Review by HojoojoH_2

Reviewed: 05/17/05

Untold Legends. Crisp, Clean, and overall fun to play!

This is the first Action Adventure RPG to hit the PSP. And it might just be the best PSP game yet!

Graphics: This game looks great, and if you zoom into the action its extremely crisp. You can see great details on the environments, weapons, and enemies. Your character also has a huge amount of detail on him, every weapon and piece of armor you equip appears on your warrior in game. The combat looks good as well. Definitely the best graphics I have seen on a portable yet. 10/10

Sound: This is where the game fails to impress. The background music is your generic fantasy tune. Its like a MIDI track from an Atari ST game. Its pretty lame, the footsteps have 2 different sounds, The clanging of metal is either a low pitch or a high pitch clang. The monsters have the odd grunt or two as they die, as does your character. The sound could be improved ALOT. 6/10

Game play: This is how you get hooked. You create a character after choosing a class, each with its own advantages and dis-advantages. You then work throughout the huge world doing quests for some people too lazy to get off their asses and do it their selves. It is a bit repetitive, but surprisingly fun. You go and face large strong enemy's and gather special items to then return to your various bosses. You then get experience and money which can both be used to upgrade you characters abilities and strength. This game is ADDICTIVE!!! The constant need to upgrade keeps you battling and gathering items. 10/10

Replay Value: This will keep you coming back for more. The multiple characters will make you want to beat the game numerous times, as each can use unique weapons. The multi-player is also very fun, and even if you've beaten the game you can help your friends through the many quests.

Overall: 9/10
A great game for any PSP owner looking for a fun RPG with excellent graphics. With games like this, this early in the PSP's "career" its gonna be fun to see whats coming in the future for this amazing portable.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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