How to get Strike Freedom Gundam, and X Astray from the basic MS?

  1. Can anyone tell me to get Strike Freedom and X Astray and what MS should i use from beginning to get them? i really want those because that's the one of my favourite gundams

    User Info: ultimatenexus

    ultimatenexus - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here's the easiest path that is easier than confusing combination charts and what not. Just straightforward evolutions:

    M1 Astray (Basic) --lv3--> M1 Astray --lv3--> M1 Astray (Shrike) --lv5--> Murasame --lv5--> Akatsuki --lv4--> Freedom Gundam --lv4--> Strike Freedom

    To get X-Astray, level Freedom Gundam to level 3 to get Dreadnought Gundam and from there get the Dreadnought to level 3 to get X-Astray.

    If you do not have M1 Astray (Basic) then you can capture an M1 Astray from stage B2, second Break Trigger. It's the secret unit for that trigger.

    User Info: KazamaArashi

    KazamaArashi - 7 years ago 1   3

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