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by ZeoKnight

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/01/17


Thank you for visiting this guide. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game developed exclusively for PSP console, and so far there is no news of re-releasing this 9 years old game in the future. My sole purpose in writing this guide is simply for the sake of my personal achievement. Previously I had played this game with no level up challenge and finished it in around 50 hours. Now I restart the game and write a general walkthrough about it.

There are several notes I need to mention before starting this game.

  • When starting a new game, Normal Mode or Hard Mode can be selected as the difficulty of the game. Hard Mode is intended to be played in New Game+, but it's available if you want a real challenge from your first playthrough. I should emphasize that this game's Hard Mode is quite challenging for first-time players. Your opponents have much better stats (double or even triple their stats in Normal Mode), and their HP can be multiplied by five times or more. If you want to clear the game without having real trouble, just select Normal Mode. There isn't any special reward for clearing the game in Hard Mode. It's only for your personal bragging.
  • As additional note, I write this guide based on Hard Mode, but I still leave some notes for Normal Mode players. For most of the missions you may lower the requirements (equipped materia and accessories), as the opponents are obviously easier than Hard Mode.
  • Actually there are many tips you should need to know, but I leave them in each section when I learned it for the first time. They are better written in this way rather than having a dedicated section to put them together which may cause the information to be cluttered.