Is there a place where you can store items besides in your pack?

  1. Is there like a treasure box, or a place where you can go store items you would like to keep for later in the game, or do you just have the space on your person?

    User Info: RShibby9

    RShibby9 - 11 years ago

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  1. Just your backpack, there is no chest as far as I know.

    User Info: Exvelocity

    Exvelocity - 11 years ago 1   0


  1. Unfortunately, I have not found anyway to actually store items somewhere else besides in your backpack. There is a lengthy alternative though . . . and by all means if you are really adamant about storing items elsewhere then feel free to give this a try:

    1. Make as many or as few "bank characters" as you like. Obviously it is all personal preference as to what Class to pick.

    2. Host or join a multiplayer game with the character that has the items you want to store elsewhere.

    3. While in the multiplayer game, drop whatever items were identified in Step 2.

    4. Have another person that is also in that multiplayer game pick up those items.

    5. Disconnect from the game WITHOUT saving the game.

    6. Have the other person disconnect WHILE saving the game.

    7. Host or join a new multiplayer game with a "bank" character.

    8. Have that same person you gave the items to join the game (or have that person host and you join his does not matter either way).

    9. Trade the items back to your "bank" character.

    10. Disconnect and SAVE the game this time.

    Obviously I would HIGHLY recommend doing this method ONLY with people that you know and/or trust. This can be an effective method for achieving what you are asking. The major downside IMO is that you also need to have a lot of patience. You will have to sit through quite a few loading screens by the time you have finished a round of "stashing" items to your "bank" character. I hope this helps and as a final disclaimer, use this method at your own risk. Good Luck.

    User Info: PaladinPete

    PaladinPete - 11 years ago 0   0

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