PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File02/10/06xaishin378K
100% kempu, Miracle sword, three of the seima acc. downloadable kempu, all free style scrolls maxed out. 2nd playthru.
Save Game File01/18/06PhantomBMAN378K
100% kenpu. I dont have alot of money, but I have lots of soul talismans, many items in bank, and this is my second playthrough. (Note:Some scrolls have red marks, meaning the tile is available but already in use in another scroll
Save Game File01/09/06aznized378K
55k taichi, All chi lvl 3, Ginmei Sword 1st Form, Lvl 20, 98% Kenpu, all San'yuan kenpu, whole bunch of stuff in the bank including lots of soul talismans, Just before final boss
Save Game File01/03/06Sebastian61890378K
All chi lvl 3, Ginmei Sword 2nd Form, Shinbu lvl 17, 33k Taichi and 1032 Steel Orbs, 3 Soul Talismans and 30 Holy Drops. Just before Banko (Final Boss)
Save Game File01/16/06Krazy Kracker26K
Contains Download-only Items. (kenpu, Seima Accessories, Miracle Sword) Is to be placed in Save Data Folder, along side save game data.
Save Game File06/22/06Shdwwrym27K
Save for downloadable equipment/kenpu only.
Save Game File11/23/05lzcnk123456378K
US version. 92% Scrolls, 39k taichi, Regeneration Chi Pendent, Hella Full HP potions

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/27/05FlashClan252K
Playing for the 2nd time. Saved halfway of the game lv 11.
Save Game File08/27/05FlashClan252K
Saved before the last boss lv20, with 4 chi to the max lv

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/11/06brawling_mad376K
Completed Once, All Bugei, 82% kenpu, 56498 taichi, 835 steel orbs, all chi types, and overpowered weapons from downloadable content packs
Save Game File05/11/06brawling_mad33K
Downloadable content pack - 6 packs, new equipment, and is about the most overpowered stuff available. Makes playing the game a LOT easier. Just put this in the SAVEDATA folder, not inside the Key of Heaven save folder
Save Game File04/07/06ElWiwo376K
One Time Cleared, 84% Kempu, 4 Chi Arts at Max, 30000 Taichi, 629 Orbs

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