PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File08/20/06Seanny123456430K
Save Game File08/20/06Seanny123456430K
100% complete everything unlock
Save Game File07/23/05uknow79171K
All of tour complete, some legend challenges left
Save Game File05/08/05darthstonerII171K
Female players, all stats maxed, all balls maxed, 33%. No pro, legend, or legend challenges done. Just Amature. Enjoy
Save Game File04/15/05rydizzle1430K
Maxed out stats and only 49% complete! Has custom pic for background on save too. Can change username and looks of created character.
Save Game File04/17/05rydizzle1430K
Maxed stats. 57.0% complete.
Save Game File04/17/05dangt700K
Tiger Woods 98.0% Game Progress

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