PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/05/05Michael_Rawi398K
169 Officers, 42 characters. Sun Shang Xiang, Qiao sisters and Zhen Ji's stats maxed out
Save Game File04/29/05ringo_fans387K
197 deployable offices, 100% clear for maps and 42 characters Japanese version
Save Game File10/05/05X Japan398K
200 officers (9 each, totaling a maximum of 1800 deployments). All 42 characters unlocked with great stats. Ma Chao and Lu Bu maxed out.
Save Game File05/10/05LiLaZnThUgXp398K
All 42 characters unlocked, LuBu's Stats maxed out, 128 officers, 597 officers deployable
Save Game File07/08/06King_of_ice402K
Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Ma Chao, Wei Yan, Cao Cao, Zhang He, and Zhou Tai Maxed out all officers availble, deployments: 1775
Save Game File11/28/06SushiServ398K
Lu Bu, Ma Chao, Liu Bei, and Sima Yi maxed out
Save Game File05/01/05bklynpapi404K
zhao yun and xiahou complete

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/24/05wolf_canine123387K
All Characters, lubu maxed out
Save Game File05/04/05emperorwhite387K
COMPLETE GAMESAVE (JP): All 200 officers (9 of each one, giving the maximum of 1800 officers). Credits to 'ringo_fans'...

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File01/17/13Sztermel398K
All Characters Unlocked
Save Game File10/11/06U--m398K
Completed with Wei and Wu and Ma Chao on last stage
Save Game File08/28/06Blue Man398K
Zhao Yun and Zhen Ji cleared and Gan Ning is at Battle of Hu Lao Gate

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