Can I fix my psp screen at phone screen repair shops or CD scratch repair shops?

  1. Hey, so my psp go is quite old and scratched and I was wondering if I could fix the scratched screen at shops that fix scratches on CDs and cracked phone screens? If not what can I do to fix the scratches? Some look rainbowy when I turn on the screen and some are only visible when the PSP is turned off. Thanks a lot!

    User Info: light_99

    light_99 - 6 months ago


  1. No stores would be able to buffer those out, the only more doable thing would be to replace the front panel of the console. The scratches are only on the protective layer of the screen (the plastic in front of it). Replacing the front panel will fix those.

    User Info: Lost-Systems

    Lost-Systems - 6 months ago 0 0

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