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FAQ/Walkthrough by Netborg

Version: 3.4 | Updated: 10/25/05


      ####   ####                          ########
       ##     ##  ######## #######   #####  ##    # ###    ### ##### ####  TM
       # #   # #   ##    #  ##   ##    #    ##       #      #    #    ##
       #  # #  #   ## #     ##    ##   #    ##  #    ##    ##    #    ##
       #   #   #   ####     ##     #   #    #####     #    #     #    ##
       #       #   ## #     ##    ##   #    ##  #      #  #      #    ##
       #       #   ##    #  ##   ##    #    ##    #     ##       #    ##
       #      ### ######## #######   ##### ########    ####    ##### ###  #
      ###          R   E   S   U   R   R   E   C   T   I   O   N      ### #
     ###                Complete Walkthrough FAQ by Netborg            ####
        NOTE: My PSP is now not working, so I have to wait until more come in
              stock in the UK. Be PATIENT, and stop moaning at me on the
MediEvil Resurrection Complete Walkthrough FAQ - Version 3.4
Copyright 2005 Liam Morgan                 

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NOT for use on any other websites without 
written consent by Liam Morgan

If you see this FAQ on any other site, or 
wish to use it on your own website, please
contact me on
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                        --o--C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S--o--         
                                                           /Search Codes\
 01|Introduction                                             MR001            
 02|Story                                                    MR002   
 03|Playing the Game                                         MR003
    \a|Controls                                                 MR003a
    \b|Game Screen                                              MR003b
    \c|Game Mechanics                                           MR003c
    \d|The Map Screen                                           MR003d
 04|Characters                                               MR004   
    \a|The Good                                                 MR004a 
    \b|The Bad                                                  MR004b  
    \c|The Heroes (Still Writing)                               MR004c
 05|Walkthrough                                              MR005
    \a|Dan's Crypt                                              MR005a   
    \b|The Graveyard (Still Writing)                            MR005b
    \c|Cemetery Hill (Partly Done)                              MR005c
    \d|Dan's Crypt Revisited                                    MR005d
    \e|Hilltop Mausoleum (Still Writing)                        MR005e
    \f|Return to the Graveyard (Still Writing)                  MR005f
    \g|Gallowmere Plains                                        MR005g
    \h|Welcome to the Sleeping Village (Still Writing)          MR005h
    \i|Inside the Asylum (Still Writing)                        MR005i
    \j|Sleeping Village (Still Writing)                         MR005j
    \k|Scarecrow Fields (Still Writing)                         MR005k
    \l|Pumpkin Gorge (Still Writing)                            MR005l
    \m|Back to Gallowmere Plains (Still Writing)                MR005m
    \n|Enchanted Forest (Still Writing)                         MR005n
    \o|Pools of the Ancient Dead (Still Writing)                MR005o
    \p|Scurvy Docks (Still Writing)                             MR005p
    \q|Dragon Island (Still Writing)                            MR005q
    \r|Return to Dan's Crypt                                    MR005r
    \s|Haunted Ruins (Still Writing)                            MR005s
    \t|Ghost Ship (Still Writing)                               MR005t
    \u|Preparation (Still Writing)                              MR005u
    \v|Zarok's Lair (Still Writing)                             MR005v
 06|Enemy Handbook (Still Writing)                           MR006
    \a|Enemies                                                  MR006a
    \b|Bosses                                                   MR006b
 07|Version History                                          MR007
 08|Ending                                                   MR008
 09|Legal                                                    MR009

                        --o--x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x--o--
  To get to a particular section in the guide, press Ctrl+F, then type in the
  word under the heading 'Search Codes' above.

--o--01|Intro--o--                   /INTRO\

Welcome to my guide to what could be one of the greatest games to exist -
MediEvil. This FAQ will help you in every portion of the game, from Weapon
Locations, to beating the bosses.

MediEvil Resurrection is a remade version of the original MediEvil for PS1,
just with some new levels and remade locations. The game allows you to play as
a dead warrior who has been 'Resurrected' to achieve a true hero status, and
defeat the evil warlock who killed him. Along the way, you will have to 
complete 'missions' to open new paths and find special items to allow you to
continue on your journey.

If anyone notices any typos, or has any FAQs that I could use for the future
'FAQ Section', then please contact me by e-mail: 
= liamlightspeed'at'hotmail'dot'com =
        # This is used to avoid any webbots that may scan for my e-mail and #
        # fill my inbox with spam. Replace the 'at' with '@' and the 'dot'  #
        # with a '.'                                                        #

--o--02|Story--o--                    /STORY\

    'The Legend of Sir Daniel Fortesque'
    For generations, children have been told the story of Sir Daniel 
    Fortesque, the hero who died courageously at the Battle of Gallowmere
    saving the land from the evil sorceror, Zarok. In fact Dan was a bit of a
    coward, forced into battle and falling in the very first wave of arrows.
    One hundred years later Zarok has returned, turning day into night and
    raising an undead army to conquer the land. But Dan has also been
    resurrected and given a second chance...

    Is evil finally about to triumph over good?

    Will Dan be a convincing hero or a complete coward?

    Can he ever earn the respect of the true heroes of Gallowmere?

    And is Al-Zalam really a powerful genie or just a hustler squatting in
    Dan's head?

    It is time the past was consigned to the history books once and for all.
    The answers lie only in the future...
      [From the MediEvil: Resurrection Handbook]

--o--03|Playing The Game--o--          /PLAYING\

    Before you become Sir Dan, you're going to have to learn how to master
    the basic controls, and learn what everything in Gallowmere does. So read
    through this, and make sure your prepared for the adventure ahead...

   >--03\a|Controls                    /CONTROLS\

       Analog Stick/Directional Buttons            Move
       X Button                                    Quick Attack/Read Books
       X Button (held)                             Darting Attack
       Square Button                               Slow Attack
       Square Button (held)                        720 Degrees Slash
       Triangle Button                             Daring dash
       Triangle Button (with shield)               Daring dash attack
       Circle Button                               Jump
       Left Shoulder Button (held)                 Walk
       Left Shoulder Button (held with shield)     Shield from damage
       Right Shoulder Button (tap)                 Re-Centre camera
       Right Shoulder Button (held)                Retain Mode
       Select Button                               Inventory
       Start Button                                Pause Menu

       With the Right Shoulder Button held down, Dan enters Retain Mode, where
       he will stay facing the same direction until the Button is released.
       This mode is useful when facing enemies behind you or to your sides, or
       when near particular obstacles.

       Analog Stick Right/Right Direction Button   Sidestep Right
       Analog Stick Left/Left Direction Button     Sidestep Left
       Analog Stick Up/Up Direction Button         Forwards
       Analog Stick Down/Down Direction Button     Retreat
       Circle Button                               Jump

        For an explanation the attacks that can be performed in Retain Mode,
        see 'The Weapons' chapter in 'The Inventory' section

   >--03\b|Game Screen                 /SCREEN\
       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      |                                   |
      | 1                             3   |
      | 1 2                               |
      | 1 2                           4   |
      | 1 2             7                 |
      | 1 2                           6   |
      | 1 2                               |
      | 1 2                           5   |
      | 1                                 |
      |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

        [1] Health Meter
        [2] Life Bottles (if collected)
        [3] The Chalice and Percentage Completed (If Chalice is transparent,
                                                  then it hasn't yet been
        [4] Gold Coins
        [5] Current Weapon and Weapon Status (Only for the Club, and Ranged
        [6] Current Shield and Shield Status
        [7] Targeting Sprites

   >--03\c|Game Mechanics              /MECHANICS\

        On the Left side of the Game Screen is the green Life Bar, where you
        can see Sir Dan's current Health. Try to avoid the bar becoming empty
        as that will result in Dan dying. Again.
        On your quest, you will find three types of Health Object:
           LIFE BOTTLES
             Collecting a Life Bottle results in you gaining a 'second lifebar'
             in the sense that when your Life Bar empties, the Life Bottle
             will refill your health to the amount of health contained in the
             Bottle. There are a fair few to find, so make sure you follow this
             guide to find them all!

           HEALTH VIALS
             Running out of Health on your quest? Need a bit more energy? Then
             pick up a Health Vial! Using one of these will restore 50 units
             to your Health bar, so if you're in a tricky situation, find one.
             These are also sold by Shop Gargoyles for 100 GC - but one shop 
             sells them for a bargain of 50 GC...

             Stepping into a Health Fountain will restore a lot more of Dan's
             health than a Health Vial, but they have a limited amount of 
             energy. Use these wisely! And once they're gone.. they won't
             regenerate until you leave the level...

         THE CHALICE
        One of the most important parts of Dan's quest is to make amends for
        his cowardly past and prove himself a true hero. So, the Legendary
        warriors of Gallowmere have set up the Chalice Quests which will allow
        you to gain their respect.

        In all levels except Gallowmere Plains, Dragon Island and Zarok' Lair
        you will be able to find a Golden Chalice - though they are hidden
        away, so only those who are good explorers, or those using this guide
        will be able to find them.

        The Chalice Quests involve defeating enemies to free the souls that
        Zarok has stolen to fuel his vile henchmen. Everytime an enemy is
        defeated, their stolen soul is added to the Chalice. You must also
        find the Chalice in the levels and fill it up to 100% to allow access
        to the Hall of Heroes.

        The Hall of Heroes is the final resting place
        for the bravest heroes of Gallowmere where their exulted souls spend
        an eternity reminiscing about their greatest triumphs.

        Since Sir Dan isn't a true hero just yet, he can only earn the right to
        enter the Hall by completing the Chalice Quests. Each time access is
        granted, Dan will be confronted by one of the True Heroes of Gallowmere
        who will give him new items.

        Gold Coins are all over Gallowmere - mainly due to the fact that they
        ARE the main currency. Collect as much Treasure as possible - you can
        use it to buy supplies for your quest.

        The shifty wheeler-dealers of Gallowmere; these Gargoyles are easy to
        notice due to being a noticeable red, unlike their green cousins.
        To do business, simply give the Gargoyle a whack. 'Supplies' allows
        you to purchase health and ammo, while 'Services' is choosed to repair
        your shields.

   >--03\d|The Map Screen              /MAP\
        During your Quest in Gallowmere, you will be seeing a LOT of the Map
        Screen. It's very simple to navigate though.

        When you leave a level, you will arrive on the Gallowmere Map. Dan's
        Skull marks your current location. To move to a new area, move the
        Analog Stick in the direction you want to move (from areas available 
        to you). Press X to enter a location, or Square to save your game.
        In each location, there are two 'icons'. A flag and a chalice. When you
        complete an area, the White Flag will change to green; completing the
        Chalice Quest for that level marks illuminates the Chalice Icon.
--o--04|Characters--o--               /CHARACTERS\

    I'm sure you're interested to find out exactly which characters you shall 
    be meeting in the game, and so this section of the Guide will cover just

   >--04\a|The GOOD                   /GOOD\

       So, who exactly is on your side in MediEvil. While it may not seem like
       there are that many, there are a fair few. So, this part of the guide
       will introduce these people to you.

         Sir Daniel Fortesque
        Sir Dan was a professional soldier in life (though his duties were
        mainly cermonial). I reality, he was hardly the hero that history
        remembered him to be. Can he overcome his cowardice and become the
        true hero in death that he wasn't in life?

        Al-Zalam was a mighty genie until a run-in wwith Zarok left him locked
        into Sir Daniel Fortesque's empty skull! He likes to remind people of 
        his halycon days often. For this reason, he harbours an enormous grudge
        against Zarok, which he has in common with Sir Dan. Ultimately this
        shared purpose can turn their uneasy alliane into something of a

        Death is weary and sardonic, yet retains an air of engaging charisma
        and elegant charm. If he ever had any real enthusiasm for his job, it's
        been long gone. However, he has two key redeeming features that shine
        through his aura of melancholy resignation: His comprehensive
        knowledge of Gallowmere, and a sneaking admiration (and almost
        paternal regard) for the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque, whom he
        sees as his only hope of gaining some peace from massively increased

         The Forest Witch
        New Age hippy dippy crone, the Forest Witch is obsessed with gaining
        revenge on her sister, the Pumpkin Witch. She is also the guardian
        of the path to the 'Shadow Demon Gate'.

         The Pumkin Witch
        A schizoid bint, who dedicates her entire life raising her surrogate
        pumpkin family and protecting her precious Anubis stone, the Pumpkin
        Witch has two distinct sides to her personality: Cloying, motherly
        and sickeningly twee, mixed with a cunning and nasty witchiness!

         The Voodoo Witch
        A skinny Afro-Caribbean with who has the power to see the future in
        her less than reliable gupsy crystal ball. She is found in the first
        tent on the left in the Undead Carnival.

         King Peregrine
        The ghost of the long dead King of Gallowmere, King Peregrine is a
        friendly, chatty, old gentleman with a military background.

         The Town Mayor
        Plump local businessman and slef-proclaimed pillar of the community,
        a collector of antiquities and votes is the Town Mayor. He likes pie.

         Dragon King
        The Dragon King is a rather erudite and neurotic dragon (of the Dragon
        chattering classes). This beastie cannot abide adventurous types, so
        one should not be too hopeful of a friendly welcome, or indeed a
        generous send off for that matter.

        These are baby-faced gangster forest folk. Who wear one leaf. Not a
        good sign.

         The Harbor Master
        The Harbor Master is a prissy, pompous and petty jobs-worth. Although
        he attempts to project a tough and official air, he secretly 'harbours'
        repressed affection for the rugged violent pirates that he deals with
        on a daily basis.

     [Special Thanks to the Official MediEvil Resurrection site for this info]

   >--04\b|The BAD                    /BAD\

     Now in EVERY game, there is always someone who wants you dead. Charming,
     innit? This section of the guide will cover those enemies so you know
     who you are facing. Please note that henchmen characters (Zombies and
     the like are covered in a different part of this guide).

        Zarok is a creepy, bitter and twisted soul who has vowed to destroy
        Gallowmere. He is petty and vain yet intelligent, terrifying and evil
        yet charismatic, tough and dangerous yet at times campier than a
        Caravan park. This ancient Wizard has spent a century nursing his
        hatred of Fortesque

         Lord Kardok
        Kardok, the legendary battle centaur, is Zarok's second in command and
        a more daunting opponent it would be hard to imagine. Thankfully
        Kardok is not as cool and collected as his stern appearence might
        suggest, and the heady thrill of combat often causes him to rear up
        excitedly on his hind legs in a dance of carefree exhilaration.

    [Special Thanks to the Official MediEvil Resurrection site for this info]

   >--04\c|The HEROES                 /HEROES\
       On your regular Journeys to the Hall of Heroes, you will meet some of
       Gallowmere's greatest heroes. There are 9 Heroes in the Hall, while the
       tenth one isn't possible to meet. 

        Canny Tim
       He was a marksman of a Crossbowman part of the cavelry led by Sir Dan,
       and killed Zarok's champion Lord Kardock by shooting him in the eye at 
       three hundred yards away. He was killed during the battle himself. 
       Before the battle he mentions that he had told stories of heroism and 
       ghosts with his comrads that would keep them up all night scared.
        [Gives you the CROSSBOW and the HEROES CROSSBOW]

        Stanyer Iron Hewer
       In addition to being the strongest man who ever lived Stanyer Iron Hewer
       was unsurpassed in his skill as a blacksmith. He was equally happy 
       pounding on his anvil at home as he was pounding on someone’s head in 
       battle. It was said that his only fear was the end of the village 
       smithy as the focus of manufacture in favor of more centralized units -
       as if!
        [Gives you the WAR HAMMER]

        Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver
       Born a humble peasant to one of the nomadic tribes from the East lands,
       Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver gathered an army of horsemen and swept over 
       half the civilized world. When he finally died (attempting a single 
       handed attack on a garrison in the North while armed only with the 
       spike on his helmet) he was the strongest peasant of his day.
        [Gives you the BATTLE AXE]

        Karl Strunggard
       Karl Sturnguard spent most of his formative years under siege at his 
       family castle. With his impregnable magic shield Sturnguard’s motto was
       ‘the best form of attack is defense’. Sadly his shield couldn’t protect
       him against poor eating habits and he died during a post battle feast 
       while swallowing a large sausage he had failed to chew.
        [Gives you the SILVER/GOLDEN SHIELD]

        Imanzi Shongoma
       Trained from birth in all forms of combat, Imazi Shongama was the 
       warrior queen of a tribe of Amazons. The bold and the beautiful Shongama
       banished all males from her territory except the handful she kept on to 
       mow the lawns of her people.
        [Gives you the SPEAR]

        Megwynne Stormbringer
       A full time mother and homemaker, Magwynne Stormbinder had to defend her
       settlement form barbarian raiders while the menfolk were away on a 
       hunting trip. She fought off repeated attacks armed only with a 
       pitchfork and a rolling pin and with one arm holding her baby. Legend 
       has it that the Gods, impressed by her indomitable courage, intervened 
       and added thunder bolts to her arsenal. She won the battle with a couple
       of bolts to spare on her husband when he finally returned.
        [Gives you the LIGHTNING]

        Dirk Steadfast
       Dirk Steadfast was a fearsome opponent thanks to his magic sword and a 
       firmly held belief that ‘only women defend themselves - real men are 
       always on the attack’. He was a friend and contemporary of Karl 
       Sturnguard and was with him even to the end: it was whilst Steadfast 
       was explaining his views on Sturnguard’s shield during a feast that the
       latter had his tragic and inexplicable accident.
        [Gives you the MAGIC SWORD]

        Prince Ravenhooves
       Descended from the finest centaur blood stock RavenHooves the Archer was
       the last prince of his people. A proud and haughty aristocrat he was an
       accomplished hunter, sportsman, duelist, playboy, raconteur, and three
       times Derby winner.
        [Gives you the LONGBOW, FLAMING LONGBOW and the MAGIC LONGBOW]

        Woden the Mighty
       Truly the hero’s hero, Woden the Mighty, was fearless, single-minded, 
       and uncompromising. Unbeaten in combat, he inspired raw fear in friends
       and enemies alike, not to mention in close family members and pets.
        [Gives you the BROADSWORD, HEROES SWORD and the LONGSWORD]

    [Special Thanks to Chris Patti for this!]

--o--05|Walkthrough--o--              /GUIDE\
    And so we enter the most important part of any Guide - the Walkthrough.
    Each Section will tell you how to master that level - including the
    'Chalice Quest' and secret items/areas.
   >--05\a|Dan's Crypt   /CRYPT\
        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."

       Items and Weaponry to get: Life Bottle 1, Wooden Sword
       Artifacts:                 None
       Runes to collect:          Time Rune
       Money:                     50 GC

       After watching the FMV Intro, you will enter Dan's Crypt, where Part 2 
       of the intro will start. After watching it, run forward into the Main
       Hall. You will see that you are surrounded by many glowing books, so
       walk over to each one and press X to read. Once all are read, face the
       Rune gate and go into the left room. You will then aquire LIFE BOTTLE
       1! This will now be replaced by a Health Vial everytime you revisit. 
       In this room you will find Dan's Diary, The Artifact Guide and The
       Enemy Guide. Read through each one, then cross the main hall into the 
       right-hand room. Stepping through this door will aquire you a WOODEN
       SWORD. So everytime you lose it, return here to pick up another one.
       The right-hand room is the Training Area - along the walls you will
       find guides to each weapon - more made available for each weapon you 
       collect - some books on the types of attacks and some training dummies.
       Read up on each book, and if you want practice some attacks on the 
       dummies. Then head to the room behind the dummies. In here is a room
       with a lava river. At the moment, Lava will kill you, so jump over it
       and collect the TIME RUNE. Then walk into the chest to get 50 Gold
       Coins. Jump back over the Lava, and walk up to the Rune Gate. The Gate
       will now open, and you are free to go. Talk to the Gargoyle before
       leaving though for another tip. Then, exit the Crypt.

   >--05\b|The Graveyard   /GRAVEYARD1\

        "The Graveyard- You wouldn't catch me digging Graves in my Yard.
         Spoils the ambience."

       Items and Weaponry to get: Short Sword, Club, Health Vial x1
       Runes to Collect: Earth Rune,

       Welcome to the Graveyard! Start off by going down the hill, then go
       right. When you get to a cross junction, take the left turning. In here
       lies the SHORT SWORD! Equip it straight away, then pick up the 3 coin
       bags to get 30 Gold Coins. head back out into the main area and your 
       first group of enemies will pop-up! Take out the zombies, and have the
       Short Sword area to your left again. The right leads to a dead end,
       while straight ahead lies the exit. Talk to the green statue for some
       information about whats going on. Go through the gate and carry on down
       the hill. Watch out for the new type of zombie wearing the grey jacket.
       These guys are a bit stronger than your average zombie. When you get to
       the Y Junction, take the right-hand turning and cross the bridge. Here
       comes another new enemy - the Zombie Guard. These guys are very strong,
       so beware. After beating him, pick up the EARTH RUNE. Head back over
       the bridge, and take the other fork. Beat the two zombies and enter
       the soon-to-be enemy filled area. Grab the Health Vial if you need it,
       and whoop some zombie butt. For the moment, head past the small tomb,
       and go to where the wall at the end is. You will find the CLUB there.
       Equip the club, and you will discover that THIS weapon has a  

   >--05\c|Cemetery Hill   /HILL\

        "Cemetery Hill- An excellent name for a blues singer."

       Items and Weaponry to get: 
       Runes to Collect:          

   >--05\d|Dan's Crypt Revisited   /CRYPT2\
        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."

       Items and Weaponry to get: Health Vial, Wooden Sword
       Runes to Collect:          Time Rune
       Money:                     50 GC

       Upon entering Dan's Crypt, equip your club, and make sure your health 
       is good - the next Chalice Challenge is coming up. Go forward into the
       Main Hall, then walk towards the wall on the left of the Rune Gate.
       Smash this wall with your club, then equip your best weapon, and your
       shield if you still have it. Beat up the mummy in this room to get
       100% in the Chalice. Then equip the Spade, and dig in the hole to find 
       the Chalice. Simple as pie. Then go back through the Training Room and
       get the Rune Key, read up on some weapon combos in the books, grab the
       Health Vial in the enterance to the study if your low on health, read
       Dan's Diary for some updates, maybe read the Enemies Handbook if you
       want. Then, head back to the Rune Gate, go through the gate and leave 
       Dan's crypt to enter the Hall of Heroes.

   >--05\e|Hilltop Mausoleum   /GLASS\

        "The Hilltop Mausoleum- Think of it as a kind of pet shop. But with 
         less fragrant purchasing choices."

   >--05\f|Return to the Graveyard   /RETURN\

        "Return to the Graveyard- We went there earlier. If you have 
         reasonable short-term memory you might remember it."

   >--05\g|Gallowmere Plains   /PLAINS\

        "Gallowmere Plains- The less beautiful relative of Gallowmere 

       Items and Weaponry to get: Woden's Brand
       Artifacts: Carnival Tickets (8)
       Runes to Collect: None
       Money: ???

       Welcome to the cross junction! Gallowmere Plains may appear like a very
       small place at first, but you havn't gone to the Undead Carnival yet!
       If you want to, you can just run straight to your next location, but if
       you decide to follow this guide, we're going to go and take a look at
       the carnival. Run towards where the shop is (the BEST shop in the game)
       then stop, and look for the tiny orange tent. Seen it? Good. Run into
       it and you'll arrive at the carnival. now you may be wondering "How do
       I get the Woden's Brand?" Well, to do that you have to win the
       Mini Games! At this particular point, the best Mini-Games to play would
       be Arrow O' Fate, Weapons Master (though you can't complete yet), and
       the Ballista one (forgot the name). Also, visit the first tent on the 
       right from the enterance to find the Voodoo witch! She will tell you
       about secret areas in each of the levels, so listen to her. She's good.
       Done in the carnival? Return back through the tent. If you want to, you
       can visit Lazy Farm for two other Mini Games. But, we won't just yet.
       We are moving on! If you want, go to the shop and purchase some
       cheap-ities. Then look for the gate that looks like a castle enterance.
       We are heading for Sleeping Village!

   >--05\h|Welcome to the Sleeping Village   /VILLAGE\

        "Welcome to Sleeping Village- Where Zombies gamble like poorly 
         co-ordinated Spring Lambs."

   >--05\i|Inside the Asylum   /ASYLUM\

        "Inside the Asylum- here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls
         and... oh actually no, that's somewhere else. This is the one with 
         the mad people in."

   >--05\j|Sleeping Village   /VILLAGE2\

        "Sleeping Village- Where you can buy the mayor off for the pie."

   >--05\k|Scarecrow Fields   /SCARECROW\

        "Scarecrow Fields- Prepare to be scared. If you're a crow."

   >--05\l|Pumpkin Gorge   /PUMPKIN\

        "Pumpkin Gorge- Not George. Gorge. Pumpkin George hasn't been around
         these parts for a long time."

   >--05\m|Back to Gallowmere Plains   /PLAINS2\

        "Gallowmere Plains- Big, flat, and home to a circus! What are you 
         waiting for?."

   >--05\n|Enchanted Forest   /FOREST\

        "Enchanted Forest- You need a very specific micro-climate and a loamy 
         soil to produce an enchanted forest."

   >--05\o|Pools of the Ancient Dead   /POOLS\

        "The Pools of the Ancient Dead- You didn't know the Ancient Dead 
         played pool did you? Ahhh, everyone has to have a hobby you know!"

   >--05\p|Scurvy Docks   /DOCKS\

        "Scurvy Docks- Pirates and smugglers aplenty! But not much in the way 
         of Vitamin C."

   >--05\q|Dragon Island   /DRAGON\

        "Dragon Island- Islands with Dragons on were once considered quite the
         fashionable property development."

   >--05\r|Return to Dan's Crypt   /CRYPT3\

        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."

       Items and Weaponry to get: Chicken Drumstick, Health Vial, Wooden Sword
       Artifacts: None
       Runes to Collect: Time Rune
       Money: 50 GC

       We are back in Dan's Crypt. Firstly check up on Dan's Diary, the Enemy
       Handbook, and the Artefacts Guide. Grab the Health Vial if you need it.
       And now, we are going to go to the last secret place in Dan's Crypt.
       Equip your Dragon Armour, and go through the Training Room to the Lava
       Room. With the Dragon Armour on, jump into the lava, and follow it round
       into the tiny room next door. Raised above the lava is a platform. Jump
       on, and grab the Chicken Drumstick weapon. May not seem like much, but
       it is awesome. Now, go back through the lava, get the Rune and Money,
       read up on some Weapon Guides if you want then leave the Crypt. Time
       to hit the Haunted Ruins!

   >--05\s|Haunted Ruins   /RUINS\

        "Passage to the Haunted Ruins- If a person were determined to make 
         their way to the Haunted Ruins, they could do a lot worse."

   >--05\t|Ghost Ship   /SHIP\

        "Onboard the Ghost Ship- How do ghosts tie their ship up at the docks?
         Surely the rope would slip between their ghostly fingers."

   >--05\u|Preparation   /PREPARE\

   >--05\v|Zarok's Lair   /LAIR\

        "Zarok's Lair- Oooooh. Scary."

--o--06|Enemy Handbook--o--          /HANDBOOK\

    So, just who will you be fighting in the game? This section of the Guide
    will cover just that: Who they are, how you fight them and where they are
    found. Descriptions are from the Enemy Guide located in Dan's Study. 
   >--06\a|Enemies                   /ENEMIES\

        Description: Your common or garden zombie is a slow-witted goon head
                     of monumental proportions. It seems a shame to hurt such
                     feeble-minded weapon fodder, but they will likely insist
                     on trying to bar one's progress and eat one's brains. A
                     few well placed sword swipes are the order of the day,
                     which should effectivly teach them to mind their own
        Located at: The Graveyard, Gallowmere Plains
        How to beat: Depending on the power of your weapon, these guys can be
                     very easy to defeat or more of a medium level. Dan's arm
                     needs to dish out three hits, while the magic sword dishes
                     out death in one hit.

         Zombie Guards
        Description: What these freaks lack in intelligence, they attempt to
                     make up in sheer bulk! Slow of movement and brain power,
                     if a venturer cannot dispatch these hulking dullards
                     with relative ease there is simply no hope for the future
                     of the once fair Gallowmere!
        Located at: The Graveyard, Gallowmere Plains
        How to beat: These guys can take a few hits before dying, so be 
                     careful when fighting them with a weak weapon. Using
                     the Charged Quick Attack also works wonders.

         Skeleton Warriors
        Located at: Cemetery Hill, Return to the Graveyard, Gallowmere Plains 
                    Zarok's Lair
        How to beat:

         Headless Zombies
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains
        How to beat:

        Located at: Cemetery Hill, Hilltop Mausoleum, Gallowmere Plains
        How to beat:

         Imp Thiefs
        Located at: Hilltop Mausoleum
        How to beat:

         Imp Flamers
        Located at: Hilltop Mausoleum
        How to beat:
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Return to the Graveyard, 
                    Sleeping Village
        How to beat:

         Boiler Guards
        Located at: Welcome to the Sleeping Village, Sleeping Village, 
                    Zarok's Lair
        How to beat:

         Head Bangers
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Inside the Asylum
        How to beat:

         Mr Mad
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Sleeping Village
        How to beat: Firstly- ONLY fight Mr Mad after completing the Chalice
                     Quest of Sleeping Village and leaving the level, or in
                     Gallowmere Plains. Killing Mr Mad before completing the
                     Sleeping Village level will result in you LOSING some
                     spirits from the Chalice!!! You have been warned. I 
                     suggest an Charged X/Square attack to beat him. 

         Mrs Mad
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Sleeping Village
        How to beat: Firstly- ONLY fight Mrs Mad after completing the Chalice
                     Quest of Sleeping Village and leaving the level, or in
                     Gallowmere Plains. Killing Mrs Mad before completing the
                     Sleeping Village level will result in you LOSING some
                     spirits from the Chalice!!! You have been warned.Mrs Mad 
                     seems much tougher than her husband, so watch out for that 
                     frying pan. Use a few Charged Attacks to dispatch her.

         Nellie Mad
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Sleeping Village
        How to beat: Firstly- ONLY fight Nellie Mad after completing the 
                     Chalice Quest of Sleeping Village and leaving the level, 
                     or in Gallowmere Plains. Killing Nellie Mad before 
                     completing the Sleeping Village level will result in you 
                     LOSING some spirits from the Chalice!!! You have been 
                     warned. Simply put, Nellie is TINY - therefor very hard
                     to hit. Equip a powerful weapon and use repeated Quick
                     attacks on her. Or equip the hammer and pound her. Your

         Hay Monsters
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Scarecrow Fields
        How to beat:

        Located at: Scarecrow Fields
        How to beat:

         Wheat Daemons
        Located at: Scarecrow Fields
        How to beat: These guys DO NOT die. You can't fight them, nor would I
                     suggest it. They hide in the wheat fields in Scarecrow
                     Fields, so DON'T come off the path!!!

         Mecha Imps
        Located at: Scarecrow Fields
        How to beat: 

         Pumpkin Plants
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Pumpkin Gorge
        How to beat:

         Pumpkin Bombs
        Located at: Pumpkin Gorge
        How to beat:

        Located at: Enchanted Forest
        How to beat:

         Dragon Toads
        Located at: Enchanted Forest
        How to beat:

         Shadow Demons
        Located at: Enchanted Forest, Haunted Ruins
        How to beat:

         Armoured Knights
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Pools of the Ancient Dead 
        How to beat: There's only one way to beat these guys: shoving them
                     down a pit or into a dead pool. They are practically
                     invincible to everything you throw at them, so equip your
                     best weapon and knock them into that pool.

        Located at: Pools of the Ancient Dead
        How to beat: You will only need to fight these guys once and that is
                     on the wall in the Pools of the Ancient Dead. When you
                     get the warning about ghouls jump into the fenced circle
                     (very low) and then select yes when it appears. DO NOT
                     QUIT this mode until you get the notice about all ghouls 
                     being dead.

         Undead Warriors
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Pools of the Ancient Dead
        How to beat:

        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Scurvy Docks
        How to beat:

         Pirate Crew
        Located at: Gallowmere Plains, Ghost Ship
        How to beat:

         Pirate Officer
        Located at: Ghost Ship
        How to beat:

   >--06\b|Bosses                    /BOSSES\

         Stainglass Demon
        Located at: Hilltop Mausoleum
        How to beat:

         Stone Wolves
        Located at: Return to the Graveyard
        How to beat:

         Mad Axeman
        Located at: Inside the Asylum
        How to beat: And so the battle against a deranged psychopath begins.
                     The simplest way that I found was to standnear him, and
                     move out of the way when he attacks. When his axe gets
                     stuck in the ground begin your own attack against him. Be
                     careful though, as when he gets the axe free he spins
                     around - similar to the 720 degrees cut that Sir Dan does.
                     Sometimes, he launches his axe on a chain so dodge this
                     then go and get him while he attempts to pull his axe out.
                     When he starts to charge at you, hide behind one of the
                     spiked pillars. Do this for all four pillars and he will
                     die. The end of 'Mr. Axey'.

         Pumpkin King
        Located at: Pumpkin Gorge
        How to beat:

        Located at: Enchanted Woods
        How to beat:

         Dragon King
        Located at: Dragon Island
        How to beat: [There are 2 sections to fighting this guy, so make sure
                     you are prepared - have the hammer equipped when you
                     enter Dragon Caves]

         Stone Guardians
        Description: The Stone Guardians aren't officialy listed as a boss,
                     but they are in there own way. These are the two big guys
                     that you must face after activating the defence system in
                     the Haunted Ruins.
        Located at: Haunted Ruins
        How to beat: After they come alive, run back a bit and allow them to
                     come close to you. You have to do the next part quick
                     due to the time limit. When they get near to the hall in 
                     the wall, dart forward and continuosly hit one of them 
                     until it falls down the hole. Do the same for the next one
                     and the two are beaten.

         Pirate Captain
        Located at: Ghost Ship
        How to beat:

        Description: Fazguls - Zarok's Elite Bodyguard. Immortal to nearly
                     all weapons, there is only ONE WAY to fight them. It
                     begins with A and ends in NUBIS STONE. Can you guess?
                     Good luck with this fight!
        Located at: Zarok's Lair
        How to beat:

         Lord Kardok
        Located at: Zarok's Lair
        How to beat:

         Giant Serpent Zarok
        Description: Why is it that nearly ALL Sorcerer type villains turn into
                     serpents? Must be something to do with being slimy, or
                     having a bad personality. This fight will be your very
                     last, so make sure you are well prepared for it. It's
                     going to be tough... but hey? No pressure.
        Located at: Zarok's Lair
        How to beat:

--o--07|Version History--o--         /VERSIONS\

   Version 1.0:- Skeleton Version of Guide started 
               - Two Dan's Crypt Guides done
               - Most of the Playing the Game section done
               - ASCII Art Logo Done

   Version 1.8:- All characters for The Good entered
               - All characters for The Bad entered
               - Started the Enemy Handbook section
               - All Enemies/Bosses listed in Enemy Handbook
               - Strategies completed for Stone Guardians, Zombies, Zombie
                 Guards and Mr. Axey

   Version 2.4:- All Locations listed with their Tom Baker quotes
               - All Enemy and Boss locations listed into Enemy Handbook 
               - Contents contains all level names with their Search Code. May
                 change Search Codes though
               - Started writing strategy to fighting Dragon King

   Version 3.0:- Listed up all the new hosts for the Guide
               - Wrote both Gallowmere Plains and Return to Dan's Crypt. Both
                 complete now
               - Updated Contents appropriatly
               - Added another person to Special Thanks
               - Added another Tom Baker quote to the Gallowmere Plains level
                 that I have just discovered
               - Listed all the heroes in the hall. Now to write the 
               - Began writing The Graveyard
               - Added Strategies for beating the three Mads - Mr, Mrs and 
               - All Search Codes changed on contents
               - Boss Descriptions added for the Fazguls and for Giant Serpent
               - The guide looks like it's taking shape, nay?

   Version 3.4:- Listed up all the info on the Heroes in the Hall
               - Put Chris Patti down in the 'Special Thanks' section for his
                 help with the Heroes data.

--o--08|Ending--o--                  /ENDING\

   Sony Computer Entertainment:
       For creating the PSP and for releasing such a great handheld console!

   Cambridge Studios:
       For recreating one of the best games to exist!

   Dominic Cahalin:
       For his great information on the mini-games, and for contacting me!

   My Step-dad, Malcolm:
       For buying me the game on September 1st!

   The good people of the MediEvil Resurrection board on GameFAQS:
       For giving me a good reason to write this guide, and for their tips
       that they have given me. You rock guys!

   Chris Patti:
       For gathering so much information on the Heroes in the Hall of Heroes!
       Thank you so much!

--o--09|Legal--o--                   /LEGAL\
   This FAQ is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced for any kind of
   direct commercial use. You ARE allowed to reproduce this guide for personal 
   use only; whether it's through printing or being stored electronically, and 
   it may be distributed as long as no profit is made doing so. It may not be  
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   and copyright notice in full. This guide is only for use on GameFAQS        
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   this guide on any other website, please contact me on my e-mail.
   All trademarks and copyright material not exclusive to this guide are       
   recognised as the legal property of their respective owners.                
   Copyright 2005 Liam Morgan                                                  

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