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Guide and Walkthrough by ryan0110

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/30/2005

Metal Gear Ac!d PSP FAQ
v.1.0 by Hamburgler <ryanmflaherty@yahoo.com>
April 29, 2005

Warning: Do not use this FAQ for any profit making use or post it as someone 
else's work. This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Ryan Flaherty. KONAMI is a 
registered trademark of KONAMI CORPORATION. Copyright 2005 KONAMI CORPORATION. 
All rights reserved. Metal Gear and Metal Gear Ac!d are either registered 
trademarks or trademarks of KONAMI COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN, INC. Copyright 

Revision History
v.1.0 - first version

Table of Contents

To find what you are looking for quickly, use the ctrl + f function (hold down 
control and then press the "f" key). When the find window appears either type 
in the text or cut and paste the section you are interested in. 
Example: To get to the card list type "13)Card List". Do not include the 
quotation marks or any spaces other than what is in the title.


2)Main Menu 

5)Reading Cards

7)Cost and What It Means

9)Card Collecting
10)Deck Building

11)Mission Walkthrough
12)Link Battle

13)Card Passwords

14)Card List



Thank you for chosing to read/view this FAQ. I pride myself on doing a good 
job and I hope I can answer any questions you may have about the game. The 
first version of this will probably have some spelling, punctuation, or 
grammerical errors. I apologize in advance and will try to correct this
as best as I can. If you email me with a question that can be answered by
reading this FAQ, do not be insulted if my response refers you to a category
contained on this document. 

2)Main Menu

At the Metal Gear Ac!d screen you will be told to press the start button. 
You can also press the circle button if you are like me and have a fear of 
smudging the screen by pressing the start button. Pressing either button will 
bring up the options:

 A)New Game - this will begin a new Metal Gear Ac!d game
 B)Load Game - load an out of mission saved game
 c)Continue - load an in mission game in progress
   1)Text speed - adjust the speed in which the text appears.
   2)Movie Skip - this will disable the cinematic played by a character card.
   3)Quickmode(always) - if this is turned on the computer will speed up their 
                         actions on their turn.
   4)Set default - highlight and press circle to adjust all settings to normal.
 E)Password - this screen lets you input a code to unlock cards that can not 
              be found during the game. It works the same as the PSP setup or 
              entering a text message on a cell phone. For example: if you 
              wanted to enter "fox" you would hit the "def3" key 3 times, 
              "mno6" key 3 times, and the "wxyz9" key 2 times then select 


 A)Playable Characters
   1)Solid Snake - Legendary mercenary and former member of Fox-Hound.
   2)Teliko Friedman - Soldier in the HRT special forces unit and former 
     student of Roger McCoy.

 B)Non-Playable Characters
   1)Roger McCoy - A member of the CIA and Vietnam vet. Guides Snake on this 
   2)Gary - a lab worker caught up in the Lobito Island incident.
   3)Dr.Flemming - creator of PYTHAGORAS on Lobito Island.
   4)Alice Hazel - A young psychic also assisting Snake.
   5)La Clown (Clown) - mimic and assassin
   6)Buddy - mysterious voice heard over CODEC
   7)Leone - Mercenary and threat on Lobito Island
   8)Viggo Hach - Senator and presidential candidate held hostage on flight 
   9)Lena - Senator Hach's assistant also on flight 326
   10)Minette - A small girl also on flight 326
   11)Elsie - creepy doll 
   12)Francis - another creepy doll
   13)Hans Davis - He and Dr.Flemming held the ritual of conjuration on Lobito
   14)No.16 - Sole survivor of the ritual of conjuration
   15)Constance - Dr.Flemming's Daughter
   16)Charles Schmeiser - CIA agent, I think.


 A)Out of mission and menu controls - while not playing a mission the 
                                      controls are as follows:
   1)Directional pad up/down - move selected choice up or down.
   2)Directional pad left/right - move cursor left or right, increase/decrease 
                                 number of items
   3)Cirle button - confirm/select
   4)X button - cancel/back out

 B)In mission game controls - during a mission the controls are as follows:
   1)Circle button - confirm/select
   2)X button - cancel/back out
   3)Select button - turn enemy status window on/off
   4)Triangle button
     a)On your turn - enable/disable overhead search mode. While in this mode 
                      you can highlight the enemy to view their equip window, 
                      life total, and range of vision.
     b)Enemy turn - press to speed up enemy turn. Hold down during enemy turn 
                    to end your turn when it comes up.
   5)L and R (Shoulder buttons) - rotate the view 90 degrees up to 360 degrees. 
   6)Analog stick - adjust the camera according to the direction pressed. 
                    Camera movement is restricted to a certain angle.
   7)Square button - displays card information, press again to exit card 

   8)Directional pad
     a)overhead view - move camera up,down,left, right
     b)moving - select the squares in the order you want to move
     c)playing cards - move card selection left/right. Press circle or x to 
                       select or deselect card. After you have selected a card 
                       use up/down to select between use/equip or move.
5)Reading Cards

All cards can be either used or equipped. Using a card immediately activates 
its effect and then discards the card. Equipping a card saves it in your equip 
window until an action triggers its effect. The probability of it being 
activated is called its "reaction" (REA%). For instance: body armor has a REA 
of 50%, meaning if you are attacked the probability of the armor activating 
is 50 percent.

While cards may be different when it comes to cost, effects, name, etc. their 
information is located in the same place. Any card can be read as follows:
 A)Type - Located in the upper left hand corner. Cards have one of five types:
  1)Weapon - these cards deal damage to opponents, security cameras, even your 
  2)Action - most of these cards supplement your weapon cards.
  3)Support - most of these cards supplement your defense.
  4)Item - cards that support weapons, health recovery, and stealth.
  5)Character - cards depicting characters from past metal gear games. The 
    action of these cards varies from character to character and do everything
    from attack to evade to improve stats.

 B)Cost - Located in the upper right hand corner. Cost can be anywhere from 0 
   to 15 and will add itself to your total cost for the turn after it is used.

 C)Picture - Located between top and middle of the card. The picture is 
   exactly that and is different for every card.

 D)INTERFERENCE - colored arrows around the picture. Varies on all cards. See 
   the INTERFERENCE section for more info.

 E)Name - Located in the center of the card below the picture. The name is 
   exactly that and is different for every card.

 F)Information - Located between the middle and bottom of the card. The 
   information on a card tells you what exactly the card does when activated. 
   When a card is selected you can press the square button for more detailed
   information. Press square again while viewing the detailed information to 

 G)Color - Located on the right side of the card from top to bottom. Each type 
   (weapon, item, support, etc.) of card has their own color that they can be 
   identified with. I guess cards have gang issues too.

 H)Rarity - Located on the lower right hand corner of the card. Rarity ranges 
   from "+" to "+++++", "+" being common, "++" being uncommon, "+++" being 
   rare, "++++" being super rare, and "+++++" being ultra rare. You are far 
   more likely to get a card with a rarity of "+" than a card with a rarity 
   of "+++++" from a pack or as a clear bonus. Generally, cards that are hard 
   to find are more powerful or have better effects than common cards.


 A)Card Actions - cards can be used in 3 ways: Equip, use, and move.
   1)Equip - equipping a card will store it in your equip window until it is
             activated or used up. Some items like stealth will remain in 
             the equip window until a certain amount of cost is spent.
             Other cards will remain in the window until they are used once
             then are discarded.
   2)Use - using a card will activate it's effect immediately then discard the
   3)Move - most cards can be used to move in addition to their primary use.
            Unless it is a movement card, which can be used to move only, these
            cards can be used to move 3 spaces. The exception to this are the 
            cost reduction cards as well as a few others which cannot be 
            applied to movement.
 B)Non-card Actions
   1)Actions before/after movement - Depending on your situation and location 
    you can perform some actions without using cards. These are as follow: 
    knock, end turn, punch, and discard. 
   a)Exit - skips your turn for 4 cost   
   b)Knock - uses 0 cost and can be used as many times as you like although 
     it is ineffective after the first use in the same location. 
   z)End turn 
     obviously ends your turn. If you didn’t use any cards for the turn you 
     ended you will be charged a cost of 4. If you use one or more cards you 
     will not be charged with a cost.
   c)Punch - uses 4 cost and can be used once per turn. To use punch you must 
     be standing next to an enemy. Punch is most effective to knock some one 
     back a space or to kill a soldier with a small amount of life remaining 
     if you don’t have any weapons left. You can also get a domino effect 
     going if 2 or more soldiers are lined up. Use punch to knock an enemy 
     into a dangerous area.
   d)Discard - uses 6 cost. Using this action lets you discard 2 cards and 
     get 2 new ones. This must be your first action for the turn. Using 
     discard will also end your turn.
   e)System - selecting system will give you two options.
    1)Save - save your game during the current mission and quit the game. 
      Everything will be saved as it occured during the mission before you 
      are returned to the main menu.
    2)Intermission - this will quit the current mission and return you to the 
      intermission screen.    

  2)Actions during movement - after movement or changing the direction you are 
    facing you may have these options: Ladder(up/down), crawl, stand, stay
    hang, return, and drop.
   a)Ladder(up/down) - will climb a ladder if you stand in front facing it.
   b)Crawl - will lower the character on his frontside. While crawling you 
     will onlt be able to move 2 spaces by normal movement. While crawling 
     you can disarm claymore mines and crawl through ducts. Be careful though, 
     crawl can only be selected AFTER you have moved or changed position. I.E. 
     running to  a square equipped with a mine and selecting crawl is a bad 
     idea. This would cause you to run over the mine and trip it rather than 
     disarming it.
   c)Stand - is available when the character is in a crawling position. This 
     will put the character back on two legs and movement will become normal 
   d)Stay - will hold your character in either the stand or crawl position 
     depending where they are currently at.
   e)Hang - used with the card "hang". Hang from a ledge.
   f)Return - pull yourself up from hanging
   g)Drop - let go of a ledge and drop down.


   1)Weapon - an equipped weapon can be used two ways. The first is to load
              the equipped weapon with the appropriate ammo. If the equipped
              weapon held 9mm ammo, you would need to equip a weapon on top 
              of the first gun that also takes 9mm ammo to load the gun and 
              fire. The attack power, range, REA%, and attributes would be 
              based on the first gun equipped, while the number of shots is 
              determined by the gun used for ammunition. 
              The second way to use an equipped gun is to have it's Reaction
              activated by being attacked. Based on the REA%, there is a 
              possibility that you may perform a counter attack. Once you 
              perform the counter, the gun will be removed from the equipment
   2)Support - support cards are generally equipped by themselves and remain
               in the equip window until their reaction is triggered.
   3)Action - most action cards supplement weapon cards in the equip window.
              action cards must be equipped on top of the weapon you would
              like to be supplemented.
   4)Item - items are equipped by themselves and have a variety of effects.
            Some stay in the equip window until a certain COST is spent, others
            will stay in the equip window until they are destroyed(attacked
            while box is equipped), and some will stay until you equip 
            something else or an effect of another card removes it.

 D)Interference - Card INTERFERENCE refers to the colored arrows you may 
   see on an equip card. 
   There are three different colors: 
   Red, Blue, and Green. 
   Red: ATK+10, DEF-10 
   Blue: DEF+10, ATK-10 
   Green:REA+10%, ATK-5, DEF-5
   Say you had a Lv.2 Equipment window which consists of 4 squares. For this 
   example we will use the card "M4". In the picture there is a blue arrow 
   pointing up, a green arrow pointing right, and a red arrow pointing down. 
   Imagine you were to equip this card in the upper left spot of your equipment 
   window. The blue arrow is pointing at nothing, the green arrow in pointing 
   to the upper right slot, and the red arrow is pointing to the lower left 
   spot. If you were to equip a card in the lower left spot below the M4, that 
   card's attack would be raised by 10 and it's defense would be lowered by 10.
   Of course it would make sense to equip a weapon below the M4 because a 
   weapon has no defensive power to lose and has attack power to gain. Say you 
   were to equip a "body armor" in the upper right spot to the right of "M4". 
   Normally a body armor's Reaction is 50%. Since the green arrow is pointing 
   at the body armor, it's REA% is raised to 60, it's defense drops by 5, and 
   it's non existing attack also drops by 5. 

   The INTERFERENCE effect is stackble, meaning you can have two or more arrows 
   apply their effect to a single card. If three red arrows were pointing at a 
   card, it's attack would rise by 30 and it's defense would drop by 30. If you 
   had a red and a blue arrow pointing at a single card, it's effect would be 

 E)Enemy Actions

   Enemies can be grouped into three categories: Human, Camera, and Machine

  1)Human - enemy soldiers will move in a set pattern unless they are alerted.
            This can mean they have spotted you, heard a noise, or saw another
            soldier be attacked or killed. If they heard a noise they will
            investigate the source. If their search turns up nothing, they will
            go back to their patrol. If you are spotted by one guard they will
            radio for help. You can stop them by killing or knocking them out
            before they put their radio away and backup arrives. However, if 
            are spotted by another guard while one is calling for help all 
            guards will be alerted to your presense. If you kill or attack 
            a soldier in the view of another soldier, you will be in caution
            phase and the soldier will investigate.
  2)Camera - cameras are simple. If they see you the alert phase will be 
             entered and your presence to all enemies is known. If you are
             spotted by a gun camera they will fire before you stop movement 
             and alert phase will be entered.
  3)Machine - Machines are a combination of human and camera behavior. If they 
              see you you will immediately enter the alert phase. Noise or 
              distant objects will distract them also. 
 F)Snake and Teliko: Working Together

   Snake has more Hit Points and can perform 2 card actions in a turn by 
   Teliko has less Hit Points and can perform 3 card actions in a turn by 

  2)Working Together

   Try to take full advantage of having two characters at your disposal. This 
   can mean taking seperate routes to pick up packs of cards in the level, 
   combining firepower, or holding a door open to reduce cost.

   a)Knock n' Chase - have one character flatten against a wall, knock, and 
     then move to another wall and knock to lead an enemy aorund in circles. 
     While this is happening the other character can move to the desired 
     location unopposed.

   b)Stealth Block - the card item "stealth" is one of the most useful cards 
     in the game. Not only can you sneak by enemies, you can attack them 
     without being detected or being countered while it is equipped. For
     the stealth block, have one character equip "stealth" and stand in front 
     of an enemy. That's all there is to it. If you are in the way of an 
     enemy's movement pattern or have them sandwiched next to a wall they 
     cannot move any further in that direction. An enemy cannot fire through
     the character that is cloaked, though they may still throw grenades. 
   c)After You - the sliding doors will open only while someone is standing in 
     front of them. Because of this, nothing is worse than wasting two actions 
     to move one block to stand in front of a door and then walk through it.
     If Snake and Teliko are close by, have Snake be a gentleman and hold open 
     the door for Teliko so she need not waste an action on her turn. If all 
     that courtesy stuff is over rated have Teliko hold the door for Snake. 
     As long as Snake or Teliko aren't at the end of each others movement, 
     say Snake can move three blocks and Teliko is standing on the third 
     block, they can pass each other in a straight line.

   d)Decoy - you can do this a couple of ways but, I like this one. I use 
     Teliko as the chasee, and Snake as the pursuer. Teliko has the potential 
     to run a higher cost than Snake, that's why I use her to be chased. Make 
     sure you have the Emma Emmerich card in Teliko's hand before you start. 
     All you do is have Teliko be spotted and have all enemies chase her. Run 
     a high cost and use the Emma Emmerich card as your last action. Teliko 
     will now dodge all attacks until it is her turn again. While all enemies 
     are trying to hit her, have Snake come in from behind and attack. Any 
     kind of area attack works the best whether it be grenades, shotguns, or 
     hitting barrels next to all enemies.   

   There are many ways you can choose to equip Snake and Teliko and in the end 
   the choice is up to you.  

   Remember that after every turn you will draw up to 2 cards if possible. 
   Snake should keep a full hand of cards after every turn while Teliko can 
   eventually use up her whole hand. Teliko also has the potential to run a 
   bigger cost than Snake and enemy soldiers which can lead to her turn 
   occuring last or less often. 

   To counteract this you may consider these points:

   Plan ahead and equip higher costing cards while in stealth mode. Only use 2 
   of Teliko’s 3 actions while moving. Use cards that reduce cost on Teliko’s 
   3rd action. This may seem contradictory if you are dedicating the 3rd 
   action to reduce cost but it does help. Olga Gurlukovich is a great card 
   to have in Teliko’s deck. Not only is it cheap but you will replace lost 
   cards used on the 3rd action. 

   This way you have one action to sneak up on an enemy, a second action to 
   deal fatal/near fatal damage, and a third action to finish of the enemy is 
   necessary. If it only takes 2 actions to kill a guard then Teliko can use
   a cost reducer on herself while snake keeps his 2 actions for the next turn.
   Altogether entirely  

 G)Normal and Extreme

   The differences between normal and exterme mode are what you would probably
   expect. On extreme there are more soldiers and cameras, they investigate
   better, they have more life and better equipment, and they have more
   actions at their disposal. 
   If you are collecting cards it is very much worth the while to play on 
   extreme since points for all missions are doubled. Add a big boss in your
   deck and watch those points soar!

7)Cost and What It Means
 So what the heck is cost anyway? You may understand that cards cost so much 
 to use but what does it all mean?

 A)Cost and Turn Order

  At first the order in which turns occur may make little or no sense(it did 
  to me anyway). In your situation window(window next to character) it will 
  show from top to bottom: life total, cards in hand, cost, and turn order. 
  Well duh, if turn order is shown in the window you obviously know 
  the order of turns. Yes, but the cost should be taken into consideration 
  to determine future order. The player with the lowest cost will always go 
  first. Let’s say a soldier has a cost of 3 and a turn order of 1 and Snake 
  has a cost of 6 and a turn order of 2. Unless numbers have lost their 
  meaning the soldier will go first and Snake will go second. Now say Snake 
  were to use the card "cost -4" dropping his cost to 2. The turn order will 
  now change so snake goes first and the soldier goes second. By playing your 
  cards right(and with a little luck) you can take several turns in a row. 
  Early cards to look for are: cost -4, cost -8, and Meryl Silverburgh.

  Dropping your cost will not always let you go first. Say you had a cost of 8 
  and used the card "cost -8" dropping your cost to 0 (woah! slow down 
  einstein!). If someone else was already at a cost of 0 before you, they will
  take their turn before you.

 B)Cost and Damage

  Not only can high cost delay your turn, it can also increase the amount of 
  damage you take. Some attacks are modified by the amount of cost a character 
  may have. Keeping this in mind you may also use this to your advantage
  against enemy soldiers.


Between stages or missions you will be at the intermission screen. Here you
can select the next stage(mission), edit your deck, buy cards, save, and 
adjust options.

 A)Map Select - select the next stage in story mode or re-do a mission to 
                earn points.

 B)Deck Editor - just as the name implies you can edit your deck with this 
                 option. You can view or edit your deck by highlighting 
                 editing, number, cost, category, and gallery. 
   1)Editing - editing is actually the worst way to edit a deck since it will 
               only display cards you have in your current deck. 
   2)Number - number will sort cards from the greatest number of a single card 
              to the least number of a single card.
   3)Cost - cost organizes cards from lowest to highest cost
   4)Category - organizes cards by category and then by pack and is probably 
                the most useful way to edit a deck.
   5)Gallery - gallery doesn't let you edit a deck but lets you view the cards
               you have acquired by card number. 
   6)Auto - if you don't feel like building your own deck you can let the
            computer do it for you.
 C)Card Shop - here you can buy packs or single cards. Packs that become 
               available are MSG1, MSG2, Chronicles, and MSG3. Cards from the
               MSG1, MSG2, and MSG3 packs contain cards with weapons, items,
               and characters from those respective games. Chronicles is a 
               variety of cards from past metal gear games on nintendo
               and gameboy, zone of the enders on ps2, and I believe 
               policenauts and/or snatcher(it was one of the first 
               "controversial" games on Sega CD maybe? I remember
               the one screen shot all magazines liked to publish was the
               guy with his head twisted off. Not vital to Metal Gear but
               some fun nostalgia for video game vets.) .
               After every succesful mission a new single card will be in 
               the singles. It will start in the right slot and shift 
               over one spot to the left after every completed mission. 

 D)Save - need I say more?

   Points on Saving - The reason I mention saving is to help manage your 
   save files and know how much space a type of save comsumes.

   1)Out of Mission Save - before or after a mission is completed you will be 
    at the "intermission screen". When you save your game here it will take 
    about 80kb.
   2)In Mission Save - during a mission you have the option to bring up the 
    action screen and choose to save or return to intermission. Returning to 
    intermission will cancel your current mission and return you to the 
    intermission screen. Saving will save the game while keeping track of turn,
    cost, cards in hand, etc. and return you to the menu screen. Doing this 
    will take about 384kb. Be cautious, there are some missions which will 
    not allow you to save during play.
   3)PSP Sleep Trick - this isn't really a save or a trick but it will let you 
    resume a game at a later time if you need to turn off the PSP for any 
    reason. Normally when you turn the PSP off you would hold the power button
    up for about two seconds or so before it shuts down. To put the game on 
    "sleep", hold the power button up for about a quarter of a second and 
    then release. The next time you turn the PSP on it should immediately 
    resume where you last were.

 E)Options - same as the main menu options with the exception to start link
             battle mode or return to the main menu.

9)Card Collecting

 A)Buying Packs - at the intermission screen you have the opportunity to visit 
   the card store and buy packs to add to your collection. At first you will 
   only be able to buy MSG1 packs. As the game progresses you will be able to 
   buy MGS2 packs, Chronicles packs, MGS3 packs, and single cards.
 B)Gathered Cards - through out most missions there are packs of cards that 
   can be picked up. While they don't give you anything immediately, you will 
   be rewarded with the number of packs you picked up for each particular set. 

 C)Clear Bonus - at the end of a mission you may be rewarded with one to three 
   cards depending on your grade for the mission. An "S" rank should get you 
   three cards, an "A" rank should get you two cards, and a "B" rank should 
   get you one card. After several hundred clear bonus cards I was lucky 
   enough to get both a "Metal Gear REX" and "Roy Campbell" out of three clear 
   bonus cards. A couple of stages later I received "Liquid Snake" as a 
   clear bonus. Liquid was one of the hardest cards for me to get so it 
   was a huge surprise. Although it took me a while to get anything really 
   good, you may have better luck earlier on. 

 D)Packs vs Single Cards - There are about 200 cards you can collect in the 
   game from packs or singles. The rest can only be obtained via password. 
   The best way to collect them all is to buy or collect packs until you reach 
   170 or so. From there on if you see a card you don't have in the singles
   I would advise you to buy it. 
 E)On the road to 204 - To collect as many cards as possible it is in your 
   best interest to use this method. Save your game before buying anything. 
   Once saved, go to the card store and buy a pack. If you got something you 
   didn't have, save the game. If you didn't get anything, buy another pack 
   from the same set. If you didn't get anything new after 10 tries, load your
   game and start over again. This way you will not waste points on cards you 
   already have. You can buy up to 10 packs of each set before they are sold 
   out. When they are sold out, you can replenish the packs by clearing a 

 F)When it Rains, it Pours - Whenever I get a 4+ or 5+ rare from a pack more 
   will normally follow on the next couple of packs. If you get lucky you can 
   net about 6 or more 4+ or 5+ rares from 20 packs. It's always nice when 
   that stuff happens. :)  

 G)Cards from Clearing the Game - So far I have collected two cards from 
   beating the game twice. The first time I received a Solid Snake(MG) card 
   from the chronciles set and the second time I was awarded with a Raiden 
   card from the MGS2 set. Until you get them by clearing the game they will 
   not show up in any packs you buy. After you get them, you will see quite a 
   few of them in packs since they are only a "2+" rare.

10)Deck Building

 If you are unsure how to build a deck in the beginning I would use these 
 cards for a 30 card deck:

 10 Should be weapon. If you have equip weapons, use the same caliber so you 
    have plenty of ammo.
 8 Movement (character cards such as genome soldiers, marines, gurlukovich 
 2 Health
 2 Armor
 2 Evade (Front Evade Lv.2, Back Evade Lv.3, Evade Lv.1)
 2 Cost reduction (cost-4, cost-8, Meryl)
 4 anything else (mine detectors, C4, enemy uniform or other mission specific 
 70% of card cost should be 5 or below.

 As you play a mission keep track of how often you are discarding or using 
 higher COST cards to move 3 or blocks or less. This should give you some 
 insight on modifying your deck to make it work better.

 *More decks to come in the next version

11)Mission Walkthrough

 A)Story Walkthrough - Rather than spell out everything you need to do, I've 
   included only that which is vital to clearing a stage. How you choose to 
   do it is up to you, although I may drop a hint from time to time. Below 
   are the walkthroughs for each stage in the order you must do them. 
   A few stages must be revisted which is why some of them are listed more 
   than once.

   I realize that my punctuation in this walthrough is very bad and I 

  0)Stage 0 Forest

    Not really the first stage but it gets some basic concepts down. 
    Roger will walk you through this one. 
  1)Stage 1 Labito Laboratory - Outside Gate

    Your goal here is to get past the guard in front of the exit to the 
    north. Get into the habit of pressing the triangle button on your turn to 
    see where you need to go. The exit point will always be indicated by the 
    blue target looking thing.

    Look to the immediate west of the guard you need to get by. There is a 
    small section of wall right next to him. The best way there is to go 
    behind the two buildings in the west while being careful not to get 
    spotted by the guard in the alleyway. Now all that's between you and the 
    exit is that small wall and the guard. What you need to do is get to that 
    wall, flatten up against it, and knock. Once he is alerted find a place to
    hide until the guard is standing on the same square you knocked on. Now 
    that he is facing the wall, run by him and go through the gate.
    With the first stage done you will hopefully have a better understanding 
    of the gameplay.
  2)Stage 2 Office

    Lower Office Area

    In this stage you will start in the lower office area. Start by moving 
    behind the first enemy soldier and ending your turn. If you have a FAMAS 
    or something that can kill him in one action without making a lot of
    noise, go for it. If not, follow him up until he goes by a door(his back 
    should be turned the entire time). Go inside that door he walked by and 
    get a weapon ready by discarding if you need to. The guard inside this 
    room will walk towards the north door and eventually out. Try to take him 
    out before he leaves the room. With him gone, exit out the north door and 
    get another weapon ready. Slightly to the east there is a security camera
    above a door. Destroy that camera and get inside the door if the coast is 
    clear. In this room there is a guard walking up and down the center. 
    Branch off to the right and go up the side. When the guard is looking away, 
    move to the door in the west. Outside of this room this is another guard 
    patrolling. Wait until he heads east before you make your way to the first
    exit point.  
    Upper Office Area

    When you have reached the upper office area go west until you see a 
    hallway to the north. A couple of blocks up there is a door on your right.
    Wait for the enemy soldier to head north before moving towards the door. 
    When you do, hug the east wall so you are not spotted by any security 
    cameras. Once you are in the door you will see a security bot roll by. 
    There are a couple ways by the bot so wait for a good opportunity and head 
    east and through a set of doors.In the next room there is a hallway to the 
    north towards the east wall. Wait until the guard in this room is looking 
    away before you run up to the hallway and go into the center area 
    surrounded by desks. Here you will find Gary and a cutscene will play. 


    Now that your mission has changed, you need to escape through the east 
    exit towards the residential area. Return to where you first came in the 
    upper office area. Continue east and head up the hallway in the north. 
    Again you may have to kill some guards to get through here. Go through 
    the sliding door on the upper east wall and continue on towards the 
    residential area.
  3)stage 3A Ruins - Lower

    The first time you enter this stage there is not much to do. Go north past 
    the broken section of wall and past the stairs. Once you are north of the 
    stairs turn east(right) and stop one block in front of the security camera.
    Before you head towards the camera make sure there isn't a guard looking 
    in your direction. If he is, end your turn until he turns and walks away. 
    If you have a Socom or Famas handy take out the security camera. Now, 
    flatten yourself against the north section of the wall the security camera 
    would be looking at. Open your action window and select knock. If you are 
    having a flashback from Metal Gear Solid that's normal. Roger will call up 
    and tell you to get some C-4 from the armory. Go back out the way you came 
    in and head for the armory.
  4)Stage 4A Minefield - Lower

    What? This isn't the armory. On the road to getting some C-4 you will have 
    to cross this minefield. It's not much of a minefield since it has three 
    or four mines in it. But technically I guess one mine in a field would 
    make it a minefield. Enough with the semantics, let's get down to business.
    If you would like, insert any mine detectors you may have into your deck. 

    There should be three guards patrolling the area. One of them is to the 
    east of the truck at the start. He will move in a clockwise motion around 
    the truck. The second guard is down near the front end of the truck. He 
    will move to the west and east side of the truck, looking up to the north 
    when he stops walking. The last guard will be on the upper west side of 
    the truck with some boxes to the west of him. He will move up and down 
    about 3 blocks or so alternationg each time. Being spotted here is a bad 
    idea. If you are spotted the gates will close denying you an opportunity 
    to exit.
    One way to clear this stage is to crawl under the truck and pick the 
    guards off as they walk by. If you prefer stealth, try to crawl around 
    the boxes to the northwest from under the truck.
  5)Stage 5 Armory

    The C-4 you need is on the second floor of the armory. The first time you 
    are here you will want to take the stairs in the south end up to the 
    second floor. Start be moving into the hallway area that contains some
    enemy soldiers at the far end. Moving through here without making a rukus 
    is very difficult but it can be done. Instead wait for the two soldiers at 
    the end of the hall to get near the barrel. When they are, shoot the 
    barrel and run back to the area you started. Hopefully the explosion 
    killed both guards. Wait until the evasion meter is gone before you head 
    out again. Go to the end of the hallway where the guards were at. If you 
    want you can shoot the securtiy camera on the way south. From here all 
    you need to do is wait for the guard to turn his back before you run to 
    the stairs. If you didn't destroy that camera, use your overhead view to 
    see it's field of view so you can run around it. When you reach the top of 
    the stairs go in the room to the west. Be mindful of the security lasers 
    and cameras. The "cage" in the west room contains the C-4 you need. Grab 
    it and head back the same way you entered this stage.

  6)Stage 3A Ruins - Lower
    Now you have the C-4. Start like you did the last time you were here.
    Plant the C-4 on the wall the camera is looking at. Once it is in place 
    crawl into the hole in the wall to the south. From here shoot the C-4 and 
    wait until the excitment has died down. Once you are back in stealth mode 
    you will need to find a way to the north exit. To make things easy you can 
    just run straight for the exit to the north. You may be spotted but you 
    can still make it as long as only one guard sees you.

  7)Stage 6 Residential Zone 
    Your goal for now is to get to the far east building. To get there you 
    will need to go through the first two buildings. Go north at the start and 
    stop in front of the shrub. Kill the enemy soldier and enter the first 
    building. Follow the hallway until you reach the exit door on the other 
    side. Again you will have to dispense of an enemy soldier to avoid being 
    spotted. Exit out the door and follow the walkway to the entrance of the 
    second building. When you are inside the second building, look for a door 
    to the immediate north. Exit through that door and head west a few blocks. 
    A guard will be walking around the ladder you need to climb down. Sneak by 
    him when he is not looking and climb down the ladder. Even though you are 
    below the guard he can still spot you so be careful. A few blocks south 
    you will need to crawl under the steps leading to the door you entered 
    just a bit ago. Keep heading south until you reach another ladder. Wait at 
    the base of the ladder until the guard overhead passes by going west. When 
    he is gone for the moment climb up that ladder and head east a few blocks 
    until you see the south door on the second building. For reference you 
    already entered this building once a little while ago. Enter the second 
    building again and immediately exit to the east. Follow the walkway to the 
    third building. When you are inside the third bulding stand in front of 
    the first doorway you see(technically it is in front of the scanner). 
    This will trigger a cutscene. After that head south until you trigger 
    another cutscene.

    Teliko is now in your party and your mission has changed. Head north and 
    take out the guard along the way. Head west until you reach a door that 
    says "Lv.1". Equip the level one key card that Teliko has and stand 
    in front of the door. Head to exit point.

    When you play this stage after you have cleared the game, you will need to
    follow the ladders back to the exit since the LV.1 card will not be 
    available.... Unless I missed something.

  8)Stage 7 BRC-026

    The second largest of all stages in the game. Give yourself at least an 
    hour to do this if it is your first time (No jokes, please). 


    You will start out in a warehouse being patrolled by several guards. The 
    quickest and easiest way out of here is to go straight up the middle. 
    Use your overhead view to see where the guards are at and what they can 
    see. Time your movements with the guards so they will walk by or turn 
    around before you run by.

    Section 1

    Now you will be in the area with the first set of security doors. In order 
    to open locked doors, one of the characters must stand in front of the 
    console with the coresponding name of the locked door. For instance, to 
    open the section A door one character must stand in front of the section 
    A console to keep it open.

    First, send someone through the door on the left. In here is the console 
    for section A and a guard. You'll have to do something about the guard 
    before you get to the console. Now that you are in front of the console, 
    have the other character go in the room across the hall. There is another 
    console(B) and another guard in this room. The guard in this room isn't 
    obstructing your path to the console, but it is a good idea to take him 
    out since you may spend a good amount of time in this room while your 
    partner heads up the hallway to the next area. When section B is open
    have the character that was standing in front of console A go up the
    hallway you started in and turn right past the next hallway leading north 
    and into the room in the east. In here there are two 
    consoles(A and B) and another guard. The first console you need to 
    activate(A) is in the north. This will open section A so your other 
    character can get out of that room. Next stand in fromt of the other 
    console(B) to the east. This will open section B so both characters will 
    now be in the same area. Send Snake or Teliko up the hallway and into the 
    room to the west. Stand in front of the console to open section C. Have 
    the other character go through the now open door and head east to the 
    console at the end of the hall. Now section C will open so both characters 
    can join up. There are two doors leading into the next room to the north. 
    Either door is fine as long as you don't get spotted. Go up the stairs 
    and head south to the next area.

    Section 2
    Just to speed things up I would recommend killing all guards in this area.
    Okay here we go again. In this area have Snake go into the room to the 
    right of where the characters are facing to open the door across the hall
    (section D). Send Teliko into section D to activate console E to open 
    the door at the bottom of the room that Snake is in. The reason I  
    recommend to send Teliko into section D is to utilize her three actions per
    turn to snuff out the guard in there. Use the first turn to move in front
    of him and the next two to attack(Equip before you do). 
    When Section E is open, send Snake down and hit the console closest to you 
    to let Teliko out of section D. Now that she is out of that room, hit the 
    other console(F) to open doors to the room you are in and the hallway next 
    to you. Send Teliko down that hallway and duck into the room a 
    couple blocks up to hit the other console(F) so you can both join up. Head 
    down the twisting hall and into the next room. Dispose of any guards and 
    exit to enter the final section.

    Final Section

    You will start on a catwalk above a patroling guard. He can't see or hear 
    you so move into the next room. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs 
    you will have to deal with some patroling soldiers. The doorway you need
    to enter is opposite the direction you are facing when you move down to 
    the end of the stairs(I forget the direction. If you are facing east at 
    the last step down, the door will be in a straight line to the west).It is 
    very possible to sneak past them into the next hallway leading to the room 
    with the lone patroling guard. Again, it's no big deal to run by him into 
    the next hallway. Obviously you can't open the LV.2 door so go the other 
    way and into the door before the end of the hall. Get to the ladder and 
    climb  up.

  9)Stage 7 BRC-026
    Here is your first boss fight. Luckily Leone doesn't have a whole lot of 
    tricks to pull out. All you really need to do is get each character on 
    either side of Leone. When you do attack him make sure you you hit his 
    back. It sounds dirty but he will more than likely counter if you attack 
    from the front or the side. Have one character hit him in the back, retreat
    behind some crates, and knock. On his turn he should turn to the character 
    that hit him. When he does have the other character pop out, hit him in 
    the back, retreat behind some crates, and knock. You can do some extra 
    damage to Leone by luring him next to some barrels with one character by 
    knocking or leading him and have the other character shoot the barrels, 
    doing some nice damage, catching Leone on fire, and setting his status on 
    BURN. If you wait for Leone to come to you he may develop telepathic powers 
    to lob one or more grenades to where you are hiding.

    What's that you say? Snake runs out of actions if he first moves into 
    firing range and then shoots? Not to worry. Wait until Leone has a cost of 
    say 5. Use a card with a cost of 4 or less to move into range. End your 
    turn after the first action and you will start your next turn before Leone 
    moves again. You can now use an action to shoot and your second action to 
    When you take Leone's HP down to 0, Roger will call you and tell you to 
    get out of there. I thought I was beating him but, whatever you say Roger.

    The next area should look familiar. It's the first part involving the 
    terminal lock doors your first time in Stage 7. This time you don't need 
    to stand in front of the terminals for the other character to go through. 
    Your goal is to go straight up the first hallway, turn right a couple of 
    blocks, turn left up the next hallway, follow it to the end, and then turn 
    left and go until you go through the exit door(or turn the overhead view
    on and look for the exit sign). Guards will be alerted to your position as 
    soon as you enter this area. As such, you will have to deal with them on 
    your way to the exit door. It may be wise to duck into one of the side 
    rooms to pick off guards as they come in and heal if necessary. If you have
    cost-4 or cost-8 in your deck you may be able to make it to the exit 
    before any soldiers block your path.

    Lots o' cards

    If you want you can let Leone blow up crates. Some contain card packs.
  10)Stage 3B Ruins - Upper

     The goal here is to exit through the west. You have a better chance of 
     not being detected if you go north from the start point. Be careful of 
     security lasers a couple blocks up. Hit the dirt and get up once you 
     are through. With one character at a time, run to a truck and crawl 
     underneath it until the coast is clear. Say snake goes first. When snake 
     gets to second truck have Teliko run for the first truck. Keep this up 
     from truck to truck until both characters are across. Hide Snake behind 
     the boxes to the north west until Teliko catches up. Feel free to kill
     soldiers to make your life easier. The machines are better left alone.

  11)Stage 8 Drawbridge

     This stage is short and sweet. To start all you need to do is run up the 
     drawbridge. There's no enemies so just run up there. Once you are about 
     half of the way across Teliko doesn't want Snake's company anymore and 
     takes off. Head back down the drawbridge to the guardhouse for the 
     fireworks. Snake will be stuck on the south side of the drawbridge as 
     guards are alerted to his position. Roger informs you to take those 
     guards out. Oblige the man and do what Snake does best. There's no real 
     strategy here, just kill all the guards. Snake will start behind a tree 
     which gives him some time to equip before the guards reach his position. 
     After the guards are dealt with go west and exit the stage. It's not too 
     hard to get an "S" ranking on this stage so go for the gold.
  12)Stage 4B Minefield - Upper

     Head west while being cautious of mines. If you want more guidance than 
     that put some mine detectors in your deck and take the high road behind 
     the shed to the west. This is pretty simple since most of the time the 
     soldiers will have their back to you. To make it better, the bloke behind 
     the shed is staring at the wall. Maybe he's reading some interesting 

  13)Stage 9 Ebro Tower

     Blending In

     The first time you get here you will see the guards are wearing different
     colored uniforms. The first thing you must do is grab one uniform of each 
     color. From the office area you start out in, head north and open the 
     sliding door. There is a room to the east and a room to the west. Those
     rooms will have the uniforms you need. Watch the red guard carefully and
     move when the time is right or wait until his back is turned and put a 
     few rounds into his back. You shouldn't have a problem in either room
     when you grab the uniforms. Once you have them, head back to the start.

     Getting Ready

     Before you go back into Ebro Tower again, make sure you have the Red,
     Green, and Blue Uniform as well as some C-4 in your deck along with
     something to blow the c-4 up. For this part only you can change your deck 
     to include nothing but movement and the four cards you need. As long
     as you are wearing the same color uniform as the guard that can see you,
     you can run right through this stage.

     Secret Passage

     Start out like you did the last time here. Go north out of the first
     room and head east into the room past the red guard. In this room there
     will be a blue guard near an air duct in the north. Change uniforms
     or sneak by him to crawl through the air duct. On the other side get up
     and go out the only door back into the main area. To the far west there
     is a red guard standing in front of some stairs. Either change into a red
     uniform or run by him when he walks behind the boxes. Go up the stairs 
     and head south towards the walkway occupied by the green guard. It is a 
     good idea to change into the green uniform since you will have to go
     through the green guard to the other side. When you are ready, climb down
     the ladder onto the walkway, knock out or kill the green guard, and climb
     up the ladder on the other side. Enter the door closest to you in the east
     to enter a room with more stairs and a walkway above a blue guard that
     you might have a hard time seeing. Take the walkway over him and to the 
     north end of the room. Again, you can either change uniforms or wait for
     the right time to exit through the door to the west. Once you get out of
     that room there will be a cracked wall to the immediate north. Someone
     might tell you to go back to a room but you can ignore them because you
     know this is the spot to plant the C-4. Remove the wall and continue to 
     the elevator.

     Dream Land

     After you get through the previous area, I would suggest you edit your
     deck again. Take out the C-4 and the uniforms because you don't need
     them anymore. You have a fight coming up so include some good long
     range weapons and a few mine detectors.

     Now you must fight Teliko(or a Teliko look-alike) on a big board game.
     There are mines strewn about as well as some colored squares. Standing on
     a red square will increase your attack, blue squares increase your 
     defense, green squares raise your reaction, and yellow squares will 
     discard your current hand and draw six new cards. These effects will only
     work if you stop on the square and last until you leave that square.

     Teliko does some major damage so it's a bad idea to fight her head on.
     Any stealth cards you have will help out a lot in this fight since 
     Teliko cannot fight back while you are cloaked. If stealth isn't an option
     you can try to attack Teliko while you are standing on the blue squares if
     she has you cornered or stand on a red square if her back is turned to 

     Teliko also likes to lay dowm mines as she moves around the board. Show
     her it's a bad idea by tossing grenades at her when she does.

     As long as you don't get too ambitious you should be able to whittle down
     Teliko's life for the win.


  14)Stage 10 Rope Bridge

     As soon as you get here you realize you need some sniper rifles. To the 

  15)Stage 5 Armory

     Yup, it's the armory again. This time have the level one and two cards 
     in your deck(s). When you get to the end of the first hallway. Go up 
     through the door rather than down like when you got the C-4. Be careful 
     of the security camera to your immediate west and the security laser to 
     your immediate east. Go up stairs. On second floor wait on your entry 
     point until you get the security bot's movement down. Get the right 
     keycard ready and go in either doorway to the rooms facing you. In fact 
     you should visit both to get a total of 4 PSG-1s. In each room be careful 
     of security cameras and security lasers. Now that you have what you need.
     Trace your steps back to the beginning of the stage. Don't forget about 
     those security lasers and cameras on the first floor.
  16)Stage 10 Rope Bridge

     Give all PSG-1s to one character along with any card(s) you can use to 
     burn through your deck quickly i.e. Johnny Sasaki. Stop a couple blocks 
     before the bridge, arm the PSG-1 and start firing until all cyphers
     (flying cameras)are gone. Mission is complete upon destruction of all 

     There are a few mines here around the edges of the cliff. As long as you
     stay off the grass you should be fine.

  16)Stage 11A Mountains

     In addition to normal soldiers, this is the only story mission to include
     the soldiers on the flying devices. The main differences are that they 
     have more HP(around 170) and have a bigger field of vision.

     At the start you will see a flying soldier and an ACUA soldier near a 
     shack to the northwest. Avoid attacking the flying soldier if you can
     since he is the easiest once to sneak by. If you must, kill the ACUA 
     soldier as you head down the hill past the shack and break to the east.
     Stop one block before the bridge supports and head north. This path
     will run alongside another path to the east which has two guards and a 
     stinger. If you want to grab the stinger, I would have Snake and Teliko
     attack the guards at same time to reduce the possibility of being spotted.
     If you have a stealth handy, dispose of the one guard and grab the 
     stinger and forget all that stuff about being spotted.

     Either way, continue north until you run into the side of the hill. Next,
     you will want to continue west and follow the dirt trail up to the bridge.
     Before you move look at the guard above you. He can see most of the area
     leading up to the bridge. If you need to discard until you get some 
     movement or stealth cards so when he does turn you can make a break for
     it. If he does spot you he may only put the caution phase up(hopefully).
     When you get on to the actual bridge(metal part) look to the east. There
     is another flying soldier and an ACUA soldier. You will have to kill both
     of them to continue on. Your best plan is to have a long range weapon or
     some stealths at your disposal. Stingers will not work on the flying 
     soldiers! It seems like they should but they don't. Take out the ACUA
     soldier first then concentrate your firepower on the flying soldier.
     Once they are dealt with continue on the path towards the exit. Near the
     exit is that guard overlooking the cliff. Kill him or punch him out of 
     way to finish the stage. 

  17)Stage 12 Outside FAR

     Head east until you hit the exit point. Yes, it's as simple as that.
     If you are uncertain of your sneaking skills, equip a PSG-1 and snipe 
     anything that moves. 

  18)Stage 13 Power Plant

     A gigantic pain of a level. Not only is this the longest stage, but you 
     get to do it again! in the dark! I highly recommend that one character
     has a couple PSG-1's or some other long range rifle. And of course, don't
     forget your Nikita or RC missiles. Also watch out for soldiers with front
     and rear evades equipped.

     First Hallway

     You will start this stage before a long hallway that runs east and bends
     to the north. The path of least resistance is the walkway to the north
     side(left). Although there is only one soldier on this path the soldiers
     on the other walkway can see you. You are probably better off if you snipe
     all soldiers on the walkways then the remaining soldiers on the bottom 
     cannot see you as you head towards the exit. 

     Generator Room

     This room requires a lot of walking to get to the exit which isn't that
     far away. Again, in this room your life is made easier if you snipe the
     soldiers in your path which is pretty much everyone. At the start take
     the stairs to the northwest(You might have to play with the camera to 
     see where you are going). Once you are on top of the stairs head north 
     until you hit a box. I tried equipping "climb" to go over the box but I 
     was not successful. Perhaps I was doing it wrong, but feel free to try.
     Head west once you get to the box and then north again when you reach the
     end. Go down the stairs to the east and watch the soldiers at the bottom
     for a moment. Look for an opportunity to take them out or run by. Go south
     of the generator looking machine(pass it by the south end, don't go 
     south) and head up the stairs in the east. Once you are at the top of the
     stairs look to the northwest and you will see your exit.

     Second Hallway

     This hallway is a straight shot up to the exit in the north. Once again
     the PSG-1 is the weapon of choice. 

     There is one soldier on the east walkway(100HP), one soldier on the west 
     walkway(40HP), and four on the ground. The soldiers up high have a good 
     view of everything going on so be cautious. The soldiers on the ground 
     will move in a group which is good. After two movements they will be 
     huddled around a barrel.      

     The best way to clear this room is to wait for the soldiers on the
     ground to get next to the barrel. When they do, go up one of the walkways
     and shoot the barrel. All that's left are the two soldiers on the 

     Electric Floor Room(of TERROR!)

     This room is the reason you have those Nikita and RC missiles in your

     To the north there is a square wall between you and some soldiers. Again, 
     killing the soldiers will make your life easier. Just make sure not to 
     get spotted because backup will arrive and make you miserable. On the
     north side of that square wall is an electric floor starting north. Fire
     a Nikita or RC missile up there and follow the hallway as it bends west
     and then south. Once the missile starts moving south there is a small 
     hallway leading to a room in the west the missile needs to go down. In
     this room is the control panel for that electric floor. Guide the missile
     into the panel to diasable it. You might have to use the first missile you
     fire to take care of a guard in the way. If a guard sees your missile he 
     will shoot it. :( 

     Once the floor is de-electrified follow it up all the way until you reach 
     another room with a square wall. On the east side of this room is a duct 
     where you need to fire the next missile out of. Guide the missile to the
     hallway in the east above another electrified floor. Three blocks into the
     hallway there is another air duct to the north where you must send the
     missile through. Send it into the control panel to de-electrify this floor
     as well.
     Finally you can follow the second de-electrified floor to the exit point.
     As you are heading north be careful of security lasers. The first one
     you can walk around while the second must be crawled under.

     Third Hallway

     Keep it up, you're almost there. Another hallway that shoots straight
     to the end. My recommendation here is to send both characters down the
     same walkway on the east or west. Kill anything in your way and run for
     the exit. If too many soldiers are blocking your path on the walkway, 
     climb down the ladder if you can and head up the middle as fast as you 
     can. From up there the soldiers can do some good damage.

     Control Room
     Yaaayyyy! You're in the home stretch. In this room Snake and Teliko must
     take seperate paths to reach the control room. Just like in BRC-o26 there
     are consoles you must stand in front of to open the door for the other.
     Snake will be facing the west path while Teliko is facing the east. 
     Snake must activate the first console to open the door above for Teliko.
     The guards around the console won't make it easy. If you can take them out
     with stealth go for it, otherwise have Teliko support Snake from above.   
     Once Snake activates the first console the door leading to Teliko's first
     console will open. Teliko will open a door to a room containing a stinger.
     Snake can grab it by going up the first flight of stairs. It is not 
     necessary to grab it but if you want it go ahead. Once you grab the 
     stinger or decide to leave it, move Teliko out the room and look north.
     There is a soldier near the next console she must activate. Deal with him
     accordingly and open the next door for Snake. Move Snake to the top of 
     the stairs and head west to the now open door. The console in the room
     that opened up will open the gate for Teliko down below. If a soldier
     around the gate has spotted Teliko, leave it closed until she is ready
     to deal with him. The gate will prevent both from firing at each other.
     When you are ready, open the gate and let him have it. Now you can move
     Snake and Teliko towards the control room. Only one of the characters
     needs to stand in front of the sliding door to the control room to finish
     this stage.
  19)Stage 13 Power Plant

     As promised you get to go back through in the dark! Woo Hoo! If you would
     like equip one or more Thermal Goggles card for each deck. Normally this 
     card is useless. Because of the dark, you can only see enemies if they are
     three blocks around you. Being on higher ground will expand your vision
     a couple of blocks. In this level if you are attacked you will not be able 
     to see enemies for a couple of turns. Why this happens I have no idea. 
     If you equip your goggles when you are attacked you will be able to see 
     enemies once again. Goggles add 2 COST at the end of each turn so plan 

     Control Room
     Once again Snake and Teliko will need to take seperate paths to operate 
     the consoles for each door. Whoever ends up taking the high path will
     need to support the character on the low path since this is where all the
     guards are.

     First Hallway(Third Hallway on the way to Control Room)

     Same setup as the first time you came through with the exception of 
     security bots on the walkways. Get those thermal goggles ready because
     there's a good chance you will get hit. I would recommend taking a 
     serperate walkway for each character since they cannot fire through each
     other and high ground is always good. Concentrate on the security bots
     before you attack any soldiers. Before you exit this area make sure
     you are back in stealth mode or else the next room can be a nightmare.

     De-Electrified Floor Room

     If you are in stealth mode when you get here you should have no problems
     as long as you don't trip the security lasers in this hallway or near the

     If you are in the Alert or Evasion phase , your best bet would be to
     wait where you come in until you are back in stealth mode. Once all is
     calm, proceed to the exit.

     Second Hallway

     Same protcol as the previous hallway. Take the high ground and clear 
     yourself a path. If soldiers are giving you a problem, make sure they 
     see only one character. That way the other can attack them while the
     spotted character is taking a beating.

     Generator Room

     Once you enter here the mission will change. You must take out all enemy
     soldiers. The best way is to have one character look over the railing to
     the west of where you start and have the other character stand on top of
     the stairs. This way you can let the enemy come to you and pick them off
     as they do(non-intentional rhyming). If you get impatient have one 
     character stay at the top while the other looks around.
  20)Stage 12 Outside FAR

     Okay so according to Alice there is an entrance to the sewer somewhere in 
     the north west. What you are looking (listening) for is a block that 
     makes a noise when you step on it. Use your overhead view to look at the
     west entrance to this stage. From there follow the pavement east a couple 
     of blocks until you see a crate in the immediate north above the walkway. 
     Two blocks up from that crate is where you need to stand.
  21)Stage 14

    First Part

    Make sure you have 2-4 PSG-1s and at least one Nikita or RC missile before
    you start. Take out all cameras while heading east first, then north to
    what I call the center square. Work your way around this square destroying
    all security bots and cameras. To the west there is an electrified floor. 
    Use the PSG-1 to take out the gun cam above the entranceway over the
    electrified floor. Now that the gun cam is destroyed fire the Nikita or RC 
    missile down the hallway until you reach where that guncam was. Follow the 
    railing around until you would hit the west wall(You should be safe from
    the other guncams as long as you hug the railing the one way). Underneath 
    a gun cam there is an air duct. Go in there and follow it around until you 
    come out on top of that platform. Hug the wall east until you hit the power
    box. Once the floor is de-electrified have Snake or Teliko go down hallway
    and destroy the rest of the gun cameras. Climb up the ladder and stand in 
    front of the console. Once the door opens you do not need to stand in 
    front of the console anymore. Head east and to the first exit point where
    the door opened.

    Second Part
    Here you will need to work your way through some rooms to get to the exit.
    In most rooms there are either cameras, soldiers, or both. Cameras can see
    up to the first block before a doorway. Keep this in mind when navigating 
    your way through. You will probably have to kill most of the guards in here
    to make it across so don't be shy.

    From the room you start in, go to the rooms in this order: east, north,
    west, north, north. Keep the advice in the previous paragraph in mind as 
    you travel through.

    You also may have noticed the cracks in the walls. I have not yet tried to 
    blast them open with C-4. It seems this would cause more problems then 
    taking the long way around.

  22)Stage 14-1

     Second fight with Leone except he has some soldiers with him. Concentrate 
     on taking out the soldiers first. Once they are out of the way use the 
     same strategy you used on Leone the first time to show him the true 
     meaning of pansy.

     Hint: Here was a scenario that worked out extremely well for me. On Snake 
     and Teliko's first turn I hid behind a container and ENDed my turn
     until Leone threw two grenades around Snake while the soldiers
     with Leone grouped next to a barrel and the lone soldier to the south 
     moved up a couple of blocks. I used Snake to dispense of the lone soldier 
     to the south with a "Solidus Snake" card while Teliko shot the barrel to 
     the north killing all guards and setting Leone to BURN!

  23)Stage 14-2 

     One of the guards in this room has locked the door. Take out each one 
     systematically until the door opens. 

  24)Stage 14-3

     In a somewhat confusing fight you must defeat Clown. Clown will look 
     exactly like Teliko except her HP starts at 800 and she has a bigger 
     equipment window at the start with all the slots filled. I guess Clown 
     didn't reckon with the awesome power of the triangle button. Use the 
     overhead view to look at the different Telikos to find the real one and 
     the fake. The part that confuses me is that the real Teliko will attack 
     you until you damage Clown or until Snake is dead. It's not hard Teliko, 
     attack the one that isn't Snake! Yeesh. After you deal some good damage 
     to Clown there will now be three fakes running about. Again use the 
     overhead view to see HP totals and equip windows to weed out the real 
     Clown. A fake Clown will continue moving after it's HP has reached 0. 
     Obviously, the real clown will die when her HP reaches 0.

     Hint: Equip Teliko's deck with four PSG-1s, four SVD Dragunovs, four 
     cost -12, and four cost -8 or 4 Jonathan Ingram if you have them. Keep 
     Snake on low ground so hopefully Clown will stay down with him. Try to 
     deal any kind of damage to Clown with Snake so you will gain control of
     Teliko. Run upstairs with Teliko and snipe Clown to do massive damage. 
     With a few cost reduction cards you can finish Clown before she gets  
     another turn.

  25)Stage 14-4 ???

     In case it wasn't obvious you must now fight Metal Gear. Don't get 
     worried, it doesn't put up much of a fight. Teliko will be inside Metal 
     Gear while Snake must face it from the outside. Before the fight starts 
     Snake tells Teliko to smash the control panels inside. I don't think it's 
     possible for Teliko to do any damage to them until expert mode. That was 
     my experience anyway. If Teliko is able to smash the control panels, have 
     her start on the one on the right(door security bot doesn't come out of) 
     and have Snake attack the left wing.

     Load Snake's Deck prior to this fight with as many Stingers and RPG's you 
     may have(at least four I would recommend). Stingers were pretty much 
     worthless up until this point but they make up for it in this fight. 
     Rest easy, if you fire a Stinger or RPG, it will always hit.
     It's also a good idea to put some cost reduction into your deck since
     the Stinger takes 10 COST.

     First Part
     The first part of Metal Gear is simple, it's first action is a movement 
     that will bring it up to 3 cost. At this point you cannot damage it. It's 
     second movement on it's next turn will be to launch four missiles out of 
     each wing. It's COST will go up 10 and the area where the missiles will 
     hit are displayed by squares highlighted in red. When the missiles hit 
     those squares, the explosion will expand to a 3x3 square area. Plan ahead
     and move out of range before they hit. Now is the time to do some damage.
     You can target either wing while the missiles are hovering next to them. 
     Focus all your firepower on one wing until it is destroyed then target 
     the other one. Try not to go over 19 COST between the time when the 
     missiles are launched and when they hit. If you do Metal Gear may have a 
     free shot on it's next turn.
     Second Part

     In the second part, Metal Gear will show off some new moves and will 
     probably do some damage. Here's what to look out for:
     A)Metal Gear will hunch down and accumulate 15 COST, this means it will 
     try to jump on you next turn. Run to the left or right about 6-8 blocks. 
     When Metal Gear does jump it will be in a straight line in the direction 
     it is facing. This attack is dodged easily.

     B)The Camera will be centered on the "crotch" area of Metal Gear. It will 
     charge it's gun then fire on the next turn. So far I have not been able to
     avoid this attack. You might be able to dodge this attack if you are able
     to run behind or beside Metal Gear. I wouldn't try to hard because it 
     only does 60 damage(100 on Expert).

     C)The most damaging move Metal Gear has also makes it vulnerable. Parts 
     on the legs will slide together and the top part where the head is will 
     aim at you while it gathers energy. This is where Teliko can be useful. 
     Inside where she is, some rods or piston looking things will slide up 
     into the ceiling. If you are succesful in reducing all 4 columns to 0 HP 
     the attack will be canceled. It's an all or nothing deal with the 4 
     columns. If not this attack will deal 300 damage to Snake(Haven't been
     hit with it on expert).

     Teliko Hits the Mark

     To cancel out Metal Gear's Energy attack with Teliko I would use a deck
     like this.
     4 PSG-1
     4 SVD Dragunovs(use for ammo only)
     4 Stealth (if you have them, if not replace with armor or evades)
     *1 Metal Gear Gander (if you have it)
     4 Cost -12
     4 Johnathan Ingram
     4 M15 grenade
     4 Movement (*if you have Metal Gear Gander use 3)
     4 Olga Gurlukovich
     4 Cyborg Ninja
     4 Rations or Health Items

     Stealth and M15 grenades are for security bots. Either hide from them or 
     blow them up if necessary. When Metal Gear starts drawing in energy you 
     want to be in the middle of the room so you can hit the colums on either 
     side. See what you can hit from where you are standing before it happens. 
     This deck is all about the cost reduction. Use the first two turns to hit 
     the columns with anything you can(PSG-1 with the SVD Dragunov ammo is the
     best choice). Two Cyborg Ninja attacks will take out one column. This will
     take up two actions but they can hit from anywhere if you can't get past 
     the security bot. Use your third action to use a cost-12 or Johnathan 
     Ingram (cost-20) to get your cost down to 0 and take another turn. Use
     the Olga Gurlukovich card to replenish your hand if you start to run
     out of cards. The Metal Gear Gander is kind of last ditch effort card, but
     is best used when all columns are still up since each target is random 
     and more targets mean you have a better chance of not getting hit for 100.

     NOTE: Before Metal Gear starts drawing in energy, keep 2 or 3 cost 
     reducers ready for when you need them. This way you will have a better 
     chance of stopping the attack rather than letting the luck of the draw
     decide what you get. 

11)Link Battle

After Snake joins up with Teliko for the first time in the game a message at 
the intermission screen will inform you that Link Battle is now available. 
For this you need a friend (associate, well-wisher, aquaintance) with a 
seperate PSP and a copy of Metal Gear Ac!d. 

The selection to start link battle is under options on the intermission screen.
It is with deep regret that I must inform you I have not played this mode yet.
Such is the pain I must endure.

12)Card Passwords

 On the main menu there is an option for "password". Entering a correct 
 password in here will unlock card(s) that you can not find during the game. 
 Currently I do not know of any passwords to use in here.
 If you know a correct password please share what it is and how you got it.

13)Card List 

 Here it is, the whole enchilada, the big cheese, the main event.

 THE ENTIRE LIST OF CARDS AND WHAT THEY DO! Oooooohhhh! More than likely the 
 first version of this FAQ won't have all of them. Yeah, that's kind of a let 
 down. I mean, you'll probably scroll down the entire list looking for a 
 specific card only to find a blank spot. The nerve I have! Rest assured I 
 won't stop updating until I have all of them. Now that's devotion.

  # Name                   Cost  Type    Use/Equip   Rarity Pack  

  1)Socom                  5     Weapon     Use        +    MGS1  
  ATK:10 Hit:90% Ammo:CAL45x4 Hit % decrease at:2 blocks. Silenced; Knocks 
  Target down
  2)FAMAS                  6     Weapon     Use        +    MGS1  
  ATK:20 HIT:75% Ammo:5.56x6 Hit % decrease at :4 blocks. Critical hit 
  adds 1 COST to target

  3)C4                     5     Weapon     Use       ++    MGS1  
  ATK:160 Triggered by detonator, timer or hit by gunshot. Area of effect: 3x3

  4)Desert Eagle           10    Weapon     Use     ++++    MGS1  
  Atk:-HIT:50% Ammo:CAL50x1 Hit % decrease at:2 blocks. Hit reduces target's 
  life by 1/2

  5)Grenade                7     Weapon     Use      +++    MGS1  
  ATK:120 Detonates 8 COST after use. Area of effect 3x3 Detonates upon hit 
  by gunshot

  6)Stun grenade           5     Weapon     Use      +++    MGS1  
  Adds FAINT in a 3x3 area. Detonates 5 COST after use Detonates upon hit 
  by gunshot

  7)Chaff Grenade          5     Weapon     Use       ++    MGS1  
  Detonates 5 COST after use. Renders electronic devices inoperative for 30 
  COST after detonation. Detonates upon hit by gunshot.

  8)Stinger(MGS1)          10    Weapon     Use      +++    MGS1  
  ATK:180 Locks on to machines only
  9)USP                    6     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS2  
  ATK:20 HIT:80% Ammo:CAL45x4 REA:30% HIT % decrease at: 2 blocks. Critical 
  hit destroys target's EQUIPMENT

  10)Makarov               6     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS2  
  ATK:15 HIT:80% Ammo:9mmx4 REA:10% HIT % decrease at:2 blocks

  11)AKS74u                7     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS2  
  ATK:5 HIT:70% Ammo:5.45mmx10 REA:30% Hit % decrease at:2 blocks. Silenced

  12)M4                    7     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS2  
  ATK:10 HIT:80% Ammo:5.56x8 REA:60% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. +10% HIT 
  vs. targets below user.

  13)PSG-1                 7     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS2  
  ATK:60 HIT:90% Ammo:7.62mmx2 REA:0% HIT % decrease at:10 blocks

  14)M9                    7     Weapon     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  ATK:0 HIT:60% Ammo:9mmx2 REA:10% HIT% decrease at:2 blocks. Critical hit 
  puts target to SLEEP.

  15)USP(Laser.S)          8     Weapon     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  ATK:20 HIT:90% Ammo:CAL45x4 REA:30% HIT % decrease at:2 blocks. Free attack;
  critical hit destroys target's EQUIPMENT

  16)AKS74u(Laser.S)       7     Weapon     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  ATK:5 HIT:70% Ammo:5.45mmx10 REA:70%HIT % decrease at:3 blocks. Free 
  attack; silenced

  17)M4(Laser.S)           8     Weapon     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  ATK:10 HIT:90% Ammo:5.56mmx8 REA:40%HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. Free attack;
  +10% HIT vs. targets below user.

  18)Colt S.A.A.           7     Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS2  
  ATK:30 HIT:75% Ammo:CAL45x3 REA:50% HIT % decrease at: 2 blocks. Crticial 
  hit makes target BLEED 

  19)P90                   7     Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS2  
  ATK:70 HIT:100% Ammo:5.7mmx2 REA:80% HIT % decrease at:3 blocks. Area 
  attack; knocks target down.

  20)SPAS12                6     Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS2  
  ATK:40 HIT:100% Ammo:12GAx4 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. Area attack; 
  knocks target down.

  21)Claymore              5     Weapon     Use       ++    MGS2  
  ATK:80 Detonates when target enters trigger zone. Can be picked up by 

  22)Nikita Missile        8     Weapon     Use      +++    MGS2  
  ATK:100 After firing, user enters missile control mode. Can move 5 blocks 
  per turn.

  23)MP5                   6     Weapon     Equip   ++++    MGS2  
  ATK:50 HIT:80% Ammo:9mmx3 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:3 blocks. Area attack.

  24)RC Missile            7     Weapon     Use      +++    CHRN  
  ATK:120 After firing, user enters missile control mode. Can move 5 blocks 
  per turn.

  25)Mine                  5     Weapon     Use        +    CHRN  
  ATK:100 Detonates when target enters vicinity. Can be picked up by crawling.

  26)R-5                   7     Weapon     Equip      +    CHRN  
  ATK:30 HIT:80% Ammo:5.56mmx5 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. +10% HIT 
  vs. targets above user.

  27)Five-seveN            6     Weapon     Equip     ++    CHRN  
  ATK:30 HIT:85% Ammo:5.7mmx4 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:2 blocks. Knocks 
  target down.

  28)M92F(Laser.S)         9     Weapon     Equip     ++    CHRN  
  ATK:40 HIT:80% Ammo:9mmx2 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:2 blocks. Critical hit 
  disables target's INTERFERENCE.

  29)M92F                  7     Weapon     Equip     ++    CHRN  
  ATK:40 HIT:70% Ammo:9mmx2 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:2 blocks. Critical hit 
  disables target's INTERFERENCE.

  30)Gun del Sol           6     Weapon     Equip  +++++    CHRN  
  ATK:200 Becomes ready to fire 10 COST after EQUIPPING. Can be used with any 
  type of ammo. Sets target on BURN; damagex1000 if targer is an immortal.
  (no immortals appear in the game).

  31)Vz61 Scorpion         7     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS3  
  ATK:100 HIT:90% Ammo:7.65mmx2 REA:30% HIT % decrease at: 3 blocks. Area 

  32)AKM                   8     Weapon     Equip   ++++    MGS3  
  ATK:60 HIT:50% Ammo:7.62mmx3 REA:40% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. Area 
  attack; ATK+10% for every card in hand.

  33)Punch(CQC)            4     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS3  
  Used in combination with EQUIPPED CQC card. REA:80% Must be adjacent to 
  target to use. Technique depends on which CQC card is combined with the 

  34)Kick(CQC)             5     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS3  
  Used in combination with EQUIPPED CQC card. REA:80% Must be adjacent to 
  target to use. Technique depends on which CQC card is combined with the 

  35)Throw(CQC)            6     Weapon     Equip      +    MGS3  
  Used in combination with EQUIPPED CQC card. Must be adjacent to target to 
  use. Technique depends on which CQC card is combined with the EQUIPPED CQC 

  36)Rush(CQC)             7     Weapon     Equip   ++++    MGS3  
  Used in combination with EQUIPPED CQC card. Must be adjacent to target to 
  use. Technique depends on which CQC card is combined with the EQUIPPED CQC 

  37)Stoner M63            10    Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS3  
  ATK:40 HIT:70% Ammo:5.56mmx5 REA:40% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. Hit blocks 
  target's counterattack.

  38)M37                   7     Weapon     Equip   ++++    MGS3  
  ATK:80 HIT:90% Ammo:12GAx3 REA:40% HIT % decrease at:3 blocks. Area attack; 
  knocks target down.

  39)SVD Dragunov          10    Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS3  
  ATK:70 HIT:70% Ammo:7.62mmx3 REA:0% HIT % decrease at:8 blocks. Free attack; 
  critical hit knocks target down. 

  40)XM16E                 9     Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS3  
  ATK:40 HIT:50% Ammo:5.56mmx5 REA:20% HIT % decrease at:4 blocks. Critical 
  hit destroys target's EQUIPMENT.

  41)Mosin Nagant          8     Weapon     Equip    +++    MGS3  
  ATK:250 HIT:60% Ammo:7.62mmx1 REA:0% HIT % decrease at:9 blocks. Effective 
  against armor; holds 1 bullet at a time regardless of ammo stock. Critical 
  hit adds 5 COST to target.

  42)C3                    6     Weapon     Use        +    MGS3  
  ATK:250 Triggered by detonator, timer, or hit by gunshot. Area of effect: 3x3

  43)M15 Grenade           8     Weapon     Use      +++    MGS3  
  ATK:160 Detonates 8 COST after use. Area of effect: 3x3 Sets target on BURN

  44)RPG7                  8     Weapon     Use    +++++    MGS3  
  ATK:170 Anti-armor(not really) Select target and fire

  45)Quick Draw            4     Action     Equip      +    MGS1  
  ATK:-5 HIT:-20% Sets cost to 0. Effect Lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used 
  1 times or until next turn.

  46)Strand                5     Action     Equip      +    MGS1  
  Adds 1 COST to target for every HIT. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is 
  used once or until next turn.

  47)Concentrate           4     Action     Equip     ++    MGS1  
  HIT+40% COST at time of use + 4. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used 
  once or until next turn.

  48)Equipment Lv.2        7     Action     Use      +++    MGS1  
  Upgrades EQUIPMENT from LV.1 to LV.2 

  49)Action +              6     Action     Use      +++    MGS1  
  Increases number of ACTIONS per turn by 1(max. 4). Effectlasts for 10 turns. 
  Can be stacked. Snake only.

  50)Marines               4     Character  Use        +    MGS2  
  Can move 4 blocks.
  51)Navy SEALs            4     Character  Use        +    MGS2  
  Can move 4 blocks.
  52)Aim                   4     Action     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  HIT+20% Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until next turn.

  53)Body Shot             12    Action     Equip   ++++    MGS2  
  Hit reduces target's life by 1/2. Holds 1 shot. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED 
  WEAPON is used once or until next turn.

  54)Critical Shot         8     Action     Equip    +++    MGS2  
  Adds 2 COST to target for each HIT. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is 
  used once or until next turn.

  55)Double Shot           12    Action     Equip  +++++    MGS2  
  Doubles the number of shots fired by EQUIPPED WEAPON. Effect lasts until 
  EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until next turn.

  56)Counter Block         4     Action     Equip     ++    MGS2  
  Blocks REA of EQUIPPED WEAPON. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used 
  once or until next turn.

  57)Spin Kick             7     Action     Use       ++    MGS2  
  ATK:60 Must be adjacent to target to use. Knocks target down.

  58)H.F. Blade            5     Weapon     Use     ++++    MGS2  
  ATK:100 Must be adjacent to target to use. Ineffective against machines.

  59)Dual Blades           6     Weapon     Use     ++++    MGS2  
  ATK:90 Must be adjacent to target to use. Critical hit destroys target's 
  EQUIPMENT and makes target BLEED. Ineffective against machines.

  60)Briefing              5     Action     Use       ++    MGS2  
  Makes ally discard all cards in hand and draw 6 new ones.
  61)Equipment Lv.3        15    Action     Use     ++++    MGS2  
  Upgrades EQUIPMENT from LV.2 to LV.3
  62)Action ++             15    Action     Use     ++++    MGS2  
  Increases ACTION by 2(max.4). Effect lasts for 10 cost. Snake only.

  63)Add Fall              5     Action     Equip     ++    MGS1  
  Adds FALL effect to critical hits. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is 
  used once or until next turn.

  64)Head Shot             8     Action     Equip    +++    MGS2  
  Adds quick death effect to critical hits. Effect lasts until Equipped 
  WEAPON is used once or until next turn. HIT-30%.

  65)Hold Up               6     Action     Use      +++    MGS2  
  Must be 1 block behind target to use. Reduces EQUIPMENT LV. by 1. Effective 
  against living targets only.

  66)Double Action:Cost+   5     Action     Use     ++++    MGS2  
  Doubles user's REST; also doubles card use COST. Effect last until next turn.

  67)Funds                 4     Action     Use       ++    MGS2  
  Makes ally draw 1 card.
  68)Double Action         12    Action     Use     ++++    MGS3  
  Doubles current REST.
  69)Survival Knife        4     Weapon     Use        +    MGS3  
  ATK:60 Must be adjacent to target to use. Critical hit makes target BLEED. 
  Ineffective against machines.

  70)Choke                 7     Action     Use      +++    MGS3  
  Must be 1 block behind target to use. Adds FAINT.
  71)Attack 1 Enemy        7     Action     Equip     ++    MGS3  
  Turns area attacks into single attacks. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON 
  is used once or until next turn.

  72)Hip Shot              4     Action     Equip    +++    MGS3  
  Reduces EQUIPPED WEAPON's HIT by -20% and COST by -5. Effect lasts until 
  EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until next turn.

  73)Extra Turn            12    Action     Use     ++++    MGS3  
  After current turn ends, immediately becomes user's turn. COST is added to 
  current value.

  74)Scope                 5     Item       Equip     ++    MGS1  
  Increases EQUIPPED WEAPON's HIT by 30% at ranges of 3 blocks or greater. 
  Disappears after 30 COST.

  75)Body Armor            5     Item       Equip      +    MSG1  
  Reduces total damage by 50. REA:50%
  76)Card Lv.1             4     Item       Equip      +    MSG1  
  Opens doors of security LV.1
  77)Box A                 4     Item       Equip      +    MSG1  
  Made of cardboard. Heliport is written on side.
  78)Mine D.               4     Item       Equip     ++    MSG1  
  Displays location of mines. Disappears after 99 COST. Mines can be picked 
  up by crawling over them.

  79)Ration                4     Item       Use        +    MSG1  
  User's LIFE+150
  80)Handy Survival Kit    6     Item       Use        +    MSG1  
  Ally's LIFE+100
  81)Stealth               5     Item       Equip    +++    MSG2  
  Enemy no longer sees user. Disappears after 20 cost or when attacked.

  82)Uniform-R             8     Item       Equip     ++    MSG2  
  Cannot be used with "Uniform-B" or "Uniform-G". Damage from front -50. 
  Damage from rear -80 REA:50%

  83)Uniform-B             8     Item       Equip     ++    MSG2  
  Cannot be used with "Uniform-R" or "Uniform-G". Damage from front -80. 

  84)Uniform-G             8     Item       Equip     ++    MSG2  
  Cannot be used with "Uniform-R" or "Uniform-B". Damage from rear -80. 

  85)Card Lv.2             4     Item       Equip      +    MSG1  
  Opens doors of security LV.2
  86)Box B                 4     Item       Equip      +    MGS2  
  Made of cardboard. Used to transport perishable goods.
  87)Bomb Switch           5     Item       Use       ++    MGS2  
  Detonates all planted bombs.
  88)Styptic               4     Item       Use       ++    MGS2  
  Stops User's BLEEDING.
  89)Handy Medical Kit     6     Item       Use       ++    MGS2  
  Revives fallen ally with 10 LIFE.
  90)Survival Kit          9     Item       Use      +++    MGS2  
  Ally's LIFE+200.
  91)Medical Kit           9     Item       Use      +++    MGS2  
  Revives fallen ally with full LIFE.
  92)Book                  5     Item       Use        +    MGS2  
  Stops movement of enemy who spotted user.
  93)Cool Book             5     Item       Use       ++    MGS2  
  Stops movement of enemy who spotted user.
  94)Phase Down            5     Item       Use     ++++    MGS2  
  Lowers alert phase by 1 level. Cannot be used when the player is within 
  sight of the enemy. *Cannot be used in LINK BATTLE mode.

  95)Timer                 4     Item       Use        +    MGS2  
  When attached to bomb, causes bomb to detonate after 10 COST.

  96)Therm. G.             4     Item       Equip     ++    CHRN  
  In search mode, displays enemies within 3 blocks. Can also detect infrared 
  sensors. Disappears after 40 COST. User incurs + 2 COST per turn.

  97)Box C                 4     Item       Equip      +    CHRN  
  98)Ceramic Armor         6     Item       Equip     ++    CHRN  
  Reduces total damage by 80. REA:80%
  99)Bomb Blast Suit       8     Item       Equip    +++    CHRN  
  Reduces total damage by 100. REA:100% Protects wearer against BURN.

  100)Ration B1 Unit       4     Item       Use        +    CHRN  
  User's LIFE+200.
  101)Ration B2 Unit       5     Item       Use       ++    CHRN  
  User's LIFE+250.
  102)Ration B3 Unit       6     Item       Use      +++    CHRN  
  User's LIFE+300.
  103)Builder Bed          8     Item       Equip   ++++    CHRN  
  When EQUIPPED, automatically restores 50 LIFE from out of action.

  104)Gijin-san            12    Item       Use     ++++    CHRN  
  Increases all allies' ATK by 30 for duration of mission. Points are halved 
  on MISSION COMPLETE screen. Cannot be used with "BIG BOSS". Does not affect 
  explosives and universal attacks. Snake Only.

  105)Dark Loans           11    Item       Use    +++++    CHRN  
  Sets all damage inflicted to user to 0. After 3 turns, sets user's LIFE to 1.

  106)Solar Bank           11    Item       Use    +++++    CHRN  
  Sets all damage inflicted to user to 10. Restores user's LIFE to maximum 
  after 3 turns. 
  107)Box D                4     Item       Equip      +    MGS3  
  Made of cardboard. The letters on the sid have faded to illegibility.

  108)Bandage              12    Item       Use       ++    MGS3  
  User's LIFE+400
  109)Styptic +            6     Item       Use        +    MGS3  
  Stops BLEEDING. User's LIFE+100.
  110)Front Evade Lv.1     4     Support    Equip      +    MGS1  
  EVADE attacks from the front. REA:50%
  111)Rear Evade Lv.1      4     Support    Equip     ++    MGS1  
  EVADE attacks from the rear. REA:50%
  112)Evade Lv.1           10    Support    Equip    +++    MGS1  
  EVADE attacks from all directions. REA:50%
  113)Endure               7     Support    Equip     ++    MGS1  
  Reduces damage to user from single attacks by 5. REA:60%
  114)Hang                 4     Support    Equip      +    MGS2  
  Enables HANGING. Disappears after 30 COST.
  115)Handy 1st Aid Kit    4     Support    Use       ++    MGS1  
  Increases adjacent ally's LIFE by 200.
  116)Cost -4              0     Support    Use        +    MGS1  
  Reduces user's current COST by 4. Cannot be applied to movement.
  117)Ally Cost -4         6     Support    Use        +    MGS1  
  Reduces ally's current COST usage by 4.
  118)Front Evade Lv.2     5     Support    Equip      +    MGS2  
  EVADE attacks from the front. REA:75%
  119)Rear Evade Lv.2      5     Support    Equip     ++    MGS2  
  EVADE attacks from the rear. REA:75%
  120)Evade Lv.2           12    Support    Equip    +++    MGS2  
  Evade attacks from all directions. REA:75%
  121)Climb                4     Support    Equip      +    MGS2  
  Allows user to climb up/down walls of 1 block in height. Disappears after 
  40 COST.
  122)Sacrifice            8     Support    Use       ++    MGS2  
  User's LIFE -50, ally's LIFE+100. Cannot be used if user's LIFE is less 
  than 50.
  123)Transfuse Blood      8     Support    Use       ++    MGS2  
  User's LIFE +100, ally's LIFE-50. Cannot be used if ally's LIFE is less 
  than 50.
  124)1st Aid Kit          6     Support    Use      +++    MGS2  
  LIFE+300 to adjacent ally.
  125)Cost -8              0     Support    Use        +    MGS2  
  Reduces user's current COST usage by 8. Cannot be applied to movement. 
  *Cannot be used in LINK BATTLE mode.
  126)Ally Cost -8         8     Support    Use        +    MGS2  
  Reduces ally's current COST usage by 8.
  127)Mute                 5     Support    Equip     ++    MGS2  
  Eliminates all noise. Disappears after 30 COST.
  128)Hand Grip            4     Support    Use        +    MGS2  
  Increases COST of remaining HANGING.
  129)Reaction Block       7     Support    Equip      +    MGS3  
  Blocks REA. Disappears after 20 COST.
  130)Front Evade Lv.3     6     Support    Equip      +    MGS3  
  EVADE attacks from the front. REA:100%
  131)Rear Evade Lv.3      6     Support    Equip     ++    MGS3  
  EVADE attacks from the rear. REA:100%
  132)Evade Lv.3           14    Support    Equip    +++    MGS3  
  EVADE attacks from all directions. REA:100%
  133)Cost -12             0     Support    Use      +++    MGS3  
  Reduces user's current COST by 12. Cannot be applied to movement. 
  *Cannot be used in LINK BATTLE mode.
  134)Ally Cost -12        10    Support    Use      +++    MGS3  
  Reduces ally's current COST usage by 12.
  135)Genome Soldier       4     Character  Use        +    MGS1  
  Can move 4 blocks.
  136)Liquid Snake         4     Character  Equip  +++++    MSG1  
  ATK+40 HIT+40% REA+40% User collapses after 20 COST. Does not affect 
  explosives and universal attacks.
  137)Roy Campbell         5     Character  Use     ++++    MGS1  
  ATK:150 to a 5x5 area. Activates 10 COST after use.
  138)Otacon               6     Character  Equip      +    MGS1  
  Adds anti-armor effect. ATK+10 HIT+10% Effect last until EQUIPPED WEAPON is 
  used once or until next turn.
  139)Sniper Wolf          5     Character  Equip     ++    MGS1  
  HIT+50% Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until next turn.
  140)Vulcan Raven         8     Character  Equip    +++    MGS1  
  Turns single attacks into area attacks (3x3).
  141)Metal Gear REX       30    Character  Use    +++++    MGS1  
  ATK:200 to a 5x5 area. Cannot be applied to movement.
  142)Cyborg Ninja         6     Character  Use     ++++    MGS1  
  ATK:50 to taget of choice.
  143)Psycho Mantis        8     Character  Use     ++++    MGS1  
  CONFUSES target of choice.
  144)Mei Ling             10    Character  Use      +++    MGS1  
  Doubles all allies' INTERFERENCE effects. Effect lasts for 30 COST.
  145)Genola               10    Character  Use    +++++    MGS1  
  Knocks out all enemies(living creatures).
  146)Solid Snake (MGS1)   6     Character  Use    +++++    MGS1  
  User's LIFE+500.
  147)Naomi Hunter         5     Character  Use       ++    MGS1  
  After use, heals 10 LIFE every 5 COST, up to a maximum of 200.
  148)Meryl Silverburgh    0     Character  Use      +++    MGS1  
  Halves user's COST. Cannot be applied to movement.
  149)Gurlukovich Sld.     4     Character  Use       ++    MGS2  
  Can move 5 blocks.
  150)Revolver Ocelot      4     Character  Use        +    MGS1  
  Sets COST for all gun attacks by user to 2. While in effect, user cannot 
  execute CQC attacks. Effect lasts for 20 COST.
  151)Emma Emmerich        8     Character  Equip    +++    MGS2  
  EVADE all attacks. All EQUIPMENT destroyed at time of use. Effect lasts 
  until next turn.
  152)Fortune              10    Character  Equip  +++++    MGS2  
  Allows user to dodge 20 bullets, then disappears.
  153)Vamp                 6     Character  Equip    +++    MGS2  
  Takes half of damage dealt and adds it to user's LIFE. Does not affect 
  explosives and universal attacks. 

  154)Solid Snake (MGS2)   4     Character  Equip      +    MGS2  
  Disappears after 90 COST.
  155)Iriquois Pliskin     4     Character  Equip      +    MGS2  
  Makes infrared sensors visible. While EQUIPPED, LIFE decreases -1 per COST.
  156)Solidus Snake        8     Character  Use     ++++    MGS2  
  Must be adjacent to target to use. ATK:50x4 Ineffective against machines.
  157)Metal Gear RAY       30    Character  Use    +++++    MGS2  
  ATK:250 to a 1x5 area. Cannot be applied to movement.
  158)Jennifer             5     Character  Use       ++    MGS2  
  Converts each added COST to user from attacks into 10 damage. Effect lasts 
  until next turn.
  159)Olga Gurlukovich     4     Character  Use        +    MGS2  
  User draws 3
  new cards.
  160)Johnny Sasaki        5     Character  Use        +    MGS2  
  Destroys all cards in hand and draws 6 new ones.
  161)Raiden               4     Character  Use       ++    MGS2  
  Move 3 blocks forward. Pass over any gaps in floor in between. Falls down 
  all living targets in the way. 
  162)Gurlugon             10    Character  Use     ++++    MGS2  
  COST+15 to all enemies (living creatures) except user.
  163)Gray Fox             5     Character  Equip    +++    CHRN  
  While EQUIPPED, CQC ATK+20 HIT+5% Effect lasts until next turn.
  164)Solid Snake (MG)     6     Character  Use       ++    CHRN  
  Used WEAPONS returns to user's hand. Disappears after 30 COST.
  165)Big Boss             5     Character  Use    +++++    CHRN  
  Doubles PTS. Sets all allies' ATK to -40. Cannot be used in combination 
  with "Gijin-san". Does not affect explosives and universal attacks. 
  Snake Only.
  166)Machinegun Kid       4     Character  Equip      +    CHRN  
  Makes all assault rifle and submachine gun bullets usable.
  167)Fire Trooper         6     Character  Use      +++    CHRN  
  ATK:100 HIT:90% Area attack; sets target on BURN.
  168)Metal Gear           20    Character  Use    +++++    CHRN  
  ATK:30 to all targets. Makes target BLEED. Cannot be applied to movement.
  169)Running Man          4     Character  Use      +++    CHRN  
  Can move 8 blocks.
  170)Solid Snake (MG2)    7     Character  Equip   ++++    CHRN  
  Increases user's maximum LIFE by 100.
  171)Chris Jenner         5     Character  Equip     ++    CHRN  
  Prevents user from knocking down at a cost of 20 damage.
  172)Marionette Owl       4     Character  Equip     ++    CHRN  
  Visual rangex2 in search mode. Disappears after 40 COST.
  174)Pyro Bison           8     Character  Use      +++    CHRN  
  ATK:120 HIT:70% Area attack; sets target on BURN.
  175)Metal Gear GANDER    30    Character  Use    +++++    CHRN  
  Fires 5 shots against random targets with ATK:100. Cannot be applied to 
  176)IdeaSpy 2.5          7     Character  Use      +++    CHRN  
  Usage COST of all of user's cards is halved for 5 turns after use. However, 
  after 5 turns, half of the overall COST of the cards used is added to the 
  177)Gillian Seed         6     Character  Equip    +++    CHRN  
  HIT:100% Firing COST+10 Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or 
  until next turn.
  179)Metal Gear MK-II     4     Character  Use        +    CHRN  
  Sorts cards in hand by type. From left to right:SUPPORT, ACTION, ITEM, 
  180)Johnathan Ingram     0     Character  Use     ++++    CHRN  
  Reduces user's current COST usage by 20. Cannot be applied to movement. 
  *Cannot be used in LINK BATTLE mode
  181)Tony Redwood         10    Character  Use     ++++    CHRN  
  Sets hit rate of all players on stage to 100% Effect lasts for 3 turns.
  183)Ed Brown             15    Character  Use     ++++    CHRN  
  Blocks REA of all players on stage. Effect lasts for 5 turns.
  185)ADA                  8     Character  Use      +++    CHRN  
  User's movement COST is set to 1. Effect lasts for 3 turns.
  186)GRU Sld.             5     Character  Use       ++    MGS3  
  Can move 5 blocks.
  187)Ocelot Unit          4     Character  Use      +++    MGS3  
  Can move 6 blocks.
  188)Major Zero           15    Character  Use        +    MGS3  
  In search mode, make all enemies appear on display. Effect lasts for 1 turns.
  189)E.B. Volgin          7     Character  Equip     ++    MGS3  
  Critical hit destroys 1 handgun in target's EQUIPMENT. Effect lasts until 
  EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until next turn.  
  190)N.S. Sokolov         7     Character  Equip     ++    MGS3  
  ATK+10 vs. armor. Effect lasts until EQUIPPED WEAPON is used once or until 
  next turn.
  191)Naked Snake          13    Character  Equip    +++    MGS3  
  Attack vs. forward adjacent block. Executes random technique. Used in 
  combination with EQUIPPED CQC card. Must be adjacent to target to use.
  193)The Fury             9     Character  Use       ++    MGS3  
  ATK:140 HIT:80% Area attack; sets target on BURN.
  195)Ocelot               8     Character  Use      +++    MGS3  
  Prevents target of choice from firing. Effect lasts for 30 COST.
  196)EVA                  6     Character  Use       ++    MGS3  
  Keeps living creatures within 3 blocks at bay for 30 COST.
  197)A.L. Granin          0     Character  Use       ++    MGS3  
  Sets user's current COST to 15. Cannot be applied to movement.
  198)Sneaking Suit        8     Item       Equip   ++++    MGS1  
  Reduces single-attack damage by 5. REA:100% Snake only.
  204)Stinger (MGS2)       10    Weapon     Use       ++    MGS2  
  ATK:180 Locks onto machines only.


 Thank you for reading this FAQ a lot of work went into it and I hope you 
 found it helpful or informative. This was finished much later than I had 
 anticipated and some things were rushed along. The next version will cover
 anything I missed and then some. 

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