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Game Script by SilentTweak

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 01/14/2008

**				                                          **
**                     CRISIS CORE : FINAL FANTASY VII       		  **
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	               Crisis Core Script Translations
                      Author: SilentTweak aka Chocolinx
		           Date: 7:27 PM 05/11/2007
		            Version: v1.9 COMPLETE

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**  Schala-Kitty of AdventChildren.net Forums.  She made contributions    **
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** Table of Contents							  **
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** Chapter 1 - Hold On To Your Dreams                                     **
** Chapter 2 - He Would Never Betray Me                                   **
** Chapter 3 - We Are Not Monsters                                        **
** Chapter 4 - Angels Have But One Dream                                  **
** Chapter 5 - Where Did Everyone Go?                                     **
** Chapter 6 - Never Relinquish The Pride Of A SOLDIER                    **
** Chapter 7 - Is Genesis Really Dead?                                    **
** Chapter 8 - I Might Even Be Abandon By Shinra                          **
** Chapter 9 - I Understand, I'll Come See You.                           **
** Chapter 10 - We Are Heroes                                             **
** Epilogue							          **
**                							  **

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 1		          **
**                                       				  **

Radio: Wutai soldiers have taken control of a Shinra train Muka 93 Type 02. It
is headed towards Sector 8 in Midgar. SOLDIER will be sent to take control of
the situation. So far no change in the enemies movements. Start countdown 3 2 1
mark! Mission Start! Prepare to be dropped off.

Angeal: The train has been commandeered by Wutai soldiers. Your mission is to
seize and regain control of the train.
Zack: Ro---ger!
Angeal: Zack!

Zack jumps out of the helicopter and lands on the train.

Angeal: Be serious about this!

Angeal jumps after him.

Angeal: Zack concentrate! The soldiers on this train aren't of Shinra. Do you

Zack turns around and clinches his fists in excitement. He runs off to make his
way to the engine train. Along the way Zack gets shot at and nearly falls off
the train.

Zack: Whoa. My hand nearly slipped there.

Zack gets back up and rushes towards the Wutai soldiers dressed in Shinra army

Zack: Irasshaimase!

Zack slashes, jumps, hops, dodges everything thrown at him. He eventually makes
it to the engine train and cuts the rest of the trains loose.

Zack: SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack has arrived!

Zack heads to the engine room of the train and stops it at the Sector 8 station.

Radio: Train number Muka 93 Type 02 originated from a situation that began in
Sector 1 train station. Continue on to Phase 2. You will be ranked by your

Zack makes it to the train station in Sector 8. After jumping off the train he
gets a call.

Zack: Zack here.
Angeal: Zack is it going smoothly?
Zack: Angeal, what's going on? The enemy soldiers were Shinra soldiers.
Angeal: Those were Wutai soldiers are using fake uniforms. Next you need to
head up to the area above.
Zack: Sector 8 right?
Angeal: Yeah. But before that you'll need to deal with the intruders at the
Zack: Intruders?
Angeal: You'll soon understand. Don't go running out of breath.
Zack: Should be fine to go wild though right?
Angeal: Just a little.

Zack hangs up and draws his swords at the Wutai Shinra looking soldiers who
come rushing in.

Zack: Well then I guess I won't hold back.

Zack finishes off the Wutai soldiers and receives a call from Angeal.

Angeal: I guess that was tolerable.
Zack: Piece of cake! I'll be 1st Class soon too.
Angeal: Head towards the stairway that's near headquarters.
Zack: Roger!

Zack heads over to Sector 8 and sees people running. He heads over to check the
situation and is faced by a huge monster, Behemoth. Zack, with his skills that
are nearly of that of a 1st Class, slashes and dashes around the monster and
quickly delivers the finishing blow. After the defeat of Behemoth Zack is
caught off guard and someone points a sword at him from behind.

Sephiroth: To be showing your back to the enemy, you're either very confident
or very foolish.

Zack turns around slowly and discovers who's got him.

Zack: Ho--How?

Sephiroth throws a simple slash at Zack but Zack has difficulty defending.

Zack: Dammit! I want to become a hero too!
Sephiroth: It's over.

Zack his hit hard and his sword is broken in two. Somewhere else in the Sectors
Angeal is checking his cell phone.

Angeal: That's impossible!

Zack is down for the count and Sephiroth decides it's time to deliver the
finishing blow. But just before Sephiroth can stab Zack Angeal quickly grabs
Zack's broken sword and stops Sephiroth. Sephiroth stands back and Zack gets
back up.

Zack: As expected of Angeal.

Angeal picks up his cell phone and choose Abort Mission and clicks "Yes"; the
VR mission ends.

Angeal: Training is over.
Zack: How come?!

Angeal points Zack's broken sword at him.

Zack: Are you for real? But I was just about to get serious.

Angeal hands back Zack his broken sword. Zack sighs with displeasure due to his
failure in his VR mission.

Angeal: Hold on to your dreams.
Zack: Huh?
Angeal: If you want to be a hero you have to hold on to your dreams and
also---your pride.

Angeal leaves the room and Zack stands in the training room thinking about what
Angeal said.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 2		          **
**                                       				  **

After Zack's long and embarrassing moment against a VR Sephiroth, Zack does
some squats to relieve himself of the stress. While doing squats in the lounge
area of Level 49, Zack's friend Kunsel, a 2nd Class SOLDIER, comes to talk to

Kunsel: Zack! You're acting pretty worked up over there.
Zack: It's obvious isn't it? During training---just nothing good---happened.
It's pointless to talk about it. Lately, you've been pretty busy right?
Everyone else seems to be absent.
Kunsel: Eh? Absent? You didn't hear? The huge SOLDIER disappearance.
Zack: Huh?!

Kunsel continues to converse with Zack and explain the situation.

Kunsel: One 1st Class went missing. Also 2nd and 3rd Classes went missing as
well during a mission in Wutai. There also seems to be no information about who
did it or for what reason. Because of this SOLDIER disappearance it looks like
your training sessions are over.

Angeal walks into the lounge and Kunsel acts surprised.

Kunsel: Oh it's a 1st Class.
Angeal: Zack we’ve got work to do.
Zack: Oo! Sweet! It's been a while since I've had a mission.
Angeal: Come with me to see Executive Manager Lazard. There will be a full
mission briefing.

Zack and Angeal head over to the briefing room on Level 49.

Lazard: Zack, it seems like this would be the first time we've meet. I am
Executive Manager of the SOLDIER Department.
Zack: It's a pleasure!
Lazard: Hmm. I know this is sudden but---SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis. A while ago
during a mission in Wutai, we lost his location. Is there anything you know
about it?
Zack: Nothing at all!
Lazard: Hmm. As of now the organization is quite busy, so I'd like you to go
and investigate.
Zack: To Wutai?
Lazard: That's correct. We'd like to end this long stretching war.
Angeal: I've nominated you for 1st Class.
Zack: Huh?! An---ge---al! I love you Angeal!

Zack quickly jumps Angeal overly excited. Lazard sits and chuckles at Zack
being so childish.

Angeal: Stop embarrasing me!
Zack: Yes, Sir!
Angeal: Once your preparations are ready, we depart immediately!

Zack runs over to his buddy Kunsel who has just entered the room. Zack learns
that Shinra is offering missions through Save Points. After Zack cleans up and
get his stuff together, he heads on over back to the briefing room and has a
last chat with Lazard and Angeal.

Lazard: I will also be departing with you two. I'm expecting much out of you.
Zack: Yes Sir!
Lazard: By the way, what's your dream? To become 1st Class, I would assume?
Zack: Nope. To become a Hero.
Lazard: Is that so. Quite a sad dream but a good dream nonetheless.
Zack: Huh? Come again?

Zack and Angeal arrive in Wutai territory. All they have to do is follow a path
that leads straight to Wutai's Tamblin fortress. Before they reach their
destination Angeal has a chat with Zack.

Angeal: This path leads straight to Fort Tamblin. We need hurry. Team B is
already moving into position and will be waiting for us.
Wutai Soldier: You two over there! Who are you?!
Zack: Leave this to me!

Zack swings his sword at the Wutai soldiers and they go down one by one.

Zack: All right! Next!
Angeal: Keep cool Zack.
Zack: Not possible, not possible at all. Where exactly is that Executive
Manager watching from? But then again I guess he won't participate in the
Angeal: Zack---Do you know of the Stupid Apple?
Zack: What is that?
Angeal: How could you not know---? To not know what a Stupid Apple is just---If
that's so then your promotion to 1st Class will be impossible.
Zack: Huh?! Wait! What the heck is a Stupid Apple?!

Angeal walks away towards Tamblin Fortress and Zack follows after him.

Zack: Angeal! Stupid Apple thing, what the heck is it?
Angeal: It's properly known as White Banora. Once a year you could hand pick
these off trees. The people of my village are quite fond of them and they named
it the Stupid Apple. We used to go into farm and take a couple to eat.
Zack: You're quite the thief to say something like that.
Angeal: I was poor then.
Zack: Say what you like.
Angeal: Even still, I had much pride. The village mayor's house probably had
the largest apple tree. The apples on that tree were probably the most
delicious but I could never forgive myself if I took one from there. The
mayor's son was my best friend after all.
Zack: If he was your best friend, wouldn't it be fine to just let you have one?
Angeal: Pride is quite a troublesome thing.
Zack: So what does this story have to do with becoming a 1st Class?
Angeal: There is no loss in not knowing.

Angeal laughs as he walks away again "Ha Ha Ha" Zack points at him furiously.

Zack: It has no relation right?! It's not something to be laughing about!

Zack chases after Angeal as he walks away. They soon arrive at the entrance of
the Wutai Fortress.

Angeal: When Team B sets off the bombs that'll be the signal.
Zack: And with all the confusion happening that's when we make our move.
Angeal: Right. I'll be going to the center of the fortress and setting up
bombs. You will go in from the front and then---
Zack: And then? Then? Then? Then?
Angeal: Just do whatever you want.
Zack: Leave it to me! This kind of stuff is my specialty. Grrr. Isn't B team
ready yet?

Angeal says a little prayer in his head to his Buster Sword.

Zack: Hey, I've never ever seen you use that sword before. To be carrying it
around like that, isn't it kind of a waste?
Angeal: If I use it it'll just get dirty, worn and rusted. That would be even
more of a waste.
Zack: Are you serious about what you just said?
Angeal: Yup. I'm a poor man after all.
Zack: Was that supposed to be funny?

BOOM! The explosion goes off.

Angeal: Begin the mission.

Zack does one fancy jump that gets him about 2 feet from where he was standing;
quite the show off. Zack storms the front entrance and Wutai soldiers ready
themselves. After successfully killing of the front entrance guards, Zack
barges his way to the center of the Fortress. Zack quickly makes his way to the
rear of the fortress. After a few quick easy battles, Zack arrives at the
center courtyard of the fortress and arrives at the entrance of a dojo but is
greeted by another fancy Wutai soldier.

Yuffie: First, a people weak in the pursuit of knowledge. Second, those
protecting the Wutai homeland. Third, an ugly Shinra SOLDIER. Prepare for your
Zack: Who are you?
Yuffie: Wutai's strongest warrior! With me here, you shall not advance any
Zack: A kid---? It's dangerous around here. You should hurry back home.
Yuffie: You're the one who should go back home. I told you that this is the end
of your progress because I will defeat you!
Zack: I give up---This brat just told me to fight her---
Yuffie: Pow-pow-pow! How's that! Give up!
Zack: ... ... ... Oh no! You got me!
Yuffie: How's that! That was my true power! I will protect Wutai's peace!

Yuffie runs off after believing she's defeated Zack.

Zack: Oh brother---I guess she's just a good, spirited kid. Anyway work, work,

Zack now enters the dojo, hoping to find something. But all he finds is 2 HUGE
Wutai Monsters! Zack quickly draws his sword and engages the enemies! After
cleaning up with the 2 monsters Zacks get a phone call.

Zack: This Zack 2nd Class SOLDIER, no problem here.
Angeal: I'm about done here; we'll be meeting up in 5 minutes.
Zack: Roger!

Zack hangs up and waits for Angeal's arrival.

Zack: Executive Manager Lazard! Were you watching me?! I better hurry!

Zack suddenly gets greeted by a third MONSTER!

Zack: I already said I was in a hurry!

Zack beats up the monster but let's his guard down for one second! And gets
smacked and down for the count

Zack: Not good---

Zack is saved! By the one and only Angeal!

Angeal: Once more a loan of my strength. Looks like you got something in your
Zack: Is---Is that so? Besides that, wasn't it important that you didn't use
that sword?
Angeal: Your life is more important than the sword. Well, just a little.
Zack: Thank you.

Zack and Angeal head out of Fort Tamblin, to meet up with the camp but while on
their way they're greeted by Lazard.

Lazard: Sorry, didn't mean to keep you waiting. I don't have field experience.
Angeal: It's all right you did make the effort to come out all the way here.
Lazard: I am guiding our military force to the end of this long war. And
without fail, I will see it with my own eyes. Zack SOLDIER 2nd Class.
Zack: Yes Sir!
Lazard: You fought hard during your mission to capture Fort Tamblin. Your work
appears to be very reliable. To put it plainly, as for your evaluation---in
distracting the enemy platoon, you skilfully supported Angeal. For a Second,
you had no problems handling this degree of activity. I will request you for
the next mission.
Angeal: Zack do you know the difference between 1st and 2nd Class? It is to ask
for nothing more than more difficult work as your reward that is what being a
First Class means. Do not forget that. Come'on now let's hurry. Sephiroth is
Zack: Sephiroth?! The hero? Awesome! I get to meet a hero?!

While returning to camp, Angeal, Zack and Lazard are accosted by some strange
soldiers. Angeal agrees to handle them while Zack takes Lazard back to camp to
inform Sephiroth of this new development. Zack does as he is told, leading
Lazard to the edge of the camp where a pair of scouts plan to take the
executive the rest of the way. Lazard tells Zack not to worry about him and to
go aid Angeal instead.

Zack: Angeal! Angeal!! These guys, they aren't Wutai Soldiers. Summon
Creature?! Who the hell summoned it?!

Zack swiftly deals with Ifrit, the summon creature, and does a little victory
dance. But Ifrit wasn't completely out for the count. Ifrit tries to get up but
is greeted by Sephiroth's swift swing. Ifrit is gone in one hit, blown to

Zack: Awesome---
Sephiroth: Genesis.
Zack: The missing SOLDIER 1st Class! The same face?!
Sephiroth: Genesis clones.
Zack: Clones?! Human Clones?
Sephiroth: Where is Angeal?
Zack: He was supposed to be fighting here but---
Sephiroth: Hmm he went with him as well.
Zack: Huh? Just now what did you mean?!
Sephiroth: Angeal has also betrayed us, that's what it means.
Zack: That's impossible! I know Angeal very well! He's not the type of person
who would do something like that! Angeal would never betray me!!

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 3		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack: What the hell does that Angeal think he's doing?! It's already been 1
month! Even Sephiroth, the Sephiroth, thinks that Genesis and Angeal are
working together. The 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIERs who were with Genesis, where
did they disappear to? Using copies to attack us? Angeal would never forgive
something like that! He holds his pride as a SOLDIER dearer than anyone. Ahh.
What the hell is going on?! Angeal! It doesn't matter anymore just hurry back

Stand in the SOLDIER lounge Zack stands confused and frustrated over the events
past. He suddenly gets a phone call from someone he doesn't recognize.

Tseng: SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack.
Zack: That's me but who are you?
Tseng: Lazard has called for you. Please head to the briefing room now.
Zack: Hey hold on! Just who was that?

Zack heads off to the briefing room after the call, hoping there would be
something from Angeal.

Zack: Has there been anything from Angeal yet?
Lazard: It seems we can't even get a hold of him by phone.
Zack: Then, why did you call for me?
Lazard: A new mission. I'd like you to go investigate the hometown of the
missing SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis.
Zack: Excuse me?
Lazard: According to our information, Genesis's parents say he's no longer
around. But I just can't trust it.
Zack: How come?
Lazard: Because they're parent and child.
Zack: Ohhh---
Lazard: I've sent some of our staff to go check it out but I haven't had any
contact from them since. I'd like you to go and check out the situation. He
will be accompanying you.
Tseng: I'm Tseng of the Turks.
Zack: Is this some kind of a misfortunate mission?
Tseng: Once you're ready please let me know.

After his greeting Zack gets a phone call. Zack's 2nd Class buddy calls him up,
Kunsel. Zack tells him he's still in the briefing room and that he's about to
go on a mission. Just before Zack and Tseng head out for their mission Tseng
explains a few things about the details of the mission.

Tseng: Pleasure to be working with you.
Zack: We're just doing some investigating right? This'll be a piece of cake!
Tseng: I doubt it. Originally Sephiroth was supposed to be sent out on this
mission. In other words this mission should be taken seriously. If you take it
too lightly you'll fail.
Zack: What about Sephiroth?
Tseng: He refused the order, or so it seems.
Zack: Is that even possible? Aren't you guys just being too soft on him?
Tseng: Ha! How about I tell him that?
Zack: Uhh! Please don't!

Tseng and Zack take a Shinra Helicopter to their target location, Genesis's
hometown. Upon arrival Zack notices some weird looking trees.

Zack: Weird trees.
Tseng: They're White Banora trees; otherwise known as Stupid Apple.
Zack: Which means this is Banora village? Angeal's hometown?!
Tseng: Exactly. It would appear that Genesis and Angeal are old friends.

Out of nowhere Genesis clones suddenly appear.

Zack: Aren't these the same guys from Wutai?!

Zack draws his sword and charges at the enemy. Being the skilled SOLDIER that
he is, these guys were nothing, he defeated rather quickly.

Tseng: It seems they've arrived in the village as well. The safety of the
villagers is what concerns me. It's possible that these people might have taken
the villagers hostage. With weapons of mass destruction we'll get rid of
Genesis and his accomplices. It's what the President plans to do, so it would
be best if we were to move quickly.
Zack: All right, leave it to me.

While following the trail to Banora village Zack ends up at a resident, but is
greeted by Genesis Clones and one giant spider-like robot! Zack beats the robot
to smithereens.

Zack: Genesis Copy.
Tseng: Where did you hear that from?
Zack: I heard it from Sephiroth.
Tseng: The machines you see here are technologies that were stolen from our
company's scientific division. Apparently they can also create clones of
Genesis with his power and characteristics.
Zack: What?!
Tseng: But only SOLDIERs and monsters.
Zack: SOLDIERs and Monsters are the same thing you say.

Zack inspects the robot, but doesn't get much time to because Tseng hurries him
to move to the next location.

Tseng: This is Genesis's parent's home. His parents are the landlords of this

Angeal: But I could never forgive myself if I stole one from there. The mayor's
son was my best friend after all.

Tseng: It's not a hard thing to believe. They grew up together and were best
Zack: The missing SOLDIER Genesis and Angeal, became accomplices, is that what
you mean?
Tseng: It would seem that's what Sephiroth thinks.

Tseng looks over at a tree with rocks under it

Tseng: Oh? A grave. It looks new. Zack. Go find Angeal's house. I'm going to go
check out the grave.
Zack: Do Turks really do work like that?
Tseng: Someone has to do it.
Zack: What a pain.
Tseng: Don't worry about it; because of you my pay is better.
Zack: Are you serious?!

Zacks goes on his hunt for Angeal leaving Tseng to his job, checking the grave.
Zack arrives at a small town but is surprised to see that there's no one
around. He walks further in to investigate. More clones appear. Zack decides to
go into one of the houses.

Old Lady: Is there something I can help you with?
Zack: Sorry to intrude! Are you Angeal's mother? I'm Zack.
Old Lady: You wouldn't happen to be Zack the Puppy?
Zack: What the heck is that?
Old Lady: Hehe. My son told me all about you in his letters! Zero concentration
and like a puppy he never calms down. Hehe.
Zack: That Angeal---
Old Lady: You're not one of Genesis comrades are you?
Zack: Nope, not at all. So don't worry.
Old Lady: Has something happened to my son?
Zack: Even I don't know.
Old Lady: A while ago, Genesis came back with a bunch of his comrades. Then
soon after he started taking the lives of the villagers. Genesis a long time
ago was such a good child.
Zack: What about Angeal?
Old Lady: He came back too. But he's gone somewhere and left his sword behind.
That sword over there is our family's pride.
Zack: So that's what it was---he never once used this sword before. Leave
Angeal to me. For now I think it would be best if you were to hide.
Old Lady: No need to worry about me. Genesis will not kill me.
Zack: Oh---

Zack takes a long stare at the Buster Sword then exits the house to continue
his search for Angeal.

Zack: Angeal---Where are you?

Zack encounters more Genesis clones. After beating up the wimpy clones, Zack
gets a call from Tseng. Tseng notifies Zack that he thinks he might have found
the base for these Genesis Clones. Zack quickly hangs up and make the trek over
to Tseng.

Tseng: The grave belonged to Genesis's parents.
Zack: He wouldn't do that to his own parents would he?!
Tseng: It seems he has no reason to hide the truth. Did you happen to find
Zack: He wasn't home. But please! Give me some time! When I see Angeal I'll
convince him to return. If Angeal thinks it over, both him and Genesis just
might come back to Shinra!
Tseng: I finally understand why Sephiroth choose you to take on this mission.
Zack: Me?
Tseng: Genesis and Angeal. These two were Sephiroth's best friends. Most likely
he didn't want to fight these two. That was the reason he refused the mission.
Zack: I'm Angeal's friend too.
Tseng: I'm looking forward to seeing you bring those two back. We don't have
much time, we must hurry.

Zack breaks into the complex and is cheerfully greet by more Genesis Clones.
Being the proud SOLDIER Zack is, he tells Tseng to move ahead and that he'll
take care of the clones. Zack quickly finishes off the clones and later joins
back with Tseng. Zack finds Tseng working on a computer. Tseng tries accessing
it to see if there's any information on it about the Genesis Copies. Zack walks
into the next room and finds the one and only, Genesis.

Genesis: 「The mysterious abyss tis the Gift of the Goddess. In pursuit of
this gift we take flight. Within the heart's water surface a hopeless wander
will flow. Like ripples to waves come forth the dreams below.ã€￾ You're quite
the noisy one, Zack the Puppy.

Tseng comes marching in!

Tseng: I investigated the grave at your house. Others of our staff were here to
do an investigation but it seems they've been killed.
Genesis: Threatening me? Your information seems to be mistaken and not very
Zack: Shouldn't it be obvious? At the very least you could have let your
parents live.
Genesis: Those two have continued to betray me, ever since I came back to that
house. Shinra dogs, what the hell would you know?!

Genesis throws a Fira at Tseng and Tseng is out for the count. Zack readies
himself for battle but before he can, Angeal takes his sword and points it at

Genesis: Hey partner. Good. So it means your heart is decided. As childhood
friends I respect your choice. However, can you live in that kind of world?
Zack: Angeal---!

Angeal leaves Zack's sword in the floor and follows Genesis out. Zack quickly
takes his sword and chases after them.

Zack: Dammit! Where did they go?! Did they leave the warehouse?

Zack loses track of them but see a door that leads outside, he opens it up but
monster pop out in surprise! Out of nowhere Tseng pulls out his trusty pistol
and gets rid of the ugly monsters for Zack. Tseng explains the situation to

Tseng: There isn't much time left. We need to leave the village soon.
Zack: Are we not going to look for those two?!
Tseng: Any trace of this deplorable event will be erased. That's the method the
company has decided on. There will be an aerial bombing on this village. Back
at Angeal's home was there really no one there?
Zack: ...
Tseng: Hurry!

More monsters come rushing into the warehouse. But Tseng pulls out his trusty
pistol again and blasts away so that Zack can get through. Zack continues his
chase. When he finally reaches Angeal's home he finds Angeal's mother lying on
the floor dead.

Zack: How the hell could you have done this?! HUH?! Is this---is this supposed
to be your freakin' PRIDE?!
Angeal: My mother no longer had any reason to live and I'm guilty of the same
Zack: Stop saying things I can't understand! Explain yourself!
Genesis: I've told you haven't I? He can't live like that anymore.
Zack: Angeal! Angeal!!
Genesis: 「You will take flight? Even if the world hates us so.ã€￾
Zack: Shut Up!
Genesis: 「A painful tomorrow is all that waits for you. Even twirling winds
will not stop their flow.ã€￾ It seems Sephiroth isn't here today. I wonder why?

As Angeal leaves Banora, Genesis summons Bahamut! Zack has no choice but to
fight. After the battle Zack receives the summon materia.

Zack: How could you use a summon creature! What happened to your pride as a
Genesis: We are---Monsters.
Zack: Huh?!
Genesis: We have lost both our dreams and our pride.
Zack: SOLDIER aren't---Monsters.

Genesis flies away with his one wing. Soon after, the village of Banora begins
to be bombed. Zack gets picked up by Tseng in a Shinra Helicopter.

Zack: Angeal---

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 4		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack: Angeal---The war is over. Everyone seems happy. But I'm---

Angeal's Mother: That sword is this family's pride.
Angeal: Your life is more important than this sword. Well, just a little.

Zack: Where the heck have you gone?

Zack gets a phone call.

Zack: This is Zack.
Sephiroth: It's been a while, Zack.
Zack: Sephiroth?!
Sephiroth: Come to Lazard's office.
Zack: Un---Understood.

Zack heads down to Lazard's office. There he's greeted by Sephiroth and Lazard.

Lazard: Congratulations. Starting from today you are now a SOLDIER 1st Class.
Zack: That's weird. I don't feel one bit happy.
Lazard: I guess that's not surprising. A lot has happened after all. Zack, I
know this is a bit sudden but I have a favour to ask of you.
Zack: Planning on putting me on another mission?
Sephiroth: Sorry.
Zack: It's fine.

Zack is told to go to the briefing room since someone is there who needs to see
him. After talking to a Shinra employee, Zack is asked to head back down to
Lazard's office.

Lazard: The company has decided that Genesis and Angeal are to be assassinated.
Zack: You're asking me to do that?!
Lazard: No. The Shinra army will be.
Zack: Then I'll be---?
Lazard: They don't seem to trust you with it.
Sephiroth: That sense of SOLDIER camaraderie will only dampen your decisions
Zack: That's a lame excuse.
Sephiroth: That's why I will also be going.
Zack: To kill them?

Out of the blue the Shinra building's alarms go off!

Lazard: We have intruders!
Zack: Where?!
Lazard: Here! Sephiroth go to the President's office. Zack take care of the
Zack: Leave it to me.

Zack takes the elevator down to the Shinra Headquarters entrance. After getting
off he sees several Shinra soldiers getting slaughtered by Genesis clones and

Zack: Why are Shinra soldiers fighting inside of the headquarters?! Is this all
Genesis's doing?!

Zack wipes out the robots and Genesis clone by the elevator entrance and makes
his way down to the main entrance.

Zack: Dammit! Even more are appearing!

In a few swift motions Zack slammers all the other robots and Genesis clones
that comes through the entrance. After fighting several of them for a long
while he finally gets them all. Sephiroth comes down to the entrance to explain
things to Zack.

Zack: Sephiroth! The intruders are Genesis clones.
Sephiroth: This seems to be the work of Hollander.
Zack: Who's that?
Sephiroth: The technology used to make these clones was stolen from Shinra
Science Department.
Zack: Are you saying that Genesis and this Hollander got their hands on it?
Sephiroth: Most likely.
Zack: I wonder---what are those two planning?
Sephiroth: Hollander lost his position as head of the science division. Because
of this Hollander began to develop a grudge against Shinra. He's most likely
thinking of taking his revenge.
Zack: That's just stupid. So, Genesis is also going to help him with his
Sephrioth: It's something I wouldn't want to believe.
Zack: Then don't believe it.

Sephiroth gives a big sigh of displeasure and raises his head back up to
respond to Zack.

Sephiroth: I'll do that. Well now Zack. There seems to be more Genesis clones
in the Sector 8 as well. Let’s go.

Zack and Sephiroth head outside and notice the other Genesis clones ravaging
the Sector.

Zack: This isn't good at all!
Sephiroth: We'll split up here.
Zack: Roger!

Zack heads to the Loveless district. Upon arriving at the district he notices a
beautiful girl who seems to be in trouble!

Zack: Oh no! That chick is trouble!
Reno: Sector 8 is the Turk's turf.
Zack: This isn't the time for this kind of crap! Tseng say something will ya!
Rude: There's no reason to worry about her.
Zack: Huh?! Oh---
Tseng: How are the other areas?
Reno: Monsters are crawling all over Midgar.
Rude: Even SOLDIER are on the move.
Tseng: Reno, Rude.
Reno: Yeah I got it.
Tseng: Take care of it.
Rude: Understood.

Rude and Reno take off to take care of other areas.

Zack: So even Turks are on the job huh?
Cissnei: SOLDIER have been sent out as well.
Zack: Although we're pretty short handed. Wait---You're a Turk too?
Cissnei: Cissnei.
Zack: I'm SOLDIER's Zack.
Tseng: Zack, aren't you in the middle of a mission?
Zack: Our goals are the same, can I help around here?
Tseng: Thanks but no tha---
Cissnei: Oh, how brave! Tseng. Zack. I'll see you guys later.

Cissnei runs off to another area and leaves Zack with a wink. Zack starts to
get really excited about his new found mission. It's not long before Zack finds
Cissnei in another pinch. This time it wasn't any ordinary opponent though,
it's Genesis!

Zack: This one's a clone too?! This one seems a little different from those
masked ones!

Zack fights the Genesis clone and smacks him around hard. The clone loses to
Zack's strength. With the clone's last ounce of strength it tries to fly away
but before it can Zack slashes at him, taking him down.

Cissnei: To have wings was always my childhood dream. Wings like an Angel.
Zack: A human with wings though is just a monster.
Cissnei: Wings are for people who wish to be free. They could never belong to a

Cissnei takes a long stare at the clone feeling slight sorry for it, and then
gazes back at Zack.

Cissnei: As expected of a SOLDIER 1st Class. You're really strong.
Zack: Turks and SOLDIER aren't much different, since fighting is our job.
Cissnei: Here. This is for saving me back there earlier. Well I better get back
to work. You also have work in other locations right?
Zack: Location---Aaa---Yeah---
Cissnei: Let’s hope we meet again.

Cissnei says her thanks and farewells to Zack, hoping they'd meet again
sometime in the near future and then departs to continue her mission. Suddenly
Zack gets a call from Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: After you're done cleaning up in Sector 8 come to the Sector 5 mako
Zack: Did you find something?
Sephiroth: There's information that Angeal's been sighted.
Zack: Are you going to kill him when you find him?
Sephiroth: The army is on the move but it seems we have some time. We will have
to find him before they do.
Zack: What are you going to do?!
Sephiroth: Fail to kill him.
Zack: Really?
Sephiroth: Yeah really.
Zack: You're seriously the best!

Zack arrives at the Sector 5 reactor, and find some weird surprised. He
encounters a monster and has no choice to fight it. After defeating the weird
creature, he inspects it.

Zack: Why is Angeal's face on this thing?!
Sephiroth: It means that they can make non-Genesis clones as well. Back at
headquarters’ training room---
Zack: Eh?
Sephiroth: When all the 2nd Class were away we would all go fool around:
Genesis, Angeal and me.
Zack: You were all really good friends huh?
Sephiroth: Hmm. I wonder.

Sephiroth has a flashback of that training day. Genesis and Angeal sit side by
side on top of the Junon Cannon. Genesis reads his favourite verse from
Loveless out loud.

Genesis: 「The mysterious abyss tis the Gift of the Goddess. In pursuit of
this gift we take flight. Within the heart's water surface a hopeless wander
will flow. Like ripples to waves come forth the dreams below.ã€￾
Sephiroth: 「Lovelessã€￾ Act 1
Genesis: Painful is it?
Sephiroth: Having to hear you read it everyday---I have no choice but to
Angeal: Don't go swing your sword too recklessly.
Genesis: Whatever.
Sephiroth: Now. How about putting away that toy sword.
Angeal: As expected of Sephiroth huh?
Genesis: Angeal, stand back please. I'd like to have a duel with Sephiroth.
Angeal: Genesis---!
Genesis: I too would like to become a hero.
Sephiroth: Fine by me.
Genesis: That laxness of yours, how long do you think you can keep it up?

Genesis gets the jump on Sephiroth and starts casting multiple spells. Genesis
skilfully controls his firas and directs them at Sephiroth. It appears
Sephiroth has taken a full blow at his Firas and in the smoke Sephiroth is
nowhere to be seen.

Angeal: Stop this. Are you trying to destroy the building?
Genesis: All I want is to be a hero!

Genesis sticks his palm in Angeal's face and starts casting a spell! Angeal
takes a full blow at it! Suddenly Sephiroth breaks himself free from Genesis's
magic. Now Sephiroth is on the push and Genesis is being pushed back. Sephiroth
with many quick swings of his swords ends up destroying the Junon Cannon.
Angeal jumps in and tries one more to stop the two.

Angeal: That's enough!!
Sephiroth: Angeal---
Genesis: You're in my way!
Angeal: Genesis!!

Genesis attempts to break through Angeal by casting another spell, but ends up
breaking Angeal's sword. The shard of the sword ends up hitting Genesis on the
shoulder and the VR training ends.

Genesis: It's just a small scratch. If I just leave it alone it'll quickly
heal. 「Nothing shall fortell my return. Even if the morrow is barren of

The Flashback ends. Both Zack and Sephiroth continue their investigation in the

Zack: So was he okay?
Sephiroth: It was no problem at all; Genesis only had a small injury. Although,
Zack: Angeal? Did something happen to him?
Sephiroth: Afterwards Angeal went on endlessly preaching---
Zack: About what?
Sephiroth: It's always the same a lost heart, dreams, hope.
Zack: Oh. I kind of get it what you mean.

Sephiroth walks over to the dead Angeal clone.

Sephiroth: So it's true. You two really are in league with Hollander.
Zack: Why have things turned out this way?

Sephiroth and Zack head towards a specific room in the Reactor which Sephiroth
would like to check out first. Zack turns a wheel and the door to the room
opens. Once inside, Zack is shocked to find the same clone pod, used to make
them, inside the room. Although this time it's an Angeal Clone. Sephiroth
starts to search the room for clues and tells Zack to do the same thing, but
Zack gets tired of the searching fast.

Zack: Ugh---
Sephiroth: These things here are papers on Hollander's research. It says it
gave birth to a normal child, which would mean it was a failure.

Sephiroth asks Zack to look around some more but being the kid Zack is he tries
to leave the room, but Sephiorth orders him to continue searching.

Sephiorth: Search more throughly.

Zack comes across a control panel and Sephiroth comes up to him to talk to him.
Sephiroth reminisces about the past once more.

Sephiroth: His injury should have been very minor. Although why wasn't it
healing as it should? The one who was treating Genesis at that time was

Sephiroth and Angeal wait outside the operation room for Genesis's.

Angeal: Professor Hollander, how is Genesis's condition?
Hollander: I've tried injecting mako but it doesn't seem to be working.
Angeal: Is there no other way to treat him?
Hollander: Well first he'll need some blood.

Sephiroth tries to offer his services first but is stopped by Angeal.

Hollander: You won't do.

Sephiorth: Why wasn't I allowed to help? System G SOLDIER---

The flashback ends and Sephiroth continues reading Hollander's research
reports. Zack feels he's finished his search around the room and walks to

Sephiroth: The one born out of Project G was Genesis.
Zack: Project G
Sephiroth: Project Genesis. According to the reports here and in contrast with
the other ones it states that Genesis is deteriorating.
Zack: Deteriorating?
Sephiroth: And that's not all.
Zack: Clones?
Sephiroth: These things---

Unexpectly Hollander walks into the room, nor was he expecting Sephiroth.

Hollander: Se---Sephiroth?!
Sephiroth: Hollander, so you were here after all.
Hollander: Who do you think will stop Genesis and Angeal's deterioration?

Genesis swoops in from above.

Sephiroth: Genesis.
Genesis: I will not hand over Hollander.
Sephiroth: Zack! Go after Hollander.
Genesis: 「Generously you are blessed with the Goddess' love. To hate the
world, even as heroes.ã€￾
Sephiroth: 「Lovelessã€￾? You haven't changed.
Genesis: The three friends are now gathered. One becomes the prisoner. One will
take flight. The last remaining friend becomes the hero.
Sephiroth: That's quite the story.
Genesis: If this were a play, would I take the role of the hero? Or would you?
Sephiroth: You can be the hero if you want.
Genesis: Oh. Your fame should have originally been mine.
Sephiroth: How pointless.
Genesis: Even now that is. What I truly wish to obtain is the 「Gift of the

Zack continues his chase after Hollander and follows Hollander into several
corridors before reaching him. Finally Zack chases Hollander and corners him in
what seems like a hangar bay. Confidently Zack walks up to a scared and
frighten Hollander.

Zack: Do you even know what you're doing?! Doing what Hollander tells you to do?

Before Zack can make his move on Hollander, a Buster Sword blocks his path.

Zack: What do you plan on doing?!
Angeal: World conquest.
Zack: Would you stop the boring jokes already?!
Angeal: Then, revenge.
Zack: Against whom?! Angeal!!
Angeal: I---I've become a monster. As a monster the only thing I can think of
doing is world conquest or revenge.
Zack: You're wrong. Wings don't make you a monster.
Angeal: If that's so, then what are these?
Zack: Wings of an Angel.
Angeal: I see. Then as an Angel what goals should I have? What dreams should I
Zack: Angeal---
Angeal: Angels have only one dream.
Zack: Please tell me!
Angeal: To be human.

Angeal thrusts Zack in the stomach and sends him flying. Zack stands back up
but shows no will to fight, leaving only a smile on his face.

Angeal: Fight!

Zack carries his long smiles and shakes his head at Angeal. Inside Zack is
sadden by the fact he can't save his friend, he longs for his friend Angeal to
return him. Angeal casts his materia and sends a spell Zack's way. Zack has no
time to counterattack and ends up trying to block the attack. The floor beneath
Zack breaks apart and sends Zack flying downwards towards the Slums.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 5		          **
**                                       				  **

Not knowing where he has fallen to, Zack is slightly confused and dazed. Zack
dreams of his mother and wakes up to an unfamiliar voice.

Woman: Did something happen?
Zack: Mom? I want to save my friend. But I don't know what I should do.
Girl: Helloooo!
Zack: Mom---?
Aerith: Helloooo! Hurray!
Zack: Heaven?
Aerith: No such luck. This is a church in the slums.
Zack: An Angel?
Aerith: I'm Aerith. You came falling from above, gave me quite a scare.
Zack: So you're the one who saved me.
Aerith: No, not really. All I did was, "Helloooo?"
Zack: Ha Ha Ha. Thanks so much, Aerith. I'm Zack! Hmm, I got to repay you
Aerith: No no it's fine.
Zack: No, that just won't do! Oh how about one date?
Aerith: What's that suppose to mean? That so silly. Stop! Don't step on the
Zack: What?
Aerith: Normally people would be careful around flowers.
Zack: Sorry about that, but I'm not normal. Flowers are a pretty rare sight. In
Midgar these are a luxury.
Aerith: They only bloom here. The ones I have planted as well are growing quite
Zack: If it were me I'd sell the flowers for some money. In Midgar lots of
flowers will attract people with lots of money in their wallets!
Aerith: In Midgar lots of flowers will attract people with lots of money in
their wallets? I've never really thought of it before.

Zack soon realizes his situation and decides it's time for him to return back
to headquarters. Although it would seem he knows little of the slums and
decides to ask Aerith to escort him to Midgar's entrance. Zack asks her how to
get out and she agrees. She asks Zack where he's going but even Zack doesn't
know. Aerith tells Zack that he's in the Sector 5 slums. They both make their
way to the slum shopping district.

Aerith and Zack arrive at the front entrance of the shopping district. Zack and
Aerith talk a bit about the slums; Zack feels that something is really missing
in the atmosphere. He soon realizes that the slums have no sky to see. Aerith
acts a bit depressed about it, but Zack cheers her up by telling her that once
she starts selling her flowers she'll be able to see it all the time. They both
walk into the Sector 5 shops area. Zack suddenly comes up with an idea; he
tells Aerith that it'd be a good idea to make a Flower Sale Wagon. That way she
could carry lots of them at the same time. Later Zack accompanies Aerith to a
certain store she likes.

Store Owner: Oh. Aerith. With your boyfriend today huh?
Aerith: Um, perhaps.
Store Owner: Huh? You're---the one who was chasing that kid earlier weren't
you? I heard it from the other town’s people. In his head he probably thinks
all strangers are bad although he's a good kid. We sincerely apologize for
being so cool towards you. Nevertheless, Aerith you've found yourself a really
good boyfriend here.
Aerith: Mm. It's not like that at all. Not like that at all.

She turns around and faces Zack to ask him a question.

Aerith: Hey, is it okay if I take a look at this shop for a bit?
Zack: What? So the reason you brought me to the town was to go shopping huh?
Aerith: I guess not then.

Zack acts shocked because Aerith took him seriously and not as a joke.

Zack: I was just joking, it's all right. Go ahead and find the one you like.
Aerith: Thank you. It'll only be a short while. I'll be quick.
Zack: It seems like you have a lot of interest in this store.
Aerith: Yup, just window shopping here is pretty fun.
Zack: Hey Aerith.
Aerith: Yes?
Zack: About when you said "Hellooo---?" to wake up, I still owe you for that.

Aerith chuckles.

Aerith: It's really okay. You were offering me one date right?
Zack: You said it sounded dumb right?
Aerith: But that was because---
Zack: Then for helping me get out, I'll buy you a gift to commemorate our
meeting today.
Aerith: Are you sure?
Zack: It's fine.
Aerith: Then---is this one okay?
Zack: Got it, I'll go pay for it. Just wait here.

Zack runs back to Aerith after making the purchase and helps her put on her new

Zack: Like this?
Aerith: Did you make sure it's on properly? It won't fly off into the wind will
Zack: Well it's okay like this right?
Aerith: Yup---this is great! Thank you, Zack. I promise to cherish it---Hey do
you still have some time?
Zack: I suppose but how come?
Aerith: Want to come to the park with me?
Zack: Oh, like a date?
Aerith: Yup!
Zack: Then let’s go.

Zack and Aerith head over to the park for their first date. As they walk Aerith
starts off the conversation.

Aerith: Have you ever met a SOLDIER before?
Zack: Probably.
Aerith: I wonder if it's a happy thing.
Zack: What do you mean?
Aerith: A children's story of the hero that protects the world. But, that isn't
normal. I'm not quite sure but you have to do some special kind of surgery
Zack: It seems like it.
Aerith: I think being normal is the greatest happiness. Somehow SOLDIERs seem
Zack: I see, weird huh?
Aerith: And also, scary. They like fighting so much.
Zack: I happen to be a SOLDIER.
Aerith: Sorry!

An awkward atmosphere hits the two but Aerith manages to bring them back
together with her sweet words.

Aerith: So beautiful.
Zack: My face?
Aerith: He He. No your eyes.
Zack: Do you like'em? If that's so, then look at them some more. Eyes filled
with mako signs of a SOLDIER.
Aerith: Oh stop it.
Zack: Ha Ha. If you look into them looks like you can see the sky doesn't it?
Aerith: If it's that sky I'm looking at then I'm not scared at all.
Zack: It's true though that there's nothing normal about me at all. Aerith, you
don't have a problem with that do you?
Aerith: I wonder if today will be a peaceful one? Then I thought to myself,
"Today a SOLDIER will drop from the sky".
Zack: It wasn't such a bad thing.
Aerith: Yup.

Zack gets a phone call from Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Zack return to the Shinra building immediately. Genesis has started
his attack.
Zack: Understood.

Zack quickly hangs up.

Zack: It looks like I have to go somewhere.
Aerith: Then, I guess I'll be going. I'll see you again right?
Zack: Of course!
Aerith: Give it your all to save your friend.
Zack: Huh?
Aerith: You said so while dreaming.
Zack: I'll be fine. I feel I can do it now.

Zack makes his way back to Shinra HQ. While running across the highway there he
encounters several new Genesis Clones, it appears they're evolving! Zack
eventually breaks through the swarm of Clones but encounters someone unexpected.

Angeal: Lend me your strength!
Zack: Why should I? I can't understand what you're thinking at all.
Angeal: The truth is, even I don't know. From time to time I feel like I'm
about to snap but no matter the situation I can't let go of my pride as long as
I have this Buster Sword. Zack, fight alongside me. The enemy will be anything
that torments the world.
Zack: My strength---I'll lend it to you.

Zack turns around but Angeal's already disappeared. But it's just Angeal
swooping up behind Zack to pick him up.

Angeal: We don't have time to dawdle here.
Zack: It's fine!
Angeal: Flying is quite a good feeling.

Angeal quickly flies with Zack to the Shinra Headquaters. Once inside they find
Sephiroth fighting against more Genesis Clones. Sephiroth stays to defend the
current floor, Angeal goes below and Zack heads up to the upper floor to make
sure Professor Hojo is all right. Zack makes his way to the laboratory.

Zack: Thank goodness, you're safe.
Hojo: The combination isn't quite complete yet.
Zack: Right now the building is swarming with Genesis Clones. I have to take
you to safety!
Hojo: You're going to my protector?
Zack: In any case, shouldn't we leave together?
Hojo: Ku Ku Ku. Deteriorating monsters have no fear.
Zack: Are you---talking about Genesis?
Hojo: That is correct. It is the Life Body of Knowledge that fell from the sky,
a product that was used in those foolish times.
Zack: Life Body of Knowledge?
Hojo: The disaster which came from the sky Jenova.
Zack: Uhhh---
Hojo: Not knowing is not a problem. Without even thinking, your first job
should be to protect my brain before me.

Zack still confused, walks around the laboratory trying to find clues on
Genesis. Zack tries and helps Hojo with one of his experiments but before he
can, the man they speak of swoops in.

Hojo: Speak of the devil! Is this Hollander's order? Do you really think if you
follow Hollander your deterioration will stop? How sad, truly how sad!
Zack: Genesis!
Hojo: Ku Ku Ku. No second-rate scientist can stop your deterioration.

Angeal makes his entrance as well.

Angeal: Stop this already Genesis!
Hojo: Well isn't this quite the sight.
Genesis: 「It is your fate. Your dreams and pride are no more. From the
Goddess's bow, the fated arrow is releasedã€￾
Hojo: Hollander's monsters are now gathered.
Zack: SHUT UP!
Genesis: 「Lovelessã€￾ Act 4
Hojo: The scene where the best friends duel each other. An epic story from a
long time ago. I've read all the research materials on it but, it's worthless.
Angeal: Was there an end to the duel?
Hojo: Unknown. The last act is missing. Even till today it hasn't been found.
Genesis: There is an end. What meaning do you think the Goddess's gift has for

Genesis flies out of the wall his just blew up and both Angeal Zack chase after

Zack: Hey! Wait Genesis!
Genesis: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish
becomes my relief---and your peaceful slumber.ã€￾
Zack: He's using a summon again.
Angeal: Zack, I'm counting on you.
Zack: Huh?
Angeal: I know you can beat it.
Zack: Hey don't leave me here! Wait for me!

After Angeal drops Zack off to fight the summon creature, Zack suddenly get a
phone call.

Zack: Aerith? You know what? I'll give you a call a little later. I've got a
guest who's just arrived.

Zack hangs up the phone.

Zack: Can't be rude to our guests now can we?

Zack gets pumped up and fights a new Bahamut! Blasting swing after swing Zack
finally defeats Bahamut.

Zack: Where has everyone gone?

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 6		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack returns to the base after the grand battle against Bahamut. He can't seem
to find anyone, Angeal, Genesis or even Sephiroth. He gets a phone call from
Aerith. It seems something is up so he makes his way to go see Aerith at the
church. Zack makes it to the Slum area safely, but all of a sudden Angeal flies
on in.

Zack: Where the hell have you been?!
Angeal: Sorry about leaving you there earlier.
Zack: You don't plan on leaving me again do you?
Angeal: Genesis and Hollander have gone to Modeoheim.
Zack: Tell me one thing. You do plan on coming back to SOLDIER right?
Angeal: Even now my feelings as a SOLDIER haven't changed. I've also told
Lazard about the situation. I'm supposed to meet with him now.

Angeal flies away and leaves Zack to do his thing. Zack hurries over to the
church to meet up with Aerith. Before Zack can step into the church he's
stopped by Tseng.

Tseng: Zack, we have work in Modeoheim.
Zack: I know, just wait a bit.
Tseng: Aerith isn't here. What's wrong?
Zack: What relationship do you have to Aerith?
Tseng: A complicated one.
Zack: Hmm.
Tseng: Is she anything to you?
Zack: No---thing at all.
Tseng: Then she's not anything to me as well.
Zack: Hmm. Well I guess that's fine---quite fine---

Zack and Tseng head off to Modeoheim in a Shinra Helicopter along with two
Shinra Army soldiers. During flight, their helicopter gets attacked by a
monster and they end up crash landing.

Zack: A monster just had to come out of nowhere. Tseng?! Army dudes?!
Tseng: It looks like we can't get any radio signal.
Zack: Well it looks like we all got out without a scratch, so it'll all work
out somehow.
Tseng: As expected. We'll be depending on you to get us through these harsh
Zack: Because I'm from the countryside was it---
Tseng: Now if we head to the bottom of this mountain we should reach Modeoheim.
In other words, if we continue this way we'll reach the village.
Zack: All right! Everyone follow me!

Zack and the gang make their way towards Modeohiem. After much trekking across
the rough snowy trails, one of the Shinra army soldiers seems to be a bit tired
and even Tseng is having a hard time keeping up with Zack. But strangely enough
one of the Shinra army soldier is easily keeping up with Zack.

Zack: Hey! Don't be so slow. You seem to be doing pretty good.
Cloud: I'm also from the countryside.
Zack: Where?
Cloud: Nibelheim.
Zack: Ha ha.
Cloud: What about you?
Zack: Me? Gongaga!
Cloud: He he.
Zack: Are you laughing? You're laughing aren't you? Do even know Gongaga?
Cloud: No. But it's sounds very country-like.
Zack: Nibelheim too.
Cloud: You've never heard of it?
Zack: I've never been there before but there's a mako reactor right? Midgar has
the most mako---
Zack/Cloud: But everyone else has none.

The two laugh together and get along really well really quickly.

Zack: Be rejoiceful Tseng! With me and---
Cloud: Cloud.
Zack: With me and Cloud around there's nothing to be scared of at all!
Tseng: Sure, I'll leave it to you two.

Zack and Cloud make it to the top of the mountain; they wait a while for Tseng
and the other Shinra soldier to make their way as well.

Zack: Hmm. Let’s wait a bit here.
Cloud: Zack---
Zack: Hmm?
Cloud: What kind of impression do you have of SOLDIER.
Zack: I really don't know. Well, once you get in you'll understand.
Cloud: If that even happens.
Zack: Don't worry. Even I got in pretty easy. Hey Cloud. Over there.

Zack spots a building that has Shinra markings on it.

Tseng: This facility is used for doing dig tests on mako.
Zack: I'll go check out.
Tseng: Our mission is to only investigate the situation here in Modeoheim. From
here on in we shouldn't get into too many battles, let alone fighting Genesis.
In other words---
Zack: In other words, avoid battles if we can, is what you wanted to say right?
Tseng: That's correct. Those men over there are the entrance guards. Try and
sneak in and see what you can find.
Zack: Leave it to me! SOLDIERs are no idiots---I'll show you what I'm made of.
Cloud don't miss this!
Cloud: Umm.

Zack heads over to the warehouse and sneaks in without anyone noticing him.
After finally making it inside, he finds an elevator and uses it to go to the
upper floor. What he finds is shocking---Genesis holds a sword to Hollander's

Hollander: What are you doing? You need me! Without me who do you think will
stop your deterioration?!
Genesis: Jenova cells.

Zack comes in swing and hits Genesis sword away from Hollander's neck.
Hollander tries and takes his chance to run away but is suddenly grabbed by

Cloud: Stop!
Zack: Good work Cloud!

Hollander struggles and manages to break free.

Hollander: You don't even know where the Jenova cells are stored. Even if you
go to Hojo you don't know for certain you'll find them!!
Genesis: If that's so, if I stay the way I am now I'll just rot away. However,
the world has lost it's path!!
Zack: Cloud! After him!!

Hollander tries to run away and Cloud follows him out. After Cloud leaves the
scene, Zack and Genesis get into a very intense fight. Genesis no longer
decides to use a summon but his own skills.

Genesis: 「My wish for tomorrow shall shatter my soul. For the price of my
pride. Flight is no more for my wing has shattered.ã€￾ This is how a monster's
road ends.
Zack: We aren't monsters, we're SOLDIER---Where has your pride gone?
Genesis: 「Nothing shall fortell my return. Even if the morrow is barren of
promises.ã€￾ If this world threatens my life---it has lost it's path.

Genesis plunges himself to his death into the pits of the deep holes underneath
the warehouse. Zack watches him fall.

Zack: Genesis.

Zack walks out of the warehouse confused about why Genesis did that. After Zack
reaches the outside of the warehouse he notices Cloud and Tseng aren't around.
He realizes they must have gone to Modeoheim village. Zack quickly makes his
way to the village. Upon arriving at the village Zack notice the town is dead.
He makes his way to the Modeo Public Bath house. When he reaches the 2nd floor
he encounters a monster; it happens to be a new Angeal clone! Zack quickly
defeats it and quickly makes his way to the third floor. He finds Cloud and
Tseng knocked out. Tseng tells Zack it was Angeal who did this to them, Zack
rushes over to the next area and finds Angeal waiting in one of the rooms.

Angeal: The truth is I should have fought Genesis.
Zack: Honestly, who do you think took care of that?
Angeal: Although, what's next is a job only for you.
Zack: What are you mean?! Stop!
Angeal: There's someone waiting for you isn't there?
Zack: Angeal you're not serious are you---?

Hollander comes trotting in a very confident fashion.

Hollander: Good Angeal! Now is the time for our child to take his revenge!
Zack: Our child?
Angeal: Shut up! My father is dead!
Hollander: Then, take your revenge on your mother's behalf.
Angeal: My mother was ashamed of her past and ended her own life!
Hollander: Ashamed? Unfortunately you are mistaken. I would think she was very
prideful about it. She even used her own name for the project code name.
Project G otherwise known as Project Gillian.
Angeal: Don't you dare speak my mother's name!
Hollander: Jenova cells were injected into that woman Gillian. Her cells were
then directly injected into the fetus known as Genesis. But Genesis was a
failure---I would never accept something like that. Although Angeal---You
received her cells directly. You are perfect.
Angeal: Zack I'm nothing more than a perfect---monster. It is possible to
inject my cells into other people---
Hollander: Bidirectional Clones---It means that you've received Jenova's power.
Angeal: Zack do you remember our promise? That we'd fight against anything that
torments this world.
Zack: Yeah. But you're wrong.
Angeal: I'll become the torment. Zack, I'll show you.
Hollander: Stop! If you do that you can't turn back!

Angeal raises his hand a several different Angeal clones drop from above.
Hollander tries and stops Angeal. Angeal forcefully pushes Hollander away.

Hollander: Dammit! They're just cells!

The clones head towards and merge with him.

Zack: Angeal!!

The clones finish their merging with Angeal and create a horrible looking
monster. Zack stands confused. The monster stretches out his trident and
scratches Zack on the face leaving a cut. Zack realizes he has no choice but to

Zack: Angeal where did your pride go?!

Zack goes through one of the toughest battles of his life mentally and
physically. But somehow he makes it through it and defeats Angeal. Angeal lies
there and speaks to Zack his last words.

Angeal: You did well Zack. I'm counting on you for the rest. Never forget your

Zack takes Angeal's sword and as he does Angeal passes away.

Angeal: Hold on to your dreams. If you want to be a hero you have to hold on to
your dreams and also your pride.

After losing the one person that matter to him most in SOLDIER, Zack head to
the Church back at the Slums to see Aerith.

Aerith: Hey, Zack. If we're on the upper city, the sky must be really close
right? I'm a bit scared but the flowers would be happy---right?

Zack cries his heart out. Aerith quietly comforts him gently.

Somewhere in the near future Zack is the leader of a troop of SOLDIERs. He
first walks by the Shinra army troops and gives a pat on the back to one of the

Zack: So you want to be a SOLDIER? Good Luck.

Zack moves over to the SOLDIER squad and gives them his speech.

Zack: Are all SOLDIERs present?
SOLDIERs: Yes sir!
Zack: You're all new recruits right?
SOLDIERs: Yes sir! It'll be a pleasure to be working with you!
Zack: I only have one word of advice---actually this is an order. Never lose
your dreams. Also, no matter the situation never let go of your pride as a
SOLDIER. Got it?
SOLDIER: Yes sir!
Zack: Make sure you all make it back here. Let’s go.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 7		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack: Project G was Angeal's mother's experiment. I secured Modeo and handed
Hollander over to the company. After that, the company told me to wait for
orders and a lot of time has passed. The company seems to be full of nothing
but gossip. I always seem to be around the Turks. Though they told me, "By
chance, our furloughs overlapped," though I wonder---But, no one says anything
about Angeal or Genesis. It's as if it never happened. Everyone, what is a
SOLDIER supposed to think? In the future, what should I fight? A SOLDIER's
pride, what is it---?

Zack with no mission at hand gets a break from his daily life. He gets sent to
Costa del Sol for a nice beach vacation with Cissnei. But Zack being Zack just
can't sit still waiting for his next mission. Even on the beach he's training
by doing his usual squats.

Cissnei: Want some oil?
Zack: I don't need that kind of stuff. What the hell is this?! Have I been left
out again?!
Cissnei: Isn't it fine like this once in a while?
Zack: I've had enough! I think I'll give'em a call.
Cissnei: The Executive Manager is no longer there. Lazard's location is
unknown. It's believed that he's been funding Hollander's research. With the
company's money no less.
Zack: Lazard really did that?
Cissnei: He did a lot of research on Hollander so he should know quite a bit.
Zack: What is this---
Cissnei: Huh?
Zack: I'm just wondering what everyone is thinking---
Cissnei: Only that person alone would know the truth. But even if he tells us
anything we'd be doubtful of what he says is true---
Zack: Cissnei mind going over there for a bit?
Cissnei: Calling Aerith now?
Zack: How did you know? Am I being watched or something?
Cissnei: The one being watched is her. That girl is an Ancient, the last one of
her kind on this planet. You didn't know?
Zack: She---never really said anything about it. The last one of her kind on
this planet huh? Sure seems that way.

Tseng comes rushing onto the beach.

Tseng: Watch out! Genesis clones are here!
Zack: Genesis clones?!

Zack blasts his way through the Genesis clones on the beach.

Zack: These guys are still around? But Genesis is---
Tseng: Genesis might be still around.
Zack: What?
Tseng: Once the body loses the mind it returns to the Lifestream.
Zack: What about it?
Tseng: It is the spiritual energy that travels around the planet. Genesis's
mind right now is---
Zack: So do clones also go back to this Lifestream?
Tseng: That might be possible. Now---Zack your vacation is over. Someone seems
to be attacking Junon. You will be coming as well.

Tseng, Cissnei and Zack arrive at Junon. They find several other Genesis clones
swarming around the area.

Zack: This is horrible! Genesis clones are here as well?! They’re always
causing trouble as they please.

Zack beats up the puny Genesis clones and examines them.

Tseng: Right now, Hollander is somewhere in Junon. It would appear that this
raid has something of relevance to him.
Zack: Is it still not over?
Tseng: We'll quickly go evacuate all the residents. Zack you'll be keeping
guard on Hollander.
Zack: I'm guarding Hollander? Shouldn't we eliminate the enemy first?
Tseng: Hollander knows of some very confidential information. The President
wishes for him to be protect no matter what. Executive Manager Lazard is also
missing and the company still hasn't selected a new one for the SOLDIER
department. This raid is the perfect chance for him to escape. Zack, we're
counting on you to guard Hollander.
Cissnei: He's being held inside the isolation facility on Junon R Level 8. Take
the emergency elevator to the upper levels. We'll follow up with you later.
We're counting on you Zack.
Tseng: We're still not done with Hollander's interrogation. We can't afford to
hand him over to the enemy.
Zack: All right, I understand.

Zack makes his way to the emergency elevator and heads up to Level 3 of Junon.
Once he arrives at the floor he witness the dead bodies of his follow SOLDIERs
on the floor. The culprit, a Genesis clone.

Zack: Genesis?! No this is a clone!

Zack wipes the floor with the clone. Later a SOLDIER 3rd Class approaches Zack
to give him his report.

SOLDIER 3rd Class: The isolation facility that Hollander was held at has been
Zack: What?! Even the facility has been attacked?
SOLDIER 3rd Class: No, it appears that while the town was being attacked he
took his chance to disappear.
Zack: Than you mean he escaped on his own?!
SOLDIER 3rd Class: The timing of the raid was too good, how he pulled it off
concerns me. It's also possible that someone helped him escape.
Zack: Where did Hollander escape too?!
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Hollander was last seen by a guard camera at Junon R Level
6. This level here is Junon L Level 6 so he should be here somewhere. He must
be somewhere in between Junon L and R. If Hollander is here he'll be using the
gate to escape to Junon R. Just push the switch to open large gate.
Zack: Thank you. I'm counting on your to take care of the injured.
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Yes sir!
Zack: You can leave Hollander to me.

Zack moves on towards the Level 6 gate. Two 3rd Classes engage a Genesis clone
but are no match. Zack didn't make it in time to finish them off but quickly
deals with the clone himself. After defeating the clone he moves onto the gate.
Before he makes it to the gate he sees Hollander come out of one of the

Zack: Hollander! So there are you!
Holland: Dammit.
Zack: You won't escape!

Zack tries to chase after Hollander but is abruptly stopped by Genesis clones.
One clone fires his giant gun at Zack. Zack is quick to defend himself.

Zack: That was close. I'm in a hurry here! Don't get in my way! You guys are so

Zack deals with the extra clones and quickly moves on to the next area behind
the gate. Zack sees Hollander trying to open the next gate.

Zack: Wait! Hollander!
Hollander: Hmm.

Hollander opens the next gate and Zack tries to chase him again. Although, Zack
is stopped by another one of Hollander's machines.

Zack: Another one of his new weapons?! Dammit, that Hollander!

Zack fights his way through the giant tank like robot and beats it. After the
fight Tseng comes into the room to secure it.

Tseng: We're almost done cleaning up with most of the enemies. From now we'll
be locking all the doors so that it's not possible to enter. The evacuees we'll
be staying here.
Zack: Everything is going smoothly for you I suppose. I on the other hand let
Hollander escape again. Well, I'll be going now.
Tseng: All right, we're counting you.

Zack chases after Hollander again past another gate. Zack finally makes it to
the Junon airstrip. Before Zack can continue following Hollander, Hollander
releases another giant robot on Zack. Zack fights the tough fight and later
continues his chase after Hollander. It would seem Hollander has nowhere else
to run.

Zack: That's as far as you go!
Hollander: So what will you do now?
Zack: Hey!!

Hollander falls off the cliff but gets picked up by two Genesis clones.

Zack: No way! Dammit he got away.

Tseng and Cissnei finally meet up with Zack but are too late and watch
Hollander fly away. Sephiroth also makes his late appearance.

Sephiroth: Mission failed. That'll be a big minus in your assessment.
Zack: Sephiroth! It's been like what 100 years?
Sephiroth: Leave the rest of this to the Turks. While doing investigations in
Modeoheim I heard that you came here.
Zack: Oh I'm so happy.
Sephiroth: It seems things are starting to move again. Genesis clones have
shown up all over the world.
Zack: How is that possible---? The Genesis clones should have been wiped out.
Sephiroth: Is Genesis really dead? Even in Midgar there are clones appearing.
Zack: Is that so---
Sephiroth: Slums as well. You can go back, you have my permission.
Zack: O---ooo.
Sephiroth: Take care.
Zack: Later. Did something happen at Modeoheim?
Sephiroth: The equipment Hollander was using has gone missing.
Zack: Genesis?
Sephiroth: Perhaps. We'll see each other soon.
Zack: You better make sure of that!

The truth revealed; Genesis lives. Genesis stands on the Junon cannon and
speaks his lines of Loveless.

Genesis: 「Your desire, the Goddess's Gift shall foster a life. Your story
shall be told, your sacrifice and the world's end. Like the wind that blows
over the secret water surface, gently and certainly.ã€￾

Genesis watches the sunset in Junon before making his leave.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 8		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack makes his way back to the slum church in Midgar.

Zack: Hmm? I thought I just sensed something behind me---Probably just my

Zack runs into the church and without noticing a new Shinra model robot is
heading his way. But before he even has time to worry about that he finds a
monster inside the church standing beside Aerith!

Aerith: Zack!
Zack: An Angeal clone?!

The mysterious Shinra robot makes its way into the church; it begins aiming for
a target. But before it can acquire any target at all it gets destroyed by the
Angeal clone!

Zack: Thanks.
Aerith: Did it just protect us?
Zack: It seems that way.

The clone falls after its grand attack---

Zack: Deterioration?
Aerith: Poor thing---
Zack: Is Angeal alive somewhere too?

It appears the clone is dead just yet but it has no intention to fight Zack.

Aerith: That little one somehow seems sad.
Zack: What reason did you come here---?
Aerith: Hey, let’s make the flower sale wagon.
Zack: Umm. But---
Aerith: It'll be all right.
Zack: You got that right?! Stay put up there! As for the rest, I'll think of
Aerith: Hey, let’s make the flower sale wagon.

Zack acts a bit blank; he can't seem to find the reason why an Angeal clone has
appeared. Could Angeal really still be alive? Aerith calls him over once more
to help with the flower sale wagon.

Aerith: Come'on now Zack! Over here.
Zack: A---aa. Hey---Aerith. Once we're done making the wagon will you sale them
in the upper city?
Aerith: Umm. I'm still a little scared too. I think I'll first start selling in
the slums---
Zack: Honestly, what have I told you? When it comes to when we start selling up
above I'll be there with you! Nothing to be worried about!!
Aerith: Thanks so much Zack!
Zack: All right! So it's decided, let’s hurry up and make the wagon. I'll go
look for some wood! Aerith wait for me here.
Aerith: Umm.

Zack heads outside and finds more robots waiting.

Zack: Ah. More of these guys? Well, time to get this over with quickly.

Zack fights the other 3 robots and finishes them off quickly like he said.
Tseng appears and talks to Zack after his fight.

Zack: What are these---?
Tseng: These are the new model robot weapons used to detect and defeat the
monsters. They have been deployed throughout Midgar to rid the area of Genesis
Copies. Almost all of the copies in Midgar have been dealt wtih.
Zack: Hmm. That's amazing. But, how come they tried attack me too? Can't these
things tell the difference between monsters and SOLDIERs?
Tseng: ---currently no.
Zack: That's not very reassuring---
Tseng: We'll improve the robots then.
Zack: Also Tseng---there's something about you that bugs me. You're keeping
watch on Aerith aren't you?

Tseng slowly walks away from Zack avoiding his question.

Zack: You're not going to say anything again?
Tseng: If you want to fool around with Aerith I won't try and stop you. I'm
simply carrying out my duties as a Turk.
Zack: I'm not fooling around! For Aerith's sake I'm protector her as a

A boy approaches Zack and starts asking him questions about the flower wagon.
Tseng takes his chance leaves while Zack is distracted. Zack finally heads out
on his hunt for wood. He finds his first piece on the road just outside the
church. He finds the next piece in the slum market but someone apparently
already owns it. Although he's reluctant to give you the wood, he decides that
he'll give it to Zack on one condition. That one condition being that Zack
names his new store he's opening. After much thought Zack decides on Seventh
Heaven. The store owner loves it and gives Zack the wood. Next Zack finds the
last piece in the Loveless district. A man who knows Aerith offers it to Zack.
Zack decides he's kept Aerith long enough and heads back. Zack returns to
Aerith with the wood and they begin making the Wagon. They finally finish
making the wagon but Aerith seems somewhat displeased.

Aerith: Hmm. It doesn't look very cute.
Zack: Really? Well, its fine isn't it? Since the main event is the flowers.
Aerith: I just can't agree to that.
Zack: Don't think about such luxurious things!
Aerith: A little luxury is all I ask for.
Zack: You say it's only a little but really it’s a lot right?
Aerith: Yup! Will you hear me out?
Zack: How many is it---?
Aerith: Umm. 23?
Zack: Write it down on paper since I'll probably forget.
Aerith: Um.

Aerith nods and starts writing down the 23 little luxuries she wants. Zack gets
a phone call from Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: The situation has changed. Return to headquarters immediately.
Zack: Arg.
Aerith: Work?
Zack: Unfortunately.
Aerith: Here.

Aerith hands Zack the piece of paper. Zack and Aerith gaze into each other's
eyes like the love birds they are. Zack makes his leave to Shinra headquarters.

Sephiroth: It appears at one of the mako reactors monsters have appeared. Also
all the employees working there have gone missing. We haven't been able to
contact even the SOLDIERs sent near the location. The company has decided to
send other SOLDIER to investigate the situation. You and I will be going.
Zack: Roger---
Sephiroth: What's wrong?
Zack: Well you know---you'd think there'd be more information than that.
Sephiroth: The SOLDIERs that we lost contact with we're the ones chasing after
Lazard. Furthermore, earlier they reported they saw some kind of strange pods.
Zack: Are they Hollander's?
Sephiroth: Most likely---It could be equipment taken from Modeoheim.
Zack: Which means---
Sephiroth: Lazard, Hollander---
Zack: And Genesis?
Sephiroth: We have no choice but to go.
Zack: Right. Let’s hurry up and get going.
Sephiroth: Go to the SOLDIER floor first. You and the other soldiers who are
going should prepare before we depart.
Zack: Roger!
Sephiroth: Our orders are to investigate the mako reactor. Even old friends
didn't even tell me anything. Depending on when, even I might be discarded by
Shinra. But until then I'm still an obedient SOLDIER of Shinra.

Zack makes his way to the SOLDIER floor and prepares for his mission. Before
leaving for his mission he decides to go visit Aerith and explain to her the

Aerith: Zack all done with work?
Zack: Nope---There's seems to be some important mission coming up, I might have
to leave Midgar.
Aerith: When are you coming back?
Zack: Umm. I'm not really sure.
Aerith: Oh---Is it okay if I call you?
Zack: Of course! I'll pick up right away even during my mission.
Aerith: You know what! Let’s---
Zack: Eh? Let's what?
Aerith: Let’s go to the slums and sell flowers.

Zack and Aerith head out to the slum park hoping to sell some flowers.

Zack: Um. Looking cute.
Aerith: Do you think anyone will even come to buy? ---no one seems to be coming.
Zack: No no. For sure they will come. Just wait a little bit and tons of
customers will be here.
Aerith: Hm. Like I thought, this wagon just isn't very cute. Oh, a customer.

Zack runs over to the young man and tries to persuade him to buy a flower.

Zack: Hey. Hey. You over there! How about buying a flower? For right now, it'll
only be 10 gil! It's been a huge price-slash! It's a must-buy!

Aerith giggles at Zack's antics.

Zack: Aerith! He said he'd buy it at 5 gil!
Aerith: Um. Any amount is fine.
Zack: No, that just won't do at all. I'm going to go back and negotiate for 7
gil. I'll be more tough this time.
Aerith: But---did the customer just leave?
Zack: Aerith---sorry.
Aerith: Why? I'm really happy. Since you're here with me. Oh! Look, Zack!
Another customer!!

While Aerith is distract selling her flowers out of her new wagon Zack goes
talk to Tseng hiding behind the slide.

Tseng: Don't worry about her. It's our duty to protect and watch over her in
case she gets into any danger.
Zack: You're the only person I can depend on.
Tseng: He he.
Zack: Heh! Why are you laughing? I'm counting on you!

Zack makes his way back to the headquarters and set out to meet the other
members for the mission.

Zack: What's wrong?
Cloud: The assigned members still aren't here---
Zack: We're in a rush so hurry up!
Cloud: Yes sir!
Zack: Cloud?! Together again huh? Pleasure to be working with you.
Cloud: You too. Just wait a moment; I'll go call the others.

Cloud runs off to get the other members. The assigned members all meet in the
SOLDIER floor lounge.

Zack: By the way, where are we going?
Sephiroth: Nibelheim.

Cloud reacts surprised and speechless.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 9		          **
**                                       				  **

Sephiroth: It's been a while since you've been back to your hometown right? How
does it feel? I don't have a hometown of my own so I wouldn't know---
Zack: Eh. What about your parents?
Sephiroth: My mother's name is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to
me and my father---He he ha ha. What am I talking about---? Well let's go.
Zack: Sephiroth's mother's name is Jenova? Hmm?

Zack and Sephiroth make their way to the inn they'll be staying at. Before
entering a young girl comes to approaches them.

Tifa: Are you the SOLDIERs sent here to do an investigation?
Zack: Yeah. I'm Zack of SOLDIER, 1st, 1st Class.
Tifa: Hmm.
Zack: Hmm?
Tifa: Are there a lot of SOLDIER 1st Classes?
Zack: Really only a few.
Tifa: Is it only you two?
Zack: Yeah. Me and Sephiroth.
Tifa: I see.

Tifa finishes talking to Zack and runs off.

Zack: What a weird kid.
Sephiroth: We will begin our investigation of the mako reactor tomorrow
morning. As for today we will be sleeping early. The rest of you should sleep
as well since tomorrow vigilance will be of the utmost importance. Oh that's
right---there's no problem at all if you want to go visit your family and
Zack: Nibelheim---huh?

Zack heads into the inn after Sephiroth. The clerk tells him his room is
upstairs. Zack heads up to the top floor and finds Sephiroth starring out the

Zack: What are you looking at?
Sephiroth: ---the scenery. I feel as though I know it.

Zack and Sephiroth rest up for the mission they have tomorrow. The next day,
Zack and Sephiroth head over to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim to meet their
guide to the mako reactor.

Zack: Tifa! You're the guide?!
Tifa: That's right.
Camera Man: Okay everyone say che---ese.
Tifa: You know that I'm the best guide in this village.
Zack: But, it's going to be dangerous! You shouldn't be involved in something
like this!
Sephiroth: It will be fine if you protect her.
Zack: Go back. You might end up being eaten. Or at the very least you might
faint. But if I use it, it'll get dirty, broken, and worn down. However,
hitting the back of blade is effective.

They all make it to the reactor safely, Tifa, Zack, Sephiroth, Cloud and the
other Shinra soldier.

Tifa: I want to go inside too! I wanna see!
Sephiroth: This area is restricted to the general public. The complex is full
of Shinra industrial secrets.
Tifa: But!
Sephiroth: Take care of the lady.

Cloud, without Tifa knowing it's him, stops Tifa from entering. Zack and
Sephiroth step into the mako reactor to start their investigation.

Zack: JENOVA. That's weird. The lock won't open---Jenova?!
Sephiroth: So these are the cause of the operation's abnormality. This part
seems to be broken. Zack open the valve please. Why is it broken?

Sephiroth let's Zack peek into one of the pods. Zack finds a---monster.

Zack: Th-This is?!
Sephiroth: Normal SOLDIER are humans who have been showered in mako. You're
different from regular people but even still you are human. Although, what are
these? Compared to regular SOLDIERs like you there's a much higher
concentration of mako in these ones.
Zack: These are---monster.
Sephiroth: That's right. Hojo of the Shinra Company is the one who created
these monsters. By using mako energy he created these unnatural living monsters.
Zack: A normal SOLDIER? Aren't you one? He---ey Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: It can't be---I'm also---? Was I also created the same way? Are you
trying to say I'm the same as a monster---?

Sephiroth starts to be confused and questions himself. In frustration he pushes
Zack away. Zack tries and helps Sephiroth but not before someone else can bud

Sephiroth: Ever since my childhood I could feel it. I was different than other
people. I always thought I had some kind of special purpose. But, I didn't
think it would be something like this. Am I even human?
Genesis: Unfortunately---No. You are a monster.

Genesis throws two firas one at Zack and one at Sephiroth. Sephiroth manages to
deflect it easily but Zack gets hit and falls to the floor.

Genesis: Sephiroth. You were born out of the Jenova Project; the greatest
monster of all.
Zack: Genesis! So you were alive after all.
Genesis: In my current condition can you even say that I am?
Sephiroth: What does the Jenova Project have to do with me?
Genesis: The Jenova Project the general name for the experiment. The experiment
that used Jenova's cells.
Sephiroth: Using mother's cells---?
Genesis: Pitiful Sephiroth---You've never meet your mother and the only thing
you ever heard was her name right? I have no idea what she looks like, but what
I do know is---
Zack: Genesis stop it already!
Genesis: Jenova is---a stratum discovered over 2000 years ago. A monster.
Sephiroth lend me your strength. Otherwise my deterioration won't stop. SOLDIER
1st Class Sephiroth! Angeal was born out of Jenova Project G. Just like me born
a monster. Jenova Project S was---
Zack: S---?
Genesis: Was a project created to make the perfect monster.
Sephiroth: What is there I can do?
Genesis: You have no power to create clones. Nor does the gene spread. In other
words the deterioration won't happen. Lend me your cells. 「Your desire. The
Goddess's Gift shall foster a lifeã€￾
Sephiroth: Are you trying to confuse me with everything you've just said---? Or
is it, what I have been looking for is the "truth"---? Which ever it may be. Go
Genesis: I understand. It's to be expected of a perfect monster.

Genesis watches Sephiroth walk away and walks right after him but speaks his
lines of Loveless once more.

Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts. The
Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of light and
darkness, she shall lead us to our paradise, along with her gift.ã€￾
Zack: Wait!

Zack chases after the two but when he reaches outside they're nowhere to be
seen and only monsters are left. The monsters have seriously injured the Shinra
SOLDIERs and Zack has no choice but to fight his way back to the village. He
escorts Tifa and Cloud back defending them along the way.

Zack: Where did Sephiroth go?
Tifa: Did something happen?
Zack: Sorry. I can't say.
Tifa: Right. I'll go ask the other villagers about Sephiroth's whereabouts.
Zack: Thanks Tifa.

Zack and Cloud return to the village inn. Zack sits by Cloud's side until he

Zack: Tifa is okay; so don't worry.
Cloud: If only I was a SOLDIER too---Zack?
Zack: SOLDIERs are like monsters. So forget about it.
Cloud: What exactly happened?
Zack: No clue. Although I intend to find out. Ah---ah. So anyway is Tifa an
acquaintance of yours?
Cloud: Sort of.
Zack: Did you guys talk?
Cloud: No.
Zack: I'm not sure what's going on but are you okay with that? Even I---I'm a
SOLDIER therefore just fighting is fine! I can leave all the troublesome things
for someone else to think of---! What is there to be angry about? Who is the
enemy? That kind of stuff shouldn't matter at all!
Cloud: Hey Zack. I've never seen you use that sword before.

After hearing Cloud speak the same words he spoke himself a long time ago Zack
remembers the good old days when Angeal was still around.

Angeal: If I use it it'll just get dirty, worn and rusted. That would be even
more of a waste. Your life is more important than the sword. Well just a little.
Zack: Never lose your dreams. Also, no matter the situation never let go of
your pride as a SOLDIER.

Zack: This here is a symbol of dreams and pride. Rather, it is just that. I
almost lost sight of that. Thanks Cloud.
Cloud: Eh?
Zack: All right! As for now---sleep!

Zack and Cloud sleep away till morning. After waking up Zack runs downstairs to
the lobby. Tifa comes rushing into the inn with some important news to tell

Tifa: It seems Sephiroth has gone to the Shinra Mansion.
Zack: Are you talking about that big mansion?
Tifa: Yeah. It belongs to Shinra.

As Zack walks out of the inn he receives a phone call.

Aerith: Hellooo---
Zack: Aerith?!
Aerith: Finally got through to you!
Zack: Ah. Hey sorry about this but---I'm in the middle of something right now.
I'll give you a call a little later.
Aerith: No it's okay you don't have too---
Zack: I understand. I'll come see you.
Aerith: I'll be waiting.
Zack: Mmm. It's a promise.

Zack hangs up and continues on to follow Cloud to the Shinra Mansion.

Zack: Aerith just wait a little longer for me.

Zack reaches the Shinra Mansion and follows Cloud to basement entrance. Down
below Zack finds the room Sephiroth is in. Sephiroth devotes himself to reading
the research of Jenova. He finds ends up questioning himself more and more.

Sephiroth: ---an organism that was apparently dead was found in a 2000 year old
geological stratum. Professor Gast named that organism, Jenova---X Year, X
Month, X Day. Jenova confirmed to be an Ancient---X Year, X Month, X Day.
Jenova Project approved. The use of Mako Reactor 1 approved for use. My
mother's name is Jenova---Jenova Project. Is this just a coincidence? Professor
Gast---Why didn't you tell me anything? Why did you die?

Zack: Sephiroth didn't come out of the Shinra Mansion. He continued to read as
if he were possessed by something. Not once, did the light in the basement go

Zack decides to leave him alone and head back to the town.

7 days later. Zack stands outside the inn with the whole village up in flames.
He finds Cloud badly beaten on the floor. By the stairs he finds Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Now is the time for the greeting.

Sephiroth walks off towards mako reactor.

Zack: This is cruel. Sephiroth---this is just too cruel.

Zack chases after Sephiroth to the mako reactor. After making his way up to the
reactor he enters it and finds Tifa on the floor.

Zack: Did Sephiroth do this to you?

Tifa turns away from Zack in detest. Zack walks towards the JENOVA chamber.

Tifa: I hate it. Shinra, SOLDIER, you, I hate it all!

Zack walks towards the JENOVA and smacks the door down with one huge swing of
his sword.

Sephiroth: Mother let’s take this planet back together. I've thought of a
very good plan. Let’s go to the Promised Land together. Mother.
Zack: Sephiroth!! Why did you kill the villagers? Why did you hurt Tifa? Answer
me Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha. Mother those people have shown up again. With mother's
strength and knowledge she should have been this planet's ruler. But those
people---those people who took everything. The planet was taken from mother
wasn't it? But, don't be sad anymore mother. Let’s go together---Finally we
meet mother---
Zack: Sephiroth! What's gotten into you---?! Sephiroth I trusted you---

Zack gets put on the defence by Sephiroth's blade and gets blasted to the lower
floors of the mako reactor. Zack and Sephiroth continue their fight.

Zack: No. You're no longer the Sephiroth I once knew.
Sephiroth: I am the chosen one. The chosen one to rule over this planet.

They continue their fight and Zack barely fends off Sephiroth's attacks. Zack
gets beaten badly and his sword is lost out of his hands. Zack gets hit back
into the pod room. With Zack out for the count his sword sits in the door way.
At this moment Cloud takes Zack's sword and sneaks behind Sephiroth - who is
admiring his mother - and stabs him in the back. Sephiroth is badly hurt and
Cloud rushes back to Tifa's side to assure himself she is all right. A little
while later Sephiroth comes out of the room.

Sephiroth: By someone like you---
Zack: Cloud finish Sephiroth---
Cloud: Sephiroth!!

Cloud charges Sephiroth with the Buster Sword but doesn't land a second blow.

Sephiroth: Don't get over confident.

Cloud gets stabbed by Sephiroth's sword but with rage burning in Cloud's blood
he finds the strength to overpower Sephiroth and toss him into the pits of the
mako reactor.

Sephiroth: This is impossible.
Zack: You did well Cloud---

The two pass out after the long fight. Sometime later, half-awake, Zack finds
himself surrounded by other Shinra soldiers along with Hojo.

Hojo: This boy here huh? How interesting. Truly interesting. We'll use him as
my new sample.

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Chapter 10		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack and Cloud have been captured and used as experiment samples in Hojo's
crazed plans. While in his tube Zack has a dream of Angeal.

Angeal: How can you even call yourself a SOLDIER? I don't need such a pathetic
Zack: Angeal!! Wait!

Zack finds himself in a much more vivid dream.

Zack: Those wings of yours---lend them to me as well.

Zack finds the strength and breaks out of his test tube. An assistant of Hojo's
finds Zack on the floor. He goes to inspect it but suddenly Zack knocks him out
unconscience. Zack heads to Cloud's container and frees him from it.

Zack: Cloud---

Zack takes Cloud outside of the mansion and tries to escape.

Zack: What is this? Why is this village still here? It should've been burned to
the ground.
Shinra Soldier: It's the escapees! The doctor's experiment samples!
Zack: There's no way a regular soldier could hope to beat me. Cloud?! This is
bad. I better finish this up quick. Sorry but you won't be able to capture me.

Zack manages to get them all but used up a bit too much strength.

Zack: This isn't good. I'm in pretty bad shape. Even regular soldiers give me
such a hard time---I guess for the time being we'll return to the mansion and
recover our strength.

Zack carries Cloud back to the mansion and talks to him along the way.

Zack: Since it's still daylight, do you think we should rest till the evening?

Zack puts Cloud down on a bed stares at him. Wondering why Cloud is still out
of it.

Cloud: Uu---
Zack: Cloud---It can't be mako poisoning, can it?! Hey Angeal---Is there no one
I can save? All right! First I'll go look around for something for you to
change into. It probably doesn't feel too good to have mako attached to your
clothes. Just wait here a bit I'll be right back.

Zack runs back down to the scientist he knocked out to retrieve the master key
to the mansion. He then runs back up to a room with a dresser and takes a look

Zack: Oh! This looks really good. He can definitely wear this.

Zack runs back to where Cloud is and tells him the good news.

Zack: Hey I found something really nice. It's a little big. But hey, don't ask
for such luxurious things. Looks good on you.

After suiting Cloud with a SOLDIER uniform, Zack reaches into his pocket and
finds a piece of paper. He soon realizes the promise he made to Aerith.

Zack: You say it's only a little but really it’s a lot right?
Aerith: Yup! Will you hear me out?
Zack: How many is it---?
Aerith: Umm. 23?
Zack: Write it down on paper since I'll probably forget.
Zack reads what Aerith wrote on the piece of paper.

Aerith: There are 23 little luxuries. But you probably won't remember. There's
only one thing I want the most---to be together with you more often.

Zack realizes he has only one mission left.

Zack: Hey Cloud. I have to go to Midgar. You'll be coming too right?

Zack returns to the entrance of Nibelheim and starts his escape. More Shinra
soldiers appear and trying to capture Zack and Cloud. Zack easily deals with
them and leaves the town. Zack finds the trail he needs to use to escape is
crawling with Shinra robots. Before engaging the trail he leaves Cloud
somewhere safe and proceeds to secure the path. Zack finds sniper rifles on the
floor and deals with all the pesky robots. Zack finally makes it to the end of
the trail and everything is safe. He stands on a beach and looks towards the

Zack: Aaaa---What do we do from now on---? Since Cloud is with me I can't be
too reckless---Angeal what should I do?

Gazing into the moon lit ocean Zack readies himself to greet a person who's
been following him.

Zack: Yo Cissnei it's been a while huh?
Cissnei: Zack---Are you the sample trying to escape?
Zack: That's correct.
Cissnei: What did they do to you in that lab?
Zack: Well a lot of things. Hey Cissnei did you come here to take us back? I
beg you! Let us escape!! I thought I could outrun the army but with the Turks
on us it'll be too much.
Cissnei: Zack---I'm sorry. It's my duty. If you plan on trying to escape,

With much confusion on her mind; Cissnei still throws her shuriken at Zack.
Zack quickly defends and draws his sword. Cissnei tries to approach Zack but---

Zack: Don't come any closer. If you plan on following us, then the next time,
I'll really---

Zack runs off to check on Cloud to assure he's safe. Cissnei stands on the
beach shore feeling distraught by what's she's done. Zack stands by Cloud's
side and explains the situation.

Zack: The Army and Turks are around, so moving right now would be too
dangerous. For today, we'll sleep here and head out in the morning when there's
light. We'll take it slow okay?

Cissnei finds Zack with Cloud. Zack turns around and points his sword at her.

Zack: Cissnei---
Cissnei: He is---If I'm not mistaken he's the other one who also escaped with
Zack: Why did you have to come here?! Didn't I tell you to not follow us?!
Cissnei: He doesn't look very good. What happened?
Zack: Mako poisoning and it's quite serious.
Cissnei: It's because of the experiments isn't it?
Zack: Yeah.

Cissnei picks up her phone and makes a call. Zack freaks out but she puts her
hand out to let him know not to worry.

Zack: Hey!
Cissnei: Tseng the targets have escaped.

She hangs up and reassures Zack.

Cissnei: That's how it is. So get it together and escape.
Zack: Cissnei thank you.
Cissnei: I have a present for you. I believe in you so please accept this.

Cissnei walks away after giving Zack the keys to a brand new Shinra bike. Zack
hops on and makes his way towards Midgar with Cloud in the passenger seat.

Zack: New Shinra models are the best! Those things are still around?

Zack while still on the road encounters Genesis clones. He attempts to engage
them but his smacked from the back by the real Genesis and is captures by the

Zack: What the hell?! That hurts! Stop pulling on my hair!
Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts. The
Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of light and
darkness, she shall lead us to our paradise, along with her gift.ã€￾
Zack: My hair?!
Genesis: I heard you were being used for one of Hojo's experiments. He used you
for Project S and therefore you inherited Jenova's power.
Zack: Is that what it was?! You can't be serious. It ate my hair.
Genesis: To me these cells are the 「Gift of the Goddessã€￾. With this my
deterioration wfill stop.
Zack: There's something wrong with you.
Genesis: After receiving a monster's cells the rest is meaningless.
Zack: The monster is you!
Genesis: 「It is handed down. Your sacrifice and the world's end. Like the
blowing winds over an unknown water surface---softly and certainly.ã€￾

Genesis flies away along with one of the clones. The clone left behind acts as
if it were in pain after eating Zack's hair. The clone transforms into
something horrible. Zack readies himself for battle. Zack easily wipes the
floor with the clone and walks back to his bike.

Zack: Angeal what should I do?

Zack turns to Cloud.

Zack: Right?

Zack continues his journey to return to Midgar. Half way through his journey
Zack travels through a desert. To his utmost surprise he finds himself in a
very familiar place.

Zack: What the---?! This is! Cloud I made it to my hometown! This is Gongaga!

Zack enters the city and parks the bike near a broken mako reactor.

Zack: I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to visit my parents. They're probably
waiting to ambush me. Just wait for me here for a bit. Mom and Dad do worry me.
I wonder how mom's doing---It'll be dangerous but the village is waiting for my

Zack heads into the village of Gongaga. Zack walks towards Gongaga but is still
undecided if he should visit his parents or not. Someone comes along to help
him make that decision.

Cissnei: Honestly. You sure are carefree with your actions. I'm sure even you
realized that they would be waiting at your house to ambush you right?
Zack: Hm.
Cissnei: Were you planning to see your parents?
Zack: Is that so wrong? It's normal, isn't it?
Cissnei: Oh.
Zack: Although---I wasn't really thinking. It's just as you say. We'll leave.
Cissnei: Be careful okay? You'll have to be more cautious than usual. Other
than you, there seems to be someone else who has come to this village as well.
Zack: Who?
Cissnei: Angeal.
Zack: I see.
Cissnei: I see? Aren't you the one who defeated him? You're not surprised?
Zack: It was probably thanks to him I was able to escape the Shinra Mansion.
Cissnei: Is that so. So the witness information was true then.
Zack: But what reason would he have come to Gongaga?
Cissnei: Probably he wanted to see you. Other than that, could there be any
other reason?

Zack turns and spins frantically screaming to Angeal not knowing if he's really
there or not.

Zack: If you're around Angeal get out of here! The Turks are on the look out!
Cissnei: I'll give you 10 minutes. Once time is up I'll be returning to the
Zack: Returning?
Cissnei: Right now---I just can't do it. I just can't bring myself to tell your
parents the sad news.
Zack: How's my mother doing?
Cissnei: She's worried about you. Now that you've gotten yourself in such a
mess she's worried you won't find a wife.
Zack: That's so ridiculous.
Cissnei: Nice parents huh? They're doing quite well.
Zack: I see. If they're well that's good.
Cissnei: Honestly.
Zack: What about yours?
Cissnei: I was raised by Shinra.

Zack realizes he made some awkward silence and tries to clean up the air.

Zack: Anyway Cissnei---Do you think you could talk to my mother for me?
Cissnei: That's true. It'd be my pleasure.
Zack: Just don't say anything that would make them think you're my bride to be.
Cissnei: I've already told them.
Zack: How could you tell them something like that! Cissnei!
Cissnei: That isn't my real name.
Zack: Eh?!
Cissnei: Come'on now! Only 5 minutes left!

Cissnei walks away and makes her return back to the Turks. Zack sees something
shiny and white off in the distance.

Zack: Angeal?! It's Angeal isn't it?!

The Angeal he sees in the distances flies off to the mountain top.

Zack: Wait!

Zack chases after Angeal to the mountain top. Zack reaches the top and shouts
to Angeal but all he finds is Genesis clones! He has no choice but to fight.

Zack: Wait! How the---?!
Genesis Clones: S---Cells.

After defeating the two clones even more appear. But before the new pair of
clones can attack him they're stopped by a familiar voice.

Hollander: That person's cells will be most helpful to us! You used to be a
SOLDIER. The cell structures have already started to deteriorate.
Zack: Hollander?! You used it didn't you?
Hollander: Yes. Because Genesis was trying to kill me, to continue living I had
no other choice. Just a little of Genesis's cells---
Zack: You're deteriorating.
Hollander: That is correct. Although, I'm not regretting it one bit.

Genesis walks up to Hollander with a White Banora apple in hand.

Genesis: The Gift of the Goddess---once we obtain the genuine S cells this
deterioration will be of no concern.
Zack: Genuine?
Genesis: You escaped with another correct?
Zack: I didn't.
Genesis: There are two escapees; one ex-SOLDIER and regular soldier.
Hollander: And that regular soldier contains the last of the genuine S cells!
Zack: Hey!

Hollander flies off with the other clones. Zack realizes they're after Cloud.

Genesis puts his hand out to stop Zack from attacking them as they take flight.

Genesis: Do you know the last 4 phrases of the story?
Zack: As if I would care!
Genesis: 「Your story shall be told. Your sacrifice and the world's end. Like
wind that blows over the secret water surface. Gently and certainly.ã€￾
Zack: Sacrifice? End? Do you have to be so depressing!
Genesis: It's unfortunate that you cannot understand the beauty of these lines.
Well I won't force upon you to understand. Even I have difficulty understanding
it sometimes. The greatest mystery of obtaining the 「Gift of the Goddessã€￾
is 「Water Surfaceã€￾ and finally returning to the 「Lifestreamã€￾.
Zack: What?
Genesis: The final chapter is lost and with it exists dismissals of its
existence. However the correct version is my very own interpretation. I will
show you proof of that.
Zack: It's pointless to think about such crap!

Zack dives at Genesis but Genesis manages to fly away leaving Zack with nothing
but an apple.

Genesis: Soon you'll understand.
Zack: Cloud's in trouble!! Need to return to the mako reactor. Got to hurry!!

Zack rushes back to Cloud. Once he reaches the reactor he finds Cloud in a big

Zack: Cloud run away!

To Zack's surprise Angeal comes swooping in to try and save Cloud but is easily
knocked down by Hollander. Hollander tries to run away but is chased by Zack.
Zack quickly slices up Hollander. After defeating Hollander Zack watches
Hollander's life force disappear from his body. He quickly returns to Cloud and

Angeal: It's been a while---
Zack: Ha ha. How could you get beaten like that?
Angeal: I can't fight like a 1st Class. I am Angeal's clone.
Zack: Clone?
Lazard: Lazard.

Lazard explains the whole situation to Zack and after a while Zack finally
starts to understand.

Zack: So you're the one who helped Hollander escape from Junon? Why would you
do such a thing?
Lazard: I thought I would need Hollander's help for my revenge.
Zack: You sure know how to pick your allies.
Lazard: Seriously. I never thought I would have Angeal's cell turn me into a
Zack: Be rejoiceful. You're a descent of Project G.
Lazard: It's quite the mysterious feeling.
Zack: Hm?
Lazard: After having my life taken controlled of, I completely forgot about my
revenge. But in exchange---I want to help you---I want to save
Genesis---Actually it's a much stronger feeling than that. That's right; I want
to save the world.
Zack: It's not mysterious at all. He he. Because this here is Angeal.
Lazard: Ha ha. Genesis seems to be after something called the 「Gift of the
Goddessã€￾---Although what is it? No. Whatever it is doesn't matter.
Zack: I really don't get anything he ever says. What should we do?
Lazard: Angeal will guide us---perhaps?
Zack: I see. That's right. Executive Manager.
Lazard: Executive Manager huh? Hey Zack, what's your dream?
Zack: Huh? That's right---To become a hero.
Lazard: Quite sad but a good dream nonetheless.
Zack: What are you saying? Lend us your strength along with Angeal of course.
If we all stick together we can all become heroes! At the very least I'll
recognize that we are.
Lazard: Well now Zack. Do you know Genesis's location?

Zack looks at the White Banora apples and realizes the truth to Genesis's

Lazard: I see.

The feathers fall from Lazard's wing and the three make their way to Genesis's

**				                                          **
**                         CRISIS CORE : Epilogue		          **
**                                       				  **

Zack arrives at Banora Village once more. Lazard comes swooping but holds his
side. He's still hurt from his previous battle with the Genesis clones.

Lazard: Stupid Apples only grow in Banora.
Zack: Why is that again?
Lazard: It seems to be caused by something in the soil.
Zack: Genesis was always carrying a Stupid Apple around. I should have noticed
sooner. This place sure has changed a lot. Can you look after Cloud for me?
Lazard: Yeah.
Zack: Hmm? What's that?

Zack sees a long beam of lifestream shooting to the sky. He decides to head
over and check it out.

Zack: I guess I jump here. There isn't any turning back.

Zack jumps down and inspects his surroundings. He notices a big hole in the

Zack: Was this even here before? Where does it lead too?

Zack heads into the hole in the wall and it leads into a cave. He looks around
upon entering and notices a desk. He walks over and sees a book. He picks it up
and takes a read.

Zack: White Banora Juice. National Agricultural Contest - Manufacturing
Department - Most Valuable Player. Amazing. The one who invented this juice was
a young man of the Banora village named Genesis. Amazing amazing! The young man
commented this, "I'm really happy. Although it's not only good to drink as
juice, it's also very delicious to eat. It's my dream to eat this apple one day
with my parents and my hero Sephiroth. I would like to show the fruits of my
success to Sephiroth who is also the same age as me." Genesis---

Zack hears a large roar down the tunnel.

Zack: Is there something I can do?

Zack heads down the tunnel and finds himself in a cave. He makes it too a room
but he requires the 7 Gifts of the Goddess. He runs back to the cave and finds
them in treasure chests. He goes back to the alter and places the 7 Gifts in
their respective slots. A large door way opens and Zack walks through it. He
finds Genesis in his deteriorating state; hair all-gray and face all pale.

Genesis: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish
becomes my relief.ã€￾ You're late.
Zack: 「Lovelessã€￾ again?
Genesis: You inherited Angeal's will and received a part of Sephiroth. The
greatest reunion of friends has been made. With this 「Lovelessã€￾ has been
Zack: You're wrong! Open up your eyes Genesis!!
Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts.ã€￾
Zack: I came here to save you!
Genesis: 「The Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of
light and darkness, She shall lead us to our paradise, Along with with her
Zack: What is that?
Genesis: The 「Gift of the Goddessã€￾. A gift born from the nature that
surrounds Banora.
Zack: Wasn't the gift supposed to be the cells?!
Genesis: There are several interpretations.
Zack: I don't understand at all---
Genesis: Those feelings that surround you are also the gift. Everyone, let's
all return to the planet. And of course, you as well---Now I will receive the
providence of the planet.

Genesis starts gather the energy of the lifestream that surrounds him and
beings his transformation.

Zack: Listen to me! Don't ignore what I say! Don't turn yourself into a
monster! You---!

Zack stands in front of a new Genesis; a monster. Zack readies himself for a
tough battle. Genesis throws clones and spells at Zack and Zack skilfully
dodges and slashes away like the 1st Class he is. After a long fight Genesis's
monster form is defeated and a reborn Genesis stands before Zack.

Genesis: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish
becomes my relief and your peaceful slumber.ã€￾
Zack: Don't tell me that---from the very beginning you were---?

Genesis charges at Zack with what little strength he has left.

Genesis: Fight! SOLDIER 1st Class Zack!
Zack: Everyone's always using me as they please.

Zack furious with Genesis actions, accepts his challenge and deals with him
quickly. Genesis goes flying along with his sword out of his hand. Genesis in
his near death situation has a moment in a dream. He stands in the misty
lifestream and sees the Goddess of the planet. He puts out his hand as if
waiting to be accepted into her arms. But she draws her eyes away from him and
refuses his request. Genesis falls to the ground and lies there defeated. Zack
carries him on his back and heads out of the cave to meet back with Lazard. He
finds Lazard sitting by a White Banora tree with Cloud.

Lazard: Shinra came.
Zack: You don't have to talk---
Lazard: I fought alongside with that fellow there.
Zack: You're---

Zack realizes the one who fought alongside Lazard was the Angeal clone who
protected him and Aerith from the Shinra robot so long ago. Zack breaks out in
tears over the loss. Although he turns around and finds that the Lazard is also
about to breathe his last breath.

Zack: Executive Manager!

Realizing he's already gone Zack punches the ground.

Zack: Thank you.

The next day Zack decides to do something memorable for Genesis. He passes
around Stupid Apples for each one; Lazard, Cloud and Genesis.

Zack: All right! Let’s eat together! I'm sorry it isn't the real thing.
Genesis: Does it taste good?
Zack: Yeah.
Genesis: The 「Gift of the Goddessã€￾?
Zack: This apple is?

Genesis shakes his head.

Zack: Huh?
Genesis: Angeal---The dream has been fulfilled.

Genesis passes away into a deep slumber. Lazard's body and the Angeal clone's
body return to the lifestream. Left behind by the Angeal clone is a letter
addressed to Zack.

Aerith: Are you doing well? Where are you? It's been 4 years. This will be the
89th letter I've written but I will not send out any more. I hope that you
receive this last letter. Zack! The flowers are selling very well. It makes
everyone smile. It's all thanks to you. Aerith.

Zack: 4 years? What do you mean by last?!

Zack screams his lungs out hoping Aerith would hear him.

Zack: Aerith wait for me.

Zack grabs Cloud and continues his journey once more, to return to Midgar. Just
before leaving he turns to Genesis.

Zack: You better make sure you stay alive too.

Soon after Zack leaves Banora village a Shinra helicopter lands in Banora.

SOLDIER 1: Having us sent out here must mean this mission is pretty important
SOLDIER 2: It seems it has something to do with our older brother.
SOLDIER 1: Is that so? However will he---
SOLDIER 2: ---agree to join us?

One of the unknown SOLDIERs takes Genesis's into the helicopter and the two fly

Genesis: 「Nothing shall fortell my return. Even if the morrow is barren of
promises. To become the dew that quenches the land. To spare the skies, the
seas to sands. ã€￾

Back at Midgar Cissnei prepares herself a helicopter to assist the other Turks
in the capture of Zack and Cloud.

Tseng: Cissnei! The army is on the move as well. Secure them before they do.
Cissnei: I know. The army is clueless about the conditions of their situation.
Tseng: He'll be alive, I'm sure of it. You will be the one to save Zack's life.
Cissnei: Of course. I still haven't told you my real name.
Tseng: I'm counting on you for their sake. There are letters I wish to give
him; 88 of them.

Zack and Cloud managed to find a truck to hitch them back to Midgar. Zack looks
at the big blue sky and joshes around with him.

Zack: I'm just joking. I'd never abandon you. We're friends right?

Somewhere above in the musty desert skies of the outskirts of Midgar two Turks,
Reno and Rude, fly around trying to find Zack and Cloud.

Reno: In this kind of wasteland it will be impossible to find those two, dazoto.
Rude: No matter the mission we always finish our jobs because---
Reno: We're Turks dazoto.
Rude: Mm. And also---it seems like Tseng has something he'd like to give him
Reno: To the target?
Rude: Mm.
Reno: A failed postman’s job that has taken over a year dazoto.
Cissnei: Reno, Rude how's the situation?
Reno: Nothing at all dazoto.
Rude: What about you?
Cissnei: The same. From here I'll be going to point 235. Reno, Rude go to point
Rude: Roger.
Reno: We better hurry zoto.

Zack and Cloud get off the truck after finding out they're being chased by the
army. Zack hides Cloud behind a large rock so that he doesn't get hurt during
the battle. Zack walks off and Cloud tries and reaches Zack to stop him but he
still can't speak. Zack marches in front of the Shinra army with a smile on his

Zack: Honestly. Freedom sure is pricey.

Zack pulls out his sword and readies himself.

Zack: Never lose your dreams. Also, no matter the situation never let go of
your pride as a SOLDIER! Irasshaimase!

Zack comes to a bitter end. But even with his last amounts of strength he
continues his fight clinging on to the memories of his friends and loved ones.
Zack eventually falls and is shot at point blank and left for dead by the
Shinra army. It begins to rain. In Zack's wounded state Cloud crawls to his
side with what little strength he has.

Cloud: Zack.
Zack: On my behalf---
Cloud: Your behalf?
Zack: That's right. You will---
Cloud: You will---
Zack: Continue living. You are proof that I existed. My dreams and pride, I
give it all to you.
Cloud: I am proof that you existed.

Zack hands Cloud the Buster Sword and passes away soon after. Cloud looks into
Zack's fading eyes and realizes the price Zack paid to save him.

Cloud: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Zack sits on the edge of a cliff that rises over Midgar. The sky clears and the
sun shines on him.

Zack: Hold on to your dreams! If you want to become a hero you have to hold on
to your dreams.

Cloud: Thank you. I won't forget. Good night. Zack.

Cloud tightly grips the Buster Sword and walks off to continue the journey to
Midgar. Zack's body begins its new journey to return to the planet.

Zack: That girl said that she was scared of the natural sky. But of course it
must feel great right? Those wings of yours, lend them to me as well. What's
this? It feels great. When you meet Aerith I'm depending on you to look after
her. Hey I've become a hero right?

**				   Fin                                    **
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