PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File08/19/09agilwmelsa123186K
100% expansion done,year 6 summer 16, 600.000+ gold married with popuri, have baby
Save Game File03/12/16Syarawa186K
9999G,married with karen,year 1
Save Game File07/02/09agilwmelsa123186K
Main name Agil, Birthdate 15 Fall, Farm name Mutbun Farm, dog's name example, 7 chickens but 4 chickens laying gold eggs, 2 cows, 2 cows laying gold milk, 2 sheeps, 1 sheep laying gold wool,horse(name
Save Game File11/30/08noriahong392K
money 350,000 gold
Save Game File05/08/10kyle_castillo14186K
Name is Kyoya, Namimori Farm, all expansions done, married karen and have a baby, money is 2 Million
Save Game File05/02/08jamespaulo5186K
Name:Mouri Farm , 8 Chickens(1Gold Laying Egg),1 Cow, 1 Horse , Summer 28 Year 2 , Married with Popuri,All expansions done , 100,000+gold, Open the folder to get the real file
Save Game File06/25/15Rikudo_Rico186K
Year 1, summer 9 - Name:Rico, Married with karen, house 80% expanded, money 99999

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File05/07/08pspLOverz373K
Bagus Farm, 10 chickens(1 gold laying egg),3 cow, 1 horse, spring 10 year 5, Married with elli, All expansions done, 300,000+ gold, you can open the file. enjoy it.

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