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So begins a tale of loneliness.

This is a dungeon-crawling, First Person RPG. Dive deep into the dungeon called the royal labyrinth, defeat various monsters that appear before you, and unravel various mysteries in the labyrinth. The protagonist re-enters the sanctuary to confirm rumors that his former companions are still wandering around.

It's been 10 years since the Verdite mayhem.
Even though the mighty will to destroy the human race has vanished from the world, the conflict hasn't yet faded among the people.
In Liquistoria, south of the continent, there is a labyrinth named Sanctuary. It is said that the king, once called the "predatory king" who was pursued by the hands of the people, now hides within the labyrinth.

Players dive deep into this royal labyrinth to verify the rumor that their former companions are still wandering around within. Control attacks with weapons, defense with shields, and active battles, as you pursue the mystery of the labyrinth while repelling monsters. A mystery that will soon become clear. And an expansive story will unfold. A tale of loneliness is about to begin.

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