PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File03/31/08obiwankenobi702139K
100% Complete, Saved Right Before Last Boss, Everything Unlocked, Level 99, Gil 999999999, Stats 255
Save Game File11/22/17Alex69139K
100% story complete up to 'portal of severance' and 100% side mission completed, all items and materia gained and mastered all materia and maximum HP(99999),SP(99999999),AP(999),MP(999),Lv.99 obtained
Save Game File05/14/09Silver258139K
An Amazing Start right after the intro mission all max stats all items and DMW all materia slots and armor slots are open alo max gil its on Hard Mode and it has great equipment
Save Game File07/19/08BigRedManny139K
Hard Mode. Lvl 99. All DMW and missions at 100% and all shops unlocked. All Genji equipment, Divine Slayer, and Heike Soul. Saved right before the final boss.
Save Game File06/25/08Model_ZX139K
Lv92, Saved Before Last Boss, All DMW 100%, All Genji Items, has Divine Slayer, Most Missons Complete, All Shops, Has some good Master Level Materia
Save Game File03/25/08Haruyuki139K
New Game ++. All Materia + 'RED' materia, All items, All DMW, All missions. All shops.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File09/14/07L_O_S156K
Before last genesis fight - level 34 - play time 11:58:05 - gil 95913 - mission- 6%
Save Game File09/29/07ViewtifulPino149K
Lv. 88 Missions 100% 69:00:00h before final boss
Save Game File10/13/07derka-derka149K
lvl 93. All summons, 100% mission+DMW, All genji items, Sould of Heike item, Zeiderich(+100 all stats), Super ribbon, Saved b4 Genesis Avatar
Save Game File09/14/07nicodemus82149K
Perfect start (max stats/hp/mp/gil etc)
Save Game File09/16/07TheMatrixMaster149K
Saved at the first save point - Level 99 - Max Stats - Max Gil - All Items (x99) - All Materias - All Shops Unlocked - 100% DMW
Save Game File09/17/07Mochito26156K
Saved before the final battle - Level 41 - 12 DMW - Time 18:40:35 - 9999 HP - 90573 Gil - Includes Nibelheim vault item
Save Game File09/13/07TheMatrixMaster149K
Saved right before fighting Ifrit - Level 7 - Time 1:02:58 - Gil 2696

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File06/30/08making150K
Crisis Core 100% lvl 91 divine slayer*2 + heike soul + genji item3/4 ( hard_mode) in ng ++/ before final boss
Save Game File06/01/09Zaionel154K
ITA Lv 52 - Before Final Boss
Save Game File11/05/08liamnoone92156K
Lvl 81| 100% Missions| 100% DMW | All Genji | Divine Slayer | Heike Soul | 100 Materia(All Mastered, None Duplicates/Copies)
Save Game File06/27/08Semtex_Jack299K
LVL 99, Missions 100%, 4xGenji Items, DMW 100%, Heike Soul. New game+, also includes Pre-final boss save.
Save Game File06/24/08xeriousxt149K
new game + lvl 35 + 14% missions + 14 DMW

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