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Countless enemies! The bond between the two!
Run around the vast battlefield and defeat hordes of enemies!

[] Synopsis
Welt Lung, a world which prospered with the sacred life energy; "Mana".
Everyone believed that the mana from the world tree enriched people's lives and promised lasting peace in the world.


Suddenly one day, the mana that was supposed to fill the world begins to run dry.
Trees and crops die, animals weaken, and mana depletion causes serious damage to people's lives.
Will the world have no choice but to decline as it is?
Even in such a world, there were warriors who set out on a journey without giving up hope.

[] 15 popular characters from the first generation to the latest title will participate! Bonds with partners make the battle even more exciting!
In the battle of this work, you will sortie on the battlefield with your partner and fight a large number of enemies with two people.
Enjoy battle situations that can only be created by two people, such as collaborative combos and following partners.
Best partners such as Mira and Jude from "Tales of Xillia", Yuri and Fren from "Tales of Vesperia", and Asbel and Sierra from "Tales of Graces" will be released one after another!!!
From the 15 works of all time, 2 people x 15 groups will participate!

[] "A/CC system" that further strengthens the exhilarating CC system!
* What is A/CC (Aggressive Chain Capacity) system?
From the battle system of the Tales series in the past, we selected the one that matched this game and enhanced the arrangement.
Like the normal CC system, the technique is released using the consumption A/CC set for each technique. (In this game, it is not consumed by normal attacks)
A/CC recovers in time, but you can recover more or reduce consumption by hitting a normal attack or taking aggressive actions such as technical actions that will be introduced later.
By acting aggressively, you can enjoy exhilarating battles using more techniques.

[] Twin Brave mode: where the bond between the two holds the key!
For a certain period of time, the player and partner will be connected by light, and it will be in twin brave mode.
Partners will now coordinate attacks to follow the player's attacks, allowing you to defeat the enemy groups you face.
In Twin Brave mode, the attack power of both characters increases, which is effective in battles with high-strength enemies and TO characters.

[] Also includes secret mysteries!
Also includes the secret mystery of the "Tales of" series!
It activates with a flashy effect such as inserting a cut-in, and causes great damage to a wide range of enemies.

[] Harness the secret of cooperation with your partner!
Following the secret mystery of the operating character, "Collaboration secret mystery" in which the partner who activates the secret mystery is recorded.
You can activate the secret of cooperation by combining various characters as well as the partners from the same game.

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