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    Minerva Guide by Absolute Steve

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                      ||    FFVII: Crisis Core Minerva Guide   ||
                      ||             Version: 1.40             ||
                      ||       Copyright: Absolute Steve       ||
                      ||       Email: faq@shillatime.org       ||
                      ||      All rights reserved (C) 2008     ||
    ||                    Foreword: Introduction to the FAQ                      ||
    It's  quite simple.  This FAQ  will tell  you how  to get  to Minerva,  a very
    powerful, optional boss in Crisis Core, and how to beat her. This FAQ offers a
    detailed  strategy on  how  to  defeat her,  with  multiple possibilities  for
    equipment. This FAQ also covers the reward(s) for beating Minerva.
    - Absolute Steve
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    ||                            Table of Contents                              ||
     Use Ctrl+F to find what you're looking for, and copy/paste the brackets {}.
     {MIS-9-6-6} Optional Boss Minerva
           {MAX-1} Super Fast Gil & SP
           {MAX-2} Maxing Stats with Materia
           {BAT} Battle Specifics
           {REW} Reward(s)
           {IMG} Images of Minerva
     Version History
    ||                    {MIS-9-6-6} Optional Boss Minerva                      ||
    Minerva  is  the goddess of  the planet. In Mission  9-6-6, she  can be fought
    against.  Since she has  10 million HP and has devastating attacks, be sure to
    prepare yourself well.
    To  start  off, you  should have good  equipment. A Protect  Ring will be very
    useful  to have since it grants Auto-Barrier and Auto-Magic Barrier. It's best
    to  also have 255 Vitality and 255 Spirit, to reduce the amount of damage most
    of Minerva's attacks do. Genji Shield is normally even better than Protect Ring
    since it also absorbs all elemental attacks and blocks all bad status effects,
    but since Minerva doesn't use any elemental attacks or any bad status effects,
    you can consider it to be equal to a Protect Ring.
    You'll  also need Genji Glove (which breaks the damage limit up to 99999, and
    also grants 100% Critical Hits), and Genji Armor (which breaks the HP limit to
    99999  and  also grants Auto-Endurance and  Auto-Regen). These two are just as
    essential as the Protect Ring/Genji Shield.
    The  fourth and  last  accessory should  probably be  the  Genji Helm,  simply
    because  it grants  0 MP/AP consumption (and also Auto-Libra), which will save
    you  a lot of  trouble when Minerva drains away your MP and AP. An alternative
    for  the Genji  Helm is the Ziedrich,  which boosts your Str, Vit, Mag and Spr
    with +100. Use this only if you don't already have max stats, which you should
    have gotten through the use of materia fusion.
    Which brings me to materia fusion. You should fuse materia to boost your stats,
    and  keep in the back of your head that your stats should be at max, or at the
    very  least have 65000+ HP. Minerva's Ultima cannot exceed 64583 damage if you
    have 255 Spirit, Magic Barrier, and if you also Block.
    In short, equip the following accessories:
    - Genji Shield OR Protect Ring
    - Genji Armor
    - Genji Glove
    - Genji Helm OR Ziedrich
    As  for Materia,  you'll definitely want to  be able to heal yourself, so have
    a  Curaga  Materia equipped.  If you  have Genji Helm  equipped you don't need
    to  worry  about MP and AP,  but if you don't,  you should also have a healthy
    stock of Elixirs.
    Equip  the Costly Punch  Materia, as this is the key attack for winning the
    battle.  Costly Punch has  a very high attack power (38 base), plus it does
    more  damage the higher your current HP is (unless you go over your own Max HP
    by  1.11, then  it  does 0  damage).  It also  ignores  the enemy's  Vitality.
    Therefore, Costly Punch can easily inflict 99999 damage versus Minerva. It's
    not  the quickest attack,  but it's still quick enough to be of extremely good
    Also equip a Steal or Mug Materia. You can steal 99 Phoenix Downs from Minerva,
    something  that'll do  you good in this  battle. This way you can maintain the
    ReRaise  status throughout  the whole battle, should anything go wrong. You'll
    need  many  Phoenix Downs, since  Minerva's strongest attack, Judgement Arrow,
    negates all status effects (except Invincibility), so it also negates ReRaise.
    Then  again, 99 should be enough, don't you think? Have ReRaise when you enter
    the battle.
    Also, if you have some time to prepare, get an SP Master Materia and save up on
    a LOT of SP before going into the battle. If your SP Master Materia is mastered
    you will take a full 100% reduction of all damage as long as you have SP. Since
    your SP gets drained VERY FAST, be sure to have over 10 million SP to at least
    last a decent while. You can get this much SP by doing the Gil trick by selling
    the 99 Phoenix Downs from Minerva, getting killed, buy/convert Dualcast Materia
    and .. profit!
    One last note: It may also be useful to increase your Luck stat to 155+. If you
    do this, some of Minerva's attacks cannot do double damage to you anymore. This
    isn't  essential, but  it  can certainly  help. Materia  Fusion  can help  you
    accomplish this.
    So once again, in short, here are the best Materia to equip:
    - Costly Punch 
    - Curaga 
    - Steal OR Mug 
    - SP Master
    With  the proper preparation, half the battle is already fought. If you've got
    max  stats and  the above equipment, the  battle isn't all that hard. It'll be
    long, but not extremely hard.
                    ||       {MAX-1} Super Fast Gil & SP       ||
    Note: This trick does NOT work in the Japanese Version of the game. In that
          version, you will get Game Over if you fail a Mission, thus it won't work.
    Super Fast Gil & SP
    o You must get to Minerva first. I know, that's a hard task, so give it all you
      can. It's going to be worth it.
    o When you have access to the Minerva Mission (9-6-6), equip Brigand's Gloves
      and a Steal/Mug Materia, and enter the battle. Brigand's Gloves make sure 
      that you'll steal with a 100% success rate. The very first thing you'll want
      to do is steal from Minerva, which should be no problem if it is your very
      first command. 99 Phoenix Downs are now yours. Watch how Minerva slaughters
      you, and return at the Save Point.
    o Sell the 99 Phoenix Downs for nearly 500000 Gil at any Shop.
    o Repeat the process until you've gotten a few Millions.
    o Go to Net Shop Shade (you should have it, since you have access to Minerva
      as well; It's in a chest in Mission 9-5-4). Buy yourself a load of Dualcast
      Materia. For one 'run' (500000 Gil), you can buy 16, nearly 17 of these.
    o Go to Materia in your menu and convert these 16 Dualcasts into nearly 290000
      SP! It turns into 18040 SP per Materia, so it's quite efficient! Money is no
      issue either, so it's infinite Gil and SP for you!
    With a large supply of Gil and SP, you can now build any Materia to Max Stats
    without too much effort. Simply buy equipment and keep fusing Materia together
    to get enormous boosts! Detailed information will come soon.
    There are also other methods if you haven't been able to reach Minerva yet, but
    these are much slower. They also require a lot of progress through Missions, so
    in the end they're not all that much worth it.
    Quick SP
    o Mover enemies (three little bouncing balls) give a lot of AP. They appear in
      various Missions. The best would be Three Stars, which appear in Missions
      9-5-2 and 9-5-3, and give 20000 SP a piece.
    Quick Gil
    o Tonberry enemies drop quite alot of Gil. The best would be the Holy Tonberry,
      which drops 20000 Gil. Unfortunately, this is in one of the later Missions,
      9-6-2. Also try Mission 9-4-5 for Tonberry enemies.
                    ||    {MAX-2} Maxing Stats with Materia    ||
    Maxing Stats with Materia
    After receiving various emails on how to do this, I just went and expanded the
    previous section with this section. Using the Minerva trick will make this
    process a breeze for you.
    1. Make a few million SP with the trick in {GEN-3}.
    2. Get 99 Phoenix Downs.
    3. Buy or get the Materia you want to be in the final result. If you want the
       Materia to be an Ultima Materia, get it one way or another (Flare + DMW).
    4. Buy three new, fresh DMW Materia (Research Dept. QMC+).
    5. Fuse the Ultima Materia with a DMW Materia, and use ONE Fat Chocobo Feather
       so you get an Ultima Materia with a HP+% as result.
    6. Fuse your Ultima Materia with an other DMW Materia, and throw in the 99
       Phoenix Downs. This will surely give you a HP +999% Ultima.
    7. This is already a great result. If you want a different stat instead of HP,
       simply fuse the Ultima Materia with the last DMW Materia, and throw in ONE
       Hero Drink OR Adamantite OR Dark Matter OR Mythril OR Gysahl Greens.
    Note: If you need Fat Chocobo Feathers, you can get them from Humbaba in 
          Mission 6-6-6. For a list on the other items, look at {LIS-2}.
    Now take your powerful materia and use them to beat the hell out of Minerva!
    With  the proper preparation, half the battle is already fought. If you've got
    max  stats and  the above equipment, the  battle isn't all that hard. It'll be
    long, but not extremely hard. Let's go over to the battle specifics.
                    ||          {BAT} Battle Specifics         ||
    .==============.                                             .================.
    |Name: Minerva | *20 million HP on Hard Mode.                | Class: Minerva |
    | Level: |  *HP:  |   MP:  | Strength: | Vitality: | Magic: | Spirit:|  Luck: |
    |  100   |10000000| 999999 |    255    |    201    |   255  |   255  |  255   |
    | EXP: 0          | SP: 40000          | Gil: 0    | Auto-Status: ---         |
    |  Fire: |  Ice:  |Lightning:| Gravity:|| Poison: |Silence: |  Stun: |  Stop: |
    | Death: |Blow Away:|Zantetsuken:|Action Time:|Stagger:|Cast Stagger:| Float: |
    |[IMMUNE]| [IMMUNE] |  [IMMUNE]  |   2 sec.   |   5    |  [IMMUNE]   |  [YES] |
    | DROPS: ---  |Common: ---                   |Rare: ---                       |
    | STEAL: 25%  |Common: Phoenix Down x99      |Rare: Phoenix Down x99          |
    | LOCATION(S):| 1. [BOSS] Mission 9-6-6.                                      |
    | ATTACKS:                  | ZACK's VIT & SPR: 255 & 255 + BARRIER + MBARRIER|
    | ========                  '=================================================|
    | Moment Slash   [Physical Attack, 1st Hit: Max 4520 Damage, 2nd Hit: Max 5725|
    |                 Damage. Double Damage if your Luck is below 155]            |
    | Photon Feather [Physical Attack, Max 2712 Damage*x]                         |
    | Crimson Flare  [Magical Attack, Max 30148 Damage]    BLOCK THIS for ~3k DMG.|
    | Cocytus        [Magical Attack, Max 14322 Damage]                           |
    | Thor Hammer    [Magical Attack, Max 21534 Damage]                           |
    | Ultima         [Magical Attack, casting time is only 2 secs, BLOCK AGAINST  |
    |                 THIS or it does 99999 Damage, With Block: Max 64583 Damage] |
    | Anti Material  [Physical Guard for 20 seconds, Casts in 1 sec]              |
    | Anti Magic     [Magical Guard for 20 seconds, Casts in 1 sec]               |
    | Absolute Barrier [Invincibility for 20 seconds, Casts in 2 sec]             |
    | Blessing Light   [Recovers some HP, Casts in 1.3 sec]                       |
    | Judgement Arrow  [Physical Attack, Reduces HP/MP/AP, Scene, No Block,       |
    |                   Max 33150 Damage, Ignores all status effects except       |
    |                   Invincibility]                                            |
    |Strategy: Come equipped with the Genji Shield (or Protect Ring), Genji Armor,|
    |--------- Genji Glove, Genji Helm  (or Ziedrich)  as explained above.  While |
    |Minerva  has a  ton of attacks (only  11 actually, but I like to exxagerate),|
    |there  are only  two attacks that you  should REALLY watch out for, which are|
    |Ultima  and  Judgement Arrow. You know  how to recognize Ultima, and when you|
    |suspect  it's coming, be  sure to BLOCK. If you don't block, Ultima *will* do|
    |99999  damage and it'll either kill you or use up your ReRaise status, if you|
    |still have it. Judgement Arrow is the sequence which looks admittedly awesome|
    |and  does  not only deal a  fair amount of  damage, but also negates all your|
    |status effects, more specifically ReRaise! (It doesn't negate the Auto status|
    |effects,  which is why we have our precious Genji equipped). But the negation|
    |of  ReRaise  is troublesome. Right after  this attack, quickly dive into your|
    |items and use a Phoenix Down. This counters the attack. Also heal immediately|
    |after.                                                                       |
    |Keep the above in mind, and you can start the battle. When the battle begins,|
    |be  sure to  kick in a bunch of  Costly Punches (of which you need to deliver|
    |at  the  very least  101, but  most likely more  because of Minerva's healing|
    |abilities).  You should  steal the 99 Phoenix Downs somewhere at the start of|
    |the  fight,  if not right away,  so you're sure  you have a healthy supply of|
    |those. Be sure to keep your HP above 65000+. If you keep it above that figure|
    |you're  essentially  fine if you block  her Ultima. Keep attacking, dodge her|
    |attacks as much as you can (or maybe better, block them), and keep delivering|
    |your  Costly Punches.  After some  time, she'll  do her  thing and  Judgement|
    |Arrow'll negate ReRaise. You know what to do, just use another Phoenix Down. |
    |When she casts Ultima, block block! (If you're REALLY precise, dodge it..)   |
    |The  fight  will certainly last  a while, but  literally don't let your guard|
    |down and you will come out victorious.                                       |
                    ||             {REW} Reward(s)             ||
    Your reward for clearing Mission 9-6-6 is a Divine Slayer. This accessory will
    increase your HP, MP and AP by +100%, increase all your stats +50, break the
    HP, MP, AP limits, and gives Auto-Libra.
    In addition, if you cleared all Missions (and 9-6-6 is the hardest), you'll
    receive the Heike Soul accessory. This accessory grants a huge amount of
    great bonuses:
    Heike Soul:
    o Break HP, MP, AP, and Damage Limit
    o Add Sudden Death, Poison, Silence, Stop and Stun to 'Fight' command
      (and adds them to some other physical techniques as well)
    o Absorbs All Elements
    o Auto-Potion
    o Increases Drop Rates for enemies
    o 100% successful steal
    o Stolen and Dropped items are 100% rare
    o Doubles Gil, Item/Materia from enemies
    o Smart Consumer Level 1 (increases item effects)
    o Double Magic
    o Auto-Libra
    o SP Master Level 1 (spend SP to increase damage done and reduce damage taken)
    Combine that with Genji Helm and Genji Shield, plus one other thing of your
    choice, and you're a god yourself. The fun thing is, you can re-do any Mission
    you like as often as you want! I'm not sure if you'd actually want to, though..
    Images of Minerva:
    ||                             Version History                               ||
    December 3rd, 2007.
    First version complete. Preparations, Strategies and Rewards covered.
    March 31th, 2008.
    o I now accept Donations. Thanks in advance. :)
    o Updated Guide layout.
    o Added tricks on how to quickly boost Gil/SP/Stats.
    April 9th, 2008.
    o Birthday update. :) 
    o Small corrections here and there.
    June 26th, 2008.
    o Minor additions.
    ||                                 Credits                                   ||
    Main Credits:
    o Kouli:          His FAQ is excellent, and was a reference here and there.
    o CC Ultimania:   What'd you think?
    o Absolute Steve: For writing this Guide, all rights reserved.
    o My Readers:     Thank you for reading this.
    If I missed anyone, please let me know by email.
    ||                                Copyright                                  ||
    This may *not* be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may *not* be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.  Do *not* copy or alter information slightly from this guide, and
    do not present it as your own.  The creation of this guide took a lot of time,
    please respect that.  Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this
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    infringed the copyright of countless FAQs/guides and cheats and has altered
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