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PSP: Pretty Sweet Portable 12/20/04 Ashley Winchester
PSP - Tries to do everything. And fails. 01/05/06 RyanSBHF
Just when you thought that handheld gaming couldn't get any better, the PSP was released. 11/27/06 Swordless Link
PSP: The revolution of portable gaming? It just might be..... 01/18/05 Blizzard122189
The honest and unbiased PSP review 03/31/08 Byzantine_1453
PSP is a gamer's candy... 04/08/05 car25
A worthy challenger finally arrives. 01/18/05 CC Ricers
A great system that just might end Nintendo's 15-year domination of the Handheld market 06/30/05 Dninex
The WCW to the Nintendo's WWF. 05/21/06 Dude Love Fan
PSP: The Goliath of the portable market. 07/08/09 EuphoricUtopia
Your One Stop Shop For Media! 04/07/05 Funtastik
It's an excellent start, but more could have been done 03/28/05 Jagged Valentine
PSP must be Japanese for Freakin' Awesome. 12/17/07 jfclmga
A Great System All Around! 10/27/10 Kwing
This Device Needs to Go Away 08/03/12 leeko_link
God's gift to gamers on the go. 07/24/06 Lucius_Voren
You want my advise? NEVER ask DS fanboys of how good is this device. 02/21/06 Off_da_border
PSP is the Future! 12/30/04 princeroy
A beautiful, powerful, flawed system 07/26/05 Ratchet Fanatic
PSP 4 Life! 11/27/06 Ratchet12345
Move over, Nintendo! 11/13/06 Scarface
The real revolution has already been released, and we call it the PSP..... 05/24/05 SomeBrandonKid
A new regime in the handheld market has risen... the regime of the PSP! 05/03/06 TheCaddyManV2
One name to rule them all... PlayStation. 03/29/05 TomNook20
PSP Is A Great Portable System! 07/30/07 ultimatenatonst

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