How to get Knight Gundam?

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  1. i'm sorry SymphonicRain but it is the incorrect answer you can combine master phoenix with the gundam,gpo1,zeta gundam,zz gundam,nu gundam,unicorn gundam,crossbone gundam,gundam F91,V2 gundam,god gundam,wing gundam,turn a gundam,aile stike gundam,gundam exia,o gundam,and AGE -1 gundam,and it can be musha gundam and evolpe musha gundam to musha gundam mark-II and evolpe musha gundam to knight gundam.but before that,i'm so sorry to SymphonicRain .

    User Info: mrKadoya

    mrKadoya - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. Complete the game to unlock Master Phoenix and that will combine with some of the Gundams to make it.

    User Info: SymphonicRain

    SymphonicRain - 8 years ago 0   1
  3. First, you need to obtain the Master Phoenix Gundam. Once you have acquired it, combine the Master Phoenix Gundam with any main storyline Gundam unit (e.g. RX-78-2, Ez8, Zeta). You will get the Musha Gundam, which you can further evolve to the Musha Mk.II and then the Shin Knight Gundam.

    User Info: otakuako

    otakuako - 7 years ago 0   1

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