How to unlock characters?

  1. Does anyone have a save file?

    User Info: HKA123

    HKA123 - 7 years ago

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  1. Assuming you have a Saisen save file... Hannya is unlocked by playing survival with Misao 3 times. Okina is unlocked by doing a 10 hit combo with Misao. Kanryu is uncertain, just play with Aoshi in story mode, survial mode, vs mode and you will be sure to unlock him eventually. To unlock Tatsumi, defeat an enemy with Banjin's super. To unlock Okita play with Soujiro 3 times. To unlock Sozo get more than 150 kills in total in the Asura mini games. To unlock Battousai, just play vs mode and survival mode a couple of times. To unlock Gein, defeat an enemy using Iwanbo's super. To unlock teen Yahiko, get 50% of the stuff in the game unlocked. To get the last character, get 70%. Remeber you have to have the cards in front of them, otherwise they won't be unlocked. If you don't want to do everything I just told you, you use the codes: genpuku, yaminobu, karakuri and kensyou to unlock teen Yahiko, Tatsumi, Gein and the last character. The order I wrote them in says which password is for which. If you want a save then you can find one with all characters unlocked in the "Who Are so far your favorite characters to use" topic on the board.

    Hope I could be of help!

    User Info: fiskmasis

    fiskmasis - 7 years ago 1   0

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