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Movie Script by ZFS

Version: Final | Updated: 12/04/06

Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children Script
By: ZFS [ZFS@comcast.net]
Final Version -- 11/30/06


This is a Script FAQ for "Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children" on the
PSP and/or DVD. Advent Children is a direct sequel to the videogame 
"Final Fantasy VII." It takes place two years after the events of the
PlayStation hit and gives us a look into what happened with Cloud and
co. after Sephiroth's defeat. 

The purpose of this FAQ is to give you the entire script to the movie
sequel. I will cover all of the spoken dialogue from every character
who has a speaking role. Reading this should give you a perfect idea
of the plot and the story portions of the movie. Everything in
brackets -- [ ] -- will tell you anything from a scene change, a 
battle taking place, or just what is happening in the scene that you 
might not be able to catch with just simple text -- this'll help 
avoid confusion more than anything else. 

For whatever reason you use this FAQ, I hope it is informative and
is serves its purpose well. I know I always want to check up on the
script of something after I've completed it, so I figured with the
popularity of Final Fantasy VII, this would be something people would
certainly like to see.

-------------------------------{Version History}-------------------------------

Version 1.0 -- This is the first version of this FAQ. All major 
spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and any formatting errors are
addressed and taken care of. Everything is, however, not perfect and
there are still some flaws that could be found within this guide. 
If you notice any, feel free to contact me to clear anything up. 

Version 1.1 -- I fixed some of my own errors regarding the script and
took care of anything I may have left out. Everything should be in 
place, but there might be a future correction if anything gets 
pointed out or I realize I forgot something. 

Version 1.2 -- I fixed some more grammatical errors, got more of the
lines correct, and generally have just about completed the entire 
thing. Pretty much everything here is likely to be the final product.

Final Version -- Everything corrected, format fixed, and e-mails taken into
consideration. This is pretty much the final update for this FAQ. I have 
updated my e-mail so that you can contact me if need be.

-------------------------------{Table of Contents}-----------------------------

	I. Script
		a. Introduction
		b. Prologue
		c. Part I
		d. Part II
		e. Part III
	II. Credits
	III. Contacts
	IV. Copyright


|a. Introduction                                                              |

To those who loved this world and knew friendly company within. This
Reunion is for you.

[500 years in the future. Red XIII and his cubs can be seen running
to the top of a hill overlooking the now old city of Midgar.]

[498 years Earlier.]

[Scene switches to Northern Cave]

Elena: Tseng! Look at this.

Tseng: Pay dirt.

Elena: Not a pretty sight, is it?

[Scene shows Reno in a helicopter above Northern Crater]

Reno: Who cares? Just get the damn thing.

Tseng: Reno, the chopper.

Reno: You got it.

[Gunshots can be heard in the Northern Crater.]

Reno: Whoa, whoa, whoa! 

Elena: Reno, hurry! ...Reno!

Reno: Who the hell was that?

[Gunshots continue. Elena moans in pain.]

Tseng: Elena!

Elena: Go! G-get out...! 

Reno: Gah! Dammit!

[Reno flies away in the helicopter.]

|b. Prologue                                                                  |

Marlene: The Lifestream. That's what we call the river of life that
circles our planet, giving life to the world and everything in it.
The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company discovered a way to use the 
Lifestream as an energy source. Because of Shin-Ra's energy, we were
able to live very comfortable lives. But wasn't that because we were
taking away from the planet's life? A lot of people thought so.

Shin-Ra used their power to stop anyone who got in their way. Shin-Ra
had a special group of warriors called "SOLDIER." And all of the 
SOLDIERs had Jenova Cells put inside of them. Jenova was a calamity
that fell from the sky a long, long time ago ... and tried to destroy
the planet.

Anyway, there was one SOLDIER named Sephiroth, who was better than 
the rest. But when he found out about the terrible experiments that
made him he began to hate Shin-Ra. And then, over time, he began to 
hate everything. Shin-Ra and the people against them. Sephiroth, who 
hated the Planet so much that he wanted to make it go away. And the 
people who tried to stop him.

There were a lot of battles. For every battle, there was more 
sadness; someone I love went back to the Lifestream too. And then,
it came -- the chosen day. In the end, the planet itself had to 
make the battles stop for good. The planet used the Lifestream as a
weapon, and when it burst out of the earth ... all the fighting, all
the grief and sadness ... everything was washed away.

"Sadness was the price to see it end." It's been two years since they
told me that.

|c. Part I                                                                    |

[Switch scene to the large city of Edge.]

Kids: Let's go!

Kids: Yeah!

Marlene: But, it looks like the planet is a lot madder than we

[Scene switches to Marlene bed side to Denzel.]

Marlene: They call it Geostigma.

Denzel: Well, Marlene? How does it look?

Marlene: Please. Please don't take Denzel away.

[Scene Switch to Seventh Heaven Bar. Phone Ringing. Tifa cleaning up]

Tifa: He's not here anymore. (talking to herself)

Denzel: Cloud, where are you?

[Tifa answers the phone.]

Tifa: Hello, Strife Delivery Service. You name it, we deliv--May I 
ask whose calling? Heh. Yeah, I remember you.

[Scene switches to a wolf sniffing around beside an old Buster Sword;
Cloud listening to his voice mail.]

Cloud's Voice Mail: "Tifa: You got a call from Reno. He's in Healin. 
Says he has work for you. Cloud, how have you been?" *Beep*! You
have no more messages--

[Cloud puts on his sunglasses and drives off.]

[Three silver-haired men ride up to the Buster Sword where the wolf
previously was seen.]

Yazoo: Hey, Kadaj? Is that where big brother lives?

Kadaj: Yeah.

Yazoo: Do you think he'll be glad to see us?

Kadaj: Not a chance.

Loz: Don't cry, Yazoo!

Yazoo: But mother's with him.

Kadaj: Maybe not.

Yazoo: Don't cry, Loz.

Kadaj: Hold on, he's coming!

Yazoo and Loz: Heh.

[They begin to chase after Cloud. A fierce battle begins to ensue.]

Loz: Where's mother?!

Yazoo: We know you hid her, brother!

[Scene switches back to Kadaj on top of the hill. He's talking to 
Reno on the phone.]

Kadaj: Tell me you're leading me on! Because I think you do have
Mother there. No need to shout! I don't want to talk to you; put the
President on.

[Scene switches back to Cloud, Yazoo, and Loz fighting on motorcycles]

Loz and Yazoo: Heh.

[Kadaj gives the signal to pull back, as well as to remove the
monsters that were after Cloud.]

[Scene switches to Cloud heading toward Healin Lodge. Cloud checks
his voice mail again to hear a message from Barret and Tifa.]

Barret: Whaddup, fool! It's Barret. I am the man! Oil, Cloud! I just
found the biggest damn oil field you've ever seen! Survey's done so
I should be to get out there and see Marlene soon. You let her know,
all right, spiky?!

Tifa: Reno called again. He says to hurry and he sounded kind of
strange. Be careful, okay?

[Cloud pulls up the Healin Lodge and parks his bike out front. He 
grabs his sword after the warning from Tifa.]

[Cloud opens the door and quickly reacts by putting up his sword to
block Reno's attack.]

Reno: Hiyaa!

[Cloud moves out of the way and Reno goes running outside. He shuts
and locks the door before Reno can get back in.]

Reno: Okay! So you're good.

[Rude comes walking out from another room. He tries to pull a quick
attack on Cloud, but is met with the tip of Cloud's blade in his 

Reno: Yeah, Rude, lookin' sharp!

[Rufus enters.]

Rufus: Good. You fight like the SOLDIER you once claimed to be. You
haven't lost your touch.

Cloud: Rufus Shinra? Do I feel sorry for you.

Rufus: The day of the explosion...

Cloud: What do you want from me?

Rufus: I managed to get out...

Cloud: Who were the guys that attacked me?

Rufus: Before it collapsed...

Cloud: I'm leaving.

Rufus: We need your assistance, Cloud. 

Cloud: Not interested.

Rufus: I acknowledge that Shin-Ra ... owes the planet a lot. It goes 
without saying that my company and I are the ones that put the world 
in the sorry state it’s in. Therefore, it's our responsibility to set
things right. 

[Reno yells from outside.]

Reno: I'm still out here!

[Rufus continues on inside.]

Rufus: As a first step, we have commenced an investigation in 
Sephiroth's wake.

[Reno yells again.]

Reno: Yep! In the Northern Cave!

[Rufus continues]

Rufus: What do you think we found? Nothing. Nothing at all. You can 
relax. However, not all went as planned. We were interrupted by the
same three who attacked you -- Kadaj and his gang. 

Cloud: Kadaj...

Rufus: It seems he doesn't want us finishing what we started. Really,
what could they be thinking?

Cloud: What does that have to do with me?

[Reno yells once again.]

Reno: You're our buddy, aren't ya?

[Rufus continues]

Rufus: Kadaj and his group are young and violent -- as dangerous as 
they come. That's why we decided that it might be in our best to hire
a little muscle.

Cloud: Too bad. I'm only a delivery boy now.

Rufus: You're all we have. Cloud, look, you're an ex-SOLDIER, aren't

[Cloud turning and getting ready to leave.]

Cloud: Heh. In my head...

[Cloud hesitates opening this door.]

Cloud: What's this stuff about ... Mother? 

Rufus: Why? Did Kadaj say something to you? No surprise. There are
plenty of kids who miss their mothers; that's the world we live in. I
hear there are orphans living with you. Think about it: don't you 
want to put smiles back on their faces? All we want in the end is to
rebuild our world, Cloud.

[Cloud turns around and walks back toward Rufus.]

Cloud: But I...

Reno: Come on, Cloud, think about it. Together we could rebuild 

[Cloud has something of a shocked look on his face for a quick moment
He turns back around and starts to head out the door.]

Cloud: Not interested.

Rufus and Rude: Reno!

[Scene switches to Tifa and Marlene entering a familiar church.]

Marlene: Does Cloud live here?

Tifa: I guess he does.

[Tifa and Marlene go over to examine the area with all of his 

Marlene: What's this?

[Tifa shakes her head.]

[Tifa notices a bandage on a table near his bed.]

Marlene: It's just like Denzel! Is Cloud sick?

Tifa: Why didn't he say something...?

Marlene: Did he leave because he's sick?

Tifa: He just ... wants to fight alone.

Marlene: Fight?!

Tifa: No, I don't think that he will.

Marlene: Tifa?

[Marlene looks at her with a concerned face.]

Tifa: Let's go home, Marlene.

Marlene: We can't! Cloud's not here yet!

Tifa: I know, sweetie, I miss him too.

Marlene: Yeah!

Tifa: So, say he comes back?

Marlene: I'll go home!

Tifa: Not until he gets a lecture.

Marlene: Uh huh!

[Scene switches back to the Healin Lodge. Reno and Rude are on the
ground and Rufus is sitting in his wheelchair and Kadaj approaches.]

Kadaj: Boy, do I hate lying.

Rufus: I apologize. This time you get the truth. The object you seek
fell from the helicopter while we were running from you. I'm afraid
we were careless.

Kadaj: Is that right?

Rufus: I swear it.

Kadaj: Fine. Then swear on these.

[Kadaj throws down the bloody ID cards of Tseng and Elena on the
table. Rufus responds in an angered tone.]

Rufus: ... Why did you do this?

Kadaj: We need mother's power. The Reunion is coming -- and we need

Rufus: Reunion...

Kadaj: My brother's and sister's who share Mother's cells will all 
assemble, and together we will all take revenge on the planet! We've
already sent out the invitations -- but, you know, someone has gone
and hidden the guest of honor.

Rufus: Invitations?

Kadaj: The stigma. But you know all about that, sir. Mother's memetic
legacy lives on in the Lifestream and makes it happen. She does so 
much for us and we ... we don't even know where to find her. But what
can we do? We're just remnants, really remnants of Mother's legacy.
Until we find Mother and receive her cells, we can't be whole again!
Geostigma and the Legacy aren't enough ... for a true reunion.

Rufus: What do you mean?

Kadaj: But, sir! Surely you've noticed...

[Kadaj walks toward Rufus and kneels down in front of him. He begins
to do something of a transformation, showing signs of Sephiroth in

[Scene switches to Cloud on the skirts of Midgar where an old Buster
Sword lies, knocked down from Kadaj.]

Cloud: I said I would live out both our lives -- easy to make that 

[Flashback scene occurs showing clips of Zack.]

Zack: So, you wanna be in SOLDIER? Hang in there.

Zack: Hey, you doin' okay?

Zack: Well, what are you gonna do when we get to Midgar?

Zack: We're friends.

Zack: Cloud, run!

[The flashback ends. Cloud suddenly has an attack from the Geostigma
inside of his body and is forced to the ground in pain. Images of 
Sephiroth flash through his mind.]

[Scene switches back to Tifa and Marlene in the church. Marlene is 
picking flowers and Tifa is looking around.]

[The door to the church flies open. Marlene rushes to the door,
thinking it's Cloud, but Tifa stops her quickly. Loz enters]

Loz: Wanna play?

[Tifa and Marlene stare back with no answer.]

Loz: I guess that's a "no."

[Loz walks forward toward them.]

Loz: Where's mother?

[He approaches the flowers in the church and covers his nose from the

Loz: Gross.

Loz: Hey, where's mother?

Tifa: There's no one here.

Loz: Fine. Play with me.

[Tifa pushes Marlene aside, gets her gloves out, and assumes a
fighting stance.]

Loz: Heh. This'll be fun.

[A one-on-one fight begins between Tifa and Loz. Tifa gains the
upper hand and "beats" Loz.]

Marlene: Tifa!

[Marlene runs toward Tifa and the FFVII victory theme plays in the
background. Loz emerges from the debris and answers his phone.]

Loz: She's not here. 

[Kadaj tells Loz not to cry over the phone.]

Loz: I'm not crying! 

[Kadaj tells Loz to bring Marlene with him.]

Loz: No, I got it. I'll bring the girl.

[Loz, seemingly unaffected from the battle that just occurred, 
assumes a fighting stance.]

Loz: All right. Where were we?

[He throws a large row of seats at Tifa and Marlene. Tifa blocks them
to stop them from harming Marlene and Loz begins to beat down on 

[Loz, having knocked Tifa out, goes over to kill her, but Marlene 
throws a piece of Materia at his head, distracting him. Loz notices
the Materia and heads toward Marlene.]

Marlene: Cloud...

Tifa: Just run!

[Scene switches back to the city of Edge. Denzel is sitting around 
and a young girl approaches him.]

Girl: You've got the stigma, too?

[He stares at her and nods.]

Girl: Come on, they're going to fix us.

[She takes his hand and drags him to a truck where a bunch of kids 
are sitting around. Yazoo loads them up and carries them off.]

[Scene switches back to the church. Cloud has finally arrived and 
quickly notices Tifa knocked out at in the flowers.]

Cloud: Tifa! Tifa!

Tifa: You're late.

Cloud: Who did this?

Tifa: He didn't say ... Marlene!

[Tifa quickly jumps up remembering Marlene, but then falls back down
into Cloud's arms. Cloud looks around to see if anything is left to
give him a clue and finds the box of Materia he had missing.]

Cloud: Damn!

[Cloud has another rather severe attack from his Geostigma. His arm
begins oozing a black substance and he passes out. A white, 
"heavenly" encompasses the screen and looks down on Cloud and Tifa in
the flowers.]

[Scene switches to Cloud and Tifa lying down in two beds back at 
Seventh Heaven. Reno and Rude carried them there. Cloud gets up and
looks over to Tifa.]

Reno: You know, you're pretty heavy.

Rude: Word there ... some kids living with you?

Reno: 'cause they ain't here.

[Cloud doesn't answer and just looks down.]

Rude: You don't care?

Cloud: I just...

[Cloud looks back over to Tifa.]

Reno: Sigh. You're a real handful.

[Reno and Rude leave the room with Rude slamming the door shut.]

[Scene switches to the Forgotten Capital with Kadaj, Loz, and 

Kadaj: Look at what brother was hiding. Powers forged in the 
Lifestream. With this Materia, those powers will be ours.

[Scene switches back to Edge. It's nighttime and Cloud is looking
out the window of Seventh Heaven. Tifa wakes up soon after.]

Cloud: Reno and Rude are out looking.

Tifa: You have Geostigma, don't you? You're going to give up and die,
is that it? 

[Cloud doesn't respond.]

Tifa: So it is.

Cloud: There's no cure.

Tifa: Yeah, but, that's not stopping Denzel, is it? Don't run! Let's
fight it together! We can help each other, I know we can.

[Cloud doesn't respond.]

Tifa: I guess ... that only works for real families.

Cloud: Tifa ... I'm not fit to help anyone -- not my family, not my
friends. Nobody.

Tifa: Dilly dally, shilly shally.

[Cloud suddenly looks up.]

Tifa: Dilly dally, shilly shally!

[Reno quietly enters the room.]

Reno: I think she wants you to move on, man.

[Tifa quickly questions Reno on the kids.]

Tifa: Did you find them?!

Reno: No, only a witness. Kadaj's gang took the kids.

Rude: They're at their base now -- the Forgotten City.

[Scene switches to Cloud riding his motorcycle through the Forgotten 
City toward where the kids are. It then focuses on Kadaj's speech to
the children with Geostigma.]

Kadaj: Mother has given me a very special gift. The power to fight
... against a Planet that torments humanity. She gave this gift to
all her children. That's right -- you and I are brethren. Brothers
and sisters chosen when we inherited Mother's mimetic legacy through
the Lifestream! But, the Planet doesn't approve of that at all. It is
doing everything it can to hold us back. That's why it's racking our
bodies with pain and filling our hearts with doubt! 

[The children seemed shocked by his words, but seem to be falling 
right for what he is saying.]

Kadaj: Now I shall heal you. And we will go to Mother together! We 
will join as a family and strike back against the Planet!

[A blue aura can be seen emitting from Kadaj. Denzel and the kids are
have a look of awe on their faces.]

Kadaj: Does as I do.

[Kadaj enters the water, emitting his will into it and turning the 
water black. He then drinks it. The kids enter into the water and 
drink it as well, putting them under Kadaj's control.]

Marlene: Denzel! Denzel!

[Scene switches back to Cloud riding his motorcycle and heading toward
Kadaj's position.]

[Cloud is suddenly thrust from his back and surrounded by a white
light. A soft voice then speaks to him.]

Aerith: You came! Even though you're about to break. That's a good 

[Aerith puts her hand on his arm.]

Aerith: So, why did you come?

Cloud: I think ... I want to be forgiven, more than anything.

[Cloud tries to turn around, but is then back on his motorcycle and
being fired upon by Loz and Yazoo. Cloud dodges and gets ready for 
the battle.]

[Kadaj walks forward and signals for the children to come out of 
hiding and block Cloud's way. Cloud quickly falls off the bike to 
avoid hitting the children. Kadaj and the children surround him.]

Kadaj: I'm glad you could make it!

Cloud: I only came for the kids.

Kadaj: See this man?! He's our big brother, but alas, in our happy
flock he's what you call a "black sheep."

[Kadaj raises his sword to strike the defenseless Cloud, but Marlene
screams out and distracts him.]

Marlene: Cloud!

[Kadaj turns around and Cloud grabs his sword. A battle between 
Cloud, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo ensues.]

[Cloud, who is in trouble toward the end of the fight, is saved by
Vincent. The red mantle sweeps up Cloud and his equipment and quickly
gets away.]

[Scene switches to some place by a lake area. Cloud and Vincent are
sitting there.]

Cloud: See? I knew I'd be no help. 

[Cloud rubs his arm and looks to Vincent.]

Cloud: Vincent, what do you know about this?

Vincent: I come here often. I've seen what Kadaj's crew is doing.

[Vincent, moving insanely fast, quickly appears right beside Cloud
and grabs his arm.]

Vincent: The stigma. It's a symptom of alien matter infesting the 
body; the body tries to eliminate it and overcompensates. Inside our
bodies is a current, like the Lifestream, that current is what fights
off any malevolent intruders.

Cloud: What do you mean by "intruder"?

Vincent: The Sephiroth Gene. Jenova's memetic legacy. Call it 
what you want.

Cloud: You're well informed.

Vincent: Tseng and Elena -- they were brought here half-dead. They
must have been brutally tortured. I did what I could to save them, 
but well, you'll see.

Cloud: Tortured?

Vincent: They had it coming. They got their hands on Jenova's Head.

Cloud: Then when Kadaj says he's looking for Mother...

Vincent: Heavens dark harbinger. The calamity -- Jenova. If they 
wanted to they could recreate Sephiroth.

Cloud: Kadaj ... what is he?

Vincent: Hm. I would rather not know.

[Cloud and Vincent both hear someone in the bushes and quickly turn
around with their weapons. Marlene comes running out.]

Cloud: Marlene!

Marlene: Cloud! Denzel and Tifa!

Cloud: Tifa is all right.

Marlene:  I wanna talk to her!

[Cloud searches for his phone, but it fell into the lake during the
battle with Kadaj. Marlene looks over Vincent.]

Marlene: May I?

[Vincent lifts up his red mantle to show he doesn't have a phone.]

Marlene: You don't have a phone?!

Cloud: Vincent, will you bring Marlene to Tifa? I'm going to go see
Shinra and get a few answers.

Vincent: I can't do that.

Cloud: But I...

[Marlene now angered lashes out at Cloud.]

Marlene: Forget it, Cloud! Why don't you ever pay any attention to 

[Marlene runs over to Vincent and goes under the red mantle he's 

Cloud: Marlene, please, give me some time. There's a battle to be
fought, but it's not as simple as just fighting. Understand?

Marlene: No, I don't!

Vincent: Cloud, are you sure this is about fighting?

[Cloud reflects back to a short while ago when he was in Edge with 
Tifa, Reno, and Rude.]

Cloud: Where are they?

Rude: They're at their base now -- the Forgotten City.

Cloud: Go. 

[Cloud gets up from sitting down and faces Reno and Rude.]

Cloud: I have to talk to Rufus.

[Tifa yells, now somewhat angered at Cloud.]

Tifa: Stop running! I know, even if you find the kids you might not
be able to help them. Maybe something will happen that can never be
unhappen that scares you, doesn't it?! But you need to think 
about now, really take it in! Look at you; you think you got it so
damn hard! 

[Reno and Rude start trying to figure out what to do, feeling they're
being in the room when they shouldn't.]

Tifa: Well you hate being alone so let people in! Sure, you don't 
answer the phone, but I don't see you throwing it away either!

Reno: You go; the base is all yours.

[Reno tells Cloud to go himself right before leaving the room.]

Tifa: Which is it, our memory or us?

[Scene switches back to the white background with Aerith to his back]

Cloud: But, I let you die.

Aerith: Sigh. Dilly dally, shilly shally. Isn't it time you did the

[Scene switches back to the present time with Cloud, Vincent, and 

Cloud: Are sins ever forgiven?

Vincent: I've never tried.

Cloud: You mean ... never tried.

[Cloud looks down, thinking about Vincent's response. He looks up and
tells Marlene they're leaving.]

Cloud: Marlene, let's go.

[Marlene nods and smiles and then runs toward Cloud.]

[Cloud looks to Vincent]

Cloud: Well I'm going to try. I'll phone in the verdict.

[Scene switches to Cloud's phone falling into the lake where the 
battle took with Kadaj took place. All of his different calls that he
kept but never responded to start to play.]

Reeve: It's me, Reeve. How's work going? I saw your flyer. How in the
world do you stay in business? Heh. You never change, Cloud. If it's
all right, I was thinking about helping you out, but I guess call 
back another time.

Yuffie: Surprise! It's me, Yuffie! ... Fill me in, okay?

Barret: Survey is done so I should be able to see Marlene soon. You 
let her know, all right, spiky?!

Tifa: ... Fill me in, okay?

[His phone finally falls to the bottom of the lake and then dies 
shortly after.]

Aerith: I never blamed you, not once. You came for me, that's all 
that matters.

[Scene switches to Aerith's final resting place in FFVII. The wolf
that has appeared throughout appears yet again looking into the
water then disappears.]

|d. Part II                                                                   |

[Scene switches now to Edge, where the big monument of Meteor is 
chained together. There's a gathering of people that are ready to
try to stop Loz and Yazoo from tearing it down.]

Guy A: Hey, what are you doin'?!

Guy B: How do you sickos justify this?!

[Yazoo and Loz look away from the crowd]

Guy B: Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you!

[Yazoo looks to Loz who gives him the nod to let loose the creatures
that attacked Cloud against the civilians. They run wild, pushing
the crowd of people away from the monument.]

[Tifa is running around desperately trying to find Denzel.]

Tifa: Denzel! 

[She runs up to him and tries to get him to snap out of the trance 
he's under.]

Tifa: Denzel! Denzel!

[The scene shifts over to Loz and Yazoo who now begin to try to pull
the monument down, but Reno and Rude arrive on the scene. Loz and
Yazoo stops and notices Reno and Rude.]

Yazoo: We know Mother is here.

Rude: Oh yeah?

Loz: Yeah. This, uh, thing -- monument thing -- Shinra made it.

Reno: Oh no! You're just too clever!

Rude: Except you're wrong.

Reno: And wherever she is we just don't know!

[Reno and Rude start chuckling afterward.]

Yazoo: What, the peons aren't trusted?

[Yazoo greatly upsets Reno and Rude from the comment about Rufus not
trusting them with that information. Reno then attacks.]

Reno: Hiyaaa!

[Scene switches to Rufus and Kadaj on top of a building that looks
to be under construction. They can see the city below him.]

Rufus: Say, Kadaj, I've got a question for you.

Kadaj: And I've got an answer.

Rufus: You said you needed 'Jenova Cells' in order to be whole again,
what did you mean by that?

Kadaj: Him. He's coming back.

[A picture of Sephiroth from the Nibelheim incident appears on the 

Rufus: Sephiroth ... the nightmare.

Kadaj: So they say.

Rufus: You mean...

Kadaj: I've never known Sephiroth. I just sense him there; it's 
unbearable to think Mother might want Sephiroth over me!

[A picture of Jenova in the Nibelheim Reactor is shown.]

Rufus: Poor little remnant.

Kadaj: It doesn't matter who she picks, you'll all meet the same end!
Mother came to this Planet after a long journey to rid the cosmos 
from fools like you! 

[A picture of Meteor falling toward the planet is shown.]

Kadaj: But, you know as well as I do that nothing’s changed since she 
got here. I have to change it to make her happy!

[A picture of the devastated Midgar is shown.]

Rufus: Heh. The nightmare returns.

Kadaj: As long as you exist, the nightmares will come again and 

[A picture of the Lifestream appears.]

Rufus: The Lifestream courses through our Planet back and forth
across the borders of life and death. If that cycle is the very truth
of life then history, too, will inevitably repeat itself.

[A picture of Midgar with the Sister Ray appears on the screen.]

Rufus: So go on -- bring your Jenovas and your Sephiroths. It won't
matter. We'll do as life dictates and stop you every single time.

[A picture of Reno escaping Northern Cave in the helicopter from the
beginning of the movie is shown.]

Kadaj: Please, sir, is that your excuse for going after Mother 
yourself? You don't seem all that sorry.

[Scene switches back to Rufus and Kadaj on top of the building.]

Rufus: Sorry? Why, I've never had this much fun.

[Kadaj's arm begins to glow and he looks toward Rufus.]

Kadaj: Good. Then let's put an end ... to all of this.

[Kadaj raises his arm and throws out a type of magic. Suddenly, the
summon, Bahamut-Sin, comes flying out from the sky to attack the city
of Edge. The people begin to frantically run around trying not to get
killed by it.]

[Tifa still tries to wake Denzel up.]

Tifa: Denzel, we have to get away!

[One of the creatures comes running toward Tifa and Denzel. She turns
around to try to punch it, but Bahamut-Sin squashes it before it can
get to her.]

[Bahamut-Sin stares them in the face and then jumps onto the Meteor
monument and begins tearing it down.]

[Scene switches back to Reno and Rude right before they attack Loz
and Yazoo. Reno takes notice of Bahamut-Sin and accidentally whacks
Rude in the face with his rod.]

Reno: Whaa?! Heh ... heh. Hello!

Rude: Oh no...

[Reno and Rude quickly turn around and start running away. Loz and
Yazoo are quick to follow. Reno and Rude grab some of the children
who are still under the trance to try to save them.]

[Bahamut-Sin gathers energy in its mouth and flies above the 

Reno: Is it after us?!

Rude: I'm not lookin'!

[Bahamut-Sin lets out a massive blast that destroys the monument and
sends out a huge shockwave.]

[Reno and Rude get up from being knocked down by the shockwave, but
Loz and Yazoo are right behind them.]

Yazoo: Are we having fun yet, huh?

Reno: The time of my life! 

[Reno and Rude get up quickly and a fight begins between the four.]

Reno: When are you going to call it a day?!

Yazoo: What, just as soon as you give back Mother. That'll be the end
of everything.

[The answer makes Reno mad and the battle continues.]

[Scene switches to Rude and Loz fighting while exchanging some words]

Rude: Punks! What do you need Jenova's Head for?

[Rude flips Loz over, but Loz manages to reverse it.]

[Back to Reno and Yazoo fighting.]

Reno: Forget about your little Reunion and get a grip!

Yazoo: All we want is to be with Mother!

[Yazoo kicks Reno in the face and sends him flying. The scene is back
to Rude and Loz continuing their fight.]

Loz: Mother will know. When she gets here, she'll decide what's best.

[Rude gets back up.]

Loz: Now, where's Mother?

[Suddenly, a billboard falls on top of Rude's head and knocks him
back down]

Rude: Damn ... sign...

[Reno, out of nowhere, falls down on top of Rude as well. The two 
try to get back up and in the process, Reno steps on Rude's glasses.]

Reno: Mother, shmuther. It's Jenova's friggin' head!

Loz: Hey! 

Yazoo: I will not have you refer to Mother that way!

Loz: You meanie!

[Reno and Rude are dusting themselves off]

Rude: Our apologies.

Reno: Your ma's cool. ... What the hell am I saying?!

[Reno and Rude then quickly make a surprise attack on Loz and Yazoo]

[Loz gets back up and gives an incredibly hard punch that sends both
Reno and Rude flying across the street. They get back up, but their
surrounded on both sides by Loz and Yazoo.]

[Scene switches to Bahamut-Sin going through some of the rubble that
was left from his vicious attack.]

[Denzel, finally out of the trance, wakes up and finds Tifa knocked
out beside him.]

Denzel: Tifa! 

[Angered, he gets up and tries to attack Bahamut-Sin himself.]

Denzel: Son of a bitch!

[Bahamut-Sin growls and it wakes Tifa up. Suddenly, Barret comes 
running out of nowhere and stops Denzel while attacking Bahamut-Sin]

Barret: You look after mom!

Tifa: Barret!

Barret: Marlene better be safe, huh! 

[Red XIII, with Cait Sith on his back, appears out of nowhere and
goes running past Barret to attack Bahamut-Sin. It takes to the sky
and Barret launches an assault on it with his gun-arm. Red XIII and
Cait Sith are still latched onto Bahamut-Sin.]

Cait Sith: We cannot handle this!

[Bahamut-Sin flicks the two of them off and back onto the streets of
Edge. Barret fires a massive green blast at Bahamut-Sin and knocks it
down, but while his gun is recharging, Bahamut-Sin gets up and starts
running toward Barret.]

[Suddenly, a familiar shiruken comes soaring through the sky and hits
Bahamut-Sin in the face, distracting it. Yuffie comes parachuting 
down from the sky and lands in front of Tifa and Denzel, still 
experiencing her motion sickness problem from FFVII.]

Yuffie: All right, who's been touching my Materia?

Tifa: The bad guys, naturally.

[Yuffie goes running off angry.]

Yuffie: Oooooooh!

[Denzel looks up toward Tifa.]

Denzel: Who's that?

[Four Shadow Creatures come from all sides to try to attack Tifa and
Denzel, but as soon as they do, Cid appears and knocks every single 
one of them away.]

[Cid looks up with a smirk and points to the sky.]

Cid: She's a beaut -- my Sierra, latest model! 

[Cid goes running off to join the others in the fight against 

Cid: I'll give ya the damn tour afterward!

[Vincent walks by Tifa and Denzel.]

Vincent: Where can I buy a phone?

Denzel: Who's he?

Tifa: They're our friends.

[A motorcycle can be heard coming up behind them. It's Cloud.]

Cloud: Marlene will be safe, I took her home.

Tifa: Mm.

Cloud: I feel lighter.

Tifa: Hm?

Cloud: Maybe I lost some weight -- all that dilly dallying.

[Tifa smiles.]

Denzel: I'm going to go back and see Marlene. Okay, Cloud? We'll wait
for you.

[Denzel runs off, but turns around and asks Cloud one more question]

Denzel: We'll see you there won't we, Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah.

[Denzel runs back toward home where Marlene is.]

[Cloud looks up toward Bahamut-Sin. Tifa hops onto the motorcycle and
they drive off.]

[The battle between Barret, Yuffie, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Vincent, and
Bahamut-Sin continues on. They don't seem to be doing much damage to
the beast.]

[Bahamut, toward the end of their battle, fires off a huge blast of
energy again. Cid attacks him in the head and it is directed toward
one of the beams around them. It nearly falls on top of Barret, but
Cloud comes to save him.]

Barret: Hey, the hell you been?!

[Cloud then looks directly toward Bahamut-Sin and prepares his sword.
The rest of the group backs away now that Cloud has arrived.]

[Cloud slashes at Bahamut-Sin furiously and even knocks it down all
by himself. Bahamut-Sin, now angered, flies high above Edge.]

[Scene switches back over to Rufus and Kadaj on top of the building]

Kadaj: Heh! This is too fun, sir! Any requests for the next act.

[No longer willing to see any more of this. Rufus finally gets up
from the wheelchair and uncovers himself with Jenova's Head in his 

Rufus: A good son would have known. Heh.

Kadaj: Aaaaaaaah!

[Rufus throws the head over the side of the building. Kadaj, very 
upset, launches an attack at him, but Rufus dodges it quickly.]

[Scene switches back to Bahamut-Sin flying higher and higher above
the city of Edge. Cloud jumps up to try to reach it and gets the 
assistance of his friends to push him higher and higher.]

[Barret grabs him by the hand and flings him up.]

Barret: Ali-ooo!

[Cloud reaches Bahamut-Sin, but the beast knocks him back down.]

[Cid spins around and when Cloud lands on his spear, he flings him
back up.]

Cid: Yaaa!

[Bahamut-Sin is far above them now, way higher than the highest 
buildings of the city.]

[Red XIII and Cait Sith grab onto Cloud's shirt and fling him up.]

Cait Sith: Here ya go!

[Yuffie grabs cloud under his foot and thrusts him up.]

Yuffie: Hiiiyaaa!

[Cloud readjusts his sword.]

[Vincent jumps off of the side of one of the highest buildings. He
grabs Cloud's hand and throws him up]

Vincent: Fly!

[Tifa jumps off the side and grabs Cloud by the hand, too, giving him
a shot upward.]

Tifa: No giving up!

[Bahamut-Sin and Cloud race toward each other with insane speed. 
Bahamut-Sin lets out a massive blast capable of destroying the entire
city. The massive ball of energy is the only thing standing in 
between them.]

[Cloud goes straight through the blast and tries hard to reach 
Bahamut-Sin despite the pressure being put on him from the blast.]

[Suddenly, he sees a bright white light, much like in the Forgotten
City, and a hand reaches out to help give him that last boost.]

Aerith: Ready?

[Cloud's eyes look to be glowing as he stabs Bahamut-Sin right in the
head and runs along the back of him, leaving a blue trail of energy
in the process. He uses the Limit Break "Climhazzard."]

[The massive beast falls toward Edge and disintegrates into blue 
energy having been defeated by Cloud.]

[Cloud flips through the air and lands on one of the beams. He hears
a large blast coming from Rufus and Kadaj's area.]

[Scene switches back to Rufus and Kadaj. Kadaj let loose a blast, but
Rufus had quickly dodged. Rufus pulls out his gun and begins shooting
at Kadaj.]

Kadaj: Mother! 

[Reno and Rude notice Rufus falling and trying to shoot at Jenova's

Reno and Rude: Sir, no!

[Rufus shoots Jenova's Head, unknowingly to Kadaj. Kadaj grabs the
head before it hits the ground. Tseng and Elena are shown shooting
out a net to catch Rufus in.]

[Kadaj lands and checks the box to make sure it's safe, but he looks
up to see an angry Cloud coming at them fast on his motorcycle. Kadaj,
Yazoo, and Loz get on their motorcycles and quickly drive off.]

[Reno and Rude are trying to climb a green tarp to get to where Rufus
is at above.]

[Scene switches to Cloud chasing after Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. They
drive through the city and eventually onto the highway where a battle
occurs between Cloud, Loz, and Yazoo on their motorcycles.]

[They eventually enter into a tunnel where Cloud takes care of Loz
and Yazoo. Loz and Yazoo are left to one bike to share after the 
fight with Cloud. Their weapons destroyed, too.]

[Scene switches to the highway where Kadaj goes flying by on a 
different part of the road. Reno and Rude are seen on the exit to the
tunnel with two bombs in their hands.]

Reno: Hey, partner, this thing got any bite to it?

Rude: Shin-Ra technology at its finest. 

Reno: Oh, so you made this?

Rude: If nothing else it's ... flashy.

Reno: Ooh, good.

Rude: You love it, I know.

Reno: Looks like today we're clocking out early.

[Cloud comes flying out of the tunnel and right past Reno and Rude. 
Reno then smirks and leaves the bomb on the ground for Loz and Yazoo
to get hit by.]

[A massive explosion is seen and heard. Cloud feels the shockwave
from the blast and almost loses his balance. He goes flying off the
bridge he is on and down to where Kadaj is.]

[The two lock swords and eventually go flying off the road and down 
an old dirt hill. Kadaj manages to stab through Cloud's left shoulder
and rides off in the process.]

[Cloud grabs his left sleeve and rips it off, finally revealing the
severity of his Geostigma, which is all over his arm. He rides off
to go catch up with Kadaj.]

[Scene switches to Kadaj found in the church.]

Kadaj: Mother!

[He looks into the box containing Jenova's head and cries out.]

Kadaj: Mother! Aaaaaaaaaah! 

[Kadaj hears Cloud just outside. Cloud pulls his motorcycle back and
slams the door open with his front wheel. Kadaj reacts by throwing
some magic at a pillar so he can get away.]

[Kadaj launches another attack at Cloud that knocks him off his 

Kadaj: Haha!

[Cloud, now off of his motorcycle, is about to suffer another attack
from his Geostigma. But, suddenly, water comes splashing out of the
church's ground.]

[As it rains, Cloud's Geostigma is cured. Kadaj, being hurt by the 
rain, drives off. A single drop hits the water and Aerith's voice 
can be heard.]

Aerith: Let's go, Cloud.

[Scene switches to Cloud arriving at the ruins of Midgar. He grabs 
his sword and looks up toward Kadaj who is on higher ground.]

Kadaj: Brother! I'm with her at last.

Cloud: So what's going to happen now?

Kadaj: Hehe. Mother's going to tell me.

Cloud: I guess a remnant wouldn't really know.

[Kadaj looks down toward the box and then back up at Cloud.]

Kadaj: So what if I'm a puppet? 

[Blue energy surrounds Kadaj's hands as he gets ready to throw a 
blast at Cloud.]

Kadaj: Once upon a time ... you were too!

[Kadaj launches the blue energy around his hand at Cloud. The two 
begin a fierce battle over the ruins of Midgar.]

[As they battle, Cid's Sierra comes flying in behind them.]

Yuffie: Cloud! I brought the Materia!

[The ship shakes]

Yuffie: Whoa! Hey, watch it!

Barret: Yo, Cid, park this junk!

Cid: Shut up. You want off, then jump. Get off my back.

Vincent: He can handle this alone.

Yuffie: Huh?!

Vincent: Kadaj is a remnant of Sephiroth. Think of him as sort of a
larva form.

Yuffie: Larva?! You mean he's an insect?!

Cait Sith: Lassie, shut your mouth!

Cid: So the bug's gonna become Sephiroth?

Tifa: Vincent, does Cloud know about Kadaj?

Vincent: One would think.

Tifa: Then you're right, it's his fight now.

Yuffie: What?! I don't get it! Why can't we help out?!

Cid: This is man talk.

Yuffie: Sexist! Sexist!

Cait Sith: Shut your gob, lassie!

Barret: Men don't get it either.

Tifa: Two years ago ... think of the strength we all had when we
fought that last battle. 

[Scene switches to Cloud and Kadaj battling, but Tifa still 

Tifa: It's only been a couple of years, but already that feeling is 
gone. For Cloud, I think he's found it again.

[Scene switches back to the group on the Sierra.]

Barret: Pssh. He's got ten minutes.

Yuffie: That Cloud is a royal pain in the ass, like always.

Tifa: Cloud is Cloud.

[Scene switches to Cloud and Kadaj continuing their fight.]

[Cloud eventually defeats Kadaj. He looks down on him hanging on 
to a ledge with only one hand.]

[Kadaj throws the box at Cloud to distract him. Kadaj then jumps from
the ledge and goes to grab the box and the contents inside.]

Kadaj: My Reunion... Bet you're dying to watch...

[Kadaj falls and shoves the contents of the box into himself. Cloud
jumps off the ledge and goes after him.]

[Kadaj lands, but is not the same person as before. The nightmare, 
Sephiroth, is back. Sephiroth blocks Cloud's attack with his 

|e. Part III                                                                  |

Sephiroth: Good to see you, Cloud.

[Sephiroth knocks Cloud away, back to the top of the buildings they
were on. Sephiroth jumps on a higher building and looks down at 

Sephiroth: Your Geostigma is gone? That's too bad.

Cloud: Sephiroth, what do you want?

Sephiroth: The last thoughts of Geostigma are dead. Those remnants 
will join the Lifestream and girdle the planet -- choking it, 
corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the 
cosmos with this Planet as my vessel -- just as my mother did before
long ago.

[Sephiroth lifts his hand into the sky and it turns pitch black.]

Sephiroth: Then one day we'll find a new planet and on its soil we'll
create a shining future.

Cloud: What about this planet?

Sephiroth: Well, that's up to you, Cloud.

[Cloud and Sephiroth fly toward each other and begin an absolutely
epic battle.]

[A "Black Lifestream" can be seen coming down to take over the city
of Midgar and Edge.]

[Scene switches to Marlene, where she hears a drop of water.]

Marlene: Is it her?!

[Scene switches back to Cloud and Sephiroth, who are in the middle
of the darkness battling fiercely.]

[Sephiroth disappears and then reappears to the side of Cloud and 
knocks him into an old building. The two continue the fight and 
eventually lock swords.]

Sephiroth: Where did you find this strength?

Cloud: I'm not about to tell you!

[Both of them come out of the building and onto another. They 
continue their fight, with Sephiroth having the upper hand. Sephiroth
jumps into the air and continues flying up, mocking Cloud in the 

Sephiroth: I thought of a wonderful present for you.

[Sephiroth slashes a large piece of falling debris in half with his
sword to try to hit Cloud. Cloud slashes right through it and 
continues on after Sephiroth.]

Sephiroth: Shall I give you despair?

[Sephiroth knocks Cloud down, but Cloud manages to stab his sword
into the side the building to serve as a platform to stand on. 
Sephiroth hovers above Cloud.]

Sephiroth: On your knees. I want you to beg for forgiveness.

[The entire top of the building suddenly begins to fall toward the
both of them. Sephiroth slices through it effortlessly. Cloud removes
one part of his sword and uses both to slice cleanly through the 
massive debris.]

[Sephiroth then comes out from behind some of it and knocks Cloud 
down onto one of the falling pieces. The two begin to exchange blows
on the falling ground.]

[Cloud eventually jumps off and heads up to another piece of ruined
building. He gets to the top and then falls to one knee. Suddenly,
Sephiroth catches up and tries to slash at him, but the Cloud avoids]

[Sephiroth pushes Cloud back against a wall and stabs him in his 
right shoulder.]

Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of
taking it away.

[All sorts of memories flash through Cloud's mind very quickly. 
Angered, he grabs Sephiroth's sword out of his shoulder and stands 

Cloud: I pity you. You just don't get it at all.

Sephiroth: Heh.

[Sephiroth run towards Cloud and tries to attack, but his attack his
blocked. He jumps off of a wall and hovers in the air. Cloud leaps
into the air as well.]

Cloud: There's not a thing I don't cherish!

[Cloud then pulls his sword back and flings it forward, allowing all
of his blades to come out and surround Sephiroth. Moving fast enough
to leave golden after glows, he performs his Limit Break "Omnislash
V5 on Sephiroth, defeating him.]

Cloud: Stay where you belong ... in my memories.

Sephiroth: I will ... never be a memory.

[A black wing covers Sephiroth and Kadaj returns. He tries to give
an attack, but just lands in Cloud's arms with his sword gone.]

Kadaj: Bro ... ther ...

Aerith: Kadaj?

Kadaj: Huh?

[A familiar rain begins to fall.]

Aerith: You don't have to hang on any longer.

Kadaj: Mother is that ...

Aerith: Everyone's waiting if you're ready.

[Kadaj reaches toward the sky and slowly disintegrates, turning into
particles that return to the Lifestream.]

[The rain that falls begins to cure the people's Geostigma who live 
in Edge. A product of Aerith's Great Gospel.]

[The scene switches to all of the Turks surrounding Rufus in his 
wheelchair. His Geostigma cured.]

[Scene switches to the Sierra and everyone aboard.]

Yuffie: Oh yeah! We rock!

Barret: See, what did I tell you fools!

Cait Sith: That's my boy, Cloud! You're the chips and gravy!

Tifa: Just a little pushing is what he needs. That's all!

Cid: Y'all calm down. Hold on to your britches.

[Tifa looks up to notice water drop.]

Tifa: Somehow ... I knew you were there. Thank you.

[Tifa looks out the window of the Sierra and looks at Cloud. Cloud is
looks up at the sky and closes his eyes, letting the rain hit his 

[Suddenly, a gunshot can be heard. The bullet goes through Cloud's
back and he falls to the ground on one knee.]

[The camera turns around to Yazoo]

Yazoo: Ugh. We'll go ... together.

[Yazoo drops the gun he used to shoot Cloud.]

Loz: Together ... we'll play.

[Cloud gets up, grabs his sword, and then turns around and runs
towards Loz and Yazoo. With the Materia in their arms, they launch
an attack at Cloud. A massive blast is heard.]

[The camera turns toward the Sierra where everyone looks toward the
sound of the blast.]

Tifa: Cloud!

[Scene switches to Denzel and Marlene holding hands inside Seventh

Denzel: He'll come back. He said that he would ...

[Scene switches to a very white background. Cloud is seen floating
in the middle of nowhere. Aerith's hand touches him on the head.]

Cloud: Mother ...

Aerith: Again? Why is everyone calling me their mother lately?

Zack: I guess they must be fond of you.

Aerith: This one is too big to adopt.

Zack: Tough luck, friend. Sounds like you don't have a place here.

[Cloud is seen falling down from the white area. He eventually stops
and the same wolf found throughout the movie walks up beside him and
then disappears]

[Scene switches back to the church, where Cloud is floating in the
shallow water and with kids surrounding him.]

Girl: It's just like she said, "Wait here and Cloud will come back."

[Cloud looks toward the rest of the group and smiles.]

Cloud: I'm back.

[Red XIII moves forward.]

Red XIII: There are still children with the stigma.

Cloud: Yeah.

[Cloud moves through the water and motions for Denzel to come into 
the water.]

[Tifa talks to Denzel]

Tifa: Hey, let's get you fixed up.

Cloud: Come on. I'm here.

Tifa: It's okay.

[Denzel nods and goes into the water.]

[Cloud grabs him and puts him down. He puts some water into his hands
and drops it over Denzel's head, curing his Geostigma.]

[Denzel turns around to Tifa and laughs.]

Denzel: Haha!

[All of the other children jump into the water as well.]

Barret, Yuffie, and Cid: Haha!

Cid: Last one in is a rotten egg!

Barret: That's some crazy water!

[Cloud looks around to see the children happy. He looks up and 
notices Aerith kneeling in front of one of the children. He sees her
get up and walk toward the entrance of the church.]

[Aerith turns around and looks at Cloud before leaving.]

Aerith: You see? Everything's all right.

[Aerith turns and walks into a white light. Zack waves goodbye and 
follows her.]

Cloud: I know. I'm not alone -- not anymore.



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