Done Steak G(+). Heals ALL stamina
Big Bomb G(+). GO BLASTMINE!
Small Bomb. For Setting off Big Bombs
Steel Eggs. MERCH For 1000Z
Egg/Jewel Tickets. For Armors and Weapons. EG. Guild Knight Sabers
Ancient Potion("Inishie"). Second Most OMGZUBERGODLY item in the game. Heals ALL
health and Stamina to 150
Silver Egg. Merch for 20000Z
Gold Egg. Merch for 30000Z
Los Plate. For Los G set and some weapons
Los Wings. Weapon and Armors. EG. Los set, Rathalos Firesword(X1), Strategy(X5)
Multiply Pickaxe. The single most UBERGODLY ITEM in the game. Bring Combo books
and a rare ore, mix the 2, and you get....MORE OF THE ORE! Works also with
NorikoneBatta(Rarest Bug) and OuzokuKanabun(2nd Most rarest bug in game)

I Suggest keeping them for
Pure Crystals
Magmastones(Cellfire stones)
Norikone Batta(Joinergrasshopper)

We(The Council of Multiply pickaxes) understand if you use them on
Ouzokukanabun(King Scarab)
Light Crystals(Gawd you are desperate)

NEVER USE EM ON THE FOLLOWNING(Unless to fill up Combolist for Combo book G)
EVERY SINGLE OTHER ORE(Theyre easily found in Kokotto Feilds)

6. Rare Treasures

-Rare Treasures
1. Los's Treasure. CARRY. 10% off tail
2. Amber egg. CARRY. 5% off nest in area 9
3. Goldendrome. Fishing. almost 100% spawn in base camp
4. Minegard nite. 2% Mining in area 11
5. Designer Cicaida. 2% Bug in area 9

7. High Scorers of GameFaqs(And other places I know)

-High Scores(You bet itll grow)
Lunaredge: 57300 GOLD
Zekiryo: 44000 SILVER
xXHunterZeroXx: 38500
Ocu_87(Partner: Beyondthegrave): 68500 GOLD(OMG)
esods: 58100 GOLD
Person on XLink Kai(Unknown): 71000(<-ZOMG)
Daryus99: 45100 GOLD
Holy_Cloud105: 18000
Pianog5: 49300 GOLD
GraviosDestroyR: 43600 SILVER
ares_of_war: 60500 GOLD
xcellcior: 32800
Sam: 60300

8. Conclusion

-Legal Junk
This guide is Copyright 2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Lunaredge). All rights reserved.

This guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any web site not listed below or as part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders.

These sites can host this FAQ
GameFAQs and the people who bribe them for links
(Your Website HERE! Just E mail me and convince me your legit, and your in!)
(or give me a PS2, internet connection, and a MH2Dos game.(PLZ PLZ PLZ))

GameFAQS:The kind people who published this
My Friends:Asahi, Hiroki, Pal, Hiro, Riku, YeoWan, Fab, Mitch, James, Justin,
Hikaru, Joshua and My Bros. For Helping me find all the data and good treasure
The Guide. For the Rewards crap
Friends on GameFaqs. Supporting me on Guide Writing
CAPCOM. For the game. THX
My Cats in game. For making good food.
Lisanne: For the Copyright. really helps
You, For reading this

-Contact Info and notes

Contact Info:
Email: Bakfun@hotmail.com
Copyright:2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Bakfun@hotmail.com)

DONT Email Me
How to beat So and So quests. Quest Faq exists for a reason
How to do well on _____ Areas. Im not so great there yet
How to kill Los. Look in Aku's guide
Spend time hunting YOUR Silver Genprey and White Rangos. Enjoy those. My armor
is all purpose, not super specific

DO Email Me
Tips you might have
High Scores you have gotten.
Other Sets of armor. Help me make that section grow!
Permission to distribute.
Weapons of effectiveness
If you want Advertising space on my FAQ. only 1 Platinum(GW money) per Hour!
(Its Cheap, and benefits both of us! i need money)

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