PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From blitzdn (12/12/2005; 170KB) 'Paramedic,' 'Vigilante,' and 'Firefighter' Missions complete. 0 deaths, 0 busts. Has good weapons for first island. No cheats used.
  2. From IrreverentElx (01/18/2018; 169KB) [PSP SAVE] Only first mission complete. All hidden packages picked. Made with help from Badinfo (YouTube). God be with you!
  3. From Mystersteman (01/14/2006; 161KB) 100% achieved, 100 days passed, 0 busteds/Wasteds Bulletproofs and rare vehicles in garage (AA bike etc), 0 cheats used, Good weapons
  4. From GranTurismo814 (04/23/2006; 159KB) 100% Complete No cheats used. Enjoy. ' The Associate ' Criminal Rating. Bullet Proof Cars in Stauton Garage.
  5. From darkzero297 (11/14/2005; 159KB) 100% Completion. Great weapons, lots of ammo, awesome vehicles. Portland: Avenger BP/ Staunton: Land Stalker BP, Hellenbach GT/ Shoreside Vale: Banshee, Infernus, Cheetah. Fantastic file, enjoy! ^_^
  6. From 5488paul (11/01/2005; 222KB) 100% Enjoy
  7. From blitzdn (12/08/2005; 154KB) 100%; 95 game days passed; Never busted or wasted; no cheats used; Criminal Rating: Hitman; Highest media attention: Stuff of Legends; Bullet proof vehicles: PCJ-600, Angels bike, Landstalker; USA version; Goes in save slot 3.
  8. From skaterdude9105 (12/19/2005; 158KB) 23%, last mission: driving mr. leone, 40 hidden packages, $141,571, some side missions complete. Weapons: sniper, brass knucks, bat, pistol,shotgun,mp5,ak47.
  9. From skaterdude9105 (12/21/2005; 158KB) 29% last mission: night of the livid dreads 99 days: $305,272. bike salesman complete. some other side missions complete. lots of guns and lots of ammo. 41 hidden packages. no cheats used
  10. From blitzdn (12/17/2005; 169KB) All possible side missions/odd job/rampages/hidden packages/unique stunts/RC races complete, no story missions complete. See included readme.txt 50%, $193,356, Never busted or wasted. Rank: Hatchetman[2719] Goes in slot 4.
  11. From moey_q8 (07/02/2006; 159KB) all story missions complete side missions not complete
  12. From keviepoo2626 (11/14/2005; 159KB) All story Missions Complete. %80 Complete, 150 Health & Armor, all Taxi, Fire & Ambulance missions complete, 91 Hidden Packages, 12 Rampages, 9 Unique Stunt Jumps, All 10 Bumps & Grinds, All Street races, 2 Tanks @ Staunton
  13. From kenolak (10/27/2005; 160KB) All storyline missions done, $573K, Day-56, 44%, No cheats used, No sidemissions done.
  14. From gtty788 (10/26/2005; 163KB) Begining of Stunton Island, about 20% complete
  15. From Alexis_007_bond (09/23/2006; 157KB) BEST SAVE GAME HERE!!! 100% COMPLETE!!! Bulletproof cars in shorside garage, black cars in staunton and portland garage, lot of ammos for every best weapons, 750 000$, Day 127 and absolutely no cheats used!!!
  16. From skatefreak_2004 (03/11/2006; 270KB) Cheat maker skatefreak_2004@yahoo.. Latest version and has extra cheats such as ramps. to access extra cheats load game like a gamesave. Then L+UP to enter and exit menu. go to bottom of cheat maker and press RIGHT to access more.
  17. From ZAK8 (08/07/2006; 160KB) EU Saved Game - 100% completed - Black Cheetah & Infurnus at Staunton Garage - Black Hellenbach GT, Deimos SP & Phobos VT at Shoreside Vale Garage - BlackThunder Rodd at Portland Garage - Cheats Used - Lots of Money & Best Weapons
  18. From cheesemoo0 (08/14/2006; 163KB) Gun with that kills in 1 shoot with unlimited bullets. 50% done. 100 hidden packages found. Cheats used. Paramedic and Avenging Angels all complete.
  19. From themm (10/27/2005; 164KB) Just got to Shoreside Vale, Money=$53795, 34% Complete. Weapons=Bare Knuckles, Katana, Motolovs, Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi, M16, Sniper Rifle
  20. From RockStarGame (12/17/2005; 176KB) Never death, Never busted, all stars evaded. Saved right before Clam Before Strom mission, PCJ600 from Biker Heat mission still in garage, and NO Button cheat used.
  21. From Optimo21 (11/10/2005; 165KB) Saved right before Calm Before the Storm, so you can fly the helicopter
  22. From crecencio (04/08/2007; 160KB) Stauton Island ,47%, day 110, $3543136 main missions complete cheats used
  23. From lolmonster12 (03/04/2012; 146KB) This is a eu save and 100% completed with a Hunter Helicopter
  24. From klausbaudelaire (06/23/2006; 168KB) Ultimate Game Save: 25%. Everything that can possibly be completed before the missions begin in Portland are finished with no cheats : Exception of Vilgilante missions, which can easily be done later in a tank. V2.0 Save. ; )

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Ugly_mugly (01/14/2006; 157KB) 100% Complete, Day 120, $55292225, Criminal Rating: Butcher (16908). No cheats used
  2. From finn_74 (01/27/2006; 154KB) 100% Complete, no cheats used, for Australian Version
  3. From KarlMG (11/16/2005; 160KB) 100%.$956,617.All Mission Completed.All Rampages,Packages and Unique Jumps Completed.Never Busted or Wasted
  4. From JordanKnight92 (01/25/2006; 165KB) 33% Complete - 1 Shoreside Mission Complete - $24792 Money
  5. From geoffrey341 (04/30/2006; 160KB) All Missions Completed-Unlimeted Ammo-All Packages Found-And Rampages(M60)-Manchez in Shorside Vale Garage!-Love Media Completed-99999999 Money (I Think Thats The Right Ammount Of 9)
  6. From Thorpe (11/05/2005; 161KB) All missions for Portland completed. Starts from safehouse in Staunton Island ready for all those island's missions to be completed. No cheats have been used.
  7. From Game_Champion (11/06/2005; 158KB) All Story Mission Completed , 42% , Day 74 , $131000480. Cheetah Infernus and V8 Ghost stored in Shoreside Garage . Infernus , Cheetah and Banshee Stored in Staunton Garage . Cheetah Stored in Portland Garage.
  8. From Game_Champion (11/07/2005; 503KB) All Story Mission Completed , 45% , Day 90 , $13164167. Cheetah Infernus and V8 Ghost stored in Shoreside Garage . Infernus , Cheetah Infernus and Hellenbach GT Stored in Staunton Garage .All cars delivered to Love Media
  9. From Cameron977 (04/21/2014; 157KB) CHALLENGE SAVE FOR 100%
  10. From ZAK8 (08/16/2006; 160KB) EU Saved Game - 100% completed - Black Cheetah & Infurnus at Staunton Garage - Black Hellenbach GT, BFInject' & Phobos VT at Shoreside Vale Garage - BlackThunder Rodd at Portland Garage - Cheats Used - Lots of Money & Best Weapons
  11. From Medalgod (11/15/2005; 159KB) GTA: Liberty City Stories main missions complete about 40 %
  12. From RAI_ON (08/04/2007; 163KB) Helicopter saved in garage, (use a bike to push it out) this save is NOT hacked. Enjoy!
  13. From Medalgod (11/17/2005; 163KB) Portland Complete 19% Day 21, 2 hidden packages $28793, Armour and health (full) No Staunton Island missions done, all ready for you to do
  14. From Thorpe (11/06/2005; 159KB) Shoreside Vale unlocked. Ready for missions on that island to be completed. No cheats used. 35% complete.

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