PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File01/08/06avs4thecup80K
#1 on the black list!! All races complete. $3,008,089, all cars owned & fully upgraded
Save Game File05/13/08buchit66679K
$250,000++, Blacklist #2, All cars, visual and performance parts unlocked. 5 cars heavily tuned
Save Game File07/08/06ArtVeryFly80K
100% Complete All Cars Completly TRICKED OUT
Save Game File10/10/14darkstar-x9780K
100% complete with all cars owned, all cars max upgraded and heavily modified with $500,000,000 with 56,045 respect (MAX).
Save Game File01/07/06EAspeedster80K
100% Complete. Every car is completly TRICKED out. Plenty of cash and tons of respect. Best game save you'll find.
Save Game File03/20/06skatefreak_200455K
100% Completed, All cars bought and tuned, Bodys are stock so you can customize. $1,301,340 55,800 Respect
Save Game File11/22/05k_4_r_180K
80% complete, rank 1, all cars unlocked, over 1 mil cash... upgrade/buy to your heart's content
Save Game File04/11/09allentheexorcis80K
999 999 999 money all complete
Save Game File08/22/06Krossfire51080K
All cars unlocked and tricked out! Over 4 million dollars left for you to spend and trick out your car. Game beat 100%. Name: DR.IFT K!NG
Save Game File11/21/05killerog0183K
All cars upto Audi TT, Ranked 8, and $289,999 3 cars upgraded to max.
Save Game File03/17/16ProXx12380K
Max Bounty, Max Cash, 0% completed (Starter Save), starter vehicle is the Volkswagen.
Save Game File06/24/06JohnnyMcKinney82K
Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 Best Game Save Ever 100% Complete Every Performance Upgrade. Every Body Kit, Spoiler, Hood, Vinyls, Rims, Tint, And Paint Job For Every Car And Even Though You Wont Need It You Have 606,030 $
Save Game File09/25/07josephbegley80K
Ranked Number 4 Not Much Cash All Cars most are upgraded most races finished including bonuses
Save Game File11/23/05lzcnk12345680K
US version. 100% completed career, Most cars( the best ones), Money..etc.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/26/08shinigami54180K
80% Complete All Card Big Cash Money

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File04/14/11shamanthiphop80K
#1 on the blacklist all cars upgraded 3 million cash
Save Game File12/23/063giL85K
100% Complete
Save Game File08/18/11theredhare79K
100% complete,$3,026,941, 56,035 Respect,All Cars To Max
Save Game File01/22/06mhfbloodline84K
100% completed, All Cars, All Police Vehicles, All races completed, all bosses defeated, all car parts, over $1 million cash.
Save Game File12/27/05mhfbloodline84K
60% completion rate, 4th to last chapter, 70% cars unlocked.
Save Game File05/12/06GreyFox36080K
Career 100% Compele , All cars owned , all upgrades unlocked , over 5000000$ money
Save Game File06/11/07SweetCheatMastr84K
Like Everything 100% $10000000

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