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    Missable FAQ by _Mace_

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    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII  Missables FAQ
    By Mason Rhudy, User Name: _Mace_/Mace22
    E-mail: scratchgamer@hotmail.com
    FAQ started 5/7/08 at 2:00 AM
    Version: 1.00
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    1.0 - Copyright
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    Copyright 2007 by Mason Rhudy.  GameFAQs user name: _Mace_
    This FAQ was created solely by me, through my hard work.  You are more than
    welcome to access this FAQ for personal use.  If you are to redistribute
    without me allowing you, you will be punished to the fullest possible extent of
    the law.  You cannot sell for profit or share as your own. I want full credit
    for this piece of work.
    GameFAQs and Neoseeker are the primary sites that will host this FAQ.
    If another site would like to post my FAQ, contact me, and I'll most likely
    agree as long as I'm given credit for the work and there is no alteration made
    to the FAQ.  If you host my FAQ, you are responsible for posting the most
    recent update of said FAQ.  GameFAQs is the only site I'll manually update on,
    it's up to you to get the latest version from them.  This is my major concern
    with sites other than Neo or GameFAQs, as long as you can assure me you'll
    update the FAQ, I'll most likely agree to let you host it.
    I will refrain from listing all the sites that host the FAQ here, but know that
    I DO save all my emails concerning my contributions, so all the proof is in my
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    2.0 Introduction
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    This FAQ will detail all of the permanently missable items, materia, mail, 
    Missions, Shops, etc.  That's the long and the short of it.  If you have any
    suggestions or corrections please contact me at scratchgamer@hotmail.com.
    I'm talking UNIQUE things here people, not the Cursed Ring at the beginning of
    the game, or the potion in mission x-x-x, but things that serve a singular,
    specific purpose that can be left behind permanently.  While many of these
    things can be obtained in a second playthrough, not everyone is into replaying
    even a short game just for a few items.
    One quick note before we get started, if you see (M) after the name of an item,
    it indicates that it's Materia.
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    3.0 Missables List
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    3.1 - Missions
    3.2 - Materia
    3.3 - Shops
    3.4 - Items
    3.5 - Mail
    3.1  -    MISSIONS
    *Note that while the cutoff point for missing these missions permanently is the
     end of Chapter 8, there are times before that point where they might be
     temporarily inaccessible due to storyline events.  Rest assured, as long as
     you haven't finished Chapter 8 you can still unlock all of these missions.
    1-2-1: Challenge from Security
    Chapter 3 and on.  Speak to the Shinra Security officer in the LOVELESS block
    of Sector 8.  Becomes unavailable if not unlocked before the end of chapter 8.
    Chests: Remedy, X-Potion
    Reward: Shinra Alpha
    **1-2-2 through 1-2-6 also become unavailable if 1-2-1 is not unlocked before
    the end of Chapter 8.
    C: X-Potion 
    R: Silence (M)
    C: Hi-Potion, Elixir
    R: Four Slots
    C: Soma, Hi-Potion
    R: Force Bracelet
    C: Potion, Hi-Potion, Remedy
    R: Ice Armlet
    C: Elixir, Soma
    R: Fat Chocobo Feather
    **Craftsman Monthly is obtained from the same Shinra security member that you
    spoke to to unlock 1-2-1.  You can't obtain Craftsman Monthly after the end of
    Chapter 8.
    Chapter 4 and on.  Speak to the man in Sector 8 near the top of the stairs in
    the south east area.  Becomes missed if not unlocked before the end of Chapter
    Chests: Remedy
    Reward: Poison Materia
    Chapter 4 and on.  Speak to the woman in the LOVELESS district of Sector 8 about
    her encounter with the chocobo rider to unlock.  Becomes unavailable if not
    unlocked before the end of Chapter 8.
    Chests: Potion, Soma
    Reward: Fire Armlet
    Chapter 5 and on.  Speak to the girl in the Sector 5 market standing near the
    exit to the upper plate to unlock.  Becomes unavailable if not unlocked before
    the end of Chapter 8.
    Chests: Soma, Chocobo Armlet
    Reward: Phoenix Down
    Chapter 5 and on.  Talk to the girl in the Sector 5 Slum streets (near the exit
    to the park).  Becomes unavailable if not unlocked before the end of Chapter 8.
    Chests: None
    Reward: Flame Ring
    Chapter 6 and on.  Speak to the Shinra soldier near the second floor elevators
    of the Shinra building.  Becomes unavailable if not unlocked before the end of
    Chapter 8.
    Chests: Mystile
    Reward: SPR Up (M)
    Chapter 6 and on.  Talk to the Shinra researcher in the Exhibition Room after
    clearing Missions 2-1-1 through 2-1-5.  Becomes unavailable if not unlocked
    before the end of Chapter 8.
    Chests: Four Slots, Drain (M)
    Reward: Ice Ring
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 1st Wutai Spy.  Found in LOVELESS district.
    Chests: X-Potion, Champion Belt
    Reward: Poison Twister (M)
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 2nd Wutai Spy.  Shinra Soldier in Sector 5 market.
    Chests: Feather Cap, Remedy
    Reward: System Shock
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 3rd Wutai Spy.  Man walking out of 2nd floor
    elevators in Shinra building.
    Chests: Elixir, Ether, Thunder (M)
    Reward: Power Wrist
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 4th Wutai Spy.  Woman atop the stairs beyond the
    fountain in Sector 8.
    Chests: None
    Reward: Diamond Bracelet
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 5th Wutai Spy.  Speak to man standing near rocket
    display in Shinra building Exhibition room.
    Chests: Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Phoenix Down
    Reward: Death (M)
    Chapter 6 and on.  Catch the 6th Wutai Spy.  Speak to the new boy in the Sector
    5 park.
    Chests: X-Potion, Elixir, The Happy Turtle (Shop)
    Reward: Mountain Chocobo Armlet
    Chapter 6 and on.  Speak to the two Shinra employees near the front desk on
    the first floor of the Shinra building.  
    If 6-2-1 is not unlocked before the end of Chapter 8, then 6-2-2 through
    6-2-6 will also become permanently unavailable.
    Chests: White Cape, Hi-Potion, Ether.
    Reward: Fact Chocobo Feather x2, Sector 8 Materia Shop
    C: X-Potion, Silence (M), Adamantite
    R: Hero Drink x2
    C: Hp Up+ (M), Elixir
    R: Lunar Harp x2, Sector 5 Materia Shop
    C: Silver Armlet, Fira (M), Soma
    R: Elixir x20
    C: None
    R: Doc's Code
    C: Power Wrist, Elixir, Titanium Bangle, Mp Up+ (M)
    R: Lunar Harp, Sector 6 Accessory Shop
    Chapter 4 and on.  Speak to the SOLDIER member in Briefing Room to unlock.
    Chests: X-Potion, Ether
    Reward: Headband
    **If 7-1-1 is not unlocked before the end of Chapter 8, then Missions 7-1-2
    through 7-1-6 also become permanently unavailable.
    C: Soma, Elixir, Hi-Potion
    R: Star Pendant
    C: Sprint Shoes, Power Wrist
    R: Diamond Gloves
    C: Ice Armlet, X-Potion
    R: Pearl Necklace
    C: Blizzara (M), Elixir, X-Potion, Mythril Gloves
    R: Snow Armlet
    C: Mystile, X-Potion, Hi-Potion, Blizzara (M)
    R: Sprint Shoes
    **After finishing 7-1-6 you can obtain the Premium Tires from the SOLDIER with
    whom you spoke to unlock 7-1-1.  This item cannot be obtain after Chapter 8.
    Chapter 3 and on.  Speak to the Materia researcher in the Materia Room on the
    SOLDIER floor.
    Chests: Potion
    Reward: Spirit Mako Stone
    **Note that if 8-2-1 is not unlocked before the end of Chapter 8, then Missions
    8-2-2 through 8-2-6 also become permanently unavailable.
    C: Potion, Soma
    R: VIT Mako Stone
    C: Hi-Potion
    R: MAG Mako Stone
    C: MAG Up (M), Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Ether
    R: Hp Mako Stone
    C: X-Potion, Phoenix down
    R: ATK Mako Stone
    C: Fira (M), Esuna (M)
    R: LCK Mako Stone
    3.2      Materia
    Phoenix (Summon) Materia    
    - The first Wonder of Nibelheim, Chapter 9.  Speak to the boy standing outside
      of his house to start the Wonders quest.  He'll tell you about the first
      wonder, at this point go inspect the water tower, you'll find the Phoenix
      Materia, and it's all yours.
    - Make sure to obtain this the first time you enter Nibelheim, certain events
      unfold that ensure you won't get another chance to obtain it in this game.
    - To clarify, Summon materia is NOT carried over in New Game+, you'll have to
      obtain this the hard (re: incredibly easy, just late game) way every time.
    DMW Limit Materia
    - Meteor Shots, Lucky Stars, Octaslash, Rush Assault, Air Strike, Healing Wave
      are all DMW materia that can only be obtained from ONE place in this game, and
      that is from the Research Dept. QMC+ Shop, which is unlocked when you find the
      address in a chest in Gongaga in Chapter 10.
    - These materia, like all non-summon materia, are carried over in New Game+.
    - To clarify, these materia simply increase the chance of seeing these Limits,
      they aren't necessary to use the Limits, nor are the necessary to see all the
      DMW scenes.
    3.3      SHOPS
    **Shop access does not carry over to a New Game+
    Research Dept. QMC+      - Found in a chest in Gongaga village in Chapter 10.
                             - Inventory: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Hi-Potion,
                               Meteor Shots, Lucky Stars, Octaslash, Rush Assault,
                               Air Strike, Healing Wave.
                             - Note that this shop is the ONLY way to obtain the
                               DMW materia that it sells.  Missing out on the
                               Octaslash materia especially is a tough run, because
                               it helps greatly to allow Octaslash to activate in
                               the Magic Urn fight in which you can get the Genji
    The Happy Turle          - Found in a chest in Mission 4-3-6, which if not
                               unlocked before the end of Chapter 8 becomes
                               permanently unavailable.
                             - Inventory: Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Cura, Regen,
                               Barrier, Magic Barrier, Dispel, Dash.
                             - Note that there is nothing unique about this shop's
    Sector 5 Materia Shop    - Reward for completing Mission 6-2-3.
                             - Inventory: ATK Up, VIT Up, MAG Up, SPR Up, Poison,
                             - Note that there is nothing unique abuot this shop's
    Sector 6 Accessory Shop  - Reward for completing Mission 6-2-6.
                             - Inventory: Bronze Bangle, Bronze Armlet, Chocobo
                               Armlet, Wrist Band, Bulletproof Vest, Earrings,
                             - Note that there is nothing unique about this shop's
    3.4    ITEMS
    Genji Helm  - Not missable, but you should note that you can only buy this from
                  Network Shop Shade ONCE.  You can buy as many as you like, but  
                  once you make that first purchase you can buy no more until a
                  subsequent playthrough.
                  *Grants No Ap/Mp Cost, Auto Libra
    Genji Armor - Yes, this one is permanently missable.  To obtain this you must
                  unlock all DMW characters and bring their % up to 100 by viewing
                  every scene for every DMW character.  You miss this if you don't
                  pick up the Phoenix Materia in Nibelheim.
                  *Break Hp Limit, Auto Regen, Auto Endure
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
        Flower Wagon Items
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    ***1st Wagon***
    Used Tools   - On the ground just outside of the church, orange mark
    Worn Tires   - Speak with man standing next to truck on LOVELESS Ave.
    Old Lumber   - Speak to the man near accessory shop in Sector 5, pick the
                   name "7th Heaven."
    How to Build
         a Wagon - On the ground outside of the church, must have three other
                   items first.
    ***2nd Wagon***
    Walnut Wood   - Catch all 6 Wutai Spies
    Premium Tires - Finish Mission 7-1-6 then speak w/ Soldier 3rd in Briefing Room
    Mythril Tool  - Finish Mission 2-1-6
         Monthly  - Beat Mission 1-2-6 then speak with Captain in LOVELESS Ave.
    ***3rd Wagon***
    All of the items for the third wagon are won from the squat mini game in the
    training room. Speak with the scientist on the right to play.  Don't worry if
    you screw up, after winning the fourth round you can retry any of the previous
    Shinra Lunch
        Cart Specs - Beat Infantryman (Round 1) with  21+ squats
    Shinra Ceramic - Beat Captain (Round 2) with 29+ squats
    Shinra Treads  - Beat SOLDIER 3rd with 41+ squats
    Shinra Solder  - Beat SOLDIER 2nd with 52+ squats
    3.5     Mail
    For Spoiler's sake I've not included the contents of the mail in this FAQ.  You
    can find the word-for-word entries of any and all mail in my Mail FAQ, which is
    also hosted on GameFAQs.
    3.5.1 - Friends (2)|
    **I'll give you a hint (Cissnei)**
    -Talk to Cissnei during the event in Junon.  After the boss fight with the Gen.
     Tank, there is a mini game in the next area.  After this, ride the gondola up
     one level (right near the entrance from the last area, can't miss it) to view a
     scene with Cissnei.  Shortly after you'll receive the mail from Cissnei "I'll
     give you a hint."
    -Receiving this mail is vital in allowing Zack to receive mail from the Zack
     Club (3 letters).
    **The last wonder (Wonder Hunter)**
    -Once you arrive in Nibelheim you'll find a small boy standing outside of the
     house closest to the town's entrance.  Speak with him to take upon the Wonders
     of Nibelheim sidequest.  
    -Instead of reposting information that I obtained elsewhere, I'll simply give
     you the link to the FAQ I used.  Absolute Steve does great work on his FAQs,
     and this is no exception.  Simply search for "Seven Wonders" and you'll be
     brought to the part of his FAQ concerning this sidequest.
    3.5.2 - Fan Club mail |
    The following Fan Club mail can be permanently missed.  To ensure that you don't
    miss any of the following, you'll want to join the four fan clubs as soon as
    possible.  Red Leather, the Study Group and Keepers of Honor can be joined as
    early as Chapter 3.  The Silver Elite (Sephiroth Fan Club) can't be joined
    until Chapter 6.  The Zack Fan Club can't be joined until Chapter 8, and only if
    you spoke with Cissnei in the optional scene in Junon.
    To be recruited into a Fan Club you need to speak with a member and accept the
    offer to join.
    -Study Group fan is behind the dumpster in an ally in LOVELESS Ave.
    -The Red Leather and Keepers of Honor members are found right outside the Shinra
     building in Sector 8.
    -The Zack Fan Club can only be joined if you spoke with Cissnei during the event
     in Junon.  Optional scene after the Tank boss fight, in the next area ride the
     gondola up one level to find Cissnei.  In Chapter 8, speak with the 
     receptionist on the left at Shinra's front desk.
    -Silver Elite member appears in the Sector 5 park in Chapter 6
    Silver Elite membership test:
    Unlike the other Fan Clubs you join, the Silver Elite require that members prove
    themselves to be able to join.  The questions are laughably easy, here are the
    answers anyway.
    1. What's the name of Sephiroth's Sword?
    - Masamune
    2. What is the name of Sephiroth's ultimate attack?
    - Super Nova
    3. What is Sephiroth's dominant arm?
    - Left
    *Note that Keepers of Honor mail is sent to KEEPERS folder.  Red Leather and
    Study Group mail is sent to GENESIS GIRLS folder.  Silver Elite and Zack Fan
    Club mail is sent to HERO NEWS folder.
    **Note that even if you don't join any fan clubs, you'll still receive two mails
    from the Keepers of Honor, one from the Study Group, and two from Red Leather
    near the end of the game.
    Keepers of Honor mail:
    -Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 311 
    -Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 312 
    -Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 313 
    -Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 314 
    Study Group mail:
    -Invitation to LOVELESS
    -Message to members
    -Mystery of the final act
    -Thoughts on "the gift of the goddess"
    Red Leather mail:
    -Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 667
    -Genesis Fan Club Newsletter 668
    Silver Elite mail:
    -The scent of silver winds
    -The memory of silver winds
    -The proclamation of silver winds
    Zack Fan Club
    -Now accepting applications
    -Insider Information
    -All things must pass**
    -Sad News**
    **For the final three letters from the Zack Fan Club, you can only obtain ONE
      in any given playthrough.  There are three special requirements that effect
      which mail you receive, they are:
    1) Join Sephiroth Fan Club
    2) Unite Study Group and Genesis Girls.
    3) Reunite mother and child in Sector 8 before end of Chapter 8
    If you complete all three tasks, you'll receive the best final email, "All
    things must pass."  If you complete two of the tasks, you'll receive the "Sad
    News" email.  If you only complete one task (or none), you'll receive the worst
    email, simply titled "Notice."
    3.5.3 - Shinra Truths mail |
    -To become a subscriber to this periodical you must encounter a reporter in the
     Sector 8 streets during Chapter 6.  Choose the second option (To let him go)
     and you'll begin to receive information on his investigations into Shinra Inc.
    -The following letters become unavailable if you don't encounter the Reporter
     in Sector 8.
     -The truth about SOLDIER A!
     -Investigation reveals Shinra's lies!
     -Hot on the trail of the missing pod!
     -Links to dead SOLDIER operative!
     -Flying SOLDIER man: Dead or alive?
     -The village: What they're not telling!
     -SOLDIER man too weak to fight dog!?
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Thanks to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to SE for another wonderful installment in the FFVII Compilation.
    Thanks to the board users at GameFAQs, a great place for information.

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