PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From JMMSTRJY (10/12/2006; 624KB) 100%, all master system rewards and 50% treasure hunt rewards
  2. From stretch2k (07/12/2006; 625KB) 73% Complete, Begining of Nepal, Croft Manor Complete, No Tomb Trail attempted, Some costumes unlocked, Pistol upgrades at 2, Save Slot 2
  3. From Thespian80 (07/15/2006; 625KB) 87% Finished; 3 of 3 Pistol Upgrades, most Outfits unlocked, saved in the final battle.
  4. From kohakusango (07/21/2006; 624KB) 96% complete all cheat codes unlocked. most of everything else is done. check it out
  5. From Thespian80 (08/09/2006; 623KB) 98 % all cheats unlocked, most of everything else, including Amanda as an outfit.
  6. From DARKANUBIS (07/14/2006; 632KB) It has 100% rewards and one cheat, which is excalibur.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From mardukkurios (06/22/2006; 635KB) 100 % Complete, All Cheats, Sketches, Character Files and All Treasures, 2 or 3 Costumes missing. Very Special Thanks to TonberryKing05 for mastering the Time Trials! Thanx!!!
  2. From jackandstan (07/17/2006; 639KB) 100% complete 2 costumes missing all cheats croft manor complete all awards found
  3. From mardukkurios (06/21/2006; 630KB) 90% Completed
  4. From TonberryKing05 (06/21/2006; 627KB) 97% complete, a few rewards left to find. Croft Manor 100% done. All cheats unlocked, and all time trials completed.
  5. From Thorpe (09/17/2006; 630KB) Picked up all bronze, silver and gold rewards in Croft Manor. First level has been completed (Bolivia). 14% done.

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