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FAQ by dkolb87

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/10/08

                            G U I L T Y   G E A R 
                               J U D G M E N T
                                 Version 1.0
                        By: The Unholy Fish/ptlsaints
                        Email: kolbster@gmail
			Date Started: January 6th, 2008


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Guilty Gear Judgment is similar to old side scrolling games like TMNT and 
Streets of Rage, complete with old side scrolling standbys such as the same 
enemies but different colors, special powers and extremely cheap bosses. 

The game follows a loose storyline (oh yeah and by the way there will be 
***SPOILERS*** throughout this) of this nice little hamlet town named Isene, 
that has quite suddenly been filled with lizards, giant grubs, headless 
mannequins, stuffed animals, giant golden balls that spawn flying creatures
...and well you get the idea.

Anyway it just so happens that for one reason or another, all of the 
characters in GGX2 end up there. That's pretty much the intro to the game. 
Now we are going to take a look at the characters.


Keep in mind that even if you know these characters from GGX2, they are 
completely different in this, some of them even changing specials and moves. 
The kick button now jumps (X), Square is light attack 
(sometimes I'll call it punch), Triangle is Medium attack(Slash) and Circle 
is Strong attack (strong slash). 

As hard as the developers tried some characters are translated better to
side scrolling then others, with some suffering from not being able to easily 
hit or finish off enemies.

Probably the first thing you'll notice about this guy is that he has a sword 
that looks like a rectangular scrap of metal, but this actually does 
respectable damage(and draws blood?). His strong slash while moving does two 
descending hits and can push enemies back. His combos rely heavily on the 
Volcanic Viper mainly although there are some you can due without using it. 
His special Tyrant Rave Version 2 is somewhat powerful but Dragon Install 
is better because it makes comboing easier and makes moves like Volcanic 
Viper pretty scary. One of the easier characters to use, his problem is the 
lack of range on many of his attacks and the ones that have range leave him 
susceptible to attacks. Some of his moves put him into a dangerous situation 
if blocked. Finally he is not great at knocking enemies down, but is excellent 
at crowd control and can put the hurt on if he is surrounded, thanks to his 
specials and pretty good speed.

He is former head of the religious Sacred Order of Holy Knights and looks the 
part. He is Sol's rival too, and in GGX2 the Sol-Ky fights are usually 
exciting. Unfortunately he is not one of the better characters in this. Both 
his regular punch combos (where he trips and slashes an enemy) as well as his 
punch special (Sacred Edge) are very weak. The stun edge is good in that it's 
a projectile but it isn't a great one, but the charged version is pretty good 
because you can link it with Vapor Thrust which is probably Ky's best regular 
move because you can do it in midair as well. His Strong Slash regular moves 
are good (and it sounds like he is saying "Coconut") And one of them hits for 
two descending hits similar to Sol. His S move which is like a thrust does 
fairly good damage and really has excellent range. Finally Ride the Lightning 
covers a large area, and is much better than sacred edge. Ky has trouble 
knocking down the bigger enemies and is reliant on connecting with the double 
Vapor thrusts. Is fast but overall is not a good character in this game.

May is a little girl in an orange pirate outfit. You'd think she would be 
fast and have weaker attacks, but the twist is she carries a giant anchor and 
is pretty powerful especially in this game. She doesn't have alot of running 
speed but some of her attacks are both fast and powerful. She shines at 
regular attacks especially Strong Slashes. Hitting the circle button on your 
psp unleashes a very fast and pretty damaging hit, so you can keep bashing 
the enemies to death. Pressing over and Strong slash delivers a blow enemies 
are even less fond up but one that is slower. If you want to get fancy or are 
looking for something with more range I wouldn't suggest using any of the 
dolphin attacks because they aren't very strong and can backfire. Mist Finer 
can be charged quicker and can knock over enemies. If you absolutely need 
range or you get surrounded one of her specials has a large whale jump into 
the screen damaging pretty much everything, and her other special makes her 
swing her anchor around like crazy hitting everything in her path. 

Millia is a blonde Russian girl who kills with her hair....quite a cast we 
are assembling here aren't we? Millia on this game is harder to play as then 
in GGX2. She still has her amazing speed but she has very few attacks that 
knock enemies down. She is great at combos, but she has to plan ahead to be 
able to beat the bigger enemies. Her Strong Slash where she swoops down her 
hair is good, and as for moves, you want to rely on the lust shaker as it 
will really kill most of the lizard enemies extremely easy and can even hurt 
bosses alot.  If you are attacking in midair do the Bad Moon. The best 
special is Winger (descent). If angled right it can do alot of damage. She 
seems to take a beating really easily, attacks seem to do more damage to her 
so keep her protected. 

Now we have a babe who attacks with a guitar and a hat. She has a Strong 
Slash like May's but not quite as good. The hat projectile is pretty much 
junk. Her best moves are the ones that cause shockwaves, and her specials do 
good damage in a small area. Her worst attribute is when she runs I don't 
know what she is doing but she like glides or something on the guitar and 
usually lands right in the middle of a bunch of angry enemies like. the glide 
is useful for some combos (I guess?) and to get across cliffs, but it will 
probably end up costing you quite a few lives because it is a very awkward 
movement. Overall not a great character.  

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-1 with Sol BadGuy
He is an American ninja and is the fastest character in the game.
Ole' Chipp is probably my least favorite character. He is extremely fast, but 
he's too fast. Unless you walk with him solely he normally will run right 
into problem areas of the enemy. His moves like beta blade and the three hit 
combo he does with the pink aura are nice when they connect, but alot of the 
problem with Chipp is his attacks only go one way so if there is an enemy 
behind you you take damage. And this is the biggest failing of Chipp. He 
seems to take way more damage than any other character, as nice and as many 
moves he has and as fast as he is, it doesn't matter when he drops dead 
constantly. Moves that will take off a tenth of another characters life will 
take at least a quarter off his. The risks definitely outweigh the rewards on 
him as there are characters with much better moves too, and you will find 
speed is only useful in certain places in the game. 

Unlock: Complete Stage 3-1 with Chipp Zanuff
He wields two scythes and wears a outfit with the british flag on it.
Axl Low plays completely different then he does in the regular fighting games,
and has quite a few different moves. Overall an average character with 
slightly below average damage made up for with range.

Unlock: Complete Stage 4-2 with Sol BadGuy
Faust is....well you'll know him when you see him
Faust once again returns sporting some bizarre moves, and absolutely 
ludicrous range, but you will have to learn this character all over again. 
Gone is the random element that consisted of him throwing different objects 
in the air each having completely different effects. Instead Faust has some 
notably different moves including a different special. use his range to your 

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-1 with Ky Kiske
Bridget is another rather unique character. Yes he actually is a male. 
He attacks with a yo-yo and a teddy bear. The yo-yo has range and not 
terrible damage but rely on combos with this character. you can try to throw 
the yoyo out there and turn it into a bear if you need to attack something 
without getting to near it. Bridget is not one of the easier characters to 
use but not terrible either. 

Unlock: Complete Stage 3-2 with Bridget
Potemkin isn't a really well developed character, he comes from a place 
called Zepp, and his storyline in this is pretty *yawn* too.
Potemkin is the classic slow but strong character stereotype taken to the 
extreme. He is incredibly slow but makes up for it. I'm quite sure he takes 
alot less damage then any other character, He really can take an amazing 
beating and not be all that fazed by it. His slash moves are somewhat quick 
and take alot of damage, and his strong slash over is a guaranteed knockdown 
even against the final boss. Combos don't go for alot of hits but that really 
is irrelevant because of their power. The potemkin buster is bizarre in this 
game in that it seems to do very little damage to the one receiving it but 
yet when the character lands after performing it, other creatures take 
damage, and sometimes it will outright kill the creature receiving it so I 
think it may be glitched, regardless you can use it to cancel the final 
boss' special move. Potemkins own special move is pretty good itself. 
Although he takes less of damage the trade off is you will have terrible 
trouble evading things like spikes, pits, cliffs, and fire columns so 
sometimes you have to endure some punishment if you want to use him. Overall 
a very good character.

Unlock: Complete Stage 4-2 with Potemkin
A cook with mad martial arts skills.
Jam is wonderful in this game. All of her attacks are damaging, extremely 
fluid, and easy to execute. The only thing she isn't great at is attacking 
at a distance with no danger to herself, but some of her attacks launch her 
across the screen, and she can knock down enemies and juggle them into some 
pretty fierce combos. Even bosses have trouble withstanding the constant 

Unlock: Complete Stage 4-2 With May
Testament is odd in the fact that he would make a good final boss in most 
games, but is downgraded to just another playable character and not even one 
they put alot of storyline into and not even one that is very popular even. 
He has a giant sickle made out of blood, he has some of the more violent 
moves, he can summon monsters at will, he has a raven that is a murderous 
demonic succubus, I mean this guy has it all. But despite that he really 
doesn't have much of a personality, he is one of these "guardian" characters 
who watched over Dizzy before she became a pirate. At any rate he has 
amazing range with some of his moves, good specials, but you will probably 
just stick to press triangle on your psp the most because that can wipe out 
most enemies without even having to get your hands dirty. 

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-1 with May
Dizzy is a girl with an outfit that was designed with fan-service in mind. 
She has two wings but is far from an angel. Dizzy is another character that 
takes a little bit getting used to but ends up one of the strongest 
characters, with damaging moves, speed, and probably the most damaging 
special move of all. Some of her attacks although strong are slow and leave 
her vulnerable. Her giant puffy wings do not exactly help her from a 
defensive standpoint because they give the enemy more Dizzy to attack. 
She also features the same type of useful utility attacks that Testament and 
Eddie have. Her medium attack shoots an icicle that like Eddies serpent/dragon
hits for quite a few hits, and she has an icicle version of his "invite hell"
The problem with the moves like that is sometimes they will trigger while 
you are trying to combo on an enemies directly in front of you and it will 
leave you wide open. 

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-2 with Dizzy
Johnny is the womanizing captain of the jellyfish pirates who May and Dizzy 
belong to. Johnny is a powerful character but much more maneuverable than say 
potemkin. You don't have to throw gold at the enemies with this version 
thankfully, and his mist finer is still quite deadly as is his fearsome 
strong slash. Not much to say other than one of the better characters.

Unlock: Complete Stage 3-2 With Slayer
Anji-Mito is a Japanese guy who uses fans as a weapon.
He, like Jam, is alot less awkward and more fluid in this game to me than 
in the fighting game. And also an unlikely source of some powerful moves. 
It's easy to overlook and ignore this guy but he has the potential to be in 
the top tier of characters. 

Unlock: Complete stage 2-2 with Millia Rage
Slayer is a vampire who enjoys writing haikus and was quite profound at times 
at least in GGX2. He is the true head of the assassins guild and has an 
unorthodox method of fighting. He is deadly in short bursts his dash 
disappears and reappears and is quite useful. He is by no means immortal 
like he is supposed to be as a vampire but he's not too bad.

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-1 with Millia Rage
A Pink haired samurai. Although she has a hilarious amount of weapons that 
seem to appear out of nowhere, she really is quite a boring character. 
None of her moves are particularly of note, she has alright knockdown moves 
but really a fairly boring character. 

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-1 with I-NO
This character along with Jam and Testament (with honorable mentions Dizzy 
and Potemkin) make up in my mind the best characters. And Eddie could very 
well be the best, if not then definitely one of the funnest to use. Eddie is 
actually not the pale guy, but rather the parasitic shadow creature that is 
similar to Venom (in spider-man) or the things in the game called 
"The Darkness". And the pale guy (whose name is Zato-1 and who got eddie in 
exchange for his vision) is actually dead but maybe not because he hasn't 
rotten and still calls out the names of the moves the shadow creature does
(in other words they wanted to keep the cool shadow creature but were too lazy
to develop another sprite or something...also Zato-1's voice actor died)
...anyway in GGX2 Eddie spends story mode looking for another host to 
inhabit so he can let the poor pale blond guy rest in peace. Well in GG 
Judgment he still is looking, and his story mode is pretty funny and 
entertaining because he's probably even more selfish and evil than the 
final boss, and complements the final boss for doing what he is doing.

He has a good AAir in Shadow Gallery, Damado Fang isn't strong but can cancel
out attacks by bigger enemies and bosses. Invite hell is great and can 
juggle enemies to death. Summon Eddie is like having a little buddy fight 
with you. His specials aren't anything incredible but get the job done, but 
where Eddie shines the most is actually in normal attacks. So much so that 
you'll only rarely see the need to do moves, or specials. His regular punch 
can knock enemies down, and his slash is amazing. This dragon/serpent head 
bites the enemies hitting multiple times and drawing alot of blood. His 
Strong Slash shoots out a bunch of worms which is very effective against 
enemies on the ground like the grubs. Finally another Strong Slash is a 
claw the shoots out that has not only great area damage and range but will 
often rocket the enemy into the air. Finally he is the best character to deal 
with pits because he can easily fly/glide right over them easily.

Unlock: Complete Stage 3-1 with Eddie
Venom has a romantic obsession with Zato 1, and uses a pool stick as a weapon.
One of a the weirder characters in a game with weird characters this guy I 
really don't understand. His moves are alot easier to do in this game and 
it's much easier to do alot of damage with the cue balls. He still has the 
special attack that continues off-screen. He requires a much different
strategy than the other characters so pick him if you want a challenge.

Unlock: Complete Stage 2-2 with I-NO
If you think you have bad luck, this guy was just a normal guy until he got 
possessed by all sorts of creatures including:

A Dog that enjoys puking out it's own skeleton
3 ghosts that moan nonstop and harass enemies
A sword
A spirit of lightning
And a girl that is sort of like the one from The Ring. 

He is fun to use because a matter of luck is required. His Three Centipedes 
move can summon all but the last spirit, who I imagine is busy contorting 
this poor guys bones and making him move. Of all the spirits your final goal 
is to get the spirit of lighting but you won't get it right away. Here are 
the advantages of the others

A Dog that enjoys puking out it's own skeleton: 
well this one is probably the best of the three centipedes because it sort of 
travels with you and allows you to attack independently. That dog sometimes 
has a mind of it's own and will go and attack enemies himself, but don't count
on this. It has some nasty moves the skeleton one being probably the most 

3 ghosts that moan nonstop and harass enemies:
well they do just that and their wacky antics replace your attacks sadly, but 
you can have them flip and flop around and really tick off enemies.

A Sword:
The sword has some nifty attacks but doesn't have great range so get rid of 
it if you can.


This guy is a secret character unlockable only after finding the letters to 
JUDGMENT in stage 6-1. I'll go into it more later on in the FAQ but this is 
one of the more poorly designed characters I think I've seen in awhile, and 
hopefully he will provide you with as much entertainment as he did me. Being 
a secret character his attacks are all naturally very powerful, but it is 
interesting to note he is far from invincible, and some attacks really leave 
him exposed to a beatdown. Some of his better attacks are the purple charge 
move, the giant purple ball (...) and of course his special attack. 


Stage 1: Liberia

1-1: The Hamlet
Welcome to the peaceful valley of Isene..err wait a minute. A green lizard in 
front of you and watch your back as two more come from behind. Keep going, 
break the barrels and beat the green and brown lizards. After awhile be 
attacked by a low flying flock of undead crows. Don't question why undead 
crows are trying to attack you unprovoked, just kill them or avoid them. 
After the crows there is a brown lizard and a sandwich you can get from a 
barrel. When you come to a fountain your almost done. You will fight *gasp* a 
blue lizard and a bunch of other assorted reptiles and your done. 
Stage Clear

1-2: The Old Mansion
A bunch of headless mannequins go down usual with 1 hit and do barely any 
damage. Down the stairs more dummies and squeaky bats. Next room you are 
ambushed by green lizards so kill them and keep going, there is a tension up 
in the barrel near the next room. This room is fairly busy. You have two teal 
lizards which you actually can tell are better than the green ones 
(unlike the brown lizards in 1-1) and when you hear rumbling that mean a big 
roly poly is coming down the stairs so my advice is to run past everyone, hit 
the barrels for two life ups and exit. More bats and lizards and lots of 
goodies in the barrels. Downstairs don't overlook the barrels containing 
points. Last room is an odd assortment of mannequins, bats, and lizards 
all of which are easy. Stage Clear. 

1-3: The Cave
That is quite a noticeable secret passage don't you think? We are treated to 
a blue lizard that creates acid pits and are more aggressive keep in mind 
they are different from the blue lizard you faced in 1-1. Alot of them drop 
from out of the sky and your first fights will be against them and of course 
those bats you have already grown to hate. Beware of the room with the 
treasure chest in the open and no enemies, it's a blue lizard ambush. After 
you deal with them you will meet a green lizard with black claws who is alot 
tougher than the plain blue ones. The next room is a real nice one, the green 
and black lizard is back along with bats but that chest has an extra life in 
it! The rest of the stage is the same enemies but be prepared for one lizard 
ambush in there.

1-4: The Wasteland
I love the background for this level, but you really only use a little bit of 
it. Time for our first boss and if you haven't figured out this game is weird 
this boss should prove it to you. 
It is A giant triangular pillar with faces/heads on it. I'm sure it has a 
clever name but I really don't know how else to describe it. The first head 
you'll face is distinctly feminine but they seem to rotate at will and for no 
reason. They have two forms, the one you see and after you do enough damage 
they will look even more bizarre. 
So here we go:

Feminine Head: This head causes big sharp blocks of ice to fall on your head, 
these are slow and easily avoided but do hurt alot. After you do enough 
damage she will look more grotesque and will be able to summon more ice.

Masculine Head: This guy creates a thin line of fire below you as long as you 
aren't standing in the spot of it then the flame will burn over you. When you 
do enough damage he will create two of these lines.

Robotic Head: In it's first form it causes pillars of earth to jut out in 
front of you going in that direction, hitting the pillars seems to make them 
all break. When you hit this head enough it will break and it has a big red 
eye then pillars will start from both ends and continue to the middle. 
Hitting them seems to break all of them and so keep up the assault.

When all three have died you win. 

Stage 2: Ashnay

2-1: The Swamp
Just great a swamp. As you progress you'll see these purple things that 
remind me of a scooby doo villain. I name them Googly Mooglies and you don't 
see many of them later on in the game and they are weak. As per usual smack 
the barrels, and continue on until you meet up with green lizards and I think
a solitary undead crow. Continue on and you will notice that a weird 
robotic worm thing is spewing out the green lizards so by all means kill 
that, and progress to combat more googly mooglies, green and a teal lizard. 
Pretty easy stuff. Break the barrels and go up against two teal lizards then 
a pack of green ones, and then 2 undead crows and more googly mooglies. Treat 
yourself to a sandwich in the barrel and keep going. Your almost done. Next 
we have...uh oh we have a bunch of green lizards which is fine but there is a 
Big Ole' dude there too. Big Ole' dudes are very dangerous do not 
underestimate them, they shrug off most hits and deliver so really nasty 
shots, they also block and are trying to keep themselves alive better than 
most enemies.

2-2: The Riverside
This level is seriously one of the most annoying levels and so don't sweat it 
if you lose a few lives. Starting out you have grubs on the floor, and you 
can't step on them and are damaged if you touch them so do some low attacks 
and take them out. Green and Brown Lizards make thier triumphant return so 
beat some sense into them. Be careful of the beam here you can fall off and 
it will take off alot of damage,on the plus side the lizards are so completely 
stupid they generally will fall off and sometimes they will just jump off for 
no reason. Eventually you will see a undead crow...and two green lizard 
dispensers which need to be killed asap. Go on through and don't let the 
undead crow distract you off the edge, and keep an eye out for grubs. 
More lizards and dispensers and grubs and we come to our first little cliff. 
Press the jump button and quickly jam over twice and you'll boost over the 
top with most characters. You can keep running right over the pack of lizards 
including the newest red lizard. Now is the fun part. There is  a cliff and 
that stupid crow will sometimes knock you off the cliff when you try to boost 
over try to take it out with a ranged attack. This will happen across quite a 
few rocks until you get to a land swarming with brown lizards. There are alot 
more cliffs coming up but you should be able to get past them. 
Eventually you will be on a plank with two red lizards to face. Probably one 
will fall off just trying to get to you so deal with them as you see fit. 
After you beat them you will come to barrel with a free life in it. The last 
skirmish has brown and red lizards.

2-3: The Raft
This is a fun level after a frustrating one. It drops the pretense of having 
to run around and jump over cliffs and gives us what the gamer really wants: 
suicidal lizards jumping off rafts and flocks of undead crows. Seriously this 
is just a slobber knocker slugfest. It goes: lizards, crows, and ends with 
lizards including the new purple and red lizard who is actually pretty strong 
but you can instantly kill him by knocking him off the raft too! ;) 

2-4: The Ruin
Had the game just continued with the last stage that would be exciting but we 
have to get back to reality with a boss battle and...wait a minute it's 
actually hard?!

Actually this is a very hard battle, with a relentless boss so get ready for 
it. This boss is a fun mix of a plant and a girl. Although more plausible 
then the last boss this lady has rather vicious moves, and actually creates 
an extremely dangerous environment for your character. 

The things you need to watch out for away from the boss itself are: 

The pinkish/red flower: it is just a flower I know, but this is the number 
one thing to stay away from. It does alot of damage and gives life back to 
the boss, actually alot of life. And so even though it may not do the most 
damage to you it is the worst. Keep your distance and hit it with a strong 
slash and it will go away for a little while, when the boss takes enough 
damage TWO of these things will really cause alot of problems.

Thorn pits: These will randomnly sprout up, and will normally knock you down 
often when you are trying to get distance from the flowers they will get you.

Thorn spears: You can actually see these on the boss itself, but they will 
go underground and shoot up covering alot of area and if you are hit they do 
massive damage. 

From the boss itself:
A blue aura will surround her, and when you see it run, because this will 
create a shockwave that does alot of damage. 

As for how to beat her: 
run when you see the flowers and blue aura, when you have a free hit do 
powerful combos, specials, aerial hits, anything. You have to go all out and 
you may lose a few lives because there is just alot of stuff to avoid.  

Stage: Ksanaka

3-1: The Mine 
We are greeted with new lizards this time they look way more high tech. They 
still aren't very smart. The first part of this level is sort of running 
around hitting lizards until you fight another one of those big ole' dudes. 
These guys in some ways are like a miniboss so you might take some damage 
unless you trap him into a combo. But then something special happens. There 
is what appears to be a large robotic dog/lizard with a large grinning mouth 
with sharp teeth and a hilarious underbite. This creature is likeable 
aesthetically already, but you will grow more fond of it when you jump up and
ride it. Sure you can finish the rest of the stage without this critter, but 
why when it beats everything down so easily? You will lose points for combos 
by using this but in my opinion just get a huge combo before you come to 
where it is and then jump on it's back. It has only three attacks a headbutt, 
a tailswipe, and a laser that explodes. The laser is so powerful as to kill 
lizards in one hit and do severe damage to the big ole' dudes. So continue 
on annihilating anything in your path. Anything that slips by that creatures 
head can be killed usually instantly by the tail swipe. Continue on killing 
lizards and big ole dudes until the end of the stage. 

3-2: The Laboratory
So there is a laboratory inside of a mine inside of a ruin only accessible to 
a lake that is only accessible to a cave inside of a house with headless 
mannequins? Anyway this is a short level but has two tricky spots. Mainly 
lil' demons are going to break into the glass and they are easy, pretty much 
everything is easy until you come to a big door that opens up to two big ole' 
dudes and then when you beat them one upgraded big ole' dude. When you come 
to the glass that is already broken that should clue you in that it's 
probably an ambush since the lil' demons have obviously already been there. 
Fairly easy level.

3-3: The Reactor
It's boss time already? This one is against a big red dog (no not Clifford). 
He's really easy compared to the last boss. It growls sometimes when it is 
going to attack. It attacks by scratching you with it's claws or biting for 
minimal damage. The one to look out for is he will jump up in the air and try 
to pounce on you. It can do a move where it dashes to the other side but this 
is just an evasion move. It breathes fire which you have to avoid. The secret 
is to be past it's head, because it seems to have a "blind" spot where it 
can't hit you with it's moves but you can hit it. If you are in the right 
spot it will breath fire and you can just pound on it. When it pounces try to 
be in the middle of where it is going to land not on the edge if you are on 
the middle you'll get knocked down but won't get injured. 

3-4: The Lava Pit
An old friend returns! Jump on it's back and keep proceeding forward your 
enemies are assorted little demons and that fire wolf. The demons to save 
time should be dealt with using the headbutt or if they get past that the 
the dog will leave. And return later in the stage. Rinse and Repeat and the 
short mission ends. And no I don't consider the fire wolf a boss because it's 
too easy.

Stage: Tower of Wind

4-1: Inside the Tower
If you haven't been paying attention to the story basically all of what has 
been going on with the island is the doing of Raymond who is in the Tower of 
Wind. So in this level start out by beating the gold mannequins and red 
lizards. Up the stairs is more mannequins and bats, through the next door is 
Tension up and grey little demons. Up the stairs more grey demons and...uh oh 
a green and yellow big ole' dude. My opinion is to jump over his head break 
open the chest and go to the next room. Unfortunately you don't have the 
option of escape here as another big ole' dude and red lizards so beat them 
and up an easy set of stairs with chests a bat and a red lizard. Then a room 
with a tension up, grey lil demons and red lizards. Up the stairs are three 
more red lizards and a soul(!) in one of the chests. This final room has 
pretty much everything, mannequins, red lizards, grey demons, and a big ole 

4-2: Tower Courtyard
Up the stairs we go! This time aquamarine colored lizards are quite happy to 
see you. Hidden fairly well on the stairs is a purple grub. Bats and more 
aqua lizard (including two that jump down) are in this room as well as a 
tension up at the end. Up the stairs you notice the little demons come in 
acid green. The next room is a new enemy all together, The roly poly. 
Remember him from stage 1-2? He was rolling down the stairs. He is very slow 
but does alot of damage when he bothers to attack. You will also notice ALOT 
of purple grubs on the ground so kill them. The next two rooms have bats and 
acid green demons but you will notice rumbling and a roly polies will come 
down after you. For a challenge try jumping over them with Potemkin 
(it's possible). The next room has acid green demons and a big cliff, and I 
don't think Potemkin can get over it but everyone else probably can. Next 
room is more stairs and roly polies. And after that more demons, and a 
walking roly poly, and a tension up. That's the last room!  

4-3: The Big Elevator: This is another slugfest level, which to me are really 
fun. The only thing to watch out for is enemies getting in front and in back 
of you which is always in the enemies favor. 

Enemies in order of appearance: 

purple-pink little demons
green lizards
brown lizards
ALOT of red grubs- do not be in the middle of the elevator after beating the 
brown lizards.
green and brown lizards
A standing roly poly and lots of red grubs
purple pink little demons
black and red lizard- this one has alot of health and is strong and while 
your fighting it, green and brown lizards
I regret to inform you that this is the LAST time you see the brown and green 
lizards. :(

4-4: The Pretty Landscape
We finally meet Raymond and he immediately goes into his "puppet master" 
phase where he knew you were coming and this all a cleverly devised plan by 
him all along, regardless of which character shows up. He's amalgam of every 
video game cliche' in existence. He finally goes through a portal and leaves 
you a really big and bad roly poly to deal with. The background is so scenic 
and nice but what a difference from what's happening in the foreground, huh? 

The creature has an attack where it strikes ground with it's tail stunning or 
knocking over your character, I believe you can be damaged by it but it's 
mainly to stun you. You can take damage just but running into it while it's 
moving. It also has a bizarre looking attack where these tentacles start 
moving over his head and this for whatever reason shoots out bees, that have 
basic homing capabilities. Also it starts pumping it's claws into the ground 
and watch out because razor blades will shoot out of the ground. This attack 
along with the bees can be pretty hard to evade, but none do a terrible 
amount of damage. When you kill it, the creature lets loose a cool death 
scream, but then two more come! One is blue and the other is red. I don't 
think they are very different from the original in my game the blue is always 
the last to die so it could be a little tougher, but none of the three have 
alot of health. When you are faced by the two immediately get out of the 
middle and go to the edge of either side. That way you can focus on one while 
the other drags itself over. When it does that you will find you can hit both 
at the same time, which doubles your damage.    

Stage: The Underworld

5-1: Chains and Mist
Well here we go. This is a rather cheerful place isn't it. Now make the most 
of the weird looking enemies in front of you and that tension up barrel. They 
were put in the game to give you a chance against the boss. It is especially 
great for Zappa. 

After you go past that barrel you will see Raymond and something that looks 
like a cross between a locomotive and a skull with an underbite. It eats 
Raymond and says that anyone that wakes it up will go to hell, which is 
strange because I thought we were already there but whatever.
The creatures name is Inus, and it is probably the hardest battle in the game.

The object on the far left, will impale you for tons of damage.

Those odd creatures are milling around the stage but are more of an annoyance 
than anything else.

Those two drum like skulls that are mounted on Inus, if they are not attacked 
will start blowing your character away from the main head and into the object 
that impales you.


Inus shoots a green wave at you that does good damage and knocks you over.

A red skull will rise out of ground with chains but this is one of the more 
avoidable attacks.

A chain will arc horizontally hitting you multiple times.

Of all the attacks the worst by far is the horizontal chain that springs out 
of the ground, this thing does insane damage and one can potentially kill you 
outright. This is a very challenging boss because if you stay near it then 
Inus will kill you with you with the wave and sometimes the chain but if you 
give it space it is even worse, the two drum skulls will blow you into the 
obstacle, and the red skulls/regular enemies will kill you. One thing is for 
absolute sure if you are using a character like Potemkin your only choice is 
to get right in it's face and challenge it head on. Characters like Bridget 
are going to have be creative for him fire the yoyo stay at a distance and 
turn the yoyo into a razor blade etc. The only way to win is to mix attacking 
it head on with staying at a distance and avoiding the horizontal chains and 
the green waves. The best thing to do is jump and do jump combos. That way 
even if you jump wrong and come down on a chain it won't do the full damage. 
It may take you several tries, but it will eventually die. 

When that happens. it turns out this was all part of Raymond's plan 
(puppet master again) and he turns into a combination of Inus and himself and 
that's when the game takes a turn for the hilarious. This new version of 
Raymond invites to his castle and how can you turn the man down?

Stage: Castle

6-1: Castle Interior
TheLinked0ne has written a great FAQ for obtaining the letters to get to the 
final boss as a playable character. I'm not going to cover that in this FAQ.
What I am going to cover is the general layout of the stage and what new 
enemies you'll run into (quite a few). The first critters you will run into 
are from the underworld level and are painfully easy. But then you will 
notice a green flying creature and a gold ball that spawns them. The flying 
creatures have a very damaging attack so kill both asap. The general layout 
of the level is that there are these elevators you walk up to and you descend
and ascend a level. There are some dead ends but almost all of them have 
treasure chests/ JUDGMENT letters. You probably won't get lost because some 
elevators connect with each other. Your headed in the right direction when 
you come to a room with green flying things and lots of spikes. When you open 
a chest that has a piece of meat in it that heals you to full then that is 
one of the last rooms.
As for enemies besides the ones mentioned:
grey lil' demons
small stuffed animals- these are like grubs
blue skulls- these do damage if they make contact with you
blue flying things- these are tougher than the green ones.
The final room will have two gold balls, green flying things, and the 
creatures you faced in the underworld.

6-2: Throne Room
Run up the needless stairs.
It turns out that the ultimate life form apparently to the designers of this 
game is a combination of a frail researcher and a train/skull that turns into:
a lean muscled man with dark blue skin and a dark blue outfit with gold 
chains around his left leg and arms, blue high heeled shoes, a bunch of 
planks circling his head which makes him resemble a peacock, and hair that 
looks not vaguely but exactly like Goku in super saiyan mode. This is the 
almighty final boss that you have slogged through the entire game and killed 
thousands of lizards to meet.

Don't laugh to long though, you can be sure that this guy has loads of cheap 
moves prepared just for you:

Regular attack combo: This is a regular attack combo that ends with a sword 
looking thing knocking you over. This is fairly powerful but he only uses it 
when you are standing around near him. 

Acid Pit: He extremely rarely will use this but he has a powered up version 
of what the lizards use, if you step on that space you'll get hurt bad. 

Charge: He will glow purple and charge 

Big purple ball: He fires a huge purple pulsating ball that is hard to avoid 
and hits hard

Final move: He faces the screen and shoots out purple swords that do massive 
damage and can kill you outright. 

Strategy: Make careful note of the spacing when he charges because immediately
after he stops is the best time to attack. After you knock him down to the 
ground back off, because whenever he gets up for a split second you can't hit 
him, and he loves charging anyway. A safe way to beat him is to run to the 
opposite side and wait for him to come to you, you can avoid the projectile, 
the charges and the special in this way. The projectile will normally hurt 
you but not always if he fires it toward the closest to the screen and you 
are closest to the background it can pass over you. There is a spot when even 
the special won't connect where you are near the boss but don't try it. 
Potemkin is interesting in this battle. He can't obviously get away from the 
special so a neat trick is to do his Potemkin buster immediately on Judgment 
and for whatever reason it does no damage but does cancel out the special. If 
you do it too late a weird glitch will occur where Judgment is body slammed 
but yet the purple swords still come out and damage you. The throw move 
cancelling out the finisher I think works with all characters so if you can't 
get away that's your last resort. Also don't continue to attack him while 
he's offscreen because unlike alot of the enemies who pretty much take all 
the damage, Judgment doesn't work like that and will attack you. The best 
moves to do against him are aerial anti-air combos that knock him down, it's 
important to knock him down because he won't attack you and that gives you a 
chance to get positioned. When you beat him congrats, you beat GG: Judgment!!!!

Tips and Tricks

-Never be afraid to be cheap. 
If you find a move you can do easily just by pressing a single button and it 
is effective then just keep using it. Keep in mind the old side scrollers 
used to have just one attack button themselves. 

-Never deal with monsters you don't have to. 
It's suprising how many monsters you can just jump right over and skip all 
together, this is especially true on stairs.

-Knock them offscreen/out of the playing field.
some levels in stage two give you the option of knocking enemies right into 
the lake effectively eliminating them. Note that often you can knock enemies 
off the screen and alot of times you can just keep pressing the attack buttons
and hit them as the try to get back on the screen, they don't seem to attack 
as much off screen.

-The lives trick.
If you are really struggling to get past a stage then, go to stage select and 
keep playing stage 1-3 not too far into it you will come to a chest with a 
life in it. Get it and then repeat, the game keeps track of how many lives 
you get so you can go into that Inus battle with 9-10 lives. 

The creators of GG Judgment: for making me love lizards again

God- for giving me the divine patience needed to keep playing this

TheLinked0ne- so I didn't have to go and look all over for stupid letters


This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2007 ptlsaints (Daniel Kolb). I've listed who can 
host this, if you have a site that wants it email kolbster@gmail.com for 
permission otherwise don't steal it, or I'll feed you to the green lizards. 

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