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Reviewed: 11/17/06

My suitable review.

Viewtiful Joe: Redhot Rumble is a decent game. First off, Redhot Rumble is not a Capcom's version of Super Smash Bros. It's similar in a couple of aspects, but if you're expecting this game to play like SSB, then you'll be sorely disappointed. The objective of this game is to earn more points than your rival(s) in various tasks, such as who defeats the most enemies (usually takes 1 hit to kill them), collecting the most coins, who deals the most damages to the boss at the end of a stage, etc. So if you think this game is about pounding your opponent down to the ground, you can forget about buying this game. Don't get me wrong, you still can beat your opponents up, but that will not gurantee you a win in a particular round that I've just listed, and like most of the enemies, your opponents will be flying around the screen with 1 hit.

The controls is easy to learn and it works well on the PSP. It's not complicated, you got your regular attacks, special attacks, and jump buttons that works similar to SSB. It's a combination of the face buttons and the d-pad/analog nub. Each characters have their own trademark moves from the consoles. The VFX Actions are still here in this series, and they come in a form of items. Slow, mach speed, zoom, and sound effects randomly drops down in the arena for the players to use, but you can only hold 2 VFX Actions items at once.

There are 4 modes in Redhot Rumble to keep you busy for a while. The story mode has quite a few chapters for you to play and unlock new characters. The trial mode has 40 mini games in which you try to get the highest score. CPU vs. mode is basically the story mode, but you get to choose which opponent(s) and map you want to compete in. The network mode allows you to play with other players that own Redhot Rumble. If your friends doesn't have Redhot Rumble, there is Game Sharing.

Replay Values
With 4 modes, you can expect some replay values for this game, but for me, the game got really old quick. Playing the story and CPU vs. mode becomes very tiring because of how you have to play the game. Collecting the most coins for like a minute, defeating the most enemies for a minute, trying to survive a round for a minute, etc is all you can expect in this game. Even playing with friends, it becomes quite old. The trial mode is probably the best single player mode in this game, you have to figure out the quickest or easiest way of winning.

I have to say this game is not a great title, but it's decent like I've said earlier. Once you beat a couple of story chapters, you've seen all it has to offer. The boss battles are fun, but who ever deals the last hit on a boss, that player gets a major boost of points which to me seems unfair. You could have done 80% of damages on the boss, but if you don't deliver the last blow, you may have lost the match when it comes to the screen where it adds up your points of the entire chapter. There are many characters to unlock, but over half of the characters are basically skins that uses the same moves of another character. You can play as boss characters, and characters from Devil May Cry series, I thought that was a cool extra Capcom added for the PSP.

Fast loading time.
Many characters to choose from after they are unlocked.
Many arenas to choose from after they are unlocked.
Simple controls

Becomes quite old after a short while.
Half of the characters are skins and uses the same moves of another character.
You can't exactly fight another player one on one, the game is built on fighting stage enemies that pops out from the screen.
It can become difficult to see where you are and what you are doing, but there is an option to turn on player indicator icon.

I give this game a 6 out of 10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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