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  1. I need help with the the second wonder, and i would like to know 3-7 as well thank you in advance.

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    Slaying_Angels - 9 years ago

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  1. To solve the second wonder go and see the picture with the girl in the inn and then go and talk to the boy, go see the picture again (this time the girl isn't in the picture), then go downstairs in the inn and you will see a man going up stairs (if not go and see the picture 2 more times: one time when she's in the picture, and again when she's not), and when you see the man follow him upstairs and in the room and u solved the second wonder!

    In the third wonder you need to go to Mt. Nibel and find some special bombs that have the face almost black and if you kill all of them before they explode you get a Gold Shard, then go and show it to the boy, and you solved the third wonder!

    In the fourth wonder you need to go to Shinra Manor and go upstairs to the 2nd floor, then go left and enter the door in the right, and in that room you will see a safe! You need to find the code for the safe, and here is what you need to do:
    There are 4 digits in the code (the code is random):
    In the first digit it says something about Knowledge Overflowing...It's something about some books...I don't remember what you needed to do
    The second digit: It says Unwelcome Faces...Go to the first floor of the Manor and look trough the keyhole of the door in the left and you will see some ghosts...See how many they are and that's the number of the second digit (note: the ghosts may vanish for a short time so be careful)
    The third digit: It says Tasty Reminders of Home...You need to find a room on the second floor that has some Banora apples in it! The door is locked and you need to look trough the keyhole agai of course! The number of the Banora apples is the number for the 3rd digit!
    And finally the fourth digit: It says Resting on all Four Feet...Search for another room that is locked and look trough the keyhole! You need to find a room with a lot of chairs in it! The number of the chairs is the number for the 4th digit! Now open the safe the wonder is done!

    In the Fif th wonder: When Sephiroth goes to the caves under Shinra manor, enter the caves...When you get there you need to find some ladders that are going deeper when you get deeper you will see on the map 3 doors...You will need a coffin key that you can get from some monsters you will meet there...Try the first 2 doors and open the coffins till you find someone who sleeps in there! And you solved the fifth wonder!

    The sixth wonder: It says A tresure in the Flames (or something like that)! When Sephiroth sets all the village on fire you will see the boy standing near a house! He tells you that his mom is in the house ( the house is on fire) and you need to save her! You have only one minute to save her and you dont see anything in that house! After you save her you solved the sixth wonder!

    The seven wonder doesnt really exist! After you kill Sephiroth and you get to the village with Cloud, the boy will send you a mail about a treasure he left for you in the village! Don't ask me where the treasure is, because I never found it!

    Sorry for making this tutorial so long! :D

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