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FAQ/Walkthrough by Exodia13

Version: Mystic | Updated: 04/24/06

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 |    |  \_  __ \__  \   / ___\ /  _ \ /    \   |    |  _/\__  \ |  | |  |
 |    `   \  | \// __ \_/ /_/  >  <_> )   |  \  |    |   \ / __ \|  |_|  |__
/_______  /__|  (____  /\___  / \____/|___|  /  |______  /(____  /____/____/
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  _________.__    .__         __________          .___      __           .__
 /   _____/|  |__ |__| ____   \______   \__ __  __| _/____ |  | _______  |__|
 \_____  \ |  |  \|  |/    \   |    |  _/  |  \/ __ |/  _ \|  |/ /\__  \ |  |
 /        \|   Y  \  |   |  \  |    |   \  |  / /_/ (  <_> )    <  / __ \|  |
/_______  /|___|  /__|___|  /  |______  /____/\____ |\____/|__|_ \(____  /__|
        \/      \/        \/          \/           \/           \/     \/

 Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai
Table of Contents
1. Intro

2. Controls and Basic Info

3. Main Menu

4. Dragon Road
   Chapter 1
   1S   = Start
   1A   = Fight 1
   1B   = Fight 2
   1C   = Fight 3
   1D   = Fight 4
   1E   = Fight 5
   1F   = Fight 6
   1G   = Fight 7
   1H   = Fight 8
   1I   = Fight 9
   EE  = Ending
   Chapter 2
   2S   = Start
   2A   = Fight 1
   2B   = Fight 2
   2C   = Fight 3
   2CA  = Fight 4
   2CB  = Fight 5
   2D   = Fight 6
   2E   = Fight 7
   2F   = Fight 8
   2G   = Fight 9
   2H   = Fight 10
   EE   = Ending
   Chapter 3
   3S   = Start
   3A   = Fight 1
   3B   = Fight 2
   3BA  = Fight 3
   3BA1 = Fight 4
   3BA2 = Fight 5
   3BA3 = Fight 6
   3C   = Fight 7
   3CA  = Fight 8
   3CA1 = Fight 9
   3CA2 = Fight 10
   3CB  = Fight 11
   3CB1 = Fight 12
   3D   = Fight 13
   3E   = Fight 14
   3F   = Fight 15
   EE   = Ending
   Chapter 4
   4S   = Start
   4A   = Fight 1
   4B   = Fight 2
   4C   = Fight 3
   4CA  = Fight 4
   4CAA = Fight 5
   4CB1 = Fight 6
   4CB2 = Fight 7
   4CB  = Fight 8
   4CBA = Fight 9
   4CBA1= Fight 10
   4CBB = Fight 11
   4D   = Fight 12
   4E   = Fight 13
   4F   = Fight 14
   EE   = Ending
   Chapter 5
   5S   = Start
   5A   = Fight 1
   5B   = Fight 2
   5C   = Fight 3
   5D   = Fight 4
   5E   = Fight 5
   5F   = Fight 6
   5G   = Fight 7
   5GA  = Fight 8
   5GA1 = Fight 9
   5GB  = Fight 10
   5GB1 = Fight 11
   EE   = Ending

5. Arcade
   Teen Gohan
   Android 18
   Kid Buu
6. Z Trial
    Time Attack
     Course 1
     Course 2
     Course 3
     Course 4
     Course 5
     Course 6
     Course 7

7. Network Battle
    Pre-fight Prompt Screen

8. Training
    Pre-fight Prompt Screen
    Practice Menu
    Status and Command

9. Profile Card
    Card Collection
    Battle Data
    Battle Log
    Friend List
    Card Sharing

10. Option
     Assign Keys
     Accept Battle
     Voice Select

11. Character Move Lists
     Teen Gohan
     Android 18
     Kid Buu
12. Battle Tips

13. Secrets/Extras/Glitches

14. Frequently Asked Questions

15. Thanks and Credits

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=======================o       o========================
1.                       Intro
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o

Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai is the first dbz game for the psp. It resembles
closely to Budokai 3. I will guide you through each section of the game.
Hope you and enjoy this guide and it also makes the game simpler for you.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
2.               Controls and Basic Info
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
o......................................Ki blast
square.................................Rush attack
Triangle...............................Slam attack
L Button...............................Power up Ki-energy
R Button...............................Aura burst
Square(During aura burst)..............Crash attack
Triangle(During aura burst)............Guard Break
Up + O.................................Super Attack
Down + O...............................Transform
Right or Left + O......................Special Attack
Square + X.............................Throw
Direction towards opponent + X.........Teleport
Back Back + Up.........................Fly

Basic Info
In this game you have 7 bars of life. I will list them starting from the
greatest amount then downwards to the very last amount. Each bar is a
different color.

1st Bar: White
2nd Bar: Pink
3rd Bar: Purple
4th Bar: Light Blue
5th Bar: Green
6th Bar: Yellow
7th Bar: Orange

There are also 6 modes of difficulty. I will list them from weakest to
the most difficult.

Very Weak
Very Strong
                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
3.                     Main Menu
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
The Menu here is what you will use to access into a specific modes in the game.
The 7 modes are as follows:

-Dragon Road
-Z Trial
-Network Battle
-Profile Card
                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
4.                    Dragon Road
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
Ok I will be giving you tips here on how to beat each stage. The tips and
strategies I give you are intended for you to get a Z rank. Ok here is how I
will be doing this section. First I will give you the battle scenario and
what to do to get a Z ranking. The minimum requirement for a Z ranking is
twelve stars. Next I will 1st and 2nd half of the dialogue. Then the prize
you receive for completing the stage.

So it goes like this:

Battle scenario and strategies.

1st Half Dialogue

2nd half of dialogue.


For battle scenario section I will list the you and the opponent and how you
start out. For example: Pikkon[3][7] vs. Goku Super Saiyan 3[4][6]. The first
two brackets indicate how many life bars you or the opponent starts out with
the second bar indicates how many energy bars they start out with. Then next I
will list the battle strategies.

Also when getting a Z rank. The game rates you on three things. The time rating
is how quick you beat the stage. The tech rating is how well you fight like did
you use any combos or specials/supers etc... The life rating is how much life
you have at the end of the battle. Losing more than 1 bar of life puts you on
the edge of getting an S rank. So if you lose more than 1 life bar retry. Also
if I say super I mean the strongest super attack the character has for example
regular Goku's super would be the spirit bomb.

Chapter 1

1S Start
Once upon a time... There were seven Dragon Balls scattered around the earth.
One who gathers all seven will have a wish granted. Goku and his friends went
on a great adventure to find these Dragon Balls. Time passed... The magician
Babidi awakened the terrible Majin Buu. He wiped out humankind and destroyed
the Earth, but thanks to Goku and Hercule, Majin Buu was finally defeated,
and with the power of the Dragon Balls Earth was restored. Everyone forgot
the terror and everything returned to normal.

1A Fight 1
Goku Normal[4][3] vs. Gohan Normal[3][4]
This battle is so simple no strategy is required. Just whip out 2 full power
spirit bombs as fast you possibly can. Don't lose a bar of life in this fight
or you won't get a Z ranking. You should get a full Z ranking.

Goku: Woo-hoo! The weather's great today! It's been so long since I went
camping! I hope Piccolo and Vegeta can make it too.
Gohan: Dad!
Goku: Hey Gohan! What's with that outfit?
Gohan: I'm coming camping too!
Goku: Okay! But, I thought you had a test?
Gohan: Mom said, "You can't stay in your room all the time!" So today I'm going
out and getting some excercise.
Goku: Oh! Okay! Let's get warmed up then!
Gohan: Wait dad! We can't fight in front of the house!
Goku: Oops! Sorry! Let's head somewhere else!
Gohan: Hold on dad! I'm not ready!
Goku: Let's get going already!

Gohan: ...*pant pant* ...*pant pant*
Goku: Huh? Did I overdo it?
Gohan: I-It's been a while?
Goku: You sure got out of shape quick...
Gohan: Well, I'll get back in a hurry.
Goku: Let's head to the meeting place then!
Gohan: Okay! Hey, where's Goten?
Goku: Oh, he went ahead to Trunks' place.
Gohan: Really? Then let's get going!

Prize: You unlocked 2 new items in the shop

1B Fight 2
Goku Normal[4][3] vs. Krillin Normal[3][3]
Don't lose more than one bar of life in this fight. Be sure to unload one fully
charged Spirit Bomb on Krillin at least. You should receive one Z ranking.

Goku: We still have plenty of time.
Gohan: So why don't we get going?
Goku: Yeah.
Yamcha: Hey, Goku!
Gohan: Hey, Yamcha!
Goku: Yamcha!
Yamcha: I saw you guys flying along.
Goku: Ah. Puar and the others are with you?
Yamcha: Well, they're coming by car, so they'll be a bit slower.
Goku: Ah, okay.
Yamcha: How's the bike you got working out?
Goku: H-Huh? It's kinda in pieces right now. I mean assembling it should be
Yamcha: ... So, it broke, huh?
Goku: Hey, for a Super Saiyan working with delicate stuff is training too..
Yamcha: ... Can you fix it?
Gohan: No matter how many times dad tries, it falls apart again.
Yamcha: Have you talked to Bulma? Gotta take good care of antiques.
Goku: Haha! That's right I do like the thing.
Yamcha: So, now what? If we're going by car we'd better get in.
Goku: We've got some more stops to make, so we'll go on ahead.
Yamcha: Okay! Catch you later!
Gohan: Bye!
Goku: Gohan, let's get some fish for dinner!
Gohan: Sounds good!
Goku: I'll go catch some. You go get Piccolo.
Gohan: Okay.
Goku: Now, where was the river around here?
Krillin: What're you up to Goku?
Goku: Hey Krillin! I was looking for somewhere to go fishing.
Krillin: Hmm...
Goku: ...So...
Krillin: ......
Goku: ......
Goku: Aha, ahahahaha!
Krillin: Knew, you'd laugh...
Goku: Well... You look just like old times!
Krillin: Don't hit my head or pet it! And no POLISHING!
Goku: AHAHAHA! What's up with that though?
Krillin: 18 and Maron used me as toy while I was sleeping. And this
Goku: Ohhhh! Still, it's just like old times!
Krillin: Yeah, I guess so.
Goku: Yeah! Why don't we have a little fight?
Krillin: Oh come on! There's no way I can take you on!
Goku: Well, if I don't go Super Saiyan..., and I hold back. How's that?
Krillin: Jeez... Okay. But no kaioken either.
Goku: Okay! Here we go!
Krillin: Gotta give it my all!

Krillin: ...Wait! Wait! Stop!
Goku: Huh?
Krillin: My attacks have gotten stronger!
Goku: You're just putting your heart into it! This is Great!
Krillin: It's been a while, and I can't help getting nervous.
Goku: Haha...
Krillin: Oh well... Here I come!
Goku: By the way, where are Hercule and fat Buu?
Krillin: Yeah, Buu's finally able to go outside, "Listen Buu! A champ needs a
heart of love and justice!" and stuff. They've been studying society and
traveling around.
Goku: Wow... Sounds neat...
Krillin: I think Hercule's seen too many historical movies, but...
Goku: So... where is he now?
Krillin: I heard he borrowed a spaceship and went off somewhere.
Goku: That's crazy, but it sounds like a lot of fun!
Krillin: I think Hercule's been watching movies again... Anyway, we'd
better get going.
Goku: Yeah, you're right.

Prize: You have unlocked Goku kaioken stage.

1C Fight 3
Gohan Normal[3][3] vs. Piccolo Normal[3][3]
This fight is pretty simple still basic like the 1st fight. Try not to lose
more than one bar of life. Get perfect if you can and practice some combos
since this is early in Dragon Road. Be sure to throw one Super Kamehameha
at him. This should guarantee a Z ranking. Also make sure you beat him
fairly quick.

When Gohan arrived at Kami's temple, he found no one there,
Gohan: Only the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is left... Where is everybody?
Piccolo: Hey, Gohan!
Gohan: Mister Piccolo! I'm glad I found you! This place looks empty.
Piccolo: Huh? Everyone's gone camping.
Gohan: Ohhh...I didn't know.
Piccolo: While I was here, I couldn't feel the outside world.
Gohan: Did any of the Kais call?
Piccolo: Something like that. Anyway, Gohan. It's been a while since you
wore that outfit.
Gohan: Haha... dad said the same thing. And then he had us spar.
Piccolo: Indeed. Perfect; why don't we spar a little too?
Gohan: Okay! It's been a long time, Mister Piccolo!
Piccolo: Haha! I'll make you remember when you were a snot-nosed brat!
Gohan: Well, here goes!
Piccolo: Alright!

Gohan: ...Woah...
Piccolo: ... Heh. That's the kind of strength I'd expect from a Saiyan.
But you really have gotten stronger. Be proud, Gohan.
Gohan: I'm glad I got to be your disciple, Mister Piccolo!
Piccolo: Hahaha!
Gohan: Aahahaha!
Piccolo: Why don't we get going; I can't wait to spar with Goku.
Gohan: That's right! You used to be one of dad's rivals!
Piccolo: There's quite a gap between us now... But still, I want to fight with
Gohan: Well, let's go!
Piccolo: Okay!

Prize: 2 new items to buy in shop

1D Fight 4
Gohan Normal[3][3] vs. Gotenks Normal[3][3]
Another simple fight. Throw in one Super Kamehameha again. Just rush Gotenks
with a bunch of various combos. Beat him as fast you can and try not lose a
bar of life again. This is getting pretty redundant what I am saying When
ch.3 comes it should start getting a little longer these explanations.

Gohan: Mister Piccolo, what's that over there...?
Piccolo: Looks like Gotenks. Why're they fused at a time like this?
Gohan: Hey Gotenks!
Gotenks: Hi Gohan!
Gohan: What're you doing with a fusion going?
Gotenks: I sensed a humongous energy around here!
Piccolo: What? I didn't.
Gohan: A really big energy? Sure you're not imagining things?
Gotenks: There WAS! Really! You guys must be getting slow! Especially you,
Gohan: Gotenks!
Gotenks: Hehe. If it bugs you that much, come get me!
Piccolo: Gohan, we'd better go shut him up.
Gohan: Y-yeah. Gotenks, come back!
Gotenks: Come and catch me if you can! I won't go easy on you!

Gohan: You better behave!
Gotenks: Damn it! This time we won't play on Easy Mode!
Gohan: Anyway, where is this energy?
Gotenks: It was just for a second... I wasn't imagining it. I've never seen
anything like it. It's ready to fight.
Piccolo: They may be trying to cover it...
Gotenks: I should be the only one on Earth with that much energy! It's gotta
be a bad guy!
Piccolo: Anyway, we don't know what it is that Gotenks sensed.
Gotenks: Thats true... And looking for it may not help.
Gohan: Well, unless we sense it again, we should go on ahead.
Piccolo: That would be best.
Gotenks: Yeah! If we're camping we should get going!
Gohan: Right.

Prize: Gotenks has been unlocked

1E Fight 5
Pikkon[3][3] vs. Gotenks Normal[4][3]
Okay for this fight Gotenks has one extra life bar then you but don't worry
he still is a piece of cake to defeat. Blast at least one Thunder Rush at
Gotenks. Gotenks is strong watch out for his Ghost Kamikaze attack is packs
a big punch. With Pikkon's quick speed you can rush Gotenks with offensive
close combat combos and easily take him down.

Piccolo: Let's go!
Gotenks: What?!
Piccolo: What's wrong?
Gotenks: I found it! That big energy! You can't hide from me!
Piccolo: Hey! Wait Gotenks!
Gohan: I'll follow!
Piccolo: Right; you go on ahead!
Gotenks: It was around here somewhere. Heeey! Come out!
Pikkon: What, you were the one following me? I'm BUSY.
Gotenks: Hey, you're not from Earth, are you?... But you kinda look like
Piccolo. But still totally different. Whatever... Why are you here!
Pikkon: I'm looking for something. Nothing to do with you. Well, I might as well
ask. Do you know Goku?
Gotenks: Goku? He's my dad and my dad's biggest rival!
Pikkon: That's... an odd answer. Oh! You must be using the Fusion technique.
Gotenks: You're right! I'm Gotenks, strongest in the universe! ... Even though I
lost to my brother just now!
Pikkon: I am Pikkon. I'm Goku's rival from the other world. I need to see him;
can you tell me where he is? Maybe because I've been there so long I can't sense
Gotenks: Don't go thinking I believe you yet! If you wanna meet dad, you'll
have to get through me first!
Pikkon: I can't very well kill Goku's sons. What shall I do...? You think you
can beat me with the Fusion technique? You are powerful... Oh well. Time for
some training!
Gotenks: Let's do this!

Gotenks: Wh-what?! I should be stronger and faster!
Pikkon: Hmph. You are strong, but you're just flailing around. Now will you
behave and tell me where Goku is now?
Gotenks: Fine, fine. He's over that way, camping. Maybe you should get some
food first?
Pikkon: Yes. Thank you.
Gotenks: Come fight again some time! I won't lose next time!
Pikkon: Yes; it's a promise. Farewell.
Gotenks: Yeah! See you later!

Prize: Gotenks Super Saiyan has been unlocked

1F fight 6
Pikkon[3][3] vs. Vegeta Normal[3][3]
Here we have our first fight with the prince of saiyans. He's not that hard as
you think since this is still only ch.1 With pikkon's quick speed you should be
able to chain a variety of combos on him before Vegeta can do any serious
damage. Also be sure to throw one thunder rush at least. If you happen to
struggle in close combat use Pikkon's tornado attack. It will will propel Vegeta
away from you so you have a chance to get recover.

Pikkon: Now, as for Goku... It looks like rain, I sense something odd... I have
to concentrate on searching... Over there! It's definitely a Saiyan! Somewhere
around here...But now it's disappeared.
Vegeta: Hey, you...
Pikkon: What? He's above me!
Vegeta: Don't act so shocked. Do you have some business with me?
Pikkon: I'm looking for Goku. If you know, I want you to tell me. My name is
Pikkon. I was Goku's rival in the other world.
Vegeta: Ah. You think you're Kakarot's rival, eh? He can have all the friends
he wants, but I'M his rival!
Pikkon: This guy won't tell me anything without a fight either?! Saiyans sure
are a bothersome bunch!
Vegeta: Oh, you want to fight? You amuse me. Show me your power!

Pikkon: Very well!
Vegeta: Hmph. Not bad!
Vegeta: HAAA!
Pikkon: What? Super Saiyan!
Vegeta: That was a good attack. Even if you are a small fry. That was enough
for a warm-up before the main attraction.
Pikkon: This isn't the time for that!
Vegeta: Now, let's go! Don't go boasting that you're Kakarot's rival!
Pikkon: I guess we'll just have to fight?
Goku: Hey!
Pikkon: Woah!
Vegeta: Kakarot!
Goku: I felt some really amazing energies going, and here's Vegeta! And Pikkon!
It's been a while! What're you doing here?
Pikkon: Your Instant Transmission is incredible. Anyway, Goku, I've been looking
for you; I need you to come to hell!
Goku: Huh? Wait a- Woah!
Vegeta: Wait, Kakarot!...He's gone...
Gotenks: Wha...Dad!
Vegeta: Gotenks...
Gotenks: That was that Pikkon guy just now. Where'd he take dad?
Vegeta: To hell. He went to the afterlife.
Gotenks: What, did dad die again?
Vegeta: No, not this time. Kakarot...
Krillin: Oh, Vegeta. And Gotenks too. Have you seen Goku? Did he go off with
Instant Transmission again?
Vegeta: Excellent! Krillin! Come and kill me now! Hurry!
Krillin: Whaaat?! H-Hold on!
Vegeta: Kakarot went to hell! I'm going after him, so I have to die!
Krillin: W-Wait Vegeta! I can't do that while your son is watching!
Vegeta: Grr!
Krillin: Don't be so hasty. He could be back any minute, and...
Vegeta: Or he could've been kidnapped...
Krillin: If you want to go that badly, help look for Dragon Balls.
Vegeta: Yes, I suppose we could do it that way.
Gotenks: You're looking for Dragon Balls, dad? I'll help too!
Vegeta: Alright Gotenks; let's get the Dragon Balls!
Gotenks: Right!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

1G Fight 7
Goku Kaioken[2][2] vs. Pikkon[3][3]
Here you start out with a disadvantage. Pikkon has one extra energy and life bar
at the beginning of the battle than you have. Be careful Pikkon is quick and
dangerous. I suggest close combat again like the other battles. But beware of
his hyper tornado attack cuz if your right next to him it is an automatic hit.
Also be sure to throw in one spirit bomb at least. Also you could aura burst
smash him at the beginning if you wish, it will leave him open for a quick combo
in the beginning. Also dont lose more than a bar of life.

Pikkon: Here we are. This is hell.
Goku: Huh? I've been here before, but something's different...
Pikkon: Right now, heaven and hell alike are in trouble.
Goku: Wow... I'd better try to reach the Supreme Kai...... Huh? I can't reach
him... Hmm...I  can't feel him at all...?
Pikkon: There's some kind of barrier between worlds.
Goku: Can't you break it down?
Pikkon: It was useless.
Goku: Why don't I try? Get back a little. KAAMEEHAAMEE...
Pikkon: Woah! Idiot! Don't point that at me!
Goku: HAAAAAAAA! It didn't do anything!
Pikkon: I nearly got caught in the barrier myself. The Western Kai sent me
outside the barrier just in time.
Goku: I see... And what about King Enma?!
Supreme Kai: King Enma was sealed; things are looking bad.
Goku: Supreme Kai! You're okay!
Supreme Kai: I was hoping you could let me join your camping, but...
Goku: So...What's...?
Supreme Kai: I-It's not my fault!
Pikkon: Supreme Kai...camping?
Goku: Anyway, what's going on down here? Back home it's fine.
Supreme Kai: With King Enma sealed, the dead are being reborn.
Goku: What's so bad about that?
Supreme Kai: Everything! The bad people are staying around on Earth!
Goku: Ah, I see...
Supreme Kai: And even if they're not bad, they can't stay on Earth.
Goku: I see... Having them stay alive is a problem...
Supreme Kai: I think we'll ask Gohan and the others to protect Earth. Goku,
can you help me protect the netherworld?
Pikkon: I'm asking to. Right now it's just me and the Supreme Kai.
Goku: Right. We can't let whoever it is get away with this.
Supreme Kai: Thank you!
Goku: But first...
Supreme Kai: Huh?
Goku: Do you have anything to eat? I'm really hungry...
Supreme Kai: S-Sorry! I don't have anything...
Pikkon: Come on, be serious...
Goku: Yeah but...
Pikkon: Fine, fine. As long as you're okay with instant stuff.
Goku: Hey Pikkon, are you ready?
Pikkon: Come and see if you can take it!
Supreme Kai: W-Wait!
Pikkon: Just a little warm-up before we start investigating.
Supreme Kai: *sigh*... Please just help out, okay?
Goku: Okay, but I'll have to get a little serious!
Pikkon: But if I win, you have to pick up the tab!

Pikkon: ... Wow. You really get serious when food is concerned!
Goku: Haha! Anyway, I won, so you'd better get me some food.
Pikkon: Just a little; the dead don't need to eat much.
Goku: Yeah, yeah... Wait, really? Just a little? If it was a Senzu bean...
Anyway, now that we've eaten, let's go!
Supreme Kai: Yes! Time to investigate!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

1H Fight 8
Gohan Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. Frieza Normal[3][3]
Here we finally get to fight the evil saiyan killer, Frieza himself. He is not
that hard. Be sure to throw in one super against him. Also stay close and use
different combos so you get technique points. This fight is fairly simple
you should be able to beat him quickly and not lose more than a bar of life.

Gohan: Gotenks went off somewhere with Vegeta I guess... Piccolo isn't here
either. Krillin's headed for the camp. Huh? What's this energy? Over there?
Frieza: Hehehe...It's been a while since I was among the living. I have a body,
and no ring above my head. I'm really alive. And this is Earth. Hehehe, another
world to rule... This time, there will be no interference. No Super Saiyans!
Gohan: Frieza!
Frieza: And who might you be? But this is an honor, to think someone still
knows my name. Time for some fireworks to commemorate my return. Even if I die
again, I might be able to come back... Well, feel free to boast, as long as
you'll also entertain me.
Gohan: I guess Frieza must not remember me... Now do you remember?
Frieza: Super Saiyan! One of those idiotic monkeys! You! You're Goku's son!
Gohan: You got it! And now I'm not hiding! I am the champion of justice! Evil
shall be punished! Transform! Ta-da! Great Saiya-
Frieza: ......
Gohan: ......
Frieza: ...... Er...
Gohan: H-Huh? That's weird...Why haven't I transformed? Oh! Mom did the laundry
yesterday! It must not be dry yet... I have another change over at Videl's
place... S-Sorry about that! Looks like I can't do it today...
Frieza: It's okay...
Gohan: Anyway, cheer up Frieza! Here I come!
Frieza: I am NOT doing any bad comedy routines with you. Time for you to die!

Gohan: Weird... I should be stronger than him...
Frieza: What's this then? You're already worn out? Well, I'm a little tired too.
Let's take a break. Next time I'll kill you and show your body to Goku.
Gohan: W-Wait!... Crap. I can't sense him now...
Piccolo: Gohan!
Gohan: Oh, Mister Piccolo.
Piccolo: I saw that fight. Why couldn't you do like you did with Buu?!
Gohan: Something's weird. When I fought Frieza, something was odd.
Piccolo: But that definately was Frieza. And besides, how is he ever here...?
Gohan: I don't know, but... there was definitely something odd about him. He
was saying something about having been resurrected.
Piccolo: And he's seen you "transform"?
Gohan: Yeah. Now I've been found out by him too.
Piccolo: I see...
Gohan: Anwyay, we'd better contact everyone. Carefully.
Piccolo: Right. Let's split up.
Gohan: Okay. Be careful.
Piccolo: You too, Gohan.

Prize: Gohan Super Saiyan stage unlocked

1I Fight 9
Goku Super[4][3] Saiyan vs. Janemba[5][7]
Here we go against the main villain in this game, and that is Janemba dun dun.
Ok for this be sure not to lose more than one life bar again and defeat
him quickly. I suggest again close combat. Watch out for his sword though it
has pretty good range for a close combat attack. Also if he throws his super
at you if your close enough blast an energy or punch him. If not block
because his super is impossible to dodge. Throw at least one super at
Jameba two supers would be even better. You should get a Z ranking.

Goku: Hmm... Nothing seems out of the ordinary here...
Pikkon: But something feels wrong. There's something evil in the breeze.
Supreme Kai: I see... if we can just find the source of that wind...
Pikkon: Alright. Let's start looking. We might find the ringleader.
Goku: I'm at the source of the river... and the water is gathering that way.
Supreme Kai: I'll use the Instant Transmission technique to start searching.
Goku: The Kai's version is neat; I can't follow energy with mine...
Pikkon: Let's go.
Goku: Right! ...Huh? I can see the flow... The gathering energy is clumping
Supreme Kai: Goku: Get away! It's dangerous!
Goku: Have you found something?
Supreme Kai: I don't know who it is, but it's the only evil energy that's
rising. And it's all coming together. Something may have happened after
Majin Buu was defeated. We'll have to investigate over there. Anyone
who takes in that energy will surely become evil. You could get pulled in
if you get too close.
Be careful.
Goku: How about if I do a Kamehameha from a distance?
Supreme Kai: If you can extinguish it that'd be great, but...
Supreme Kai: ... No good. It looks like you just stirred it around some.
Goku: Do I have to wait for it to gather together?
Supreme Kai: It would be good if you could defeat it before it has a form,
but... This is terrible... I don't know if you can beat this...
Goku: Well, I'll give it a shot. Maybe we should call it Janemba?
Supreme Kai: Hard to say. Janemba sounds fine. Wait, it's changing!
Goku: A demon...?
Janemba: ...
Supreme Kai: Wh-What power! Just looking feels like I'll be pulled apart! Goku!
It has to be now! Before it starts moving!
Goku: He does look pretty scary. I might not be able to pull it off; should've
let me eat more. Well, here goes!
Janemba: Nya...
Supreme Kai: I-It moved!
Goku: Hey!

Goku: He's using some weird special move!
Janemba: Heehee...
Goku: It's like he knows how I move... This is gonna be annoying... Huh? There's
still more energy, taking on a demon-shape...
Supreme Kai! Contact Pikkon and Gohan and the others! I'll try to hold it off!
Supreme Kai: R-Right!
Goku: I'll need a Senzu bean after.
Supreme Kai: Right! Goku, be careful!
Goku: I will!
Supreme Kai: See you later!
Goku: Now...let's get down to business... This is getting annoying! Come on!

EE Chapter 1
Janemba was born from the disaster in heaven... And it seems Frieza is back...
The Z Fighters find Earth is once again a battleground. Will Goku and the
others be able to protect the Earth...?

Prize: Goku(Super Saiyan) stage unlocked and a new chapter in Dragon Road.
Sheet No. 13 also

Chapter 2
         |      |

2S Start
With the birth of Janemba and Frieza's return... Earth has become a stage
for battle once again...

2A Fight 1
Piccolo Fuse With Kami[4][3] vs. Cell Normal[3][3]
Ok this time you fight Cell. Quickly rush him with close combat. If he gets far
away use Piccolo's long reach to pull him back in by pressing triangle, it
should reel Cell back to you. At least do of Piccolo' super at least once on
cell but make you don't let Cell hit or block  the attack because the first hit
of the attack has to connect or the super will end up a failure. Remember to
beat Cell as quickly as possible also.

Piccolo: Look, Gohan.
Gohan: The town's pretty noisy, huh?
Piccolo: It's like there's some kind of riot or robbery going on.
Gohan: M-Mister Piccolo! Over there!
Piccolo: The graveyard! The dead are being resurrected?!
Gohan: I'm going to stop them.
Piccolo: W-Wait! Gohan! Damn. He's gone. Now what? The dead are coming back...
Is something wrong in the other worlds?
Cell: Exactly. Would you like an express ticket there? I'm afraid we only
offer one-way tickets though.
Piccolo: Y-You! You're Cell! Why are you here?!
Cell: Who knows? You should be more worried about having ME to deal with.
Hehehe. This is the first time I've really felt alive since I was made.
It must be my lucky day. It's a great feeling.
Piccolo: Disgusting.
Cell: I was made to fight, and the warriors inside me are pleased! I really want
to tear Gohan apart... But he won't get serious unless he's enraged.
Is he still that naïve?
Piccolo: Damn you!
Cell: So, I suppose I should put the hurt on YOU first. I won't kill you; I'll
stop just before, then give you to Gohan.
Piccolo: You think I'll let you?!

Cell: Hmph. Not bad. Amazing that Piccolo has come so far.
Piccolo: ... *pant*... *pant* I won't let you touch Gohan! You're the one that
took his father from him when he was a boy!
Cell: Heh. Doesn't that mean you committed the same crime, Piccolo?
Piccolo: DAMN YOU!
Cell: Still, I admire you for it. I want to see that spirit.
Piccolo: What?!
Cell: I said I want to see your spirit. You can fight me again, right?
Piccolo: What're you talking about?!
Cell: Hahaha! Later; I don't want any interference. Goodbye. SOLAR FLARE!
Piccolo: Th-That again?!
Piccolo: ...
Gohan: Mister Piccolo!
Piccolo: Huh? G-Gohan?
Gohan: Are you okay? What happened?
Piccolo: Cell was... You felt the energy from that fight?
Gohan: Yeah. But at the end it was like there was some kind of fog...
Gohan: It's getting hard to sense it from far away... And when I got back you
were in the aftermath of a fight.
Piccolo: I see... Something's making it hard to sense energy.
Gohan: I can't feel dad's energy either. What's going on...?
Piccolo: Just now the dead were leaving the graveyard. Frieza, Cell, and the
other bad guys are coming from hell...
Gohan: Hell?
Piccolo: As Kami I could've gone to check there, but now we can't reach Dende..
Gohan: Maybe Dende went there and got stuck?
Piccolo: Yes... This is troubling...
Gohan: What should we do?
Piccolo: I don't know, but we have to deal with the disaster in front of us!
Let's go! We have to find Frieza and Cell!
Gohan: Right!

Prize: Piccolo Fuse with Kami has been unlocked

2B Fight 2
Goku Kaioken[3][3] vs. Goku Kaioken[3][3]
This time you fight a dark version of yourself. He is not that hard. Just use
the same strat as before. Remember close combat and at least one super aka
Spirit Bomb. Also when you get 4 bars of energy be sure to transform to kaioken
stage since your attacks do more damage. Dont lose a bar of life again and
be sure to beat him quickly.

Goku: ...Urgh... HAAA!
Janemba: Nny!
Goku: The more bad energy comes in, the stronger he gets. But I'm getting
tired... And hungry...
Janemba: Geehee!
Goku: Woah! Damn it!
Janemba: Heeheeheeheehee!
Goku: He's laughing at me...
Janemba: Nnnnn?
Goku: Woah! That was a huge energy blast!...It's taking human form? Crap!
It's forming. HAAAAAAAH!
Goku: Huh? Th-This...?
Goku(Fake): Owwww! He's powerful!
Goku: Huh? What's this?! It's...me?!
Goku(Fake): Hey!
Goku: Uh, hey...So you're me, huh?
Goku(Fake): Yeah! I'm me! Can't you tell just by looking at me? Let's get
started! This is gonna be awesome!
Goku: W-Wait! What?

Goku(Fake): Owwww...Guess I lost. Let's fight again some time! Later!
Goku: W-Wait...What WAS that?
Janemba: Heeheehee!
Goku: What do you mean "Heeheehee"? You made another me, like it was magic.
Janemba: Heehee!
Goku: W-Wait! Again?! This is bad! I should get out of here and join up with
Pikkon. Sorry, but I have to go; we can fight
some other time.
Janemba: Hyahahahaha! Gyahahahahaha! HYAAHAAHAAHAA!

Prize: Goku Super Saiyan 2 has been unlocked

2C Fight 3
Vegeta Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. Android 18[3][3]
This battle is simple again if you want an easy fight go for close combat. Or if
your just bored and lazy just keep charging up and do Vegeta's final flash
multiple times on her. She should die fairly quickly. One thing is if your
fighting close combat watch out for her energy field attack. It makes a small
field of energy around her that will most likely hit if your going close combat.

Trunks: Okay; I've got the Dragon Radar!
Vegeta: I wonder where Bulma and the others got to?
Trunks: They should be headed to the camp, but they haven't arrived yet.
Vegeta: I see... It's noisy out there...
Trunks: Wanna go have a look dad?
Vegeta: Yes. Go get Goten too.
Trunks: Right!
Goten: Let's go!
Vegeta: I don't like the looks of this... A rising tide of darkness... An
incredible evil......There? ... That's... I can't feel anything, but
that's Krillin's wife... What's she doing?
Android 18: Hmm...I thought this would be the place, but...
Vegeta: Android. I thought you were behaving. Are you up to no good suddenly?
Android 18: Wha-?! V-Vegeta?! That's MY line! There's all this evil energy
around here!
Vegeta: It's not me. I'm concerned about it too.
Android 18: I see. Be that as it may... I need you to stay here and behave for
a little while!
Vegeta: So you DO want a fight! Come and get me!

Android 18: You haven't beaten me! The battle's just beginning!
Vegeta: You think you can keep up with me?! I'll check here. You take the brat
and hide! And if you can, take Bulma and the
others to Kame House.
Android 18: ......
Vegeta: ......
Android 18: *sigh*
Vegeta: It's over there! Yamcha is the only one at the camp now! It's not like
we can rely on Yamcha...
Andorid 18: Fine. I'll take them all to shelter.
Vegeta: ...Sorry. I-I'm going!
Andorid 18: ...Why's your face red?
Vegeta: SH-Shut up!
Android 18: And... he's gone...
Vegeta: Now...It's that way. Damn. It's gotten hard to sense... And where did
Trunks get to? Should I join with him?
Choose a path: A. No I'm fine alone
+++++++++++++  B. I should find Trunks.

 |Choice A |
Vegeta: ...They should be fine... Rather than the Dragon Balls I should worry
about this evil energy...
 |Choice B |
Vegeta: Damn. Trunks has the Dragon Radar. Where did he get to?!

Prize: Vegeta Super Saiyan has been unlocked

2CA Fight 4
Vegeta Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. Cooler[3][3]
For this fight I suggest from the start quickly combo Cooler. Then back away
and stay away since Cooler has one pretty damaging close combat attack where
he swings his arm so fast that it looks like he is swinging a blade. Now
quickly charge and blast two final flashes at him. Then next he should be almost
out of life. Just do about 2 or 3 more close combat combos and he should fall.

Vegeta: ...There! You think you can hide from me! Don't waste my time; come out.
HAAAA! What's wrong?! I know you're there!
Cooler: Foolish monkey... I'm coming out now...
Vegeta: Hmph! From behind?! He knows Instant Transmission? You're Cooler
What're you doing here!
Cooler: Is there something you want? I've no time to spare for small fries.
Vegeta: "Small fry"?! You sure talk big for someone who's dead!
Cooler: You're spry for a small fry, but this is really annoying.
Vegeta: Damn you! Don't look down on Prince Vegeta!
Cooler: You think you got what it takes to take me on?

Vegeta: Take this! I'll crush you!
Cooler: Hmph. It seems you still don't understand.
Vegeta: What?!
Cooler: I did say I've no time for small fries.
Vegeta: Prepare for defeat!
Cooler: Your best attack would be little more than an itch to me. Fighting you
would be a waste of time.
Vegeta: Don't be so sure! Take THIS! Damn... No response. He was talking big and
getting ready to run away! No... The next
time we meet he's going down! HAAA!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

2CB Fight 5
Gotenks Super Saiyan[4][4] vs. Frieza[3][3]
This time we start out with an advantage of extra energy and life. This fight
is a step up in difficulty than the other fights but still not too hard. First
off get the first punching or kicking combo at the start as usual. Next you
should have 5 bars of energy now. Get close to Frieza and do Super Ghost
Kamikaze attack. Reason your suppose to get so close is that Gotenks super is
easy to dodge and the closer the higher chance you have of connecting a hit.
Now if Frieza has enough energy bars he will actually teleport and chain 3 hits
on you if he can. The best counter for this is when he has you in a chain
teleport behind and do your own chain. Also dont lose more than one bar of life.
Do some more combos to finish Frieza off or do another Super Ghost Kamikaze
attack if you wish. I recommend doing only one of Gotenk's super attack only
because when I usually do two of his supers the game ranks his technique usually

Trunks: Goten, what's that?
Goten: The townspeople are fighting.
Trunks: Huh? Looks like a robbery to me.
Goten: Really? We should go stop them then!
Trunks: Right Goten! We're the only ones who can stop them! Let's go!
Goten: They don't seem too impressed...
Trunks: Well, they're just normal people after all. So we can't get too serious,
Goten: Right.
Trunks: Woah...
Goten: Huh? What's up?
Trunks: Behind...
Goten: Huh?
Trunks: A big hand's coming out of the ground!
Goten: Woah!
Trunks: M-Monster!
Goten: Scary!
Trunks: Goten, now over there...
Goten: I swear I saw that guy before... in a picture book or something.
Trunks: He's from a long time ago, right? I think we studied about him...
Goten: He was in one of my brother's textbooks...
Trunks: Which means...
Goten: He's a monster too!
Trunks: This is getting kinda crazy.
Goten: Yeah, we should hurry up and ask Shenron to make things normal.
Trunks: Yeah. We'd better hurry.
Frieza: Oh my... You wouldn't be planning to get in my way, would you? I feel
like I've seen you two brat' faces somewhere before...
Goten: Huh? Who're you?
Frieza: That aloof monkey face... You must be Goku's son! And over here...
Trunks: Huh? I have a name you know.
Frieza: That monkey face and rebellious eyes...
Trunks: Oh! I know that guy! The me from the future helped beat him.
Frieza: So he had a son too!
Trunks: My dad is Vegeta! And the future ME was the one who helped beat you!
Well,it was me from another world. This is getting kinda complicated.
Frieza: Vegeta! I see...He's Vegeta's son!
Frieza: Heh. Excellent. It's nothing personal but... "The sins of the father..."
If anyone's to blame, it's your father!
Goten: Woah! He's coming right at us!
Trunks: Goten! We better do the Fusion real quick!
Goten: Right!
Trunks: Fuuuu...
Goten: ...sion!
Trunks and Goten: Ha!
Gotenks: Ta-da! Now I'm Super Saiyan. Now you don't have a chance!
Frieza: Hmph! Now defeating you will only be half the work!

Gotenks: Hehe! How about this!
Frieza: So this is all a Super Saiyan can do? Not much of a legend.
Gotenks: What?!
Frieza: So, have you finally figured out how strong I really am?
Gotenks: You talk pretty big for someone who got his ass kicked already!
Frieza: Perhaps. But if you try a second time it'll be different.
Gotenks: Man he's annoying... (...We'd better get the Dragon Balls first
though. Crap. Better get moving. If you think you can beat me, come and
get me!
Frieza: Yes, I think I will.
Gotenks: Riiigh! If you can even HIT me! C'mon! Pbtbtbtbt!
Frieza: H-Hey! You're running away?!
Gotenks: If it bugs you, come on and catch me already!
Frieza: Damn it!
Gotenks: Phew! He finally stopped following... He's pretty persistent... I'd
better find dad. I can't do this all by myself. Alright! Let's go find him!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

2D Fight 6
Vegeta Super Saiyan 2[5][3] vs. Cell Super Perfect Form[5][3]
This fight is really easy. I suggest just charging up and doing final flashes
against Cell. 4 final flashes on him and he should be dead. If not then just
quickly finish him off with a few punches or so.

Vegeta: Now, where did those brats get to?
Gotenks: Hey, Dad!
Vegeta: You're Gotenks again...
Gotenks: Yeah, we just came from giving Frieza a major beat-down! Except he
seemed to kinda shake it off after.
Vegeta: I see...It happened to you too. It was the same with Cooler.
Gotenks: We should forget that and go call Shenron! He can grant THREE wishes
Vegeta: So it's Porunga now?
Gotenks: We heard from Dende; he powered up after fighting Cell!
Vegeta: I see...
Gotenks: Hey, can I have one wish for myself?
Vegeta: Hmmm...you're fused now, but there's really two of you, right?
Gotenks: We're so awesome we can just decide by...voting...
Vegeta: The two of you?
Gotenks: Um...
Vegeta: Fine, fine. But you have to decide on one wish.
Gotenks: Really? YES! Now, how should we decide...?
Cell: That goes to the one who wins the battle of course.
Vegeta: You!
Cell: Hello, Vegeta. It's been a while.
Vegeta: So you're back too!
Cell: I didn't know there were others. I was given no orders.
Vegeta: So why did you come here then?
Cell: Well, I already got a warm-up... So I think I'd like that Dragon Radar of
Vegeta: What?!
Gotenks: Like we'd give it to you!
Vegeta: Gotenks! Take the Dragon Radar and get out of here! I'll hold him off!
Gotenks: Right! I'll go ahead and find the Dragon Balls.!
Cell: Stop!
Vegeta: Not so fast.
Cell: You? You think a mere red light can stop me?
Vegeta: Shut up! I won't let you lay a finger on me!
Cell: Oh? Even though Trunks is still regretting his defeat? You're every bit as
foolish as Piccolo! HAHAHAHAHA!
Vegeta: Don't laugh!
Cell: Well let's see if I can meet your expectations!

Cell: Vegeta...You've become stronger!
Vegeta: I don't need any praise from you! Begone!
Cell: Damn!
Vegeta: You wanted to use Instant Transmission to run?
Cell: What?!
Vegeta: It's written all over your face! You think I'd let you?!
Cell: Let go! Vegeta, get away!
Vegeta: I'll take you to hell where you belong!

Prize: Cell Super Perfect Form has been unlocked

2E Fight 7
Gohan Super Saiyan 2[4][3] vs. Broly[4][3]
For this fight go close combat. Broly is a pretty slow character and with
Gohan's speed you should be able to take him out easily with punching/kick
combos. Also be sure to throw in one Super Kamehameha. Also don't lose more than
one bar of life and be sure to beat him quickly.

Supreme Kai: We made it to Earth! Now, where's Gohan... ...... ...That way!
Earth and hell are both brimming over with the same energy. But why...? And
the dead are coming back to this world? Perhaps there's a hole opened
between this world and the next. Gohan! There you are!
Gohan: Oh, Supreme Kai!
Piccolo: Huh?
Supreme Kai: Piccolo; it's been a while.
Piccolo: So this is what happened after fusing with Potara. I see...
Supreme Kai: Anyway, Gohan! There's trouble!
Gohan: Yeah. We have to do something about this.
Piccolo: So, what can we do?
Supreme Kai: It seems there's a hole between this world and the next. The dead
must've found a way to gain bodies and pass through hole. First, we have to find
the hole and close it.
Piccolo: Right.
Gohan: Yeah!
Piccolo: Okay Gohan. I'll go contact the others. You go with him and look for
the hole.
Gohan: Right! Supreme Kai; how are you going to search?
Supreme Kai: There's some kind of evil energy flowing everywhere. The natural
flow is being disturbed by the returning dead. This should be it.
Gohan: Then let's start looking for a strong energy.
Supreme Kai: Right.
Gohan: There's...something here.
Supreme Kai: There's nothing like a hole, but there is someone evil here.
Broly: Wh...Where...?
Gohan: ...!
Broly: Where... am I?
Gohan: ... That's Broly! He was brought back too?! He's REALLY dangerous! We
have to take him out!
Supreme Kai: We should find the hole first!
Broly: Urgh... Kakarot...?
Gohan: I'm his son, Gohan!
Broly: Kakarot...
Gohan: My dad isn't here, but I'll be happy to take you out!
Broly: Hehe...HAHAHAHAHA!
Gohan: I have to conserve my energy... But can I beat him that way?

Gohan: I can't finish him off?! Even at Super Saiyan 2?! Looks like I have
to go all out!
Supreme Kai: Gohan, don't!
Gohan: But...!
Leave it to us!
Gohan: Who's there?
Tien: Sorry to keep you waiting Gohan!
Gohan: Tien!
Yamcha: I'm here too!
Gohan: And Yamcha!
Yamcha: Leave the rest to us!
Gohan: Are you really gonna be okay?!
Tien: Gohan, there's more to winning than knocking your opponent down! Is
the opponent so strong you're too scared?
Yamcha: Or if it's too much trouble to fight, you can get out of here! Or
you can argue with him and no one gets hurt!
Tien: Go on, Gohan!
Gohan: Sorry about this! Thanks for your help!
Supreme Kai: B-Be careful!
Tien: Alright! Let's do this!
Yamcha: Right! It's been a while since I had a real fight!
Tien: Are you shaking?
Yamcha: F-for a true warrior...
Tien: Nothing's impossible?
Yamcha: Honestly, he seems so strong, I don't know if I want to fight...
Tien: I'm starting to agree...
Broly: Gr... Grr... GRAAAAAH!
Yamcha: Um... I think he's getting mad...
Tien: Y-Yeah...
Tien: An energy barrage?! Even one would finish us off!
Yamcha: We have to split up and be careful or we're finished!
Broly: RAAAH!
Tien: Come on, try and catch us, Tiny! Think you can hit us?
Broly: KILL!

Prize: Gohan Super Saiyan 2 unlocked

2F Fight 8
Vegeta Super Saiyan 2[4][3] vs. Janemba[5][3]
In this battle Janemba starts out with one extra bar of life than you. Be
careful if he uses his super it is undodgeable. I suggest if your close enough
when he uses his super then go ahead and attack him if not then just block and
prepare for a fight in which you now have to fight tactically. Also when you and
block and after his super ends quickly use final flash it will never miss
because the computer does not have enough time to dodge it. The easiest way
to win is stay away from him and charge up and use 3-4 final flashes on him.
Whatever remaining life he has just kill him by using close combat.

Cell: Get away Vegeta!
Vegeta: What? Instant Transmission?! You won't get away! This is...Hell?! Damn
it! Cell! I'll deal with you later! Just behave and lay down!
Cell: Vegeta...Damn you! ...But I'm not after Vegeta. Perhaps I should return
to Earth...?
Goku: *pant pant*
Janemba: Eeheeheehee...
Goku: Where did Pikkon get to? Actually, where am *I*?
Janemba: Heeheeheeheeheehee
Goku: H-Hey! I'm getting away again. Better catch me mister demon.
Vegeta: Kakarot!
Goku: Vegeta! What're you doing here? You didn't die, did you? And... if you're
here, did you do something bad while Bulma wasn't looking?
Vegeta: I'm not dead, and I didn't hide anything from Bulma. What're
you babbling about?!
Goku: Well, that guy's pretty strong, right?
Vegeta: You're just lazing around! I'll take it from here! What do
you think you're doing sleeping and sightseeing?!
Goku: Sorry Vegeta...
Vegeta: Get out of here already! You're just getting in the way!
Janemba: Gyeeeeee!
Vegeta: Hell, eh? What a lousy place. Now you can play tag with ME!
Come and catch me if you can!
Janemba: Huh?

Vegeta: What?! ...He's resurrecting?! He's got too many dirty tricks!
Janemba: Gyeeee!
Vegeta: Damn!
Goku: Vegeta! Look out!
Janemba: Gwaah!
Goku: Woah! That was close!
Vegeta: Kakarot! Don't bother!
Goku: But... He won't give up! What should we do?
Vegeta: We should crush him all at once! Now, what's the best way...?
Hey Kakarot.
Goku: Hm?
Vegeta: How about an all-out attack, like against Majin Buu?
Goku: You mean that blunder?
Vegeta: Want to try again?
Goku: I learned it while I was dead, but... When I'm not dead my power has to
go down before it fills up again.
Vegeta: That makes it simple then. Kakarot, DIE!
Goku: Woah! Hang on a sec!
Vegeta: Pft. Useless.
Goku: Let's hide for a little while, okay?
Vegeta: ...Right.

Prize: Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 unlocked

2G Fight 9
Pikkon[4][3] vs Janemba[5][3]
Janemba may have more life than you at the start but we have more speed than
him. Close combat is your best friend with Pikkon's speed you should destroy
him. Also watch out for his super again. Losing a half of bar of life in this
fight deducts you one star so be careful not to lose more than a bar of life.
Use at least Pikkon's super twice on Janemba if you can then he should be close
to dead so you can finish him off with some punches and kicks.

Goku: ......
Vegeta: ......
Goku: ... Hungry.
Vegeta: ...Yeah. Not that we have time to worry about that!
Goku: I guess we'll have to do that thing, huh?
Vegeta: What, you have an idea?
Goku: I'm thinking Fusion.
Vegeta: No way.
Goku: Whaaat? Why? C'mon!
Vegeta: Even Potara hates that horrible pose, and you still want to do it?
Goku: But we have to beat that guy. Otherwise Earth's in trouble.
Vegeta: So what?! What's that got to do with me?
Goku: ...
Vegeta: ... is what I SHOULD say, but it looks like I've gotten weak too.
Alright. Let's go, Kakarot.
Goku: Thanks Vegeta. Let's go!
Goku: Fuuuu...
Vegeta: sion!
Vegeta and Goku: HA!
Gogeta: Um... I think we screwed up.
Janemba: Gyee...
Gogeta: Uh oh, he saw me! Gotta get out of here!
Janemba: Gwee?
Gogeta: WOAH!
Janemba: Gyeeheehee!
Gogeta: Crap!
Pikkon: Goku! ...Or... maybe not...
Gogeta: Pikkon!
Pikkon: You did a Fusion...? But messed it up... I'm really disappointed
in you guys.
Gogeta: *sigh*
Janemba: Gyee!
Pikkon: Huh? That's the cause?! Not good!
Janemba: Nweee!
Pikkon: Well... You won't get past me.
Janemba: Gwee!
Pikkon: Don't disappoint me!
Janemba: Gyaaah!

Pikkon: Goku! Haven't you un-fused yet?!
Gogeta: I-I think I'm almost there!
Pikkon: We don't have time! You should've practiced more!
Fat Gogeta: Ugh... Nothin I can say to that...
Pikkon: I can't hold out much longer...

Prize: 2 new items in shop

2I Fight 10
Gogeta[6][3] vs Janemba[7][3]
This will be the most difficult fight we faced yet. Dont lose more than 1 and
1/2 life bars on this fight. I suggest going close combat most of this fight
since Janemba is kind of slow. Use at least Gogeta's super twice on Janemba.
Then throw in one or two Big Bang Kamehamehas at close range since for the
computer those are really difficult to dodge due to their long attack range.
Also don't just spam Big Bang Kamehameha since you will not get a high tech
ranking. Also a lot of close combat fighting will give you a high tech rating
for this fight also.

Goku: Alright! We're apart!
Vegeta: What happened? We were so stupidly weak!
Goku: That's because you messed up the pose. Let's go over the proper pose
Vegeta: Do we really have to do this again...?
Goku: Watch me do the pose by myself so you get it right next time.
Vegeta: *sigh*
Goku: Come on, you don't want to mess it up again, right?
Vegeta: N-No good... I can't do it!
Goku: Don't give up! If you do it's all over!
Vegeta: Why do I have to...
Pikkon: You don't have time to mess around! Hurry up!
Vegeta: Damn it!
Goku: Don't slack off, okay? Let's do this, Vegeta!
Goku: We have to power up at the same time and come together! And then the
Vegeta: Fuuu...
Goku: sion!
Goku and Vegeta: Ha!
Pikkon: Did it work?
Janemba: Gyeeee!
Pikkon: Ugh. You have to take care of the rest...
Janemba: ......!
Gogeta: Pikkon! I'll take him on!
Janemba: Gyeee?
Gogeta: I'm not Goku or Vegeta! I'm the one who'll take you down!
Janemba: GAAAAAH!

Janemba: Gugh, Gah, GYAAAAA!
Gogeta: ... *phew*
Pikkon: ...Did you beat him?
Gogeta: Yeah, but I wonder if it's really over...
Pikkon: Who knows?
Gogeta: That evil energy is gone now, but... When Janemba appeared, his energy
didn't seem to be in only one place...
Pikkon: S-So...There could be more?
Gogeta: But we should be okay until Janemba solidifies again...
Pikkon: The best thing would be if we could break the seal over heaven...
Pikkon: ... No good.
Goku: It won't budge...
Pikkon: Let's go back to Earth. There's nothing more we can do here.
Vegeta: Yeah...

EE Ending
Though Goku and the others defeated Janemba, the barrier is still up... They
decide to teleport to consult with King Kai...

Prize: Pikkon has been unlocked and new chapter in Dragon Road. Also Sheet
No. 14

Chapter 3
       |                     |
          |             |

3S Start
Janemba was defeated. However disasters didn't not come down. Goku and his
friends once got back to the earth by Instant Transmission. And the time, on the

3A Fight 1
Gohan Mystic Form[3][3] vs Cooler Final Form[3][3]
Now the battles get interesting a bit more difficult in this chapter. Start off
with getting the first few hits on Cooler. Then when you have enough for your
super get close and use it so he has no time to dodge. Cooler's super is easily
avoidable and leaves him open so attack him right after he uses it. Use your
super at least twice on Cooler then the finish the remainder of his life in
close combat.

Goku: ...So, we did beat Janemba, but...
Supreme Kai: So we're right back where we started...
Pikkon: And that was an impostor?
Goku: An impostor was that strong?
Gohan: So unless we close the hole between dimensions this is all hopeless?
Supreme Kai: Yeah. And with this evil energy in the air Janemba can be reborn at
any time.
Gohan: What IS this energy?
Supreme Kai: When the dead leave Earth, a ring appears that cleanses the evil
Gohan: Evil energy?
Supreme Kai: It's important for people to strive for themselves and others.
But if they only think of themselves, then a certain energy is born. An energy
steeped in darkness. But one who doesn't care about themselves can be used by
Gohan: After death the evil energy gets collected?
Supreme Kai: Yes. It's being generated more easily, and spreading like a
contagion. Most people can control the evil within them and keep it in check.
Normally  someone with that taint can't pass on when they die. But even then,
a powerful evil heart can pass a curse through generations.
Pikkon: The cleansed energy is being gathered into Janemba, over and over.
Supreme Kai: But the evil energy is reaching to Earth, making the people here
dangerous. Even good people could do evil if they're affected by it.
Goku: How about if we use the Dragon Balls?
Supreme Kai: It would be good if Shenron could end this...
Goku: Why don't we try and catch up with Vegeta and Gotenks?
Pikkon: I'll watch in case Janemba returns.
Gohan: Please do. Let's go look for that hole.
Supreme Kai: Right.
Supreme Kai: Gohan!
Gohan: Yeah?
Supreme Kai: Over there... Look.
Gohan: That's... Cooler!
Supreme Kai: What's he doing?
Gohan: Looking for something?
Supreme Kai: That's a D-Dragon Ball! Gohan!
Gohan: Right!
Cooler: Wait! You! You're a Saiyan!
Gohan: Hand over the Dragon Ball!
Cooler: That's a villain's line. Are you saying these are yours alone?
Gohan: I'm saying I can't let you have them! You'd better go all out!

Cooler: Damn! Where does his strength come from?!
Gohan: Enough! Be good and hand over the Dragon Ball!
Cooler: Hmph. Fool!
Gohan: Crap! Instant Transmission?!
Supreme Kai: He got away...
Gohan: Supreme Kai! I'm coming!
Supreme Kai: Hold on! If it's just one Dragon Ball we can afford to wait! And
Vegeta and Gotenks are collecting the other
Dragon Balls. So it'll be fine. I've got more work to do.
Gohan: Right.

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3B Fight 2
Goku Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Frieza 100%[3][3]
Ok for this fight be careful if you do close combat. Frieza has a move where he
charges you with a pink aura all around him I think the move is called death
crasher. It is an really effective close combat move and is difficult to dodge
so be on your toes. Dont lose more than a bar of life. If you charge your energy
and blast 2 warp kamehamehas at Frieza it will make this fight very simple.
Also if you happen to be charging your warp kamehameha and Frieza decides to
attack you will instantly teleport behind him and blast him. This fight is not
that hard just be sure to beat him quickly and not to lose too much life.

Goku: Man, I have no clue where the Dragon Balls could be. How are we supposed
to find them without the Dragon Radar? I don't suppose the old man has seen
the four-star ball?
Frieza: I only just found it!
Goku: Frieza!
Frieza: I'll pay you back for all the humiliation you caused me!
Goku: You'll never give that up, will you?!
Frieza: Of course not! Not until you taste the same disgrace! I'll smash that
pride of yours that goes beyond death!I am the ruler of the universe!
Goku: Give it up already! There's no reason for me to fight you!
Frieza: Even if you don't, I do! I WILL fight you! I just have to make you WANT
to fight me!
Goku: Damn it!
Frieza: You really thought I'd just cooperate like Vegeta, stupid monkey?!
Goku: Looks like I have no choice!

Goku: I did it!
Frieza: D-Damn you...My body won't move...
Goku: Give it up! I can transform two more times from here! You're finished!
Frieza: Why...?!
Choose a path:  A. Finish him off.
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ B. Leave.

 |Choice A |
Goku: Nothing I say will change your mind...
Frieza: Fool! I can keep returning from hell again and again! Don't think you've
Goku: ...... I've got to find the Dragon Balls.

 |Choice B |
Goku: You won't be able to move for a while, so...
Frieza: Damn you...
Goku: I'd better find the Dragon Balls so we can put an end to this.
Frieza: Damn it... Damn it... DAMN IT!
Goku: Hey, Frieza! You'd better-
Frieza: I'll just keep coming back, and when I do, I'll hunt you down!
Goku: Frieza...
Frieza: *GASP!*
Goku: ......

Prize: Frieza 100% final form has been unlocked

3BA Fight 3
Super Perfect Cell[3][3] vs. Pikkon[3][3]
We finally get to fight as a bad guy this time. This fight can be difficult if
your not good at close combat because of Pikkon's speed. So be careful also make
sure one warp kamehameha connects or else I highly doubt you will get enough
tech points. Also be sure to be really close when doing Cell's super or else
Pikkon will dodge it.

Cell: ... Right. Even if I die, I can still come back, it seems. As long as this
evil energy remains I'll be resurrected! HAHA! And even if I get beaten, I'll be
back, and stronger! HAHAHAHA! Nothing to fear! So I'd better get started. Hmm...
This way?
Pikkon: Earth... it's a small world, but it's still hard to take it all in...
I should try to find the places where the energy is thickest... But this is a
fairly good planet. The sea and sky are blue,  The wind feels good, and...Huh?
I feel like I'm being watched... The evil energy makes it difficult to sense
presences... ...Someone's there, right?
Cell: Correct!...Is what I'd like to say, but you seem pretty thick.
Pikkon: You! You're cell! Why are you here?!
Cell: You're here on Earth in spite of being dead, just like me.
Cell: But you'll be on you way back to heaven soon.
Pikkon: ... Interesting. But I'll make you eat those words.

Pikkon: You...! You're persistent!
Cell: My body has the blood of Saiyans in it. Death only makes me stronger.
Pikkon: Damn. In that case you'll be just like Goku!
Cell: What's wrong? If you're losing you might as well run.
Pikkon: What're you talking about? You can do Instant Transmission!
Cell: That's true. So, come on then... Were you sealed away in heaven? This is
your eternal farewell!
Pikkon: N-No! Not yet!
Cell: You fought well, but there was nothing you could've done. W-Wait!
Cell: Hm? Who's there?!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3BA1 Fight 4
Super Perfect Cell[4][3] vs Gotenks Super Saiyan 3[5][3]
This fight is pretty easy even though we start out with a life disadvantage.
Cell is faster than Gotenks in close combat even though Cell is pretty slow. So
close combat will really help you. One or two of Cell's super at close range
will give Gotenks' no time to dodge and also will pack a punch at his life.
Whatever remainder life he has left finish him off quickly. Also if Gotenks'
does super ghost kamikaze attack be sure to dodge it because I think it is
unblockable, although I may be wrong on this so you can test it out if you want

Cell: Where are you? Or are you too scared to come out?
Gotenks: Heh. I was just waiting for the right time to come get you! The sun
might overlook your misdeeds, but Gotenks will not! The God of Justice has
arrived! Get ready to hear your eulogy!
Pikkon: G-Gotenks...
Super Perfect Cell: Brats... I think it's about time for your nap.
Gotenks: WHAAAT?! You're gonna WISH you just had to go to hell!
Cell: Heh. That sounds promising. And once you do, I'll just come back.

Gotenks: Ack...YOU!
Cell: Things got a bit out of hand, but... is it over already?
Gotenks: I was saving this for a rainy day, but...
Cell: You still have something up your sleeve?!
Cell: A hundred?!
Gotenks: AHAHAHAHA! Think you can dodge this one? They'll just keep coming at
Cell: Hmph! This'll be a nice test of my ability! Let's get started!
Gotenks: Take this!
Cell: I just have to evade and fire energy blasts! Hahahaha! This is pretty
Gotenks: Okay... Here goes!

Prize: Gotenks Super Saiyan 3 unlocked

3BA2 Fight 5
Cell Super Perfect Form[3][3] vs Krillin Full Potential[3][3]
This fight is really easy. Quickly rush Krillin with a variety of combos. Then
throw at least one Warp Kamehameha at him then finish the remainder of his life.
Watch out though for Krillin's destructo disks they are undodgeable.

Cell: That's that then. I went a little overboard playing. Damn! They got away!
...Well, whatever. I can beat them any time I want anyway. At this rate visiting
Goku or Gohan would be boring... Perhaps I should go ahead and look for the
Dragon Balls...? Damn! That brat has the Dragon Radar! This is going to be a lot
of work...! No, actually I could just wait for him to get them and snatch them
away. And if I just get one of the remaining Dragon Balls... ...Perfect.
Some of Goku's friends should be around...
Krillin: Hey! Eek! I keep telling you, Goku! He keeps on appearing right in
front of me!
Cell: HAHAHAHA! You continue to be most amusing!
Krillin: Man... I have such bad luck...
Cell: Oh, don't say that. I have a question for you.
Krillin: Like I'd answer you!
Cell: Sorry, but... I would like to do this in a civilized manner. Just one
Krillin: Well, it's not like I can fight you...
Cell: And as a special bonus, I'll answer a question of yours.
Krillin: Ummm... Well...
Cell: Well?
Krillin: Uh... Um... Yeah... Wait, I know!
Cell: Hm? What?
Krillin: You're in your complete form without #17 or #18...
Cell: That's true.
Krillin: Are you going to try to absorb #18 again anyway?
Cell: What are you thinking of?
Krillin: N-Never mind. I was thinking you'd want to get more powerful...
Cell: ...... Whatever. Now it's my turn. I want you to tell me where to find the
Dragon Balls or the Dragon Radar.
Krillin: I-I can't tell you that!
Cell: You did promise, you little insect!
Krillin: A-Anyway I don't have any of those!
Cell: Then you can be my hostage. Come with me to look for them!
Krillin: Oh crap...! Did I make him mad?!
Cell: But first, I need to get ready for battle! You'll make a tolerable
Krillin: Crap!

Krillin: Guess I'm no match for him...
Cell: Too bad. You can see now that resistance in useless. Now it's time for
you to behave yourself and die.
Krillin: Urgh... I-I'm sorry #18... Goku...
Cell: Now we wait for them to come save you...

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3BA3 Fight 6
Cell Super Perfect Form[3][3] vs. Android 18[3][3]
This fight is easy. Two attacks to beware of though from #18, which are her
destructo disk since its unblockable and her energy field if your fighting her
from close combat since its a powerful attack and can easily suprise anyone.
Also be sure to throw in Cell's super at least once for the high tech ranking.

Don't give up Krillin!
Cell: ?! Another rescuer? They do like to flock to you.
Android 18: Cell! Let go of Krillin!
Cell: Well, if it isn't #18! But why are you sticking your neck out for him?
Krillin: #18... Run away!
Android 18: Let go of Krillin!
Cell: And if I won't?
Android 18: Damn you!
Cell: Heheh. This isn't like the #18 I knew. Interesting... I wonder if I can
still absorb you even when I'm in my complete form...?
Android 18: Never again!
Cell: Really? I'll return him to you, safe and sound. If you let me have you.
Android 18: ...!
Cell: HAHAHA! That's an amusing face, isn't it, #18? What will you do? I'm
patient, but how long do you plan to make me wait?
Android 18: ... Fine. Let Krillin go...
Cell: So this is what it's like to negotiate! All right, I'm releasing him.
I'll toss him into the temple over there, okay? Like SO!
Android 18: Wait! Krillin's still hurt!
Cell: Oh, that wasn't what we promised! I might have to punish you, #18!
Android 18: Get out of my way!

Cell: Have you realized it yet? In any case, it's time for me to eat.
Android 18: No way!
Cell: Nothing personal... Hehe...
Android 18: D-Damn it!
Cell: ?! Piccolo?! You always have the most amazing timing! Hm, killer intent?!
A Destructo-Disk?!
Piccolo: Looks like the shoe's on the other foot... Cell.
Krillin: I won't let you have her!
Android 18: Krillin...
Cell: A Senzu bean... Those must be convenient.
Piccolo: Now it's 3 against 1. What'll you do?
Cell: Hmph! You're still no match for me.
Piccolo: What...?
Cell: What's wrong? I don't care who; just come and get me! You can surround me
if you want; it won't matter.
Krillin: ...D-Damn it!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3C Fight 7
Gohan Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Teen Gohan Super Saiyan[3][3]
Be sure to transform right away for a power boost once you get 4 energy bars.
Beware little Gohan can transform also. Its time to teach your younger self a
lesson by doing combat combos on him relentlessly haha. Be sure to throw in one
super at least. This fight is not that hard. Remember if you transform close
enough to your opponent you can stun him which will give you enough time to
throw in your super against him.

Goku: Where did Vegeta get to? Even without the radar, if I can figure out the
general area... Huh...? That's...? Hmm... Is
that... Gohan...? But it feels too small...
Teen Gohan: Hmmm... Where am I? And why?
Goku: Maybe if I ask Gohan?
Teen Gohan: Huh? Was someone here...?
Gohan: Hmmm. Something's suspicious here.
Supreme Kai: Distortions in space can connect dimensions, which can be
Gohan: Heaven has been ensnared, and hell connected to this place... And the
spatial distortion is connecting to another place... This just got a lot more
Supreme Kai: These spaces are all becoming warped simultaneously. If we can stop
the evil energy, the warping might stop...?
Gohan: Hmm...
Goku: Hey, Gohan!
Gohan: Dad!
Goku: Over here!
Supreme Kai: Um... Ah, he went off somewhere using Instant Transmission...
Goku: Gohan, are you hiding something from your dad?
Gohan: Wh-What?
Goku: Think carefully.
Gohan: There isn't anything, right...?
Goku: Then what's that?
Gohan: Th-That...? It looks like when I was little...
Goku: It's your child, right? I can't believe you kept it a secret from me!
Gohan: N-N-N-No! It's not...! What're you talking about?!
Goku: Really? I'm pretty sure that's your and Videl's child!
Gohan: What?! No way! That kid's like 10 years old!
Goku: Oh, yeah... But first...
Gohan: What's with you, dad?!
Goku: Calm down! I believe you Gohan! Hahaha!
Teen Gohan: D-Dad!
Goku: Wait, he called you "Dad"! So you really did...
Teen Gohan: Dad! You ARE my dad, right? You're Goku!
Goku: Huh? Me?
Gohan: D-Dad...Don't tell me...!
Teen Gohan: It's me, Gohan!
Goku: Huh?
Gohan: Um... You know I'M also called Gohan...
Teen Gohan: Whaaat?!
Gohan: Wait, is this me from the past? We'd better make sure.
Teen Gohan: Um, okay...
Gohan: If you're really me, then there should be stuff only we would know. I'll
ask questions while we do some basic sparring, okay?
Teen Gohan: But I dunno if I'll get everything if you're an adult now...

Teen Gohan: Woah! You're strong!
Gohan: *pant* *pant* Was I really that hyper?
Goku: Don't go sounding like an old man, Gohan.
Gohan: But it's definitely the old me. I think it started a little after Cell
was defeated...
Goku: I see...
Teen Gohan: So this is what I'll be like when I grow up...? So did I become a
scholar yet?
Gohan: Well, I kinda got delayed here and there, but I'm working on it.
Teen Gohan: Wow... D-Dad! You came back to life?
Goku: Something like that.
Teen Gohan: That's great...
Goku: So how did this happen, Gohan?
Teen Gohan: Well...I don't really know...It's like I was floating
Gohan: Maybe the whole crisis caused me to time travel?
Goku: Like a time machine?
Gohan: Oh yeah just like Trunks...
Goku: But space is being warped, right? So maybe time is too?
Gohan: I've heard of such things happening. But we don't know if it uses
principles like Bulma's time machine... Goku: I see... Hey Gohan...Um, the
little one. Things are dangerous like when Cell came. Why don't you fight with
me until you can find a way to get back home?
Teen Gohan: Sure! I'd love to fight with you dad!
Gohan: All right then. Um... What should we call each other then...?
Teen Gohan: We should just call each other by name.
Gohan: Yeah, that should be okay.
Goku: But what happens when I call for Gohan...?
Gohan: We'll figure it out somehow.
Teen Gohan: Yeah!
Goku: Haha! Okay, let's look for the Dragon Balls!
Choose a path: A. What about Supreme Kai?
++++++++++++++ B. What about Yamcha?

 |Choice A |
Gohan: What about the Supreme Kai?
Goku: Oh yeah, I kinda left him behind. Okay...Gohans, go and get him, okay?
Gohan: And you, dad?
Goku: I'll look for the Dragon Balls.
Gohan: D-Dad! Yamcha and Tien are dealing with Broly!
Goku: Whaaat?! You'd better go help them! Okay, let's get going.
Gohan: Right!

 |Choice B |
Gohan: By the way, Yamcha and Tien are...
Goku: Huh? What's up with them?
Gohan: They were fighting Broly...
Goku: WHAAAT?! A-Are they okay?
Gohan: If they keep runnin away...
Goku: Poor guys. I'd better go help them out.
Gohan: Right...Be careful...

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3CA Fight 8
Teen Gohan Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Piccolo fused with Kami[3][3]
If your going to do close combat beware of Piccolo's long reach. Before you even
reach him he might attack you and pull you in for a combo. I suggest charging up
and throwing in Gohan's super first for the sole reason it will earn your high
tech score, it will damage him considerably, and give you enough to get near him
for a close combat fight since Piccolo will be juggled in the air for a bit.

Gohan: So...
Supreme Kai: So, the population of Gohans has increased.
Gohan: Please don't say it like I'm doing cell division.
Supreme Kai: Who has the power to twist space and time...?
Gohan: It's like when Buu or Gotenks leave the Hyperbolic Time Chamber...
Supreme Kai: So, we also have Gohan...
Gohan: So we might be able to...
Supreme Kai: I'm really glad we've got some good people here...
Gohan: Well, people expect Saiyans to be really ferocious, but...
Teen Gohan: Mister Piccolo!
Gohan: Huh?
Piccolo: Hey! Gohan! Huh? Hey! Gohan! Why's there a small you here?
Gohan: We're not too sure about it either...
Piccolo: I-I see... Well, let's think about this...
Teen Gohan: Mister Piccolo, you don't get it at all.
Piccolo: Well? How are your studies going?
Teen Gohan: I've been really busy studying lately...
Gohan: Well, I can teach you. It'd be kinda weird teaching myself, but...
Teen Gohan: Yes sir!
Piccolo: Hmm...If you study too much you'll get out of shape. I'll train him.
I'll be a good change of pace.
Teen Gohan: Thank you! In that case...It looks like we'll be fighting soon...
Piccolo: I see... I need you to do as I say to get back your edge. Let me
handle this!
Teen Gohan: Right!
Piccolo: Come as a Super Saiyan!
Teen Gohan: Right!

Piccolo: Heh. It seems you haven't lost your edge!
Teen Gohan: Thank You!
Piccolo: By the way Gohan, um...the big one. Do you remember this?
Gohan: Sort of. I think it's like with Trunks, a me from another world.
Piccolo: Hmmm...
Supreme Kai: Well, there's nothing we can do now except forge on ahead.
Piccolo: Right. I brought some Senzu beans.
Gohan: Thank you!
Piccolo: The others will need them too. You'd better take it to them.
Gohan, I'll see you later.
Teen Gohan: Right!
Gohan: Right!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3CA1 Fight 9
Teen Gohan Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Broly[3][3]
Use your speed to your advantage since Broly is slow. Remember to throw in one
super at least. Just beware of one attack from Broly where he charges at you if
your fighting at close combat since that attack is quick and can surprise you.

Gohan: Hmm...The hole in space is open here too...
Teen Gohan: Just enough to stick your thumb through... And it's connected to
some other world?
Gohan: So, now what?
Teen Gohan: Heey! Anyone here?
Gohan: I wonder if they could hear you...? Anyway, where could it connect to?
Teen Gohan: At least we're not in danger here... Maybe I got lost in a hole like
Gohan: Maybe... I wonder if it'll get bigger?
Teen Gohan: What if we use a Kamehameha on it?
Gohan: Okay. Step back a minute. HAAAAAAAA!
Teen Gohan: W-Wow...!
Gohan: KAAMEEHAAMEE... HAAAAA! Well?...Huh? What's wrong?
Teen Gohan: That was a really amazing Kamehameha is all...
Gohan: If I overdo it I'd just damage the earth, so I have to hold back.
Teen Gohan: That was you holding back...? I'm gonna be amazing when I grow
Gohan: Ahahaha. Oh yeah, and the hole...
Teen Gohan: It looked big enough to go through for a moment, but then it shrunk
again. Ack! It closed...
Gohan: Hmm... It looks like forcing it open makes it react by closing.
Teen Gohan: When it completely closed, it broke something, didn't it?
Gohan: The evil energy could be what left the hole open.
Teen Gohan: So we should look for the hole then?
Videl: Hey Gohan!
Gohan: Oh, hey Videl!
Videl: I've been looking all over...Who's this? Do you have another brother?
Gohan: No, actually this is me from the past...
Videl: WHAAAT?! Well, he does look just like you did on TV!
Teen Gohan: N-Nice to meet you...
Videl: You're so CUTE! And tiny!
Teen Gohan: Ack! It's hard to breathe!
Gohan: Um, Videl...
Videl: Uh...We totally have no time for this. There's some gold guy going nuts!
Gohan: What? A Super Saiyan?!
Teen Gohan: Hey! Over there?! That's... BROLY!
Gohan: What?! My dad, Yamcha, and Tien, are they all okay?!
Teen Gohan: Shouldn't Videl go somewhere safe first?
Gohan: Sorry, Videl, but we have to go!
Videl: H-Hey! Gohan! I'm NOT helpless you know! I can fly too!
Teen Gohan: HAAA!
Broly: Huh? Kakarot's son?
Teen Gohan: Yeah!
Broly: Kakarot... Kill! I'll KILL YOU!
Teen Gohan: Not likely!

Broly: Huh? Kakarot's that way!
Teen Gohan: W-Wait! We're supposed to fight!
Broly: Kakarot! KAKAROOOT!
Teen Gohan: What?! Wait!
Mystic Gohan: We'd better follow him!
Videl: Hey!
Gohan: Uh... Sorry!
Videl: I'll catch up; you go on ahead!
Gohan: Okay! Let's go!
Teen Gohan: Right!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3CA2 Fight 10
Broly Legendary Super Saiyan[4][3] vs Goku Super Saiyan 2[4][3]
This time we fight as Broly. Beware since you lack speed against Goku but what
you lack in speed you have power so stay on the offensive. Remeber to do one
super on Goku at least. Oh and i suggest maxing your ki to 7 bars then
unleashing Broly's super remember when it connect be sure to watch the hit
meter then press circle when it is at 9 hits to unleash a second part of
Broly's super. Do it at 9 hits so you have max damage otherwise if you do it at
10 hits the second part of the attack wont come and if you do at less than 9
hits than you wont do max damage.

Goku: Broly?
Broly: Kakarot, DIE!
Goku: That planet is gone, and we're both survivors. Why are we enemies?! I
don't know why you hate me so much, but I won't lose to you! The legendary
Super Saiyan that appears once in a millenium... We were born with the love of
battle in us...
But I can't let you go around destroying whatever you want!
Broly: Why should I care?! I'll kill you! DIE! DIIE!

Broly: AAHAHAHAHA! Destroy! DESTROY!!!
Goku: You! You'd destroy the whole planet just to have a battle.
Broly: HAHAHAHAHA! Why are you running away?! Don't you want to fight? You're
Goku: Damn you!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3CB Fight 11
Vegeta Super Saiyan 2[4][3] vs. Broly Legendary Super Saiyan[4][3]
This fight is easy due to Vegeta's speed and power. Just attack right away from
the start. Be sure to throw in one final flash. Beware of Broly's attack where
he charges you. Also Broly in this fight likes to get you in a teleport attack
chain so be prepare for that also.

Tien: W-We're alive...
Yamcha: Yeah... If it's alive or dead, then 'm gonna go with alive...
Tien: But at this rate we can't win this.
Yamcha: Man, I wanna take a break...
Broly: RAAAH!
Tien: He hasn't forgotten about us. We're in a bad way.
Yamcha: Wait, Tien! What about SOLAR FLARE?
Tien: We can barely run. We'd have to get close for that!
Yamcha: So I'll figure something out!
Tien: Like what?!
Yamcha: I know! A guided energy blast!
Broly: Hmph!
Yamcha: Woah! Looks like I'm gonna get the chance.
Tien: Not bad, Yamcha... When did you learn that?!
Yamcha: Never mind! Hurry up!
Tien: S-Sorry! Urgh... This is still pretty rough on me...
Broly: INSECT!
Broly: Gwah!
Yamcha: Alright! Let's get out of here!
Tien: Woah!
Yamcha: Did we lose him?
Tien: ... N-No good. He's still following us! Damn it! And it just made us that
much more exhausted!
Yamcha: This is a fool's errand!
Vegeta: You two, get back!
Yamcha: Huh?
Tien: Yamcha! Look out!
Vegeta: FINAL...
Yamcha: WOAH! That's dangerous!
Vegeta: FLASH!!!
Tien: D-Did it work?
Yamcha: Vegeta! We got dragged into things again!
Vegeta: Hmph! Why should I care?
Yamcha: Vegeta!
Vegeta: If you're healthy enough to complain, get out of here while you can!
Tien: You mean Broly still hasn't been defeated?!
Yamcha: W-We'll leave it to you, Vegeta. Thanks.
Vegeta: Shut up! This fight could endanger the entire area?
Broly: Nrr... Vegeta...
Vegeta: So you're back too, the legendary Super Saiyan! But you're just another
fighter! You think I care about your
As the prince, nay the KING of Saiyans I will bury you!
Broly: Hmm...So you're HIS son...

Vegeta: I'll erase you from the cosmos!!! ...*pant* *pant* He's gone... I can't
sense him either. Did I get him? No, that's not it! The evil energy is taking
on physical form! And it'll make him come back again... This isn't good!
Janemba will be back soon! Big Bang... ATTACK!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3CB1 Fight 12
Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta[4][3] vs Majin Vegeta[3][3]
We start out with an advantage in life. This fight is pretty easy. Just Majin
Vegeta's super attack is one you cant dodge I suggest just blocking or
attacking him quickly since the attack has a long delay before it actually
starts. Be sure to throw in one Final Flash.

SSJ2 vegeta: Damn! There's no end to this!
Janemba: Geeheeheeheehee!
Vegeta: Crap! The real form is over there!
Janemba: Geee...
Vegeta: Urgh. I can't let up for a moment! Wait, this is...!
Majin vegeta: HAAAAAA!
Vegeta: Y-YOU! That's from when I was brainwashed by Babidi!
Majin Vegeta: No, wrong... No brainwashing was necessary! I'm the legendary
strongest warrior! I have no ties... I will sing praises of chaos and slaughter.
And I'll begin with you...
Vegeta: Damn you...
Majin Vegeta: So it seems it's time for me to take your place.
Vegeta: What're you talking about?!
Majin Vegeta: And then I'll beat Kakarot, for the glorious Saiyan race!
Vegeta: I will not stand by while you make my face say such idiocy. I'm going to
erase you from the face of the cosmos!
Majin vegeta: Hmph. Seeing me as weak as you makes me want to vomit. Better to
kill you. You're being dragged down by attachments, by love. You think you can
beat me, when I'm free of these foolish burdens?
Vegeta: My fist is more than heavy enough to hit you with!

Vegeta: Take this! You're every bit as bound; by your Saiyan pride! Pride is
something you decide on your own, and it' your own strength! On my pride as a
Saiyan, and as a citizen of Earth... And my pride in myself, I won't lose to
anyone when it comes to pride! You would call my hopes chains and weights?!
Majin Vegeta: Well... Don't you want to become stronger? Don't you want to
defeat Kakarot?
Vegeta: That's...
Majin Vegeta: That's... your weakness!
Vegeta: He went back to normal ki. Wh-What're you doing?!
Majin Vegeta: Heheh...Just watch as I devour that weak heart of yours!
Vegeta: What?! Inside of me...Keep away! G...GAAAAAAAAH!
Janemba: Heehee!
Vegeta: AAAAAAAH! Gaah...AAGH! *pant* *pant* Who did you think wanted to be the
strongest...? It was while cursing my weakness that I became a Super Saiyan.
And now I realize I want more. Babidi's "brainwashing" as you call it unlocked
my true potential... I became like Broly... But wasn't that what I really
wanted? Defeating Kakarot! That means everything to me... *gasp* *cough*
...I am not hopeless! ...You...are un...necessary... ...*cough* *cough* Forget
it. Your weak heart, weak dreams, they mean nothing.
Janemba: Geeheeheeheehee!
Vegeta: Hmph. Janemba... I am just as you want me. You'd better enjoy it...
After Kakarot, you're next! Perhaps I'm being baited into this, but... I'll
only let myself get a little carried away... Soon they won't be laughing!
Janemba: Neeeyaah!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

3D Fight 13
Goku Super Saiyan 3[4][3] vs. Majin Vegeta[4][3]
We finally get to be the fabled Super Saiyan 3 in this fight. This fight is not
that hard just rush Vegeta. Remember when you use your super and your charging
up and you happen to be attacked you will warp behind Vegeta and blast him.
Also since Vegeta's super takes a while to activate he leaves himself
vulnerable either get in close and attack or blast one of your super's at him.

Broly: HAHAHAHA! Maybe you were a worthless insect after all!
Goku: Damn it! I can barely even keep it up!
Broly: Urgh!
Majin Vegeta: *I* will defeat Kakarot! Begone!
Goku: V-Vegeta! Thank goodness...
Vegeta: Save you? What are you babbling about?
Goku: Huh? Your forehead... ...No. No way!
Vegeta: Exactly, Kakarot.
Goku: Vegeta, what happened? All this time, you've been hating me...
Vegeta: Yes... Once I defeat you, I'll be the strongest in the universe!
Goku: You... You're not Vegeta...You're just like the other me I met before.
Vegeta: How did you know?
Goku: I know... because we've clashed so many times before... The Vegeta I
know doesn't lose his pride even when he's quiet. He's amazing. And that
Vegeta wouldn't lose sight of himself...
Vegeta: You're overestimating him, Kakarot. He was easily confused and cowed.
Goku: Really...?
Vegeta: So let's clash once again, and we can learn the truth!
Goku: Fine by me!

Goku: What's wrong? You're moving so slowly?
Vegeta: Urgh! Why?! Why am I slower than you?
Goku: Grrr...Vegeta! Why do you oppose me?! If he's controlled by a weak will,
he'd never fall into vice. Come back! Vegeta!Vegeta: Grr...GAAAH! *gasp*
*cough* ...K-Kakarot. *GASP* Before I beat Kakarot I have to master myself?!
Weren't this body and should made just to beat Kakarot?!
Goku: Vegeta!
Vegeta: Grr... GAAAH!
Gohan: Dad!
Supreme Kai: Goku! Aah! Something's wrong with Vegeta! What's going on?!
Vegeta: Time to retreat!
Goku: Wait! Vegeta!
Gohan: Forget it dad! You wore yourself out fighting!
Goku: Then give me a Senzu bean!
Gohan: I'll go after Vegeta!
Goku: Sorry, Gohan...
Teen Gohan: Right dad. Senzu. Your hair's pretty crazy you know...
Goku: Oh yeah. Super Saiyan Level 3 and all that. Wow. But the Level 3
must wear you out...
Goku: But still, Vegeta...
Supreme Kai: Vegeta took some of the evil energy into his body... Just like
me with Majin Buu...
Goku: No. I don't think so...
Supreme Kai: I'm inclined to agree with Goku.
Goku: Thank you Supreme Kai.
Teen Gohan: Dad!
Goku: What?
Teen Gohan: Piccolo's in danger!
Goku: Huh? I can't sense anything...
Teen Gohan: I heard his voice, for just a moment!
Goku: Only Gohan could hear it? Which way?
Teen Gohan: I think it's that way! With Vegeta and the other me!
Goku: So you saw the other Gohan over there, So I'd better teleport over there!
I can still sense his energy! Gohan, head for where Piccolo and the Supreme Kai
Teen Gohan: Right!
Supreme Kai: Let's go!

Prize: Goku Super Saiyan 3 has been unlocked

3E Fight 14
Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2[6][3] vs. Super Perfect Cell[5][3]
We have one extra life bar than Cell in this fight. Remeber to throw in one
super. Also this form of Gohan enables you to add an extra super to your super.
To use the super you have to be at max power though. Before or at the 9 hit
combo of your super press circle again and you should get the extra super,
which is where Goku comes to help you. Beware of Cell's energy field since it
is a sneaky close combat attack. Be sure not to lose too much life. I lost one
life bar in this fight so losing a little over one life bar is okay.

Teen Gohan: Somewhere around here! Mister Piccolo! Please be okay!
Supreme Kai: W-Where is he...?
Videl: Gohan!
Teen Gohan: V-Videl!
Videl: Everyone was taken out by Cell!
Teen Gohan: Cell...! It was Cell?! Where is he?!
Videl: That way!
Teen Gohan: All right! Supreme Kai, I'm going on ahead!
Supreme Kai: Miss Videl, you'd best not come with us. Go somewhere safe, far
Videl: R-Right... Gohan... Cell... Dad... No, Gohan!
Teen Gohan: Cell!
Cell: Hm? Finally another opponent after the intermission... Huh? You're...!
Teen Gohan: Mister Piccolo! Krillin! #18!
Cell: So you're Gohan?
Teen Gohan: Yes!
Cell: Oh my... It seems my wish will be granted even without the Dragon Balls.
Brat...I've been wanting to kill you for a long time! Your world will be filled
with despair and pain!
Teen Gohan: Cell... You killed my father! My mother cries every night! I'll
never forgive you!
Cell: You're the one who got carried away and started the fight with me. Don't
put the blame on me when it's your own fault!
Teen Gohan: Grr...
Cell: And you'll be burdened with that rage for the rest of your life!
Supreme Kai: Gohan! Don't give in to hatred!
Teen Gohan: I'll never, ever forgive you. I won't stop until you're destroyed!
Cell: You're the one who needs to apologize to them!

Cell: HAHAHA! Yes! Rage on!
Supreme Kai: At this rate Gohan will succumb to the evil energy too!
Teen Gohan: GAAAAAAH!
Videl: Gohan, no! Gohan, my dad, everyone saved the world together. Don't blame
Teen Gohan: Get away!
Videl: Even your father said he wanted to make sure you and Goten survived!
You're not alone! It's okay!
Teen Gohan: Shut up! SHUT UP! I'll destroy Cell! Grind him into dust!
Videl: Gohan!
Teen Gohan: Cell! This ends now!
Cell: Even if you beat me, your body and should will still be tainted! You'll
destroy everything you've been trying to
protect! Come, defeat me Gohan! Come and try!
Cell: HAHAHAHAHA! Good! That's the face of one who's accepted pain!
Videl: Gohan... No...

Prize: Teen Gohan Super Saiyan has been unlocked

3F Fight 15
Goku Kaioken[4][3] vs. Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2[6][7]
We start out at a huge disadvantage in this fight in both energy, life, and
power. This fight is hard I suggest playing careful and safe. Close combat
will be a good friend in this for you, but also be careful since Gohan's
attacks are pretty damaging at close range. Also you may lose up to a bar and
half of life in this fight. To release your super in this fight I suggest
charge up your energy away from a distance, which in turn the computer usually
copies you and charges up also. When you get 5 bars quickly do a full power
spirit bomb. Make sure at least one or two spirit bombs connect with Gohan. Do
this process as many times as you want if your having trouble since this is the
easiest way I found to win with a Z ranking.

Goku: Gohan!
Videl: D-Dad! I-I mean, Goku!
Goku: What happened to Gohan?!
Supreme Kai: While he's fighting Cell the rage is taking over and he's
forgetting us...
Goku: Cell is... Gohan... Gohan! It's me! You're dad!
Goku: Woah! Calm down, Gohan! Looks like he won't listen to words... No other
way then...
Supreme Kai: N-No, Goku!
Goku: Get out of my way, Supreme Kai.
Supreme Kai: No! You can't!
Goku: It's okay; I'm going to get him to listen to me... Get a Senzu ready for
Videl: Goku...
Goku: He'll understand... Here I come Gohan!

Goku: Gohan! It's me!
Teen Gohan: AAAAAAAH!
Goku: Hey, don't bite! None of us hate you at all, okay? You don't have to be
mad at anyone...
Don't cheapen yourself. I'm proud of you son. Believe in yourself!
Teen Gohan: Urgh...
Goku: And besides, I'm back! I'm alive again; we can be a family again! I
can't carry you around when you're so big, but I am back! So, don't you want
to make sure your mother and Goten are safe?
Teen Gohan: Ah...Uh... Urh... AAAAAAAAH!
Goku: H-Hey... Don't cry... You're grown up now, so this is hard for me...
Teen Gohan: Dad! Dad!
Goku: There you go...
Videl: Thank god...
Gohan: That was kinda embarrassing...
Videl: So Gohan, what do you think of yourself now?
Gohan: I used to hate fighting, but helping dad protect the world is about the
most important thing there is. But I want to do everything I can to protect what
I love. Or at least, the people around me.
Videl: Yeah. That's our Gohan...
Gohan: Haha.
Goku: There, there... I think he tired himself out crying... Gohan...
Gohan: Dad...
Goku: Hey, Gohan. What happened to Vegeta?
Gohan: I lost him...
Goku: I see...
Gohan: We'd better go look for the Dragon Balls... It seems the likes of Cooler
and Cell are looking for them too...
Supreme Kai: Yes. And energy blasts close up the dimensional hole. Perhaps we
can at least slow down the damage that way.
Gohan: Right!

EE Ending
Gohan was cleansed of the evil taint by Goku. However, under Janemba's influence
Vegeta became a Majin again, an enemy... Goku, revived by a Senzu, joins forces
with Piccolo and the others, They've split up to search for the Dragon Balls...

Prize: Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2 unlocked, new chapter in Dragon Road, and Sheet
No. 15

Chapter 4
              |         |
          |                |
             |           |

4S Start
Gohan lost his mind when distortions in space and time brought Cell back. He
fell under the influence of the evil energy. But thanks to Goku, Gohan was
brought back to normal. The evil imposter of Vegeta made by Janemba brainwashed
the original. And now the dimensional link has brought forth another
new warrior...

4A Fight 1
Trunks Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Android 18[3][3]
For this fight use Trunk's speed to your advantage. Also be sure to do Trunks'
super at least twice for a high tech rating since this is the easiest way to
get a high rating. For the first super I suggest you charge up to around 6 bars
then get really close to #18 and turn Super Saiyan. This move will stun her
giving you enough time to launch and connect with your super. For the second
one just be close and attack when shes vulnerable, the timing is all up to you.

Trunks: It should be around here somewhere... It's like a massive energy
appeared and then vanished... It felt like Gohan's Kamehameha, but... Huh? I
can feel something from further away... Here...? What's this? I can see another
world through the hole in the air. What's over there? I go in I might not be
able to come back... Wait, that was definately my dad! But, his energy felt
really evil?! What's happened?! Now I have to go!
Trunks: This is definitely Earth, but when? Never mind that. Where did dad go?
What's this weird mist? It must be because of the energy flow. It should be that
Android 18: Huh? Is that...? Hey! Trunks!
Trunks: Huh? I-It's #18! Why are you here?!
Android 18: W-Wait a sec! I don't want to fight!

Trunks: You're still here?!
Android 18: Waaait! Calm down! You're that Trunks, right?
Trunks: Huh? You're... the #18 from the past?
Android 18: Exactly.
Trunks: So, this is the future of that world?
Android 18: Looks that way.
Trunks: Oh... I see... So... here you're not doing anything bad...?
Android 18: Right now I'm just a housewife!
Trunks: H-Housewife?! W-Well, anyway... What happened? What's going on with this
Android 18: Huh, did something happen? Um... Well... Man this is annoying. Okay.
I'm only going to say this once!
Trunks: Ack.
Android 18: Okay. I-I'm... married to Krillin!
Trunks: WHAAAT?!
Android 18: W-W-W-We have a daughter!
Android 18: ...Her name's Maron; she takes after Krillin! She's really cute!
Trunks: ...So, since Cell was beaten you haven't been the same #18!
Android 18: Wha...! YES! Took you long enough!
Trunks: So... What's going on with this world?
Android 18: I don't know. Ask someone else.
Trunks: Wha... Fine. Forget it.
Android 18: He's always so gloomy.
Trunks: I like to think of it as being mature... I'm going. I think something's
odd with my father.
Android 18: Vegeta?... I don't know, but you should try asking Goku.
Trunks: Right.

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4B Fight 2
Trunks Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Gotenks Super Saiyan 3[3][3]
For this fight both you and the comp start out in transformed state. You gotta
do at least 2 of Trunk's super again in this fight or beat him quickly using
close combat combos either way works for a high tech rating. Also watch out for
Gotenk's super since I don't think Super Ghost Kamikaze attack is blockable.
Remember Trunks has the advantage of speed in this fight so use it.

Trunks: Now... Where's Goku? I should have asked how many years ago Cell
was beaten... The androids don't physically age after all... How old
will Gohan be...?
Goten: Huh? Trunks, how did you get so big?
Kid Trunks: Dummy, I'm over here and-woah! I really am big!
Goten: You this he's another fake like with dad?
Pikkon: He's much older... This is suspicious...
Kid Trunks: Oh, and are you okay now, Pikkon?
Pikkon: Yeah, thanks to you guys.
Kid Trunks: Oh, come on!
Goten: Anyway, looks like we've got a fight here!
Kid Trunks: Okay! Get ready for a tough battle!
Pikkon: Hey, shouldn't we find out what's going on first?
SSJ3 Gotenks: Ta-da! Fusion Complete! A new record - 0.05 seconds! Let's go!
Gotenks: All right! Trunks!
Trunks: Huh? A Super Saiyan? Who are you? You seem to know me...
Gotenks: That's MY line, Mister Looks-Just-Like-Half-Of-Me! I'm gonna peel
that mask off like a banana!
Trunks: What? An enemy? There are other Saiyans besides Broly left?
Gotenks: Say your prayers!... Man, I've been sounding really villainous lately.

Trunks: You're strong! W-Wait a minute! Are we really enemies?
Gotenks: Hmmm...Your energy doesn't seem evil. Are you the real thing? Well
whatever. If we fight, justice will prevail. Woah!
Pikkon: Hey, if you make a mistake you should just apologize.
Goten: Owwwww...
Kid Trunks: Ah... the Fusion came undone!
Trunks: H-He split into two!
Kid Trunks: That's the Fusion Technique!
Goten: We're really strong when we're fused!
Kid Trunks: Bro, you're Trunks, right? I heard about you from dad.
Trunks: So, you're me as a kid?
Kid Trunks: Looks that way. Nice to meet you! This is neat; I got a big
Goten: And that big sword is freaking cool!
Kid Trunks: I want one too! You look like some big epic hero guy!
Goten: My dad's good at staff fighting and he teaches me sometimes!
Kid Trunks: You never told me that before Goten. Oh man, now I want a weapon!
Trunks: Haha! You can get a sword when you're older. If I get back home I think
my teacher has one that's about your size.
Kid Trunks: Oh, did you come by time machine?
Trunks: No, there was some kind of hole in space, and I felt dad's energy in it.
Kid Trunks: Daddy? Do you know where he hurried off to?
Trunks: And it was like he was covered in evil energy...
Goten: That's the fake!
Trunks: Fake?
Pikkon: Janemba was born from the evil energy that's been floating around.
It's been twisting space around and turning people evil.
Goten: AND making fakes of strong guys that go destroying stuff!
Trunks: That's... But it wasn't just evil I felt; dad was in there too.
Kid Trunks: ... We've got to find him! Someone must be controlling him again!
Trunks: Yeah. You're right.
Pikkon: Come on, let's hurry!

Prize: Trunks Super Saiyan stage has been unlocked

4C Fight 3
Trunks Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Frieza 100%[4][3]
Frieza starts off with an advantage in life in this fight. Watch out for
Frieza's destructo disk since it is unblockable you have to evade it. Also be
sure to unleash 2 supers on Frieza or you wont get a high tech rating unless
you can beat him quickly with close combat moves then you will still get a high
tech rating. Oh and the computer likes to transform right away in the match so
when Frieza transforms be sure not to be too close or you will be stunned.

Trunks: Where did dad go...?
Kid Trunks: Over there! I can feel the evil over that way!
Trunks: You think it's dad? I'm not so sure...
Pikkon: In any case, we must go towards where the evil energy is strongest.
Trunks: Y-Yeah, you're right...
Frieza: Oh my; I was just wondering who it might be, and look... I came back
quickly, and now a good omen.
Trunks: Frieza!
Frieza: However... There's quite a crowd of irritating monkeys. I'd better thin
the herd...
Goten: Damn you!
Trunks: Goten, leave this to me...
Kid Trunks: Kick his butt, bro!
Frieza: You... Sorry about killing you before...
Trunks: Frieza... Still wishing this sword would rust?
Frieza: Hmph! I'll tear you down along with your pride in that little

Trunks: I don't know what you're planning, but it ends now!
Frieza: Hehe... You fools! Oh what would this be? Certainly no normal clock.
Kid Trunks: Aaah! The Dragon Radar! And the Dragon Balls!
Goten: What? They're gone! I was supposed to be carrying those!
Frieza: Hehehe! And now I can gather the Dragon Balls at my leisure... I,
ruler of the cosmos, will pay you back for my filthy humiliation!
Kid Trunks: Theif! Give them back!
Pikkon: Wait, Trunks! Give it back to me! You should go to your father!
Trunks: Okay!
Choose a path: A. Go find father!
+++++++++++++  B. Ask for Dragon Balls!

 |Choice A |
Trunks: I'll leave it to you Pikkon and go look for our father!
Pikkon: All right! Good luck!
Kid Trunks: Someone needs to watch and do the supporting stuff!
Pikkon: Thanks!
Goten: Let's do it!
Pikkon: Right

 |Choice B |
Trunks: Get the Dragon Radar and the Dragon Balls, okay?
Pikkon: Okay! Leave it to me!
Trunks: There are seven Dragon Balls! If you get just one, they can't be used!
Kid Trunks: We can't let them be used!
Pikkon: Right! I'll be careful!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4CA Fight 4
Trunks Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. Teen Gohan Super Saiyan[4][7]
In this fight we start with a disadvantge only in ki. So watch out for an early
super from Gohan. For this fight I found it easier just to fight him in close
combat and not use any super's or any special moves. Just use Trunks' and his
vast array of combos to defeat Gohan quickly with punches.

Trunks: Dad's energy just vanished...
Kid Trunks: Its like his presence just disappeared.
Trunks: Someone's there in his place...
Kid Trunks: They must be hiding... Someone really strong?
Trunks: Umm... It's...
Yamcha: Hey! Trunks! Long time no see!
Trunks: Yamcha! How's it going?
Goten: It's Yamcha!
Yamcha: Haha! Goten, Trunks! Rambunctious as ever?
Kid Trunks: Goten's been waiting to see you.
Trunks: Yamcha, have you seen my dad around here?
Yamcha: I heard Vegeta was brainwashed again is it true?
Trunks: You think so...?
Yamcha: He saved us when we were being chased.
Yamcha: You wouldn't think he'd go bad so easily.
Trunks: Father...
Goten: Hey! Someone's coming!
Kid Trunks: And he's strong too!
Goten: What should we do? We can't use the Fusion Technique again!
Trunks: No, it's not an enemy. But... why...?
Teen Gohan: Hey, Trunks!
Trunks: Gohan!
Yamcha: Gohan?! Why're you so tiny?
Goten: You're my older brother?
Teen Gohan: Y-Yamcha! Actually I think i went through a time slip.
Trunks: T-Time slip? Me too!
Yamcha: One from the future and one from the past... Maybe we can beat you
back to where you belong! Haha!
Trunks: Ahaha... No way...
Teen Gohan: Somehow I don't think that'll work...
Yamcha: ...Still, shouldn't we be worried about this?
Trunks: Yeah.
Teen Gohan: I think I might have an idea...
Yamcha: I don't know what's going on, but let's get's ready to fight.

Trunks: Actually... It looks like nothing's happening.
Teen Gohan: Yeah...
Trunks: Yamcha?
Yamcha: Why're you asking me?
Teen Gohan: Yamcha...
Yamcha: Hold on, why are you looking at me like that?
Trunks: Guy's there's trouble!
Goten: There's a bunch of huge eneregies coming!
Trunks: You're right! Which one is dad...?
Teen Gohan: Every one could be dangerous. We'd better split up.
Trunks: What can we do...?
Yamcha: Man, I'm getting caught up in Super Saiyans on Parade...
Kid Trunks: Goten and I will fuse into Gotenks; you come with us.
Goten: Come on!
Teen Gohan: Okay; Trunks and I will go together then.
Trunks: Right. Let's go.
Choose a path: A. Where the evil gathers.
+++++++++++++  B. Where it overflows.

 |Choice A |
Trunks: Okay then I'll...
Kid Trunks: I'll go that way!
Trunks: Um.. Uh...
Kid Trunks: Why're adults so freaking indecisive?! Pick already!
Goten: Yeah!
Yamcha: Wait up!
 |Choice B |
Trunks: Okay, that way!
Little Trunks: See you later!
Goten: Bro! We'll play a bunch next time, okay?
Teen Gohan: Yeah! See ya!
Trunks: Okay Gohan, let's go.
Teen Gohan: Right!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4CAA Fight 5
Gotenks Super Saiyan 3[3][3] vs. Janemba [5][7]
This fight is pretty difficult. Janemba also starts out with more life and ki
than you in this fight. Two things you have to beware of from the start either
Janemba might launch his special, which is undodgeable or he may Aura Burst you
and stun you from the start usually. So either get the first few strikes or
start defensively first. On this fight I suggest you use your super move
when your really close to Janemba since it should always hit and because
that move is unblockable. The easiest way to get a Z rating for me was going
close combat and just never letting him have a chance to escape.

Kid Trunks: Somewhere around here...
Goten: Yeah... I felt a chill just now...
Kid Trunks: Anyway, we need to be ready to do a Fusion at a moment's notice.
Goten: Yup.
Yamcha: W-wait up...
Goten: Wow Yamcha. I'm surprised you could keep up.
Kid Trunks: I thought you'd get slow at flying since you're always riding
Yamcha: That's just a hobby... It's just flying at top speed wears me out...
Kid Trunks: By the way, where'd Tien get to ? Wasn't he with us too?
Yamcha: "Tien is here at last! For this battle I clearly said..." Hi Tien!
Tien: What're you babbling about?
Yamcha: What? Was my impression off?
Tien: Moron...
Goten: Ahahaha! Not bad Yamcha!
Kid Trunks: Really? I thought it was a little flat...
Tien: ANYWAY! What's with that strange spatial stuff?
Kid Trunks: There should be something around here?
Yamcha: There might be something where the evil energy is swirling around...
Tien: Maybe if we head for the eye of the storm?
Goten: But that'll be dangerous!
Tien: Look! There's something in the center!
Yamcha: Someone got here before us... Enemy or ally?
Kid Trunks: G-Goten! Time for Fusion!
Goten: You two better get away from here!
Yamcha: Huh? What?
Tien: We'd better do as they say! Come on Yamcha!
Yamcha: Damn it!
Gotenks: Okay, come on out...
Janemba: Gyeee...
Gotenks: Woah! What IS that thing? This must be that Janemba thing! That big
scary thing looks like it could be Majin Buu's momma! Now i get what
dad was saying about behaving!
Janemba: Gyeesheesheesheeshee!
Gotenks: But if I beat you there's nothing to be afraid of! You're facing the
Super Ultra Miracle Full-Power Mister Gotenks!
I'm gonna hit a hole in one, all the way back to where you came from!
Janemba: Hyaahaa!

Gotenks: Dang it! It was supposed to be a hole in one, but he keeps bouncing
Janemba: Heeheeheeheehee!
Gotenks: Cut it out! Woah... are we really even damaging this thing...?
What'll we do? The Fusion isn't gonna last much longer...
Janemba: Hmmmmm? Gyeesheee!
Gotenks: H-Hey! Where d'you thing your're going! Stop!
Yamcha: I saw it flying off somewhere!
Gotenks: Damn it! At this rate it'll get away unhurt! Yamcha, Tien! I need
you to follow it!
Tien: Right!
Gotenks: I'm counting on you guys! Well, we're off!
Yamcha: ...Can guys who are that powerful really rely on us?
Tien: Even if we don't have that much power, we can still help a little.
Yamcha: Yeah. We're always relying on them, but it's not like we're totally
Yamcha: Okay let's do what we can do!
Tien: Let's go!
Yamcha: Right! By the way... Does Fusion really make you that strong?
Tien: I am NOT doing it with you...
Yamcha: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Tien: Me too...

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4CB1 Fight 6
Gohan Mystic Form[4][3] vs. Majin Vegeta[5][3]
Easiest way and cheapest way to win this fight is to just stay from Vegeta and
just keep launching your super move. With this process you are guaranteed a
Z rating.

Teen Gohan: Trunks! Over there! A fight's starting!
Trunks: Woah! I can feel the shockwave all the way from here!
Teen Gohan: I can feel it in my tummy...
Trunks: This power, its just like the battle with Cell!
Teen Gohan: Yeah. I can see it clearly now.
Trunks: The Earth could be in trouble if it goes too long.
Teen Gohan: Who's fighting?
Trunks: We'd better get closer so we can put a stop to it!
Teen Gohan: The shockwaves are making the sky dangerous. We'd better fly low!
Trunks: Roger!
Gohan: What power!
Vegeta: I think that's my line, Gohan! You're a monster with power beyond
Gohan: Vegeta! Please go back to normal!
Vegeta: Back to normal?! I think you know what I want!
Gohan: But, there's no reason for you to be doing these evil things! You did
horrible things on Earth, but the Dragon Balls fixed all of it, And then you
saved me on Namek!
Vegeta: Haahaahaa! Revived with the Dragon Balls... If we forget all that,
I'd say we're even now! Don't make me laugh!
Gohan, I'll make you taste death once again!
Gohan: No matter how hard things get, even if Dragon Balls can bring back the
dead, I'm still going to live looking forward with everything I have! Haven't
you been fighting for Earth too?!
Vegeta: What?! Shut up!

Gohan: Fine! Let's put an end to this, Vegeta!
Vegeta: I-I'm still... *gasp!* What're you doing, Gohan! Aren't you going to
finish me off?!
Gohan: V-Vegeta! Come to your senses!
Vegeta: Idiot...! You said you're looking forward, fighting for the present
and future!
Gohan: I-I can't... You're in there aren't you Vegeta?
Vegeta: You have to be cold, Gohan!
Gohan: B-But...
Vegeta: Damn... At this rate I'll have to handle things myself... *gasp*
*cough* ...! Shut up, Vegeta! It's not over - not without beating Kakarot!
*GASP!* Yeah, that's right...
Gohan: Vegeta...
Vegeta: But, now I'm starting to hate myself.
Trunks: Dad!
Teen Gohan: Vegeta!
Gohan: Gohan! Hold Vegeta down!
Teen Gohan: R-Right!
Vegeta: Trunks! What're you doing here? Woah! Let go!
Trunks: No way! You're really badly hurt!
Gohan: Oh man... If Vegeta won't return we might have to give him a Senzu
Trunks: But at this rate dad'll..
Teen Gohan: Yeah!
Vegeta: *gasp* *cough* Oh really? Then you'll ensure that your Vegeta dies!
Gohan: Damn it! What can we do...

Prize: Gohan Mystic form unlocked

4CB2 Fight 7
Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2[4][3] vs. Majin Vegeta[6][3]
In this fight Vegeta starts with 2 more life bars than you. For this fight I
suggest you charge up your ki to at least 6 bars. Then you get close and launch
your special on Vegeta. Remember Gohan has an extra special to his so I suggest
when your special lands 9 hits quickly press O and you will do another special
that will add on to your existing special. This will heavily damage Vegeta.
Also remember Vegeta's special in this form has a bit of slow delay before it
actually fires. So if he does his special attack quickly or just prepare to

Vegeta: So, they've come...?
Teen Gohan: Huh?
Vegeta: *gasp* *cough* H-Hurry and finish me off!
Teen Gohan: Not that again!
Vegeta: Hurry! Before it's too late!
Janemba: Gyaahyaahyaahyaahyaa!
Teen Gohan: What?!
Vegeta: Urgh... Janemba!
Trunks: Th-This is our enemy?!
Janemba: Gyeeheeheeheehee!
Vegeta: Stop it! Aaagh! AAAAAAH!
Gohan: Janemba's absorbing Vegeta!
Trunks: Aaah! Dad! DAAAD!
Gohan: No! We've got to stop him!
Teen Gohan: I'll go this time! Janemba won't get to me!

Teen Gohan: Vegeta!
Vegeta: Kakarot! KAKAROOOT!
Trunks: Gohan! Stop! At this rate Dad'll...!
Teen Gohan: No good! Janemba's imposter is being driven out of Vegeta's body!
Trunks: B-But...!
Gohan: Trunks! You can do it!
Kid Trunks: Papa! Papa?!
Gohan: Gotenks! Get away!
Kid Trunks: NO! he might be becoming bad, but he's my DAD!
Gohan: Trunks...
Teen Gohan: But at this rate Vegeta's going to lose himself...
Gohan: Damn... What can we do...?

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4CB Fight 8
Frieza 100%[4][3] vs. Krillin Unlock Potential[3][3]
Here in this battle we start out with more life than Krillin. For this fight
since Frieza's special is easy to dodge we won't involve his special to attain
the Z ranking we want. Instead I reccommend just going out all and mashing
buttons against Krillin. Just stay close to him and do not give him any room
or air.

Frieza: Heheh... Now I can search for the Dragon Balls at my leisure... The
Earth Dragon Balls are quite small... Still,I'd rather not have to lug them
around. Perhaps someone is carrying them. For example... Hey baldy!
Krillin: Hey! I'm not bald; I just shaved it! Oh crap...
Frieza: Oh my. You're the human who got torn to little bits. You look well...
It was the power of the Dragon Balls, right? So would you care to hand over
those Dragon Balls?
Krillin: I don't know what you're talking about!
Frieza: Sorry but there's no use playing innocent. With the Dragon Radar
you can find the Dragon Balls, right?
Krillin: Crap! Where did you...?! You don't mean Gotenks...?
Frieza: You seem pretty sharp. You understand, right?
Krillin: D-Damn you!
Frieza: Oh you want to fight me? You've nowhere to disappear to... Hehe...
Just like me actually... Fine then! I'll smash you into atoms, just like before!
Krillin: Like last time...?
Frieza: Hahaha! How's that? Your legs are shaking!
Krillin: It's really wierd remembering how i died... It's really scary... Can
I really fight? Everyone lend me your courage! HAAAAAAAAAA!
Frieza: Interesting. I didn't know you had such power. I think I'll toy with
him. Until I get bored.

Frieza: HAHAHA! You made me a good toy! You've gotten stronger! But still, a
toy's no substitute for the real thing!
Krillin: Looks like I made it... It might've been from #18 whipping me into
shape. Haha... But still... I wasn't much of an opponent for him...
Frieza: Now, before I end this, I' better get the Dragon Balls... And now to
settle our business... Hm? The ones before are coming after? This should be
over by now...
Choose a path: A. Or fight first...?
+++++++++++++  B. No time to fight.

 |Choice A |
Frieza: I'll take on whatever nuisances dare to prevent themselves...
It's that disgusting green one from heaven...

 |Choice B |
Frieza: If I can get the Dragon Balls, none of this will matter. I can't
waste time on this!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4CBA Fight 9
Cooler Final Form[4][3] vs. Pikkon[3][3]
This fight we start out with an advantage once again. This fight is really
simple for a Z rating just play defensive. That is right I said defensive.
Just stay away and unleash 2 fully charged specials at Pikkon and he should
die. If you get both tohit you should get a Z ranking.

Frieza: There you are...
Pikkon: Krillin! are you alright?!
Krillin: Hehe... I', still alive... Somehow...
Pikkon: Frieza! I'm taking back what you stole!
Frieza: You must mean this most convenient tool, and the Dragon Balls of
course... Is there really anyone wants to use them for something as valid as
Pikkon: You already died! The dead must not disturb the living!
Frieza: Oh, is that all If I can gather all the Dragon Balls... Boring things
like life and death will be done away with! As one of the dead you want that
too, right? No matter the ravages of fighting or of age, I'll still come back!
Pikkon: B-But that's...!
Krillin: You really think you can do that with Dragon Balls?!
Cooler: HAHAHAHAHA! Are you really going to say that when I'm here!
Krillin: Cooler!
Cooler: So long as that demon Janemba remains... And so long as heaven is
sealed, I can come back whenever I like! And with the Dragon Balls we can
become immortal!
Frieza: So it's better for us to keep you away from him!
Pikkon: You!
Frieza: Enough talk. Now it's time for you to die... And since you're all such
good kids, you'll all be on your way to heaven!
Cooler: Frieza...I'll take car of the remaining balls...
Frieza: Right. Thank you!
Cooler: Rejoice: The world will have a new ruler! Know that as you die!
Pikkon: You won't get away with this! Hey Krillin Can you still move?
Krillin: I-I think I can just barely without falling...
Pikkon: Then get away from here so you can tell someone what's going on!
Cooler: You're on your last legs... But I'll be sure to smash you without
Pikkon: Sorry, but Krillin's itinerary just changed to include Snake Way!
He'll be just one step behind me!

Cooler: What's wrong? I've never heard of this Snake Way, but I'm not
Pikkon: Damn... How can we deal with this?
Cooler: HAHAHA! It looks like the gave is over here as well!
Supreme Kai: I don't think so!
Cooler: Urgh!
Supreme Kai: Pikkon! Grab on! We'll take the refuge in the Hyperbolic Time
Pikkon: R-Right!
Cooler: Come back here! Instant Transmission! I can do that as well!  What?!
Where are they?! They teleported to anotherworld? Damn... And the little one is
gone too. Looks like I underestimated them... The Dragon Balls come first...

Prize: Cooler Final Form unlocked

4CBA1 Fight 10
Broly LSSJ[4][3] vs. Frieza 100%[4][3]
This fight is simple. Just remember Broly has an extra special to his so you
can do some critical damage to Frieza if you launch it correctly at him. Also
just beware for Frieza's death crasher. It is where he charges you with a pink
aura around him. Just beware if your fighting close combat since that move is
difficult to avoid.

Frieza: Now, the next Dragon Ball... Excellent. Someone's coming this way it
seems. I'd better give them a warm welcome.
Android 18: Damn Broly! He sure is persistent!
Frieza: Oh my, this is most interesting. The beast playing with the butterfly.
One of them seems to have Dragon Balls. Butwhich? Well, perhaps I should just
ask directly...
Android 18: What? That's Frieza!
Frieza: Stop! Sorry to interrupt when you're having fun, but...
Broly: What're you...?
Frieza: Tell me which one of you has the Dragon Balls. I'd be most grateful!
Android 18: It's... It's.... HIM! HE has them!
Frieza: That big lump of muscle?
Android 18: Y-Yeah! The big Super Saiyan knucklehead! He's got them!
Broly: What...?!
Frieza: Super Saiyan...? Besides Vegeta, Goku, and those brats there's another?!
I just keep seeing more and more eyesores today!
Broly: What? You're going to interfere?
Frieza: That's MY line! You'll share the same fate as your planet Vegeta!
Broly: Planet Vegeta...
Frieza: Didn't you know? I destroyed it completely! Not a meteor left.
Broly: WHAT?!
Frieza: HAAHAHAHA! The exploding planet made the most beautiful fireworks!
Broly: On the verge of death, just as the world perished, I ascended... So
I owe my life to you?! HAHAHA!
Frieza: What?! You survived the explosion?!
Broly: Never mind that. Whoever stands in my way will be utterly destroyed!
Frieza: You're quite a specimen!

Frieza: To think there would be such a capable monkey! Damn it! DAAAMN! Maybe I
'll just destroy the whole planet! ...? The Dragon Balls! That woman! SHE had
them?! Everyone is getting my way! UNFORGIVABLE! I'll find them!
Broly: What's wrong? If you don't feel like fighting you should stop breathing.
Frieza: I'll kill you later! TAKE THIS!
Broly: Still blindfolded?
Frieza: You think you could detain me here! Stupid monkey! I'll rip you apart!

Prize: Brolly LSSJ has been unlocked.

4CBB Fight 11
Android 18[3][3] vs. Broly LSSJ[4][3]
Were at a disadvantage in life at the start of this fight, but no worries. For
this fight I suggest all you do is close combat. No super move or special moves
at all. You should be able to take Broly easily. One thing is to beware of
though is his close combat attack where he charges at you since that dishes out
a considerable amount of damage and is hard to evade.

Android 18: The Dragon Ball I hid here a while back should be here... I may be
an android, but I'm not a CRANE... Maybe if I can detect the waves emitted by
the Dragon Balls... The Dragon Balls are actually pretty simple to get, but...
Hahaha! It's not like I want a mechanical body... So now what...? Here we go!
Now I just have to get this to Krillin!
Broly: So this what you guys have been after? Such a tiny jewel!
Android 18: Broly!? This isn't good!
Broly: I'll smash you to pieces as a lesson to Kakarot! You'll be pulverized
along with him!
Android 18: Legendary Super Saiyan? I won't have you making fun of us!

Android 18: Damn... I'm not made to get tired, but... this is still wearing
me out! And I can't get away from him! He should be done by now! I managed
to damage him enough!
Broly: You have done NOTHING to me!
Android 18: What?! So there's no point in fighting?!
Android 18: And I can't even run away?!
Broly: Too slow!
Android 18: Urgh! I need some help here... But I can't detect any other
androids! If I can just hide for a minute I might be able to get away!
Broly: Forget it!
Android 18: What pressure! He doesn't even care about the terrain?!
I can't take this heat much longer!
Broly: AHAHAHA! You won't get away!
Android 18: Krillin...!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4D Fight 12
Goku Super Saiyan 3[5][3] vs. Majin Vegeta[6][3]
This fight can be hard if your not very good at this game. Just go close and
beat the crap the out of Vegeta with your close combat punches and kicks.
Throw in 2 supers and you should have this game in the bag with a nice
beautiful Z rating. Just remember Vegeta's special is slow to launch so attack
him while he is doing it.

Goku: Vegeta! Are you alright?!
Vegeta: Kakarot! KAKAROT!
Goku: Vegeta...
Kid Trunks: Goku! Please help my dad!
Goku: Gohan! Give Vegeta a Senzu bean!
Gohan: B-But...!
Vegeta: Kakarot, fight me!
Goku: Gohan!
Gohan: .... I understand.
Trunks: Dad...
Goku: I'll fight Vegeta! You guys stay back!
Trunks: But, when a dying Saiyan gets up his power is...!
Gohan: And he's under Janemba's influence! It's dangerous!
Goku: SHUT UP! At this rate Vegeta will BECOME Janemba! Vegeta, do you
understand? I'm going to fight you seriously, all out.
Vegeta: KAKAROT...!
Goku: You wanted to fight me, right? You have to fight me seriously too!

Goku: What's wrong? Is that all you've got? Vegeta! Aren't you going to fight
me?! Aren't you excited? You love fighting strong opponents... Even if you lose,
fight, train, and become stronger. That makes you happy. If you beat a strong
opponent,you'll still become stronger. That's a pure Saiyan, right? And aren't
we the last two left? Vegeta...
Vegeta: I... I...! I am VEGETA! I will defeat Kakarot with my OWN power! NOW!
Fight me, Kakarot!
Goku: Vegeta!
Vegeta: Janemba and the other evil energy is a nuisance! Begone!
Janemba: Gyeegeegeegee!
Kid Trunks: It's working! He's separated from Janemba! Papa!
Trunks: Dad!
Vegeta: Kakarot...
Goku: It's really you, isn't it Vegeta?
Vegeta: Yes!
Kid Trunks: Papa!
Vegeta: Trunks... Well done... And... You've grown up, Trunks.
Trunks: Thank you!
Vegeta: Haha! Now you look like we could be brothers!
Kid Trunks: Hahaha!
Goku: Alright! now we just have to deal with Janemba!

Prize: Majin Vegeta unlocked

4E Fight 13
Trunks Super Saiyan[3][3] vs. Janemba[5][7]
For this fight just use Trunks' speed to your advantage. Stay close and hit him
hard. Throw in one or two supers and you will get a Z ranking. This fight is
not that hard.

Janemba: Geegeegeegee...!
Vegeta: I owe you one for before... Kakarot! A Senzu bean!
Goku: Vegeta... Didn't you just eat one? We don't have any left!
Vegeta: What?
Trunks: in that case I'll go in in your place, dad!
Vegeta: Not a chance!
Trunks: It's okay! We'll just handle things until you guys are recovered.
Besides, Janemba seems pretty weak right now.
Vegeta: Fine. Then you can show me how much stronger you've become!
Trunks: Right! Thanks, dad!
Vegeta: Kakarot... Prepare a Spirit Bomb, a big one like with Buu.
Goku: Right!
Vegeta: Janemba is born from and maintained by this evil energy, And it seems
he's playing by making copies of the likes of us and Frieza.
Goku: So that evil energy is like his food?
Vegeta: Yes. And since he used so much of it on me...
Goku: i see; now he's really hungry and he won't be as powerful.
Vegeta: If we can extinguish all the evil energy from Earth we can destroy
Goku: Okay! Let's do this!
Trunks: Janemba... He's really strong... How could dad...
Vegeta: Forget it Trunks!
Trunks: Now I see... Resentment is a food for him, letting him manipulate me!
Gotta clear my mind... Up until now my fighting has been for revenge against
Cell... Okay Trunks... It can't be that way. There's more than revenge.
Trunks... I want to be strong and protect my family and friends... And in this
era I do have precious friends and family... To protect them I have to use the
power I inherited from Gohan! That's it, isn't it Gohan?
Janemba: Guh... Guhgeegeegeegee...!
Trunks: Here I come, Janemba! I'M your opponent!

Trunks: Damn it, why can't I do anything with my power?
Janemba: Geegeegeegeegee!
Goku: Vegeta! The Spirit Bomb is ready!
Vegeta: Yes! It's good and big! Trunks! Get back!
Trunks: Dad? R-Right! That's the Spirit Bomb...! What an amazing energy! And it
feels so warm...
Vegeta: Kakarot, NOW!
Janemba: Geeshaaaa!
Trunks: Ack! Crap! L-Let go Janemba!
Vegeta: Trunks! AAAAAH! Get away!
Goku: V-Vegeta!
Gohan: Vegeta kicked Trunks and Janemba out of the way!
Vegeta: Gohan! Get Trunks!
Gohan: R-Right!
Goku: Vegeta! The Spirit Bomb's gonna'...!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

4F Fight 14
Vegeta Super Saiyan[7][7] 2 vs Janemba[7][7]
The easiest way I found to get a Z ranking on this fight is to let Janemba come
to you. Thats right let him come to you. When he does launch a final flash.
Then charge up your ki again and rinse and repeat. This strategy I found is
an easy cheap way to victory

Goku: Vegeta! Get away!
Vegeta: Wh-WHAAAT! You think I can?! Guh, GAAAAAAAAH! DAAAAAMN!
This isn't like when the tiny Gohan bounced it back! Guh...
No...! No! Not like this! We're no longer enemies! GAAAAAH!
Goku: Get back!
Vegeta: I have to exceed my limit! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Goku: WHAT?! Vegeta's absorbing the Spirit Bomb!
Vegeta: Th-This is...! My body's being overwhelmed by this burning energy?!
Goku: What's wrong? The Spirit Bomb's going out...!
Vegeta: It feels good... This is the Spirit Bomb, it's everyone's energy...!
Goku: Vegeta... You look like you're at Super Saiyan 2, but... this is
Vegeta: Kakarot! You rest for a while! I'll take care of Janemba! With
everyone's energy, I can do this! Now, come fight me Janemba!
Janemba: Geegeee...!

Trunks: Dad! You did it!
Kid Trunks: Incredible! My dad really is the strongest!
Goku: Wow! He beat Janemba by himself!
Vegeta: Yeah... I did it... Trunks! Gohan! Find all those distortions and
blast them! The evil energy is gone, and an assualt could come from hell.
Gohan: Right! Let's go!
Vegeta: Kakarot...
Goku: Vegeta...
Vegeta: That leaves heaven.
Goku: Yeah. We have to get back to the other world.
Vegeta: But... We've already used up the ultimate Spirit Bomb...
Goku: This is a problem...
Vegeta: You don't look too trouled, Kakarot
Goku: Haha! You're laughing too, Vegeta!
Vegeta: Whatever comes, we always find a way to get past it.
Goku: Yeah! And we can do the Fusio Technique too!
Vegeta: Oh god... FINE. But only because we have no other choice!
Goku: Thanks Vegeta! This'll be awesome! We've got to beat the other bad guys
left on Earth! ... By the way, can anyone sense the Supreme Kai?
Vegeta: I think he's hiding in the Hyperbolic Time Chmaber... Kind of a harsh
place for a vacation, but you'd have plenty of time... Right! Time for Instant
Goku: Right! ...Uh, wait a sec.
Vegeta: What? Hurry up!
Goku: The last fight made me really hungry. What about you?
Vegeta: At a time like this?!
Goku: Come on! Can't get at least get a snack or something?
Vegeta: ...FINE.
Goku: See, you're hungry too aren't you?
Vegeta: SHUT UP! Let's go! Instant Transmission! NOW! RIGHT NOW!

EE Ending
Vegeta has defeated Janemba. The evil energy around Earth was extinguished,
and Janemba won't return. Now they must do something about hell, which is still
awash in this evil energy.

Prize: 2 new items in shop. Sheet No. 16. New chapter in Dragon Road

Chapter 5

5S Start
The Z Fighters have beaten Janemba and the evil energy... In order to return
to heaven and hell back to normal, Goku heads to hell...

5A Fight 1
Android 18[3][3] vs. Goku Super Saiyan[3][3]
This fight is pretty easy. All you need to do is go fight at close range then
when you get 5 ki bars launch your super. Make sure your first hit of our super
connects and that Goku does not dodge or block it. If he dodges it you will be
left in a vulnerable position. Do your super at least twice and you will have
a Z ranking.

Android 18: Whew... They're finally scattered again... If i don't get rid of
them quickly they'll be detected by the Dragon Radar. The Hyperbolic Time
Chamber... if i hide there they can't find me... Piccolo supposedly fixed the
door... Has he
become a do-it-yourselfer?
Goku: Oh, hey there #18!
Android 18: G-Goku! And Vegeta!
Goku: You're headed for Kami's place like us? Krillin should be there too.
Vegeta: We're headed there as well.
Android 18: I-I see...
Goku: That's a Dragon Ball! Good thing you found it!
Android 18: W-Wait! Don't come any closer!
Goku: Huh? Why not?
Android 18: I heard from Bulma and Chichi! Goku can barely tell men from
women, So he indiscriminately checks by TOUCH!
Goku: H-Hey! I outgrew that years ago...
Android 18: Right. AND your teach was that perv Master Roshi!
Goku: But Krillin was one of his disciples too...
Android 18: What?! How dare you! I'll kill you!
Goku: Woah! Hey! Vegeta, save me!
Vegeta: Don't worry; before you suffer serious damage I'll be sure to kill you.
Goku: Vegeta...
Vegeta: What's wrong? You DO need to get to hell, right?
Goku: Aw man...
Android 18: DIE GOKU!!

Goku: Woah! Hey! Calm down already!
Android 18: *pant* *pant* Whew. Looks like I wound up wanting to kill Goku a
gain anyway... Guess I got a little carried away...
Goku: Th-That's dangerous...
Krillin: Hey! #18! Goku! Vegeta!
Android 18: Krillin!
Krillin: #18! You found the Dragon Balls? That's great!
Krillin: Yes. Make sure they don't get stolen, okay?
Krillin: Yeah. Thanks. Goku, take these to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Goku: Right!
Krillin: The two Gohans are with Videl, trying to deal with the spatial
Goku: I see... We do need to find a way to send Trunks and Gohan back home.
Krillin: Can't we just ask Shenron? It'd make things much simpler... Gotenks
and Trunks are looking for the Dragon Balls
right now. Bulma's making a spare Dragon Radar, though it'll be less accurate...
Vegeta: In that case she should come along. I, Kakarot, Pikkon, and the Supreme
Kai will head down into hell. We'll destroy the seal over heaven and finish off
Goku: Can we really break down the barrier around heaven?
Vegeta: I got close to Janemba, so I think I can figure something out. And if it
doesn't work we can ask Shenron then.
Goku: Yeah! Good thinking Vegeta; the Supreme Kai will be happy to hear that!
Vegeta: I'll leave Earth to you. Only the small fries are left.
Krillin: THOSE are small fries...?
Goku: If that hole stays open they'll just keep coming back from hell.
Vegeta: With the evil energy gone, they probably won't be as powerful.
Krillin: They're still pretty tough for me...
Android 18: Come on, you just have to do whatever you can!
Krillin: I-I... Um...
Android 18: Answer clearly! Look, your belt's loose! ... There!
Krillin: Okay!
Android 18: Alright, I'm ging to check on Maron and come back.
Krillin: Okay. I'll go on ahead. ...Goku, do you think you could make a Spirit
Bomb and give me some of it?
Goku: Sure. Hold out your hand. Ready?
Krillin: Yeah!
Vegeta: Krillin!
Krillin: What?
Vegeta: This is from me! You'd better do it properly!
Krillin: Okay... Thanks Vegeta! Okay, let's go! Good luck!
Goku: Right! See you later!

Prize: Krillin Unlock Pontential is unlocked

5B Fight 2
Krillin Unlock Pontential[3][3] vs Frieza 100%[4][3]
For this fight you can just play defensive and spam your super attack. Since
the computer is stupid and constantly tries to block instead of avoid this
attack he always gets damaged. Two things just to watch out for, which are
Frieza's death crash and destructo disk.

Android 18: The next Dragon Ball should be around here somewhere... These are
the coordinates I recorded, but... It's not here... They shouldn't be buried
under hard rock or anything... Those guys divided into two groups... This
might be problematic... What should I do?
Frieza: Hehehe... I've been waiting for you...
Android 18: What?!
Frieza: I thought you'd show if I just waited near the Dragon Balls.
Android 18: Frieza! Don't tell me you got away from Broly?!
Frieza: I'm impressed that you tricked me. And now I'll be sending you to hell!
Not that hell can compare to what I'm going
to do to you first!
Android 18: He's... producing his own evil energy to become stronger!
Android 18: Uh oh! He doesn't want to fight - he wants to destroy the planet!
I thought you were looking for the Dragon  Balls!
Frieza: I don't care anymore! You'll perish along with your precious
Dragonballs! The Nameks have a new planet too. You might want to make travel
Android 18: Crap! He's got enough energy to blow up the whole planet! I can't
without using up all my energy! Is his energy unlimited? HAAAA!
Frieza: Farewell, Earth! However small, it was a nice little resort planet!
Android 18: I won't let you! GAAAAAAAH!
Frieza: HAHAHAHA! Resistance is useless!
Android 18: I can't...
Frieza: Urgh! It sliced through my attack?! This is...!
Krillin: Are you okay #18?!
Android 18: Krillin...!
Krillin: You're always saving me, but when my wife's in trouble, I'm here!
Frieza: You... You NEVER learn, do you. Did you come to get killed again?
Krillin: you might not be someone I can stand up to... And maybe I can't be
like Goku, but I'll always do everything I can!
Frieza: You FOOL! No matter how many times you try, some thing are impossible!
Frieza: And no matter how many times YOU try, we won't give up on Earth!

Krillin: HAAAAA! Damn... Looks like I couldn't finish this...
Frieza: Exactly! Stop thinking you can stand up to me! I've already had enough
fun! You can play more in hell!
Android 18: YOU'RE the oe who's going to hell!
Frieza: Damn you!
Android 18: Krillin! Lend me a hand!
Krillin: R-Right!
Android 18: HAAAA!
Krillin: HAAAAA!
Frieza: Damn you!
Android 18: TAAAH! Krillin! NOW!
Krillin: HAAAAA!
Frieza: I-I'm the strongest in the universe! I was the ruler of all! To be
beaten by backwater worms...! GAAAAAAAH!
Android 18: Hmph!
Krillin: D-Did we get him...?
Android 18: Looks like it...
Krilli: YES! And this time I survived!
Android 18: Hahaha! You're always relying on the Dragon Balls to come back.
Krillin: Speaking of which, aren't they kinda broken now?
Android 18: You idiot! You used a full power Kamehameha!
Krillin: Um... Uh... According to the Dragon Radar... How do you...?
Android 18: Krillin! Let me! You have to adjust the range! ...There! And the
stolen Dragon Radar is there too!
Krillin: Thank goodness... I'll never be able to stop apologizing to Shenron.
Android 18: Heh. Okay! The next part is gonna be tough! We have to stick
Krillin: Right, right... Wait! Don't pull my arm so hard! Woah! Don't fly so

Prize: 2 new items in shop

5C Fight 3
Gohan Mystic Form[4][3] vs. Cooler Final Form[5][3]
For this fight go close and never let up unless your going to shoot a super
attack. Go close since Gohan is a lot faster than Cooler. Also be sure to throw
in a few supers for your high tech rating. Watch out though Cooler has one
attack where he slashes you with like a small blade. It is a close combat
attack that is pretty hard to dodge so be prepared.

Teen Gohan: Gohan! I located the spatial distortion again!
Gohan: Right! Be careful to stay away from the center!
Videl: Oh, this Gohan is quiet and CUTE!
Gohan: Huh?! Me?
Videl: No, no. The tiny Gohan over there.
Gohan: Aw man...
Teen Gohan: What about the big me?
Gohan: S-Stupid Gohan! ...Who is me... Um...
Videl: Hmm... Well...
Teen Gohan: Yeah, yeah.
Gohan: Urk!
Videl: Well, I'm only going to tell the little Gohan! Come here, okay?
Gohan: Aw man...
Teen Gohan: Okay.
Videl: Okay...?
Teen Gohan: Ahahahaha!
Gohan: You're worrying me...
Teen Gohan: Got it!
Videl: It's a SECRET okay Gohan?
Teen Gohan: Okay.
Gohan: What? Wh-What is it?
Cooler: Sorry to keep you waiting, but...
Teen Gohan: You're Cooler!
Cooler: I may be dead, but I won't have the Saiyan bloodline continuing... For
the sake of my family, you're all going to die.
Teen Gohan: No way!
Gohan: In a 2 on 1 fight you have no chance of winning!
Cooler: My pride won't let me forgive this, But there are ways...
Videl: Eek!
Gohan: V-Videl!
Teen Gohan: You're taking her hostage! What's wrong with you?!
Cooler: Don't move! If you do, this weak Earthling will be crushed like an egg!
Teen Gohan: Coward!
Cooler: So. I'd like you to decide; should I destroy the planet... or kill her.
The other will be spared.
Gohan: ...
Cooler: What's wrong? Hurry and decide.
Gohan: I can't do that. Take me instead. I'll do whatever you want... Please...
Cooler: Offering your own life? Forget it.
Teen Gohan: What?
Cooler: We'll decide this with a match! Come fight me! But just you, or I'll
destroy this planet!
Gohan: Right. One-on-one...
Gohan: Now, Viel...
Teen Gohan: Yeah! Videl, over here!
Videl: Gohan...
Gohan: Here goes!

Cooler: Well done, Saiyan.
Gohan: Cooler...
Cooler: Now, won't you finish me?
Gohan: First, tell me... Why did you let Videl go?
Cooler: Not because of your naive choice, but because of your conviction...
And just before I could act you defeated me... My pride got in the way... Every
time we fight  I enjoy it, Saiyan.
Gohan: Cooler...
Cooler: But you're different from before! You've lost you way! I'll show you
what happens when you're weak in front of an enemy!
Teen Gohan: L-Look out!
Gohan: HAAA!
Cooler: That really was enjoyable! Boy, I wish I could have you as a
henchman! GAAAAAAAH!
Gohan: I know all about being too merciful... But I can't help it.
Teen Gohan: I-Is it over...?
Gohan: Yeah. Now we just have to get you home.
Videl: Gohan!
Gohan: Videl! You aren't hurt are you?
Videl: Y-Yeah... But that was scary...
Gohan: Sorry... I didn't want you to have to go through that.
Videl: No, no it's okay. But... But... I can't move...
Gohan: Uh. oh.
Teen Gohan: Okay, we'd better carry you.
Gohan: Me?
Teen Gohan: There! A perfect piggyback ride! Now we just need to deal with
distortion and drop Videl off. So!
Gohan: Oh man...
Videl: Gohan...
Gohan: Uh... um... Shall we go?
Videl: Yeah... Go slow so you don't dop me.
Gohan: Right.
Videl: ...Slowly.
Gohan: Right.

Prize; 2 new items in shop

5D Fight 4
Trunks Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. Super Perfect Cell[6][3]
For this fight go all out with close combat combos. Since Trunks is so fast
you  should have no problem. Just watch out for Cell's energy field since its
a  quick suprising close combat energy attack. Also throw in one or two supers
for the tech rating. Remeber Trunks' first hit of his super has to connect.

Goten: There! The Dragon Balls!
Trunks: Looks like you win, Goten!
Kid Trunks: What? I was looking too!
Trunks: With these and Krillin's, we have all seven! Here's your prize!
Goten: All right! A fishing capsule!
Trunks: My master taught not only fighting, but about animals and nature too.
It's important to protect both people and nature.
Goten: So this is yours bro?
Trunks: Oh, I guess in this world I am like a brother... Let's go fishing
some time.
Goten: Yeah!
Kid Trunks: Wow. Now I want something too... Hmm... What would be good?
Kid Trunks: Anything's fine if it's from the future me!
Trunks: Okay, you can have my watch. It tracks the time where I am.
Trunks: Whatever you do, I'll be there with you, at the same time.
Kid Trunks: The time's different, but... together?
Trunks: Yeah. Even if we're in different eras, we'll be together.
Kid Trunks: Right! Okay, from me... I kinda didn't want to give this away,
Trunks: This is... the time machine. Mom was taking care of it.
Kid Trunks: Uh-huh...
Cell: So you're using the time maching to go back to your own world eh?
Trunks: Cell!
Cell: I'm glad I followed you... I'd very much like to hitch a ride. Any
world, any time and all the desctruction I want... Endless worlds...
Hehehehe... This is far more interesting than the Dragon Balls....
Trunks: You're here because me from another world lost to you. So I'll beat
you here and now! You won't destroy any more worlds!
Cell: if you can't go beyond Super Saiyan, you have no chance against me!

Cell: Urgh!
Trunks: I will DESTROY you!
Kid Trunks: Goten!
Goten: Right! Kaa... Mee... Haa... Meee... HAAAA!
Trunks: HAAAA!
Cell: GRAAAAAAAH! Why?! I'm invincible! I can't lose to them! I'll be back!
Kid Trunks: Not if I have anything to say about it!
Goten: Fuuuu...
Trunks: sion! Ha!
Gotenks: Get out of our dimension!
Trunks: Woah... The energy is actually warping dimensions!
Gotenks: YES!
Trunks: YEAH!
Trunks: Thank you. After we make sure Goku's dealt with Janemba, I can go
Kid Trunks: Yeah... Um, oh yeah. From dad, and mom...
Trunks: Huh? What's...? This is... a picture of the family...? ...And dad's
making a wierd face.
Kid Trunks: Ahahaha! You're right! You'll come play again some time, right?
Trunks: Yeah, I'll be looking forward to seeing you when you're bigger!
Kid Trunks: Haha! And I'll look forward to seeing myself even bigger!
Trunks: Okay, let's hurry back and call Shenron!
Goten: Right!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

5E Fight 5
Goku Super Saiyan[4][3] vs. LSSJ Broly[6][7]
For this fight I suggest a few combos at close combat but not too much. Also
I suggest you let Broly launch his super first. After he lauches his super
quickly dodge and launch yours. Also circle Broly a lot if your confident
fighting him hand to hand then go for it. If not circle him around and just
be patient till he launches a specail at you or if you think you spam
specials effectively then go for it.

Supreme Kai: So, as for how to destroy this barrier... Goku's Kamehameha
didn't do it?
Vegeta: It doesn't seem to be that kind of thing. Look; watch what I can do!
Pikkon: Goku, what kind of amazing move is he doing?
Vegeta: Here goes...
Broly: Kakarot!
Supreme Kai: No, not now!
Pikkon: I'll hold him of; you go on ahead!
Goku: No, you better let me handle this.
Pikkon: Goku!
Goku: Broly wants me, as usual.
Vegeta: Kakarot! Finish it!
Goku: Right! Here I come, Broly!
Pikkon: Goku, look out!
Supreme Kai: The barrier over heaven is loosening!
Vegeta: There! I've got it!
Supreme Kai: What is it, Vegeta?
Vegeta: This barrier isn't a wall; it's Janemba. And speaking ill of him seems
to create some kind of reaction.
Pikkon: That would make him easy to hurt... right?
Supreme Kai: Perhaps underneath the evil he has a weak mind that is
reacting... The heart is hurt only a little, but this might let us get the
Pikkon: This is definitely Vegeta's area of expertise...
Vegeta: Stop standing there and help, moron!
Pikkon: ...Yeah. I was right. Shut up you piece of crap!
Supreme Kai: Argue all you want but please don't fight.
Vegeta: You too! It's about time you actuall did something!
Supreme Kai: What?!
Goku: Okay! Here goes!
Goku: And you're raring to go too! Let's enjoy this!

Piccolo: Come forth, Shenron! Grant my wish!
Shenron: State your wishes. You have three.
Piccolo: Okay. First... Fix whatever's wrong with heaven.
Shenron: Hmm... I see. I apologize, but I cannot. Without King Enma, life and
death are unbalanced.
Piccolo: I see... Nothing we can do then. Gohan will have to head home first.
Teen Gohan: Mister Piccolo...
Piccolo: See you later, Gohan. When you get tired of studying, come and play.
Teen Gohan: Right!
Piccolo: Can you send Gohan back to his own time?
Shenron: Wait a moment... Gohan you're sleeping right now, aren't you? You're
having a dream.
Teen Gohan: Huh? What's going on?
Piccolo: So this is actually all in Gohan's dream?
Shenron: No; Gohan is having a dream, which gave him a physical form here.
Krillin: A dream about people he loves...? He must want to see his dad
really badly...
Teen Gohan: ...Could be.
Shenron: Once he returns home he'll forget everything that happened here...
Piccolo: I see... Sounds like he'll be lonely...
Teen Gohan: Will he? He'll be lonely... but, it's okay! I can feel dad's
prescence any time, so... And besides, I'll see you all again!
Piccolo: Hmm... Well Shenron, please take care of Gohan.
Shenron: Very well.
Teen Gohan: Everyone, thanks for everything!
Krillin: Bye now! Take care, Gohan!
Goten: See you, bro!
Trunks: Goodbye!
Teen Gohan: Goodbye!!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

5F Fight 6
Kid Buu[3][4] vs. Pikkon[4][3]
We finally get to see Buu! But thats not all we actually get to play as him.
This match I found extremely easy. Just button mash against Pikkon. You do not
even have to throw in any specials or super for a high tech rating. Just beat
him as quick as possible. If your quick enough you will get a Z rating.

Goku: Broly!
Goku: You want to fight more... I understand that feeling. But let's end
this. There might've been another world where we could've been friends...
Okay Broly! You were really strong... Bye!
Supreme Kai: We're nearly there. We'll reach heaven soon. W-We're running out
of insults! C-Craptacular... craphead!
Vegeta: !
Pikkon: What's wrong? Vegeta!
Vegeta: Th-There! Look towards heaven!
Supreme Kai: M-Majin Buu! Why is HE here?!
Supreme Kai: He's surely been locked up by the Supreme Kai's before getting
revived! Him... Let's break through that barrier and move on to heaven!
Supreme Kai: Instead of badmouthing the barrier, you want to break through
Pikkon: Majin buu... This just got more complicated!
Vegeta: Where did Kakarot go? If Janemba appears we'll be in trouble!
Pikkon: Vegeta! Please look for Goku! I'll try to hold off Majin Buu!
Vegeta: Right!
Buu: G-Gyaaa!
Supreme Kai: Not good... It looks like Majin Buu was locked up and has come
Pikkon: I-I see...
Majin Buu: Geegeegeegeegeegee!
Pikkon: C-Calm down! ...Like I could get through Buu with talk!
Buu: Keeshaaa!
Pikkon: I'll fight you! I'll give it all I have!

Pikkon: I-I made it through? No, he's not fighting at full power!
Buu: Oooohoooo!
Supreme Kai: ?! Majin Buu went somewhere?
Pikkon: Huh? He did?! Is he heading for Goku?
Supreme Kai: No, he's...?
Janemba: Geesheesheesheeshee!
Buu: Oogah oogagaga!
Pikkon: Janemba!
Supreme Kai: He's come to absorb Majin Buu?!
Buu: HAAA!
Janemba: Geeshaaaa!
Pikkon: They're going to fight each other! Supreme Kai, it's getting dangerous!
Supreme Kai: R-Right! But... at this rate heaven will be in trouble...

Prize: 2 new items in shop

5G Fight 7
Kid Buu[4][3] vs. Janemba[6][3]
For this fight the easiest way to win is to do Buu's move where he shoots
beams into the sky which then comes back down to hit the enemy. Just do that
move then quickly come in close do a few punches then get back out. Rinse and
Repeat. This process is the easiest way for a Z ranking.

Vegeta: Kakarot! There you are!
Goku: Hey Vegeta. Sorry; I was taking a quick break...
Vegeta: You're all beaten up! Where's? Broly?
Goku: ...I-I managed to beat him, but I'm totally wiped out now.
Vegeta: Because you were saving energy for Janemba! Don't go pretending
you're moving up, you fool!
Goku: A-Actually I was kinda' contemplating my failure kind of thing...
Vegeta: If you act like that, you're useless! Come on, let's go!
Goku: W-Wait up!
Vegeta: You're never of any use when it really matters! Here, eat this Senzu!
Goku: Good idea Vegeta! Here goes! Yum!
Vegeta: Hey! That's the very last one. Try to eat it with a little more
Goku: Okay! I'm back at 100! ...This energy... Majin Buu! He's fighting
Vegeta: This has gotten even more dangerous. Hell itself is being destroyed!
Goku: And getting in the middle is going to be really dangeorus...
Vegeta: We have to head for wherever it's weakest.
Goku: Right...
Buu: Geegeegeegee!
Supreme Kai: A-At this rate... Should we do something about Majin Buu...?
Pikkon I-I don't know...
Janemba: Geeshaaa!

Buu: Kaakakakaka!
Janemba: Geee!
Supreme Kai: Look! Majin Buu's on the ropes!
Pikkon: Let's go! At this rate he'll be defeated!
Goku: Majin Buu and Janemba... What power! Okay, now...
Supreme Kai: Goku!
Goku: Huh? What?
Supreme Kai: You can't take both of them on without fusing! Why don't
we use Potara? I can give you a new one... But you
can't break it.
Choose a path: A. No. I'll use Fusion.
++++++++++++++ B. We need Potara!

 |Choice A |
Goku: Seperately we're gonna have a hard time... But we can do the Fusion so
I think we can do something. Right, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Like I would fuse with the likes of you... B-Besides... The Portara...
Goku: Oh, come on we've done the Fusion two or three times already!
Vegeta: Shut UP! Do you have any idea how embarassing it is?
Goku: ...ANYway, lets go Vegeta!
Vegeta: ...I can't believe him!
Supreme Kai: ...Wierd how well they work together...
Pikkon: Yeah. They're completely in sync.
Goku: Fuuu...
Vegeta: sion!
Goku and Vegeta: HA!

 |Choice B |
Goku: No, actually I think I'll be okay by myself...
Vegeta: You know that's someone you can't beat!
Goku: I won't know if I don't try!
Vegeta: Fine! Go by yourself! But if you die I won't be bringing you back!
Goku: Don't be so angry Vegeta...
Supreme Kai: Yes, the Dragon Balls will let you return things to normal!
Goku: Hmmm... Vegeta, what do you think?
Vegeta: Don't ask me! And forget about fusing!
Goku: Hey! That's not what you said before!
Pikkon: How about with me then?
Goku: Hmm... Okay! Now, for Potara.
Vegeta: Urgh... Imagining that fusion is worrisome...
Supreme Kai: I-I'm kind of scared by the idea too... V-Vegeta...
Vegeta: Hmph... Wait! Kakarot! Fuse with me!
Goku: Huh? Really? You don't have to if you really don't want to...
Vegeta: No. P-Please!
Goku: Well, if you put it like that... Okay!
Vegeta: Grr... I'm going to give him such a beating later...
Goku: Look, there's Potara. Let's go!
Vegeta: Moron. Be sure to return to normal afterwards!

Prize: 2 new items in shop

5GA Fight 8
Gogeta[6][3] vs. Vegito[7][7]
This fight is pretty easy. Only two attack you have to watch out for. At the
beginning of the fight stay close to Vegito because he usally launches his
super right away. Also watch out for the Vegito's savage counter because if
your not careful you could get careless and get hurt by it. Throw at least
two supers. A few big bang kamehamehas are not a bad idea also. You can lose
a bar even a bar and half of life in this fight. You will still get a good
life rating.

Gogeta: Here I come, Janemba!
Janemba: Nngeegeegee...!
Buu: Nngeegeegee...!
Gogeta: You don't want anyone interfering, eh? Well too bad.
Janemba: Ngaah!
Gogeta: Huh? Janemba's... What the?!
Fake Vegito: What's this?
Gogeta: Very funny, Janemba!
Vegito: Fusion versus Potara...? If the fusion time limit passes I'll win...
Who wants to be that stingy? I'm going to go all out right now!
Gogeta: I won't lose to a fake!
Vegito: Take this! We'll see whether the real or the fake is better! The
stronger one wins! That should be enough!
Gogeta: Of course! You think you can keep up with your power?!

Gogeta: Here goes!
Vegito: What?! You're pretty good! Even if it sthe strength of idiots!
Gogeta: I don't have time to fight you! Begone!
Vegito: Not likely! ...What?!
Gogeta: Janemba! He's pulling in Vegeto's body like it was smoke... A-And
Majin Buu!
Pikkon: Was that fight just a farce?!
Supreme Kai: J-Janemba's getting stronger!
Gogeta: If he's getting stronger, I'll take him down in one shot!

Prize: Gogeta has been unlocked

5GA1 Fight 9
Gogeta[6][7] vs. Janemba[7][7]
This fight is also easy to get a Z rating. You need to watch out for
Janemba's special since you can not dodge it. Also he likes to launch it
right at the start of the fight so hit him before he can do it. The computer
seems like it never is able to dodge the big bang kamehameha so use some of
those in your fight as well. Throw in one or two supers and you should
get a Z rating. Oh and you can lose a one and half bars of life in this
fight and you will only lose one star in the life rating. So if you do make
sure you do good in the other ratings.

Gogeta: Janemba's already consumed the evil energy... Now, I just have to
defeat him... We won't let you touch our planet!
Janemba: SHAAA!
Gogeta: You're going down! No matter what I'll keep coming!

Janemba: Geeshaaaaa!
Gogeta: ...Is he done...?
Supreme Kai: All right! You did it! Goku! Vegeta!
Goku: Whew!
Vegeta: Haa!
Goku: I'm tired! And hungry!
Vegeta: So is Earth back to normal?
Supreme Kai: Yes! ...Huh? It... SHOULD be, but...
Goku: What?
Vegeta: What's wrong?
Pikkon: Goku! It's still alive!
Goku: What?!
Vegeta: Damn it! Why won't he just die!?
Goku: Vegeta!
Vegeta: Right! Damn it! I'm using one of Kakarot's tricks!
Both: HAAAAA!!!!!!!
Janemba: Guggheee! GEEEEEEEE!
Supreme Kai: Goku and Vegeta finished him off with Kamehamehas!
Goku: V-Vegeta, you used a Kamehameha...
Vegeta: Yes! I had to SINK to your level!
Janemba: Guggghaaaaa!
Goku: I learned it from Master Roshi! You're not doing it right! Lemme show
Vegeta: Don't go boasting to me! You have a way to go to you know!
Goku: In that case you can fight with me!
Vegeta: HAHAHAHA! If that's how you want it I'll push you to your very
Goku: Holy Crap! I'm totally not on my game!
Vegeta: What's wrong? You're stronger than this! Show me the strongest
Goku: Sure thing! Come on! I'm going all-out full power!
Both: HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Pikkon: Supreme Kai, are you alright?
Supreme Kai: Yeah, I'm fine...
Goku: *pant* *wheeze* Whew!
Supreme Kai: Goku! Did you get Janemba!
Goku: Yeah, this time we got him.
Pikkon: And Vegeta?
Goku: Over there... I think he ALMOST matched my Kamehameha...
Vegeta: ...Owwwww... What are you babbling about?!
Goku: Sorry! Sorry!
Vegeta: I'll forgive you IF we have dinner at your house.
Goku: Hahahaha! I bet your famished!
Vegeta: Yes! And this time I won't lose! Hahahahaha!
Supreme Kai: Thank you very much. Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon... Everyone on
Earth is saved. We should thank you somehow...
Vegeta: We're just protecting our home turf. We don't need any thanks.
Pikkon: Yes I think of heaven the same way.
Goku: I've been protecting this palce for a while now. I'll be happy if I can
just go back to where people can laugh.
Vegeta: And without King Kai's lame jokes.
Goku: Ahahahaha! V-Vegeta he's gonna get back at you for that! I think he
might've heard us just now... Hmm, I think he's too busy working out; he's
got puns of steel! Hahaha!
Vegeta: Kakarot...
Pikkon: Goku...
Supreme Kai: Goku...
Goku: Ahahahahaha! You'd think he'd understand the gravity of the situation!

Prize: Janemba has become unlocked

5GB Fight 10
Vegito[6][3] vs. Janemba[7][7]
This fight is also really easy. Just use Vegito's speed to your advantage and
don't give Janemba any room to get out. Throw in one or two specials and you
should get a Z ranking. You can lose a little more than a bar of life and you
will still be fine in ratings. Just watch out for his special.

Vegito: All right!
Janemba: Guggheeeee!
Buu: Keeeeee!
Vegito: Sorry to have intruded on them. But if I fight both I'm finished! So
which one will it be? You're both gonna lose but let's have fun!
Janemba: Geeshaaaaa!
Vegito: The last boss is coming out first? You won't get me that easily!

Vegito: Huh? Did i beat him already?
Pikkon: What power... This is what happens when they fuse with the Potara...?
Supreme Kai: When he gets serious, the whole universe trembles.
Vegito: All right! Here goes!

Prize: Vegito has been unlocked

5GB1 Fight 11
Vegito[5][3] vs. Kid Buu[7][7]
This fight is also easy due to Vegito's incredible speed. In this fight Buu
likes to do his move where he sends beams in the sky and those beams will
then rain down on you. Everytime he does that move do your special since
he is vulnerable and is never able to dodge it. Throw in some close combat
combos and you should get a Z rating.

Buu: Gee...
Vegito: Majin Buu. Fighting you feels like it belongs in the past... ...I
hope we can have a proper match some day, but for right now... I hope you'll
be good and go back to hell, but you won't will you?
Buu: Gee...
Vegito: Then I'll fight you...
Buu: Gee!
Vegito: Right. I'll fight seriously. That's what you want, right?
Buu: Oooho! HOHOHOOO!
Vegito: Okay. Let's go!

Vegito: See you later, Majin Buu. We'll be training and waiting for you!
Supreme Kai: Vegito!
Vegito: Looks like everything's taken care of! The world is back to normal,
Supreme Kai: Yes heave is open again and order is restored!
Vegito: That's good...
Pikkon: Which means this is goodbye. Goku, Vegeta...
Vegito: For now. You can come visit.
Pikkon: No the dead shouldn't be visiting Earth.
Pikkon: Being able to see my hometown once a year is more than enough. Besides,
some day I'll be seeing you in heaven.
Vegito: Haha! Well, until next time then!
Pikkon: I'll keep training; I want to have a match with you some time.
Vegito: Well, Supreme Kai. Time for us to go back to normal too.
Supreme Kai: Right... About that... The thing is... I used a wish to mend the
Vegito: Wh-WHAAAT?!
Supreme Kai: So, it looks like you'll have to wait a year...
Vegito: A YEAR?!?! Supreme Kai, how could you?!
Supreme Kai: ...Sorry.
Vegito: Heh. Anyway, shall I go home? And if I do which one?!
Supreme Kai: Oh... That's a problem... Maybe you should all move in together...?
Vegito: What the heck would we tell everyone?! I'd rather go into the
Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train this body... You'd better think of something
to say to Chichi and Bulma. Bye!
Supreme Kai: Wha... Goku! Vegeta! ...Oh man. If they do that it'll take one
Pikkon: The ones who saves the world are the I can't do anything for...

EE Ending
And thus Earth, and the universe, are peaceful once more... But Goku and
Vegeta will have to wait a year or more to return to normal... Vegitto is
the strongest in the universe, but... What happens when they face the two
strongest wives is not for us to say here...

Prize: Vegito Super Saiyan has been unlocked. Sheet No. 17 unlocked

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
5.                    Arcade Mode
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
Here in arcade they say you collect Dragon Balls but that is not really
true instead you just go fight 10 opponents in a row. And at the end of the
fight you have a little dialogue where the person you chose will make a wish
to Shenron. You will face four non random opponents. The non random enemies
are the 4th, 8th, 10th fight and one fight will be against yourself. If you
want to unlock items in the shop I suggest you go here since this is the
fastest place to unlock them. Also depending on the difficulty you choose a
certain number of stamps will be unlocked. Choosing the Z difficulty will
unlock the most stamps. The dialogue for each character and his
transformations are the same for example Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Kaioken Goku
have same exact dialogue. I can not give you strategies in these fights
considering I will not be able to predict what transformation of a character
you choose. So most of the fighting will be in your own hands but I can give
you a little pointers and tips on the way.

Goku vs. Gohan
For this fight get in close range and pummel him. Just watch out for his
super. Throw in your super once or twice and you should be fine. Unless
your base or kaioken goku I reccomend you use your super.

Gohan: Hey dad! Are you ready?
Goku: Alright Gohan, let's see how much you've improved!

Goku vs. Pikkon
For this fight if your going to fight at close range be careful.
Pikkon's speed can be deadly. Also watch out for his close range hyper
tornado attack. If he is really close to you and he does that move
it is usally an instant hit.

Pikkon: Goku, I'm glad we could fight again. Shall we begin?
Goku: Okay, but when did you start training with King Kai?

Goku vs. Vegeta
You get to fight your rival this time. Vegeta is strong and watch out
for his super deals a ton of damage. Vegeta is a good fighter at close
tange so be cautios when up close.

Vegeta: Kakarot! Fight me! Let's finish this!
Goku: Sure! Fighting with you is always really fun!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Goku: I wanna fight someone stronger!
Shenron: Easy.
Goku: So when can I fight?
Shenron: None can say when an opponent that exceeds you will appear.
Goku: Whaaat?
Shenron: But in this world someone is training to become stronger than you.
Goku: Woah, there's someone training even harder than me? Cool! Man, this is
so awesome! Thanks Shenron!
Shenron: If your wish is granted, I will now say farewell.
Goku: There he goes... Well, I'd better get to training myself!

Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan vs. Pikkon
Watch out for Pikkon's Hyper Tornado move again. If your going to fight at
close range remember to watch out for that and prepare to always be chasing
your enemy because of Teen Gohan's attacks propel the enemy away from him.

Pikkon: So you're Gohan? Your dad said you're amazing. Please, let's fight.
Gohan: Woah, I'm not that great compared to my dad! Jeez, dad...

Teen Gohan vs. Piccolo
Watch out for Piccolo's long range reach. So if your going for a close combat
fight be wary and watc out.

Piccolo: You've improved, Gohan. I'm glad. Come, fight me!
Gohan: I'd still be a crybaby if not for you. I owe it all to you! Here I go!

Teen Gohan vs. Cell
Cell has no really tricky moves to be afraid of. Except his energy field
just watch out for that if your close to him. Since that move is quick and
difficult to dodge if ur at close range.

Cell: Foolish brat! This time you'll know true terror!
Gohan: I'll defeat you! I won't lose!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Gohan: Uh... Um... Uh...
Shenron: What?
Gohan: There isn't really anything I want...
Shenron: I've never been called without a wish. In that case, I will go.
Gohan: W-Wait!
Shenron: Hm? What?
Gohan: A-Actually, do you think we could talk a bit?
Shenron: ......
Gohan: Well..it's okay if there isn't. Sorry.
Shenron: Very well. Your wish is granted.
Gohan: Huh? Really?
Shenron: But this is not the place for it. Climb onto my head.
Gohan: Thank you!
Shenron: What do you wish to talk about?
Gohan: Uh... Well... Hmmm...

Gohan vs. Trunks
Trunks: In my era Gohan is pretty intimidating, but you seem really gentle.
Gohan: Well, your dad says I'm a slacker... Haha! I wanted to talk to you

Gohan vs. Broly
Broly is a powerhouse but is slow. So even though he is strong I still
reccomend you to go fight hand to hand. Throw in a few supers and you
should be fine. And Broly's super is easy to dodge you should have no
problem avoiding it and countering him back.

Broly: So you're Kakarot's son? Soon I'll crush you.
Gohan: Dad's faced you over and over! Now it's my turn!

Gohan vs. Buu
Watch out for his assult rain attack. When he does that you should do your
special since those beams become nullified by your special and you get a
bonus of dealing some serious damage to Buu.

Buu: Heeheeheehee!
Gohan: This guy looks pretty scary... But I should be able to take him myself.

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Gohan: Um... Well...
Shenron: ...... ... Perhaps you should grant your own wish. You do have the
Gohan: Hyh...?
Shenron: I can see your worry. Why should you need the power of Shenron!
Gohan: ...... ... I'm gonna keep training myself! Thanks Shenron!
Shenron: Your wish is granted. Farewell!
Gohan: ...Alright!

Vegeta vs. Cooler
This fight is easy. Just go in close range since Cooler is really slow.
Also Cooler's special leaves him really vulnerable after you dodge it. So
make sure you have 5 ki bars so you can launch your special right after.

Cooler: One of Frieza's former henchmen... How about it? Want to work for
Vegeta: Don't say that until you prove you're stronger than me!

Vegeta vs. Broly
We fight the Legendary Saiyan again geez. Same strategy as before. Go up
close and personal to him. You should have no problems.

Broly: Kakarot! Kakarooot! KAKAROOOOT!!!
Vegeta: Shut up! I'M the one who calls him Kakarot!

Vegeta vs. Goku
Throw in a few supers and a little close combat and victory will
be yours.

Goku: Hey Vegeta, you wanna fight again? I'm gonna enjoy this!
Vegeta: As will I! I'll show you that you DO have limits!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Vegeta: Yes! Now my wish will- ...
Shenron: What? State your wish. I will grant any wish within my power.
Vegeta: ... No. Never mind.
Shenron: What? Have you no wish?
Vegeta: I said never mind. I don't need your power...
Shenron: Then I will go.
Vegeta: Get out of here already!
Shenron: Farewell!
Vegeta: Damn! Damn it! I can't beat him relying on some other source of power!
I must defeat him with my own power! Am I really this weak? DAMN IT! ......
... I'm going home... ... Maybe I should work with my family...Eh, Kakarot?
One day, I will defeat you utterly!

Trunks vs. Frieza
Just watch out for Frieza's death crasher. It can cause serious damage.
Trunks has speed so you should have no problems.

Frieza: You! The one who made a fool out of me! UNFORGIVABLE!
Trunks: Hey, you're the one who was unprepared. But if you insist, let's

Trunks vs. Android 18
Just watch out for her energy field. Also her destructo disk.

Android 18: Hehe! No need to hold back!
Trunks: Woah... Same face, but here she's Krillin's wife...

Trunks vs. Vegeta
You fight your dad this time. Nothing you really have to worry about
throw in a few supers and make sure your first hit connects.

Vegeta: You're the son of royalty! Let's see if you can beat me!
Trunks: Father... O-Okay!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Trunks: Can you bring the people of my world back to life?
Shenron: What kind of question is that?... Ah, you're a time traveler?
Trunks: Right. I came here in a time machine.
Shenron: When you use the time machine, a new tangent world is born. But it
was that machine and you within it that traveled. My power cannot reach into
that world.
Trunks: ... Surely-
Shenron: But if you were to take the Dragon Balls there and called me...
Then I might be able to grant your wish.
Trunks: I see... But I think I'll find another way... I came to this world to
save it, but I brought Cell here... And thanks to everyone here I think I'm
strong enough to save my world. I'm really grateful to all of them.
So there's really no reason I should have the Dragon Balls.
Shenron: I am sorry...Have you another wish?
Trunks: Let's see... Then could you fix my sword? I got it from someone I
mportant to me, but the androids broke it.
Shenron: This too is from another world, but as it is here, I think I can.
Trunks: Please.
Shenron: Your wish is granted. Your sword is repaired.
Trunks: Thank you!
Shenron: Farewell!
Trunks: I can't go back to the past, but I CAN protect the world's
future... I think the time machine should be recharged now. Time to

Krillin vs. Android 18
Fighting your wife this time geez. Ok so just throw in some destructo
disks. Since you can't block those. And watch out for energy field.

Android 18: Krillin! Where have you been?
Krillin: D-Dinner's on the way... S-So could you go easy onme?

Krillin vs. Gohan
Same strategy as above. A few supers. Throw in some destructo disks and
you should be fine.

Gohan: Krillin! Can we have a match please?
Krillin: Uh... Back on Namek we already figured out you're stronger!

Krillin vs. Piccolo
Watch out for his long reach. Throw in a super or two with some close
combat combos and you'll be fine.

Piccolo: Heh. It's been a while. Will you be alright if I don't hold back?
Krillin: W-Wait! I don't want to die again!!! Even King Kai won't laugh at

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Krillin: Hmm... I got the Dragon Balls together, but I haven't got a wish
yet... I'm always having you bring me back to life. What should I do...?
Shenron: Have you no wish?
Krillin: Wait, wait! I'll come up with one really quick!
Shenron: Please think of one BEFORE you call me...
Krillin: Ummm... What should I do? I have a wife, I'm not gonna be the
strongest, and I'm not selfish...
Shenron: Time's up. Farewell!
Krillin: What? Oh, come on! You never said there was a time limit! Aw man,
he left! Oh well. ...And NOW I thought up all kinds of wishes. Just my luck.

Piccolo vs Frieza
Watch out for death crasher. Use your reach to your advantage.

Frieza: Oh my... I haven't seen you since Namek. I didn't think you
Piccolo: This time will be different. You won't be forgiven!

Piccolo vs. Vegeta
Again use your reach to your advantage. Watch out for his super
and you will be fine.

Vegeta: The small fry again I'm hurt.
Piccolo: Then why don't you be the first to leave?

Piccolo vs. Teen Gohan
His close combat combos usually will send you away from him. So if
he happens to nail one don't worry he will not be able to chain it for
very long. Use your reach again.

Teen Gohan: Mister Piccolo! Can we have a match?
Piccolo: That's just fine! You can have all the beatings you want!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Piccolo: It's strange to ask a wish of the Shenron I made myself... What
should I wish for? Maybe I should wish for a short visit to New Namek for
Dende. Dende and I are going to New Namek for a little while. Can I ask you
to watch things while I'm away?
Shenron: I will do whatever you ask.
Piccolo: ... There isn't anything you need to do though... Hm... I should
just have Goku watch things while I'm away.
Shenron: Very well then. Farewell!
Goku: Woah... Looks like Shenron called me over here.
Shenron: Yes. It is I.
Goku: Oh, I get it. You want me to watch things in Kami's place?
Shenron: Correct.
Goku: What? Ask me first! It's boring! Isn't there someone else?
Shenron: No.
Goku: Aw man... I'm gonna go home to eat first... Wait, I can't leave Kami's
place? Instant Transmission won't work! Hurry back Piccolo! If I'm not back
for dinner Chichi'll get mad at me!

Frieza vs. Krillin
Watch out for his destructo disk and you should be fine.

Krillin: Eep! Frieza! I just remembered last time... (Gotta stop shaking!)
Frieza: Hehe! As you wish, I'll smash you into pieces, just like before!

Frieza vs. Cooler
Just get close you should be fine. Frieza has the speed advantage.

Cooler: Don't forget I'm your older brother. Shall I destroy this planet?
Frieza: You don't get it, do you? Not everything can be solved with

Frieza vs. Goku
The fight not that hard. Use your speed advantage at close range and you
should be fine.

Goku: Frieza! What're you planning to do with those Dragon Ball?!
Frieza: Oh, I'll tell you all about it once I've beaten you!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Frieza: After so many years, the momen has finally arrived! Once again I can
realize my ambition! Haahaahaa! I will become immortal! But I should give my
loyal minions some kind of bonus too...
Shenron: A simple matter. You've had many minions, have you not?
Frieza: Huh?
Shenron: Your wish is granted. The minions who died for you will get a bonus.
Frieza: What?
Shenron: Farewell.
Frieza: Wha... What?! Damn you! Unforgivable! I'll get you for this!

Android 18
Android 18 vs. Gotenks
Watch out for Kamikaze attack since it is unblockable. So just dodge it.

Gotenks: Even with the Fusion #18 is still scary!
#18: Hey! I can hear you brats!

#18 vs. Cell
All you have to worry about is his close combat energy field. But you have
that move to. So use it if he does it to you for revenge haha.

Cell: I'm already complete but... would you like to be part of me again?
#18: Sorry again. You're just slimy and gross!

#18 vs. Krillin
Watch out for his destructo disk since you cannot block it. Other than
that you should be fine.

Krillin: Hey #18! Why don't we head on home?
#18: Hmm... Okay. You can be my opponent.

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
#18: Well... I asked this once before, but can you make me human?
Shenron: As before, my power is not sufficient.
#18: Yeah, I thought so. In that case, could make Krillin an android? No,
never mind. In that case forget it.
Shenron: I am sorry. Even I have limits.
Android: Wait a minute. Could you get rid of the order to kill Goku inside me?
Shenron: That I can do.
#18: I don't have a problem with him and he doesn't seem to die really, but...
He's Krillin's best friend, so it's kind of annoying.
Shenron: Your wish is granted. Farewell!
#18: Maybe I should've asked for some money or something... Eh. Oh well...
Time to head home.

Cell vs. Trunks
Fight is not to hard. Use your supers once or twice and you should be
fine. Beware though Trunks is a speedy character.

Trunks: This ends here and now! You have no future!
Cell: Don't make me do something you'll regret.

Cell vs. Goku
Nothing to worry about. Just beware Goku has some good close combat moves.

Goku: Cell, this I'll take you out! I won't lose!
Cell: Goku! I won't give up!

Cell vs. Teen Gohan
Fight is not too hard. Just watch out for his super since its pretty
damaging. Throw in one of yours and you should be fine.

Teen Gohan: Give it up, Cell. You can't use the Dragon Balls for cruelty!
Cell: If you want to stop me, come and try it! I won't stop until you're

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Cell: So these are the Dragon Balls, eh? And you can grant any wish...
However... Just wishing to defeat Goku and become the strongest is boring...
It has to be something more fun than that... I know! Another Cell Game! Hey
Shenron, I want you to make me a great stage.
Shenron: A simple matter.
Cell: Be sure to follow my design... I'll definitely have to take care of
the carving myself.
Shenron: Your wish is granted! Farewell!
Cell: Heh. Not bad. Maybe some more decorations? This will be the
ultimate stage, Goku! HAAHAHAHA!

Buu vs. Gotenks
Watch out for Kamikaze attack. Other than that you should be ok.

Gotenks: HAHAHA! The god of justic will give you a one-way trip!
Buu: Huh?

Buu vs. Pikkon
If your fighting at close range beware of Pikkon's speed and hyper
tornado attack.

Pikkon: So you're Majin Buu... You're incredibly strong. Would you mind
Buu: Guh? Heeheehee!

Buu vs. Goku
If you just use assualt rain you could win this match easily. So just
use that move if your having trouble.

Goku: You're not evil; why don't you just enjoy a fight with me?

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Buu: Goo?
Buu: Gyagee! Ugaga, ugaga, goo!
Shenron: I-I am sorry. I cannot understand you.
Buu: Woo! Googoo! Ugaga, ugaga, goo!
Shenron: This is a problem... How were you able to call me anyway? *sigh*
Buu: Hooohoooo!
Shenron: Can you even hear me? I can't grant your wish if I can understand
you. But perhaps King Enma can. He should be able to sort this out. And
then I can grant your wish.
Buu: Hoo!
Shenron: You're quite good at gestures. Farewell!
Buu: Ohoo! Ohoo!

Cooler vs Goku
I have to admit with Cooler I had a tough time winning. He just is not my
character. I sugest close range moves again due to Cooler's power. Also
that clsoe combat sword slash move he does is very powerful and tricky so
use it.

Goku: Instant Transmission... This is going to be kinda' annyoing.
Cooler: Don't be so full of yourself.

Cooler vs Vegeta
Same as above. Just watch out Vegeta is faster in attacks overall. Watch
out for his supers they are deadly.

Vegeta: A Super Saiyan's power is unlimited! You can't contain it!
Cooler: Hahaha! I'll take it all.

Cooler vs Gogeta
For this fight I suggest you go far range. First throw a special at him.
This results in the character blocking usually most of the time when that
is over quickly damage him before he regains his life. Rinse and Repeat
you should be fine.

Gogeta: If this continues I'll destroy you.
Cooler: The two of you have come again? Sure you can handle me?

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Cooler: So these are the Dragon Balls? Now, here's my wish!
Shenron: ...
Cooler: ?! I sense someone... A pig... It's like the precence of a pig...?
... I'm not imagining it. Where are you?! He's probably going to try and
make a wish before me...
Voice: ...*whisper whipser*
Shenron: Hm. A little hard to hear, but I will grant that wish. Your wish is
granted! Farewell!
Cooler: Huh? What?! WAIT! He's gone... Huh? What are all these pieces of
cloth falling from the sky?
Voice: Yes!
Cooler: What the...? This is-! Damn! Someone's making a fool out of me!
I'll get you for this! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Broly vs. Goku
Use Broly's ultimate once or twice and if u chose the LSSJ form then
use your ultimate and don't forget about his extra ultimate to.

Goku: Jeez, Calm down already!

Broly vs. Vegeta
Nothing to worry about. Just deal some close range maneuver and you
should be fine. Do the move where Broly charges at an opponent since it is
very damaging and hard to dodge.

Vegeta: This is... the legendary Saiyan... But I'm the Saiyan Prince!
Broly: Ha! Prince? What does that have to do with your strength?

Broly vs. Gotenks
Just beware of his kamikaze attack since its unblockable.

Gotenks: Ba-bada-baaa! As a special bonus you get to fight GOTENKS!
Broly: Hmph. BORING!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Shenron: ...You want Kakarot?
Shenron: Very well. A simple matter.
Goku: Huh? Where am I? Hey, Shenron! It's been a while.
Goku: Woah! Broly! W-Wait a sec!
Goku: Woah! Okay! Just hold on a sec and we'll fight, okay?
Shenron: Your wish is granted! Farewell!
Goku: Um, Shenron? Heeey!
Goku: Woah!

Gotenks vs. Broly
Go up close and personal and deliver a Kamikaze attack since Broly is
to slow to evade it and the computer usually blocks it which is stupid
since it is unblockable.

Broly: Fusion? What's that?
Gotenks: Hey! You don't know Fusion? Where've you been? We'll show you!

Gotenks vs. Vegito
Same strategy as above. Just beware of Vegito's speed.

Vegito: Hey, its time for you brats to behave!
Gotenks: Huh? You adults just want to keep the fun to yourself! No fair!

Gotenks vs. Gogeta
Here same one stated as the previous ones. Up close and personal is the
easiest way to win.

Gogeta: Hey you kids better behave yourselves!
Gotenks: Kids these days! If you want to try something, come on!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Gotenks: Okay... I want, like lots of candy and toys and stuff. But an
amusement park would be cool too... I can't figure  what I want with Fusion
going... Shenron, can you wait while we do soem Rock-Paper-Scissors?
Shenron: Very well.
Gotenks: Okay, Rock-Paper-Scissors with the right and left hands...
One-Two-Three! It's a tie! And now the Fusion is gonna run out... Darn it...
Another tie! Aaah! It's no good! I guess we'll have to get an amusement MADE
of candy!
Shenron: Very well. Incredible
Gotenks: Alright!
Shenron: Farewell!
Gotenks: All right! Lets play and eat! Wait a second... Aww... It's already
night... We have to get back or... Mama'll get mad... I hope it'll still be
here tomorrow.

Gogeta vs. Gotenks
Beware of his Kamikaze attack. Throw in your super right after you dodge
his super attack and you should be fine.

Gotenks: Ta-da! Here's our special super-painful massage punch!
Gogeta: Can you really do a massage?

Gogeta vs. Vegito
Beware of his speed. Also watch out and be cautious about his savage counter
and his super.

Vegito: I'll go all out start to finish! With the Potara I'm stronger!
Gogeta: That's just the Potara's strength! But we'll fight you!

Gogeta vs. Janemba
Just make sure you don't get hit by his super because it is pretty much
undodgeable. Some big bang kamehameha are also nice in this fight.

Janemba: Hmph!
Gogeta: I told you, I'm the one who'll beat you.

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Gogeta: Hmph. If i wish for immortality the fusion would end I suppose.
What I really want is a lots of tasty food!
Shenron: An easy matter.
Gogeta: Perfect. And... Hey! Nothing's coming!
Shenron: You'll see when you return home.
Gogeta: Okay! Just what I would expect from Shenron! I'd better hurry...
But not like this...
Shenron: Farewell!
Gogeta: Yeah, catch you later! I hope I return to normal soon... It sure
is taking a while...

Vegito vs. Janemba
Use your speed in this fight. Just watch out for his super he throws at

Janemba: Heehee!
Vegito: I can't understand you, but I just have to beat you, right?

Vegito vs. Gogeta
Fight should be easy. Just fight hand to hand and you should win.

Gogeta: I don't know what you want, but I won't let you get away.
Vegito: You should know! Just let me go! We have the same personality!

Vegito vs. Buu
Watch out for his assualt rain attack. If he does it on you quickly do
your super and you will nullify that attack.

Buu: Gugheeheehee!
Vegito: Haha... Don't be jealous; it won't help you any.

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Vegito: I think I want to split into two people again. Can you di it? It
reminds too much of when we were inside Buu.
Shenron: Very well.
Vegito: Thanks a lot!
Goku: It worked!
Vegeta: Thank god.
Shenron: Farewell!
Goku: Thanks again!
Vegeta: Kakarot! We must never do that again!
Goku: Oh come on, we might need to use the Fusion technique some time.
Vegeta: I told you I can't stand that stupid pose!
Goku: Gohan prefers it to the Saiyan one...
Vegeta: They're both stupid!
Goku: Here we go! Fuuuu-
Vegeta: sion! Hey wait!
Goku: Oh come on Vegeta! Looks like you're raring to go!
Vegeta: Kakarot! I'll destroy you! Come back here!

Pikkon vs. Piccolo
Watch out for his long reach. You will have to use Pikkons quick attacks
to beat Piccolo.

Piccolo: You... You don't seem to be from Namek, but...
Pikkon: Hmph. Looks like we're after the same thing.

Pikkon vs. Krillin
Watch out for his Destructo Disk since you can't block it other than that
there are no other major threats.

Krillin: You met Goku in heaven? Even when he's dead he doesn't change...
Pikkon: You can't really think of him as dead. He's an interesting guy.

Pikkon vs. Goku
Just use your speed again to your advantage. Throw in one super and you
should be fine.

Goku: Wow, a living body is great! And the food! Pikkon, why don't you-
Pikkon: Heh. Enviable. But I'm dead; I'll just keep on training in heaven.

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Pikkon: Let's see... I want to train in heaven, but I want to fight Goku too.
I can't just walk up and ask him to die for me...
Shenron: He can use Instant Transmission to heaven when he's alive.
Pikkon: That's it! Then let's have Goku attend an "Other World Tournament"!
Shenron: A simple matter.
Pikkon: Yes!
Shenron: Your wish is granted! Farewell!
Pikkon: Now I can finally train with someone better than me! I'd better hurry
back and start training!

Janemba vs. Pikkon
If you just spam your special then it will be an easy win.

Pikkon: I'll go on ahead then.
Janemba: Mrrrn!

Janemba vs. Buu
Same as above including watch out for his assualt rain attack.

Buu: ......
Janemba: ......

Janemba vs. Gogeta
Same thing just spam your special and you will easily beat him.

Gogeta: I'm going to defeat you. Now be good and go back to normal...
Janemba: Graaaah!

Dialogue with Shenron
Shenron: State your wish. Anything at all.
Janemba: Gwee?
Yamcha: That's a nice necklace! Hand it over!
Janemba: Gwee!
Shenron: BAM! Your wish is granted. Farewell.
Yamcha: Yeah! I saved the world! Reminds me of when I was after the Dragon
Balls so I could get married... Goku, I did it! AHAHAHA!
Yamcha: HAHAHAHA!... Eep!
Janemba: SHAAA!
Yamcha: H-Hey there! Who might you be? It's nice to meet you... And... Now
I'll just be going!
Janemba: Gaaaah!

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
6.                      Z Trial
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
In this mode you have an option of either playing Survival or Time attack.

How long can you survive. After a set amount of wins the amount of life you
regenerate after each battle decreases.

Time Attack
Here you get to pick a character and you have to fight a series of enemies in
each course. There are 7 courses. I will list the enemies you fight. I can
not give you any strategies on fighting because I cannot predict what
character you choose.

Course 1 Challenge Goku's eternal friends and rivals
Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta

Course 2 Stops the rivals and enemies that stand in Goku's way
100% Frieza, Cell Super Perfect Form, Majin Vegeta, and Buu

Course 3 Burning soul behind a cool demeanor!
Trunks, Cooler, Teen Gohan Super Saiyan, Cell, Pikkon, Piccolo, and Gogeta

Course 4 Even if you get beaten, keep training and get stronger!
Goku, Goku Kaioken Form, Goku Super Saiyan, Goku Super Saiyan 2, Goku Super
Saiyan 3, Vegito, Gogeta, and Vegito Super Saiyan

Course 5 The warriors who've exceeded their limits!
Goku Kaioken Form, Cell Super Perfect, 100% Frieza, Piccolo fused with Kami,
Goku Super Saiyan 3, Krillin Full Potential Form Majin Vegeta,
Broly Legendary Super Saiyan, Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2, and Mystic Gohan

Course 6 Fight for future peace!
Teen Gohan Super Saiyan, Gohan Super Saiyan 2, Krillin Full Potential Form,
Gogeta, Trunks Super Saiyan, Vegeta Super Saiyan 2, Gotenks Super Saiyan 3,
Android 18, Vegito Super Saiyan, Piccolo fused with Kami, and Goku Super

Course 7 The legendary Super Saiyans Fighting Spirits!
Goku Super Saiyan, Teen Gohan Super Saiyan, Vegeta Super Saiyan, Trunks
Super Saiyan, Gohan Super Saiyan, Broly, Goku Super Saiyan 2, Gohan Super
Saiyan 2, Vegeta Super Saiyan 2, Teen Gohan, Super Saiyan 2, Broly Legendary
Super Saiyan, Majin Vegeta, Goku Super Saiyan 3, Gogeta, and Super Vegito

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
7.                   Network Battle
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
This is where you play against people This is basically the lobby. You can
see the Player's name, power level, and their  status here. Remember you want
to win so you can increase your power level if you lose it goes down.
In network battle after you and your partner has chosen their character you
will be prompted to a pre-fight prompt screen.

Pre-fight Prompt Screen
Here you can choose your stage and 5 other options that will alter you
character's stats. These are what they are

Rounds: The amount of rounds you wish to fight.
Time Limit: Amount of time you want to set each each round.
Health: Amount of health you wish to begin the fight with.
Starting Energy: Amount of Ki you wish to start out with.
Check Energy: Amount of Ki needed to evade/teleport behind the enemy to
dodge his attack.
                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
8.                  Training Mode
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
This is training mode. You can practice your moves here or you can set it
to Duel mode here when you fight against comp one on one. Before you begin
your fight you will go to the Pre-fight Prompt screen. For futher info look
right above in the section Network Battle. In training there are two main
things I will discuss they are the Practice Menu and the Status and Comand.

Practice Menu
Continue: Go back to fighting
Com Action: It has 4 options you set it to. They are as follows:
  Do Nothing: Opponent does nothing.
     Guard 1: Enemy is always blocking.
     Guard 2: Enemy will guard after an attack.
    Practice: You will have a practice match where no one can die.
       Match: You will have a match where there actually can be a winner.
              or loser.
Com Level: You can set the computer's skill level
Def. Ki Blast Wv: Decide if you want your enemy to deflet your ki attacks
                  either away from you, at you, or not even deflect them.
Counterattack: All hits you do are considerd counter attacks.
Break-fall: Decide if you want your opponent to jump back up after he is
            knocked down.
Display: Decide what you want to be displayed when you are fighting.
Change Character: Change your character or change the computer's character.
Reset Position: Starts whole thing over.
Check Command List: See the combos you can perform, which the game has
Main Menu: Go back to the main menu.

Status and Command:
Max Hits: Longest combo you performed.
Damage: Lets you know damage of the last move you did.
Total Damage: Lets you know the total damage of the combo you did.
Max Damage: Shows the damage of the best combo you did.
Attack: What your attack rating is.
Guard: What your guard rating is.
Command: Is the greyish bar at the bottom screen it indicates what
buttons you are pressing.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
9.                       Shop
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
Here is where you manage your profile card. You have 6 options in this area.
This is where you buy the cards and stamps

Card Collection
This is where you view your stamps and customize it. There are 39 small
stamps, 73 medium stamps, 129 large stamps, and 79 sheets.

Battle Data
You can view your battle records.

Battle Log
View your network battle records.

Friend list
You can view the profile cards of friends and rivals here.

Card Sharing
You can send and receive profile cards with others
                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
10.                     Options
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
You have 6 options to adjust from here.

Assign Keys
You can change the key config here.

You can adjust the intensity of the sound

Either save the existing game or load up a different one here. You can also
erase a file and enable auto save. Also you can change your nickname here.

Accept Battle
You can select whether your games can be interrupted by challengers.

Voice Select
You can either change the voices to English or Japanese.

See Credit
You can view the credits.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
11.               Character Move Lists
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
Here I will list the combos the game gives you and how much damage each
combo does.None of the moves performed are charged moves. Also each
characters moves are done at base ki unless noted other wise also. I have
listed the moves in the same order as game states it. If you would like
more advance moves look Goryus FAQ or calismasker FAQ. All moves are done
against Gogeta
o Goku o
           Base    Kaioken     SSJ       SSJ2      SSJ3
RRRRR-   379 dmg   398 dmg   418 dmg   457 dmg   475 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-   308 dmg   323 dmg   338 dmg   371 dmg   386 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-    243 dmg   253 dmg   267 dmg   292 dmg   335 dmg   4 hits
RRS-     181 dmg   188 dmg   198 dmg   217 dmg   225 dmg   3 hits
R<RRS-   229 dmg   241 dmg   251 dmg   275 dmg   285 dmg   4 hits
RS-      132 dmg   137 dmg   144 dmg   158 dmg   164 dmg   2 hits
R>RRR-   225 dmg   234 dmg   249 dmg   270 dmg   280 dmg   4 hits
>RRR<RS- 299 dmg   314 dmg   329 dmg   360 dmg   375 dmg   5 hits
>RRRSS-  281 dmg   294 dmg   310 dmg   337 dmg   351 dmg   5 hits
>RRSSS-  309 dmg   325 dmg   338 dmg   372 dmg   396 dmg   5 hits
>RSS-    212 dmg   223 dmg   235 dmg   254 dmg   271 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-   227 dmg   236 dmg   248 dmg   272 dmg   290 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-   261 dmg   273 dmg   287 dmg   313 dmg   324 dmg   5 hits
<RRS-    160 dmg   233 dmg   242 dmg   265 dmg   274 dmg   3 hits
<R>R-    147 dmg   153 dmg   160 dmg   176 dmg   184 dmg   2 hits
<R<RR-   255 dmg   268 dmg   280 dmg   305 dmg   317 dmg   4 hits
<R<RSSS- 333 dmg   345 dmg   365 dmg   399 dmg   414 dmg   5 hits
<RSS-    244 dmg   254 dmg   268 dmg   293 dmg   304 dmg   3 hits
>>R-     80  dmg   84  dmg   88  dmg   90  dmg   100 dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-   368 dmg   386 dmg   404 dmg   442 dmg   458 dmg   6 hits
SRSSR-   399 dmg   411 dmg   430 dmg   518 dmg   538 dmg   6 hits
SSSS-    321 dmg   335 dmg   353 dmg   385 dmg   401 dmg   4 hits
>S-      180 dmg   189 dmg   198 dmg   216 dmg   225 dmg   1 hit
<SR-     181 dmg   190 dmg   199 dmg   218 dmg   227 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-    162 dmg   170 dmg   178 dmg   194 dmg   202 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-    162 dmg   170 dmg   178 dmg   194 dmg   202 dmg   2 hits
<SSS-    236 dmg   247 dmg   261 dmg   285 dmg   293 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-    191 dmg   200 dmg   210 dmg   231 dmg   238 dmg   3 hits
<S<S-    191 dmg   200 dmg   210 dmg   231 dmg   238 dmg   3 hits
/\S-     165 dmg   173 dmg   181 dmg   198 dmg   206 dmg   1 hit
\/S-     165 dmg   173 dmg   181 dmg   198 dmg   206 dmg   1 hit
>>S-     160 dmg   168 dmg   176 dmg   192 dmg   200 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-    190 dmg   197 dmg   209 dmg   228 dmg   236 dmg   4 hits
>>E-     50  dmg   52  dmg   55  dmg   60  dmg   62  dmg   1 hit
R+G-     200 dmg   210 dmg   220 dmg   240 dmg   250 dmg   8 hits

o Teen Gohan o
          Base      SSJ       SSJ2
RRRRRR- 344 dmg   373 dmg   411 dmg   6 hits
RRRRRS- 349 dmg   368 dmg   403 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-  291 dmg   314 dmg   345 dmg   6 hits
RRR<RS- 92  dmg   101 dmg   110 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-   274 dmg   295 dmg   323 dmg   4 hits
RRS-    166 dmg   179 dmg   197 dmg   3 hits
RS-     161 dmg   175 dmg   191 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-  301 dmg   327 dmg   354 smg   4 hits
>RRRSS- 357 dmg   390 dmg   427 dmg   5 hits
>RR<R-  207 dmg   226 dmg   247 dmg   3 hits
>RRSSS- 327 dmg   356 dmg   391 dmg   5 hits
>RSR-   180 dmg   149 dmg   163 dmg   3 hits
>RSS-   185 dmg   154 dmg   221 dmg   3 hits
<RRRRR- 324 dmg   354 dmg   386 dmg   5 hits
<RRRRS- 295 dmg   322 dmg   352 dmg   5 hits
<RRRS-  269 dmg   295 dmg   321 dmg   5 hits
<RRS-   106 dmg   211 dmg   127 dmg   3 hits
<R>RRR- 304 dmg   334 dmg   363 dmg   5 hits
<R>RRS- 291 dmg   320 dmg   347 dmg   4 hits
<R>RS-  206 dmg   116 dmg   246 dmg   3 hits
<R<RR-  243 dmg   216 dmg   236 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-  206 dmg   226 dmg   246 dmg   3 hits
<RS-    97  dmg   106 dmg   116 dmg   2 hits
>>R-    76  dmg   83  dmg   91  dmg   1 hit
SRRR-   283 dmg   311 dmg   340 dmg   4 hits
SSSS-   302 dmg   331 dmg   362 dmg   4 hits
>S-     180 dmg   198 dmg   216 dmg   1 hit
<SR-    205 dmg   224 dmg   245 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-   131 dmg   144 dmg   157 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-   186 dmg   204 dmg   223 dmg   2 hits
<SS-    173 dmg   189 dmg   207 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-   154 dmg   169 dmg   185 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-   184 dmg   201 dmg   220 dmg   3 hits
/\S-    175 dmg   192 dmg   210 dmg   1 hit
\/S-    147 dmg   161 dmg   176 dmg   1 hit
>>S-    151 dmg   166 dmg   181 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-   190 dmg   209 dmg   228 dmg   4 hits
>>E-    50  dmg   55  dmg   60  dmg   1 hit
R+G-    200 dmg   220 dmg   240 dmg   2 hits

o Gohan o
          Base      SSJ       SSJ2     Elder Kai/Mystic
RRRRRR- 403 dmg   443 dmg   485 dmg    523 dmg    7 hits
RRRRRS- 361 dmg   395 dmg   434 dmg    467 dmg    6 hits
RRRRS-  314 dmg   343 dmg   374 dmg    406 dmg    6 hits
RRR<RS- 279 dmg   307 dmg   325 dmg    363 dmg    5 hits
RRRS-   286 dmg   311 dmg   341 dmg    369 dmg    4 hits
RRS-    172 dmg   189 dmg   206 dmg    224 dmg    3 hits
RS-     162 dmg   184 dmg   201 dmg    217 dmg    3 hits
>RRRR-  348 dmg   379 dmg   416 dmg    450 dmg    5 hits
>RRRSS- 357 dmg   389 dmg   432 dmg    462 dmg    5 hits
>RR<R-  216 dmg   236 dmg   259 dmg    280 dmg    3 hits
>RRSSS- 338 smg   369 dmg   405 dmg    437 dmg    5 hits
>RSR-   187 dmg   205 dmg   225 dmg    243 dmg    3 hits
>RSS-   192 dmg   211 dmg   230 dmg    250 dmg    3 hits
<RRRRR- 339 dmg   372 dmg   408 dmg    440 dmg    5 hits
<RRRRS- 304 dmg   333 dmg   366 dmg    394 dmg    5 hits
<RRRS-  282 dmg   310 dmg   339 dmg    367 dmg    5 hits
<RRS-   201 dmg   220 dmg   242 dmg    261 dmg    3 hits
<R>RRR- 320 dmg   352 dmg   384 dmg    415 dmg    5 hits
<R>RRS- 287 dmg   287 dmg   344 dmg    372 dmg    4 hits
<R<RR-  255 dmg   280 dmg   305 dmg    330 dmg    4 hits
<R<RS-  216 dmg   237 dmg   259 dmg    280 dmg    3 hits
<RS     100 dmg   166 dmg   182 dmg    197 dmg    2 hits
>>R     75  dmg   82  dmg   90  dmg    97  dmg    1 hit
SRRR-   297 dmg   326 dmg   358 dmg    385 dmg    4 hits
SSSS-   307 dmg   337 dmg   369 dmg    399 dmg    4 hits
>S-     175 dmg   192 dmg   210 dmg    227 dmg    1 hit
<SR-    215 dmg   235 dmg   258 dmg    278 dmg    2 hits
<S>R-   137 dmg   150 dmg   164 dmg    177 dmg    2 hits
<S<R-   152 dmg   166 dmg   182 dmg    197 dmg    2 hits
<SS-    176 dmg   192 dmg   211 dmg    228 dmg    2 hits
<S>S-   166 dmg   182 dmg   199 dmg    215 dmg    2 hits
<S<S-   182 dmg   200 dmg   219 dmg    236 dmg    3 hits
/\S-    225 dmg   247 dmg   270 dmg    292 dmg    1 hit
\/S-    243 dmg   267 dmg   292 dmg    316 dmg    1 hit
>>S-    165 dmg   181 dmg   198 dmg    214 dmg    1 hit
EEEE-   190 dmg   209 dmg   228 dmg    248 dmg    4 hits
>>E-    50  dmg   55  dmg   60  dmg    65  dmg    1 hit
R+G-    200 dmg   220 dmg   240 dmg    260 dmg    2 hits

o  Vegeta  o
            Base       SSJ      SSJ2      Majin
RRRRR-     329 dmg   360 dmg   394 dmg   410 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-     325 dmg   354 dmg   389 dmg   404 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-      268 dmg   293 dmg   322 dmg   334 dmg   4 hits
RR<RR-     305 dmg   335 dmg   368 dmg   381 dmg   5 hits
RRS-       221 dmg   243 dmg   266 dmg   275 dmg   4 hits
RS-        161 dmg   177 dmg   194 dmg   200 dmg   2 hits
>RRR-      221 dmg   243 dmg   265 dmg   275 dmg   3 hits
>RRSS-     343 dmg   378 dmg   410 dmg   428 dmg   5 hits
>R<RRRS-   328 dmg   360 dmg   395 dmg   410 dmg   6 hits
>RSSS-     302 dmg   332 dmg   363 dmg   378 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-     265 dmg   291 dmg   318 dmg   328 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-     285 dmg   313 dmg   342 dmg   354 dmg   5 hits
<RRS-      259 dmg   284 dmg   311 dmg   322 dmg   4 hits
<R>RR-     207 dmg   228 dmg   248 dmg   258 dmg   3 hits
<R>RSS-    307 dmg   337 dmg   368 dmg   383 dmg   4 hits
<R<RR-     202 dmg   222 dmg   242 dmg   252 dmg   3 hits
<R<RS-     216 dmg   237 dmg   259 dmg   269 dmg   3 hits
<RSSS-     292 dmg   321 dmg   352 dmg   364 dmg   4 hits
>>R-       80  dmg   88  dmg   96  dmg   100 dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-     291 dmg   321 dmg   351 dmg   364 dmg   5 hits
SRRS-      240 dmg   264 dmg   289 dmg   299 dmg   4 hits
SSSR-      317 dmg   350 dmg   381 dmg   395 dmg   5 hits
SSSS-      288 dmg   317 dmg   346 dmg   358 dmg   4 hits
>S-        160 dmg   176 dmg   192 dmg   200 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-      302 dmg   332 dmg   363 dmg   377 dmg   4 hits
<S>R-      157 dmg   172 dmg   188 dmg   195 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-      196 dmg   214 dmg   235 dmg   244 dmg   2 hits
<SS-       157 dmg   172 dmg   188 dmg   195 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-      181 dmg   199 dmg   218 dmg   225 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      167 dmg   182 dmg   200 dmg   207 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       165 dmg   181 dmg   198 dmg   206 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       165 dmg   181 dmg   198 dmg   206 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       155 dmg   170 dmg   186 dmg   193 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-      190 dmg   209 dmg   228 dmg   236 dmg   4 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   55  dmg   60  dmg   62  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   220 dmg   240 dmg   250 dmg   2 hits

o  Trunks o
             Base     SSJ
RRRRR-     423 dmg   563 dmg   7 hits
RRRRSSS-   511 dmg   562 dmg   8 hits
RRRS-      316 dmg   345 dmg   5 hits
RRS-       211 dmg   231 dmg   3 hits
RS-        182 dmg   200 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-     235 dmg   260 dmg   4 hits
>RRRSS-    338 dmg   371 dmg   6 hits
>RRSSS-    431 dmg   476 dmg   9 hits
>RSR       242 dmg   266 dmg   3 hits
>RSS       250 dmg   275 dmg   3 hits
<RRRR-     270 dmg   292 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-     277 dmg   304 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-      231 dmg   251 dmg   4 hits
<R>RR-     144 dmg   157 dmg   3 hits
<R>RS-     181 dmg   198 dmg   3 hits
<R<RR-     178 dmg   194 dmg   3 hits
<R<RS-     298 dmg   315 dmg   3 hits
<RS-       172 dmg   155 dmg   2 hits
>>R-       80  dmg   88  dmg   1 hit
SRRR-      256 dmg   281 dmg   4 hits
SSSR-      312 dmg   342 dmg   4 hits
SSSS-      314 dmg   344 dmg   4 hits
>SSS-      306 dmg   336 dmg   3 hits
<SR-       113 dmg   124 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-      162 dmg   177 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-      191 dmg   209 dmg   2 hits
<SS-       197 dmg   217 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-      162 dmg   177 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      162 dmg   177 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       145 dmg   159 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       145 dmg   159 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       165 dmg   181 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-      190 dmg   209 dmg   4 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   55  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   220 dmg   2 hits

o Krillin o
           Base  Unlock Potential
RRRRR-    353 dmg   389 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-    324 dmg   353 dmg   5 hits
RRRSSS-   392 dmg   408 dmg   6 hits
RR<RS-    283 dmg   309 dmg   5 hits
RRSS-     303 dmg   332 dmg   4 hits
RSS-      206 dmg   225 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-    318 dmg   346 dmg   5 hits
>RRRSS-   304 dmg   332 dmg   5 hits
>RRR<S-   278 dmg   304 dmg   5 hits
>RRSSR-   366 dmg   400 dmg   5 hits
>RRSSS-   335 dmg   366 dmg   5 hits
>RSSS-    251 dmg   271 dmg   4 hits
<RRRRR-   291 dmg   318 dmg   5 hits
<RRRRS-   305 dmg   333 dmg   5 hits
<RRR>R-   224 dmg   243 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-    272 dmg   297 dmg   5 hits
<RRSSS-   291 dmg   324 dmg   5 hits
<R>RR-    238 dmg   260 dmg   3 hits
<R>RS-    242 dmg   262 dmg   3 hits
<R<RRR-   269 dmg   292 dmg   4 hits
<R<RRS-   199 dmg   214 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-    216 dmg   234 dmg   4 hits
<RS-      148 dmg   162 dmg   2 hits
>>R-      78  dmg   85  dmg   1 hit
SRRR-     309 dmg   339 dmg   4 hits
SR<R-     269 dmg   295 dmg   4 hits
SSSSS-    421 dmg   460 dmg   5 hits
>S-       173 dmg   190 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-     221 dmg   242 dmg   3 hits
<S>R-     135 dmg   148 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-     179 dmg   196 dmg   3 hits
<SS-      198 dmg   216 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-     178 dmg   194 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-     163 dmg   179 dmg   2 hits
/\S-      197 dmg   216 dmg   2 hits
\/S-      139 dmg   152 dmg   2 hits
>>S-      153 dmg   168 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-     190 dmg   209 dmg   4 hits
>>E-      50  dmg   55 dmg    1 hit
R+G-      200 dmg   220 dmg   2 hits

o  Piccolo o
            Base   Piccolo/Kami
RRRRR-     275 dmg   302 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-     282 dmg   309 dmg   6 hits
RRRS-      229 dmg   251 dmg   5 hits
RRS-       191 dmg   210 dmg   4 hits
R<RRS-     243 dmg   268 dmg   5 hits
RS-        155 dmg   170 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-     303 dmg   330 dmg   4 hits
>RRRS-     276 dmg   302 dmg   5 hits
>RRSS-     265 dmg   289 dmg   4 hits
>RR<SRR-   364 dmg   398 dmg   5 hits
>RR<SRS-   379 dmg   414 dmg   5 hits
>RSSS-     261 dmg   285 dmg   4 hits
<RRRRR-    306 dmg   333 dmg   5 hits
<RRRRS-    283 dmg   308 dmg   5 hits
<RRRS-     245 dmg   267 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-      215 dmg   235 dmg   3 hits
<R>R-      137 dmg   149 dmg   2 hits
<R<RRR-    251 dmg   273 dmg   4 hits
<R<RRS-    275 dmg   300 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-     225 dmg   246 dmg   3 hits
<RS-       147 dmg   161 dmg   2 hits
>>R-       68  dmg   74  dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-     437 dmg   478 dmg   7 hits
SSSS-      334 dmg   366 dmg   7 hits
>S-        154 dmg   169 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-      291 dmg   319 dmg   3 hits
<S>RR-     242 dmg   266 dmg   3 hits
<S<R-      159 dmg   174 dmg   2 hits
<SS-       169 dmg   184 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-      204 dmg   224 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      179 dmg   196 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       154 dmg   169 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       169 dmg   185 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       154 dmg   169 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-      190 dmg   209 dmg   4 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   55  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   220 dmg   2 hits

o  Frieza  o
            Base    100% Form
RRRRR-     293 dmg   340 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-     323 dmg   375 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-      225 dmg   260 dmg   4 hits
RRS-       197 dmg   230 dmg   3 hits
R<RSS-     246 dmg   287 dmg   4 hits
RSS-       203 dmg   237 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-     291 dmg   335 dmg   5 hits
>RRRSS-    397 dmg   455 dmg   6 hits
>RR<RRS-   326 dmg   383 dmg   5 hits
>RRSS-     313 dmg   360 dmg   4 hits
>R<RRRR-   310 dmg   355 dmg   5 hits
>RSS-      278 dmg   320 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-     269 dmg   308 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-     321 dmg   394 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-      230 dmg   263 dmg   3 hits
<R>RR-     225 dmg   258 dmg   3 hits
<R>RS-     236 dmg   270 dmg   3 hits
<R<RR-     209 dmg   240 dmg   3 hits
<R<RSS-    314 dng   361 dmg   4 hits
<RSS-      270 dmg   308 dmg   4 hits
>>R-       94  dmg   108 dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-     380 dmg   433 dmg   5 hits
SRRS-      321 dmg   367 dmg   4 hits
SR>R-      242 dmg   277 dmg   3 hits
SSSR-      427 dmg   392 dmg   4 hits
SSSS-      352 dmg   404 dmg   5 hits
>S-        207 dmg   238 dmg   1 hit
<SRRRR-    316 dmg   361 dmg   5 hits
<S>R-      165 dmg   188 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-      207 dmg   238 dmg   2 hits
<SSS-      256 dmg   293 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-      165 dmg   188 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      186 dmg   213 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       174 dmg   200 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       174 dmg   200 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       163 dmg   187 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-     234 dmg   266 dmg   5 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   57  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   229 dmg   3 hits

o Android 18 o

RRRRR-    342 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-    342 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-     284 dmg   4 hits
RR<RR-    363 dmg   5 hits
RRS-      236 dmg   3 hits
RS-       199 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-    370 dmg   6 hits
>RRRSS-   292 dmg   5 hits
>RRSS-    331 dmg   4 hits
>RSSS-    304 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-    200 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-    240 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-     186 dmg   3 hits
<R>RRR    306 dmg   4 hits
<R>RRS-   241 dmg   4 hits
<R>RS-    207 dmg   3 hits
<R<RRR-   365 dmg   5 hits
<R<RRS-   312 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-    256 dmg   4 hits
<RS-      201 dmg   2 hits
>>R-      72  dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-    337 dmg   5 hits
S<RR-     273 dmg   3 hits
SSS-      326 dmg   4 hits
>S-       157 dmg   1 hit
<SR-      258 dmg   4 hits
<S>R-     186 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-     175 dmg   2 hits
<SSS-     252 dmg   3 hits
<S>S      197 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-     210 dmg   3 hits
/\S-      240 dmg   1 hit
\/S-      240 dmg   1 hit
>>S-      179 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-    234 dmg   5 hits
>>E-      50  dmg   1 hit
R+G-      200 dmg   2 hits

o   Cell   o
            Base   Super Perfect Form
RRRRR-     366 dmg   420 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-     283 dmg   325 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-      270 dmg   312 dmg   4 hits
RR>RRRS-   402 dmg   462 dmg   6 hits
RRS-       216 dmg   248 dmg   3 hits
RS-        253 dmg   290 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-     295 dmg   337 dmg   4 hits
>RRRS-     288 dmg   329 dmg   4 hits
>RRSS-     335 dmg   382 dmg   5 hits
>RSRS-     304 dmg   348 dmg   4 hits
>RSS-      244 dmg   279 dmg   3 hits
<RRRR-     355 dmg   405 dmg   5 hits
<RRRS-     295 dmg   336 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-      274 dmg   312 dmg   4 hits
<R>RRR-    359 dmg   411 dmg   4 hits
<R>RRS-    307 dmg   352 dmg   4 hits
<R>RS-     263 dmg   302 dmg   3 hits
<R<RRR-    300 dmg   343 dmg   4 hits
<R<RRS-    313 dmg   355 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-     266 dmg   304 dmg   3 hits
<RS-       220 dmg   251 dmg   3 hits
>>R-       81  dmg   98 dmg    1 hit
SRRRR-     395 dmg   453 dmg   5 hits
SSRRS-     373 dmg   436 dmg   5 hits
SSSSS-     354 dmg   405 dmg   5 hits
>S-        178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
<SR-       291 dmg   333 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-      182 dmg   209 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-      171 dmg   195 dmg   2 hits
<SSS-      295 dmg   338 dmg   3 hits
<S>SS-     306 dmg   352 dmg   3 hits
<S<S-      188 dmg   216 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-     234 dmg   266 dmg   5 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   57  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   230 dmg   2 hits

o Kid Buu o

RRRRRRR- 453 dmg   7 hits
RRRRRRS- 475 dmg   7 hits
RRRRRS-  431 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-   456 dmg   8 hits
RRRS-    346 dmg   4 hits
RR>RRSR- 481 dmg   6 hits
RRS-     245 dmg   3 hits
RS-      194 dmg   2 hits
>RRRRRR- 464 dmg   6 hits
>RRRRRS- 464 dmg   6 hits
>RRRRSS- 492 dmg   6 hits
>RRSS-   340 dmg   4 hits
>RSSSS-  374 dmg   7 hits
<RRRRR-  513 dmg   5 hits
<RRRRS-  522 dmg   8 hits
<RRRS-   363 dmg   4 hits
<RRSS-   394 dmg   5 hits
<R>R-    206 dmg   2 hits
<R<RR-   340 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-   263 dmg   3 hits
<RS-     213 dmg   2 hits
>>R      100 dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-   338 dmg   5 hits
SSSSSS-  563 dmg   9 hits
>S-      193 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-    430 dmg   6 hits
<S>R-    371 dmg   6 hits
<S<R-    304 dmg   5 hits
<SSS-    468 dmg   9 hits
<S>S-    315 dmg   5 hits
<S<S-    315 dmg   5 hits
/\S-     174 dmg   1 hit
\/S-     193 dmg   1 hit
>>S-     174 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-   234 dmg   5 hits
>>E-     98  dmg   2 hits
R+G-     200 dmg   3 hits

o  Cooler  o
            Base    Final Form
RRRR-      277 dmg   317 dmg   4 hits
RRRSS-     332 dmg   380 dmg   5 hits
RRSS-      339 dmg   387 dmg   5 hits
R<RR-      233 dmg   267 dmg   3 hits
RSS-       279 dmg   319 dmg   4 hits
>RRR-      248 dmg   283 dmg   3 hits
>RRSSS-    348 dmg   396 dmg   6 hits
>RR<SS-    282 dmg   321 dmg   4 hits
>RSSS-     318 dmg   364 dmg   4 hits
<RRR-      211 dmg   241 dmg   3 hits
<RRSSS-    376 dmg   431 dmg   5 hits
<R>RRR-    332 dmg   380 dmg   4 hits
<R>RRSS-   387 dmg   442 dmg   5 hits
<R>RSS-    342 dmg   393 dmg   4 hits
<R<RR-     250 dmg   285 dmg   3 hits
<R<RS-     266 dmg   304 dmg   3 hits
<RS-       141 dmg   160 dmg   3 hits
>>R-       81  dmg   93  dmg   1 hit
SRRR-      296 dmg   338 dmg   4 hits
SRRSS-     388 dmg   444 dmg   5 hits
SSSS-      334 dmg   382 dmg   4 hits
>S-        184 dmg   211 dmg   1 hit
<SR-       215 dmg   247 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-      182 dmg   209 dmg   2 hits
<S<R       160 dmg   184 dmg   2 hits
<SS-       210 dmg   242 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-      182 dmg   209 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      242 dmg   222 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       178 dmg   204 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       189 dmg   217 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-     234 dmg   266 dmg   5 hits
>>E-       50  dmg   57  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       200 dmg   229 dmg   3 hits

o  Broly  o
           Base      LSSJ
RRRR-     300 dmg   359 dmg   4 hits
RRRS-     311 dmg   371 dmg   4 hits
RR<RRS-   406 dmg   486 dmg   5 hits
RRS-      158 dmg   295 dmg   3 hits
RS-       158 dmg   189 dmg   2 hits
>RRR-     244 dmg   292 dmg   3 hits
>RRSS-    313 dmg   371 dmg   4 hits
>RSS-     291 dmg   347 dmg   4 hits
<RRR-     242 dmg   290 dmg   3 hits
<RRS-     317 dmg   379 dmg   4 hits
<R>R-     188 dmg   225 dmg   2 hits
<R<RR-    279 dmg   333 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-    363 dmg   433 dmg   4 hits
<RS-      194 dmg   232 dmg   2 hits
>>R-      84  dmg   100 dmg   1 hit
SRRR-     385 dmg   461 dmg   4 hits
SR>RRS-   360 dmg   431 dmg   5 hits
SSSS-     372 dmg   443 dmg   4 hits
>S-       182 dmg   218 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-     243 dmg   290 dmg   3 hits
<S>R-     206 dmg   246 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-     206 dmg   246 dmg   2 hits
<SS-      214 dmg   256 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-     200 dmg   239 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-     182 dmg   218 dmg   2 hits
/\S-      158 dmg   189 dmg   1 hit
\/S-      158 dmg   189 dmg   1 hit
>>S-      182 dmg   218 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-    234 dmg   280 dmg   5 hits
>>E-      50  dmg   60  dmg   1 hit
R+G-      200 dmg   240 dmg   2 hits

o Gotenks  o
            Base       SSJ       SSJ3
RRRRRR-    443 dmg   480 dmg   520 dmg   6 hits
RRRRRS-    385 dmg   416 dmg   454 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-     284 dmg   307 dmg   337 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-      250 dmg   272 dmg   301 dmg   4 hits
RRS-       186 dmg   202 dmg   222 dmg   3 hits
R<RRR-     251 dmg   274 dmg   301 dmg   4 hits
RS-        147 dmg   160 dmg   173 dmg   2 hits
>RRRRR-    349 dmg   379 dmg   409 dmg   5 hits
>RRRRSS-   389 dmg   423 dmg   459 dmg   6 hits
>RRRSS-    275 dmg   299 dmg   326 dmg   5 hits
>RRSS-     297 dmg   325 dmg   350 dmg   4 hits
>RSS-      258 dmg   282 dmg   306 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-     301 dmg   327 dmg   354 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-     269 dmg   293 dmg   316 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-      225 dmg   246 dmg   265 dmg   3 hits
<R>RRR-    258 dmg   277 dmg   298 dmg   4 hits
<R>RRS-    305 dmg   331 dmg   354 dmg   5 hits
<R>RS-     234 dmg   245 dmg   265 dmg   3 hits
<R<RR-     247 dmg   269 dmg   290 dmg   3 hits
<R<RS-     253 dmg   275 dmg   296 dmg   3 hits
<RS-       236 dmg   256 dmg   278 dmg   3 hits
>>R-       78  dmg   85  dmg   91  dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-     360 dmg   390 dmg   419 dmg   5 hits
SR<RR-     318 dmg   343 dmg   372 dmg   4 hits
SSSS-      310 dmg   338 dmg   366 dmg   4 hits
>S-        204 dmg   222 dmg   240 dmg   1 hit
<SRR-      231 dmg   252 dmg   272 dmg   3 hits
<S>R-      180 dmg   197 dmg   212 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-      258 dmg   280 dmg   302 dmg   2 hits
<SS-       203 dmg   221 dmg   238 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-      208 dmg   227 dmg   245 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-      192 dmg   209 dmg   225 dmg   2 hits
/\S-       254 dmg   276 dmg   298 dmg   1 hit
\/S-       254 dmg   240 dmg   259 dmg   1 hit
>>S-       187 dmg   203 dmg   220 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-      216 dmg   236 dmg   253 dmg   4 hits
>>E-       57  dmg   62  dmg   67  dmg   1 hit
R+G-       230 dmg   250 dmg   270 dmg   2 hits

o Gogeta  o

RRRRRR-   550 dmg   7 hits
RRRRRS-   589 dmg   6 hits
RRRRS-    390 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-     327 dmg   4 hits
RRS-      244 dmg   3 hits
R<RRS-    236 dmg   4 hits
RS-       177 dmg   2 hits
>RRRR-    284 dmg   4 hits
>RRR>RS-  416 dmg   5 hits
>RRRSS-   358 dmg   5 hits
>RRSSS-   414 dmg   5 hits
>RSS-     311 dmg   4 hits
<RRRRR-   454 dmg   5 hits
<RRRRS-   472 dmg   6 hits
<RRRS-    471 dmg   5 hits
<RRS-     265 dmg   3 hits
<R>R-     198 dmg   2 hits
<R<RR-    344 dmg   4 hits
<R<RSSS-  423 dmg   5 hits
<RSS-     316 dmg   3 hits
>>R-      108 dmg   1 hit
SRRRRR-   600 dmg   7 hits
SRSSS-    600 dmg   6 hits
SSSS-     395 dmg   4 hits
>S-       229 dmg   1 hit
<SRRRR-   580 dmg   6 hits
<S>R-     238 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-     218 dmg   2 hits
<SSS-     318 dmg   3 hits
<S>S-     258 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-     258 dmg   2 hits
/\S-      222 dmg   1 hit
\/S-      222 dmg   1 hit
>>S-      216 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-     253 dmg   4 hits
>>E-      67  dmg   1 hit
R+G-      270 dmg   2 hits

o Vegito o
             Base       SSJ
RRRR-       303 dmg   338 dmg   4 hits
RRRS-       392 dmg   432 dmg   6 hits
RRS-        235 dmg   262 dmg   3 hits
R<RRS-      297 dmg   331 dmg   4 hits
RS-         130 dmg   145 dmg   2 hits
>RRR-       205 dmg   229 dmg   3 hits
>RRSSS-     433 dmg   479 dmg   5 hits
>RR<SSS-    420 dmg   471 dmg   5 hits
>RSS-       300 dmg   334 dmg   4 hits
<RRRR-      293 dmg   327 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-      347 dmg   389 dmg   5 hits
<RRS-       285 dmg   318 dmg   3 hits
<R>R-       190 dmg   211 dmg   2 hits
<R<RR-      330 dmg   368 dmg   4 hits
<R<RSSS-    353 dmg   454 dmg   5 hits
<RSSS-      409 dmg   456 dmg   4 hits
>>R-        104 dmg   116 dmg   1 hit
SRRR-       359 dmg   397 dmg   4 hits
SRSRR-      548 dmg   607 dmg   6 hits
SSSS-       442 dmg   493 dmg   4 hits
>S-         214 dmg   239 dmg   1 hit
<SR-        235 dmg   263 dmg   2 hits
<S>R-       210 dmg   235 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-       210 dmg   235 dmg   2 hits
<SS-        333 dmg   370 dmg   4 hits
<S>S-       248 dmg   277 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-       248 dmg   277 dmg   2 hits
/\S-        221 dmg   246 dmg   1 hit
\/S-        221 dmg   246 dmg   1 hit
>>S-        214 dmg   239 dmg   1 hit
EEEE        248 dmg   273 dmg   4 hits
>>E-        189 dmg   208 dmg   3 hits
R+G-        260 dmg   290 dmg   2 hits

o Pikkon o

RRRRR-    515 dmg   8 hits
RRRRS-    478 dmg   8 hits
RRRS-     507 dmg   6 hits
RRS-      244 dmg   3 hits
RS-       212 dmg   3 hits
R<SSS-    350 dmg   4 hits
>RRRR-    284 dmg   4 hits
>RRRSS-   476 dmg   7 hits
>RRSS-    336 dmg   5 hits
>RSS-     263 dmg   3 hits
<RRRR-    281 dmg   4 hits
<RRRS-    307 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-     267 dmg   4 hits
<R>RR-    313 dmg   4 hits
<R>RS-    221 dmg   3 hits
<R<RR-    233 dmg   3 hits
<R<RS-    249 dmg   3 hits
<RS-      164 dmg   2 hits
>>R-      81  dmg   1 hit
SRRRR-    397 dmg   6 hits
SSSSS-    447 dmg   5 hits
S<SS-     205 dmg   2 hits
>S-       253 dmg   2 hits
<SRRR-    355 dmg   4 hits
<S>R-     196 dmg   2 hits
<S<R-     171 dmg   2 hits
<SS-      199 dmg   2 hits
<S>S-     182 dmg   2 hits
<S<S-     182 dmg   2 hits
/\S-      231 dmg   1 hit
\/S-      196 dmg   1 hit
>>S-      189 dmg   1 hit
EEEE-     190 dmg   4 hits
>>E-      50  dmg   1 hit
R+G-      200 dmg   2 hits

o Janemba o
Note: Janemba was done at max ki

RRRRR-   384 dmg   5 hits
RRRRS-   384 dmg   5 hits
RRRS-    314 dmg   5 hits
RRS-     358 dmg   4 hits
RSS-     332 dmg   3 hits
>RRRR-   395 dmg   4 hits
>RRRSS-  544 dmg   5 hits
>RRR>S-  468 dmg   4 hits
>RRSS-   468 dmg   4 hits
>RSS-    388 dmg   3 hits
<RRRR-   501 dmg   5 hits
<RRRS-   423 dmg   4 hits
<RRS-    328 dmg   3 hits
<R>RR-   134 dmg   3 hits
<R>RSSS- 541 dmg   5 hits
<R<RRR-  416 dmg   4 hits
<R<RRS-  423 dmg   4 hits
<R<RS-   342 dmg   4 hits
<RSS-    342 dmg   3 hits
>>R-     120 dmg   1 hit
SRRR-    403 dmg   4 hits
SRSS-    490 dmg   4 hits
SSS-     320 dmg   3 hits
>S-      198 dmg   1 hit
<SR-     207 dmg   2 hits
<S>RRRR- 453 dmg   5 hits
<S<R-    221 dmg   2 hits
<SS-     232 dmg   3 hits
<S>SS-   462 dmg   4 hits
<S<SS    298 dmg   3 hits
/\S-     205 dmg   1 hit
\/S-     255 dmg   1 hit
>>S-     198 dmg   1 hit
EEEEE-   257 dmg   5 hits
>>E      55  dmg   1 hit
R+G-     227 dmg   2 hits

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
12.                   Battle Tips
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o

1. When someone fires their ultimate attack at you and your are unable to
dodge it just block it. Once their attack finishes quickly lauch your
ultimate attack this trick will always hit due to the delay of recovering
from ultimates.

2. If you ever have the chance to attack the opponets back do it. Attacking
their back causes more damage.

3. Advanced combos will really help you defeat the computer easily. If you
want to find out about these combos look at Goryus FAQ.

4. If you decide to do a teleport chain on an enemy keep in mind for every
teleport you lose one energy bar and they gain one energy bar.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
13.               Secrets and Glitches
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
Dragon Click: On the Main Menu after beating Arcade Mode simply press L Button
and on the Dragon Radar the words "Dragon Click" will come out. Next, press
the R Button to begin the mini game. The object of the game is press the
R button as many times as you can before time runs out.

Dragon Player: Complete Dragon Road once. Then on the main menu press the button
"L". Dragon Player is a little option that
enables you to listen to the various music in the game.

Start in transformed state: When selecting a transformed character hold the
"R" button. You will start in the transformed state and not have to power up
and transform during the game.

There is only once glitch I know about. That is the Vegito glitch. Be
Vegito and perform the move Savage Counter. Have Piccolo attack you from a
distance if the attack connects Vegito will perform Savage Counter and damage
Piccolo without even touching him.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o========================
14.             Frequently Asked Questions
=======================o       o========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
How many characters are there? There are 18 characters not including

Are there beam struggles? No they aren't any instead the stronger beam eats
up the weaker beam.

Are there in game transformations? Yes there are in game transformations.

Is there a capsule system in this game? No instead there is a system where you
buy stamps and decorate it.

Which game does this closely resemble? Budokai 3 would be the closest.

How is the fighting system in this game? It is really good and has good depth to
it. Look at Goryus Cancel Combo FAQ for more details.

Is there wireless play in this game? Yes there is ad-hoc mode.

How do increase my power level? You win wireless network battles.

                         o   o
                        o     o
=======================o       o=========================
15.                Thanks and Credits
=======================o       o=========================
                        o     o
                         o   o
I'd like to thank Gamefaqs first and neoseeker .I'd also like to thank Dimps 
for a great game. Also in Janemba's section of the move list to Philf138 for
contributing. A thanks also to calis1 for contributing to my guide also

Copyright 2006 Rupert F.

The site mentioned below have permission to use this guide. Please email me
at chillaxing@gmail.com if you would like to use my document


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