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Walkthrough by scmawied

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/05/2005

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Metal Gear Ac           d    
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         Walkthrough by mawied

Version 1.5

Contents: 1. Introduction

          2. Contact

          3. Story

          4. Characters

          5. Game Overview
          5.2. Cost
          5.4. Card Types
          5.6. Using cards
          5.8. Reactions
          6. Basic abilities
          7. Walkthrough
          7A. Forest
          7B. Lobito Laboratory - Outside Gate
          7C. Office
          7D. Ruins - Lower
          7E. Residential Zone
          7F. BRC-026
          7G. BRC-026 (again)
          7H. Ruins - Upper
          7I. Drawbridge
          7J. Minefield - Upper
          7K. Ebro Tower
          7L. Ebro Tower (again)
          7M. Rope Bridge
          7N. Armory
          7O. Rope Bridge (again)
          7P. Mountains
          7Q. Outside FAR
          7R. Power Plant
          7S. Power Plant (again)
          7T. Outside FAR (again)
          7U. FAR
          7V. FAR: B3F
          7W. FAR: B4F
          7X. FAR: B5F
          7Y. FAR: ???

1. Introduction: This is my first attempt at a walkthrough, so I thought I
would just say a few things. First, this version is not going to be very
detailed. It will give you enough information to complete the game, but I will
not promise anything beyond that until I complete the first version. If you
would like to collect all the card packs you can and get through the game
without killing a guard I respect your attempt but, at the same time, you will
be on your own. Second, this plot will have no spoilers, so you will not need
to worry about whether or not you can read along without seeing too much. I
will use names like "Guy" or "Person" for major characters that may or may not
have been revealed to you yet (with the exception of Teliko.) Lastly, please
do not use this guide or anyportion of it without my expressed permission 
before-hand. If you simply email me with your intentions I will (usually) have 
no problem with you using my guide on your site.

2. Contact: Please do not ask me anything that is not covered in this guide.
Any and all suggestions are welcome, but please make the subject of your email
"MGA Walkthrough." My email address is mawied@gmail.com

3. Story: Flight 326, a passenger flight, has been hijacked. The perpetrator
has only one demand- Pythagoras. The US Government has found that Pythagoras
is a secret project at a Moloni research facility. Called out of retirement
once again, it is Solid Snake's duty to infiltrate the research facility and
figure out what Pythagoras is and why the hijacker wants it. Hundreds of lives
rest on his shoulders, including that of Viggo Hach, current US Senator and
candidate for the Presidency.

4. Characters:

Solid Snake: Former member of the elite unit FOXHOUND, Snake has been called
the Legendary Hero because of his great achievements in tactical espionage

Roger McCoy: A member of the CIA, Roger is in almost constant contact with
Snake via Codec.

Alice: An English psychic who helps Snake during his mission along with Roger.

Teliko: A soldier in the HRT Special Forces Unit, she eventually works with
Snake in his mission.

Gary: A mysterious man working at the research facility at the time of the
incident. For some reason Leone's forces missed him...

Leone: Leads a group of mercenaries that have also infiltrated the Moloni
research facility.

5. Game Overview: The highly praised Metal Gear series has never seen a game
like Metal Gear Ac!d. A card combat game, it is much different than the other
games in the series, while still maintaining the same look, feel, and, most of
all, mechanics so familiar to Metal Gear veterans. Pretty much every action in
the game, outside of Knock and Punch, is performed with a card. There's a card
firing a weapon and a card for lowering your current Cost. Movement requires a
card, as does calling an air strike.

5.2. Cost: The number in the upper right hand corner of a card is called the
Cost. Total cost at the end of a turn will determine the order of turns.
Example: If, at the end of your turn you have accumulated 14 cost and your
enemy has accumulated less, the enemy will take their turn first. Your turn
will not be taken until there have been 14 actions taken by NPCs.

5.4. Card Types: 

Weapon: These cards are for attacked enemies. Some weapon
cards (FAMAS, SOCOM) can be used, while others (Mosin Nagant, M4) have to be
equipped. To use an equipped weapon you have to find a card with the same
bullets and equip it to the already equipped weapon card.

Action: Provides support for equipped weapon cards.

Support: Support cards contain techniques such as evasion. Ideal for defense.

Item: Action cards contain items like bandages. Ideal for recovery.

Character: Cards featuring characters from past Metal Gear games. Each of
these has a special ability that is triggered when used.

5.6. Using cards: When cards are selected for use there are 3 choices that can
appear, but only 2 at a time or less. Most cards will have the Movement
ability. You can use these to move 3 squares, unless you're using a movement
card which will move you further than normal cards. Support cards and some
Character cards will have the Equip option, which lets you put the card in one
of your equipment slots. You start out with two equipment slots, but they can
be upgraded to four and then nine. Some weapon, item, and character cards will
have the Use ability, which lets you activate a card and its effects

5.8 Reactions: Some cards you equip (Evasion and some weapon cards) will be
triggered under certain situations, such as being fired at by an enemy. The
placement of cards in the equipment window has an effect on this, however.
On the top, bottom, left, and right borders of some of these cards are colors.
The color touching another card is important, as the colors affect other the
other cards. For example, Red gives the card it's touching +10 attack, -10
defense. Blue gives -10 attack, +10 defense. Green gives reaction probability
+10%, -5 attack, - 5 defense.

Example:  ______   GGGGGG
         G      R B      R 
         G      R B      R 
         G      R B      R
         G______R B______R

The card on the left will get -10 attack, +10 defense from being touched by
blue, while the card on the right gets +10 attack, -10 defense from being
touched by red.

6. Basic Abilities: Here are some basic abilities that can be activated by a
menu during battle.

Stay: Remain where you are and in the position (stand/crawl) you were in.

Crawl: Lower to the ground and move around flat on your stomach.

Stand: Raise up off the ground and move on two feet.

Flatten: When facing a wall edge up to it and press your back against it.

Ladder Up: Climb up a ladder.

Ladder Down: Climb down a ladder.

Climb: When a climb card is equipped, climb up something.

Hang: When a hang card is equipped, hang from a ledge.

7. Walkthrough

7A. Forest: This mission is self-explanatory.  Follow Roger's orders. Move
as far North as you can with the Genome Soldier card, and face North. Then
move to the ladder and select "Ladder [Up arrow]" from the menu.  Move North
again, towards the locked door, and select stay, facing North.  Select your
Socom and select "Use." Aim at the padlock on the door and shoot it. Mission

7B. Lobito Lab. - Outside Gate: Roger instructs you to get past the guard
without being seen by any enemies. Move closer to the gate and you will get
another message from Roger, telling you about the "Knock" ability.  In order
to use it you must face a wall when you end a "Move."  After this the "Knock"
command will be added to the list that contains "End" and "Punch."  Feel free
to ignore all the guards except for the one in front of the gate and the one
patrolling between the two small buildings.  Move to the first of the two
buildings and use the Knock technique to lure the guard to where you're at, 
then move around behind the building. Move past the second building and to the
left column by the gate.  Use the Knock technique again here, then run back
behind the second building.  The guard at the gate will come look for you.
When he does you should get a chance to move past him while his back is
turned.  Move past him and the gate. Mission complete. 

7C. Office: Move along the right side upon entrance.  Eliminate the guard if
you have to, and be careful to shoot any cameras that might catch you.  If you
are seen by a camera it's instant alert mode.  Move through the door towards
the end of the hall and through the door.  Be careful to avoid the guard here,
as it is a very tough room to get out of if you're trapped. Exit the room and
go to the next section by way of the white bullseye. Once in the second
section you should move to the West as Alice has instructed you to. When you
get to the West side you should be wary of the guard and the two security 
cameras. Elimenating at least one camera should get you through fine.  Enter
teh room on the right side.  Once inside this room you are informed that there
is a Security Bot here. Do not try to kill it. Make your way around it without
being seen and move through the door across from the one you came in through.
Head North and avoid the guard. You meet "Person" here, and the mission is 
changed to escaping in the East. Move South again after your meeting with
Person, and then back to the room with the Patrol Bot, avoiding the guard on 
your way. Move out of the Patrol Bot room using the same strategy as before.
Exit to the East, avoiding the two guards on the way. Eliminate them if it's
necessary. Exit via the blue bullseye. Mission complete.

7D. Ruins - Lower: Before entering here you should make sure you have C4 in
your deck, as it will be of the utmost necessity.  Move up and to the right.
The cracked wall is very close to the beginning of the stage. Shoot out the 
security camera guarding it, then move directly in front of it and place the
C4. Be wary of guards while you're here, as you are surrounded by them from 
above. They normally wont see you unless you draw attention to yourself. If
you think you may have done that there is a hole across from the cracked wall
(under the stairs) that you can crawl into to hide. Once the C4 goes off the 
alert will be sounded immediately. You then must remove the alert status so
that the door to the Residential Quarters (on the other side of the map) will
open.  The easiest way I found to do this was by eliminating all the guards,
but you can be creative if you wish. Exit via the blue bullseye. Mission

7E. Residential Zone: The mission in this level is to rescue Dr. Flemming. At
the beginning of the level there is a guard on the other side of the wall to
your right.  If you want to you can go ahead and throw a grenade to kill him,
but that's very likely to give you an alert status, so I'd recommend going
upwards instead. Get around the guard and into the first building.  Be careful
when entering rooms, as many of them have infrared sensors that will sense if
you pass them and automatically sound the alarm. Exit the building and go to
the left to the next entrance. Once you're in the next building go up and exit
through the door on the left, since the path is blocked off.  Go down once
outside until you get to a ladder. Go down it and move to the right as far as
you can and then use the Crawl technique to go under the stairs. Continue on
the path until you come to a ladder. Climb up it and head upwards from there.
Enter the door on your left, then exit the building via the door on your
right. Follow the path and enter the next building. Go to the scanner, then
follow the hallway all the way down to the last door on your right. A short
cutscene ensues and (SPOILER) Teliko is added to your party and you must
escape with her. Simply go back the way you came in. One of you must make it
to the blue bullseye. Mission complete.

7F. BRC-026: Upon entrance make your way straight up and through the door,
careful to avoid guards and patrol bots. Get Snake and Teliko each on a white
bullseye to move to the next section.  Move Teliko into the room on your left.
Eliminate the guard and move her in front of the control panel. Move Snake
into the opposite room and have him move in front of the control panel. Move
Teliko out of the room she is in, up the hall, through the door, and into the
room on the right. Go to the control panel on the left first to unlock the
door to the room Snake is in, then, once Snake is out, go to other to unlock
the door at the end of the hall. Move Snake through the door and up into the
next hall. There's a door two blocks before you get to the locked door at the
end of the hall. Have Snake go through there and stand in front of the control
panel. Move Teliko through the door and to the control panel to the right.
Move Snake into the section with Teliko. Move them through one of the two 
doors in the immediate area. There are two guards in the next room. Go up the
stairs and to the white bullseyes to proceed to the next section. Once there,
move Snake into the room to the right and go to the control panel, which will
unlock a door on the left. Move Teliko into it and to the control panel. Move
Snake up through the door that opens and to the control panel straight ahead
of him. Move Teliko out of the room she's in. Move Snake over to the control
panel on the left. Move Teliko up through the door on the left and through the 
door on the right. Move Teliko to the control panel. Move Snake out of the 
room he's in and through the door Snake went in not long ago. Move Snake and
Teliko up through the next door. Move through the small hall, around the
square-shaped room, and to the white bullseyes to go to the next section. Move
straight forward and into the next room. Descend the stairs and be careful of
the guards. Exit through the door opposite the stairs and follow the path to
the door. Enter it and make your way across the small map and to the opposite
door. Exit through the door and take the path to the right and enter the door
on your left. Have Snake climb up the ladder. Mission complete.

7G. BRC-026 (again): Boss battle! Enemy: "Big Guy" (Altered for plot)
Big Guy has a lot of evades, so it's a bad idea to attack him directly. He 
attacks with something like a grenade launcher. The best way to hurt him is to
lure him near the gas tanks and blow them up, and to use grenades and other
explosives. Also, having one character out in the open and another attacking
Big Guy from behind has proven to be a good strategy. He has 1000 HP; get it
to zero to trigger a Codec call that will tell you to escape in the Northwest.
You'll be teleported back to the area you were in before, only this time all
the doors are open. Move straight up through the first two halls. When you
get to the door at the end of the second hall take a left and head for the
blue bullseye. Mission complete.

7H: Ruins - Upper: This level is pretty easy as long as you know what to watch
out for. There are sentries on the left side, along with a patrol bot. There 
are also 3 guards in the level and some infrared sensors. I found the best 
thing to do in this level is to get rid of the first guard and then move
around on the right side until you get to the clue bullseyes. Mission

7I. Drawbridge: Move onto the bridge. After going about halfway across an
exchange between Snake and Teliko is triggered. The drawbridge goes up and
Teliko is no longer with you. The mission is then changed to heading for the
shed in the South. Move there, and it is blown up. The mission is then changed
to killing all the guards in the area, which is self-explanatory. Once the
guards are dead head west to the blue bullseye. Mission complete.

7J. Minefield - Upper: Here it is only necessary to move across the map to the
blue bullseye. It's fairly simple, but watch out for mines, which are embedded
in areas that may seem like shortcuts. To compensate for this, however, the
guards are placed in positions that work very well for you strategically. Get
to the blue bullseye. Mission complete.

7K. Ebro Tower: Make sure to equip C4 before you begin this mission or Roger
won't let you start. In the first room be careful of the security camera along
the wall that the MGS1 pack is on. Guards past here will be wearing different
types of uniforms. If you are wearing a uniform different than theirs, you
will be attacked by them. Move to the right and through the door. Exit and go
to the room on the far left, where you will find a Red Uniform. Equip it. You
can find a green uniform (guarded by a guard in a blue uniform) in the room
directly opposite that one. Crawl through the duct and into the next room.
Once there, exit and move straight forward towards the stairs. Once you get to
the stairs you'll need to change into your green uniform, as the area directly
up the stairs is green. Move to the center of the platform and climb down the
ladder. Kill the guard so that you can proceed. Once the guard is dead climb
the ladder up onto the other side and go into the door to the right. You can
sneak under the platform in this room, but be wary of the infrared sensors and
the guard. Exit the room through the door to the left of the one you came in.
When you're out move to the right. A short exchange between Snake and Roger is
triggered and you're told to blow up the cracked wall. Plant some C4 and
detonate it. Move into the room past the blown up wall. Move to the elevator.
Mission complete.

7L. Ebro Tower (again): Boss Battle! This time it's with "Person" (again
altered for plot). Move to the right, down the hall, and through the door. The
room you enter is practically covered with land mines, so watch your step or
equip a mine detector. Person will also constantly lay more mines. Also, 
different colored squares will have different effects on Snake. The effects
are listed here:

Blue: Increases defense
Red: Increases attack
Yellow: Refreshes hand
Green: Increases hit rate

Person has 800 HP. The best way to get it to zero is to use red squares, as
Person's attacks can be very damaging. Once Person's HP gets to zero, the
battle is over. Mission complete.

7M. Rope Bridge: Enter this stage and you'll be told you need to get sniper
rifles to take care of the sentries. Go to the armory.

7N. Armory: The sniper rifles should be very easy to find. They're in a couple
rooms on the right side of the second floor. You'll need card levels 1 and 2
in order to access some alternate routes that will get you there much more
quickly. Along the way you should watch out for patrol bots and security
cameras; nothing you haven't dealt with yet.

7O. Rope Bridge (again): Make sure you have sniper rifles in both decks before
even attempting this level, as you won't be allowed to if you don't have them.
The best strategy is to hang back until you have snipers equipped, then unload
on the sentries from afar. If the alarm is sounded it's almost impossible to
cross the bridge without it getting shut off, which is hard to do in such a
small area. Kill the sentries (and guards if you raise the alert level) in
order to advance.

7P. Mountains: Begin by moving to the left and up the hill. Kill the guard
floating above you unless you want major problems in the level. Continue 
along the path you were on before and to the left, killing guards as 
necessary, until you come to an area where two guards are facing each other.
Get Snake and Teliko behind the area in the middle, and have them both move
to different sides at the same time and take out the guards so that no alarm
will be sounded. The best way I found to do this was have one throw a grenade
and the other shoot it and blow it up. Try to take out as many guards as you
can while below them. It makes it much easier. Continue following the path
until you get to the blue bullseyes, but watch out for one more floating
soldier on your way there. Mission complete.

7Q. Outside FAR: All you have to do here is make it to the blue bullseyes on
the other side of the map. There's no real trick to it. It's pretty
straight-forward. Eliminate any guards you need to on the way, but it
shouldn't be too tough. Blue bullseyes and mission complete.

7R. Power Plant: Before you even think of beginning this mission you should
make sure that you have Nikita missiles or RC missiles in your deck. If you
don't you'll get to the end of the mission and have to go back to intermission
as they are absolutely necessary for the completion of this mission. The first
room is pretty easy to do. Just move through it to the white bullseyes, taking
care of any guards you need to on the way. When you get to the next section 
move up the stairs to your left, then to the left side and all the way around
that wall until you get to another set of stairs, which you descend. From
there you should move around to a set of stairs on the opposite side and move
up them and to the left, where you will find another pair of white bullseyes.
The next area contains nultiple guards in the middle and one on each side. The
best way to take care of the guards in the center is to toss a grenade at them
when they're all together at by the gas tank. After they die you can take out
the guards on the sides and anybody left in the middle. Make it to the white
bullseyes. The next section is where you'll need to use the RC missiles. Move
to the left so that you avoid the infrared sensor. Take out the guards and get
positioned in front of the hall with the electrified floor opposite the
entrance. Fire the missile and guide it down the hall and to the left. Take
another left, then a right and blow up the electric panel. After it's been
blown up take the same path, but skip the last right turn. Move to the left
side and in front of the hole in the wall. Fire another RC missile from there.
Guide it across the next room and into the next electrified hall. Move it
through the hole in hthe left wall and blow up the other electric panel. After
the next panel goes out, move down the hall it's connected to and to the white
bullseyes. The next section has guards and gas tanks in the middle and patrol
bots on the right and left. Remove the guards with gas tanks and then kill the
patrol bots. Get to the white bullseyes. In the next section Snake and Teliko
will once again split up and go their seperate ways while working together.
First have Snake move to the control panel so that the door will open for
Teliko. Move Teliko out of the room and to the next control panel. Move Snake
into the room that has opened and to the control panel to open up the gate by
Teliko. Move Teliko through and to the door. Do the same with Snake. Move them
to the door that leads to the control room. Mission complete.

7S. Power Plant (again): The Power House is now completely out of power. You
have to escape the exact same way you went in, just the opposite direction.
Because of this there is really no reason to give much of a strategy. You've
gone this route before. It's not too tough. Towards the end of the level you
have to kill some guards. Nothing too strategic about any part of this level.
It also goes by faster than the last because you don't have to deal with all
the guards.

7T. Outside FAR (again): Move up on the left side and move to the second
building on your right. Move to the space three blocks in front of and one
block to the left of the door when facing it and you'll get to the sewers.
Mission complete.

7U. FAR: You will need sniper rifles, C4, and guided missiles for this level.
Upon entrance you should move up and take a left, watching for patrol bots and
security cameras as you go. Move further to the left until you get to an area
with an electrified floor. Snipe the camera at the end of the hall, then send
a guided missile to take out the electrical panel. Once it's gone move down
the hall and go to the control panel, which will open the locked door that the
white bullseyes are behind. Get to them and proceed to the next section. Once
in the next section go to the room to the right and shoot the camera. Move to
the room north of there, and then blow up the wall in the north of the room.
Go to the room to the left in this room. From here go through the door to the
right and onto the blue bullseyes. Mission complete.

7V. FAR B3F: Time for another boss battle. It's Big Guy again, except this
time he's gone crazy. He has 1500 HP this time. Most of his attacks are the
same, so the same strategy as before will work. The main difference this time
is that there are also guards in the level. They're easily taken care of, so
it's pretty much the same difficulty as before. I'd say that taking ouy the
guards first would be best so that you can double-team Big Guy efficiently.
Also, he is affected pretty heavily by status effects such as Burn. Use this
to your advantage. Kill Big Guy and mission complete.

7W. FAR: B4F: One of the guards has locked the door. Move around the fairly
linear path and kill all the guards you find along the way. Eventually a
random guard's death will trigger the unlocking of the door. Move through and
onto the blue bullseyes. Mission complete.

7X. FAR: B5F: Yet another boss battle. This time it's Person #2. Person #2
(altered for plot) will occasionally conjure up more copies of itself in order
to confuse you, so pay attention to its health so as not to confuse it with the
clones. Regular strategies for fighting enemies will work here, as Person #2's
strengths lie not in brute force, but in deception. 

(This is kind of a SPOILER, but it's somewhat necessary to know. Read or not,
your choice. You have been warned.)
Be careful not to confuse Person #2 and Teliko. Keep track of both of their

Person #2 has 800 HP. Defeat Person #2. Mission complete.

7Y. FAR: ???: This is the final boss battle. Your opponent is Thing (altered
for plot.) Teliko will be inside of Thing and Snake will be outside. Give 
Snake RPGs, sniper rifles, and other long-range, high-damage weapons to attack
Thing's arms and, eventually, the area where he fires his beam. Each arm has
500 HP, and both must be knocked off in order to get Thing to the next stage
of the battle. Teliko can blow up control panels on the inside of Thing to
renove the armor guards on the Arms. Each control panel has 500 HP. When Thing
readies its beam there will be four columns that appear on Thing's inside.
These columns each have 40 HP, and if Teliko can shoot them all down before
the beam is fired it will be de-activated. This, however, is virtually
impossible. When the beam is readied Snake can fire at the area of Thing that
is lowered. This area has 1000 HP. Get it to zero and you will have beaten the
game. Mission complete.

Copyright 2005 Matthew Edwards

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.  

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