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    Boss FAQ by wolverinefan

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Death, Jr. Boss FAQ
                                  By: Wolverinefactor
    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Updates
    Part 3: Control
    Part 4: Boss Guide
    Part 5: Special Thanks 
                                                      PART 1: INTRODUCTION
    I've never written a faq before, so please bare with me on this. I figured I'd
     start with a new game and well, Death, Jr. falls into that catagory. The 
    bosses are fairly simple but hey, never know who might get stuck on one. 
    Now, before I begin the guide, let me state something. The bosses do NOT have a
     specific order of fighting them but I will give tips on how to defeat them.
    If you have any further questions you can email me at wolverinefactor@yahoo.com
                                                      PART 2: Updates
    Aug. 18th - Started FAQ. First boss strat. is up.
    Aug. 21st - All bosses listed.
                                                      PART 3: Control
    The control is rather simple...
    Analog stick = Moves DJ
    Left & righ on D-pad = Switch Weapons
    X = Jump
    Circle = Shoot your selected gun, or switch from scythe to gun.
    Square = Switch to scythe or use scythe
    Triangle = Dodge
    L Button = centers cam behind DJ
    R Button = Lock on & Strafe
    Triangle + Circle = Pandora's Assist
    The following are the special moves that can be bought...
    Shield - Hold Triangle and any life DJ has lost will be replaced with a blue 
    life gage.
    Square, Square, Triangle = circular attack that is used best when surrounded.
    Square, Square, Square = A more powerful attack that focuses on one enemy.
    Square, Square, X = Knocks enemies into the air.
                                                      PART 4: BOSS GUIDE
    Boss 1: Giant Cow
    Location: At the end of the first level for Dead Guppy.
    Weapon of choice: Machine Gun
    This is a fairly simple boss to fight. Your best bet in a quick kill is to use
     the machien gun. This weapon can be gotten from the brothers when you finish 
    the second Seep level. Now the cow has to forms.
    First form: Cow stands still but spins left and right and shoots bullets out 
    of its udders. You can just use your hand guns and strafe for this if you 
    want. It's second move has it spinning to where you're standing and shooting 
    out three arrow like shots that explode when they hit the wall behind you.
     Easies way to dodge this is go around the level and in back there are three
     things like might be ribs. You can just stand ebhind those. Now you can just
     strafe and shoot with the hand guns if you want. 
    Second form: Blocks appear around cow. His attacks are the same. All you need
     to do is repeat what you've already done on the first form, the blocks just
     need to be destroyed which a single bullet destroys one block but the blocks 
    do spin around. I found it best to hop between a set of ribs and just stand 
    there using the machien gun.
    Boss 2: Giant Spider
    Location: At the end of Martha's third level
    Weapon Of Choice: Shotgun
    Alright the boss has 2 moves. It can shoot fire balls which you can easily 
    dodge. It also lays baby spiders, it only does this when it's on the wall. 
    Now, if you're near the boss and he hops on a wall, hit the switch and it 
    causes steam to rise killing the babys, while thats happening, pull out the 
    shotgun and shoot it 3-5 times. He will fall, run up and slash him with the
     scythe. It takes about 7 hits. A regenerating shotgun ammo box is in the 
    room. If you have babies after you, hit a switch and stand on the vent.Also,
     there are four holes in the middle of the stage, the boss can break the 
    covers on them and if you fall in, it's an instant death. It's best to stay 
    along the wall for this fight anyway.
    Boss 3: Giant Eyeball
    Location: At the end of the first Downtown level (found in the basement)
    Weapon Of Choice: Any
    When you first see this boss, Death Jr. makes a comment about "what is that 
    thing?". The ground explodes and you can pick up stuff around the edges. 
    Now, the trick to this boss, jump into the very middle of the hole. This 
    should land you right beside the boss, Run around him any which way you 
    want and just keep firing. You can't view a health meter from this location
     but just keep firing.
    The boss does have an attack, he shoots some lasers that bounce. They hurt
     you and they can confuse you, which just reverses the controls.
    Just keeping running in circles around him firing what ever gun you want.
     Obviously the more powerful ones do more damage but you shouldn't get 
    hit more than twice by fighting it this way.
    Boss 4: Flame Demon
    Location: Boss level starts after the completion of the second Downtown 
    level. You can reach it in its own portal in the basement, between the 
    other Downtown levels.
    Weapon Of Choice: C4 Hampsters & Rockets
    Important Note: Do NOT use the flamethrower, it heals the boss.
    I found the Flame Demon to be the hardest boss in the game. He's sort of 
    simple once you know the details but he can still put up a challenge. Notice
     on the ground that there are two blue circles. These are important. There are
     also four switches on the wall, two for each circle but only one needs to be 
    hit. The switch by the top of the wire and the far left wall is for the closer
     switch of where you begin. The switch all the way back, and the one to the 
    side of the other circle activate that one. Now, notice that the boss is 
    covered with fire. His attacks are falling rocks of fire and his own body. 
    He also shoots out fire balsl until he unleashes his minions.
    Hit a switch and blue stuff comes out of it, I'm guessingit's water. Get the
     boss close enough to it and his flames go out, you can now attack him without
     him healing himself. I would use the machien gun or the C4 Hampster on this 
    part. When he gets to about half of his life he will summon 4 or 5 little 
    flaming demons. Hit a switch and lead them through the blue stuff. Now you can
     kill them. Attack the Flame Demon with your rockets. He will summon some more
     little demons when he gets to another point in his life. Repeat the same 
    thing as before. He should fall before summoning any more little demons.
    Boss 5: Electric Demon
    Location: Once you beat the second Asylum level, you are taken directly to 
    this boss. You can also reach him in the normal area, around the entrances
     to the two asylum levels.
    Weapon of Choice: Scythe, C4 Hampsters and Rockets
    Important Note: The elctric Gun heals him.
    Now this guy requries a lot of work to just be able to hurt him. On the ground
     are a number of trash items. You can lock onto them by using the R button. 
    Destroy them all and this will take down the force fields around the stalites 
    in the corners.There are a total of four stalites. Two easy to reach ones by 
    just jumping, the next requires you to hit the bulb like thing on the wall and
     the elevator will take you to the third satalite. The final satalite requires
     you to wall jump to it.
    Now with all four satalites destroyed; you can hurt the boss. He should now be
     a big ball of electricity on the ground. Lock on with the R button and run in
     circles. He shoots some blots but nothing to worry about if you just keep 
    moving. Pull out yourrockets and C4 hampsters and then switch to any gun 
    besides the electric gun, he drops quickly.
    Boss 6: Moloch
    Location: At the end of Moloch's World. 
    Weapon of Choice: Machien Gun, C4 Hampsters, Scythe.
    Now this is a cheap boss. He will be in front of you but ignore him for now. 
    To your right and left are red symble things. Destroy the rocks around those 
    and then destroy the red symbles. During this time Moloch should be either 
    shooting at you or swinging his arms around, not much you can do but dodge. 
    Now head back to that central platform and drop to the next lower level. 
    Unleash the C4 Hampsters! Then switch to rockets. When he gets to 1/4 of 
    his life left he will smash the ground. Now the entire layout has changed.
     He will use his hands to shield himself. All gunshoots bounce back and his
     arms will swing and attack you. Becareful of the lava as it does take away
     life. You need to hop the platforms and sort of hover
     up to his body. SLice him up with the scythe and he will most likely swat you
     away into the lava. Go back and repeat. He will finally die but the hard 
    part is hovering into the closest platformers to get close enough to use the 
                                 PART 5: Special Thanks
    Special thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ and to Teebs for supporting my
     writing.... Also, Thanks to Francis for going with me to buy the game, since
    I hate driving in the mall areas during summer.
    If you have any different ways of defeating these bosses, just send me an email
    at... wolverinefactor@yahoo.com and I'll gladly put it in here with credit given
    to you. Any questions about something can also be sent to that email address.

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