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Guild Card FAQ by Lunaredge

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 11/12/06

Monster Hunter Freedom, Guild Card FAQ
Version: 1.6
Author: Yosei Lunaredge(IGN: Lunaredge)
Note: I play the Japanese version of Monster Hunter, so, some names of things,
 such as titles, may differ from the names in the Eurpoean and American Versions
I will try to update this Faq to include them, as some of my Non-japanese 
speaking friends will get this game.
Another Note: This is my first Faq, EVER, so please bear with my inability to 
write a OMGZORZ UBER FAQ. If you are looking for one, please kindly press the
Back button located in the top left hand corner of your browser and press the 
Offline Quest Faq., written by Akubarix.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Guild Card System
-What is it?
-How does it work?
-Giving and Getting Guild Cards
-Guild Card List
-Updating Guild Card

2. Explanation of Pages
-Pages and the job of each one

3. Guild Card Grades
-How it works
-Amount of quests to grade Up.

4. Heart Meter/Friendship Gauge
-Heart meter, EXPLAINED
-Equation to calulate Friend points
-Best Ways to get friend Points
-How to cash them in!

5. Titles
-Explanation of the "Titles" System
-How to get them(With Checklist!)

6. Everything else on Page 1
-Equipment, how to understand it
-Personal statement: How to
-NEW HR System, and how its displayed

7. Treasure Points and Rare Treasures(Page 2 in depth)
-What each rare treasure is
-How to obtain
-High Scores, how to get.

8. Achivement Awards(Page 3 in depth)
-Each and every achivement
-How to obtain them

9. Biggest Beast Slain(Page 4 In depth)
-How this works
-Big and King sized monsters.
-KING SIZED MONSTERS and how to find them

10. Gallery

10. Legal Stuff
-Legal Information


4/26/06: Finished Titles, edited the Copyright
4/27/06: Added Commercial Breaks
5/14/06: Added some site
5/22/06: Adding Gallery section
6/12/06: corrected some Translations(Added some)
6/13/06: More Translations
6/15/06: More updates, cleared up some stuff.
7/11/06: Added Title Checklist!
7/12/06: Fixed up some decorations

I. Introduction to the Guild Card system

-What is it?
Yes, Now, for the first time ever, Monster Hunter Has a Friend List! well, not
really, but still. you can look up the equipment and achivements of your
friend... to show off to other friends! Its a card with the guild information of
another hunter, which other games can store. Your game data can hold about 75
guild cards. 
Tip for X link Kai users: Dont ask for EVERYONES guild card. only the HR 5s
and the people you are questing with

-How does it work?
The Guild card stores the following information:
-Friendship rating
-Quests done(repeats count)
-personal statement
-Treasure hunting achivements
-Biggest wyverns slain.
All of this is stored on a 4 paged card that can be given to your friends, and
can be seen anytime(Other than in quests)

-Giving and Getting Guild cards.
Remember, always give. its better to give than it is to recieve!

Giving: Simply cos its more important!
When in the Online Guild, with the desired recipient(s)inside as well. hit START
select the Guild Card option, and select the third option, Give. or Watasu in
Kanji(Japanese version). use the Square button to highlight the names of the
people you want to give to, then press O to send the data.
a notice will pop up and say "You idiot, youve sent this card XX Times already!"
or something of the like if you send the card more than once

Recieving: the other end
When someone sends you their guild card, it will flash a little rectangular icon
on the top of the screen. you can now select to See, Decline, or Take. Seeing it
lets you see it, declining it makes it not stay on your memory. Taking it will
keep it on your memory stick.
NOTE: if you have the menu open, the rectangular card-like thing will continue
to flash until you close the menu.

-Guild card List

To veiw your now recieved guild cards, hit start and select Guild Card option.
it will show all the guild cards you have recieved. It will state.
-Name of Card owner
-HR of card owner
-Friendship level With Card owner
Selecting the guild card will let you see it.

-Updating guild cards on your friends data
Simply by  do a quick quest with them. preferrabally a tour, a simple 3 second
quest. going online and changing your stuff wont update until you do another
Tests show that the MHF game tells the PSP to emmit a small signal carrying
your guild card information and will update if another PSP picks it up, and
the owner has your guild card. Tests show it only works if both are in sleep
P.S. Japanese Laptops can pick up and read the signal... WOOT! GO JAPAN

II. Explanation of Pages.

-Pages and the Job of each one
Page 1. 
-Friendship rating
-Quests done(repeats count)
-personal statement
Page 2
-Treasure hunting achivements
Page 3
Page 4
-Biggest wyverns slain.

Page one is an Introduction, Page 2 for your skills in Treasure Hunting, Page 3
for your overall Skills, And Page 4 for your patience taking repeating quests
over and over for a king sized spawn.

III. Guild Card Grades

-How it works.
The Guild Card Grade is the amount of DIFFERENT quests you have done. both Guild
and Elder(Solo) quests count. This shows how good the Hunter really is. you cant
just spam Collect 2 herbs+1 Spider web and get graded up. these also affect the
type of "Special" Tickets you get(Explained Later)

-Amount of quests to get graded up
Type of Card----------Color--------Quests done------Type of Special ticket loop
Paper------------Nasty brownish------None--------------Iron Ticket->Repeat
Wood------------------Reddish----------45--------------Iron Ticket->Repeat

The grade is the Background of the Guild card. The background also has a Hunters
guild stamp in the lower left corner. its rather large, and most prominent in
silver color. the Hide is the hardest to see.

Paper Card is frayed around the edges
Wood card is much more decent looking, edges squared off
Hide you can see scales(Poor VPrey, it became your ID Card)
Silver card seems to be made of steel
Gold Card is self explanatory

IV. Heart Meter/Friendship Gauge

-Heart Meter, EXPLAINED
The heart meter is distinguished by the HUGE heart and HeartsX#### below it on
the right hand side of the First page. this indicates the level and average
number of quests you have done with other people. Having a high rating makes
people THINK you are friendly/rich/providing to beggers. Each full heart is
100 points. 
The Theoretical Cap on friend points is 999900. 9999 Hearts, confirmation needed
The most hearts ive heard of is 500 hearts, over 7 months(so far)

-Equation to Calculate Friend points recieved.

(Number of *s the quest has)+(GP/100)+(Treasure Points/400)=Points.
100 points to a heart.
Source: MHP official guide book, the textbook with ABSOLUTELY USELESS MHP
answers(600+Pages(Wait, does index count?))

-Best Way to get friend points
This section is ALL based on personal Experience, and all of the quests are to
give you and your friends a good time together and have a chance to get some
rare items(/money). they are ranked from 1 to 5 in order of preferance

#1. HR4, 7*: Wyvern of the Sky and Wyvern of the Earth. (Ten no Toryu to Chi
no toryu)
Slay Rathian+Rathalos(Lius+Reia)
Key quest for HR 5
Easy wyverns
G leveled
No STUPID Genpos(Gprey)/vespoids/Rampos(VPrey)
EASILY racks you a whole Heart with everyone
Quest with the HIGHEST percentage for Los/Ian Rubies. Source: The Guide.
Need 1 HR4
Need all party HR 3
Hectic to get materials
its Ian AND Los, as if it wasnt bad enough

#2 HR 1, 3* Stop the Giant Eating!(Kyodai Kui o TOMEROU!)
English: The Giant Dragon invades
Lots of Ruststones/money.lao parts
plenty of points
practice for fighting blue lao
Takes beating ALL Guild level 1-3 quests to unlock

#3. See above, except Make it HR 2+, and level 5
Requires all HR 2, and someone to have the stupid quest

#4. HR 1,2+, 5*(One HR 2) Pair of Giant Shadows (Ippiki no kyodai kage)
English Name: Troublesome pair
Slay Los+Ian
Pros. just like the #1, except
Not G class
Key quest for HR 3
Easier to organize people, as they arnt spawned infront of BOTH dragons, but
safely at camp
Need one HR 2
Someone Needs Auto marking(really REALLY helps)

#5. HR1 4* Kut Ku arena
(YKK storm)
Okey, maybe not the BEST friendship gauge farm, but its FUN. its KUT KU(s)
(X Infinity)! its a best source of money and Monster Bone+(Jyou ryu
kotsu) and of course you arnt using your friends as a friendship gauge
filler machines, RIGHT?

now, the point you have all been waiting for, THE PRIZES.

Every 25 hearts you get a "Special" ticket. see loops under the Guild Card
Grade. Every time you get 10 hearts with a person on your list, you get 2
Trader tickets(Zansaiguhikikaeken) until you reach 60 hearts(with one person).
then, you get instead get one Trader ticket G (Zansaighuhikikaeken G)

English: Tickets=Elder Veggie Ticket,
Trader TicketG=Elder Ticket+(Confirmation needed)

You can trade them in to the Forest trader in FnH, Jungle, Swamp.
Here are your prizes(Item/Item#2 means that Item #2 is 20%) 

FnH.(Trading more than once is Ill advised, as the prizes trade for JUNK)
Regular: Demondrug/Power seed
G(+): Megademondrug/Power pill
Iron: Wyvern Marrow/Ian Spike
Silver: Los plate/Ian plate
Gold: Los Ruby
(Concequences if you didnt listen:
Los/Ian plate->Lao Claw/scale
Ian spike-> Monster broth/monster Fluid)

Regular: Armorskin/Armor seed
G(+): Megaarmorskin/Armor pill
Iron: Max heal potion/Lifepowder(this trade is rather useless)
Silver: Master's Skull/Lost umbrella
Gold: Ian Ruby

Regular: Max heal potion/life crystal
G(+): Ancient Potion/Lifepowder
Iron: Light Crystal/Expand Pickaxe(Go for this)
Gold:Pure Crystal

Veggie Ticket: Swamp
+ Ticket: FnH(Then SELL)
Iron: Swamp(1K or a Expand Pick.)
Silver: FnH, Plates are easier to get than MH1, MHDos, but still pretty rare!
Gold: FnH or Jungle, depending on the ruby of choice. Pure Crystal is readily
available at Kokotto farms

Because of the lack of rich and willing companies, Commercial time production
has been halted until later Notice.

V. Titles

-Explanation of the Titles system.
Instead of Farming one quest... over.. and over... and over... for the GP to get
new HR, CAPCOM invented the Title System. yes, its the New Old HR system. GP
unlocks some titles, which you select one to put on your Guild card. the Default
one is n00b, but it can be changed when you start. some other achivements will
unlock some titles. some are Really cool. some are just... bland. to select your
title, select guild card option in the start menu, and press the second button,
Edit press O on the first bar to see a list of Unlocked titles

-Titles, and how to get them
Some are from the american version, as people that have half a brain are nice
and will help put in whacky translations instead of accurate translations so
this FAQ is easier to refer to for americans. The other titles, however, are
translations from japanses(Origional version) so dont argue with them, but help
out and give me the English names so YOU benefit(Special thanks section is

Title: How to get(Blank= no req)
__  n00b:No requirement
__  Experienced hunter:None
__  Aspirant:None
__  Helper:None
__  Courageous one:None
__  nameless Hunter:None
__  starting hunter:None
__  Pro Hunter:None (>.> Be a Naracist!)
__  New Village Friend: Complete all 1-2* solo 
__  Village Defender: Complete All 3-4* solo
__  Top Class hunter: 5* solo completed
__  Kokotto HERO: 6* solo complete(ALL)
__  Guild Hunter: 1-3* online complete
__  Guild Elite: 4-5* Online Complete
__  Guild's Ultimate weapon: 6-8* Online complete
__  Kut Ku hunter: Slay 20 YKK
__  Gypceros Hunter: 20 Gyps
__  Los Hunter: 20 Los dead
__  Ian Hunter: 20 Ian have fallen to your hand
__  Khezu Hunter: 20 Kehzu dead
__  Plessey Hunter: 20 Pless killed
__  Cephaladrome Hunter: kill 20 CDrome
__  MBlos Hunter: 20 MBLos killed
__  DBlos Hunter: 20 DBlos killed
__  Gravimos Hunter: 20 Grav
__  Basarios Hunter: 20 bas
__  Kirin Hunter: 20 Kirin
__  Velociprey Hunter: 20VDrome
__  Genprey hunter: 20 Gendrome kiled
__  Ioprey hunter: Kill 20 Iodromes
__  Garuruga Hunter: Slay 5 garuruga
__  Saviour: Slay 5 Lao
__  Dragonator(Dragonkiller): Slay 5 Fatalis(Miraboleas)
__  {Red Bird}: 50 YKK
__  {Bright Flash}: 50 Gyps
__  {King}: 50 Los
__  {Dragon Princess}: 50 Ian
__  {White Evil}: 50 Kehzu
__  {Great Tide}: 50 Plessioth
__  {Sand Lord}: 50 CDromes
__  {One Horn} 50 MBlos
__  {Dual Pain}: Slay 50 DBlos
__  {Molten Mountain}: Slay 50 Grav
__  {Hidden Rock}: Slay 50 Bas
__  {Thunder God}: 50 Kirin have died to your blade
__  {Blue Claw}: 50 VDromes
__  {Stun Fang}: 50 Gendromes
__  {Crimison Poison}: 50 IoDromes
__  {Black Wolf}: Slay 30 Garuruga
__  Mountain Dragon: Slay 30 Lao
__  Doom Dragon: 20 Fatalis
__  Dragon Knight: Slay fatalis
__  Proffesor: Slay all color variant wyverns
__  Giant: Slay 1 King sized monster
__  Titanic: Slay 5 King sized monsters
__  Gigantic: 10 King sized monsties
__  King of Kings: Slay all 15 king sized big baddies(Garuruga doesent count)
__  SnS Expert: Clear Training Ground SNS
__  Duals Expert: Ditto
__  GS Expert: Ditto for GS
__  Lance Expert: Ditto for Lance
__  Hammer Expert: Ditto for hammer
__  Bowgun Expert: Ditto for Bowguns
__  SNS Collector: 3 Rare 6+ SNS
__  GS Collector: Ditto for GS
__  Lance Collector: Ditto for Lance
__  Hammer Collector: Different: Yell Out Loud, when pounding a wyvern:
"STOP, ITS HAMMER TIME!!!!!!!" and you will get it*
__  Duals Collector: 3X rare 6+ duals
__  LBowgun Collector: Ditto for Lbowgun
__  Hbowgun Collector: Ditto for Hbowgun
__  Mining Millionare: Kokotto feilds get Mining+1 and Mining +2
__  Bug catching Millionare: Ditto for bug catching
__  fishing Milionare: ditto for fishing
__  Planting Millionare: ditto for planting
__  Melynx Breeder: all 5 Melynx are level 9
__  FnH Guide: 20 quests in FnH cleared
__  Jungle Guide: Ditto for Jungle
__  Desert Guide: Ditto for Desert
__  Swamp Guide: Ditto for Swamp
__  Volcano Guide: Ditto for volcano
__  Bourgoise Hunter: Get 200kZ
__  Weak Hunter: play over 100 hours
__  Lucky star: Complete ALL quests, All titles.
__  Plessey Angler: Catch pless with frog
__  Monster Hunter F: Get all titles, grade=gold, all achivements
(Following are GP(former HR points) titles. the number followning the :
is the number of GP needed)
__  Vagrant:10GP
__  Stranger:400GP
__  Ranger: 800GP
__  Rookie hunter: 1600GP
__  Woodsman:2800GP
__  Warden:4400GP
__  Egg theif:6400GP
__  Beast slayer: 8800GP
__  Boneduster:11600GP
__  Warrior:14800GP
__  Bezerker:22400GP
__  Mercenery: 26800GP
__  Bounty Hunter:31800GP
__  Veteran attacker:37400GP
__  Iron breaker: 43600GP
__  Samurai:50400GP
__  Pathwalker:57900GP
__  Strider:66100GP
__  Explorer:75000GP
__  Weapon master:84600GP
__  Battle master:95000GP
__  Dragon Buster:106200GP
__  Forest Gaurdian: 118200GP
__  Lord of hunters: 131200GP
__  Glorious Battler: 145200GP
__  Champion:160200GP
__  Hero:177200GP
__  Monster Hunter:197200GP
__  Monster Hunter G:222200GP
__  MH Legend: 1000000GP

*Hammer collector is by getting 3 rare 6+ hammers dummy.

6. Everything Else on Page 1(Page 1 in Depth)
The setup of Page 1 is
Top Left: Title
Below that: Name+HR
Below that: Number of Quests done
Below that: personal statement
Right: Heart Meter

-Equipment And how to understand it
The top is their weapon name. the Icon shows the type of weapon, and the color,
white=1-3, Green=4, 5=Pink, 6= Blue, 7=gold, shows the rarity, White is Normal
level, Green is Hard level, Pink is special, Blue is G ranked, and Gold is
ZOMIGADZORZREBED UBER WEAP!!!!! Armor works in a similar way.

-Personal statement: How to
To make your personal statement, think it up first. then, press start, edit,
and select your personal statemnt, then edit it with the really effectife PSP 
text entrance device. this now appears on Page 1
Some advice on personal statement(Personal experience)
Include: XLinkTag:____
Make up a witty comment to pair with you title
(EG. Rookie Hunter(Title) You have slain many Rookies(P.S.))
Your AD HERE! Only 1000Z per day!
_____ was here ____(Date)
and such. or you could make up your own(WOW, why didnt i think of THAT)

-New HR system, and How its displayed
The new HR system is similar to unlocking new levels for Solo quests. Key quests
done, urgent, and Bam, new HR. Its displayed under your name on guild card. also
Yellow name= HR1, Orange=HR2, Purple=HR3, Dark Purple=HR4, and Red =HR 5

7. Page 2, Treasure.

-Rare treasures.
On each card, there are 5 rows of 5 slots for rare treasure. the right shows
their high scores, and below it, the description of the rare treasures.
Row 1 is 1-5,
Row 2 is 6-10
and so on. thats how ill identify them.
English Translations NEEDED. only FnH has been confirmed.
Get out there and GET TREASURE

#1-5, Forest and Hills
Cicada Celebrity, 2% in area 9
Minegardnite:2% in area 11
Goldfishadrome: Base camp
Egg of Jade: Area 9 bee nest 5%
Los Jewel: Los tail,10%

#6-10, Jungle
Rich Spiders Web, area 6, 5%
king speartuna: area 3,7,9,10
Vivacious plant: area 2,3,4,5,7,8,10
Stalactite Egg: Area 10, 90%
Pless Jewel: 3% off Plessie

11-15, Swamp
Felyne Flute: area 9,11
Madame Cricket: area 1,2,3
Charisma Shroom: Areas 1,5,6,7,8,10
Prism egg: 1,7,8
Ian Jewel:15% from tail of Ian

16-20 Desert
Foreign Coin(Wow, THAT RARE?): 4,5,6,10(i have a collection of U.S. quarters
how much are they worth??)
Designer Lotus root: 2,3,7
Melynx Treasure Brl: area 11, 5%
Dragon Fossil: area 9, 10%
DBlos Jewel: diablos tail, 15%

20-25, Volcano
(Order Unknown for first 3)
Searing Jewel: area 8, 10%
Jewel frag: area 4, 10%
Madien Termite: area 2
Searing jewel Rock: Grav and tail
Grav Jewel: 10% off Gravs tail

-High scores
On the top right hand corner of the page, ther is the persons High score. A
silver Crown means a Very good score, and a Gold Crown means a "Amazingly"
high score
To get a silver Crown, a total points of Over 40000 TP is needed. A gold crown i
belive, is about 45000TP

8.Achivements and Awards

-Awards and How to get.
Numbered 1-8 for the first row,
9-16 for the second
17-24 for the Last row.
they go from left to right, and in english versions,they are called"Decorations"

1. Village Cheifs Towel: 1-2* solo complete
2. Village Cheifs Bandana: 3,4* solo complete
3. Village Chiefs Scarf: 5* Solo complete
4. Village Chiefs Cape: all quests clear
5. Bronze medal: all Normal level quests clear
6. Silver Medal: hard Level quests clear
7. Gold Medal: G level quests all clear
8. Slay 15 King sized monsters except garuruga
9. SnS badge: Complete Training grounds SnS
10. GS badge: Complete Training Grounds GS
11. Lance badge: Complete Training Grounds Lances
12. Hammer Badge: Complete Training Grounds Hammers
(or Yell:"Stop, HAMMER TIME!")
13. Bowgun Badge: Complete Training Grounds Bowguns
14. Mane Earring: Slay kirin
15. Obsidian Ring: Slay Fatalis
16. Rare Species report: Fighting all color breeds of wyverns
17. Origin ore: Complete the Kokotto feilds mining
18. Kokoto Butterfly: Complete the Kokkoto feilds bug catching
19. Springnight Carp: Complete kokkoto feilds fishing
20. Dosbiscus: complete Kokkoto feilds planting
21. Grateful Letter: All Melynx level 9
22. Seal of Sage: Complete Fusing List
23. Gold Smith Hammer: Get all 7"____ collector" Titles
24. Wanderer's Map: Get all 5 "______ Guide" Titles

Because of the lack of rich and willing companies, Commercial time production
has been halted until later Notice.

9.Biggest Monster Slain

-How this works
This part of your guild card records the amount and the size of wyverns/dromes
you have slain. A silver crown means big sized, and a gold one means King sized.
If you have not purchased the Monster books, the kills will not count. meaning
you cant unlock some titles.

-Big and King sized Monsters
These monsters typically have increased attack, size, and Have a slight
amount more HP. They move slightly faster, and tend to yeild better carves from
personal experience.
They tend to pop up MUCH more often in G quests, but still are very rare(20+ Two
YKK in G ranked quests for my king sized YKK)
Yiangaruruga king sized is any YGG+


Hopefully most people will get the idea that YGG functions uniquely

-King sized. How to recognise
Velocidrome: Size of a bigger than normal kut ku
Gendrome: Approx the same
Iodrome: Larger than your average Kut ku(MUCH BIGGER(may reach sizes of average
Kut Ku: You stand between his legs... and you cant reach anywhere but his legs.
(G.S. dosent count if you upswing)
Gyps: similar to YKK(But you can slice the small protrusion from between legs)
Cephaladrome: His head sticks out of the ground... when hes still swimming(Sand)
Los/Ian: You carve the tail, and when you stand up. you cant see yourself
Khezu: Same as kut ku(King sized)
Plessie: He takes up mores space than the river in area 7 of jungle
Bas: His hidden rock is bigger than you
Grav: It takes 50 stamina to run from one leg to the other(or more)
Mblos. His horn can hit you... anywhere on the ledge.(area 10 desert)
Diablos. tail is approx King sized Los/Ian
Kirin: Four times your size....
YGG: Approx average Los+(Big sized)

10. Gallery
Gold Card(Courtesy of esods): http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/882/gold3el.jpg
Silver Card: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/598/0605101933012yf.jpg
Hide(Blue) Card: http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/3995/0605101935012rn.jpg
Wood(Red) Card: http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/5808/0605101939019fd.jpg
Paper(Brown) Card: http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/6130/0605101952019sb.jpg

11. Legal Stuff

Monster Hunter Portable official guide book, Famicon, for the Equations and most
of the numbers.(and everything else related to the game(thats useless))
CAPCOM: For making this WONDERFUL game and making the Guild Card system, which
intruiged me enough to make a FAQ.
GameFaqs. For publishing this... if it makes it in...
Lunaredge. For writing this
All My friends, for the Traslations and racking me Friend points so i could get
My Brother for hide card sample: Eternal Schisms+reosoul armor
Riku: For Wood Card Sample. he now has Garuruga complete
ImageShack: For hosting pix
Lisanne:For the Copyright
esods: for gold Card Sample
Zykkr, UltraWolf, Ocu_87 for some translations, SEE you did end up here
MHxOGRE for some decorations translations
Akubarix, for pointing out some erratas
You, for reading this. Thanks!

-Legal Stuff
This guide is Copyright 2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Lunaredge). All rights reserved.

This guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any web site not listed below or as part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders.

These sites can host this FAQ
GameFAQs and the people who bribe them for links
(Your Website HERE! Just E mail me and convince me your legit, or give me a PS2
(PLZ!) and your in!)

Contact Info:
Email: Bakfun@hotmail.com
Copyright:2006 Yosei Lunaredge(Bakfun@hotmail.com)

Contact notes: 
Please do not EMail Me about
-How to Kill _______ for certain awards. To find Information on wyverns, Im not
the soucre. Press Back and select the FAQ/Guide By Aku. your questions are
answered there
-I spelt OMIGAWDZORZEBEDZORB wrong. I spell it my own way thank you.
-The Description from the game dosent match your way of getting it!. It dosent.
according to the game, you must clear ALL quests in FnH to get FnH guide.
it only requires 20

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