PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File10/16/05darkzero29770K
100% Completion. This is saved on Profile #2 so you don't need to delete your own save to have this.
Save Game File09/21/05Hardkore70K
53% done, 75/75 race golds, 25/100 crash golds, 63/89 cars
Save Game File10/02/05darkzero29770K
90% Completion. Every single game objective is completed. No extra Collector Cars have been gathered.
Save Game File10/07/05jmorf70K
99% complete. Everything done except 2 bus takedowns in a race.
Save Game File10/06/06blackiceninja2770K
About half way good starting files most cars
Save Game File07/20/06brandnewlife66670K
Mostly Completed Few Cars Left
Save Game File09/29/05Kuma24370K
This is only 44% complete but has every collector car unlocked!

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File10/23/05Marshy70K
100% Complete Enjoy!!!
Save Game File10/26/05Thorpe70K
28% done, total Burnout points = 394770
Save Game File09/11/05Golden1Sun1Fighter170K
37% game save, 81/175 events complete, 40 cars unlocked
Save Game File09/16/05bonifacio_170K
69%, 152 events completed, 49 cars unlocked
Save Game File09/24/05Aziz Strife 777770K
8%, with unique cars compact number 4. Use to unlock all bonus cars
Save Game File09/21/05timkogster70K
88%, 175 events complete, 66 car unlocked, 10 special event unlocked,

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