PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From abasora (10/09/2005; 43KB) All gold in superstar challenge (Everything unlocked)
  2. From JonG85 (05/03/2006; 455KB) Current Rosters as of Playoffs with missing players; Lineups not 100%
  3. From protoman028 (03/25/2006; 458KB) Roster after deadline. Reflects curent injuries.
  4. From DOAsaturn (01/09/2006; 455KB) Roster Update - As of 1-9-06, correct players, starting lineups accurate + reflect injuries
  5. From laumasta (08/10/2006; 455KB) Roster Update during the offseason
  6. From EASportsKing (11/12/2005; 499KB) Rosters

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