Review by sarevokmb

Reviewed: 12/05/06

If you played Deception, avoid this game

It's impressive that Midway was able to bring a game as big as Mortal Kombat Deception to the PSP, and add a lot of extras, but the game just does not turn out as good as it could be.


MK Unchained looks really good at first glance. The character models look as good as the Playstation 2's MK Deception ( I never played the Xbox or Gamecube versions ), and all of the animations look great.

Once you get into further into the game though, you notice a big problem- the backgrounds. Although they were made to look just like the backgrounds in the console games, something went seriously wrong. All of them look like they are from a computer running on 256 color mode ( the mode that most old games run on ).

Graphics Score: 6 / 10


All of the tracks from Deception make a return, and sound just as good, despite the PSP's somewhat lacking speakers. The voice acting thankfully sounds just as bad in Konquest mode ( a good thing- that was the only good part in that mode ). All of the character voice overs are also here, and this feels like the best part of the game.

Sound Score: 8 / 10


Nothing has changed in the story since Deception, except for the sub-plots of the new characters. The story was alright in Deception, but I would have liked to see something new other than minor sub-plots.

Story Score: 6 / 10


This is where the game begins to fall apart. It's pretty much the same as the console game's gameplay, except that some things are messed up. When changing fighting styles, there is a half second delay. It's not that bad in single player, because it only happens when the player changes styles, and not the computer, but in multi-player, it gets really annoying when the game is halting every few moments when my brother slams the L button to switch and jam random buttons.

Another problem is that many of the fighting styles aren't exclusive to one character. Many characters share the same styles, and it makes the game a little boring after a while.

The load times are, by far, the most annoying problem. The Puzzle mode is not effected much by it, but it almost kills the classic and chess modes. A load time for ten seconds before every battle in chess mode really kills the fun, due to the high number of battles, and classic mode is always brought down by all of the loads before and after fights. Even Konquest mode is effected, and it is annoying to wait after you leave an area.

One thing the game does better than Deception is The Krypt. Thankfully, all of the characters are unlocked from the start, and The Krypt unlocks other things, like alternate outfits.

Gameplay Score: 3 / 10

Overall, the game isn't worth it if you ever played MK Deception. It may not even be worth it if you haven't. The load times really kill the game, and the extra characters aren't really worth it, because of the release of Mortal Kombat Armageddon, which has every character from the series in it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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