How can i past stage 26?

  1. Enemy keep on reviving?

    User Info: HKA123

    HKA123 - 7 years ago


  1. It is an escape level( if story ). there will be a zone at the bottom. you have to get all your alive players(not necessarily all players) in that area. then, your level will be completed.

    User Info: AyaanGupta

    AyaanGupta - 7 years ago 0   0
  2. Chose any rank A or S Ultraman with 5 or 4 moves, if you want to, you can use Ultraman Zero only too. There will one an area surrounded by yellow lines. The goal is to get all of your Ultraman(s) into that area, the enemy keeps reviving to stop your Ultraman from escaping.

    User Info: Kessenlover

    Kessenlover - 6 years ago 0   0

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