Review by Derkin

Reviewed: 04/14/05

Nothing you haven't played before, I promise.

I've had Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade since I got my PSP, I've played it a bit everyday since then. I honestly have fun playing the game. Saying that, I still can't give it higher than a five. This game has absolutely nothing remotely original in it, aside from it's extremely diluted story. Everything has been ripped from games like the Diablo series, Champions of Norrath and tons of other hack-and-slash RPGs.

Gameplay: 7

One button (X) is for Melee/Ranged attacks depending on which type of weapon you currently have equipped. You are given two buttons to map your skills/spells to (Triangle and Circle). There are several skills for each character, however, two is all you really need since the "useful" include two active skills while the rest are passive. Playing a melee character pretty much insures that you'll spend the majority of the game mashing on the X button, skills are optional there. The controls are really straight-forward, anyone who has played a hack-and-slash before will play just fine.

Graphics: 6

UL's graphics are pretty much mediocre. They look great for a handheld but compared to some of the other games already on the PSP, and some on the way, they just look bland. Moving around quickly tends to make your surroundings fuzzy. The areas tend to blend into each other, sometimes its hard to tell the difference between things you can walk on and those you need to run around. Character animation is pretty smooth and the armors look nicely detailed. Many of the enemies have a creepy look to them, even if there are only about 8 types of them in the game.

Story: 3

I don't care for the story at all. It is pretty much the basic, save your world from the darkness thing we've all seen and heard before. Your character wins a tournament to become the Guardian of the newly elected Crown. The titles are supposed to be more ceremonial than anything, but when the town is attacked at night by giant spiders (yeah, you heard me) you're forced to truly become a Guardian. The rest of the game's story plays out like this: Find an NPC with "!" over the head, hear their problem, run and kill whichever boss stole/resides/kidnapped whatever, kill it, return for an item. Yawn.

Sound: 6

I didn't know all skeletons scream like a girl when they're struck down, not to mention that they sound exactly like the ghosts I killed in the last level. The music is boring, especially after playing Lumines, but some of the combat SE are decent enough.

Ingenuity: 1

They get a 1 since they wrote their own "original" storyline. Aside from that, everything is taken from other games. I've seen most of these skills before; compounding items with Runes and gems has been done. Boss fights are extremely uninspired (you fight two Dragons in the game, both different in name/character, but both fight the exact same, look the exact same and are on levels completely identical.

If you haven't played this type of game before I'm sure you'll have a blast, but if you're a vet of the hack-and-slash genre don't come looking to UL for anything new or exciting, it is just another of the same.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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