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FAQ/Walkthrough by theblueottsel

Version: 3 | Updated: 07/31/06

                         SPLINTER CELL

7.Bonus Missions
9.Legal Stuff

Version 1: Well, this is the first version of the guide. Got most of
the first mission completed and went over controls, minigames, and
character profiles and FAQs. That's about it.

Version 2: Got some more of the first mission done, fixed some typos
and added lockpicking to the minigames.

Version 3: Got the first 2 missions done, finally. Sorry it's taking
so long.

1. Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Splinter Cell: Essentials. This
is the 5th game in the series, and it spans the storyline of the
first 4 games(SC1, Pandora Tommorow, Chaos Theory, and Double Agent.)
In this new PSP exclusive title, Sam Fisher has become one of America's
most wanted terrorists, and has betrayed Third Echelon. But why did he
do it? Why did he become a terrorist after so many years of honorable
service? And can he clear his name?

2.Start: Pause Menu
Select: Hold breath to steady aim(Only in SC-20k sight mode)
Analog Stick: Move Fisher Around, aim gun, move camera(While holding O)
+Pad up(hold) access item inventory, increase zoom with binocs/weapon
+Pad right:Access gun sight(Over the shoulder view)
+Pad down: Decrease zoom with binocs/weapon.
+Pad left: (hold) Press up against walls
R: Fire Weapon, use lethal melee attack on enemy
L: Use weapon secondary function, use non-lethal melee attack on enemy
Triangle: Jump
Circle: Hold down and use Analog Stick to move camera
Square: Crouch
X: Interact with people/objects
Split Jump: When standing in a tight area, jump and hit Triangle
again at the top of your jump to make Sam do the splits between
walls. While split, you can move the analog stick left and right
make him lean left and right. To jump to certain areas, lean
opposite the ledge you want to jump to and hit triangle. (Example,
if you see a ledge to your right, lean left and hit triangle. This
will cause Fisher to jump to the right and grab the ledge)
Leaning around corners: While in wall hug mode, if you come up to
corner Sam with lean around it to get a better view. If there is
another wall between you and the gap(Say if you were peeking around
an open door)m then leaning out and pressing X will cause Sam
to quickly roll to the next wall, too quick for an enemy to see him.
Useful for getting passed a room full of guards who left the door
open. This is called the SWAT turn.

Rappeling: At a few points in the game, you will need to reppel don
certain walls. Move the Analog Stick up and down to move up and down.
Press Triange while moving down to kick off the wall and fall down
a few feet before getting back on the wall. This is useful for getting
down quick.

Climbing: At some points, you will be able to climb vine walls or pipes.
On vine walls, just climb around using the analog stick. When climbing
pipes, move the analog stick left and right to move around the pipe,
and up and down to move up and slide down.

Rolling: While running, press Square to do a roll.

Grabbing an enemy: To grab an enemy, sneak up behind them and press
X when the option appears in the top right corner. While you have an
enemy, press R to kill him or L to knock him out. You can also 
interrogate some enemies. This is useful for finding out codes to
doors, and just hearing funny conversations.

Horizontal Pipes: There are certain horizontal pipes you can jump up
and grab on to. While on a pipe, you can press Triangle to pull
yourself up to fit into tight spaces, or press Square to drop down.
3.(Note, the following information was taken directly from the
instruction booklet)

For decades Sam Fisher has served in the shadows, defending US interests
- first as a Navy SEAL and then later as an elite covert operative with
Third Echelon, the NSA's ultra-secret special operations section. Over
the years Fisher has confronted countless threats to global security,
but such constant vigilance has come at a steep price. While on a
mission to Iceland, Fisher learned that his daughter Sarah had been
struck by a drunk driver. Despite heroic efforts to rush back to the
states to see his child, Sarah died of her injuries less than an hour
before he arrived.

Devestated by the loss of his only child, Sam disappeared from sight.
When Homeland Security agents finally located Fisher in New Orleans,
their worst fears were realized. Surveillance photos showed Fisher
in the company Emile Dufraisne, a known domestic terrorist.

Now, a year after Sarah's death, Sam Fisher is one of America's most
wanted criminals. Third Echelon wants answers: Why did their best agent
throw away decades of service and join forces with Dufraisne? Only Sam
knows the full story, and the truth is far more sinister than anyone

4.(This too was taken from the book)

Sam Fisher

Weight:170 lbs

The field operatives of Third Echelon are America's best-equipped and
most highly trained covert agents, sent alone into crisis spots all
over the world. Relying on the most advanced espionage tools and awesome
physical abilities, these agents execute sensitive operations that the US
government cannot officially acknowledge. Among this elite cadre of
operatives, Sam Fisher is a living legend. One of the first agents
recruited into Third Echelon in the 1990s, Fisher led an illustrious
career as a covert operative until the tragic death of his daughter Sarah
in 2008.
Colonel Irving Lambert

Born:1961, Batcave, South Carolina
Weight: 270 lbs

The Director of Operations at Third Echelon during Sam Fisher's time
with the agency, Lambert was responsible for briefing and supporting
Third Echelon operatives in the field. A man with over 30 years'
experience in intelligence operations, Lambert personally recruited
Fisher into Third Echelon and has acted as something of a mentor to
the maverick agent ever since. When Fisher disappeared following the
death of his daughter, Lambert took an extended leave of absence for
undisclosed reasons. He hasn't communicated with the agency since.
Anna Grimsdottir

Born:1974, Boston, Massachusetts
Weight:128 lbs

Anna Grimsdottir was a civilian computer programmer and communications
specialist in the mid-1990s when Irving Lambert recruited her into
Third Echelon. As a key member of the field support team, her job is
to maintain secure OPSAT communications and provide information
analysis and computer support at a moment's notice. Frequently called
upon to perform miracles of research and invasive work and invasive
network operations on the fly, she is one of the most highly skilled
technical specialists the agency has.
William Redding

Born:1969, San Diego, California
Weight:180 lbs

Although Third Echelon operatives perform their missions alone, their
activities would not be possible without a dedicated "leg-man" who
makes sure that each agent has everything he needs to get the job done.
William Redding is such a man, responsible for everything from aquiring
supplies to planning infiltration and escape routes for the agents to
follow. Redding's bespectacled, bookish demeanor seems out of place in
the rough world of clandestine ops, but he and Sam Fisher made an
excellent team.
Lawrence Williams

Born:1970, New York City, New York
Weight:165 lbs

Agent Williams is an NSA bureaucrat who entered the intelligence field
by way of the State Department. Since that time he has risen steadily
through the ranks by virtue of ruthless politicking. Despite the fact
that he has no field experience, Williams was named acting Director of
Operations in the wake of Colonel Lambert's sudden departure, and since
then he has made a number of sweeping changes to agency operatuions.
Though inexperienced, he has at least one influential patron in the
upper reaches of the government...
Edward Blake

Born:1985, Harlingen, Texas
Height: 6'2"
Weight:220 lbs

Edward Blake was recruited into the NSA from Texas AGM University, where
he was pursuing a double major in Political Science and Psychology.
After joining the agency he became a field analyst specializing in the
debriefing of foreign intelligence assets. Despite a notable lack of
patience and a willingness to resort to physical methods of
interrogation, his success record is one of the highest in the agency.

Well, that's all the major characters you really need to know about.
There are a few other, minor characters but I'm not going into them.
Now, one thing before we start the game, to hopefully make it less
confusing: The first 8 missions are missions from Sam Fisher's past,
pulled out of the first four games as he tries to remember why he
became a double agent. The FINAL mission is taking place in present-
day, as you try to escape the NSA's Headquarters.(You are a wanted
terrorist, after all) I guess you could say it's kind of like the game
In Cold Blood. The first 7 missions are played in the character's
memory as he is being interrogated, and the final 2 take place in
present time. That's what it's like here; Sam is being interrogated
at the NSA's Headquarters. The first 8 are played in his memory as he
is being interrogated, and the final one is played as he escapes from
the place. Anyway, enough of that.
5. There are 4 mini-games in Splinter Cell: Essentials, and they are
as follows...

Hacking keypads/computers: When you try to hack into something, a small
screen with yellow and blue bars will appear. You must use the analog
stick to change the size and shape of the blue line so that it completely
covers up the yellow line, then press X. You must do this 4 times to
hack, and there is a time limit(it varies).

Changing the voice data: In the second from last mission, you will
need to alter some voice data. This is the one you only do once.
The blue bars are Fisher's voice data, and the pink bars are other
peoples' voices. See those green bars at the top-right corner? Well,
move the brackets into Fisher's voice data and use the L and R buttons
to widen and shorten them until they completely "surround" Fisher's
voice data. Now, look at the shape of the data, and look at the green
bars in the top-right corner. You need to use Square and Circle to
cycle through these green bars until you find a cluster that has
roughly the same amount of bars or looks very similar to the voice
data you have bracketed, and press X to alter the voice. You need to
do this twice on 3 different screens to complete the minigame.
If you were confused by that, here is something simpiler: Surround
the voice data with brackets and then keep cycling through green
voice data and mashing X until you get one that works.

Disabling trip mines: Disabling trip mines is actually pretty easy.
First off, look at the mine. See how it has 4 slits in it? Well, the
yellow slits are empty and need to be filled. To do this, slowly move
the analog stick around to turn in inside of the mine until a rod moves
into an empty slit. When you get one in it, wait for a second and let
it lock in. Keep doing this until all slits are filled to disable the
mine. Also, keep in mind you only have about 15-20 seconds to do this,
otherwise the mine will explode. If it starts beeping fast, hit Triangle
to stop the minigame and try again.

Lockpicking: At seceral points in the game, you will be required to
pick the lock of a door. Now, you could just skip this completely and
break the lock, but thats no fun and it makes a LOT of noise. And in
Splinter Cell games, noise is very bad. To play the minigame, just
slowly rotate the analog stick until the lockpicks start to wiggle,
then hold it in that position until one of the little tubes goes up
and you switch to another one. Keep doing this until the door is
unlocked. If you have played any other Splinter Cell game, I'll just
say the lockpicking works exactly like in them.
6. Finally, on to the game!!!!!

Mission 0: Elysian Fields Cemetery Washington D.C.
               January 3rd, 2009, 19:30

Objective: Reach Sarah's Grave

Before we get started, let me tell you about the OPSAT. Press select
please. In here you see 4 sections: Goals, notes, data and inventory.

Goals: These are your current objectives. If the diamond by the text
is dark, the objective is not finished. When you finish it the diamond
will turn white.

Notes: This contains info you find, like keypad codes.

Data: Contains info on your current weapons and items. Also stores
"data sticks" which are like e-mails. You can get these off fallen
enemies or computers, and usually contain an interesting read with
a keycode or two mixed in.

Inventory: This just shows what items/weapons you have. You CAN NOT
equip items from the inventory; to do that you must hold UP on the
+pad while in-game(In other words, while not in the pause or OPSAT
menu) to access your inventory, then select whatever you want to equip.

I consider this mission 0 because it's just a training run. At the
beginning, use O and the analog stick to look around(the game won't
let you move on if you don't.) After your done, run forward to the
monument. Beyond it is a door, approach it. Now, the game prompts
you to crouch. Do it, stand back up. Walk up to the doors and open
them. Now, you will be taught about the light meter. It's the one
that is flashing, right below the health meter. If the little diamond
in it is all the way to the left, you are nearly invisible. If it is
all the way to the right, you are as visible as a light in a dark room.
Follow the path around the left until you come to a gate, then go right
and open the wooden door. Run forward and the game will alert you to the
sound meter. It's right below the light guage. The more noise you are
making, the more this thing will be filled. Enemies can hear you and
search for you, so you should keep as quiet as you can at all times.
An easy way to do this is just to move around crouched, or move around
slowly by pushing the analog stick only a little bit. Anyway, keep
running forward until you hear some gates screaching and the game
alerts you to the secondary sound meters. Those are the two verticle
meters to the left and right of your meter box. They indicate how much
sound is around you. Say if an enemy was walking by you to your left,
the left meter would fill from the sound of his foot steps. Keep
moving on around the corners until a bell starts ringing and you see
a bunch of graves. Run up to the big bright grave at the end of the
sidewalk and save when you are prompted. 1 file requires 656 KB of
free space in the Memory Stick Duo to save. Cutscenes.
Mission 1: Colombia, Norte de Santander
            May 2nd, 1992, 16:47

Objective: Sneak out of the US camp and locate the RAFC bunker, and
rescue Shetland.
(Do NOT kill the soldiers, this will fail the mission)

Mission 1: Part 1

Well, it seems Shetland has been captured, and we need to get to the
bunker where he is being held by the Armed Forces of Colombia. But
first, we need to sneak out of this camp. Don't just go running
straight forward, as a soldier will see you and kill you. See that
burning chopper to your left? Get around behind that into the dark
area. Run through the shrubs and on down the path with the tire marks.
You will be prompted to switch to night vision, do so. You can go
ahead and turn it off if you want, it's not that hard to see here.
Continue down the path and you should see a tent kinda ahead-to-the-
left. Sneak up to it and wall-hug the side to the right of the entrance.
Wall-hug move over to the entrance to the tent, lean, and SWAT turn
past it to avoid the guard in there, who is staring stright out.
(Seriously, how can that guy not see you?) Anyway, continue forward
and you will see a guard hiding in some shrubs. To avoid him, keep
to the dark area to the left and move clock-wise around the area until
you hit a bridge. There is a guard patrolling on the bridge. Look to
the right of the bridge and you'll see a small wooden walkway that
runs alongside it. Just slowly travel this path to avoid the guard.
It's dark, so he won't see you. At the other side, move toward the
big rock to your right, and hang from the ledge. Be careful not to
fall, and move around to the other side of the rock. Climb up, then
run forward. You will get a message saying you can save at any time.
Go ahead and save if you want, then continue forward. Run up the
planks ahead and grab the vine-covered wall. Just keep climbing
up-right on this thing, until you come to a high up ledge. Climb
up and over it, then drop down on it. Head down the small path to
you right. Savepoint. Continue through this tight area until you
can't go any further, then climb some vines to your left. At the top,
head right and you'll see a couple of soldiers and lots of huts. Guess
what? Lethal attacks are now permitted. When the soldiers go out of
view, head down the path and to the right into the shadows, and wait.
Eventually, a soldier will pass by. After standing around for a bit,
he'll turn and head back. Now, see that small wooden hut to your right?
Climb up on it's porch and quickly run across it. Drop down on the
other end and get into the shadows to your right. Move straight forward,
crouched, under the next porch. Keep an eye on the soldier patrolling
around. When you reach a crate, head around right into a more open area.
From here, just keep following the path until the game says something
about mines. Keep running forward. No, see those white things sticking
out of the ground with a wire between them? That's the trip-mine. So
walk up to it and press X to begin the defusion minigame. After it's
defused, head forward. There are 2 sets of trip mines to your right,
and a huge gap in-between them. Just walk through this gap. Now, you
will see one more trip-mine ahead, with a big gap to the right. Ignore
the gap this time because a guard will come down it any second. Defuse
the mine and hide in the shadows ahead until the guard comes by. When he
does, sneak around to the left. Keep close to the rock, and in the
shadows, and neither guard will notice you. Now, keep heading forward
until you see crates to your left. There is a guard here by the fire.
Wait until that guard you saw earlier comes back. He will just walk
up to some crates and turn around, and stay there. Nows your chance,
sneak up behind him and grab him. Drag him away into shadows and kill
him. Now, do the same with the guard by the campfire. You can
interrogate this one. Do it twice and he'll spill the beans about
the bunker. Appaerntly it's down the road past the village. Now,
continue through the area where the guards were and you will soon
come to a wooden platform over-looking a big ledge. Climb up on it,
then jump up and grab the zipline to zip into the next area. Soon you
will hit a tree and stop. Continue forward into another area with huts.
Climb onto the porch of the first hut you come to. Follows the porch
forward and around to the right, and drop off at the end. You should
see a path right in front of you. Run down that path aways, and you'll
get a cutscene where a bunch of soldiers surround you and knock you
out. After that, the game will load.
Mission 1: Part 2

After it loads, you will find yourself in a cell. The good news: we
have made it into the bunker. The bad news: we are locked in a cell
and all our stuff is gone. You will hear a guard outside talking
about taking you to an interrogation room. Run forward into that
small cove with the urinal and do a split-jump. While split, jump
to the cove up above to your right. Lean left and press Triangle
to jump to it. You will grab the ledge. Pull yourself up, and run
through the shaft into a room with pipes. Follow the path to the
left and the game will tell you about horizontal pipes. When you hit
a dead end, jump up and grab the overhead pipe. Press Triangle to pull
yourself up and crawl through the hole in the wall ahead. When you get
through, lower yourself with Square. Now, move the camera down to where
you can see a guard by a table. Climb across the pipe until you are
directly above him, and then drop down on him to knock him out. Pick
up the knife on the table. Seems this thing can break door locks. Go
to the door in the room and break the lock on it, then head on out.
You will see a guard sleeping in a chair ahead, but don't go up to
him. Go down the stairs and hide by the wall, next to the crates. Another
guard will come along and wake him up. After some talking, the second
guard will leave for a smoke and the sleepy guard will sit back down.
Now, crouch and quietly sneak up behind the guard in the chair and
knock him out. Now, quickly but quietly sneak down to the guard at
the end of the corridor, by the door. Grab him, and interrogate him.
He'll tell you that the prisoners are all held on the upper floors.
Interrogate him again and he'll beg you not to kill him and tell you
he has a wife and child...So spare the poor guy's life. Knock him out
with L. Now open the door in front of you and head forward into a small
room with 2 more doors. Savepoint. The left door in here doesn't do
anything, so take the one straight ahead. In here, sneak left just a
little bit and wait for door to close. When it does, sneak right past
the truck and settle down behind it. Look around at the worker. He
goes from the truck to the table every 10-15 seconds. And there is a
big bright spot just to your right, and a switch up ahead. Wait
for the worker to go to that big cage, then back to his table. While
he's working at the table with his back turned to you, quickly run
through the bright spot and pull that swith in the corner. Now, hide
behind that cage, the guard is coming down. He'll walk up to the wall
and stop, then turn back and go back up the stairs. When the worker
guy isn't looking, run to the right behind the big crates and keep
until you reach the brightly-lit corner. Move the camera to the left
and you'll see the stairs to the upper levels, just ahead. So run
around to the left into the shadows and up the stairs. Now, we just 
need to take care of the guard up here. There is a shadowy area at the
very top of the stairs, so wait there and watch the guard up ahead.
When he turns and starts walking off to the right, quickly run forward
up the stairs and when you get to the first door, dive into the top-
left corner to become completely invisible. The guard will come walking
your way, turn, and go back. When he starts heading back, sneak up to
the first door on your left and open it. In here, there is a medkit on
the left wall and a vent shaft at the top of the right wall. Heal if
you need to and climb up into the shaft. Crawl through this passage
and drop into the next room at the end. Now, you may have noticed
another door on the far end of the catwalk the guard was patrolling.
Well, that door leads into the room we are in now, just incase you
wondered. Now, see the door in the dark side of the room? Do NOT open
that door, because it leads right out to the guard. Instead, take the
door in the bright area. Careful though, there is a guard torturing
someone on the other side. So bash the door open to take him out.:)
Now, crawl into the open vent shaft at the bottom of the left wall.
Follow the shaft and drop down the hole at the end and the game will
Mission 1: Part 3

After it loads, follow the path until you come to a room with a guard
and hear water running. Look up, and you'll see the guard directly
above you. You are in the shadows though so he can't see you. When
he turns and ealks over to the table, climb out of the pit. He'll
turn around when you do, so run up to him and hit L to knock him out.
He might fire of a few shots while he goes down, but this won't alert
any other guards and will only do a little damage to you. Run through
the open door in the room, down the passage. When you get to an
intersection, just stay in the shadows. A guard will come from the
left path, bop him when he does. Take the left path the guard came
from and you'll come to a room with a loud machine and a big fence
that you can climb. Jump on the fence, then climb up and over to the
right, over the pipes. Drop down on the other side and climb up the
ladder near you. When you reach the top, you will hit a savepoint.
Open the door and go on out. Out here, walk left into the shadows.
You should see a hole in the fence around the catwalk, drop through
it and hang. Now, keep an eye on the ground below. When a guard walks
by under you, drop down on him to knock him out. Now, you should see
a door in a corner of the room with a big light over it. Well, don't
go there yet, or that guard on the upper catwalks may see you. Run
to your left into that little fenced off room and pull the switch in
here. This'll shut off the power in the room, turning out the lights.
Run up to the now-dark door and open it. Run through this passage
into the next room, which has a small fenced-off room in the top-left
corner which is locked with a keypad, and 2 stairways. Take the first
stairway on your left. At the top, take some more stairs to your right.
Run through the open passage in the room at the top, into another room
with a guard sitting in a chair at the far end. Sneak up on him and
grab him, then knock him out. There is a medkit to the right if you
need it. Open the door to the left of his desk and you'll find yourself
in the prison area. Run up the path and break open the second cell.
In here, you'll find Shetland. You'll have a short conversation and
learn the code to that keypad-locked door in the stair-filled room:
7802. Note there is another door at the end of the prison hall, but it
won't open. So head back a few rooms and open that big cage with your
code. Inspect the big bag on the table in here and you'll finally get
all your stuff back. Checkpoint. Remember those stairs we went up?
Well, a guard is coming down them. So, hide in the shadows behind them.
When he walks up to your left and stops near the keypad room, sneak up
behind him and grab him, knock him out. Well, thats it for the guards!
Run all the way back to the prison hall and you'll find that the door
has been opened. Run through it and inspect the door at the end of
the passage. Lockpick it open and go through. Now crouch. In the room
ahead, there is a guard sitting at a table, very close to where you
enter. Sneak up on him, grab him, knock him out. Run up the stairs
in the room and toward the door, then the game will load.
Mission 1: Part 4

After it loads, head forward and you'll hear guards talking. See that
tent ahead, slightly to the left? They are in that. Now, do you see
those plants? Sneak up to them. The path to the right and the rows of
plants are all well-lit, but infront of the tent there is a very dark
row of plants. Run down that and just keep running until you are
clar of the plants. When you come out on the other side, run to your
left and up the wooden path. There will be several tripmines along
the way, disable them all. At the end of the path, rappel down the
wall. At the bottom, turn on nightvision and climb up the 2 rock-like
platforms ahead of you. When you can go no further, climb up some
vines to your right. At the top, run forward and drop down. You know,
we are almost done with this level, so lets just shoot our way through
here! Not so fast though. Sneak up behind those crates ahead to the
right, a guard is standing guard behind them. From the shadows, shoot
him in the head. Another guard is sure to come, so get him too. Now,
head on forward. In this next little village thing, there is only one
guard in a hut. Kill him, then work your way to the upper-left side of
the area and go around one of the huts. Checkpoint. Turn on nightvision
and look down to your left. Crawl through the hole in the fence. Ok,
lets stop the shooting rampage, this is our chance to be stealthy
again. In this area, you should see a hut ahead, several small trees,
and lots of darkness to your right. Go into the dark where you are
well-hidden, and get to the fence. Now, stay as close to the fence as
possible and work your way around the area. Soon you will get to a
guard, who turns and starts walking toward you. Get back a bit and
soon he'll stop. Now, sneak up to him until you are very close. When
he turns his back and starts to head back, grab him. Knock him out.
Drag him over behind the table ahead and knock him out. Now, continue
through the area along the fence and you'll reach a path leading
around to the left. Follow this long path and eventually you'll see
a zipline ahead. There is a guard over to the right, sitting on
some rocks. Kill this guy, there is no getting past him. Once he's
dead, jump onto the zipline and slide down. At the bottom, get into
the water, crouch and crawl under the log in front of you. Run
forward and climb up a log onto some rocks. Checkpoint. Continue
forward and guards will come running. There is no getting past these
guys, and we gotta take them all out! Get behind the big rock ahead,
pull out your gun. Now, slowly move out from behind the rock, just
enough to get a shot at their heads, and shoot. Careful, these guys
fire back quick, so if you miss, your gonna get shot. When they are
dead, continue forward through the next area. Eventually you'll come
to some crates and 1 more guard. Use the crates for cover and kill
him. Now, climb the rocks right of where he was standing. At the top,
run forward and drop down onto the road. To your right, you should
see a small group of huts and an American flag. Run toward them, and
the mission will end. Yay, we FINALLY finished Mission 1! You will 
now get the mission debriefing. Save.

Mission 2: GFO Oil Rig, Georgian Waters, Caspain Sea
               October 27th, 2004, 9:38

Objective: Retrieve Georgian Communication Data.

Ahh, the good ol' Caspain Oil Rig level from Splinter Cell 1. When
the mission begins, climb the ladder in front of you. At the top, run
forward a bit and walk out onto the pipes to your right. Run across
them and down the pathway ahead. When you get to pipes blocking your
path, jump up and grab the overhanging pipe. Pull yourself up, crawl
forward over the pipes, and drop down. You'll hear some soldiers
talking about blowing up the bridge to the oil rig. Drop off the right
side of this path and hang, then shimmy right. When you can't go any
farther, pull yourself up. Now, crouch and walk under the thing to the
right, onto the big red pipe. Get onto the first platform to your
right, with the poll. Jump up and grab the zipline here. As you slide
down, the area ahead of you will blow up. That must have been the
bridge. On the top-left corner of this platform, there is a small bar
you can climb. So crouch and go under the big red pipe and up to the
top-left corner, avoiding the fire, and climb the bar. Climb as high
as you can, above the red pipe, then turn so that your back is facing
the pipe and drop off. You should land on the big red pipe. Just drop
into the hole in the pipe and follow the path until the game loads.
Mission 2: Part 2

Run forward and climb the ladder, and open the hatch at the top and
climb out. You'll get a cutscene of the tech guy we are after. See
that briefcase he's holding? Well, that thing has the data we need.
Unfortunatly, we'll have to follow after the guy for the rest of the
level to get it, without him spotting us. So, turn around and
you should see some catwalks and a boat. We need to get to that.
First, just stay in the shadows and let the technician and his 2 guards
move on. Keep an eye on them. When you see them crossing the catwalk
to the upper-left and disappear into the upper areas of the rig, that
is your chance to move. Note that one guard will stay behind. Now, look
to your left and up a bit, and you should see a red pipe coming out
from the platform. Get onto it, then jump up and grab the yellow-black
bar, right side. Shimmy all the way to the right, under the catwalk.
When you come out on the other side, pull up through the small gap.
Now, climb up onto the catwalk just to your left. Now, we need to get
rid of that guard. He is pretty much impossile to sneak past, so pull
out your gun, climb up the stairs, and when he gets near you, shoot
him in the head. Oddly enough, this won't attract anyone. Once he's
dead, continue down the catwalk and up to the stairs at the end. The
game will load.
Mission 2: Part 3

As soon as this area begins, the whole place will shake and you will
be informed that the rig is being bombed by the Air Force. Man, why
couldn't they have waited 5 more minutes!? Anyway, get into the shadows
to the left. The door to your left is jammed, so ignore it for now.
Down the path, you will see 2 guards talking. Eventually, one of them
will head off to the left, leaving the other behind. He'll wonder
around a bit, then head off left as well. Now, run down the path, and
when you get to the shadowy area, stop. Keep as far left into the
shadows as you can. Wait for a bit and one of the guards will come
back, then turn his back to you and look at the flaming barrels
blocking the path. Get up behind him and knock him out, then head on
left down the path. When the path splits, take the right path, as the
left one leads to nothing. When you get to a corner and a path leading
left, stop, and peak around the corner. When the soldier down there
shuts up and moves on, continue down the path. When you get to the
leaking tank and the rig shakes again, stop and peak around the corner
at the 2 soldiers. One will go into a room, leaving the other behind.
Just stay there and wait. Eventually, the technician and a soldier will
start blabbing about a door being stuck, and decide to go around. Keep
waiting and you'll get a call from Lambert telling you to go get the
technicians breifcase. The rig will now shake again. We better finish
this mission fast. Sneak up on that guard and knock him out, or shoot
him, whatever you want. Now, go into the big room to your left that
the soldier was guarding if you need to heal, because it has a medkit.
If not, just continue on down the path. Take a right at the end and
go left at the next turn. You should see some burning barrels here,
and a big red machine on down the path to the left. Go up to this
machine and climb up on it, then jump up and grab the pipe. Pull up and
crawl across it through the opening and into the room. You'll see the
technician run out of the room and a soldier go crazy shooting up
computers and servers. Keep going until you can't anymore, and drop
down onto one of the two shelves. Drop down from them into the gap
between the two, and wait for the guard to stop shooting. When he does
stop and turns to the right, get behind him and knock him out. Now,
run through the passage to the right of the computers and up the stairs.
Checkpoint. You'll get a scene of a chopper blowing up. Continue up
the stairs. When you reach the top, you'll see a guard walking around.
Shoot him down, or shoot one of those barrels to blow him up. When he
is dead, continue toward the big red tanks and down the passage. Turn
right at the end and run down the dark passage. At the end, turn right
again and run forward until you get a scene. Remember that jammed door
at the beginning of the area? Well, Mr. technician just ran through it.
Continue forward and down the stairs. Open the gate at the bottom and
open the now-unjammed door to your left. There are 2 doors in this
room, one blocked by a barrel and the other one behind the big pipes,
near a red light. Take the not-blocked door by the light. After heading
through it, the rig will shake yet again, and we'll get a 1:15(75 second)
countdown. I don't think this rig will hold much longer!!! Take the
left path toward the gushing pipe and turn left. Here, you'll find
the technician crouched, seemingly attempting to hide. Grab him and
interrgate him for some critical plot stuff, then knock him out and
take the briefcase to end the mission.

Mission 3: Belgrade City, Yugoslavia

Objectives: Locate and destroy the missle shipments on the ship, then
destroy the missle launcher in the old building.

More coming sometime!

7. To unlock the bonus missions, just highlight the mission you want
to play, hold down select and keep pressing L+R until it unlocks.
Walkthroughs coming soon!

8.Q:How on earth do I equip other weapons/gadgets!?!?

A: You can't do this from the OPSAT inventory menu, you must hold
UP on +pad until a box appears that contains your weapons/gadgets.
You select them from that.

Q: How do I unlock the bonus missions?

A: Highlight the one you want to unlock, then press and hold select
and push L+R until it unlocks.(Thanks to the Cheat Codes and Secrets
section of GameFAQS for this)

That's all the FAQs I know right now.

9.This guide belongs to me, and me alone. NO ONE may reproduce, copy,
or sell this guide for money, in part or full. That's breaking the law,
and comes with severe criminal penalties.

However, I will allow any game site to host this guide if they wish
to do so. There are very few or no guides for Splinter Cell: Essentials
out there, so I would appreciate it if this guide was spread around as
much as possible. Thank you.

(C) 2006, The Blue Ottsel

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