PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/30/06wolverinefan418K
Album save file - load this to bring up a menu with all of the anime cutscenes. All available.
Save Game File04/29/06wolverinefan414K
Book 3 - Chapter 4 - levels are 24,26,28 - up to date equip - on island, just head down dungeon to fight boss and continue story.
Save Game File04/03/06wolverinefan411K
Dark King - Chapter 3 - around lvl 20 - Next up is Cave of Kings, back to boat town, final location then and end of 2nd game.
Save Game File01/23/06darkzero297414K
Great save. Right before the last boss. Saved at the PoPoLoCrois Town Inn. Characters are very highly leveled. Enjoy ^_^
Save Game File12/17/05ajamal09414K
PoPoLoCrois - Book IV-Goddess Maira:Darkness
Save Game File01/02/06ZeroXMusume414K
The Begining Of Book 1
Save Game File01/02/06ZeroXMusume411K
The Begining of The Dark World
Save Game File04/16/06wolverinefan411K
Third Book (game) CHapter 2 - Level 20. Gabo is level 15 or so. Good amount of items best equipment so far

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File07/23/05tight686411K
A little into the game--past all the confusing dialogue.
Save Game File05/05/05ringo_fans415K
The Story of Goddess Maira Chapter 1
Save Game File05/05/05ringo_fans411K
The Story of the Evil of Ice Chapter 2
Save Game File05/05/05ringo_fans416K
The Story of the Evil of Ice Chapter 3
Save Game File05/05/05ringo_fans414K
The Story of the Evil of Ice Chapter 4
Save Game File05/05/05ringo_fans413K
The Story of the Lion King Ch1

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File07/22/06masterdavidm414K
Book 4 almost at the end/ high lvl /good equipment / and many items
Save Game File03/01/07GamBino17414K
Book IV, all high leveled, lots of items, good equipments. ready for Maira's castle.
Save Game File07/05/06platipus5416K
Up to last bosses l.v. 14/15

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