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The big question: To get a PSP for this, or not. Make your choice after reading this review. 01/08/08 Absolute Steve
Emotional men with big phalic weapons must stop a poetry reciting she-man by pressing X 04/18/08 Chaotic_Fusion
Angels Have But One Dream! 05/27/08 Darksun45230
Crisis Core - The spin-off we've been waiting for 10/18/07 Mochito26
If nostalgia alone could make a good game ... : Review of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 04/30/08 SnyperWolf
Frustrating and disappointing. That's all that needs to be said, really. 05/01/08 Tensh_Issen
Faithful to the FFVII universe and a fun game on its own 05/08/08 Angelo Heartilly
Still More Fanservice 03/20/08 Arkrex
Corran450's Review Series Vol.2: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 04/28/08 corran450
My Crisis Core review vs a 'Loveless' quote from Genesis - Which will bore you more? Read to find out. 04/07/09 Crack Addict
Heroes aren't born, they're created...and have giant swords and spiky hair! 04/14/08 CrimsonGear80
Crisis Core: A new look into the Final Fantasy VII universe. 03/31/08 Darrenito
Crisis Core, an EPIC Prequil to the Original 07/15/08 Game_Reviewer
For the love of God, someone please stop Square-Enix from trying to be cool. 03/12/10 Great_Khan
Gameplay is Full of Kinks, but the Final Product is Enjoyable 04/21/11 Kwing
A Perfect Idea Wasted, But Still Somewhat Done Nicely 04/18/11 LegendofLegaia
Final Fantasy VII Fans Need To Play This Game 05/19/09 LordShibas
"Men cry not for themselves, but for their comrades." 04/01/08 LSSJ_Sephiroth
A Great Addition to the FF7 Compilation 09/14/09 reno385
Through the Eyes of Zack Fair 04/07/08 Res_Novae
Crisis Core is not the same game as FF7, it's better! 03/09/09 Review4You
The finest hour of FF VII 03/05/08 Roy_de_Lamort
...a smart beginning of the Final Fantasy VII world that is perfectly suited for the PSP. 04/28/08 shabulia
Crisis Core -- Time to flex my honesty muscle. 04/21/08 ShadowKnightZX
Old School Gamer says 8.7 05/05/08 Slawdigi
Just like all other Square games of late, pretty graphics eclipsing mediocre gameplay. 04/09/08 YanDaMan263

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