PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File07/13/05Kouli240K
1st save point. Level 61 Rid(4270 HPs & 437 TPs) in Mania Mode. About 598k Gald, and 18k Encounts. Also, Max Hit at 18, Play Time at 254 Hours. Rid has 6 Titles and 21 Techs.
Save Game File07/15/05Kouli239K
Before final boss in Mania, with 1036k Gald and all characters at Level 250
Save Game File07/15/05Kouli239K
Outside Nereid's Labyrinth in Mania, with 1036k Gald and all characters at Level 250
Save Game File04/02/05Cybertic Dragon251K
Second Playthrough, about to go to Sylph's Cavern

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File06/09/06meweth250K
(Hacked Save) Saved just before you meet meredy for the first time, take one step and you will instantly be in a fight, when battle is over you will be lvl 250, with max gold and 7 of all items (except key items!)
Save Game File10/11/06baki16723K
3 saves.1st Hardcore mode upto Nostos Cave.Most skills learnt. 2nd new game* with carried over monster collection&collections book 98%. 3rd a perfect reflection of my guide. 99%, with Lvl81chars 9999hp+999tp.
Save Game File03/17/06Phange240K
First game defeated, beginning of "New Game +"
Save Game File10/31/06Blue Man248K
Inferia 1891 Gald Reid Lv 10, Farah Lv 9 and Meredy Lv 8
Save Game File03/20/06Phange239K
New Game + Completed (All optional bosses defeated) Party around lv 65
Save Game File08/12/06UnknownFate45K
Save before switch. Test for Volt Glitch
Save Game File04/07/06LunarOdin240K
Save before trial 3
Save Game File04/07/06LunarOdin241K
Saved before trial 1
Save Game File04/07/06LunarOdin240K
Saved before trial 2
Save Game File04/13/06tiamat_king247K
saved on orbus barrier level 76 all skills learned for reid missing two skills for farah and all craymels obtained inc sekkundes and maxwell
Save Game File02/20/06tobi2yul240K
This has all characters on lvl 22 with lots of very good weapons. Just saved right after defeating Wind Craymel
Save Game File08/03/06Luigi31249K
Volt defeated and slot puzzle completed

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